DECEMBER 24-2014  (6 pages) One of the more penetrating analysis of the perniciousness of the lawyers and the courts. SEE REPLY  T-2360-14 DECEMBER 23-14. The issue of status is all important in a court of law. For example, the question for this case (and that of Ghomeshi, the fired CBC radio announcer) is whether the Union has status in these respective cases. In the Employee's Case, the courts falsely inverted that process claiming that I lacked status as opposed to the Union lacking status which explains why the Justice System of Canada is in a state of collapse.


DECEMBER 20-2014 A)  PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST From the Ottawa Sun p.22 regarding Sony cancelation of  a Korean film: '...It's one thing if a foreign country bans a film from being screened in its own theatres-this regularly happens-but it's another thing for such a country to shut down screenings within North America. What's next? Will Western journalists not be able to report on human rights abuses in North Korea?...Free speech is what we're all about....'

Response: Obviously, the logical conclusion is that the Employee's Case(Canada) should be published in 'freedom loving' North Korea if the above article is any indicator as a Canadian media boycott prohibits 35 million Canadians from learning about a legal case which has smashed the credibility of the Canadian Justice System. B) In general, columnists tell others to confront issues without involving themselves. Following is a reply to SUN columnist John Snobelen (invalid e-mail address as per columnists John Robson & Warren Kinsella whom, it is gathered, only want to commune between themselves)...'...There are those who would say that I have the confrontational story of the century as I believe the Canadian Justice System has to be rebuilt from the ground up as evidenced by the Employee's Case...Here's where you (Snobelen) comes in...Are you man enough to confront your editor into breaking the media boycott on this national story?'


DECEMBER 17-2014 What's wrong with this picture? (Ans. the wrong person was found guilty) The Ottawa Sun article 'No Lessons Learned' relates to the Teachers College finding two private school teachers guilty of 'unprofessional conduct' in that they did not notify the parents of the sexual abuse against their son in Boston on a field trip a number of years ago 'in a timely fashion'. If memory serves me right, they did notify the headmaster in Ottawa in a timely fashion and it was his delay which created a lawsuit later settled out of court. The Teachers College, however, has no jurisdiction over the headmaster ergo shoot the teachers. Make a good letter to the editor? Considering the boycott on my name by the media...forget about it.... Certainly, in their position, I would not go to the U.S. police considering the short distance to the border as the U.S. lawyers would be sure to tie this one up into a lengthy billable time exercise. In their place, I would have awakened all the students and bussed them back to Ottawa which is not in keeping with the Private School philosophy of brushing the dirt beneath the carpet. The teachers are appealing to the Ontario Divisional Court...lots of luck on that one!


DECEMBER 15-2014 What the anti-employee media do not want Canadians to know OR Canadian Justice System smashed completely. SEE RESPONDENTS' STATUS a not very exciting label but the 'red tape' rarely is although it is the key to court operations.


DECEMBER 13-2014 A)  Ottawa Sun p.19 'Passing grade for 'zero' teacher' (fired Edmonton teacher for giving 'zero' to students who did not hand in their assignments) He was cleared of three counts of unprofessional conduct but here's the rub as Alberta Union leaders have caught the 'B.C. Disease' from the Employee's Case: '...He is still miffed his own union - the Alberta Teachers' Association - went after him....' MESSAGE: Don't hold formal membership in a Teachers' Union. The last thing a teacher needs when faced by a powerful School Board is a Union which invites the Board to come from behind on their victim while the Union holds the door for them (sweetheart deal). Interesting footnote: Like Gomeshi, I hold informal connection with my Union...more in January. B) So Trudeau is learning that he is merely being tolerated by the Old Boys Club in his Party which is jettisoning Liberal fortunes with their clumsy Riding handling.


DECEMBER 10-2014 5 page sub-heading LETTER TO THE CONSPIRATORS. It doesn't matter what the Justice system of Canada does now; it is well and truly fucked....

B) So the U.S. Senate told the people what they wanted to hear...that in the investigation of 20 CIA torture cases, nothing was gleaned. In fact, torture has been practiced for hundreds of years in order to gain information...regrettably, of course it works, else why use it?


DECEMBER 07-2014 A) Ghomeshi vs the Employees Case - a legal comparison SEE DECEMBER-2014  B) So Trudeau has hired a feminine human rights lawyer to evaluate the suspensions of two Liberal M.P.'s. Anyone knows that in that position you tell the boss what he wants to know.


DECEMBER 02-2014 The Canadian Judiciary continues its downhill demise. SEE FALSE FLAGS


DECEMBER 01-2014  A) Abbreviated Newsletter B) In 1999, Ottawa lawyer, Paul Conlin wrote the definitive legal definition of the Employee's Case which is second to none and serves as the hallmark for the sweetheart deal as processed through our judicial system. SEE ANATOMY OF A SWEETHEART DEAL under web sub-heading "SWEETHEART DEAL". C) Attending the preceding article as an addendum is another classic: REBUTTAL TO RESPONDENTS T-2360-14 (Federal Court Nov. 12-2014 filing date) SEE DECEMBER-2014  D) Do you know why the anti-employee media boycott this national story? Because they can fly the false flag that a new political Party can make a difference with Parliament; that option is not available here as there is only one Justice System as per Wizard of Id cartoon on Home Page.


NOVEMBER 28-2014 The tabloid Ottawa Sun is fast eclipsing editor Andrew Potter's Ottawa Citizen. The Sun has always had a superior sports section and should they hi-jack the Citizen's comic page and clean up their editorial slant which is killing the Tory Party, they could eclipse the Citizen largely due to the fact that they hire columnists as opposed to depending on free think-tank writers. Readers of this blog realize 90% of my comments relate to the Sun as opposed to the Citizen which refused to take a 'right of appeal' from me to a front page (April 28-2014) article on the Employee's Case. A) I love this one...just substitute judges for cops and create a similar blog. SUN p.4  BAD COPS SHAMED ONLINE New website will act as a registry for police misdeeds, criminology prof says. '...it would report incidents of alleged police misconduct called www.PoliceMisconductCanada.com ...It's important to have independent civilian oversight because of the problems associated with cops investigating cops....(or judges investigating other judges for fraud. RC)  B)SUN p.23  TIME TO SCRAP SCHOOL BOARDS by columnist John Snobelen '...School board trustees don't just fly under the radar, they never leave the ground. The worst possible structure is an elected body that no one can remember electing....Sandals MPP should just get rid of school boards. Local education directors can report to the deputy minister of education....' That's exactly what I did, John...reported directly on a matter of administrative fraud to the Minister of Education (a former principal in West Vancouver Secondary where I was given the boot as a senior teacher being laid off in 1985). The response? The imposed BILL 35 (a fraudulent BILL) which was used only against this teacher before being withdrawn (similar to Ontario's imposed BILL 115 of 2013)...And we can all happily forget our local trustee, whoever he or she is...Good luck with that one, John


NOVEMBER 27-2014 A) '...The investigators carried out undoubtedly one of the worst investigations I've ever seen.(Michael Edelson Defence lawyer) ...We will make official complaints to the authorities concerning these witnesses...actual admissions in the courtroom of collusion, conspiracy to fabricate a version of events, cover up, and ultimately perjury.....'  Text of my charges of fraud against the Judiciary in the Employee's Case, you ask? Nope, although it could be. Actual heading in Ottawa Sun p.3 read 'Jail Guard Acquitted' B) Recent case of a judge blasting the Public Works for rigged bids led to a buy-out. Now where is that judge who will sit on judgment of his fellow judges in the Employee's Case? I am holding my breath...and turning blue...and bluer...now it is merely a matter of waiting for Hell to freeze over....


NOVEMBER 25-2014 A) So our doofus of an Ottawa police chief proclaims, "We have everything under control" when yet another hacking black-out hits the police website. B) 'No charges against Ferguson cop'. It would appear Honest Abe's emancipation of the slaves in 1863 has not progressed all that far...so much for education. C) "To tweet or not to tweet' Ottawa Sun p.51 "You say something that reflects badly on your employer, you're playing with fire, especially with a public service employer, where their reputation with the community is important" Doug MacLeod, employment lawyer  ...and what about the other side of the coin where elements within management destroy an individual with the compliance of an anti-employee media? The dismissal of the 3 Canadian Senators comes to mind here...been there, had that done to me.... D) PLACARD: ONLY M.P. JASON KENNEY CAN WIN A MAJORITY GOVERNMENT FOR THE TORIES   E) So Ghomeshi dropped his suit against the CBC in order to process his claim through the union which parallels the Employee's Case...in short, is it a case of wrongful dismissal under the collective bargaining procedures or a matter of breach of contract due to no reason given for the dismissal? That question is important for remuneration purposes. The cheap shot media report that Ghomeshi has to pay $18,000 legal fees to the CBC implying wrongdoing on his part when he dropped his case without stating that the Union could not intervene unless he dropped the case; a major plus for Ghomeshi as now the Union finances legalities. In short, it was a calculated risk by Ghomeshi and a good strategy. P.S. Note that my references are only to the legalities of this case and not to the issue. The public hones in on the issue; the courts hone in on the legalities or red tape as it were. If Ghomeshi is tried by an arbitrator, he is screwed; by an honest court judge, the CBC is screwed. SEE NOVEMBER 26-2014


NOVEMBER 24-2014 A) "Outrageous" screams an Ottawa judge in an O.C. headline story against government rigged bids which the government decided to quietly settle out of court (no investigation of course!) The significance of this media headline story? The media and the judges are getting nervous about bureaucratic excesses; the collapse of the Canadian Judicial System in the Employee's Case being paramount. This antiquated Justice System has to be rebuilt from the ground up and the only M.P. in a position for such a challenge is Tory Jason Kenney should he become the next Prime Minister. B) 'Threats to stifle journalists are threats to us all' O.C. columnist, Shannon Gormley B5 ...and the biggest unspoken threat not included in this article, you ask? Why editor control. C) PLACARD: NO EMPLOYEE WILL EVER VOTE NDP


NOVEMBER 23-2014 Sending me legal letters such as the B.C. Teachers Union would do is like feeding me catnip. SEE  TANGLED WEB & SCARLET LETTER


NOVEMBER 20-2014 O.C. columnist, Michael den Tandt on the Tories: When the common sensical , fair-minded voter begins to assume that you're systematically crooked, you have a big problem C5 I could say the same thing about the Justice System with this difference as per the Wizard of Id cartoon on the home page, there is no optional political party counterpart to take over the Justice System.

SEE ALFIE (Are you old enough to remember the film; 'What's it all about, Alfie?')


NOVEMBER 19-2014 Justin Trudeau was no doubt caught off-guard when personally confronted by NDP accusers of Liberal M.P. peccadilloes. A better response would be to tell the accusers that the matter was going to be reported to the Speaker but unless they laid a police charge, he would not suspend the M.P.'s.

Similarly, I am guilty of 'a declining enrolment which never existed' in a kafkaesque world where no compensation has been paid. The difference between myself and the NDP accusers is that my case has been before 8 separate courts and over 30 judges and remains unresolved  (judicial corruption)...that's how the Canadian Justice System was decimated.


NOVEMBER 17-2014 Always watch out for those judges who claim that 'they had no other choice' such as Diab's deportment by Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger. Of course they do. In this case, the French government did not produce a prima facie case for deportment. In 1986, when Justice Southin was faced with a West Vancouver School Board refusal not to follow her recommendation (which she expected considering this was a government conspiracy) to return employment to me, she ordered a new arbitration before the same arbitrator whom she earlier condemned as being patently unreasonable because 'she had no other choice'. If government-appointed arbitrator, Louis Lindholm, got one thing straight in his life, it was his leave-taking of it, leaving behind a 'frustrated' (legal glitch in which litigants are not to suffer at the hands of the law) situation in which over 30 judges and 8 separate courts have left this litigant in a state of limbo. That's how this conspiracy led to the complete collapse of the Canadian judiciary.


NOVEMBER 15-2014 'Jewish detractor' "Mr. Diab ( deported Ottawa University professor accused of terrorist act in Paris in 1980) will now be able to defend himself before France's judicial system, which is as impartial as Canada's." ...good luck with that as the Employee's Case of judicial abuse (8 separate courts and over 30 judges) has shown that Canadian courts are anything but impartial. (SEE Ottawa Citizen November 15 D4 where the term 'rubber-stamp' characterizes both cases although the article is restricted to the Diab case) The prima facie evidence against Diab was farcical. What happened was that Diab was 'Marangered (Ottawa Superior Court Robert Maranger who also sat on the Employee's Case with a pre-arranged ruling delivered 2 hours by fax after the hearing, showing no reference to trial events.) His judgment was in even before he walked into the courtroom. These scenarios are set up in the Office of the Chief Justice. Similar to Diab, the type of panel selected to hear an appeal before the 3 man Divisional Court rejected, at different times, both our cases. In my case, Justice 'Rip van Winkle' - as I so aptly pointed out - fell asleep in my one hour hearing. Don't be too surprised to hear that Diab dies in jail...suicide anyone? All Hail - Canadian Injustice...and soon, French Injustice?


NOVEMBER 12-2014 A) Scumbag Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General 'Wall Street too big to Jail' excused bankers in 2008 market collapse from criminal charges but made it up by being overly punitive on street crime, has finally left government. B)The legal ramifications of the Ghomeshi case.SEE NOVEMBER-2014


NOVEMBER 09-2014  A)musings...The Tories can count on 30% of the vote just as the NDP have 20% hence the Liberals will be the next government should those totals hold. If the Tories cannot achieve another majority government, they will require the support of the NDP to survive a minority government. It is 'death by a thousand cuts' by any other name for both parties. This is not the U.S. where Obama and the Republicans can now get some business done.  B) So Canada may trade directly in Chinese currency as opposed to going through the intermediary American currency thus saving fees but at what cost? What if the 'ponzi scheme' Chinese economy collapses? Granted, China is secretly hoarding gold but that is for 'phase two'.


NOVEMBER 08-2014 A) Who is paying off lawyers to offer pro bono services to any female whom comes forth and lays a charge in the Ghomeshi sexual harassment trial? To be sure the CBC is in dire straits if there is no such charge laid so that they can work backward to cover the major gaff of not giving a stated reason in their dismissal notice. I call that 'law by osmosis' (fraud) B) The only out for the CBC is an outside settlement. If I were judging this matter, I would direct the plaintiff to be specific with their charges of negligence, etc. and the Respondent to give a direct answer as to why no stated reason was given in the dismissal notice for, if I was not satisfied on this account, I would recommend - not give an Order - that CBC return employment to Ghomeshi. In the event CBC declined to re-instate Ghomeshi, the matter would be remitted to me in which I would assign something in the neighborhood of 3 to 5 million dollars settlement. (That interim action would give Ghomeshi the necessary leverage to force an outside settlement.)...but then, no-one ever asks me my opinion.... C) 'Indeed, the Canadian courts aren't big on due process, the presumption of innocence and free speech' Ottawa Sun letter to Editor plus his/her editor comment...OOPS, my bad...that read 'terrorists' not 'Canadian courts'


NOVEMBER 07-2014  A) Media's Chantal Hébert's account in the Toronto Star gives a definitive account of Parliament's sexual harassment problem going back many years illustrating how this theme operated 'below the radar of all parties' ...until now prompted by the Ghomeshi story. Now if only the media would speak out about what's happening in our judiciary 'below the radar'....  B) If the police cannot see their way to laying a criminal charge against PMO Nigel Wright for bribery; how, in all good conscience can they recommend charges by sexually harassed women be laid against Ghomeni although a visit by CBC lawyers to the police were devoted to that end...but then, that is what 'top' lawyers do. Further, it matters little what excuse the court may give if it accedes to those CBC lawyers wishes for the court to drop the Ghomeshi charge because it is 'frivolous' (so, apparently, is my charge of fraud against the Justice System); the bottom line is that any Employer may dismiss an employee for no stated reason = anarchy.

B) Every CEO has a horror of whistleblowers such as myself and the female NDP M.P.'s who reported their sexual harassment case directly to Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau. In my case, I provided the Ministry of Education in Victoria with evidence of a fraud on the part of West Vancouver Principal, John Williams in 1985 vis a vis his Professional Report on Teacher for me. In a private meeting in April, Superintendent Ed Carlin offered to withdraw that tainted Report which could make me vulnerable to a new 'properly written' negative Report so I said no, just send in the Director of Education to write a successive positive Report as a means of burying it. That individual, who hated the Superintendent due to a high profile case 8 years earlier in which a senior teacher was dismissed for so-called incompetence (see web) and was due for early retirement that year was going to ignore the order until the last few days of school in early June when, due to a letter from me to the Superintendent, the Director was told to drop everything and get in there which he did. When I was given his Report as (positive) 'notes' rather than as stamped 'Professional Report on teacher'; I told him that due to his carelessness, BILL 35 was going to be used against me. No doubt Carlin was told by the Board...either Callow goes or you go (in actual fact, he was dismissed a year later and never again served in the public education field in B.C.) In short, what should have worked in private did not so the West Vancouver School Trustees set in motion events which have led to the collapse of the Canadian Judiciary. It was a matter of 'The West Vancouver School Trustee Tail wagging the Judicial Dog'. As for Trudeau, he acted properly. True the NDP female 'whistleblowers' and their targets will pay a very heavy personal price as I have done and am still doing without the support of the Professional teachers of Canada amidst a level of judicial chicanery unequalled in the annals of any court system. That is the essence behind the 'secret memos' which Justin Southin would conceal and why the Employer is able to blackmail the Judiciary on that account. There is no escape from the word 'systematic' abuse. So Justin's problems are just beginning in this case. More later.


