DECEMBER  27-2015 QC Justice System about to implode on January 18-2016 due to inopportune action of the Respondent lawyer. Trudeau & Couillard have been notified by a 10-page plus 2 page letter following under the sub-heading 'LETTERS TO WV School Board' DEC. 21 PLUS 27


DECEMBER 21-2015 A 6 page letter to the WV School Board on 'running a court within a court'. SEE subheading under this date...to be followed later by a detailed analysis of this latest caper from  Harris & Co. for the Board.


DECEMBER 17-2015  A) Conrad Black got it right about Donald Trump whom is blowing the whistle on both Democrats and Republicans for 3 disastrous U.S. wars in the last two decades. The partisan media is very much a part of that disaster as they promoted those wars hence their side-tracking attack on Trump for being anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican. Canada could sure use a Donald Trump to whistleblow on our Justice System...I suppose that I am the best that Canadians can expect. B) So P.M. Trudeau would have the Pope apologize to our native peoples...so the Pope should return the favour by having Justin apologize to the 'Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System'. C) Two letters under the above date pillory the Quebec Justice System. SEE DECEMBER-2015   D) After 8 years, 2 private school teachers were exhonerated by an ON Divisional Court in over-ruling the Teachers College condemning their handling of a field trip to Boston which went awry. The Teachers College did not apply harsh penalties on them. As one familiar with horror stories on student field trips, I would never sponsor one. The teachers were condemned for not informing the Boston police (a smart move as once the matter got into the hands of the billable time lawyers, all expenses would break loose which probably explains why the Boston police did not immediately attend the problem = get the hell out of Dodge. The Boston police later followed up once everyone returned to Canada = smart move). Where those teachers went wrong was not to phone the principal - in the middle of the night if necessary - to act in informing the parents as it is one of the parents of the victim who blew the whistle. Trying to cover-up in this case back-fired. E) Baltimore Blacks are understandably outraged at the whole Justice System in the jury case against 8 police officers charged criminally in the shooting death of a Black youth. By inserting one jury member to vote against finding them guilty - an easy thing to do - the policemen walk due to a hung jury. Further what court is going to condemn 8 policemen?


DECEMBER 14-2015  OPEN LETTER TO TRUDEAU GOV'T. SEE this date under DECEMBER-2015. This Newsletter is a harbinger of a new website to be launched in 2016 marking, as it does, the demise of the individual in Canadian society and the ascension of the internet in credibility over the anti-employee media.


DECEMBER 11-2015 A)Lavery, de Billy is pulling the same stunt as happened earlier in Ontario by laying their own 'Motion to Dismiss' in Montreal Appeal Court C.A.M. 500-09-025753-153 (January 18-2016) based on issues apart from the very serious charge of 2 judges acting in concert (running a court within a court) in order to derail the central event from being heard. The Bar Society of Quebec has been notified as has P.M. Trudeau & Premier Couillard. SEE DECEMBER-2015 under the above date. The difference between On & QC in this stunt lies in the fact that ON conducted this matter in the lower courts while QC is conducting this matter in the Appeal Court, just one step away from the Supreme Court of Canada.  B) Get this obsequious rhetoric from one of Montreal's biggest law firms, Lavery, de Billy signed personally by the great man himself (as opposed to the lawyers assigned this case). 'TO THE HONOURABLE JUSTICES OF THE COURT OF APPEAL, THE RESPONDENT RESPECTFULLY SUBMITS:...' This is legalspeak for saying that while the presiding judge(s) may have the job, de Billy has the power and if these minions don't follow his wishes, they will be consigned to traffic court cases for the rest of their careers.



A) Two newsletters: NOV. 29 'The Grey Eminence' PART II  and DEC-01 'The Bill Cosby Factor' plus initial reaction to a specious surety finding to be 'fleshed out' in the DEC.07 Newsletter.  B) DEC. 03 Letter to WV School Board outlining their 'wondrous' success.        C) In the sorry 30 year history of this case, I have had 3 legal entities declare me to be 'intelligent'. 1) The Union appointed lawyer who sold me out at Arbitration in a 'sweetheart deal' 2) Federal Court Appointee serving in Ontario Superior Court, Justice Colin MacKinnon, whom would not be on the bench today if the Canadian Judicial Council dealt with my complaint about him, and 3) SK Appeal Court Justice Ottenbreit (November 25-2015) who turned the SK laws on their head regarding sureties on the grounds that this was a 'special case' ...yeah, right...especially when the Court continues to act as agent for B.C.'s Harris & Co. when a SK legal firm was called for although, as stated in court, I don't believe the Employer can get another law firm in Canada...more on Dec. 07-2015. Ottenbreit refused my request to produce the 'missing memo notes'. D) Ottenbreit's real purpose? The tone of his gratuitous comments was, I submit, a not so thinly disguised message to the yet to be named 3 Appeal Court Justices that Chief Justice of the Appeal Court, R.G. Richards, wants conformity with the lower courts Chief Justice M.D.Popescul and the Megaw j. Decision E) The pre-hearing Disclosure that I am now asking for are for 'the missing memo notes'. That challenge could end up as a 'Mexican stand-off' which would be highly embarrassing to the Brad Wall government. If he were 'intelligent'; he would call in the RCMP now to obtain those memo notes (The Montreal Fraud Division has a record of all these transgressions in this case). F) P.M. Trudeau has until Dec. 31-2015 to make whatever move he plans to take for after that date, 21st century Canada becomes 'the little train wreck who couldn't'. G) B.C. teachers have been widely canvassed with this message: The Union (B.C.T.F.) has a copy of these 'secret missing memo notes. A facebook or twitter campaign could go viral as all collective bargaining employees In Canada are currently vulnerable to the excesses of our courts. Think about it, B.C. Teachers. H) What's wrong with this picture?...Ottawa turned out 25,000 people on November 30-2015 as their portion of the world focus on 'Climate Day'. In other words, government requires hordes of people in the street to 'get them moving' on major issues of which the Employee's Case is one although the protesters of our political environment have been siphoned off by the natural environment. It is a matter of a lack of leadership by any other name: PLACARD: NO LEADERSHIP / 1) GOVERNMENT  2) COURTS  3) UNIONS ...that is why I don't vote. I)Response to SK Law Society DEC.05  J)THE PERFIDY OF OUR COURTS  SEE  DEC. 07-15

NOV.23-2015 B.C.'s Harris & Co. for the School Board has got themselves into a bit of a pickle in the SK Appeal Court. It would seem their successful strong-arming tactics worked so well with the lower court's Megaw j. Decision, that these tactics are being applied to the 3 Appeal Court judges on November 25 in a call for a specious 'surety' as a means of stopping the Appeal. I have refused any recognition of this B.C. firm in SK on any grounds for stated reasons. SEE NOVEMBER-2015 under this date of the 23rd.


NOV.22-2015 Two part series on the 'Grey Eminence': Part I - and the individual of this date; Part II - and the bureaucracy coming on NOVEMBER 29-2015

NOV.19-2015  The West Vancouver School Board is pulling another fast one which, considering support from the Teachers Union, creates a major court challenge for me. SEE NOVEMBER-2015 under the above date.

NOV.18-2015  A) Duffy Trial: Success is not a matter of 'having your day in court'...it is a matter of having the other guy forced to 'have his day in court'. Hence Duffy should NOT take the stand as the judge as already intimated that the Senate is not going to be placed on trial 'through the front door' leaving Duffy only with the 'back door' of placing all the Senators and PMO types on the stand (including Harper?) with this question...Who called in the RCMP? As matters stand, the judge is bent on laying the whole matter at the feet of Duffy despite what he says on the stand amid press coverage....been there, done that.... It's the Robocall thing all over again; the big guys walk and the little guys carry the blame. Duffy should look into getting another lawyer.  B) Indira Gandhi said it best: The white man is only interested in 'white man's wars'. For example, compare the coverage the massacre in Paris gets with a similar massacre in Nigeria.

NOV.17-2015 A) P.M. 'Selfie' should have left his experienced Defence Minister speak to military operations after the Paris attack  B) As a security measure, the P.M. should introduce the 'Canadian bump' of touching fists when greeting. The 'handshake' should be a thing of the past.

NOV.16-2015  DUFFY TRIAL to resume Nov. 18-2015 with the judge using the 'traffic cop' restriction to shut down any questioning of the Senate institution thus making a major challenge for Defense Lawyer, Donald Bayne. That Defense? Judge; You are charged with speeding. Victim; So was everyone else on the freeway.  J; But you were the one that was apprehended. V; So the only crime lies in getting caught. J; That's the way the judicial cookie crumbles. This is the kind of 'standing case' which should have my input leaving the court to squeal 'all the way home'. The key question was never Wright's notification vis a vis the P.M.; rather, it is 'who called in the RCMP?' for that is what places the institution of the Senate on trial.

