MAY - 2015

MAY 01-2015  A) The 42 day Senator Duffy Trial reported on daily by such as Postmedia's Christy Blatchford is beginning to sound like...42 bottles of beer on the wall, take one down, open it up and drink it down...41 bottles....' Similar to M.P.'s with their Marching Orders, the boss tells the media what they can - and more importantly, what they can't do. So while being on the Ottawa doorstop of the biggest legal issue in Canada's jurisprudence, Blatchford and her ilk remain mute. The media outside the court house scatter when they see me coming with my Placards . This  trial in Ottawa is over before it really got started. In short, are 'discretionary rules' to mean 'rules in criminal law'. The answer is no. Bayne, the Defence Counsel, is destroying the Senate in order to win; the same tactic that I am using with the legal system in general to fight mine (Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day!). If blame is to be attached; it relates to those in the Senate whom knowingly approved payment to Duffy's highly questionable claims (which they did but still paid). PLACARD: PUT SENATOR MARJORIE LEBRETON, NOT DUFFY, ON TRIAL (Lebreton was the Tory Senate Leader whose long-term political career could give lessons to a barracuda in how to bite.) Of course she acted on Harper's wishes; that is the kind of person that she is. Similar to LeBreton, RCMP's Bob Paulsen let himself and his Office be used in formulating these charges. . B) SECOND REQUEST to the Federal Court (copies to 9 SCofC judges ) illustrating the calumny of Chief Justice Paul Crampton and his court in T-2360-14. Harper's silence on the Employee's Case as the last stop considering the failure of the legal oversight committees to respond to complaints laid by me now explains the new reference to the Governor General, the titular head of Canada. SEE following letter  C) PLACARD: KHADR CASE / TORY LIES. While the Tories would off-load responsibility in this sorry case to others, the facts would show consistent behind the scenes machinations by the vindictive Tories. The foolish Tories did not acquire a new leader when I invited them to...PLACARD: ONLY JASON KENNEY CAN WIN A MAJORITY FOR THE TORIES IN THE NEXT ELECTION. Now, not only the veterans, but a major government Union is launching an 'anything but Harper campaign'. E) "They got it right. After a 7 month trial and six days of deliberations, a jury has found 9 Ottawa defendants not guilty on all 60 charges of bid-rigging and conspiracy to rig bids." O.C. James Bagnall Apr. 28/15 P.1 As long as I can remember, all government bids in North America are 'rigged'; it's a long-standing practice. For example, the Boeing representative in the 1990's practically had to be placed in a strait-jacket and hauled out of Ottawa when Airbus introduced their craft into North America under the auspices of the Mulroney government. Boeing, earlier stung in a high-level court case on bid-rigging on a world basis were forced to be 'honest brokers'. Airbus was not quite so squeamish. The real story is that fewer and fewer companies are willing to make costly bids in a losing venture with governments; particularly with the Defence portfolio. F) The DND Report on Sexual Misconduct in the Military could easily be transposed to the Judiciary (where there is not even a Report) regarding Judicial Misconduct to vulnerable litigants.




BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' www.employeescasecanada.com (30 year unresolved legal case) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 8 different court systems and over 30 judges. The Governor General is the titular head of Canada and now oversees a discredited Third World Country in which the major institutions of government have locked down on this case. Canada now has 3 legal systems: criminal, civil and political. It would appear that the Respondents misrepresented themselves to this petitioner as to the their authority and the court is covering up. It's Canada’s Watergate - Pulitzer Prize winning author being sought. The 'find me a court' plea has fallen on deaf ears due to Registry, Ministry & Court obfuscation. I feel like Ralph Nader in 1961 trying to convince the public of dangerous cars (Unsafe at any speed). Who knows, maybe recalling judges and chief judges may become standard fare in the future - just like automobiles. To be sure, the current system is not working as now the Canadian Justice System has been shattered in its entirety by this case. The current case in Federal Court (T-2360-14) alleges fraud in a 267 page brief on behalf of the Respondent Employer and Union plus the court processes over the past 30 years with a request for mediation services available from the Federal Court. Recently, due to Federal Court cupidity of declaring the above 'frivolous and vexatious', an action was laid in Quebec Superior Court 550-17-008208-157.  Is French Canadian Justice to go the way of English Canadian Justice? Stay tuned.