NOVEMBER 06-2014  A) 'One Day in the reading life of the Outlawed Canadian (2 newspapers -Ottawa Sun & Ottawa Citizen- for November 5 including this gem...  9) In conclusion, some legal wag should challenge employment lawyer Levitt with this missive: 'Howie, you have a big set of employment balls, why don't you parse the employeescasecanada.com case on your radio show?'   To be sure, you won't see him for dust as he heads for the exit doors. SEE NOVEMBER-2014 


NOVEMBER 05-2014  A) Newsletter on how CBC Ghomeshi dismissal negatively affects all Canadians. SEE NOVEMBER-2014  B) PLACARD: TORIES A PARTY ONLY FOR RICH GUYS


NOVEMBER 03-2014 1) Ghomeshi; the case that is putting paid to the Unions and the Collective Bargaining process.  SEE NOVEMBER-2014  B) ...so investment guru, Warren Buffet is sitting on 55 billion in cash. According to one investment dealer, that is because he and other powerful influences are planning for a lengthy world depression a) the Fed. is broke and the U.S. dollar is being challenged as a reserve currency b) Individual U.S. bank debt is astronomical  c) South America is not faring well d) move over, Bernie Maddoff and your ponzi scheme; China's  construction expansion for which there is no business is about to collapse that country e) low oil prices plus petro-dollar problems plus U.S. sanctions has greatly weakened Russia

f) Canada? The unique position of a collapsed Judiciary promises a Federal election sooner rather than later. Solution? a) Be very careful where you place your investments. For example, recently our family acquired insurance coverage from a U.S. firm with a sterling record. Not for us the sleazy legal TV ad...'problems with your insurance company? See us'. It is pointless reading 'the fine print' as an individual cannot go up against the big guy no matter how good their case. In the above scenario, the legal firm settles out of court with little money beyond their legal fees. b) bet on the Euro which has the necessary gold reserves to protect their currency but do not buy paper gold investments as China is secretly stock-piling gold. c) invest in those enterprises which people need e.g. food C) So Diab, the university professor fighting deportation for an alleged 1980 bomb plot in France in a very weak case is attempting to forestall the matter with the Supreme Court of Canada. Lots of luck with that one as the matter is one of prestige as neither the French nor the Canadian Judiciary wish to do anything which could embarrass the other. Uncle Joe's answer 'no man, no problem' is a very real option for judiciaries seeking to avoid embarrassment.


NOVEMBER 01-2014 It's a question of judicial fraud and cover-up. SEE NOVEMBER-2014


OCTOBER 30-2014 The aim of the CBC in the Ghomeshi case appears clear; they would use the media to find justification for a second firing; this time with reasons given. That is fraud... SEE GHOMESHI vs Employee's Case after OCTOBER 21 Newsletter


OCTOBER 28-2014 My take on the firing of the popular CBC radio host, apparently for sexual peccadilloes. To be sure, the CBC and the Union were hoping for a quiet settlement which Ghomeshi underscored with his legal action... SEE GHOMESHI vs Employee's Case after OCTOBER 21 Newsletter


OCTOBER 21-2014 'Running a court within a court' The unsavoury Ontario court system. SEE OCTOBER-2014


OCTOBER 15-2014 A) As everyone else and his dog has an opinion on ISIL, here's my take. Obama, not wishing to imitate former President Clinton's line on the 1990's Rwanda massacre...'we could have done more' when the U.S. did nothing; decided to provide a fighter jet umbrella to entice Arab nations to send in ground troops - Kobani being a key example in which he delayed the air attack on ISIL for that purpose. It didn't work. Turkey and the other Arab nations are pulling in their horns hopefully leaving it for American boys and girls to die for the Muslim cause. Next Step? Obama should pull all Americans out of Iraq leaving the 'umbella' until the ISIL caliphate take over. Shame on the 'peace-loving' Muslims of the World! B) Headline News! O.C. on p.1 report SCofC rejects rinky dink customs accusation of 'racial profiling'. What's missing on this 'legal billable time exercise'? The fact that two B.C. judges have functioned 'outside the law' (ultra vires) in the Employee's Case, and 6 courts have ducked this issue...now that is real news!


OCTOBER 14-2014 News item: " Chief Justice Beverley MacLachlin is urging the overhaul of the family court system, as she said it was wrongly designed to be combative, putting the domestic violence victim at further risk..." No argument with that; only how about extending that revision to employee treatment?...Oh, what the hell, just redo our entire justice system.


OCTOBER 11-2014 The Epoch Times Oct. 10-16 asks the right question: 'Canada goes to Iraq, but then what? West's failure to play long-game in Middle East now Canada's problem' The media is so busy pilloring Trudeau (other side of the coin is to enhance Harper's employment after he leaves office) that we are misguessing this one. The U.S. 'air umbrella' is getting only reluctant Arab support. For example, Turkish tanks are remaining on their side of the border. Delayed air attacks were designed to get them to cross...didn't happen.


OCTOBER 09-2014 'Lies grow bigger, not smaller, over time' and is the Judiciary ever telling whoppers. SEE CHIEF JUSTICE STRATHY/ OCTOBER 09-2014 It is a definitive message of the ultimate perfidy of the Justice System reported to judicial over-seeing bodies (lots of luck with that one!)


OCTOBER 07-2014   A) Quebecor's sale of the English Sun Media to Postmedia was a profitable move for Quebecor who was bleeding red ink. Whom, under 60 reads a print newspaper except for Entertainment Talk and Sports which TV does better in any event. The future of columnists is on the line as insipid 'think-tanks' like the Fraser Institute replace them with free articles. Who needs more 'Old Boys Club' propaganda? (The Old Boy's Club). Hence Postmedia's lame excuse  that 'bigness' is the only way to combat such foreign media as Google is not only wrong; it is wrong-headed. For my part, I will miss the comics page - truly one of the best - of the Ottawa Citizen as all these peripheries will disappear in a dying print age. Failure of the media to carry the full story of the Employee's Case is symbolic of a media going 'belly up'. That's why such as the Appeal Court of Ontario can shrug off challenges to their efficacy. Canada is sinking beneath the democratic waves for a third time. As to politics: the M.P.'s don't have the stories; the PMO does which the media cannot penetrate.  B) There's an old adage...be careful what you do with the first 35 years of your life for it will show on your face for the next 35 years. Justin Trudeau has had a blameless life but the past year has been sucking all the life juices out of him as attested to by his averted eyes and cynical mouth giving him a sleazy look. C) 2004 PLACARD: Ottawa Citizen reports only those stories which have been bitched, broken and buried which in itself accounts for the media boycott of the Employee's Case The problem for them now is that they cannot in all good conscience report on a couple of Ottawa Superior Court Justices who have way exceeded their powers in this case. That explains editor Andrew Potter's April 28 page 1 story trying to justify an unjustifiable judicial action.


OCTOBER 02-2014  A) PLACARDS: 1) 'CUT AND RUN' HARPER WRONG P.M. TO WAGE ANY WAR  2) FOR TORIES: NO UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM / ONLY PROBLEM ARE THOSE NOT VOTING TORY 3) HARPER 'IN WAY OVER HIS HEAD' With Dissolute PMO   B)Upper Canada school teachers in Ontario are threatening to strike; no doubt provoked into doing so in order that scab teachers may replace them. If so, that marks the end to senior salaries for all Canadian teachers (senior salary twice that of beginning salary). B.C.'s Premier Christie Clarke was not about to test this theory on the whole province so 'mission creep' such as in Upper Canada is the thin edge of the wedge. Even if professional teachers are ignoring the Employee's Case; to be sure, the Employers are not which explains how Ontario got the imposed BILL 115 in 2013 modelled on the imposed B.C. BILL 35 of 1985 under which I was the sole teacher laid off in a 29 year ongoing unresolved legal case (no compensation including pension rights has been paid amid much legal skulduggery)...and still no media exposure in this lead civil case in Canadian jurisprudence save a bastardized story in the Ottawa Citizen (April 28-2014 page 1) which tried to bury this national story. C) Letter on 'Running Commentary' to Appeal Court C.J. Strathy designed to curb court procrastination  SEE OCTOBER 05-2014


SEPTEMBER 29-2014 It is always on the peripheries that politicians get caught out...the favourite being air travel. In the 1960's, 'flying Phil' the B.C. Transport Minister was forced to resign over the inclusion of family friends on the government jet. The real issue? His sons were selling egress positions on the new highway to the oil companies. e.g. they would buy from a farmer in the morning and flip the property at great profit in the afternoon to the gas company (without that egress position, the gas stations were moribund). Alison Redford resigned ostensibly over the abuse of plane travel. Now the Federal Tory government is in trouble by giving 2 European lobbyists a free trip at Canadian taxpayer expense on the gov't. airliner. New PLACARDS: 1) HARPER 'IN WAY OVER HIS HEAD' (WITH CDN. JUDICIAL SYSTEM)  2) ARE YOU A GOOD BULLSHITTER? THEN JOIN TORY PARTY  3) TORIES CAN'T WIN ELECTION UNDER HARPER


SEPTEMBER 28-2014  A) Why the Federal Tories are screwed for the next election leading to the 300 PMO 'boys in short pants' looking for another job. If Harper loses the Prime Ministership, he loses an important sanction not to appear as a witness in the Senator Mike Duffy trial. To be sure, he is one sick puppy and the Tories are going to pay big time in the next election by failing to attract such as the young Muslim mayor of Calgary to take over the Party. B) Two judges and a lawyer have reason to be sick puppies as well. SEE OCTOBER 7 under OCTOBER-2014   C) SEE CHIEF JUSTICE STRATHY ON Osgoode Hall for details of legal perfidy in Ontario D) Does anyone really understand such as the following public protest PLACARD: TORY PARTY NOT STUPID / BUT STUPID PEOPLE VOTE TORY ? Apart from the 'people' factor; one perception of the Tory party is that they are something worse than stupid; namely, mediocre. Mediocre people in management have a tendency to bat above their I.Q.levels which explains Harper's many bad appointments E) M.P.Paul Calandra is symbolic of everything wrong with Parliament just as Ottawa Superior Court Judge Colin McKinnon is symbolic of everything wrong with the Justice System  E) Those who sow the winds of genocide; reap the whirlwind in being 'genocided' in turn. The consortium against ISIL wants them wiped out completely.


SEPTEMBER 25-2014  A) Conspiracy abounds...but there is nothing more blind than those (judges) whom do not wish to see.SEE  THE BOBBSEY TWINS & OCTOBER-2014 for a cover-up which puts even Watergate to shame.  B) Similar to NDP's  poor Thomas Mulcair who must quote Parliamentary rules and regulations to 'President Harper' whom ignores him; I must quote legal chapter and legal verse to judges whom just ignore me as well. That's why both Parliament and the Courts are defunct and why we live in an authoritarian state. Without the rule of law there is no point in passing laws which the courts will ignore in any event, if not in word, certainly in spirit. That's how Canada has become a failed state of which the Employee's Case is the hallmark legal case in defining that unfortunate state of affairs. It's over, fellow Canadian citizens, so stop denying it. PLACARD: PRESIDENT HARPER - 1 / PARLIAMENTARY MULCAIR - 0   C) So the chickenshit collective media ire is completely against Trudeau for boycotting the Sun media for a scurrilous attack on his family without laying the blame where the blame is largely due; namely, on their bosses at the Sun media for failing to oversee the actions of their Ezra Levant.


SEPTEMBER 21-2014 It's eerie. No response from the Respondents as to appearing in court on Tuesday. Will I 'disappear' too? Case confirmed to proceed under Justice Scott on Sept. 23-2014 10:00 A.M. Ottawa Superior Court


SEPTEMBER 19-2014 So Scotland voted 'no' to independence in a 'clear question' not marked by ballot box stuffing. Parallels are made to Quebec's 1995 separation vote on a 'not clear' question marked by ballot box stuffing on both sides (although you can't expect to hear that accusation in public). Chretien almost blew it much like Britain's David Cameron who also ignored the challenge. The Canadian government and media currently believe that ignoring the Employee's Case is the best way to go; the viability of the Justice System be damned!


SEPTEMBER 16-2014   A) Attaboy, or should I say Attajudge? This judge loves the headlines if his front page castigation of yours truly (O.C. Apr. 28-2014) is any example. (I have reported him to the Canadian Judicial Council).Here's a press version on my nemesis in another case as he plays to the crowd: 'Judge Colin McKinnon participated with gusto, interjecting often as Wakely and Ertel made forceful arguments.' ...or this one, in a second hearing...The judge thundered....Ottawa Sun source.  Some would say that the good judge has introduced a breath of fresh air into stale proceedings while others might say...well???.... B) So glib B.C. Premier Christie Clarke would praise all and sundry for a successful conclusion to the 4 week B.C. Teachers strike 'with no additional cost to the taxpayer'. Of course not, the government salary savings over those 4 weeks will be used covering that shortfall keeping in mind that education is not a business where there is a financial deficit due to lost business. There was no need for this strike unless the B.C. government were to eliminate senior salaries (senior teachers get twice the amount of a beginning teacher) as a tremendous savings to the economy. In short, she blew it. C) More judicial skulduggery by the Respondents...SEE Sept. 16 fax marked URGENT under SEPTEMBER 2014  D) IT'S A FRAUD! sub-heading says it all.


SEPTEMBER 15-2014 'All you need to know about the Employee's Case' is encapsuled in REPLY(2)#14-61592; a 30 page rebuttal for the one hour hearing on September 23, 2014. Will the anti-employee media attend this time?


SEPTEMBER 07-2014  What you have always suspected about the judicial system but you and the media were too afraid to ask...until now. SEE annotated OTTAWA SUN MEDIA p. 17 under heading: BASEBALL JUSTICE (Now under REPLY(2)#14-61592)


SEPTEMBER 05-2014 errata A) PLACARD: MULRONEY GIVES 'KISS OF DEATH' TO HARPER reminiscent of this PLACARD: TORIES / SAVE PARTY / DUMP HARPER  B) PLACARD: TORIES / ONLY CALGARY MAYOR CAN BEAT LIBERALS  C) Forget Tory M.P.'s whom lose in the next election; it is the 300 PMO staffers who will walk with a change in government.


SEPTEMBER 01-2014 A) 'All you need to know about the Employee's Case' 15 page newsletter SEE SEPTEMBER-2014 (Moved to REPLY(2)#14-61592)  

B) So an Edmonton School Board blew it by dismissing a senior teacher 2 years ago for giving '0's to assignments not passed in. He won.(P.S. I had given a '0' to a principal.) Now if that School Board had borrowed the 'West Vancouver School Board Final Solution'; they would have laid him off (different set of laws) and fixed the hearing. C) The B.C. Teachers Strike is going to backfire on the entire teaching profession across Canada if it fails. So far, it doesn't look good for the teachers as they may be forced to re-apply for their jobs. D) Nor does it look good for B.C. Teachers in the upcoming September 23 one hour hearing in Ottawa in which they have been named as a co-defendant by me in the 1985 BILL 35 story in which they 'sold out'. Mind you, the case may yet be murdered by the judiciary but that's another story.


AUGUST 29-2014 Newsletter 'Systematic Abuse' detailed  SEE AUGUST-2014


AUGUST 22-2014 Newsletter 'It's the Bureaucracy, Stupid' SEE AUGUST-2014


AUGUST 15-2014  A) Newsletter   Judges Mess Up...Litigants pay up   SEE AUGUST 2014   B) ETFO (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario) bravado? ...claiming that if they do not stand up for 76,000 Ontario Teachers, Parents and Students, who will? ANSWER? I have been standing up for all Canadian teachers for close to 30 years and, as of September 23 in an Ottawa courtroom, for 35 million Canadians. The 'imposed ON 2013 BILL 115' had as its genesis, the 'imposed B.C. 1985 BILL 35 which has been fought for close to 30 years solely by this writer. By acquiescing to any condition of this iniquitous BILL (i.e. accepting an increase in salary), the ON teachers are now limited in appeals to only a highly politicized Labour Board as witnessed in B.C.) Further, B.C. Teachers currently on strike are vulnerable as all a School District has to do is tell any teacher not reporting for work that they will have to re-apply for their job. In the interim, unemployed teachers will be hired. When the teachers come crawling back, they will all be accepted except for one teacher with seniority whose legal challenge will take at least two years.(I'm heading towards 30 years.) Conclusion? No teacher will trust to the union again. All Canadian teachers will be negatively affected...have I ever been wrong?


AUGUST 8-2014 Newsletter Canada's Judicial Apartheid   SEE AUGUST 2014


AUGUST 6-2014 A) SEE FACTUM 14-61592(H.D. SEPT.23-14) for a 'factum to end all factums'. B) All hail Canada's newest bureaucracy...the 'redacting brigade'. One lawyer was fined $7200 by the secretive legal bureaucracy for proceeding on a challenge to a crown document with redactions which he figured was a waste of time and money going to court for a challenge. The media encounter this type of frustration all the time. Consider this point. If the redacting brigade were not seen to 'black ink' documents, it would not be long for someone to question their existence...and that would never do....


AUGUST 01-2014 Newsletter Anatomy of a Judicial Scam SEE AUGUST 2014


JULY 28-2014 I can identify with the 'Shaming Ceremony' on Parliament Hill by the First Nations People for 'white man speaking with forked tongue' which, including the Employee's Case, applies to other white men as well.