NOV.15-2015 A) No doubt it is a source of perpetual amusement of the meeting of the judicial bar at the 'bar' every Friday night as they muse over the antics of 'poor Roger' doing his spins on the 'chipmunk wheel'. The other side of the coin is that all are able to read about the cupidity of Canada's judges in this case and how outside forces ('grey eminence') is able to exploit those judges accordingly. Such as the various Praetorian Registries are able to use this vacuum to gain power in much the same way that power has been reversed from medical doctors to the pharmacists. SEE the above date under NOVEMBER 2015  B) Time is running out faster than 'glory boy' realizes with 'baptist jane' waiting in the wings. SEE FEDERAL COURT DEBACLE - NOVEMBER 2014  listed under APPEAL (CACV2783) of SKQB308

NOV.07-2015  A) Wives of incoming Prime Ministers just can't help it - they have to 'piss' on the property of the wife of the last P.M. While the House Manager takes the blame, the replacement of the chef was 'Sophie's Choice'.  B) NOVEMBER 7 Newsletter uses a Q/A Approach SEE NOVEMBER 2015  C) SEE QC APPEAL 550- for, not one, but if you can believe it, two judges on this case...one to hear the matter and a second 'supernumerary' judge to write the Decision (makes you wonder how these two tag team wing-nuts screw in a lightbulb...one to hold it with the other to turn it.) Of course, this whole matter which shreds the Couillard government has been referenced to the oversight bodies.  D) SEE FED.COURT DEBACLE as the Federal Court must put in their nickel's worth, all of which has landed in the laps of newly appointed Justice Minister J. Wilson-Raybould and P.M. Trudeau. Juicy enclosures are enclosed to those latter two in what is turning out to be the main 21st century issue for Canada = the viability of Canadian courts for without their credibility, the nation of Canada has nothing.

NOV.05-2015 Rona Ambrose, the interim Tory leader is nothing more than a Nycole Turmel (NDP) whom the terminally ill Jack Layton called on to replace him.

NOVEMBER-2015  Letter to P.M. Justin Trudeau (sent Oct. 14-15 before the election)

OCT.27-2015  A) Letter to the West Vancouver School Trustees of this date. SEE OCTOBER-2015.  B) This festering sexual abuse story with a Quebec native indian group has finally broken cover with the re-allocation of 8 QPP officers being switched to 'desk duty' during the investigation. Similar to myself, the tribe has '0' faith in the oversight committees. The police which should be protecting these native women as opposed to abusing them may be paralleled with those judges whom should be protecting my legal rights as opposed to abusing them. C) Congratulations to P.M. Trudeau for including leaders of the Opposition and Provincial Premiers to attend the Climate Change seminar in Paris at the end of November. The current National Geographic focuses on this issue and how companies such as Shell and Cargill are exploring energy alternatives in the emerging world.

OCT.23-2015  A) Complaint to SK Bar Association SEE OCT.22-2015 Letter plus OCT.20-2015 Letter to West Vancouver School Trustees (sent to WVST on OCT.14-2015) under OCTOBER-2015  B) As one whom accurately projected the Federal election outcome in August-2015, maybe now the dingbats at the Tory headquarters will accept this advice...your new leader must be under 50.

OCT.21-2015 In his first press meeting, neither Prime Minster Trudeau nor the anti-employee media addressed the problem of our troubled courts.

OCT.19-2015  Federal Election Day  A) Whatever is this world coming to when the 'rich guys' can't buy an election? ...and it is double jeopardy for Tory fundraisers (PLACARD: TORY FUNDS 'PISSED DOWN THE DRAIN' as they will now have to kick through more money to Liberal Party funds if they want government contracts...just no justice nowhere these days for those 'rich guys'.  ...now if the Tories had paid attention to my Placard in August; PLACARD TORIES: ONLY JASON KENNEY CAN WIN A MAJORITY GOV'T to which I added in September TORIES NEVER LISTEN! with this recent addendum: IDIOTS!   B) Ode to Tom for being diddled out of his 'Spoon':  Hi diddle diddle, Justin and his fiddle / Tom jumped over the Moon / The Libs laughed to see such sport / As Justin ran off with the spoon! Now maybe the NDP will pay attention to 'individual' employees and reject the appeals of the Union Leaders for their legal sanction of 'the sweetheart deal'. C) DIED THIS DAY ...the 'individual' in Canadian society as now the 'Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System' is a reality. In the words of John in the Gospel: 'It is finished'.  D) Also died today was the credibility of the anti-employee media which has been officially supplanted by the internet. E) What can Canadians look forward to? Perhaps 'anti-Judge Day' which has replaced July 1 as Canada's Birthday as Canadians no longer deserve a birthday for failing to 'stand on guard for thee'...or perhaps a statue next to the one denoting the infamous 'Person's Case' of 1929 in which women were declared non-persons. Now it is employees (as individuals) who are non-people. The statue would have a blank board for citizens to post failed petitions to the authorities; a cross between the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (which I have seen) and the VietNam wall to fallen soldiers in Washington, D.C. (which I have not seen).  F) COMING SOON: SEE NOVEMBER 01-2015 for a letter to Mr. J. Trudeau sent before the election. G) P.S. I did not vote today in the spirit of Winston Churchill; The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. (He still claimed democracy was superior to any other system which adds heinous cruelty to its citizens.)

OCT.16-2015 Media endorsements are not what they once were. I am sure Post Media News, however, would not like it known that they ordered all their editors in local papers  to endorse the Tories, an order which the Globe and Mail 'blew out of the water' by drawing attention to their schizophrenic support for the Tories 'if Harper resigns'. It's the old army game of following orders but in such a fashion that the Order is effectively neutralized. Now the public can see how it is that the media have been forced to boycott the Employee's Case. That is why on October 19-2015 (Federal Election); I will declare that the credibility of the anti-employee media has been eclipsed by that of the internet.

OCT.14-2015 A) So Ontario Justice Robert Maranger hits the front page of the O.C. in an appeal by 3 members found guilty of a 'cultural' slaying 4 years ago in Kingston, ON claiming 'irregularities' in his actions. My reading of that trial in the paper had me wondering as to what actually happened. Last year, he ordered Professor Diab of Ottawa U to be deported (which he was) based primarily on a highly piece of specious evidence of a 35 year old single signature. Whether Diab is indeed guilty or not of terrorist acts I have no way of knowing but, in terms of the law, this ruling was a major transgression. My own negative experience with this 'bad penny' was such that I coined the term 'Marangered' to apply to all litigants so pilloried by the Justice System. B) On October 6-2015, I wrote the following document. SEE FEDERAL ELECTION - OCT. 19-2015 (I told you so) under OCTOBER 2015  C) With only one accusation of a drugged rape against Bill Cosby, it is a 'he said,she said' situation. With a plethora of similar charges against him, a very different perspective applies. Similarly, I have kept popular Premier Brad Wall (a replacement for Harper?) fully informed as to the conduct of the lower SK court decision in the Employee's Case which is under appeal by me. The judgment reflects the same procedure from 4 other court systems in which the judgment appears to be pre-written as it does not reflect arguments delivered in court. In short, a 'grey eminence' it is submitted here, has access through the back door of all the Offices of the Chief Justices in the land; the premiers be damned.

OCT.11-2015  Newsletter focusing on SK judiciary SEE OCT.11 under OCTOBER 2015

OCT.09-2015 A)  SEE ANATOMY OF A SK JUDICIAL FRAUD and how the SK courts have been 'ubered' (unexpected external attack)   B) It was horseplay!  A Nova Scotia judge found a teenager guilty of criminal negligence (negligence, yes, but not the far more serious criminal negligence which suggests intent to kill in this case) for pushing a classmate (whom witnesses said was inviting them to push him) down a snowbank embankment where he was run over by a passing bus. A horrific accident to be sure, but this judge clearly does not understand teenagers...and possibly the law as well.  C) A few years ago while in Alexandria, Egypt, I read that the Egyptian government was banning the niqab from the University as a 'symbol of Saudi Arabian oppression'.  D) A Quebec judge frees 5 Hells Angels accused of murder because the Crown withheld evidence from the defence for years, stunning 10 prosecutors. In the 30 year Employee's Case before over 9 separate courts and over 30 judges, both the Employer and courts have withheld the vital 'missing memo notes' from the June 1985 School Board meetings which Justice Southin 'concealed' in 1986...it doesn't get any bigger than that.

OCT.01-2015 A) It matters little which Party forms the next election considering all 4 leaders did not acknowledge the Employee's Case leaving the new Justice Minister completely on his own considering the Governor General's indolence on this topic of national importance. SEE Newsletter OCTOBER 2015 of this date. B) Died this afternoon from long term cancer was Max Keeping, long time CTV Announcer and Philanthropist extra-ordinaire; particularly with children causes. A Max Keeping Story: Last year, in exiting Billings Mall, I encountered a strangely familiar face to which I responded: 'I know you...to which I quickly added when I realized it was Max Keeping, 'Actually, I don't really know you'. He turned, looked me straight in the eye and said, 'Thank-you. Thank-you so much for that one.' Rest in Peace, Mr. Keeping, people like you are balm in this sadly confused world we live in. Roger Callow

SEPT. 29-2015 So the Ottawa Police Chief is planning to borrow a leaf from the West Vancouver School Trustee 'Final Solution' in curtailing the salary for suspended officers. Then, similar to WVST, all he has to do is procrastinate leaving an obliging court to charge the hapless officer for all judicial proceedings aka the 30 year unresolved Employee's Case. Of course such action  puts an end to the Union Movement...why pay dues for services under the collective bargaining rules which a client is not going to get?