MAY 1-2015 SECOND REQUEST to CJ Paul Crampton & the Canadian Judicial Council. Should there be a THIRD REQUEST, Stephen Harper must step down as Prime Minster. In the event of a FOURTH REQUEST, I will not wait for Harper's granddaughter to resolve this issue; rather, I will turn to the prospective co-Prime Ministers, Mulcair and Trudeau to act.(signed)____________ Roger Callow


March 14-2015


TO: Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton with copy to PMO and P.M. Stephen Harper


Federal Court Letter dated March 12-2015 signed by Emily Price, Registry Officer, to the litigants in T-2360-14:  This is to advise of the following oral direction of the Honourable Madam Justice St.-Louis dated March 12, 2015:  "The documents are not appropriate for filing as they do not comply with Section/Rule 364(2)(c)(e)."


QUOTES: H)' A good faith effort to obey the law means a good faith effort to obey all law, not just the law one wishes to follow....' U.S. Judge Cameron Elliott as reported in the Epoch News


1) The letter above is one of many rejections from the Federal Appeal Court (FAC) which could parallel responses from Appeal Courts Registries in B.C. and Ontario as well as an earlier issue two years ago on this topic from the FAC. While clerk Emily Price's signature is appended to all these current rejections; a different prothonotary or justice signs off; no doubt in the spirit that 90,000 Frenchmen can't be wrong ergo it is this litigant whom is coming up short.

2) The Supreme Court of Canada (SCofC) refuse to hear close to 85% of civil appeals leaving the litigants with a lower court Order. The Employee's Case is unique in that no lower court Order is extant leaving this Appellant in a permanent state of limbo without compensation (includes pension rights) from his illicit senior teacher lay-off from West Vancouver in 1985 despite appeals to over 8 courts and over 30 judges including the SCofC on two occasions. Canada has been reduced to banana republic status as a consequence.

3) The provinces are no slouch in this department either as they ignore the issue by declaring the appellant 'frivolous and vexatious' as Vancouver Federal Court prothonotary, Roger Lafreniére did when he 'jumped the gun' by usurping a case meant to go before a judge in Ottawa using the mediation procedures between the employer and employee. The further hope of the conspirators - as in Ontario previously which led to unresolved legal havoc - is that the Appeal will be limited to that charge without discussing the larger issue of fraud. It's a process of judicial chicanery at its worst. (SEE Quote H above)

4) The central issue in T-2360-14 is one of fraud; both in terms of the original conspirators and the irresolute court processes of the past 30 years...hardly a 'frivolous and vexatious' charge but the court is desperate to duck their own involvement in terms of cover-up which amounts to acting as an agent for the Employer.

5) Presumably, I should be gratified that the FAC saw fit to explain the rejection here given two days after they received a 267 page detailed factum. (Normally, one is left with second- guessing the reason. I don't believe that there is a legal counsel in Canada whom would have guessed that rule 364 (2)(c)(e) would be the source of rejection in this factum. (On one occasion when I was told to 'see a lawyer' regarding an unexplained rejection; I shot back...'he wants to know too!')

6) Rule 364: (2) A moving party's motion record shall contain, on consecutively numbered pages arranged in the following order. (N.B. This rule has been obeyed  RC)

(c) all affidavits and other material served by the moving party for use on the motion; (While the initial argument accords to this format; there are minor variations on page inclusions e.g. newspaper accounts, which are properly indexed RC)

(e) subject to rule 366, written representations...Rule 366: On a motion for summary judgment or summary trial, for an interlocutory injunction, for the determination of a question of law or for the certification of a proceeding as a class proceeding, or if the court so orders (RC), a motion record shall contain a memorandum of fact and law instead of written representations.