JULY 18-2014  RCMP Superintendent, Bob Paulson, had no right to drop the charges against PMO's Nigel Wright for bribery until he knew the nature of the charges against former Senator, Mike Duffy, including bribery. To be sure, the Crown will wait two years (after the next election) and then not proceed as per a B.C. story in 1996 labeled 'bingo-gate'. The Justice System is collapsing all around us and still the media are attempting to prop it up. The Employee's Case is merely the worst case scenario for any judiciary which the media continues to duck even though 35 million Canadians are negatively affected


JULY 14-2014 SEE Newsletter 'Stability, not Justice nor Rule of Law is goal of Justice System'


JULY 10-2014 A) I hope that I am wrong, but External Affairs Minister John Baird's outspoken support for Israel may have repercussions for Canada and Canadians. He should tone it down. Interviewer Robert Fife was stung by the retiring Russian ambassador calling the Canadian media 'hypocritical'...and proving his point, prompting Fife to quickly conclude the interview. What if Putin chose to expose Canadian perfidy in the Employee's Case showing that our judiciary, unstintingly supported by our media, is as termite ridden as our Parliament as portrayed by the Canadian media? B) 'Having an interest in hockey does not mean that one is a hockey player' (Ottawa Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon instruction to jury in  terrorist charge.) In short, the causal connection in law is paramount...this deed...this perpetrator? I have asked (2nd request) the Canadian Council of Judges to suspend McKinnon for 'cowboying' a hearing launched by the Employer on April 10-2014(#13-59060) to cancel my previously laid #13-58607 slated for May 15 (running cases in tandem-a judicial no-no) by second-guessing the details related to the causal connection. Rather than label the matter one of judicial bias as per regulations for the appeal, as warned to him in court, I would use the term 'judicial malfeasance' as his action has turned the practice of justice on its head. Every Respondent will now launch his own action as opposed to mounting a defense in order to undermine a Plaintiff's action unless the Canadian Council of Judges takes concrete action.(Want to take bets?)


JULY 07-2014 So Big Shot Richard Bercuson (dot the 'o') former private school student and private school teacher would 'dis' incompetent teachers ('What I learned from teaching for 36 years' O.C. July 7 C7) '...could you please address the thorny issue of how to counsel poor teachers into another profession....' Similar to those individuals who begin every economic argument with ...I am a taxpayer....this blowhard article, I submit, is designed more to enhance the personal ego of the writer at the expense of lesser lights than to any other single cause. Every enterprise could write this article. It is a little like those companies who pursue the 20% of the sales force who make 80% of the sales. Good logic...disastrous outcomes although space limits elaboration. If you want the top 20%, then pay them excessively and private schools are not known for their largesse in that regard. Bercuson is proof positive of that. This low level teacher bashing article should never have been printed in the O.C. From the Old Testament: 'Length of days is not what makes age honourable, nor number of years the true measure of life. Understanding, this is man's grey hairs....' Book of Wisdom


JULY 01  A) ANTI-JUDGE DAY   B) What Canada needs is a Falun Gong movement where, similar to the Epoch News advocacy for Chinese to drop membership in the Communist Party, Canadians should be exhorted to drop memberships in political parties. PLACARD: NO LEADERSHIP 1) GOVERNMENT  2) COURTS  3) UNIONS   C) In a Province article of June 23-2014, former Education Minister, Dr. Pat McGeer (1970's) blames the Teachers' union for everything. As a Catholic Liberal, he crossed the floor to Social Credit and got some separate funding for the Catholic Schools (Unlike other provinces, B.C. only recognizes the public school system.) One anecdote regards a load of 'free' soil delivered from the University to his home in which he profusely thanked the workers...to which one responded; 'Don't thank us, it is not our soil.' He appointed Jim Carter, his campaign manager, to be Deputy Minister of Education. SEE ORIGINS for Carter's high profile teacher dismissal in 1978. Carter also saw the 'imposed' BILL 35 in 1985 under which - as the targeted employee - I was the only teacher laid-off under this 'ultra vires' legislation. While I am no admirer of the B.C. Teachers Union; nonetheless, McGeer should look to his own record of living in a glass house before launching any more missives.


JUNE 24-2014 A) A few years ago, I was - as far as I know - the only one publicly protesting high gas prices (80 cents/litre). If one of those street heat interviewers asked me about high gas prices (usual response '...but what can you do?); stopped me, I would bark back; "Why ask me? Ask the politicians who are in a position to stop this scam!" B) About time...a photo of a group of pro Iraqi protesters in Ottawa included Muslims, Christians and Jews. C) Now  fighting yet one more Registry; this one at the Appeal Court level in Toronto. SEE June 29 Newsletter Letter to Premier Wynne  (JUNE-2014)  D) So the Citizen would kick consumer affairs columnist, Hugh Adami, under the bus with a letter to the editor from an aggrieved employer for failing to tell 'the other side' and contrary to Adami's claim, he was available for a right of reply. Compare that with no published 'right of reply' to the Citizen's p.1 story April 28-2014 in which I was 'not available' either although the Citizen was sitting with my Right of Reply on that date. Conclusion? Editor Andrew Potter doesn't kick himself under the bus. E) Striking B.C. Teachers as patsies SEE TEACHERS FORUM


JUNE 22-2014 A) Philosophical Newsletter of this date posted under  ROUGH  JUSTICE  B) I wouldn't want to be financing the Northern Gateway Pipeline which the Tories favour and the NDP and Liberals reject. It's too fickle. Currently, Tar Sands oil is not needed due to cheap fracking oil and reflected in a $30 discount from $100 with rail shipment. Why would a pipeline increase that amount? Further a troubled Putin is now selling discounted power to China. C) The dog didn't bark. Why is it that all discussions on prostitution neglect to include the role of drugs. Prostitutes are beholden to their pimp suppliers as they become addicts after one week.


JUNE 15-2014 A) Newsletter on Anarchy in the Justice System should be of interest to all legal counsel. SEE JUNE-2014

B) So Mulcair's gang feel pilloried by using the mails improperly (same as Tories who are not called to attention) without 'due process'. Join the gang, NDP, as that parallel of lack of due process is the essence of the Employee's Case; a matter of national importance on which the NDP would remain silent . Green Party's Elizabeth May, considering that she is a lawyer, should know better than to remain silent on the biggest challenge to the efficacy of the Canadian Justice System. Trudeau...who?  C) 'Up Grit Creek' reads the SUN MEDIA headlines with their counterpart, Ottawa Citizen's  'One Walloping Wynne' reflect a media editorial failure in support of Tory Tim Hudak from both. No doubt the owners, hungry for those Tory corporate tax cuts, called the tune. Their 'too close to call, too close to call' chicken little prognostications fly in the face of the lead Liberal  guru predicting the night before ...'if not a Liberal majority, at least 50 or 51 seats'. I left it to my wife  in a 10 minute harangue to address a woe begotten M.P. Pierre Poilievre campaigning at our door. Media support appears to be becoming the 'kiss of death' in many areas; hopefully so to such as that page 1 April 28 story on the Employee's Case in which the Citizen refused a Right To Reply.



JUNE 09-2014 Election Prediction for ON on June 12-2014. A) The big loser will be the NDP; the heir apparent to the scandal-plagued Liberal government. Some NDP voters are now siding with the Liberals against the Tories. I never bother with the B.C. NDP and if Mulcair doesn't reach beyond the lawyerly 'What did he know & when did he know it'; he will be toast in the next Federal election. B) Considering that the Tories could have won this election if they had dumped 'bloody-minded' leader Tim Hudak; their loss is immeasurable C) Liberals will probably go back with about the same number of seats hence the three parties could have stayed home rather than campaigning. D) Elections Ontario spent boodles of taxpayer's money to send out leaflets urging everyone to vote (2011 election had about 50% voter presence.) My one man non-cost to the taxpayer placards:1. DON'T VOTE (BESIDES IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM)  2. THE THREE STOOGES: LARRY (Wynne) CURLY (Hudak) & MOE (Horwath) In short, the politicians in Ontario are fiddling while the Ontario Justice System is burning to the ground in the Employee's Case.

E) Letter to columnist John Robson (Ottawa Sun) on 'change' SEE JUNE-09-2014


JUNE 08-2014  A) SEE PETER MACKAY (Jus.Min.)June 6-2014

B) NEWSLETTER  including letter to Sandra Therould- Deputy Registrar- Appeal Court (Osgoode Hall)

C) 'Sorry I missed you, Matt' (MATT YOUNG, Tory candidate for Ottawa South leaving a personal card for those not at home).

It's not a robocall, but it is Tory sleaze as MATT was never at your door; that note was left by a party worker but how are you going to know?...that's the idea.

D) PREDICTION: Robocall trial of Michael Sona will see him 'walking'. In any trial there are two main elements; 'the dirty deed' and 'the perp'. These two must be linked in a causal connection (The major weakness of the Employee's Case). Morgan, the Guelph campaign manager, is teaching in the Middle East and not available to give testimony. The only other significant candidate, staff worker Andrew Prescott, was permitted (deliberately so in my estimation) to pull a 'Karla Homolka' by giving contradictory evidence before and after he was promised immunity from prosecution ='he's a liar'. Hence, the case will depend on the evidence of payment which is not there (as the crown well knows). I figure Tory lawyer, Arthur Hamilton, set this score up to which all are singing to their part. Trust me...have I ever been wrong? For equal time Tory House Senate Leader, Marjorie LeBreton, runs the capers there.


JUNE 04-2014 It's legal billable time nonsense or, in this case, legislative government  nonsense. Those in the know point to New Zealand's decade-old model for prostitution while Justice Minister Peter Mackay pushes the fallible Nordic model. Why? To create work (NDP and Liberal position of 'further study' to justify their existence) and news (media just love controversy). So now you see why I no longer vote; provincially or federally: PLACARD:VOTERS TREATED LIKE FOOLS...AND REACT ACCORDINGLY


JUNE 01-2014  A) SEE TRANSCRIPT #13-59060 for a lively challenge to basic legal concepts. B) SEE  TEACHERS FORUM for teacher lay-off challenges (JUNE -2014)  C) SEE JUNE 01 NEWSLETTER plus mail-out to B.C. TEACHERS (May 25)   D) Unions across the U.S. are losing the battle to 'the right to work brigade' led in Canada by Tory M.P. Pierre Poilievre. Traditional union leader responses do not work against an employer with the courts and media in their back pocket. For example, management correctly construe 'rotating strikes' (B.C.) and 'withdrawal of extra-curricular activities' (ON)as being weak. Methinks they are a cover for Union leaders who have been caught out. In B.C., school principals must tell the School Board to name their e.g. 15 out of 16 teachers 'they cannot do without'. Unions do not want costly legal action hence which teacher is laid off is a secondary consideration. The precedent set by the Employee's Case is that only the Union may sue the employer. That's why laid off teachers with seniority should get their own lawyer. Now you can see why M.P. Tony Clement and the Treasury Board want to give full control over a Federal employee to the Union. Answer? Rather than teachers (across Canada) sitting there thinking 'there but by the grace of God go I' when you see a teacher with seniority laid off leaving you vulnerable for the next round of cuts; be pro-active with this placard: CHRISTY CLARKE/ COME CLEAN ON www.employeescasecanada.com   So far, M.P. PeePee is riding a winner on this one.


MAY 27-2014 WARNING: Do not use Canadian travel insurance Companies which require a pre-medical form. There is always something that you omit (childhood diseases/ colonoscopy check etc. etc. as outlined by CBC) which the Big Insurance Companies use to withhold payment. Litigation is prohibitive for an individual as the Insurance Companies well know as they ignore any letter without a legal letter head. While never having to access such insurance; I deal with a large cruising organization in Texas with their recommended insurance carrier for, as an individual, you are dependent on the good will of the travel agency keeping the insurance Company honest. No pre-medical lists are required.


MAY 24-2014 'It is the business of the courts to make business for itself' Charles Dickens  My nemesis, Chief Justice of the Ottawa Courts, Charles Hackland, sentenced a Canadian East Indian to three years in jail for bribing Air India. Will wonders never cease! Think what he could do with former P.M. aide, Nigel Wright or another one with a black soul, former Senator Mike Duffy. Indeed, the whole foreign business part of government is ripe in that bribery by Canada's definition is the way of doing business in Third World Countries. Don't mistake; as one with former business experience, I'm all in favour of ethical business dealings but methinks the good judge is trying to drain the swamp (which I have done with the Employee's Case exposing a lot of angry alligator judges wondering who stole their water supply.) More later when I publish the transcript analysis from #13-59060 McKinnon j. in June which is under appeal.


MAY 21-2014 Letter to O.C. reporter, Andrew Duffy (the one responsible for the notorious April 26 page 1 article on the Employee's Case.)


MAY 17-2014 A) "Rancourt (Ottawa U physics professor accused of defamation in jury trial) shuns 'kangaroo court' " O.C.May 17-14 E1 The cracks are beginning to show in the Ottawa courts under Chief Justice C. Hackland. Due to the presiding Justice muzzling Rancourt's defence, he has decided to boycott the trial. B) So the O.C. is dropping the Religion Experts after 15 years permitting them to write their own epitaphs. While having tremendous respect for their opinions (food for the mind) regarding a personal life; they remind me of the Poseidon Adventure and the minister who stays behind with 'his flock' waiting for a (dead) captain's order. The young escaping minister with a handful of people believes in the fiery God of Old Testament repute (and pays a personal price accordingly) as he rails against his fate. Due to his perspective, Hitler and General Tojo did not end up ruling the world. C) Newsletter  May 18-2014 'railing' against absurd McKinnon Order  #13-59060. D) Tory's Hudak got one thing right if elected in Ontario; promising to call an enquiry into the 'gas plant relocation' costs PLACARD: CANADIAN DEMOCRACY / NEVER HOLDING OUR LEADERS RESPONSIBLE


MAY 14-2014 A) An Appeal has been filed by me of the McKinnon Order #13-59060 dated April 23-2014. At the request of the Employer to discuss all issues, I re-introduced the Union whom claims all authority over my case - at least in B.C. Of course I expect both the Employer and Union to produce the 'secret memos' of 1986  which the 'court did not use' and which I submit would reveal an act of fraud in this sweetheart deal. SEE Appeal of McKinnon May 14-2014 for factum. B) Two disturbing judgments brought down today for alleged al qaeda activity; Harkat who entered Canada on a false passport in 1995 and Diab, the University professor who was alleged to have been connected with a 1982 bombing of Jewish interests in Paris. The truth of the matter is not in question here; rather it is the judicial process by which both are subject to deportation Orders. In the first case, Harkat is no closer to knowing what he is accused of as the SCofC merely endorsed the government process which appears to be one bureaucrat supporting the next in the food chain without anyone really analyzing first facts. Diab was 'Marangered' by the same justice that heard my case. In short, the answer was in before the enquiry began with an appeal court backing the lower judge - same as me. The significant difference between the Employee's Case and these two others is that I have never been accused of anything so; as such, I do not have a lower court Order - deportation or otherwise; the bureaucratic defense of judicial decisions being nothing but hollow rhetoric...that's how the justice system was caught out with no defense. In short, the courts have condoned the process without analyzing the legitimacy of my lay-off while, in the two cases above, there is rather tenuous evidence supporting their respective evictions. That is what the Preamble to the SCofC in 2004 was all about - a corruption of the process. It is frightening to see how the Canadian Justice System functions in all three cases on this matter of 'process'. A parallel may be made as to how some police conduct themselves by threatening a culprit with jailhouse violence unless he confesses to what the police perceive as the truth. ...and over all this, we have to bow to the incompetence of Justice Minister Peter MacKay. There is no hope for democratic Canada under these circumstances. SEE MAY 16 for letter to Diab's lawyer.


MAY 11-2014 A) I have been out of country...sign on a Grand Canyon area restaurant: MEN: No shirt, no shoes, no service WOMEN: No shirt - immediate service. What do Las Vegas hookers and local school girl uniforms have in common?...skirts which hardly cover their butts.  B) 'We come to bury the 'Outlawed Canadian'; not to praise him' could be the caption for the O.C. article (April 26) which failed to print the 'RIGHT OF REPLY' (PART 1) of the same date reducing the O.C. to the type of purple journalism typical of the 1986 North Shore News (SEE web RED NECK MEDIA). Even the whitewash job of Yves CÔté  and the 'Robocall Scandal' received a corrective article.  C) The O.C. knee jerk opinion was regurgitated in the Montreal Gazette (April 26) under this heading which got no reader interest for good reason: Ontario Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon barred Ottawa's Roger Callow from launching any new cases on his 1985 firing in B.C. without the express permission of a judge. Any lawyer knows that this is a meaningless statement but the man in the street is left confused. A not so confusing headline would be: 'B.C. teacher unsuccessful in acquiring compensation, which includes pension rights, in a matter regarding his lay-off in 1985 although this matter has been before over 30 judges and 8 courts with Ottawa Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon being yet one more block in Callow's attempt to seek remedy in his unresolved legal case. Now that would attract attention...and that would never do for an anti-employee media. D) 'RIGHT OF REPLY'(PART 2) - SEE MAY 11-2014 and weep for a justice system which the media would keep on its pedestal long after it has been shown to be functioning on a level similar to the Canadian Parliament - and that is nothing to brag about!  E) So P.M. Harper would create a new Remembrance Day in his own image on May 9-2014 to recognize Afghan contributions similar to Phoenix's 'Day of Remembrance' on May 7 for all sacrifices - wars including 9-11, policemen killed in the line of duty, etc. Only a smattering of flags were lowered to half mast around the city. In that latter regard, Harper would appear to be flying at 'half-mast' already...PLACARD: 'CUT AND RUN' STEPHEN...FROM VETERANS although events of the day went surprisingly well.  E) So B.C. is set to lay-off 632 teachers. The precedent of the Employee's Case permits B.C. to lay off half that number if they lay off senior teachers receiving twice the salary of beginning teachers...see, they should have fought for me.