SEPT. 27-2015  A) 30 Point Definition of the importance of the 'missing memo notes' which hold the genesis to this massive fraud and which the Employer steadfastly refuses to give up nor will the courts equally steadfastly, order them up. SEE SEPTEMBER-2015 under Sept.27 B) 'Judges who try to curry favour wouldn't be worthy of their robes.' (myopic) Ottawa Sun editor  RESPONSE: ...which must be most of them as evidenced by my 30 year ongoing legal issue in 9 separate court systems and over 30 judges including the Supreme Court of Canada on 2 occasions...and still I do not have a judicial finding from which compensation (includes pension rights) may flow thus leaving me in limbo. That's why we now have 3 levels of justice: civil, criminal and now, political. Of course by maintaining a boycott on this national issue, such as the anti-employee Ottawa Sun would do, curries  favour with many of these despicable judges clothed in black robes in an horrendous story of systematic judicial abuse with the media being MIA. That's why - with the Federal election in October - the credibility of the Canadian media will be supplanted with that of the internet.

SEPT.14-2015 Point by point Rebuttal c/w CONCLUSION to Defendant factum may be seen under REPLY SK 1902-15

SEPT.07-2015 (Labour Day) A guest column in today's Ottawa Sun by Sid Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour is a welcome anti-dote on the sad state of employment opportunities compared to the glossy Fraser Institute Accounts permeating this right wing publication. With that much said, where were Canada's Union Leaders including Ryan during the entrenchment of the sweetheart deal in Canadian courts with the Employee's Case? MIA or should I say Missing In Inaction. Hence it is pointless for him to speak about expanding the Union interests to cover all employees as the Unions are now inimical to the welfare of all employees. (sweetheart deal = no union)

SEPT.04-2015  A) Warning letter to the West Vancouver School Trustees regarding the upcoming Sept. 24-2015 SK Regina hearing for which no 'Notice of Appearance' has been received. SEE THE SK LETTER (bottom)  B) PLACARD: 1 OUT OF 3 VOTERS LOVE BEING LIED TO (news item: 3% of poll were sensitive to 'ethics')  C) PLACARD: MEDIA  STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC (reveal Employee's Case)

SEPT.03-2015 A) CTV's Don Martin asks this unanswered question: 'Does the P.M. now wish that he had not called an early election?' My response: Absolutely not as this was the plan to launch the 'Nigel Wright' part of the Duffy Trial in August permitting the P.M. to re-iterate on a daily basis on the campaign hustings that this was a criminal trial only against Duffy. The second phase regarding Senate improprieties is geared for November after the election which, if the over-all plot is to materialize, will have the judge calling everything off on the grounds that a criminal conviction could not result. Duffy, not having the money to pursue the matter, would be tagged with 'having ducked a bullet'. The real question is why Defence Lawyer, Donald Bayne did not first proceed against the Senate in August? The central question here would be 'who notified the RCMP to investigate?' The Wright story would evaporate under these conditions of placing the Institution of the Senate on trial; something the presiding Justice is most reluctant to do. In brief, a gullible media is being led astray...score one for the Harper conspirators. Further, considering his testimony, why wasn't Nigel Wright charged with fraud? The Judge and the RCMP are not saying.  B) PLACARD: WHERE'S THE RECESSION?/ EMPLOYED?=GROWING ECONOMY / NOT EMPLOYED?= DEPRESSION. The 1929 October Stock Crash was succeeded by a Depression which hit its depth in 1933 and did not really recover until the advent of war in 1939 hence the 'tiny blip' seen currently is a harbinger of a long sliding recession = depression by any other name.

SEPT.01-2015  A)This 'Letter To The West Vancouver School Trustees' is the legal hallmark for this upcoming SK hearing on Sept. 24-2015. Previous hearings are accumulative in accusing the Canadian Justice System of systematical judicial abuse based on the rare commodity of a standing case placing this targeted employee in a permanent state of limbo. SEE  SEPTEMBER-2015 (a must for all legal specialists)  B) Dogs take contextual clues from their human masters; their ancestors, the wolves never do as they are hard-wired to instinctual behaviour...just like our courts of law. How else can one explain the incredible stupidities conducted by the Judiciary in the Employee's Case which has reduced Canada to Third World status? '...but she recognized the type, better at vigilance than competence and promoted well beyond his natural abilities....' Havana Bay Martin Cruz Smith. What I could do with an 'A' level judge as opposed to those whom have spent their lifetime in traffic court where they have taken 'one too many gavels to the head'!  C) So the RCMP can read my PLACARD: DUFFY TRIAL : JUDGE TO PULL PLUG ON DUFFY TRIAL thus leaving the RCMP to carry the can as the Prosecutor did not see fit to charge PMO's Wright with bribery. In speculative terms of the judge; 'It is not in the nature of the courts to put institutions (such as the Government or Senate) on trial, old boy...as that would never do....' In retaliation, the RCMP has dumped the Senator Pamela Wallin file onto the prosecutor to run a spike through that message thus ensuring that the Senate remain on trial. The key to the whole trial of Duffy is 'who dumped this file on the RCMP in the first place'? To be sure, Harper is less than amused by this later contretemps as it gives new legs for media exposure. D) Somewhat similarly, I have a request into the RCMP fraud squad in Montreal related to a 'civilian' fraud based on the 'secret memo notes' of Justice Southin in 1986 whom quashed the original arbitration. Those notes hold the genesis of the fraud allegations in Federal Court (T-2360-14) as well as courts in B.C., Ontario, Quebec and now, on September 24-2015, SK. Revelation of those notes could determine whether my civil accusation may be turned into a criminal investigation. My knowledge of the condemned arbitration would respond in the positive.

AUG. 30-2015 A) An ardent Tory supporter claims the conservative Ottawa Sun is screwing the Tories to which I agree. A column in today's paper by Jim Warren is point blank on the problem: The Tories must be stopped in curtailing media coverage of the election. The editors, I submit are preparing Tory voters for the Placard 1) under Aug. 23-2015 to change their vote to Liberal in order to keep the NDP out.  Most of the Sun's  Tory columnists appear oblivious to this message. It some ways, it is the pot calling the kettle black...The Tories do to the media what the media do to the Employee's Case.  B) The trouble that the Liberals are having in local M.P. runnings show that they are no slouches when it comes to bully tactics.

AUG.26-2015 More legal skulduggery in this letter to Lavery, de Billy, the Employer's Quebec Counsel. SEE AUGUST-2015

AUG.24-2015  Ray Novak should have been placed on the stand to answer this question: Who referred this matter to the RCMP?

AUG.23-2015 A) Who will save the Justice System from itself? The Governor General as the 'last man standing'? SEE Newsletter of this date under AUGUST 2015   B) Just listened to a financial analyst claiming the catastrophic drop in the stock market is due to a long-over due market correction...and - can you believe the twit -  that could be a good thing. We got out of the stock market in late June because the whole ball of wax increasing the Dow from 750 to over 1700 was based on a fiction of an improving economy. That bubble is bursting and is not limited to oil prices. The big guys have been sitting on their money for some time now rather than investing for good reason. China may very well be the start of a world depression as they do not have the necessary infrastructure to play the games that the Western Stock exchanges can.  C) PLACARD: DUFFY TRIAL: MEDIA BEING BAMBOOZLED  Other than for Duffy himself and the media following the pied piper, this trial is being 'staged' and is working out to plan. SEE THE DUFFY STORY under SEPTEMBER 01-2015  D)PLACARDS: 1) TORIES / VOTE STATEGICALLY / VOTE LIBERAL   2) TO THE EDITOR OTTAWA SUN I WAS A DRAMA TEACHER TOO...YOU SILLY BUGGER

AUG.22-2015 Ottawa Citizen's columnist (and former Liberal P.M. advisor), Scott Reid runs a first class dissembling article on 'Don't lie' as a means of targeting the Tories in the Duffy story...a bridge too far?

AUG. 20-2015  A) So an RCMP ticketed an Alberta driver with a 'FUCK HARPER' sign in his window under 'the distraction to other motorist's' law. The complainant is quite rightfully appealing with a complaint to the RCMP...(what about all those distracting 'bumper stickers'?). In my 11 years of picketing in downtown Ottawa near Parliament Hill, I have never been accosted by the police although I have, on occasion asked for advice e.g. with regards to picketing directly on Parliament's grounds. If accosted, I would ask the ticketing person whether he/she was acting on their own volition or told to apprehend me. If the former, I would invite them to contact their Staff Sergeant by phone while I waited. If declined, I would act on the basis that the ticket person was acting under orders; in effect, carding me.  B) PLACARD: TORIES / VOTE STRATEGICALLY / VOTE LIBERAL 

AUG.19-2015  A) RCMP   SEE AUGUST-2015  B) Some things never change...The UBC University President resigned 'abruptly' bringing about speculation from a professor whom had every form of pressure placed on her from the authorities for her blog comments. Similarly, my letter to the Ministry of Education in April of 1985 documenting fraud on the part of a school administrator has led to a similar pressure from the authorities over 30 years which has seen the collapse of democratic Canada. C) Today's PLACARD: JUDGE TO PULL PLUG ON DUFFY TRIAL?