Rule 364: (1) Unless the court orders otherwise, a person bringing a motion shall serve a motion record and file three copies thereof. (Performed RC)

ACTION REQUESTED: For FAC Chief Justice Paul Crampton to so order this Appeal to be forwarded by the Registry to the hearing judge to assess all matters for arbitration in this case in writing as requested by all litigants. In the event that further obfuscation by this Registry is encountered by this Appellant, for 'heads to roll' by Prime Minister Harper on pain of stepping down himself.


7) Rationale for the above letter:

a) The central message is to the Respondent Employer and Union not to give a response as the Registry is going to repeat a process of two years ago (T-1386-11) in which the same two individuals - Vancouver Prothonotary, Roger Lafreniére and Chief Justice Paul Crampton - pulled a similar stunt to drive this case out of court which forms part of the accusation of fraud against the FAC.

b) Further, the FAC would seek to legitimize Lafreniére's specious action of acting according to a summary judgment when in fact it was clear that this Appellant was seeking to access the written mediation procedures before a judge in Ottawa under Rule 258.4 Of course that would put the court in judgment of itself. Of course only the SCofC is capable of handling this question...hence the whole point of the rejection, it is submitted here, is to forestall a (third) SCofC appeal in this unresolved legal case involving, as it does, systematic judicial abuse. From that charge there is no recovery. One salient feature, however, is paramount: it is not a 'frivolous and vexatious' charge made by this Appellant. It is the lead civil action in all Canadian civil jurisprudence....amid Parliamentary and media silence....It doesn't get any bigger than that....


Yours truly,


May 09-2015

HASSAN DIAB, is a former Ottawa University Sociology Professor deported to France for an alleged bombing plot in Paris in 1980 against a Jewish target. An article recapitulating the story in the Ottawa Citizen C1 details the account of the trial defended by the prominent Donald Bayne (currently defending Senator Mike Duffy) before Ottawa Superior Court, Justice, Robert Maranger. I also experienced or 'was experienced' by this judge prompting the coining of this term...marangered


1) I have no idea as to whether or not Diab is culpable of the alleged deed of which he is accused. My focus is on the dubious legal processes of the Ottawa courts of which I have extensive experience (two hearings on appeal with the oversight bodies such as the Canadian Judicial Council refusing to acknowledge my many complaints as to judicial irregularities). Regrettably, the pattern applies to other court systems. Currently, an action in Gatineau, Quebec, among other things, is to ascertain whether the French Canadian courts suffer from 'the English disease'. Premier Couillard is being kept fully informed as will be the Montreal RCMP if I suspect more judicial collusion.


2) In 1980, the Paris bomb incident did not illicit much attention from the French government as it presaged future such actions. That was then, this is now as Western governments are hyper on the topic no doubt abetted by a strong Jewish lobby.


3) Diab's statecraft was superb; detecting, as he did, the underground RCMP surveillance claiming that they were an assassination team which he reported to the Ottawa police.


4) One of my cases went before Justice Maranger before the Diab case was heard. Both our cases were appealed to the 3-party Divisional Court where we both lost our respective cases. Mine is under appeal. Diab's request for an Appeal was rejected. The Tory government promptly whisked him back to France.


5) The Diab case for deportation was based primarily on a single signature of 'dubious' background from a hotel in 1980. Other information collected from 'tortured witnesses' in Europe was not permitted. Even Maranger claimed that this case had no merit but that he had 'no choice' but to deport. Sure he did. He could have said 'no' and no-one would have appealed for that is the key validity for any court case; to be appealed in the event of perceived wrong-doing.


6) Having been involved at one time in probating a will, I was told that at least 12 signatures at the time of the event were required for evaluation. Defence counsel Bayne even had specialists debunking the one French hand-writing evaluator.