APRIL 23-2014 #13-59060 is now down. SEE McKinnon.j. heading in a wacky Order that I am forwarding to the Judicial Council of Judges suggesting that he be suspended. B) 'Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it'. The media boycott on this story has been broken at last by Andrew Duffy (April 26-2014) of the Ottawa Citizen which should bring tears to the eyes of Justice McKinnon...fame at last! Regrettably, the O.C. failed to identify this web site although they took a few quotes - very few - to dismiss a 'cranky appeal'. Contrary to Duffy's stated attempt to call me on Saturday, my telephone log shows no such attempt which seems on a par with the rest of his article. More on this point in mid-May....SEE 'Right of Reply' April 26-2014  C) Ottawa Citizen APR. 28 A1 Printed article appears. While web site quoted, no web site address included nor is my 'Right of Reply'. The legal fraternity and the man in the street must be thoroughly confused by an article bent on burying this case.


APRIL 17-2014  A) 'Murder most foul' The conspirators have their backs to the walls knowing the Employee's Case threatens a number of democratic institutions. In that regard, the April 10 hearing results under Justice McKinnon are being held up for they know that this ruling will be appealed creating much embarrassment; that is, if I am alive. With my death and the subsequent delivery of McKinnon's judgement, the Employer can justifiably say that all matters were resolved by the court as a means of convincing Canada's gullible professional teachers that justice has been done. (No man - no problem Joseph Stalin)That's why the media editors, the union leaders, and the politicians have all maintained silence on this national issue. The police are aware of this threat.  B) APRIL 21 letter to Hicks, Morley regarding this most wondrous April 10 hearing. (The transcript is a real hoot) C) A prelude to the MAY 01 NEWSLETTER 


APRIL 16-2014 A) Tory's Nigel Wright - 1; Media's Robert Fife (who broke the Senate scandal) - 0  So the RCMP won't charge Wright, the PMO factotum who 'acted on his own' in bribing Senator Duffy (although a good dozen were involved in the conspiracy including the P.M.) Similarly, the West Vancouver School Board used BILL 35 for the wrong reason according to the 'false' judge who quashed the arbitration. Not so, they used it exactly as the conspirators planned and any re-hearing would show up that fact...all of which explains why the Justice System of Canada would rather 'fall on its own sword' than let the truth out.  B) PLACARDS: 1) FLAHERTY - FATHER OF THE FINANCE OMNIBUS BILL   2) COURTS, NOT RCMP, SHOULD ADJUDGE WRIGHT'S CASE  3) EMPLOYEES DON'T NEED UNIONS OR COURTS - LOOK AT HOW CHINA DOES IT


APRIL 12-2014 A) I am not a personal supporter of M.P. Pierre Poilievre, although he is right to go after senior bureaucrats whose greatest claim to fame is their longevity in the job; a job they would dearly like to protect. I have 6 chief justices on my 'shit list'; not for what they have done, but what they have failed to do...it is the bureaucratic way. While the press would pillory Poilievre on the basis that 90,000 Frenchmen (bureaucrats) can't be wrong; they are bureaucratic to the extent that for the most part they ask the question 'who in the issue is involved?' as opposed to 'what is the issue?'...the former selling newspapers, the latter a big 'ho hum' to their readers. In the words of former PM candidate, Kim Campbell: 'Elections are no place to discuss issues'. B) DOONESBURY: 'acknowledgment for Obama keeping the Afghan war going 6 years after it was over'...is reminiscent of this eye-brow raising PROTEST PLACARD of mine in 2008: WE'RE LOSING THE F______G WAR! It is a good thing that I report the news as the media doesn't. C) CONRAD BLACK vs The Employee's Case  SEE APRIL 13-2014


APRIL 11-2014 While I was in court yesterday, MP Jim Flaherty was breathing his last breath in a nearby hotel. The politicians are in a tizzy waxing poetic about a great politician (I liked MP Jason Kenney's comments which can cut two ways. It reminded me of Robertson's 'Farewell to the Cork' in Fifth Business. They were not friends.) as political heroes are in very short supply these days. Even Peter Mansbridge and his AT ISSUE panel were left teary-eyed. PLACARD: FLAHERTY / BROUGHT US THE OMNIBUS FINANCIAL BILL. Much is made of Flaherty's speech to University students in 2011 in which 'it was a privilege' for Flaherty to attend a Robert Kennedy speech: 'I need you. Your country needs you. The world needs you. You are the best and brightest of your generation.'  Claptrap, of course, but the mantra of starry eyed students. No mention is made of Attorney General Robert Kennedy warning off the Hearst newspaper chain to publish the President's  sexual peccadilloes which could conceivably have cost him re-election but was interfered with by his assassination. Rather, the headline read: 'A high ranking White House individual has been accused of sexual impropriety' And, according to gossip, saw the married Robert Kennedy bonking the widow. But then our Robert was not speaking about himself; he was speaking about the students! How duplicitous. As to the court case in Ottawa yesterday? It will change the practice of law in a most significant way. Too bad the press wasn't there although a transcript is available. To a waiting lawyer for his case to proceed, I asked; 'Well, were you entertained?' "Yes, Mr. Callow, I was". More on this story later.


APRIL 09-2014 'Oral Argument' for #13-59060 Ottawa Superior Court 10 A.M. April 10-2014 SEE APRIL-2014


APRIL 07-2014  A) April Fools? Someone has taken my newsletters and posted them to the internet site of Hicks, Morley (for the Employer). Imagine this discussion among senior partners: 'What's this?? Egad, accusations that the venerable firm of HM is buying judges?? What has our  young Charles gone and done now! This will never do with our corporate clients...then, maybe again, it could be a bonanza for us! At any rate, leak it that Charley should be brushing up on his resumé. B) NEWSLETTER APRIL 07-2014 (Also PART II under REPLY 25A APR.3-#13-59060 ) which pans the Upper Canadian Law Society (more useless than tits on a bull) SEE APRIL 2014 April 07-14  C) SEE REPLY 25A Apr.3... for PARTS I, II, & III for the judicial scam of the new century and a 'must attend' for the media on APRIL 10 (2 hours) if they are to retain any credibility.


APRIL 06-2014 Newsletter 'constitutional crisis'  SEE APRIL-2014


APRIL 01-2014  Newsletter  'legal limbo'  SEE APRIL-2014


MARCH 26-2014  A) Letter to the Editor  B) Letter to new ON Attorney General, Madeleine Meilleur  SEE MARCH 2014


MARCH 19-2014 Letter to the Editor  SEE MARCH 2014


MARCH 16-2014 Newsletter SEE MARCH 2014


MARCH 11-2014  A) When Karl Péladeau announced his PQ bid in Quebec, newspapers cheered...which he owns the TV ticket tape added. One of his columnists was fired by an editor who didn't know the reason why other than the request came from higher up...and to think people would doubt me when I claim that there is a national Canadian media boycott on the Employee's Case. B) How can Harper reject Quebec separation when it is seen the Canadian Justice System is in disarray as a consequence of the Employee's Case for which he does nothing? PLACARD:  LAWLESSNESS  1) PUTIN - UKRAINE  2) HARPER - CANADA  C) March 13 court hearing date...will the media attend? I'm guessing not although the right of barring one from a court of law (by anyone it would seem - judges, court personnel, etc) is being decided.  D) Do you know what is most significant about the new Korean-Canada trade agreement? Disputes are to be handled by a joint tribunal and not a Canadian court of law. ...smart Koreans  E) The new corporate buzz word is 'escalated' as in was Bank of England Governor (Canadian) Carney notified of the money market manipulations since 2006? In that regard, I have 'escalated' the Employee's Case clear on up the asshole of the P.M. F) As far as Que. separation is concerned; every province should separate from the Canadian Judicial System.


MARCH 09-2014 The continual slide of the Canadian Judicial System into oblivion all because Stephen Harper makes bad appointments such as Justice Minister Peter MacKay. SEE MARCH-2014   March 16 Newsletter


MARCH 01-2014  A) At least one elementary school principal does not want her staff to see my SUPPORT APPEAL. Teachers, under these conditions, you may make your own copy of this appeal seen at the top of the HOME PAGE to place on your staff bulletin board.  B) For those squeamish at heart, you should read no further as to how Canada lost it all - courts, government, and morality. For the brave of heart SEE NEWSLETTERS MARCH 01 and MARCH 09 plus REPLY-#58607 & 59060 with hearing dates March 13-2014 and April 10-2014 respectively; the 'REPLY' of particular interest to legal counsel .  D) PLACARDS:  a) CHARISMA  1) TRUDEAU HAS IT   2) HARPER DOESN'T  3) MULCAIR?-DON'T EVEN ASK    b) KING HARPER DETHRONED / SCofC REGISTRAR KING BILODEAU NOW RULES     c) MY ATTACK AD:  HARPER HATES HIS JOB    d) JUSTIN - LEAVE THE JOKES TO ME


FEBRUARY 15-2014  A) As promised earlier, my take on the former M.P. Helena Geurgis trial against the Tory hierarchy.  SEE FEBRUARY 15 B) COMING UP: MARCH 01 NEWLETTER on a legal scandal without equal   C) Canada should boycott the closing SOCHI ceremonies for the failure of foreign workers to be paid on the site but then...PLACARD: TORIES HATE EMPLOYEES. However, they can always count on 30% of the vote no matter what they do. The recent budget provides for tax savings to the 'near-rich' as a means of getting another 10% in the vote. D) The budget speech would include a veiled reference to the employer's 'ability to pay' vis a vis public service health plans. Arbitrators are understandably confused which government yardstick to use as the gov't. speaks out of both sides of its mouth on this topic. Generally, the courts will not let an employer hide behind this financial excuse. For Example BILL 35 in B.C. in 1985 included that permission of 'ability to pay' which the arbitrator accepted and the court later rejected as being inconsistent with current practice (indeed, the $500,000 shortfall claimed by the School Board later turned into a surplus of roughly the same amount.) Justice Southin in 1986 was bound to quash the arbitration on those grounds alone rather than let a very dangerous precedent be set. E) Tell me the difference: The SCofC hears a case in which a union member refuses to provide her address to the Union vs the Employee's Case regarding access to a court of law to finish a legal matter is continually thwarted by the SCofC...go figure. Obviously only one case is of national importance and the SCofC has chosen. F) Of the five teaching inspections, West Vancouver Principal John Williams (r. 1990) produced his notes only for the first three because he 'lost' the last two; the ones I accused him of altering from a positive to a negative (fraud). In Ottawa recently, a 'terrorist trial' before Chief Justice C. Hackland (political trial), the authorities destroyed the original phone tapes = no case.


JANUARY 18-2014 A) SEE FEBRUARY 01-2014 newsletter which is predicated on Harper doing nothing and is posted now as I will be out of country. Professional Teachers of Canada are exhorted to get their support photos (WE SUPPORT THE OUTLAWED CANADIAN) e-mailed to me as soon as possible: employeescase@gmail.com  Any employee group in Canada may participate; just be sure to identify your group. B) 'King Bilodeau' SCofC Registrar is taking a leaf out of Hitler's 'big lie' technique of using democracy to destroy democracy. SEE REPLY25A.April 10-  C) So Ottawa Chief Justice Charles Hackland (more on him later) votes for former Tory, Helena Geurgis, to continue her defamation action against Tory Cheryl Gallant without posting a surety on her current legal debt. I will explain how that legal scam is expected to play out on my return. D) 'Go To' Justice Robert Maranger, Ottawa Superior Court...remember that name a) he made no mention of the MacKenzie Creed in his lower court decision which ended up in the Supreme Court of Canada b) he ordered the deportment of an accused Ottawa U Professor for alleged terrorism based on a highly contentious 30 year old signature. Both those decisions were appealed and coincidentally heard on the same day. c) In January of 2014, Maranger was left fuming when a jury glitch forced the matter solely before the judge. The defense agreed to proceed; the Crown Prosecuting Attorney didn't. d) So fellow litigants, if Chief Justice Hackland appoints Maranger to your case, you should conclude that your answer is 'in' even before you are 'in' the court. E) So Toronto's 'monkey lady' was ordered to pay $83,000 legal fees contesting the seizure of her pet monkey. That reminds me of  Ottawa's Hicks, Morley et al for the Employer recommending that a high legal fee should be assigned to chase this 'vexatious' litigant out of court. Even Maranger considered an earlier fee claimed by this outfit to be exhorbitant. The second exhorbitant fee from the Appeal Court is now challenged to Osgoode Hall in Toronto (fees  are rarely reduced which make them a dangerous weapon in the hands of unethical judges including Judge 'Rip Van Winkle' who fell asleep in the Divisional Court Appeal (as I so aptly pointed out)...more of Hackland's appointees.)


JANUARY 07-2014 A) Do you want a good legal laugh to bring the New Year into disrepute? 'Federal Judge Felt He Was Duped By CSIS. Investigation needed over CSIS conduct' O.C. gullible columnist, Michael Geist Jan-7-14 D1. Judge Mosley was the same judge who earlier deliberately screwed up the MacKenzie Appeal in Federal Court  (keeping me in the dark as to the hearing date). How it works is this. The Chief Justice always has a list of 'go to' judges (like himself) for such cases. In short, Mosley deliberately played the dupe for CSIS but now that the Snowden Papers have exposed this CSIS perfidy, Mosley leaps into the role of whistleblower.  B) Prime Minister Harper has until January 31-2014 to decide whether he will turn a blind eye to the collapse of the Canadian Judiciary. Either King Stephen rules or Supreme Court of Canada Registrar,King Roger Bilodeau reigns supreme. SEE JANUARY 01 & 02 for two accounts.


DEC.10-2013 New hearing date of April 10-2014 giving the professional teachers of Canada in general and Ontario teachers in particular, time to get off their duffs and mail identified group photos with this placard: WE SUPPORT THE OUTLAWED CANADIAN. It is pointless to wait for the dinosaur Union Leaders to map your strategy as there will be no strategy to map if I am not successful in April. Judges in political cases such as this only listen to ‘street heat’. SEE DECEMBER 10-2013 Newsletter defining this ‘collective bargaining’ challenge.


DEC.05-2013 Irony: The late Nelson Mandela; made a citizen of Canada in 1990 where he spoke in Parliament noting that he could not speak in his own country. Perhaps I should speak in South Africa as I am muzzled in Canada.


DEC.01-2013  A) The Justice System is hemorrhaging. SEE DECEMBER 01& 02

B) Collective Bargaining interests (including Ontario Teachers) should be getting their identified group photos to me with this PLACARD: WE SUPPORT THE OUTLAWED CANADIAN. Hearing Date of January 16-2014 in which the key challenge of collective bargaining rights for all employees is fast approaching.

I need publicity. Forget dinosaur Union leaders who are going to take an enormous bath by the ‘right to work’ brigade due to their failure to get behind the one case which defines their future as well as your own. This dichotomy is reflected in Opposition Parties wanting Harper to lead the 2015 election while the Unions need Harper and his ‘right to work’ omnibus bill out now. The fight in that regard is with the Employee’s Case; not some nebulous universal job action next year. C) D-Day for MacKay/Mulcair/Trudeau plus the media is December 20 and is fast approaching.


NOV.30-2013 The plot thickens cloyingly and unmercifully. SEE OPEN LETTER TO U.S. NEWS – NOVEMBER 30-2013


NOV.25-2013 A) The stonewalling that the media is getting from the PMO is paralleled by the 28 years of stonewalling that I have got from the courts and without media coverage. B) While there are two other parties unassociated with Senategate to fill the void of a possible failed Tory Party; there is only one Justice System and it has collapsed. Current desultory legalities may continue but only in the context of a country with Third World status. C) Parliamentary Reporter,Marjorie Nicholls (d.) of many decades ago would have had the inside dope on Senategate; today’s journalists have to wait and read police reports. D) Fifth Estate’s juxtaposing the Kennedy Assassination with 9-11 was ‘tried and found wanting’; in short, a disaster. What’s reporting coming to? A front for the Old Boy’s Club? E) Part-time staff at Carleton University have got it right by promoting a blog to deal with employment problems; something I have been trying to promote for Canada’s professional teachers as they are playing against forces (‘right to work’) which do not follow the rules or laws…the Employee’s Case Canada is proof of that.


NOV.24-2013 A) SEE Heading: ANATOMY OF A LEGAL SCAM   B) The modus operandi of the Tory hierarchy is clear: they wish to load the entire Senate scam onto Harper before they give him the boot and select a new leader without having to bear this burden. PLACARD: HARPER THE BULLSHITTER  C) If Senategate is a Force 4 Hurricane, then the Employee’s Case is a Force 5.


NOV.19-2013 So Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, would go to court. Before an honest judge, he has a strong case in that the intent of the city councillors is to deprive him of his rightful position as mayor. However, as a political trial (decision in before the hearing commences), he is just as likely to be ‘marangered’ (named after Ottawa  Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger). As for the P.M., he is borrowing a Fordism by planning his own version of a graceful exit by losing the 2015 election for the Tories…if the Party hierarchy let him.