AUG.18-2015 e-mail to Ottawa Sun's columnist, Sue-Ann Levy whom thinks me 'too funny'...just like a lot of judges.... Her teacher and union bashing articles are the target of my rebuttals. Her reaction is on a par with the TV interview with an older 'suit' yelling at the cameras for dissing a respected individual vs a dirtbag whom is a 'nothing!' The cracks are beginning to show and is reminiscent of this seeming tautology: PLACARD: TORY PARTY IS NOT STUPID BUT STUPID PEOPLE VOTE TORY. In the U.S., the 'Tea Party' crowd undermine the Republican Party in a similar way.So how is the Duffy Trial to end? Not with a bang but a whimper as the presiding judge calls both litigants together to have the charges dropped ...that's what Canadian judges do, trust me. SEE AUGUST-2015

AUG.17-2015 A) A few smiles on this PLACARD on today's parade: TORY VOTERS LOVE LIARS  B)The Duffy Trial x 10 is the essence of the Employee's Case as far as executive malfeasance is concerned. Duffy has media coverage; the Employee's Case is subjected to a boycott by the anti-employee media. Go figure.

AUG.15-2015 So a Canadian teacher jailed in Indonesia apparently due to parents seeking to extort money for the so-called sexual abuse of their children had his incarceration over-turned. A relative criticized the Canadian government for snubbing this case as 'deplorable'. But what can one expect when the Canadian government snubs even Canadian court excesses in the Employee's Case? While former Calgary teacher colleagues stood up for him, professional teachers across Canada (including those self-same Calgary teachers) remain mute on a case which not only negatively impacts collective bargaining entities, but the rights of all Canadian employees...Ah, the fault must lie entirely in the marketing....the Indonesian story gets media coverage; the Canadian story doesn't.

AUG.14-2015 A) Here is my take on the Senator Duffy trial and why he will 'walk'. To make a criminal charge hold requires a much higher bar than a civil code e.g. O.J. Simpson was not guilty of a criminal charge to murder his former wife but was found guilty in a civil court. For Duffy to be guilty of accepting a benefit, he would personally have had to receive the money from Wright which he didn't. Rather it was laundered through the two legal representatives (whom should be cited in the charge but they weren't). Nor was Wright cited whom was admittedly guilty of offering a bribe. The fraudulent expense charges will be thrown out in that they were approved by the Senate House Leader (Sen. Marjorie LeBreton r.) The court might find him guilty for a 'jaywalking event' in order to keep Duffy from suing and to tie matters up in the courts for a few years. B) Tories never listen. If they had acquired a new leader (Moore,Kenney?) as I earlier recommended, the Tories would have formed the next government. To be sure, if Ontario's Dalton McGuinty had not resigned, the Liberals would never have won with Kathleen Wynne.


Why we dropped out of the Stock Market at the end of June


AUG.12-2015  A) Refiled Saskatchewan case focusing on the ultra vires nature of the imposed BILL 35 which was revoked in the 1990's before this sole laid case was resolved = banana republic justice. The  point is that if the BILL is declared ultra vires (beyond the law), then everything that flows out of it is null and void including my illicit lay-off. This Letter also illustrates why the Employee's Case IS THE Federal Election Issue on October 19-2015. SEE sub-heading THE SASKATCHEWAN LETTER  B) former PMO's Nigel Wright is not the key to the Senator Duffy trial as he has already confessed to making the bribe.  It is immaterial under whose orders he acted. He hopes Duffy walks in order to escape further scrutiny but I suspect that was the plan of RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson who appears to be 'just following orders'. The key lies in retired Senator and truth challenged Senate leader, Marjorie Le Breton along with a few other Tory Senators who turned on the prolific spending Duffy...talk about eating your own....and, it turns out, the entire Senate body. Darn all those e-mail records kept by Duffy! Now if only he wore a wire such as one Senator recently did. C) Here's a new one. Occasionally, the media make a 'mistake' and include 2 copies of a flier. The Ottawa Citizen eclipsed that record on Aug. 13 by including 3 copies of a furniture ad. The explanation? Newspapers guarantee so many deliveries on which they base their charges. C) Justin Trudeau got it right...fire the bums in the PMO who conspired against the public interest. But don't just stop there, Justin, fire SCofC Chief bum, B. MacLachlin and Federal Court Chief bum, P. Crampton when you become P.M.


AUG.11-2015  A) Sanitizing the news under the heading of a B.C. Man killing a grizzly bear in his remote kitchen home: Ottawa Sun; 'Holy cow, it's a bear!'  /  Ottawa Citizen; 'It's a f---ing grizzly! It's a f---ing grizzly! Get back! Get back!'  B) My wife received her investment message from the Bank of Nova Scotia...get this, in braille. I attribute the mistake to a bad hacking job at the Bank of Montreal where I bank as I am the one with glaucoma! Geez, I have never seen a braille report before which gives new meaning to the phrase, carte blanche.


AUG.10-2015 A) Letter to INCOMING MINISTER OF JUSTICE (SEE sub-heading) which is also included in a refiled argument to the SK courts (see point 19 in particular) This heading could just have easily read... 'The continuing collapse of the Canadian Justice System' to be continued after the appointment of a new Minister of Justice after the Oct. 19 election.  B) 40 hour work week = benefits / 39 hour work week = no benefits. Where is the politician calling for a sliding benefits program?


AUG.09-2015 The 'Judicial Record' is all in terms of precedent law which guides court cases. For example, nowhere is there any reference to the fact that salary continuance was chopped off in 1985 in the Employee's Case contrary to the collective bargaining rules. Otherwise, a labour revolution would occur in which all Employers would cut employee salaries upon dismissal and before any litigation citing the Employee's Case precedent. So now one can see why the Judiciary is prepared to sacrifice the entire Canadian Judicial System - which has indeed happened - than to accept that 9 separate courts and over 30 judges royally goofed by not acknowledging that no compensation had been paid in this case...but, practically speaking, what else could they do once they committed to this government conspiracy in 1985?  SEE OPEN LETTER TO THE GOVERNOR GENERAL of the above date under AUGUST 2015




Considering this PLACARD: employeescasecanada.com  IS  THE Issue in this fall's election, then this placard is reminiscent of the silence of the 'GANG OF 4' on this national issue for which 'they got no clothes on'. Other reinforcing PLACARDS: 1) WHY PASS LAWS WHICH JUDGES DON'T FOLLOW?  2)HARPER: TOO MANY MISTAKES plus BAD APPOINTMENTS  3)BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. My take on the Debate? 'The winds of change are blowing' which is too bad for the Tory fortunes. Earlier PLACARDS: 1) TORIES/ SAVE THE PARTY / DUMP HARPER  2) ONLY JASON KENNEY CAN WIN A TORY MAJORITY over which I later papered: TORIES NEVER LISTEN. Biggest strategical Tory mistake to date? Extending the election period providing a bigger target for the opposition...the shorter the election period, the better for an incumbent government.


AUG.06-2015  'Savaged by own force, police chief gets his job back / Quebec town's cop fired after he used hidden camera to find culprits (his own police force). '...He was the boss and did no wrong...He should be there, and the other guys should be out.' O.C. Aug. 06-15  C3. In the Employee's Case, I was the employee and did no wrong (providing the Ministry in Victoria of evidence of fraud on the part of an administrator in 1985). I should be there and the other guys should be out = Quid pro Quo  ...but then the police chief got a tribunal which has been denied me for 30 years and still counting...talk about justice being delayed being justice denied which explains how the Canadian Justice system met its demise.


AUG.04-2015 The Charter of Rights and Freedoms as applied to inherent jurisdiction and natural justice is defined as it applies to the current hearing in Gatineau #550...  SEE AUGUST 2015 under this date of 08-04-15


AUG.02-2015 A) Medical malpractice vs Judicial malpractice. Article in Ottawa Sun by Alan Sharnoff with my interpretation. B) 'The Election is not a popularity contest' P.M. Harper in dissolving Parliament and announcing Oct. 19 to be the election date...Oooh, yes it is!  C) PLACARDS: A) PITCHES: 1) Tories - low curve ball  2) Liberals - slow pitch  3) NDP - straight down the middle  B) LEADERSHIP: 1) HARPER - ONLY LEADS  2) MULCAIR - AFRAID TO LEAD  3) TRUDEAU - LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL  4) MAY - 'FORGET ABOUT IT'


AUG. 01-2015 A) Is Quebec running 'a court within a court'? SEE letter to QUEBEC JUDICIAL COUNCIL     B)If Justin Trudeau does not want the moniker 'Pretty boys end up last', he best borrow an approach from the (detestable) Donald Trump...'Which Tory bureaucratic mindset ever approved one engineer for a 160 car train pulled by three locomotives such as the one creating the accident at Lac Majentic killing close to 50 people last year? What if any such engineer in this position should suffer a heart attack? It's a question of Tory economics best labeled 'penny wise; pound foolish' and is a clear case of Tory mismanagement. Vote Liberal for a viable alternative.' Bandying around figures such as the politicians and press would do just does not 'cut it' with Jane and John voters.  C) I count myself a reader. For a break from 'dreary legal matters'; I offer up this tome on CAPITALISM which explains why if Ottawa sees fit to built a monument to Communism; equal time would suggest a monument to Capitalism. (Mind you, I would settle for a monument on Parliament Hill to 'Mr. Placard Man' complete with a blank placard for Canadians to post their failed submissions to the bureaucracies.)  D) Harper hates to lose which he did to SCofC's Chief Justice B. McLachlin over the failed Nadon appointment. Knowing she only had one string to her bow, Harper can now make all the 'Nadon' appointments that he likes to which the dear lady can only sweetly smile and respond 'How nice'.