7) So what happened? I submit Diab was set up by the courts in a fashion similar to my own. Powerful influences wanted him deported. Powerful influences wanted my B.C. case thrown out of Ontario courts. Those influences operate through the Office of the Chief Justice with the careful assignment of judges. That experience has followed me through B.C., The Supreme Court of Canada, and Ontario all of which goes without comment by Parliament (GANG OF 4: HARPER/MULCAIR /TRUDEAU/MAY)and the anti-employee media which has its own boycott on this leading civil case dropping - as it does - the Canadian Justice System into Third World status. In short, of the over 30 judges assigned to the employeescasecanada.com; none could be listed (in Hollywood terms) as being an 'A' league player.


8) As to Maranger. As my case before him was not confirmed a week beforehand as per the rules (my oversight); there was no listing for a hearing on the daily docket so that no-one would know which court-room to attend. I learned from other sources of the number of the courtroom set aside for the hearing and had to check with the court clerk because the label outside the court read 'a civil hearing' rather than the more specific 'Callow vs West Vancouver School District'. No doubt a decision would have been brought down in my absence and considering a fax to that effect two hours later appeared to confirm my suspicion of a pre-written Order.


9) If the court didn't snag me, they did snag the Hicks, Morley et al (since dropped representation of the Employer) representative whom they had to page publicly on two occasions to attend; probably a first for courtroom procedures as I have never heard the public pager used at Ottawa Court.


10) In presenting their case, Hicks, Morley listed a number of precedents to which Maranger did not respond until he came to the Halton Police Case (which had no relevance to this case nor did any of the other precedents). 'Ah', Justice Maranger stated, 'The Halton Police Case' without further comment. Guess which was the only precedent listed in the Maranger Decision? The implication was that this case was thoroughly discussed in court which in fact it wasn't justifying Maranger's generalized comments as a 'judicial evaluation'.


11) Similar to Diab, Maranger's Decision was appealed to a Divisional Court; my court being the 'Pardu Court' which I gather has a questionable reputation among the legal fraternity. Certainly, one of the three judges falling asleep (as I so aptly pointed out) in this short one hour hearing didn't add to their professionalism. That Decision - too brief by half - is under Appeal; that is, if I can get past the Praetorian guard at the Ontario Appeal Court Registry. All Appeal Court Registries are past masters at obfuscation.


12) While Maranger's tactics leave much to be desired, they are not in the league of two other subsequent Ottawa Superior Court Judges in my case whom should be removed from the bench but that is a story for another time. I hold it against Andrew Potter, editor for the Ottawa Citizen, in publishing on page 1 (April 28-2014), the Decision of one of those judges without accepting my right of rebuttal. SEE Blondie cartoon above. He is the symbol of the invidious position of the anti-employee Canadian media at large on this issue of national importance.


13) Bottom line message? This Placard from 2004 (I have been continually protesting publicly in downtown Ottawa and elsewhere for the past 11 years) probably says it best: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE



in apologia to those who construe this cartoon as racist


The Misguided(?) Plan: To 'bus in' 40,000 Asiatic votes to displace the Ontario Party factotums as a means of increasing the Federal vote in the next election without fully taking into account the loss of the 'Billy Bob' vote which will either stay home or vote Liberal to stem the Orange Tide trend. It may very well be the case that the Ontario Tories have frozen themselves out of the next two elections.




1) KHADR CONFESSED (letter to editor) ed. comment (It's how his confession and plea deal were obtained that is the controversial issue) E.C. As I was laid off from my senior teaching job in West Vancouver, B.C. in June of 1985 for economic reasons; I am totally innocent of any wrong-doing.