NOV.11-2013 A)‘Soldiers win the war; Generals take the credit’. Napoleon  B)PLACARD: ‘CUT AND RUN, STEPHEN…FROM VETERANS’ C) Some Day when there are no more war veterans, the ‘white poppy’ will displace the Red Poppy

D) If the P.M. cannot duck the Senate Scandal due to police charges PLACARD: 1)R.C.M.P. UNDER P.M.’S THUMB?  2) ‘WILL NO-ONE RID ME OF THIS TROUBLESOME’ WRIGHT?/ KING STEPHEN,  then future ‘Prime Minister Trudeau’ will have been seen to have been prescient in his earlier observations of China seeking to clean up its act to join the first world in terms of human rights abuses and pollution. Of course that means the CCP have to gain control of the ‘loose cannon’ known as the Chinese military. E) And how will our erstwhile P.M. duck a Senate bullet? Enter from the far right, Treasury Board’s Tony Clement who will withdraw pension provisions from the ‘gang of three Senators’ forcing the Senate to rescind the lay-offs and put it into the black hole of a Gomery type of Commission. (For heaven’s sake, 2 of those suspended Senators are Tory bagmen who can claim using the Senate as a laundering agency with the support of the PMO = end of Tory Party!) Harper can then stand up on his hind legs and bray that everyone has witnessed how he is an action man and will follow up his action image with promised changes to the Senate regulations which justifies re-electing him in 2015 PLACARD: HARPER, THE BULLSHITTER. It’s a Machiavellian plot designed to sidetrack a gullible media. PLACARD: CANADIAN WIZARDS OF OZ  1) TINMAN – HARPER   2) LION – MACKAY  3)STRAWMAN – KENNEY  4) TOTO’S – TRUDEAU  / MULCAIR  



NOV.10-2013 A) Newsletter with comments on 3-judge panel on Nov. 4-2013 #DT-12-1872 in an Ottawa courtroom. If these 3 judges do not quash the ‘MacKenzie Creed’; they will become the symbol of everything which is wrong with Canada’s judiciary. Under those circumstances, Premier Wynne must depose them on pain of her own position as Premier of Ontario. B) If no action is taken, the responsibility falls onto the shoulders of Minister of Justice, Peter Mackay, who should not dust off his resumé to become Canada’s next P.M. until he resolves the Employee’s Case which includes dealing with the disreputable B.C. and Federal Court systems and possibly Ontario if Wynne does not take positive action. C) on p.2 & 3, I  wade into the Toronto Mayor Ford story, the Diab deportation, the 3 suspended Senators, and the media


NOV.05-2013 A)Three Senators suspended and in the words of one, Pamela Wallin, it’s a sad day for due process in Canada. For those Tory Senators who voted for the suspensions…’due process, what???’ The Employees Case has had the answer to that one for some time and the term now is ‘due processed’ as the judges can no longer be trusted so what is Pamela squawking about? Does she think that if the matter went to court, she would get other than a ‘Justice Maranger’?  PLACARDS: 1) NO RULE OF LAW EXISTS/WHY NOT TORY SENATE CAUCUS USURP LAWS? 2) TORY CAUCUS SENATORS GET THEIR ‘POUND OF FLESH’  B) SEE TRANSCRIPT-NOV.-13 as to why Canadian law is ‘redundant’.


NOV.01-2013 A) Conspiracies no less? Rather much much more. SEE NOVEMBER-2013  B) Action laid: SEE B.C. LABOUR BOARD NOV. 2013

C) Judicial Chicanery in Ottawa revealed which pretty much shows what kind of treatment I face in all Canadian courts. SEE NOVEMBER-2013 OCT.29-NOV.1


OCT. 31-2013  A)

B) A Tory fable:

     Once upon a time long long ago, dogs of the world held a convention in London. They were told to hang their butts on numbered pegs before entering the convention hall where one young wag, as it is said, yelled ‘fire’ throwing the conventioners into a panic fleeing (with their fleas) out the door grabbing any bum coming to paw. To this day, dogs are still sniffing their credentials in order to find their long lost butt. Similarly, if the Tory convention in Calgary goes ‘south’, don’t be surprised to see Tory party members sniffing around each other trying to find out not what happened to their brains but what happened to their bums. MORAL: TORIES HAVE NO MORAL COMPASS


OCT.27-2013 I wade into the legalities of the `Senate imbroglio` SEE OCT.2013

If the Senators have any sense, they would listen to Senator Cullen who requests a Senate committee to evaluate the claims of the 3 senators and possible sanctions without interfering with the police investigations. In short, don’t buy into Harper and Senator LeBreton’s ad hoc kangaroo court which seeks to circumvent any police action. (LeBeton; smiles and smiles without the smile reaching to her eyes.) Brazeau was wise not to buy into ‘the apology’ behind the scene offer as he would acquiese to his guilt like Wallin & Duffy. (The P.M. is desperate to eliminate the police charges against Brazeau.)


OCT.24-2013 A) SEE  THAT’S ALL FOLKS #13-59060 Ottawa Superior Court for my “Response” which will eclipse anything else legally done in this century.

 B) PLACARD: SAVE TORY PARTY / DUMP HARPER A lot of support on the streets on this one. The Tories should cut their losses for if the P.M. becomes part of a criminal investigation, he has to step aside as P.M. Mother Nature knows what to do with a wounded bull, but does the Tory Party? To be sure the media hopes that the Tory Party sanction Harper’s leadership later this month much to the detriment of the Party and 2015 Election so that they can ‘slice and dice’ him for the next two years; that is, if the Tory Party is so foolish as to condone his leadership now. C)‘My dear Pamela Wallin, legal success does not lie in “having your day in court”; rather, it is making sure that the other side is ‘due processed’ such as Senator Duffy would do.’ D) Does the term ‘two-faced’ come to mind in describing Tory Senator dating back to the Mulroney years, Marjorie LeBreton?


OCT. 23-2013 A)  PLACARD: SENATOR BRAZEAU ‘RAILROADED’ While Brazeau would confine his remarks to the backroom boys of the Harper government, the Employee’s Case has shown the pattern applies to all governments and courts of the land. B) Ontario Teachers have an extension to January 16-2014 to get off their duffs and publicly protest: e.g. photos of teacher groups holding this placard: WE SUPPORT THE ‘OUTLAWED CANADIAN’. The welfare of 35 million Canadians – let alone Ontario teachers – is at stake.


OCT. 20-2013 SEE ‘Open Letter to U.S. News’ …It’ not what you legally know; it’s who you legally know’


OCT.15-2013  O.C.headlineCall for benefits expert puts ‘cart before the horse’ ahead of talks (PS sick leave strategy) with unions.” While such as the School Boards and Teachers Unions across Canada may ignore the B.C. Employee’s Case; not so the ‘Old Boys Club’ who have capitalized on this debacle.They have noted the inactivity from those two sources plus the media in the 28 year unresolved E.C. where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid. That’s why public activity from the Ontario Teachers before November 4 (hearing date) is so vital. Otherwise one can kiss the Unions and School Boards across Canada good-bye not to mention the Justice System.




OCT. 06-2013  A) Ontario Teachers have until November 4-13 (Hearing Date) to publicize this case otherwise they will trade in ‘the yellow star on their shirt for a collective yellow streak down their backside’. 35 million Canadians are counting on them. B) SEE OPEN PLEA TO WEST VANCOUVER SCHOOL TRUSTEES

(OPEN LETTER TO U.S. NEWS OCT. 6-13) C) SEE DIV.COURT-ARMAGEDDON Heading for a rebuttal which serves as an indictment of the Canadian Justice System in a fashion never before seen. D) The dumbest thing the Minister of Justice or Supreme Court of Canada can do is to appoint a commission (if 28 years of doing nothing has worked; let’s try another 28 years). It would be equivalent to the Justice System declaring bankruptcy where they no longer have any credit (credibility?) Besides, I have had a bellyful of Canadian judges.


SEPTEMBER 24-2013 ON Premier Kathleen Wynne’s head on the chopping block? SEE OPEN LETTER TO U.S. NEWS – SEPT. 24-2013





A) A strange silence to my plea widely promulgated to Ontario teachers for publicity is undermining my legal case as these judicial bozos only listen to tom toms beating on their court steps when it comes to ‘political’ trials such as this one. All Canadians are negatively affected by one Canadian being denied access to the courts ‘on the whim of a judge’. After October 4, there is no going back for the Ontario teachers. Pensions will be one casualty of this phase just as collective bargaining rules were a casualty under B.C. Teachers. No word from Unifor, the new union devoted to social causes beyond normal union activity.

Quote: ‘It is difficult to avoid comparison of Ruth Lillian’s treatment of her workers and colleagues (1930’s business woman who did not lay off any person nor reduce benefits during the 1930’s Depression) with today’s piratical practice of wringing every last cent of profit out of the work force, and “down-sizing” to the point of hectic inefficiency, while denying workers the dignity that comes with civilized benefits and secure futures.’ Incident at Twenty-Mile  Trevanian

Ontario teachers also do not seem up to creating a digital newspaper (employees.news.canada) on behalf of all employees – both union and non-union. I’m reminded of that old adage; ‘those who can’t do, teach’.

B) No written response has been received from the Ottawa Courts for the October 4 hearing date. SEE Letter dated SEPTEMBER 23-2013

C) SEE REPLY- 21A.13-58607 regarding court duplicity


SEPTEMBER 18-2013 The horrendous bus-train accident in an Ottawa suburb in which 6 lost their lives bears comment. As one with experience driving a bus for the handicapped, a central problem in such matters appears to be trees and sun limiting visibility and a curving road (although the bus driver in question would be familiar with this hazard at this location). Downtown Ottawa suffers from trees obscuring traffic lights. Unlike Europe, the type of train barrier in Canada is not easily recognized from a distance. Stopped cars, furthermore, are not an indicator to a bus travelling through in the bus line. In Quebec, all buses have to stop at railroad crossings and open their doors. In Ontario, only school buses must stop. Some truck tankers stop at all railroad crossings. A similar problem exists at the south end of the Burrard bridge in Vancouver in which I was rear-ended 45 years ago by a driver unfamiliar with the curve onto the bridge with a light obstructed by a tree. A tragic loss for many families in Ottawa including that of the bus driver. I hope the autopsy does not show drug abuse.


SEPTEMBER 14-2013 O.C. headline: ‘Foreign service officers win complaint’ ‘But labour board declines to order dispute to binding arbitration’ All of which is media speak for claiming that the workers have lost as nothing has changed. Similarly when the West Vancouver School Board failed to return to litigation as ordered by the courts in 1986 in the Employee’s Case, over 30 judges did nothing creating the ‘clusterfuck case’. We have NO Justice System under these circumstances.


SEPTEMBER 01-2013  A) ‘A PLEA TO THE PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS OF ONTARIO’ to save the ‘pension phase’ for all Canadians in the upcoming Appeal before 3 judges in Ottawa Divisional Court on October 4-2013 (DC-12-1872)

B) SEPTEMBER 04-2013 ‘OPEN LETTER TO U.S. NEWS’ describes how Canada has sunk to being ‘a failed state’ due to the judicially-called ‘clusterfuck case’.

C) Another ‘court within a court’? See letter (Aug. 21-2013) to Madame Justice Sousa regarding a pre-hearing to DC-12-1872


AUGUST 22-2013 A) ‘Absolutely baseless’. The courts on my claims in the Employee’s Case? Nope. The Assad government’s reaction to the use of poisonous weapons. Both are in deep denial. SEE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IV for letter to Justice Minister Peter MacKay outlining why this case filed in Federal Court had to be re-filed in ON Superior Court:

#13-58607. B) Postmedia’s Christie Blatchford writes that ‘one does not hide behind the law, one follows it, especially when one is the law.’ NOW I know the media excuse for failing to inform Canadians of the most culpable legal abuse story in Canadian Judicial annals. ‘Judges and Registries’, my dear Christie, ‘hide behind the laws whenever they feel like it, Christie’s opinion not withstanding’ which no doubt explains the mindset of an anti-employee media.


AUGUST 01-2013 A)It gets curioser and curioser. What the judicial dudes have gone and done now is seek to sidetrack the ‘MacKenzie Creed’ with the ‘Cullen Creed’ which defies credibility (HIGH FLYING CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM SHOT DOWN BY WINGNUT JUDGE). In effect, the current challenge in Ontario Divisional Court DC-12-1872 could be severely compromised by this inopportune action. SEE PETER MACKAY Jus.Min. for more on this hoax. I have called for the Federal Government and B.C. Provincial Attorney General Suzanne Anton to exert some form of trusteeship over the B.C. Court system. B) It is one thing for the Employer to abandon the Employee’s Case; it is something else again for the Courts with an Order plus inculpatory addendum to do so thus creating a legal and constitutional crisis without equal in Canadian jurisprudence. SEE FEDERAL COURT IV


JUNE 23-2013 A)How the tentacles of the Employee’s Case have a far reaching effect. SEE JUNE 23-2013 B) Times are a ‘changing? In 1985, a letter to the editor (SEE Ottawa Sun Jun.20-2013) such as this would never have appeared in the anti-employee media. In 1985, the rabid media did not check out to see whether or not the West Vancouver School Board did indeed have ‘declining enrolment’ (they didn’t) or if they authorized my ‘lay-off’ (they didn’t). 28 years later and still the B.C. Teachers have not lifted their little finger to finalize this matter. This November, Ontario teachers have their chance to publicize ‘a hearing (on the MacKenzie Creed) to end all judicial hearings’ in Canada. Stay tuned. C) A plea to the McWynneties to appoint 3 credible judges to the November 4-2013 hearing of DC12-1872

D) PLACARD: A WYNNE APOLOGY  1) I’M SORRY  2) I’M VERY SORRY  3) OH, WHAT THE HELL, WHO CARES   E) Once again, Canada – unlike her counterparts in the U.S., Australia, and European countries - has rejected an investigation into offshore accounts dersigned to fool the taxman. Methinks our Prime Minister may have one of these accounts.


JUNE 11-2013 If Tory Treasury Board MP Tony Clement were really serious about cutting government costs, he would chop bonus payments; a bane to productivity in government. PLACARD: TORY MANAGERS NEEDED / ONLY UNSKILLED IDIOTS NEED APPLY


JUNE 10-2013 A) PLACARD: HARPER: BOZO BOSS (lots of laughs on this one) B) I am fighting on behalf of all employees while Canadians at large and professional teachers in particular in Ontario and B.C. are sitting on their duffs. Organizing a protest outside the Tory Convention later this month in Calgary with this theme: PLACARD: TORIES HATE EMPLOYEES should see a positive reaction similar to mine in Ottawa. Don’t just do nothing against the ‘right to work’ gang! B) FOURTH APPEAL to ON Premier Wynne due to Chief Justice C. Hackland failure. SEE June 10-2013 C) ‘For new teachers-too little too late’ Sarah Newcomb (new teacher) OTTAWA SUN p.15 A well written argument but missing on why teachers have been graduated for close to a decade for which there are no jobs. ANS? To be strike-breakers in the event of a District Teachers Strike now muted by the McGuinty government smashing collective bargaining rights. And why the extension of the Education year to 2 years in ON? ANS? A temporary teacher of 10 years near maximum salary may be displaced by a new teacher who will go ahead due to having 2 years of university teaching education…diabolical, eh? Stay tuned for another diabolical story regarding teacher pensions.


JUNE 08 & 15-2013 Open Letters with the similar theme of how the ‘McKenzie Creed’

– one and at the same time – wipes the ‘individual’ and Parliamentary oversight off the legal map as we head pell mell down the slope of Canada failing as a nation. SEE respective dates under JUNE-2013.


JUN.07-2013 More bozodom. SEE JUNE-07 under JUNE-2013 for ‘Open Letter to Jekyll and Hyde’ regarding the unholy alliance between the judges and the Registrars.



B) So RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson is fed up with the bureaucracies – particularly the legal one – and has decided to be judge, jury and executioner for RCMP malingerers by naming 3 ‘miscreants’ in the Senate (where he has immunity from prosecution). Some sympathy here for his plight. However, the other side was West Vancouver School Trustee Margo Furk pillorying me as ‘less than competent’ in the 1985 ‘lay-off’ in the local gullible press which was a major factor in the courts backing down from her by merely recommending employment being returned as opposed to ordering that it must be returned (SEE blog “RED NECK MEDIA which took it very badly when the court quashed the arbitration.) She was not prepared to take the stand and perjure herself as to lay-off numbers which showed a 16 increase in teaching positions with no mention of any lay-off.

C) If the Teachers in B.C. and Ontario don’t show some activity on the Employee’s Case, they will have to trade in their ‘yellow star’ for a ‘collective yellow stripe down the backside’.


JUN.03-2013 A) SEE under this date a comparison of a labour case in Ottawa with the Employee’s Case; a wake-up call for anyone holding Union membership.  B) Of interest is the widespread public soldier protest in the U.S. on behalf of the soldier currently being court-martialed for leaking secrets to wiki-leaks. One consequence is that President Obama has removed drone attacks from the CIA to the military. To be sure if Professional Teachers were to demonstrate similar support for me in Ontario and B.C. where legal cases are extant, they would not be treated as wimps by the authorities in those two provinces.


JUN.01-2013 A) ‘…They talked all the time about their honor, but that meant nothing as they were thoroughly dishonorable when it suited them. What they really prized was their dignity. They would rather die then be humiliated….’ World Without End Ken Follett

SEE JUNE-2013 pp 1-3 and weep for the future of Canada.

B) So, like President Bill Clinton before him (I did not have sex with that woman.), the P.M. would weld himself at the hip in deniability with former CofS Wright and Senator Duffy. He better hope there is no dress with his semen on it. Whether those two myna birds tell the truth or not, they have the power to end Harper’s political career.


MAY 30-2013  A) So Treasury Board’s Tory, Tony Clement ( he of the ‘entitlement brigade’) would have deputy assistants get rid of ‘bad apple’ civil servants…fine but who will get rid of ‘bad apple’ deputy assistants and lord knows, the Tories are appointing many of them. He could first start by handing up his own head. SEE MAY-30 as to why this is not feasible.

B) Street Heat: Normally, I get one or two ‘thumbs up’ for a placard while parading near Parliament Hill. Today, this placard received the most ovations ever: TORIES HATE EMPLOYEES. If I miss my guess, the Tories are doomed in 2015 if they insist in keeping Harper.


MAY27-2013 Congratulations to U.S. entrepreneur Jeffrey Van Middlebrook who turned down badly needed R & D funds of $60 million from Chinese sources due to China’s harvesting of body parts by the military. (EPOCH TIMES May 24-30 A4). Compare that to the Sydney University medical director who recently confirmed for the second time a prestigious award to a Chinese doctor known to be directly involved in this horrible trade. Oh where is that professional teacher in Canada who could show the courageous spirit of Middlebrook as it relates to the Employee’s Case?