JULY 31-2015  A) The Ottawa Sun would blame a Durham police officer for gaming the system in an ongoing 6 year disciplinary hearing while on salary rather than placing the blame where it belongs; namely, the Judiciary for this sad state of affairs.  Why not report on the Employee's Case where the Employer cut this employee from salary even before the lay-off hearing 30 years ago so now they feel no compunction to litigate leaving this employee in a permanent state of limbo? Watch all disreputable employers copycat that stunt once that point is publicized.  B) In an Ottawa Citizen article 'Prime Minister gaming the constitution'; Harper claims that if he can appoint Senators ergo he can 'not' appoint them to justify his current embargo. The article extends that thinking to refusing such as judge appointments to show how ridiculous that is...but no more ridiculous than the Justice System failing to resolve the 30 year Employee's Case due to systematic judicial abuse. A plague of all their houses...this time get it straight, DON'T VOTE


JULY 29-2015 'After 41 years, an apology' blares the O.C. headlines regarding the military accident in 1972 which killed 6 cadets at a military camp in Qc. ...Can exposure of the 30 year continuous legal debacle of the Employee's Case be far behind? But then, the Canadian Justice System has never apologized to anyone.


JULY 27-2015  A) 'Running a court within a court' SEE two letters under this date to Quebec in JULY-2015

B) CBC's  W5


JULY 20-2015 This whole sorry story is summarized in this 6 page letter to the West Vancouver School Trustees. SEE above date under JULY-2015


JULY 17-2015 A) So a black woman pulled over in Texas for a minor traffic offense later manages to commit 'suicide' in a jail cell thus enraging the black community. A spokesperson for the black community states that until we hold individual officers responsible for transgressions, nothing will change. Now leap to Canada and the Employee's Case(Canada) and my claim that until we hold individual judges and chief judges to account, nothing will change. (Newly-appointed General, Jonathan Vance, has also got it right by promising to target those who would demean female soldiers. What was 'Nuremberg' all about but to punish Nazi transgressors?) The first step in that direction is to break 'pack journalism' with this type of thinking from the Ottawa Sun editor: 'We have little choice but to put our faith in the justice system'. It was this type of thinking which brought the cover-up for decades of pedophilia in our social institutions and female military abuse. B) Poor business management can be the only label defining the Tory hand-out to families next week. This largesse should have been postponed if not cancelled outright.


JULY 16-2015 'Secret wish by Opposition Parties for Fall election results'...that the Tories fall just short of a majority so that with Green Party support, they can rule through the World Depression hitting this winter.


JULY 13-2015 Are SK courts sliding into oblivion with the Employee's Case? SEE Letter to  Chief Justice Popescul at bottom of AMAGEDDON-SK,ON,QUE. This letter should be of interest to all judges, politicians, news media.


JULY 10-2015 A) So the Ottawa Citizen of editor Andrew Potter ran a 'gotcha' story on General Lawson similar to the page 1 story (April 28-2014) on the Employee's Case with this difference; Lawson was recorded as dismissing the inflammatory O.C. account while they refused my 'right of rebuttal'. No wonder political pundits sit around gossiping to themselves on TV public affairs programs as no-one will talk to them. An analysis of Lawson's position of his letter to the parents relating to a military judicial finding was, in my opinion, properly written which does not excuse the military from earlier obfuscation on this soldier suicide story just as I do not excuse the courts from similar cover-up bureaucratic bungling in the Employee's Case. If I had been the parent, I would have written to Lawson asking him to clarify as to whether or not he was withdrawing the medals before I contacted the paparazzi media B) My wife and I pulled out of the stock market this week before the big plunges. C) 'I told you so...' Ottawa- Carlton teachers will be in a strike-lock-out situation for about 6 weeks this fall so that the money that the government saves in salaries may be used to pay for later expected increases. D) Ever wonder why the Harper government pass all that ultra vires legislation creating boodles of money for legal counsel in the courts?...why that's your answer....


JULY 03-2015  SEE sub-heading: ARMAGEDDON:SK,ON,QUE. for a Canadian Justice System in 'free fall'. The Employee's Case IS THE ELECTION ISSUE!


JUNE 29-2015 So a New York policeman hailed as a hero by the media took down an escaped murderer 'while fleeing' which raises two questions: 1) What if he had killed the wrong man? 2) Will other U.S. policeman take this action as carte blanche to shoot down any fleeing culprit?


JUNE 25-2015 A)We are a Third World Country. So former Tory M.P. Dean dal Maestro is being jailed for misleading the court as to his election finances. So who is there to jail the court system for misleading the public  in the 30 year unresolved Employee's Case? (Throw in the anti-employee Canadian media too!)

B) SEE JUNE 26-2015 (under JUNE 2015) for a letter to the Ottawa Sun decrying the legal billable time nonsense promulgated by our corruptible justice system


JUNE 21-2015  A) The Employee's Case IS THE ELECTION ISSUE!  SEE MAGNA CARTA & THE EMPLOYEES CASE    B) So Tory Labour Minister James Moore resigned leaving B.C. Tory fortunes disadvantaged due to his infant son's illness in Vancouver. Why not move the family to Ottawa and commute to Vancouver?

C) Apologies are big these days...to our native peoples and to victims of communism. Why stop there? How about a monument to the victims of capitalism? The Caribbean, for example, was genocided of enslaved locals forcing the import of African slaves just so Europeans could get their daily dose of sugar. The merchants didn't hate the slaves; they merely didn't recognize them as people hence any abuse was possible. Nation states came to accept this merchant's social solution to increasing economic output.  D)_The Duffy Trial is over so why is the Defence Counsel belabouring all the fine points much to the exhaustion of the judge and media? Because Duffy as already been tried in the media and the popular verdict is guilty hence the 'traffic policeman argument' which goes something like this: "Why charge me for going '120' in a '100' zone on the freeways as that is what all traffic is now doing where 120 is the new 100."  'The law does not charge wrong-doers, sir; only those that they apprehend doing wrong. That's why you are getting a ticket...it's the law.'


JUNE 14-2015  A) SEE sub-heading  THE BEE-HIVE-A MORAL FABLE which eclipses even THE CALLOW LETTER  B) Methinks the resignation on Sunday of a leading Edmonton Tory, MP Rajotte, is but one more Tory looking for a Senate seat which they cannot get as a sitting MP. A departing P.M. Harper is highly unlikely (like former P.M. Clarke) to leave empty Senate seats for Liberals and, yes, NDP - if you twist their arm enough- to fill.


JUNE 13-2015 A) So Journalist Chantal Hébert speaking at the JOURNALISM IS... joins the horde. My answer from the Employee`s Case experience?...CANADIAN JOURNALISM IS...DOING WHAT THE BOSS TELLS YOU TO DO OR, MORE IMPORTANTLY, DON'T DO. Amen 

B) Election demographics would show that, like 2011, the '905 vote North of Toronto' holds the Key. In 2011, that vote turned to the Tories to keep Jack Layton & the NDP out. Considering that Harper will not get a majority government, the Liberals stand to win the '905' so the race is between them & the NDP.




B) The Senate, a body of sober second thought' has always had 'punch-drunk' Senators from 1867 as pointed out in an article by Ottawa Sun's Ron Corbett p.31. He gives the example of the 'Pacific Scandal' under P.M. MacDonald. The problem, as Lord Durham would say in the 1840's, was that Canada lacked an aristocracy hence you have commoners aping their betters. All his findings were written up on the boat on his way over to Canada! ...The Old Boys Club has always been with us....


JUNE 10-2015 A) 6-page letter to Justice Minister, Peter MacKay which should be mandatory reading for all law students on the first day of class so that on the second day, the professor can proceed with the remaining 50% of students. SEE HOW THE EAST WAS LOST   B) PLACARDS: 1)  A LIE: BY THE COMPANY- A MATTER OF POLICY / BY THE EMPLOYEE -GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL    2) MY BOSS IS CHEAP AND THE UNION IS SLEAZY


JUNE 09-2015 A) No doubt all those Tory M.P.'s deserting the sinking ship are hoping for one of those 20 vacant Tory Senate seats as they do not wish to sit in the oblivion of opposition. B) 'A (B.C.) lawyer argued that (a case) should be quashed because the government acted improperly by appointing successive prosecutors until it got the recommendation it wanted.' Ottawa Citizen June 9-15 C2  Sounds strangely familiar as over 30 judges across Canada assigned to the Employee's Case are accused of never asking key questions as they relate to the unresolved nature of this case...corruption all around.... C) So Canada spent $24 million for audit advice to reveal $1 million in Senate irregularities...Call it the Canadian democratic way of doing things. Further, 'due process' for 3 Senators Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau has come to be now known as 'duly processed'; something I can identify with in the Employee's Case: PLACARD: A LIE 1) BY THE COMPANY -A MATTER OF POLICY  2) BY THE EMPLOYEE -GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL. In the last Senate audit in  1991 by Auditor Ken Dye; a system of controls was recommended. They were never followed. The point? No bureaucracy ever follows the rules. In the case of the Senate, the failure is financial; in the case of the Canadian Judiciary, the failure is one of moral turpitude.


JUNE 08-2015 Gatineau Hearing in Quebec #550... I managed to scare the pants off the presiding justice with the background of the Employee's Case which does not make for courageous judgments. Justice Therrien failed to ask any of the pertinent questions included in my oral presentation which is included under GATINEAU HEARING. The Employer came close to winning  their argument for dismissal without giving me a chance to even present my argument; a first in this case. Bottom Line: 1) No employer need obey the contract on keeping an employee on salary while litigation proceeds  2) The sweetheart deal between Union and Employer is sanctified at the expense of all Union employees which undermines the whole purpose of the union movement  3) "no legal answer is now a legal answer" in Canada which reduces Canada to Third World status.  4) The Couillard government of Que. has caught 'the English disease' of cover-up leaving Quebecers adrift without any viable authority figures.


JUNE 04-2015  A) I respond to columnist Randall Denley's diatribe against the teacher's strike. See JUNE-2015  B)  The main reason the legal fraternity secretly disapprove of Bill C-51, the Security Bill; namely, that some wing-nut judge - and that is all I ever get - will be easily duped. For example Federal Court's Justice Mosley who held a secret court on the Employee's Case later whined in public when it was exposed that he had been duped by CSIS in another case. Ontario Superior Court's Justice Robert Maranger delivered his Report by fax two hours after the Employee's Case hearing in which no reference was made to my arguments in that hearing (read that as a 'pre-prepared' Report). He later deported accused terrorist, University professor Diab, on very flimsy argument which even he claimed would not stand up in court but, according to Maranger, he had 'no choice' due to the laws on deportation. Bullshit. No-one would have appealed his Decision if he chose to throw that charge out. Both Diab and my case were rubber-stamped by the 3-person Divisional Court which was certainly a farce in my own case. It is being currently appealed on the basis of costs. C) 'Full Circle' M.P. Peter MacKay sold the Tory's out to the Reform Party ten years ago; now he sells the combined Tory body out before the fall election killing Tory fortunes to obtain a majority government (a minority Tory government would be barred from holding power by the NDP). D) How many of those TOP SENATORS UNDER FIRE voted to have Senator Duffy expelled from the Senate?...it gets curiouser and curiouser  E) Have a car with a condemned Takata airbag awaiting up to 5 years for a replacement? You can't sell it as no government will license a dangerous car nor will an insurance Company cover you. Indeed, if you have an accident, you could be sued for knowingly driving an unsafe car. Someday, a wholesaler will buy up these cars for a song and ship them to Third World countries. I have seen 3 Mercedes in my neighborhood parked in their driveways with 'For Sale' signs in them...the panic is beginning.


JUNE 03-2015  The CALLOW LETTER sub-heading is a definitive rebuttal to the Employer's Case in Gatineau Superior Court on Monday June 8-2015. Is the 'fix' still in? In short, will French Quebec courts and government of P. Couillard buy into the 'English Disease'?


JUNE 02-2015 I wade into the recently published 'Truth and Reconciliation' Report on Canada's Native Peoples. SEE NATIVE PROBLEMS


JUNE 01-2015 Same tired old judicial games being played by the Respondent Employer. The difference lies in whether the Quebec Courts will be afflicted with the 'English disease'. SEE  JUNE-2015


MAY 27-2015 A) So the NDP is screaming 'blue murder' against the Tory-Liberal Kangaroo Court forcing them to repay $3 million in 'ill-spent' fees. So where is Thomas Mulcair in speaking out - as I recently requested him - against a similar squeeze play experienced by myself in the Employee's Case by the courts?...MIA  B) Based on the current status, the Tories will not get a majority government without which they will not get power in the next election. All bets are off should there be a major terrorist attack on Canadian soil so that the Tories can frighten the bejeezes out of the voters.


MAY 21-2015 More Employer procrastination. SEE MAY 21 at bottom of QUE.550-17-008208-157


MAY 19-2015  A) Letter to Patrick Bown, new leader of the Ontario Conservative Party  B) Letter to the RCMP Fraud Division in Montreal    SEE MAY 19-2015


MAY 10-2015  A) The Khadr Story is reviewed SEE MAY-2015  KHADR  B) OPEN LETTER MAY 10-2015 directed to NDP's Tom Mulcair  SEE MAY-2015


MAY 09-2015 A) The deportation of Ottawa U professor to France for alleged terrorism is reviewed in the Ottawa Citizen C1. SEE MAY-2015 for my interpretative account under MAY-09-2015   B) 'Be careful what you wish for' Federal Tory M.P. Patrick Brown with whom I am agreement that the next Federal election will be decided in the Greater Toronto Area came up with the bright idea of hi-jacking the Ontario Tory Party. SEE more under MAY-2015  'PATRICK BROWN'


MAY 08-2015 Harper must be royally pissed (the bigot according to Kadhr's lawyer) whom, with the Prentice loss in Alberta including his A.G. who 'owned the judges and the police', lost his behind-the-scenes control over the judge who freed Khadr. Freeing Khadr has the threat of legal action against the government for backroom interference at Guantanamo in this case, something Harper fears as another embarrassment to him personally such as the Senator Mike Duffy case. The Duffy Trial reads like a speeder pulled over on the 401 for doing 120 kpm where the posted speed is 100 and claiming 'But officer, 120 is  the new '100' as attested to by all other traffic speeding by' at 120.


MAY 06-2015 3- A) 4 page"Perfection" of  QUE.(Gatineau) #550-17008208-157 focusing on the missing West Vancouver School Board meeting notes of June 1985 which holds the key to the fraud allegations. SEE sub-heading QUE. 550-17008208-157 at bottom marked MAY 06-2015  B) What do you want to bet that the Crown will call off the Senator Duffy Trial; a foolish trial initiated by a vindictive Prime Minister?


MAY 04-2015 Now will the public believe me when Alberta's Prentice Party A.G., Jonathan Denis tells his abused wife...No point in complaining as I own the judges and the police....straight from the horse's mouth and as the Employee's Case attests to right across Canada. Remember ANTI-JUDGE DAY / JULY 01 and every July.


MAY 03-2015  A couple of former female soldiers now writers, while recognizing  that there are inequalities between male and female soldiers aggravated by some brass, felt that former Supreme Court of Canada Justice, Marie Deschamps, painted the matter exposed by MacLean's (French version) Magazine with rather a broad brush. This is the same DesChamps that McLachlin appointed in 2004 to a 3 person panel to reject the 'ultimate remedy' theme of the Employee's Case thus making a mockery of labour contract language as well creating a constitutional crisis by freezing this writer into a permanent state of limbo in this unresolved legal matter. Canada was reduced to Third World status as a consequence.


MAY 01-2015 A particularly long introduction plus a letter included to 9 Supreme Court of Canada judges. Messages include Duffy Trial and Khadr Case. ADDENDUM: The excellent speech given by the attorney for the Grey family in  which 6 Baltimore police have been charged with criminal activity could easily be applied to the systematic injustice of  the Canadian Justice system in the Employee's Case. In brief, until the authorities suspend Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton until this 30 year legal caper is resolved as  P.M. Harper is not up to it (Mr. 'Law and Order') explaining the reference to the Governor General- the titular head of Canada; Canada remains as a Third World State. SEE  MAY-2015


APRIL 20-2015 SEE SCofC plus Employer(Que.) regarding my concerted attack to obtain the 'missing memo notes' from the June 1985 School Board meetings on BILL 35, which is the source of my accusations of fraud


APRIL 18-2015 That 'anti-employee' hashtag I have appended to the media must be hurting for the following 360 degree turn of the right wing article in the Ottawa Sun 'Star culture falls to earth' regarding the CBC Ghomeshi Case (p.16) "...We're all human. The folks in the corner offices should be treating the rank and file with respect. But this rule is particularly true when it comes to public sector workers.(Then explain to me Postmedia CEO's Paul Godfrey's blacklisting of the Employee's Case!)...We wouldn't accept this culture from a regular government office.(Oh, but you have!) The CBC should be treated no differently. SEE RED NECK MEDIA as to how the media handled the Employee's Case in 1985. The point of this article? That the Tory party, like the leopard rubbing out its spots, wants to get more votes.


APRIL 14-2015 So Donald Bayne, Defence council for Duffy would castigate the Senate in order to win his case whereas, in a much bigger story, I would castigate the Justice System in order to win my 30 year unresolved legal case. The difference? Duffy has his own press scaffold outside the courthouse while I suffer under an anti-employee media black-out. Go figure.


APRIL 13-2015 A) How the Duffy Trial is 'foreordained' SEE APRIL-2015 under this date. B) In order to retain his own credibility, P.M. Harper must fire Federal Court Chief Justice, Paul Crampton. SEE FEDERAL COURT HI-JINKS (April 13-2015) Charges of fraud against the judicial order (267 page factum) are NOT 'frivolous and vexatious'. The unresolved Employee's Case is the only 'standing case' (there can be no process without judgment) in Canadian Jurisprudence which permits of this charge to a court system which has gone unchallenged in its perfidy on this level for decades. Canada is now a Third World country.