MAY25-2013 A number of years ago, a HIV prostitute was openly proclaiming that she was deliberately infecting her clients. She ended up dying of a drug overdose. Point? Pimps were not going to let her undermine their trade. Similarly, those who are blackmailing Toronto mayor Rob Ford are probably dead. Drug barons are not about to let their dealers blackmail their clients.


MAY 21-2013

MAY 20-2013 A) Open Letter to Postmedia CEO, Paul Godfrey, to ‘let his columnists/reporters go’ in order to break the Canadian media boycott. SEE MAY 20-2013

B) PLACARD: TORY M.P. ‘SKIPPY’ WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BRAIN TRANSPLANT GOES HORRIBLY WRONG    C) I could be wrong, of course, as I predicted the ongoing decimation of the union movement to take place in Ontario in which Tory Tim Hudak, if he becomes premier, could impose a standard teachers salary of $65,000 per year thus splitting the teachers and resolving much of the province’s debt. It would seem that newly re-elected Christy Clark, considering that she does not owe the B.C. teachers anything, could institute a similar action in B.C. See what happens when you do not fight? …in this case fight for the Employee’s Case?


MAY 17-2013                                                                                              

coddling bad  eggs

STREET HEAT : This PLACARD showing Prime Minister Harper with disgraced Senator Duffy , which got more than its share of smiles today, has an interesting heritage. In 1986, the Alberta tabloid The Alberta Report (now defunct & deservedly so) published a fair interpretation of the Employee’s Case only to have some fat-headed red-neck bozo of an editor label it with the above caption showing photographs of yours truly alongside the incumbent B.C. Teacher’s President. (N.B. Writers do not select captions).


MAY 16-2013  A)I always feel bad placing ethical judicial personnel into positions where they have to lie on behalf of their bosses. Some, of course, are only too willing to curry favour with those supervisors. A 35 page submission added to DC-12-1872 (Ottawa Divisional Court) outlines how a cabal of judges and judicial personnel run ‘a court within a court’ in subverting the course of justice. Nothing new here other than the judiciary are caught with their hands in the cookie jar with the Employee’s Case and can’t get them out. The first 3 pages outlining the above debacle can be seen under SCofC.REGISTRAR

B) While it does not count for a hill of beans as no Chief Justice responds; nonetheless, I wish to clear up the confusion regarding Ontario’s Chief Justices Charles Hackman and Charles Hackland of which names I have used interchangeably by mistake. All correspondence has been going to Chief Justice Charles Hackland of Ottawa; the ‘go to’ judge as the media labels him in the former M.P. Helena Geurgis case.


MAY 15-2013 This is the second consecutive time in B.C. elections where the NDP was expected to be a ‘shoo-in’ and were defeated. According to an insider, the underdog Liberals turned out the vote while the complacent NDP didn’t. Would an NDP success have helped in a resolution for the Employee’s Case on which the Opposition NDP remained mute? I doubt it as NDP-supporting B.C. Teachers at large would just sit back leaving it to the politicians who do nothing unless pushed. Placing all School Districts ‘into dispute’ (affects hiring practices) was and is the only way to go as Employers view B.C. Teachers as wimps and wimps do not fare well as exemplified by the catastrophic failure of the B.C. teacher wildcat strike in 2005. There is no point waiting around for the Union leaders as Ontario teachers seem to be doing in an Ontario scam destroying collective bargaining rights drawn right from the ‘imposed’ BILL 35 of 1985. All Canadian professional teachers should exhort the B.C. teachers into placing all School Districts in B.C. into dispute. I will fight the matter in the courts at my own expense but I need publicity. All Canadians now depend on my success.


MAY 14-2013 Ottawa Sun Editor, Michael Worthington, died at age 86. While not necessarily agreeing with his conservative point of view, nonetheless, he was a leader among leaders…’better a good columnist than a mediocre editor’ he wrote. He never assigned duties that he had not experienced first hand himself. Considering that he was not given the Order of Canada, no other Canadian should accept this award. It is too bad that he did not see fit to break the media boycott on the Employee’s Case.


MAY 09-2013 A Montreal Junior Secondary Principal gave his students permission to wear HAB Hockey shirts during the play-off. One student, who wore a Senator’s shirt, was ordered by him to either switch to a Canadian’s shirt, wear a white shirt or stay home..she chose the latter. Senator’s owner, Melnyck, did the right thing by sending a limousine for her to attend the game in Ottawa in his private box. My point? In order to avoid friction, school administrators are cutting corners largely due to lacking a backbone. The Principal I accused of fraud vis a vis my professional report in 1985 which he altered (and I caught him) was not a bullyboy – I had one of those earlier; blessed be those employees with a good boss – but he could not stand up to his boss (dismissed a year later). Justice Southin made a similar mistake in 1986 and is at the core of the implosion of the Canadian Justice System. Not wishing to be seen as returnining an allegedly incompetent teacher (thanks to the media paraparazzi – SEE ‘Red Neck Media’ ), she merely recommended the return of employment which the Employer jumped on as ‘just her opinion’ and – because she returned secret union an employer memos to them (disclosing the scam) – the Employer has been able to effectively blackmail the judiciary for the last 27 years to such a degree and extent, that systematic judicial abuse has cost our judiciary all credibility. In short, a written contract has no meaning in 21st century Canada.


MAY 08-2013 More court perfidy. SEE MAY-08-13


MAY 05-2013 When you are the employer and have the judges in your back pocket, you need not respond to your legal mail. SEE SECOND REQUEST of APRIL 05-13 letter.


MAY 03-2013 Tories who live in glass houses should not mount ‘attack ads’…leave that to me (PLACARD: ‘JUSTIN IS NO LEADER’). By harping on Trudeau’s inexperience, the Tory’s bring their own perspective on experience into focus. For example, pillorying one Tory for the Robocall Scandal is apparently considered a mark of mature Tory political experience. How about this attack ad: HARPER GOVERNMENT MISMANAGEMENT.


MAY 01-2013 A) I have been out of country. This story from someone on the scene of Ted Kennedy’s ‘Chappaquiddick incident of 1969’ in which Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in the back seat of his automobile . An inebriated Mary Jo left a party early on her own and, unknown to Kennedy and his accompanying girl-friend (not his wife), crawled into the back seat of his car to sleep off a hang-over. While Kennedy and the girl friend escaped the sinking car (no mention is made of her presence), not so Mary Jo. The long and the short of it is that the judge who sealed the court records was complicit in hiding Kennedy’s perjury on this matter…just one more plug for ‘Anti-judge Day’ (July 01 in Canada).



APRIL.05-2013 Fraud heaped on Fraud. This letter to the West Vancouver School Board is reflective of how the Canadian courts bow to powerful interests…just like in China.


APRIL.01-2013 April Fool’s Day just in time for Ontario’s Public Teachers SEE April 01-13


MARCH 31-2013 This government conspiracy reviewed…the whole nine yards


MARCH 28-2013 A parallel may be drawn as to what Parliament has done to Tory M.P. Warawa (The ‘Outlawed M.P.) and what the Justice System has done to me. The issue for Warawa is not at question here (although it is pointed out that only China, North Korea, and Canada do not have a policy on abortion; particularly as it relates to gender selection important to Asiatics). What is at question is his right as an M.P. to present his case in Parliament against the will of the three major political parties (the Constitution does not define the role of parties hence their pressure is highly questionable in Parliament). Similarly, as the ‘Outlawed Canadian’, the MacKenzie Creed denies me access to court to finalize an unfinished legal case and yet court action has been taken against me (in collecting on a surety) where I have no legal standing. At least Warawa gets media coverage; I don’t. Some herald the demise of Parliament on this basis. I herald the end of the credibility of the entire Canadian Justice System.


MARCH 27-2013 Ontario Public Teachers have thrown in the towel in their battle against the usurpation of the Collective Agreement by the Ontario government. The Employee’s Case is the only thing standing between the Canadian Unions and the obliteration of those collective agreement rights. More later.


MARCH 26-2018 No response from duly filed actions in B.C. Supreme Court; B.C. Appeal Court with applicable fees nor from the Employer within the stated time limits implying a colossal level of collusion…but there is nothing new in that. SEE letter to Employer


MARCH 18-2013  More skulduggery. SEE letter to Chief Justice C. Hackman (Ottawa/Ontario  Superior/Divisional Court)


MARCH 10-2013 The plight of Ontario public School Teachers SEE MARCH 10-13


MARCH 01-2013 Corporate America has spoken. They are driving America into depression so that they can take their liquid assets and buy up their competitors at fire sale prices.

A) ‘Punctilious Rules’ SEE MARCH 01-13   B) ‘Political Correctness’ SEE MARCH 03-13

C) ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave….’ SEE MARCH 04-13


FEB 26-2013  There is no such thing as a ‘new collective bargaining’ model. The point is that the Ontario government destroyed that process much like the judiciary impoded over the Employee’s Case.


FEB 24-2013 ‘OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA’ re his ‘State of the Union’ speech.


FEB 23-2013 O.C. caption ‘ Teachers yield / Wynne wins tells it all leaving this party as the only one battling against ‘imposed’ legislation and ‘imposed’ judicial rulings. It is largely due to Union leaders discouraging teachers from giving support to give public support to the Employee’s Case which is undermining my battle on the behalf of all Canadians. ‘If they can’t fight; no-one can’, appears to be the logic.


FEB 19-2013 SEE MACKENZIE CREED as to why Canada has been ‘a failed state’ starting in 2010 (before that, a Third World country). Protesting Ontario Teachers have every reason to fear the Ontario courts.


FEB 17-2013 I have always disliked the right wing Fraser Institute’s school rating program; possibly because there is an element of truth in it. In the accompanying article ‘Money buys marks’; a truism is observed in that better students come from affluent homes. So? Don’t weak students from low income homes have a right to be recognized as worthy individuals apart from their school marks? Not in the Fraser Institute’s books. This rating system also appears to be a rebuke to teachers of poorly performing students. Message to teachers? Don’t teach low income classes. One TV program had a reporter covering the lowest ranked school by the Fraser Institute in Canada – a Grade 5 class in Prince Rupert, B.C. He was dumb-founded at the home problems these students had who looked forward to school as an escape from intolerable home conditions. My interest lay in evaluating the calibre of the teacher which I rated as ‘good’. As a 20 year Supply Teacher in the Ottawa Area, I came across all situations. Bottom line? Don’t get carried away with these commercial evaluations; they are a barometer with limited (too limited in my estimation) application. Getting the ‘right school’ with just the ‘right teacher’ is so often like making silk purposes out of sows ears for many upwardly mobile families who are sorely disappointed to see their urchin performing no better in private school than in public school with this difference; in public school their child is in the middle of the pack while at private school, that child is at the bottom of the class.


FEB 14-2013 No Valentines for the Judicial System. Two actions have been laid against the employer A) SEE ‘REPLY’ following after DC-12-1872 in this issue in Ontario Divisional Court solely on the ‘MacKenzie Creed’  B) SEE CA038538 Surety Appeal filed in B.C. Appeal Court with the aid of the Supreme Court of Canada. The 7 page (annotated) inclusion of the 2004 unsuccessful bid before the SCofC , a ‘must read’, focuses on the ‘conspiracy of the grievance process’ (not the Employer/Union conspiracy) which is a little like asking the fox guarding the henhouse to write a report on why so many chickens are disappearing. That’s why the SCofC was willing to collapse the ‘collective bargaining’ process in 2004 leaving ‘no legal answer as a legal answer’as a means to save their own asses. That’s also why, in a panic in 2010, the MacKenzie Creed was a bid to stop yet another SCofC Appeal which, as followers of this web site now know, has backfired in spades.


FEB 12-2013 A) The ‘Nazis’ at the law faculty of Calgary – the heart of Harperland – are not amused. Someone forwarded a copy of the FEB. 06 Newsletter to them. B) So the new Ontario Education Minister would like to resolve matters with the teachers for future contracts…that’s how the screwing always operates…. C) I don’t want to rain on the Obama ‘State of the Union’ boy scout parade which was directed to mainstream America, but the elephant in the U.S. room is the failure to recognize the whistleblower such as the young miss in the Enron story in which a former U.S. V.P. cited ‘executive privilege’ to withhold material on his role in that debacle. (P.S. Now that he is no longer V.P., will Obama order him to turn over those records?). ‘They have a right to vote’ may have a place in ‘suppressed vote’ U.S. while my placard for the last two Canadian Federal elections read: ‘BE ETHICAL / DON’T VOTE’  &  ‘DON’T VOTE / IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM’. Members of Parliament are only there to collect donations and to vote according to the whims of the Prime Minister’s Office. More on this matter later.


FEB 07-2013 An example of the red tape from the SCofC and why the Justice System could very well be signed off by ‘Suzy’.


FEB 05-2013 A) SCof C ‘Beyond all reason’ SEE heading of same  B) OPEN LETTER TO U.S. NEWS SEE FEBRUARY FEB 05-13




JAN.27-2013 A) While I saw other Union support for the Public Teachers protest outside the Liberal convention, I did not see signs from the Catholic or French School Teachers who fell victim to the ON government’s ‘imposed agreement’ which undermines the collective bargaining process for all Canadians (parallel to B.C.’s BILL 35 of 1985 in the Employee’s Case. B) Howarth, Hudak, and Wynne have been invited to comment on the ‘MacKenzie Creed’ currently on appeal in Ontario. C) First step for Premier Wynne is to remove Attorney General John Gerretsen as a key factor in BILL 115 and the Maranger Decision.


JAN.23-2013   SEE APPEAL #DC-12-1872, a must read for 34 million Canadians as the appeal of the Maranger Decision (#12-54944 Ottawa Superior Court) is restricted to ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ (Roger Callow’) vs ‘The MacKenzie Creed’ (the courts of Canada) which ostrasizes me from a court of law to finalize my unfinished case (Origin of ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ label). To be sure, Canada’s judges at large resent such actions as the MAcKenzie Creed but are powerless to speak against the Old Boy’s Club entrenched in their overview societies. The few that do, have lost their jobs. Canadian Teachers are not so constrained which is why I ask them to respond on behalf of all Canadians; not merely union members under collective bargaining arrangements. So get those ‘SUPPORT’ (SEE web) photos in to me. ‘Justice for all employees’


JAN.22-2013 déjà vu So Ontario BILL 115 apes B.C. BILL 35 (1985). Both Bills are ‘imposed’ by government to achieve a goal and then withdrawn (banana republic law). Unlike B.C., Ontario teachers are still going to appeal the matter to court which, if they get Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Robert Maranger – or his ilk - could be a huge mistake. Acting rather than re-acting is a much stronger ploy which is why I recommend a pan-Canada  professional teacher (apart from union) digital newspaper on the theme of ‘justice for all employees’ as a means of counteracting ‘imposed’ legislation and the ‘right to work’ gang who surely will ‘impose’ the end to teacher seniority in order to replace one senior teacher with two juniors. Supporting the Employee’s Case Canada is the first step to combatting that end.


JAN.20-2013 SEE ARMAGEDDON explaining how Canada became a ‘failed state’.


JAN.10 & 11 Moved to JANUARY-2013. A ‘must read’ for Ontario teachers as to what Tim Hudak and Company have in store for them


JAN.08-2013 A) Normally, I do not clutter up this web site with legal correspondence, but to give the reader some insight into this side of the issue, see the ‘without prejudice’ legal letter of Jan. 08-2013. B) The Ontario Teachers’ Union is understandably confused with the notion of an ‘imposed’ government agreement which is revoked once it has taken effect (banana republic law). That is the point of B.C.’s BILL 35 in 1985. As the only B.C. teacher with access to the courts due to an ‘imposed’ government agreement (and I am not bragging about that caper) this BILL was revoked before my case was resolved. As I was the only target, the Union sold out on that level. That is what all management understands in this case and explains why Opposition Leader Tory Tim Hudak (who has a personal vendetta against teachers) is going to break the back of the Unions with his ‘opt out of dues’ (right to work) legislation. That is why Canada wide teacher support is incumbent if the Union movement in Canada is to survive. ‘Idle no more teachers’!  C) Federally, the natives are being set up by the Tories in order to wipe out the Indian Act once and for all giving the green light to Canada’s mining interests. The rabid Ottawa Sun is doing their part in this caper.


JAN.07-2013  New Protest Placards: 1) (Ontario) PREMIER DAD ‘TOO CLEVER BY HALF’




JAN-05-2013 ‘…Will anyone grasp the nettle of fundamental education reform, taking power away from bureaucrats and school boards and union leaders, and giving it to schools, and parents, and individual schools? closet conservative columnist Andrew Coyne O.C. Jan. 05-13 A5 Response: That’s exactly what the North Shore News (see web ‘Red Neck Media’ ) argued 27 years ago after the court quashed the arbitration favouring the School Board declaring the government arbitrator to be ‘patently unreasonable’. And why stop there ‘arrogant Andrew’? Considering the fiasco of the F-35 - which you wrote about incidentally - why don’t you turn military decisions over to the soldiers and citizens; they obviously could not do any worse in Coyne logic. As a teacher in an affluent School District for many years, I have met numerous parents like Andrew and his ilk who, when you come right down to it, really do not think much of teachers.