APRIL 07-2015 A) SEE Subheading: QUEBEC #550-17-008208-157    B)You have to feel a little bit sorry for the Duffy Trial photographers who spent 8 hours (collective media cost must be staggering!) waiting for ...what?... Duffy doing the perp walk into and out of the court. Hence they were overjoyed at my presence with my placards including this one: DUFFY TRIAL A SHAM (more on this 40 day trial which could easily be handled in 10 days)                                          


badeggs.jpg 001

APRIL 04-2015 A) PLACARD: CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM NOW INJUSTICE SYSTEM. Get used to Third World Justice, fellow Canadians. We are told by the brother of a Canadian teacher jailed for 10 years in Indonesia for improper behaviour to small children that the court outcome was expected considering that the court heard only the Prosecution and ruled out any evidence from the Defence. Similarly, in Federal Court recently (T-2360-14), a Vancouver Prothonotary (the matter was to be held before an Ottawa judge) 'jumped the gun' by declaring the 267 page filed evidence by  me detailing fraud on both the part of the original   conspirators and the courts to be 'frivolous and vexatious'; the only argument filed by the Union (and supported by the Employer) based on highly specious jurisdictional material. Looking ahead, expect the same level of court denial to be assigned to the Senator Duffy case: PLACARD: SENATOR DUFFY TRIAL A FARCE (no matter which way it goes). The anti-employee media doesn't have the guts to ask the oversight bodies such as the Canadian Judicial Council as to why they do not acknowledge formal complaints made by me against the authorities. PLACARD: BE ETHICAL / DON'T VOTE  B)Canadians should treat their courts similar to how President Obama treats the Iranian nuclear accord: 'This is not an agreement based on good faith; it is an agreement being checked at every turn to make sure the Iranians are held to their agreement.'   C)What did all early 19th century European monarchs agree on? That Napoleon had to go as a successful dictatorship would be a threat to all internal machinations of their own kingdoms. Similarly, the ISIL/ISIS threat is not so much their barbarity as, to be sure, the Peshmerga and Shia troops are not against retaliatory beheadings of their troops as they are/will be doing the same thing; rather, it is the declaration of a caliphate which threatens to destroy the concept of all Middle East national boundaries which were shakily produced after WWII.  D)'Magnitsky motion wins unanimous support in Parliament'(Epoch News Apr. 3-9)...(In 2009, Magnitsky blew the whistle on Russian corruption and ended up dead in a prison cell for his trouble. Former Liberal Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler (slapping himself on his back to the acclaim of such as Green Party's Elizabeth May) introduced the motion  which has seen parallel legislation across the western world which would allow sanctions against those in foreign countries whom would persecute such whistleblowers. Now for a domestic version vis a vis the Employee's Case...don't hold your breath....Maybe the Russians can be called on for that purpose.


APRIL 01-2015  A) No fooling around with this ultimate 'oversight body'; the Governor General of Canada. SEE Newsletter of above date under APRIL 2015 PLACARD: DON'T TRUST TO BUREAUCRATIC OVERSIGHT BODIES (a story of how a brutal policeman beat up a witness trying to assist a stranger and escaped censure by the oversight police body is a horror story found in the March 30 edition of the Ottawa Sun.) B)Few public members are aware of this type of medical bullying of Resident Doctors: O.C. Mar.30-15 p. C1 Medical Residents yield to Doctor's Orders "...it underscores a deeply entrenched hierarchy and culture of blame in medicine that deters the more junior professionals from speaking up....' The same could be said for the legal profession. At least the anti-employee media is beginning to speak up...now for the exposure of the Employee's Case which has shattered the Canadian Justice System. PLACARD: CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM NOW INJUSTICE SYSTEM   C)PLACARD: BE ETHICAL / DON'T VOTE Why not? In the voting of any BILL in Parliament, such as BILL C-51 to extend the war to Syria; all the Tories vote 'yay' and all the Liberals and NDP vote 'nay' according to the dictates of their respective leaders. Surely there must be a Tory M.P. who would vote 'nay' as well as a Liberal/NDP M.P. who would vote 'Yay' if they followed their own conscience. For this charade we are paying through the nose in terms of M.P. salaries? D) Only former Auditor-General Sheila Fraser should be Prime Minister for exposing for a first time Senator abuse of expense accounts. Where is she now that the Employee's Case requires exposure?


MARCH 28-2015 A) Ottawa-Carleton Teachers cannot trust to government nor courts in their upcoming threatened strike. Read why in the MARCH 28-2015 Newsletter SEE MARCH-2015  B) War expansion into Syria a pseudo- issue; all the U.S. and Canada have to do is exchange air attack targets...in exchange for increased U.S. attacks in Syria, Canada can pick up the U.S. slack in Iraq. PLACARD: HARPER A WARMONGERER   C) Another pseudo-argument is the matter of 'oversight bodies', which, if the Employee's Case is any example - and I submit it is - the oversight bodies are worse than the bureaucracies that they would seek to control. Judges, for example, do not wish to have themselves exposed in that regard which explains why they would duck out of the Security provisions being passed in Parliament. D) Will wonders never cease with the anti-employee media as the OttawaSun Media Mar.28 has an edition devoted to scoring off those in Ontario's 'Sunshine Club' (salaries over $100,000). E)PLACARD: HARPER FOLLOWING IN STEPS OF GEORGE W. BUSH (along with Tory voters)

MARCH 21-2015                   'Our irrelevant court series'

A) 'First the punishment, then the crime'. The two expelled Liberal Party members do not get to face their accusers because the latter did not file a legal case. This writer does not get to face his accusers in a 30 year teacher lay-off because the courts systematically refuse to let me face my accusers so that I am left in a permanent state of limbo with no compensation (includes pension rights) having been paid. ...only in Canada, you say?  B) Who is running the country...Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton or Prime Minister Stephen Harper? SEE MARCH 21-2015 Newsletter under MARCH 2015

MARCH 18-2015  A) Blackmail works with politicians. By refusing to vote Tory, the veterans were able to evince a better compensation program. As a 'party of one'; I have no such leverage of which the authorities are only too aware. That is where the media comes in; or should come in with the Employees Case considering Parliament is AWOL on this issue. B) The Canadian Judicial Council delay is very much a part of the Federal Court debacle (T-2360-14) with its use of a frivolous and vexatious charge originating in an Ontario courtroom which has no connection to the Federal case. It is the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) procrastination which is at the root of the problem in Federal Court as they should have suspended Ontario Superior Court judges, C. McKinnon and R. Scott some time ago until this matter was resolved. These judges are currently sitting on other cases further undermining the credibility of the CJC and the Ontario court system. C) Bureaucratic daily prayer: 'We hope all our troubles will just go away.' D) As one with a franchise installing home alarms in the 1990's, I was puzzled by rural installations where police response was over 30 minutes (at best). Build an electronic access gate to the property; get a big dog; and have close ties to your neighbors was my advice. Unless you are familiar with guns; there is a good chance you could be pistol-whipped by your own gun by an intruder...but for God's sake, never shoot them in the back (so what to do if the intruder backs into you???).... the key is to accept that you are vulnerable in rural areas. Today, cell phone camera connections can forewarn you if someone is lurking on your premises so that you don't enter.

MARCH 14-2015  A) SEE A GAME OF SILLY BUGGERS under that sub-heading as the Federal Court imitates the debacle of the Ontario courts in which the latter were destroyed. An abbreviated press version may be seen under MARCH 14-2015 B) Ontario Superior  Court Justices, Colin McKinnon and Paul Scott (both originally Federal Court appointees) should have been suspended while the Canadian Judicial Council investigates their shenanigans. If they are removed, a question arises as to the validity of their interim judgments in other cases. For several months now, the CJC is even refusing to acknowledge the charges against these two 'worthies' by this Appellant.

MARCH 10-2015 Parent of a suicide soldier got this one right..."we need to revamp the military justice system" after an investigation found the original investigation fraught with errors but not one in which the military is financially culpable = one big fix....Until some of these judicial bozos are dismissed, no-one will believe in these bureaucratic whitewashing boondoggles. For that matter, the entire Canadian justice system is currently without credibility due to the machinations of the Employee's Case.

MARCH 09-2015  A) SEE sub-heading FED.COURT.RE-SUBMISSION.MAR.9-15       T-2360-14 for 'the dirt'  B) and for more dirt with the National Post sponsored award for what amounts to the sleaziest  legal performance SEE MARCH 08-2015 under SUB-heading MARCH 2015   C) Have you noticed that media photos of P.M. Harper recently show a man with 'sick eyes' (a term coined by my late businessman father).  D) The U.S. South got it all wrong on the slavery issue during the Civil War...they should just have re-branded their slaves as 'unpaid interns'.

MARCH 04-2015 A) Don't you just love the Obama-Netanyahu 'good cop-bad cop' routine?...certainly sucked in the media. B) So Ottawa Chief Justice Charles Hackland is conducting the Duffy Trial...significance?...The answer is in before the trial begins. Central Question? ...Is the judiciary to be the mere tool of the government? P.M. Advisor, Nigel Wright, thanks to RCMP Commissioner, Bob Paulson, was not charged with bribery (to keep P.M. Harper off the witness stand?) hence this trial is a farce.