JAN.03-2013 ‘BANANA REPUBLIC JUSTICE’ (where a law is instituted and then withdrawn after it serves its purpose and before a legal challenge may be raised) déjà vu  Ontario Liberals have taken a chapter right out of B.C.`s BILL 35 of 1985 by applying BILL 115 and then withdrawing it before a legal challenge may be raised by the Union. A similar action was used by applying BILL 35 to this writer and then withdrawing it before this case was resolved leaving me in legal limbo. To date, the courts have let the B.C. government get away with this stunt although it is not over. Ontario teacher success on this level depends heavily on supporting my challenge on this similar level so get your support photos in now otherwise the Employee`s Case precedent will undermine the Ontario case.  SEE ‘Letter to the Editor’  Jan. 03-13


JANUARY 01-2013 NOT a Happy New Year for Canada and Canadians as Canada is now a ‘failed state’ due to systematic judicial abuse. A) SEE ‘Open Letter to U.S. News Jan.01` pp1-2. Full account is listed under SHAMEFUL JUDGES. In brief, the Union which is given full authority to represent my case was, I submit, the source of the lay-off request to the Employer in June of 1985 under BILL 35. B) Professional Teachers of Canada. Ontario Public Teachers need your help…and probably don`t know it. SEE SPECIAL APPEAL on home page .  C) Unpublished letter to the anti-employee Ottawa Citizen SEE page 3  D) Published letter condemning judges Ottawa Sun SEE page 4  E) 19 points detailing E.C. background leading into ramifications of Ontario teachers strike (#17-19)  SEE  SHAMEFUL JUDGES starting with BACKGROUND   /  PULITZER PRIZE MATERIAL   F) JUSTICE FOR ALL EMPLOYEES outlines the special appeal to Canada’s professional teachers.




NOVEMBER 18-2012  ‘Canada a failed state’   A) ‘Open letter to President Obama’ SEE NOVEMBER 18, 2012  B) SEE AFTERMATH 54944 for November 01-2012 court hearing  C)Appeal to #12-54944 a must read for all legal counsel; indeed, anyone with legal training SEE APPEAL 54944   D) SEE COSTS 54944 for more chicanery  E) SEE CANADA’S GETTYSBURG ADDRESS’ which says it all…in spades.


NOVEMBER 03-2012  A) The Ottawa Sun Media p.21 got it wrong…’What’s obvious is that severance pay should occur only when you’re involuntarily “severed” from your job. (the law of ‘ultimate remedy’ and a cornerstone to collective bargaining rules) In other words, when you’re laid off.’  As of November 01-2012 (#12-54944 Superior Court Ottawa) an employer does not have to pay any money to any employee on severance; it’s called ‘the West Vancouver School Board’s Final Solution’ That’s why Canada is now a failed state. More on this in the future under AFTERMATH-54944   B) If Obama wins on Tuesday, it will be due to Hurricane Sandy.   C) `If the right wing don`t get you, then the left wing will`. SEE NOVEMBER 03-12


NOVEMBER 02-2012 A) NEWS ITEM: ‘ Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin, was charged today with ’conspiracy of silence’ to cover up (‘Employee’s Case) …she also faces counts of failure to report suspected abuse, conspiracy and obstruction of the administration of the law. The article continues…’This was not a mistake, an oversight or a misjudgment. This was a conspiracy of silence by top officials working to actively conceal the truth, with total disregard…’  If the courts can lie, why can’t I? In actual fact, this article refers to action taken against a former Penn State University President vis a vis fall-out from the ‘Jerry Sandusky’ pedophile case.     B) In their submission, Employer’s legal counsel at Hicks, Morley asked for ‘substantial’ costs. In aid of those higher fees was this inflammatory pronouncement in court describing an appeal by me against a judge’s decision (McKenzie Creed) as ‘He charged the judge’. Now if the notion of a government conspiracy has his underwear knotted up in his ass, the threat of hitting at one of his own kind, is bound to send a gullible judge over the edge…at least that’s the theory for billable time artists….        C) The chopping block continues as Canwest bleeds; two columnists, Dan (betwixt & between) Gardner off to write a book (he should ask colleague Robert Sibley whether books on arcane subjects put food on the table but I think he knows) and Susan Riley, a Parliamentary writer I respect. Perhaps she could aim for a Pulitzer Prize by writing up the Employee’s Case.


NOVEMBER 01-2012  A) SEE NOVEMBER 01-2012 for an excerpt damning the Supreme Court of Canada taken from the REPLY-54944 (#12-54944 Ottawa Court Nov. 01-10 A.M.) Call it Canada’s ‘Watergate’ if you will. B) Columnist Terri Glavin, a writer whom I respect, has one major flaw in his article: ‘Signing on to the Chinese protection racket’ O.C. A13

…and the upstarts (Chinese control in Canadian companies)can be punished with penalties assigned by special, closed arbitration tribunals in decisions beyond the reach of judicial review’ Response: Gee, that sounds just like Canada with its systematic judicial abuse in the Employee’s Case reducing Canada to Third World status…sounds like a race to the bottom. Further, let’s admit it, Harper accepted the ‘King’s coin’ from CNOOC in terms of big financial contributions. One gets whacked for reneging.  


OCTOBER 30-2012PM Harper’s Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA)undermines Canadian democracy and sovereignty…secret tribunal in which Canada will have no recourse to its own courts…Stand with us against this deal that only foreign investors could want.’   1 page ad O.C. C4….           EQUAL TIME: “Thousands upon thousands of Chinese poured into the street today to protest FIPPA.’If the Canadians have their way, we will be subjected to corrupt Canadian courts with their secret agendas’, they complained, aka The EmployeesCaseCanada.com


OCTOBER 29-2012 Fine-tuning’ all that’s left for Charter (of Rights) OTTAWA SUN O.29 p.7 on ‘abbreviated’ CTV interview on O.28 with Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin, 12 year and longest incumbent on SCofC. FICTION: She describes the Charter now as a ‘mature’ document over its 30 year history: ‘A lot of work we do now is nuance, fine tuning, maybe developing, moving things along a bit’…(she)‘has been a vocal advocate for fair access to the judicial system…’ FACT: Correspondence is in the mail to her and her 8 cohorts outlining how, once again, an Appeal by this writer has been derailed by hiding a judicial answer behind an administrative action…so much for ‘moving things along’. As to the Charter, those people have ‘moved things along’ by making their list of responsibilities ‘prescriptive’ in order that such questions as ‘What to do with a tyrannical king’ (or in this case, a judge who, for reasons best known to herself, deprives this plaintiff from any court access) don’t exist...talk about moving things along there as well....The reality is that our Justice System is in the throes of collapse. Currently Canada is now a Third World country in that regard. But where are the `thinking` columnists/reporters on this one? …MIA…will they be permitted to turn up in Ottawa court on November 01-12 for a landmark case?...stay tuned.



OCTOBER 25-2012 As readers of this blog know, I can hardly be described as an admirer of SCofC’s Beverly McLachlin naming her, as I have, as having a conflict of interest(FORM25C) in the Employee’s Case. With that much said, her minority decision on the recent imbroglio over election irregularities in the Etobicoke Federal election was the correct answer; namely, it was a procedural matter (Elections Canada issue) as opposed to a constitutional question (Right to vote). Many years ago, I served as a returning officer in a well run B.C. election. Stories I have heard recently are a nightmare under inexperienced (political flacks) Deputy Returning Officers leaving the way open for such as the abuses in Etobicoke. McLachlin was right; there should have been a re-election as per the lower court decision.


OCTOBER 25-2012 A) We hear daily of the continual collapsing of Parliamentary government in Canada. Well, I’m here to pronounce a similar debacle in the courts of our land. SEE REPLY-54944 (Ottawa Nov. 01 hearing at 10 A.M.) for a judicial indictment which eclipses anything having been writ in a democracy.  B) Ontario public teacher Union Leaders, under the above circumstances, are wise to try and work out a ‘behind the scenes’ arrangement with the government. However, that does not excuse the Ontario teachers failing to publicize #12-54944 on behalf of all Canada’s collective bargaining employees.


OCTOBER 21-2012 Ontario Teachers are foolish in the extreme by following their Union leaders’ advice not to publicize the Employee’s Case which diminishes their interest to a selfish concern for themselves as opposed to representing all Canadian union members. The Employee’s Case now supplants, on a unilateral basis as it does, any court action by Ontario teachers on the protection of the collective bargaining procedures.


OCTOBER 16-2012 PLACARD: MCGUINTY ‘TIME-OUT’ GOV’T. DUE TO EARLIER GOV. GEN.      M. JEAN STUNT . The Ontario L. Governor should NOT have given the Liberals a 4 month or more respite. The Opposition should first be given the opportunity to create a government.


OCTOBER 14-2012  A) Once again, Ontario teachers are appealed to for support of the Nov. 01-2012 hearing in an Ottawa Court for interim compensation (27 years of back salary in an unresolved teacher lay-off case where no compensation (includes pension) has been paid. Merely leaving their own concerns against the McGuinty government to court action is unwise under the circumstances. B) THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA – STRIKE 4 (baseball, anyone) defines the folly of anyone trusting to the courts. SEE topic above.   All Canadian lawyers should be interested in the legal arguments here. C) PLACARD: HARPER FRONTING FOR MINING INTERESTS At one time imperialists protected their colonial investments with extra-territorial laws permitting them to over-ride a dissident colony’s action. China is putting herself in the same position with Canada hence, for example, B.C. Premier Christie Clark could be over-ruled in her bid to block the Northern Pipeline by denying them electricity – not by Ottawa – but by a shaky international tribune. Of course all these shenanigans just mean more billable time nonsense for the legal fraternity. D) Currently there are 5 applicants for every vacancy due to Corporations hoarding the tax cuts that Harper gave them…so much for trickle down theories. E) …and for equal time…JUSTIN T. IS NO LEADER


OCTOBER 05-2012 What were the Catholic Teachers of Ontario Union leaders thinking???

Much to the chagrin of the membership, they signed away their collective bargaining rights last summer without getting a ratification vote from the membership in September. We are not told in  the news article whether or not the membership put the matter to vote anyway and, if defeated, replace their Union leader…maybe the membership would rather just whine. The Public Board Teachers should also be wary of their Union leaders particularly if these leaders warn them away from supporting the Employee’s Case.


OCTOBER 01-2012 A)The McGuinty government of Ontario has done ‘its homework’. Teachers in B.C. are now eunuchs with their collective bargaining rights and the natural next step is to eliminate the process altogether. In that regard, it’s a foolish premier who would pull this stunt in Ontario without first clearing it behind the scenes with the judiciary. That’s why a hearing (#12-59444 Ottawa registry) on November 1-2012 on the Employee’s Case is so significant for Ontario public teachers. SEE OCTOBER 01 PP 1-2.

(It would further seem that Ontario teachers will have to be more creative in their job protest considering that they cannot depend on the courts: e.g. What is it that students and parents want? Straight ‘A’ Report cards. So give it to them like the Ottawa U Professor who assigned ‘A’s’ on completion of work. Creative ‘pre-testing’ ( 2 apples plus 3 apples pre-test becomes 2 oranges plus 3 oranges on test) and marking could guarantee this end.          

B) McGuinty’s smarmy comment to his party followers that everything will be back to normal should have this addendum; The teachers will have been seen to be fools as they have not gained anything concrete. That’s why broadening their appeal to protecting the Collective Agreement rights for all Canadians as seen through the Employee’s Case and the Ottawa Hearing on November 1-2012 (#12-54944) is all important if only to protect their own rear ends.


SEPTEMBER 28-2012 O.C. Headlines ‘Harper attacks Iran’s ‘evil’ regime’ is reminiscent of this PLACARD: “WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN STEPHEN” ISRAEL  Canada would do well to tone down the rhetoric as per Putin’s recent private advice to Harper.


SEPTEMBER 19-2012 One more coffin nail in the smashing of the Canadian Judiciary. SEE OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA  SEPT. 19-2012


SEPTEMBER 16-2012 How the McGuinty government of Ontario is aping B.C.’s 1985 BILL 35 as he believes the time is right to escalate employee thumping by destroying the collective bargaining process in Ontario…which means effectively, all of Canada.


SEPTEMBER 13-2012 How do lawyers get rich?...by double billing. B.C. Union lawyer, Bruce Laughton, filed for costs in conjunction with the Employer for #CA038538. Now I am in receipt of a separate filing from the Employer for the same action.


SEPTEMBER 12-2012 The testing of the ‘MacKenzie Creed’ may shift from Ottawa on November 1 to Vancouver on September 25 due to a precipitate action for costs by Union Lawyer, Bruce Laughton, supported by the WVTA. It’s a document all Canadian legal counsel would do well to read in this appeal to the Judicial Council of Judges SEE SEPTEMBER 12


SEPTEMBER 11-2012 B.C. Union lawyer, Bruce Laughton, pulling another fast one with the support of the West Vancouver Teachers Association. SEE SEPTEMBER 11


SEPTEMBER 09-2012 Appeals across Canada have been made to professional teachers, legal firms, politicians, union leaders, the anti-employee media with no observable difference in the Employee’s Case. Now Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has taken the next logical step in eradicating the collective bargaining rights of Ontario teachers which accounts for my appeal to Ottawa Elementary Teachers as my Nov. 01 hearing date is a ‘dry run’ as to what Ontario teachers can expect in court . SEE SEPTEMBER-2012

SEPTEMBER 07-2012 ‘B.C. Chief Justice Lance Finch messed up in the matter of ‘blood money’ (judicial theft of $10,000 surety money), so let him clean up.’ SEE SEPT-2012


SEPTEMBER 04-2012 B.C. Teachers Union Lawyer, Bruce Laughton, wants his ‘blood money’

SEE SEPT 04 under SEPTEMBER-2012


SEPTEMBER 01-2012  A) ‘Sherlock Holmes’ reveals the ‘missing link’ SEE SEPTEMBER 2012

B) Reply to Defendant’s ‘Notice of Motion’ (which fails to answer the central question).

Of particular interest to the legal fraternity. SEE OTTAWA COURT 12-54944  B) APP.V & VI


JULY 19-2012 Given their druthers, the judges would like to support the Prime Minister against a legal action by former Tory, Helene Geurgis, who appears to have got her office into hot water by fronting for her husband, the disgraced Tory, Raffer. By failing to provide a written reason for her dismissal from the Tory Party and subsequently running a successful candidate against her in the last election would, if the rules are to be obeyed (and they certainly are not in the Employee’s Case), leave the P.M. in trouble. For example, my lay-off notice read ‘for financial reasons’ (handily thrown out of court) and due to declining enrolment (the litmus test and one failed by the Employer in that 16 new staff were added in June of 1985; any number of the positions which could have been held by me. Anything in both cases can happen now that Canada is a Third World nation.


JULY 17-2012 A) Dave Brown, OC columnist writing occasionally now in retirement sat in my lawyers office a decade ago claiming: “No issue here…you should just put the matter behind you and get on with your life”. At the time, he was the only columnist to strongly question the operation of the justice system – ‘all heads and no tails’. Recently I responded to a straightforward article on the operation of ‘small debts’ court in Ottawa by him to which he responded with a case study exceeding 105 judges (my case eclipses more than 30). Reading from that case and one realizes the dry rot goes very deep indeed in our Canadian Justice System as it would seem bureaucracies only speak to other bureaucracies with no room for the plight of individual petitioners. JULY 18-2012  Khadr case vs Outlawed Canadian case as a legal issue. SEE SUMMER 2012 


JULY 15-2012 On the topic of bullying  SEE RELIGION


JULY 13-2012  A) Canadian Justice System threatens to collapse  SEE OTTAWA COURT 12-54944

B) Open Letter to, once again, the legal fraternity to stand up for the law  SEE  Ibid


JULY 06-2012  A) ‘There are few remedies available when prosecutors go rogue’ O.C. C2

...and ‘there are no remedies available when judges go rogue’ as evidenced by B.C. Supreme Court Assoc. Deputy Anne MacKenzie’s illicit Order in 2010 in delisting S106159 in the Employee’s Case and banning this plaintiff from court ‘for reasons best known to herself’.

B) Substitute the ‘physical disaster’ of Fukishima for the ‘moral disaster’ of Canada’s Judiciary:

Fukushima disaster blamed on culture of deference’…The scathing report, which was commissioned by Japan’s Parliament, said the meltdown…was ‘Made in Japan.It’s fundamental causes are to be found in the ingrained conventions of Japanese culture (Canada parallel;anti-employee culture): our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to ‘sticking with the program’; our groupism and our insularity….’ At least Japan has a Parliament and media to question excesses of behaviour; Canada, in contrast, has nothing.


JUNE 25-2012 “Fire incompetent Edmonton School Board / Keep competent teacher who understands the notion of ‘standards’ “


JUNE 19-2012 One good reason for running, not walking, from a pension plan. SEE JUNE-19


JUNE 01-2012  A) How both the Federal Court & Supreme Court of Canada screwed up by not dealing with the hiding of a judicial decision behind an administrative decision.  B) The conspiracy re-visited in terms of judicial abuse. SEE Letter to J. Bagnall O.C. business writer  C) Conrad Black


MAY 24-2012 Seasonal workers are NOT welfare bums – a common Tory accusation - collecting EI in the off season as most would willingly work if employment were available. The Tories should lose the 2015 election on that attitude alone.


MAY 20-2012 Letter to the Editor Epoch News on the dangers of Union membership as it affects compensation (includes pension) rights. SEE MAY 20


MAY 19-2012 Other than ‘travel insurance’ (MAY 8), I have not deviated from issues solely apart from the Emloyee’s Case. Another exemption is that of the student protest in Quebec and Mulcair.

     No pundit is suggesting my take on Mulcair’s current action of ‘separating’ West from East (that division exists in any event). The Tories got in by amalgamating the Conservatives with the Reform Party so that they did not split the vote in elections. Former P.M., Chretien, is claiming that an amalgamated Liberal-NDP Party is the only way to avoid vote splitting; a not untrue observation. Mulcair’s reaction? No way as he sees a combined Party as problematical such as with the Tories although it is a closely guarded secret. Splitting up the Liberal Party would see some right wing votes go to the Tories but the majority would go to the NDP. Making an enemy of Alta. & Sask. where the NDP have minimal influence isn’t costing them much. He writes B.C.’s Christy Clark off as a trifler, a common observation. The Tories see Mulcair’s game plan and are reacting with the ‘He’s breaking up the country’ as a side ploy. The Liberals under Rae are strangely silent.

     The revolting Quebec students have a case for lower fees than other provinces. For example, a relative living in Quebec pays significantly less auto insurance than I do in Ontario but significantly more for licence plates. His general level of taxation is higher, some of it no doubt to offset lower student fees hence the complaint of ‘double taxation’ with dramatically increased fees or – as it is portrayed – social justice which seems a rather vague term and has limited public support. The idea that these students are substituting street demonstrations for the ballot box has the ring of truth and, considering Canada’s new found Third World status from the Employee’s Case, Canadians might have to get used to it.

     Speaking of violence and, in particular, the violence visited on the G20 protesters a few year ago for which charges are being laid against police leaders: the rationale appeared to be this; The police will be roundly criticized for the costs of policing the G20 if there is no perceived threat ergo, let’s create one.


May 10-2012 A) The 20th anniversary of the Cape Breton Westray Mining Disaster in which over 20 miners were killed in a clearly unsafe mine with no Company officials held liable has at least one reporter crying mea culpa for not doing more at the time. This project was heralded as a success of private industry in an area desperate for jobs so no-one spoke out as to mine conditions. With the Employee’s Case, no reporter has spoken out and no judge is being held accountable in a story which has brought the course of justice in Canada into disrepute (or should I say ‘standstill’)…ah, democracy….Canadian style.  B) Myopic Ottawa Citizen columnist, Andrew Coyne, claims Quebec must choose between the anarchy of student protest or the law…which is fine if you have a credible legal system to choose from. Canada doesn’t. Like all other Canadian reporters, he also is in denial of the Employee’s Case.


May 08-2012 Travel Insurance Alert CBC Marketplace had an exposé of how such as Manulife ducked pay-out on significant medical claims by declaring filled out forms to be ‘null and void’ for picayune reasons. Travel agents seem unaware or uninterested in the problem. Even if a client has a good claim, the costs of going up against mega-insurance are significant. The Employee’s Case is a case in point as to how an individual challenging the ‘big guy’ will fare in a Canadian court of law. (In our recent trip to Australia, we did not make claim against the agent with Manulife.) Indeed, if it had not been an endorsement by Canadian Tire, we would have gone elsewhere. (It turns out this endorsement was limited in that C.T. does not have a travel division) Our reaction? Good-bye Canadian Tire endorsements. Travel companies have the resources to check insurance companies on this level as insurance is a significant component of a retirees travel plan.  FOLLOW-UP: While I learned much with regards to travel insurance in my research, there was nothing to give me any confidence in this industry.

OCCUPY NOW MOVEMENT – where are you when you are needed?


May 01-2012  A) How Canada’s Judiciary brought Canada down to Third World status through systematic abuse in the Employee’s Case (Canada).        A definitive account summarizing key points in the Employee’s Case and how Canada has sunk to Third World status as a consequence. SEE  MAY 01-2012  B) It’s ironical; the B.C. Teachers Union want a court hearing (where they now have lots of friends due to blackmail of the E.C.) as opposed to a government appointee to the B.C. Labour Board in their recent battles with the B.C. government. In 2002, they were only too happy to have the BCLB sanction the ‘sweetheart deal’ which negatively affects all collective bargaining employees. Premier Christie Clark could insist – due to the teachers wildcat strike – of requiring all teachers to re-apply for their jobs. By sacrificing one or two teachers near retirement, the chill would go through these teachers who refuse to pursue the E.C. earning themselves the label of hypocrites. C) If P.M. Harper is willing to support the Dalai Lama to the loss of face for the Chinese government; does this mean that the Chinese will return the ‘favour’ by exposing the Employee’s Case?  D) Seen recently in an outdoor mall in Sydney, Australia: OCCUPY NOW / DEMOCRACY NOT PLUTOCRACY


March 28-2012 ‘Judges shouldn’t be making social policy’ O.C. A13 (Why not as they are making up everything else including the law). Former Ontario Bar Assoc. President, James Morton (familiar with Employee’s Case) argues this case regarding changes in prostitution law. Without comment on his arguments, where is that article entitled ‘Running a court within a court’ (hiding judicial answers behind such as administrative answers) which is, indeed, a legal question not permitting such as Morton and his ilk to pass the buck? Legal minds in Canada needs be made of sterner stuff!


March 25-2012 1) Mulcair? Change? Not if he fails to publicize the Employee’s Case…otherwise he will be ‘just another Union stooge’.

2) The B.C. NDP Party are once again ‘counting their chickens before they hatch’ with a 13% increase popular vote over the gov’t. They lost the last election with that thinking and will lose the next election unless they oppose the rogue B.C. Teachers Union leadership who jeopardized all collective bargaining employees in Canada by asking and receiving from the Justice System the sanctioning of the ‘sweetheart deal’.


March 19-2012 The ‘Vancouver riots’ and, more recently, the ‘London, Ont. riots’ of young people are a disturbing phenomenon to Canadians. Why be surprised when one witnesses equal irresponsibility ‘from the other end’ by our bureaucratic leaders as evidenced by the ‘Employee’s Case’? PLACARD: CANADA NOW A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY . It is difficult to imagine what kind of hold the ‘Old Boys Club’ has over the Canadian media and their boycott of this national story.


March13-2012 What started out as your typical media ‘mining stock promotion’ (run it up and blow it off) of ‘exposing’ robocon, is unsuccessfully being ‘blown off’ by O.C.  managing editor, Andrew Potter, and his editorial hacks as he didn’t count on the ‘Occupy lobby’ to pick up the ball and run with it.


March 12-2012 It’s already started…the collapse of Canada. The Air Canada strike is an issue in point as all law is being chucked to gain a political end. Media and politicians express public dismay but in private know from this web site that this is the logical progression of Canada as a Third World country.


March 08-2012 A) Open Letter to ‘The Canadian Human “Wrongs” Commission’      B) ‘The Government of Canada ‘giveth and taketh away’. They provide Burma’s Syuu Kyi with honorary Canadian citizenship and robbeth this plaintiff of the equivalent by denying him access to a Canadian court of law for reasons best known to themselves…such hypocrisy! Canada does it best.


March 05-2012 The Battle over Arbitrator appointment’ has already started with 41,000 B.C. Teachers walking off the job today in protest of government action in Bill 22; an action which has as it genesis a still unresolved action with the infamous Bill 35 in 1985 with this targeted employee being the victim. The government gerrymandered arbitrator Louis Lindholm in the 1985 hearing supported the employer but his decision was later quashed by the court where he was ruled ‘patently unreasonable’. In 2002 the B.C. Labour Board (Laura Parkinson Decision B117/2002)  threw caution to the wind and the justice system down the toilet by sanctioning – at the request of the Union - ‘the sweetheart deal’ thus, one and at the same time, protecting the rear end of the Union and giving them carte blanche over compensation rights (includes pensions) of their clients. So of course the government want to appoint their own arbitrator as does the Union wish a BCLB appointee. Don’t expect any justice out of this one…it is the Third World War this writer predicted in the March 01-2012 letters. ‘Arab Spring’…where are you?


March 01-2012 A) Canada now a Third World Country SEE pp1-2

B) The sorry state of the Canadian Union movement     SEE pp3-4

C)  Letter to a future Prime Minister, Canada’s only hope to redeem its democracy. SEE p.5


Feb. 17-2012 The Federal Court has already been flushed down the toilet under Harper appointee, Chief Justice Paul Crampton in the Employee`s Case which is now to be followed by The Human Rights Commission under the aegis of Deputy Minister Myles Kirvan. SEE letter to the P.M.


Feb.13-2012  Harper should NOT be preaching to other countries about human rights when he is a party to similar abuses in Canada. China, for example, must view the P.M. as a ‘paper tiger’ considering his own inaction in the Employees Case. SEE 2 page letter to B.C. Appeal Court Chief Justice Lance Finch cc the Prime Minister


Feb.05-2012 A) Canada’s continual slide into democratic government oblivion.  B) Caterpillar intended, all along to close their London, Ont. Plant and ship from their newly automated Illinois plant. But why pass up a good chance to indulge in a little Union bashing as evidenced in the arrogant Andrew Coyne column in the O.C. Feb. 04-2012. C) SEE RELIGION for a cartoon which says it all.


Feb. 01-2012 Two letters for the legally inclined: A) to SCofC clerk  B) to Human Rights Commission


Jan.30-2012 Two down – Parliament and Canadian Justice System – and two to go by Feb. 29-2012 – Prime Minister Harper and the Canadian media  SEE JANUARY 30-2012


Jan.22-2012 A) Oh, the ‘anointed’ Judicial Record! and our disquieting courts. The legal fraternity would sacrifice the Judicial System if only to keep the written record in its pristine condition. It’s a farce, of course, and 34 million Canadians are paying the price. SEE JANUARY 22-2012

B) ‘One thing we would hate is to lose money…It’s un-Canadian to make an employer lose money’

The usual…a fly-by night operator underbids the contract – this time with the security guards at the Ottawa Court House – and, after winning, strips the employees of all benefits including pensions. It is going to binding arbitration where the contractor can expect to lose his shirt…a set-up, no doubt by the city and the Union leaders. O.C. Jan. 21 D8


Jan.08-2012 The imminent collapse of the Canadian Judical System. SEE JANUARY 08-2012


Jan.03-2012  All Canadian collective bargaining clients should jump on the backs of B.C. Teachers.

SEE JANUARY 03-2012 for explanation


Jan. 01-2012 Baseball anyone? It’s Strike 3 for the SCofC SEE JANUARY 01-2012


Dec. 28-2011 An action has been filed in the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA which marks a turning point for the Canadian Judicial System in the 21st Century. SEE SCofC-THE LAST HURRAH


Dec. 19-2011  New photos for 2012   SEE PHOTOS


Dec. 16-2011 The Federal Court is becoming problematic. SEE FEDERAL COURT III  Dec.16


Dec.10-2011 Parliament decided to pass on the most egregious judicial action in the history of Canadian jurisprudence. It only remains now for the Governor General (see earlier letter) to write the epitaph as Canada slips to 3rd World status. SEE DECEMBER 10 p.8 ‘OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA’


Dec.06-2011 The Federal Court would sacrifice the entire Judicial System to protect one judge (who shouldn’t be protected) SEE FEDERAL COURT III


Dec.05-2011 A) There’s Pulitzer Prize potential for the reporter who breaks the Employee’s Case.

B) SEE  DECEMBER 05-11 pp5-7  ‘ARMAGEDDON’ as to why the MacKenzie Order cannot stand because it must not stand. Sacrificing the Justice System for the sake of saving the credibility of one judge would reflect just how insular our courts have become. That’s no way to go for a First World country.  C) If no NDP leadership candidate makes any reference to the Employee’s Case in this weekend’s leadership conference, then it is ‘curtains’ for the NDP. D) On Dec. 02-11, the Federal Court (Appeal) has decided, in its wisdom, to support Vancouver Prothonotary Roger Lafreniére’s ‘bogus’ report without a hearing. It would seem protection of individual judges comes ahead of the protection of the entire judicial order. More on this point to come.


Dec.01-2011 A)…the hole just gets deeper and deeper SEE ‘Letter to Chief Justice Finch’  pp1-4

B) ‘There are statistics, there are damned statistics, and there are lies’ Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Allan Lutfy (recently retired). While Lutfy may have some argument regarding a recent Ottawa Citizen exposé, he has no argument as it applies to Federal Court`s Vancouver Prothonotary Roger Lafreniére`s action of usurping ‘due process’ under Federal Court rules.  C) The OCCUPY MOVEMENT has got it right…pillory issues publicly such as the ‘crime bill’. My Placard reads: CRIME BILL…IS A CRIME. They could also pillory individuals; e.g. DOWN WITH

(‘name’ of bank CEO) $10 MILLION SALARY. Perhaps a day will come when 30 plus elliptical protest placards naming a court judge (employeescasecanada.com noted at bottom) are seen parading around the Vancouver court house. SEE JUDGING JUDGES for those names.  D) Labour Lawyer, Howard Levitt, writing a column in the O.C. (Nov. 30-11 F2) finally got something right but not for the reason he asserts: “All serious labour lawyers act for either unions or employers”…and judges are selected from one side or the other in this ‘polarized’ environment leaving us with this central question; Who is left to represent the client within a Union fold? Apparently no one. The ‘sweetheart deal’ is now more than a fait accompli as one consequence of the Employee’s Case as union clients may be barred from court access in terms of acquiring compensation (includes pension).


Nov. 16-2011 A) The conspirators are at it again. SEE FEDERAL COURT II for a fatuous account from a Vancouver Federal Court prothonotary dated November 9-2011 (date significant) of T-1386-11 laid in Federal Court in Ottawa by this plaintiff and to be heard in the city of my choice; namely Ottawa. Pre-empting the process is not the point nor is a highly specious argument. What is the point is that the document dated November 9-2011 and mailed by snail mail so that it arrived on Novermber 15 has a 10-day window to appeal (Nov. 19) without which this ludicrous decision would stand despite the abuse of process unless appealed. The hope by the conspirators here was similar to the ‘surety caper’ where, by playing with time limits, they hoped to obviate ‘due process’ under the court rules in such a fashion that their hearing would displace the proper course of justice in the Federal Court. In short, they would save the career of a judge (who I submit should be removed from the bench) at the cost of the entire judicial system. So now we have to appeal the appeal the appeal…it’s now the Canadian judicial raison d’etre.

B) Assassination anyone? Then my epitaph must read: died on the altar of Canadian cowardice – professional teachers, legal profession including judges, corrupt union leaders, politicians, and last but certainly not least, the Canadian media (they are the cement which binds this conspiracy together). Did I miss anyone? Does  anyone know? Does anyone care? 99% group, where are you?

C) ‘How Canada Lost It All’  SEE NOVEMBER 20-2011 pp.1-4


Nov. 01-2011 Media credibility on the line SEE NOVEMBER-2011 p.1


Oct.08-2011 The Federal Case depends on the quality of the appointed judge. SEE …LETTER TO P.M. HARPER p.3


Oct.04-2011 ‘The Justice System is in Crisis’ SEE FEDERAL COURT ‘OPEN LETTER TO O.C.  Oct. 04-2011 ‘Oral Argument for #T-1386-11  p.2 (2 pages) (Also seen on OCTOBER-2011 p.2 )


Oct.01-2011 …why the Employer in this case has been able to blackmail the court for 25 years. In 1986, Justice Southin was quite direct with the Employer telling them not to contest her decision to invoke a new arbitration after the Employer refused re-employment as she recommended. This letter tells why the Employer did not fear contesting her findings and why no court of law would ever permit a re-hearing to be held in any event. SEE OCTOBER-2011 p.1


Sept.28-2011 I really, really didn’t believe the government appointed lawyer in the Federal Case against Vancouver Associate Chief Justice (Supreme Court) Anne MacKenzie would file an appearance. This is one case where wisdom would dictate that the conspirators pack their tents and slither off into the desert leaving the Federal Court to quash MacKenzie’s ‘tyrannical ruling’; return my $10,000 surety and permit the progession of the original S106159 filed before her egregious action. They could just as easily sandbag this plaintiff at that hearing with this difference…they would not be seen to impugn the conduct of the judges. Now the Attorney General has placed themselves at the forefront of defending an ‘indefensible action’ by MacKenzie which threatens to pervert the course of justice in 21st century Canada. SEE  ‘FEDERAL COURT’ p.6 (4 pages)


Sept.22-2011 In his speech to the Canadian Parliament, one is left with the impression that if all countries had the pluck of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that a challenge to confront the world debt would be possible. The anomaly here is that former P.M. Margaret Thatcher – whom Cameron was an acolyte – was correct in keeping Britain out of the Euro claiming that without external controls on all countries within the fold, the survival of the organization was at the risk of its weakest members. Trying to reverse those trends with traditional approaches is not going to work…and we have no other. Of course this war on the debt is fought on the back of the most vulnerable in our society – the workers.


Sept.21-2011 The Federal ‘Minister of Labour’ is now being called the ‘Minister of Management’ with regards to their second interference for a crown corporation with a threatened Air Canada strike. It all harkens back to the U.S. Government bail-out of Chrysler and now extended to government bail-out in many different areas. The rules count for nothing.


Sept.19-2011 So Canada rejects statehood for Palestine because Israel vehemently opposes it…so the courts reject compensation for this plaintiff because the Union vehemently opposes it.  Canada’s priorities are all screwed up.


Sept.18-2011 déjà vu…How the Federal Government is about to repeat the mistake of the B.C. Government 26 years ago. SEE pp7-8


Sept.15-2011 So Labour Lawyer guru ,Howard Levitt LLP who used to publish in the Financial Post, is about to publish The Law of Hiring In Canada. While not disparaging the information included, the approach is to be like any history book; namely, to look at the conclusion (the judgments in this case) and reason backwards. It’s a ‘boy’s own book’ approach to life and the law and hardly considers the complexities of the situation. For example, don’t expect to see any reference to the 25 year unresolved Employee’s Case, the lead civil case in Canadian jurisprudence as well as labour law in his tome simply because this plaintiff is barred from any court judgment by over 30 judges…there can be no process without judgment; except apparently in Canada but don’t try to explain that to our Howard as I once foolishly did.


Sept. 11-2011 Challenge to Legal Fraternity to confront Judge MacKenzie’s Order   SEE  PP 5-6


Sept. 01-2011 1) #T-1386-11 SEE ‘FEDERAL COURT’ pp 1-2  2) Newsletter SEE ‘SEPTEMBER-2011 pp 1-2

                          3) Harper’s ‘Law & Disorder Bill’…are we putting the wrong people behind bars?  pp3-4