MARCH 01-2015  A) If Canada wants Egyptian/Canadian Reporter Fahmy returned to Canada, they will have to pay the 'judge bribe'. B) SEE MARCH 2015 for MARCH 01 Newsletter & why one should NOT VOTE

C) Dealing with "DIFFICULT LITIGANTS" is the sub-heading for the upcoming CCAT legal symposium in May which, I submit, would better be refocused to dealing with "DIFFICULT JUDICIAL BUREAUCRATS' . D) Time to call in the RCMP in the Employee's Case


FEBRUARY 21-2015 A) Canadian oversight bodies do not work as witnessed in the past by CSIS and currently by the Employee's Case in which the oversight bodies of B.C., Federal Court, and Ontario have locked down and remain incommunicable. Hence C-51 in that regard is nothing more than the judges calling out 4 previous Prime ministers to protect their own backsides as they don't wish to be blamed for the inevitable kerfuffle. B) Currently in Federal Court (T-2360-14), I have lodged a civilian charge of fraud against both the original conspirators and the court processes. Under the criminal code, Section 380(1)(a)- (with the revelation of the 'secret memo notes' of Justice Southin(1986) which the Employer and Union refuse to divulge even under a sub-poena claim) permits of an 'entity' as opposed to individual charges of fraud. Would such an entity charge against the B.C. Gov't. (BILL 35), the West Vancouver School Board and the Teachers Union plus Justice Southin shatter the fabric of the Canadian Justice System?...Nope. That has already been done with judicial cover-up which is happening on a daily basis in this case...and not a peep out of Parliament nor the anti-employee media. To be sure, P.M. Harper should immediately stop preaching to the rest of the world as to morality.


FEBRUARY 17- 2015 'If some judges were any dumber, you would have to water them twice a week'.  SEE FEDERAL COURT DEBACLE for a rather pathetic prothonotary decision which 'jumped the gun' and for which I have lodged an Appeal asking that it be quashed. (12 pages)

FEBRUARY 13-2015 A) P.M. Harper must act this time if he wishes to retain his personal integrity. SEE FEDERAL COURT SCAM in which, once again,(a repeat of a stunt two years ago) Vancouver Prothonotary, Roger Lafreniére, has usurped the Federal Court hearing scheduled before an Ottawa judge in a bid to deep-six this major case dealing with fraud.

B) To be sure, should the media inform the public on this national case, it would be met with a collective yawn...that is, until a judge is fired (Lafreniére above and Ontario Superior Court Judge, Colin McKinnon at the top of the list). Should the public be informed belatedly, it would be a major blow to the credibility of the anti-employee Canadian media. C) So there is much debate over plunking the Communism memorial on the front lawn of the Supreme Court of Canada...a fitting reminder, it seems to me, for the direction in which Canadian courts are currently headed if the Employee's Case(Canada) is any indicator. D) The publication of the spurious McKinnon Order in the anti-employee Ottawa Citizen on April 28-2014 p.1 without taking rebuttal was probably the major reason as to why the conspirators believed that they could get away with this most recent Federal Court stunt.


FEBRUARY 9-2015  I have been out of country so it is catch-up time.       A) Most obscene sight on 'Billionaire's Yacht Row' in Fort Lauderdale? A gigantic yacht alongside an equally gigantic mansion belonging to a 'bankruptcy lawyer'. When will North Americans wake up as to how the legal fraternity is sucking all the oxygen out of our society; the 2.4 billion Nortel unresolved legal bankruptcy bill right at the top of that list. B) So the Tory's brash Foreign Minister, John Baird, is deserting the sinking Tory ship leaving 'not a collective dry eye among the diplomatic corps'. What does this experienced Tory foresee? ...that the Tories will not get a majority government in the next election without which they are doomed. To maintain a minority government, they will have to 'give away the bank' to the NDP which, in about a year's time, will switch hitters in order to get coveted ministerial appointments; all done with a 'lack of confidence' motion without an election to oust the Tories. The Tories should have selected Jason Kenney when I suggested it if they wished to be guaranteed a majority government. PLACARDS: 1) ONLY JASON KENNEY AS P.M. CAN WIN A TORY MAJORITY  2)  DON'T VOTE GANG OF 4 (HARPER/MULCAIR/TRUDEAU/MAY) FAILED ALL CANADIANS   C) So the NDP got screwed financially due to a government change in electoral expenses in much the same way as I was screwed by BILL 35 to shoot this whistleblower. As to depending on a Federal Court Judge to 'rectify' the situation?...good luck with that one. D) SEE Newsletter FEBRUARY 07-2015 outlining how the Federal Court is fighting for the life of the Canadian Justice System against all odds. SEE FEBUARY 2015. Also SEE MOTION RECORD #5 for a further damning account.



1) IRAQ  2) TORY ECONOMICS  3) EMPLOYEE'S CASE (CANADA)   B) A rather pathetic appeal from both the legal Counsel from the Employer and the Union to the Federal Court Registry seeking to curry favour in dropping T-2360-14 from the docket. It's always worked before so what's different? The Respondents have lost their Old Boys Club connection as these sub rosa plots always operate beneath the radar of public scrutiny.

C) SEE REPLY(2) for detailed rebuttal to Union's quotations of Federal Court Law T-2360-14  D) SEE FEBRUARY-2015 for 'What really happened' and why the courts of law are desperate to bury this case (at the expense of the entire Canadian Judiciary) and failing.  E) PLACARDS: 1) HELP FILTHY RICH...VOTE TORY  2) PARLIAMENT MUFFS EMPLOYEE'S CASE  P.S. Liberal Columnist Warren Kinsella 'deep-sixes' Liberals


JANUARY 18-2015 A) 'Letter to the Editor' Ottawa Sun  'TEACHERS AFRAID Ontario teachers are under immense pressure to pass students without merit. Most cannot read nor write cursive writing. Their math skills are weak. Teacher's are called into a principal's office and told to fill out Ministry of Education forms as to why a student is failing and to make sure a student passes. The dysfunction is at the school board and the ministry.' (It's a mess that needs to be fixed. ed.) Even 'Dear Abby' sympathizes with the teachers. No wonder employers demand 2 years work experience as 'honest and hard working', a 1950's slogan is now as dead as the proverbial 'door nail'. In the 1970's and the beginning of grade inflation, I gave the class an anonymous distribution list to which I added that I would acquiesce to the Department co-ordinator and administration to assign grades. They almost always followed my recommended grade dispersion. Today, I am not so sure that would happen. While cruising the Caribbean last year, I asked an L.A. Teacher what the major problem was in education today. Her response paralleled the above letter. It will be interesting what this year produces. B) The bad leadership is not limited to the schools as DOCUMENT 5 coming in February shows a Canadian Judiciary in complete disarray in the Employee's Case.


JANUARY 15-2015 Oh, the judicial perfidy of it all! SEE REPLY TO UNION T-2360-14


JANUARY 14-2015  A) So a judge resigning from the profession avoids Canadian Judicial Council censure for her peccadilloes...So whose problem is it now? "Don't know, don't care" reaction from the CJC..."someone else's mandate; not ours". Mind you, I could live with over 30 judges resigning on account of the Employee Case catastrophe.  B) A former frustrated bankrupt Nortel executive raises the question as to why the central question after all these years of litigation adding up to $1.4 billion is still how to apportion pensions and creditor claims? Meanwhile the legal fraternity lay hundreds of cases against Nortel and, without exception, are granted legal fee charges. And who in Canada is speaking out against this kind of legal debauchery? Only one person and you are reading him now. Pavlov's Dog has nothing on salivating legal counsel being asked by the bench to provide their costs which appear lickity split...no such request is given me who is being dunned for all these Respondent fees (even when I am the Respondent...go figure....).


JANUARY 10-2015  A) "judge shopping" The colloquial practice of lawyers known in the corridors of the Ottawa courthouse. This astounding revelation in the Ottawa Citizen  (D 1) does not state how this is accomplished but Hicks,Morley et al (who dropped representation of this case after judges were reported by me to the Canadian Judicial Council) must be past masters at it. B) SEE FEDERAL COURT #4 (T-2360-14) Jan.12-2015 for the application of this case to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  C) Newsletter JANUARY 14-2015 SEE JANUARY-2015 Did legal Counsel for the Employer and Union misrepresent their authority to me which is part of the T-2360-14 fraud charges?


JANUARY 08-2015  So former CSIS guru and now National Security Adviser, Richard Fadden, claims we have an untended 'serious terrorist threat'. That's not all that's a serious threat. Behind that threat is the bureaucratic thinking bred by our school system with the product being assigned roles of leadership. It doesn't work; I can vouch for that with Canada's judiciary in the Employee's Case (P.S., the anti-employee media is one of those bureaucracies and is part of the problem.) As to terrorist threats, the mass public protests such as we are witnessing from the recent Paris journalist murders, are the best protection as no program can stop such individual actions as the Norwegian psychopath who killed all those innocent people a few years back.


JANUARY - 2015 Summary of the legal disaster (JAN.01 & Jan.07 Newsletters plus Ontario's legal mess)