2) columnist David Akin p.16 'Anger on several levels over Khadr'

     a) Omar Khadr is out on bail in Edmonton because, in a 2010 plea agreement, he admitted to being a murderer and                                terrorist...What did he plead guilty to? Murder in violation of the laws of war, attempted murder in violation of the laws of war....my question: And what were the 'legitimate' soldiers on the other side doing?...sitting there catching grenades?... or throwing their own grenades and killing Khadr's colleagues? War is war. As to morality...Napoleon claimed that 'God is on the side of the strongest cannon'. George Washington, father to his country, can vouch for that one although, to be sure, the British listed him as a terrorist.

     b) ...The prison and judicial process at Guantanamo Bay existed outside protections of the U.S. Constitution, outside the "rule of law".... E.C. I sign my letters as 'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System' as the Canadian Judiciary for 30 years and over 30 judges in 8 separate court systems have kept me in a permanent state of limbo where there is no judgment from which compensation may be paid (includes pension rights). That condition flies in the face of 'habeas corpus, due process, there can be no process without judgment'. While Khadr receives copious Canadian newspaper coverage, I am deprived of any such coverage by the anti-employee Canadian media in a case which now directly affects 35 million Canadians.

    c) ...And successive Liberal and Conservative governments in Canada simply shrugged it off. Now in the court of Canadian public opinion - the most important court, of course, for any of those Liberal or Conservative politicians - none of the abuses amounted to a hill of beans. E.C. Canada has been reduced to a 'newspaper democracy'. Democracies 'should be made of sterner stuff'

    d) ...But I am angry, too, that though Khadr deserved punishment for what he did as a 15-year-old, he was punished illegally and cruelly. That, in turn, diminishes my country's claim to the moral high ground and falsely elevates Khadr as some sort of martyred innocent. E.C. Minus the physical torture, I currently am being punished illegally and cruelly. If the suggestion that a statue on Parliament Hill to Mr. Placard Man (holding a blank protest board for those afflicted by government and court corruption to pin their petitions - a mix of a Jerusalem wailing wall and the U.S. Vietnam memorial, if you will - then indeed, make me a martyr; innocent or otherwise.


3) columnist Lorne Gunter p.17 'Treat Khadr like a Canadian'

     a) I hate being on the same side of an issue as the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and Amnesty International. E.C. Other than the bishops, you wouldn't be with the Employee's Case, as those two groups shy away from this case.

     b)...I think confessed terrorist Omar Khadr should be released from prison pending his appeal of charges he pleaded guilty to at...Guantanamo. Last year when the Federal Tory government passed the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, a lot of opponents insisted it was a veiled attempt to give the Harper government an excuse to strip Khadr of his citizenship and deport him. That was a gross overreaction. E.C. So was B.C. BILL 35 in 1985 which solely targeted this senior teacher (in an unresolved case) which has decimated the Canadian Judicial System...but it happened and is still happening and not a peep out of the politicians nor media.

     c) ...The problem I have with the Khadr case is that Ottawa seems prepared neither to strip Khadr of Canadian passport and ship him overseas (presumably to Egypt) nor to extend to him the protections it would grant any other citizen, even a criminal one. E.C. It's called 'limbo-land' where I have been for 30 years now and still counting (as Gunter personally knows).

     d) ...Instead, the feds have him trapped in a sort of legal no-man's land. But if Canadian citizenship is to mean anything, Khadr should be subject to the same due process as any other citizen. E.C. Are you sure of that? Unless you mean 'duly processed'. For my part in the E.C.; been there, done that, and I am a native born Canadian! The point of Third World status assigned by me to Canada is to debunk the notion of Canadian citizenship meaning anything to 35 million Canadians. A good point though, as now you know how the bureaucracies work.





BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' www.employeescasecanada.com (30 year unresolved legal case) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 8 different court systems and over 30 judges. It's Canada’s Watergate - Pulitzer Prize winning author being sought. The 'find me a court' plea has fallen on deaf ears due to Registry, Ministry & Court obfuscation. I feel like Ralph Nader in 1961 trying to convince the public of dangerous cars (Unsafe at any speed). Who knows, maybe recalling judges and chief judges may become standard fare in the future - just like automobiles. To be sure, the current system is not working as now the Canadian Justice System has been shattered in its entirety by this case. The current case in Federal Court (T-2360-14) alleges fraud on behalf of the Respondent Employer and Union plus the court processes over the past 30 years. It would appear that the Respondents misrepresented themselves to this petitioner as to the their authority. #550-17008208-157 currently extant in Gatineau, Quebec, will see if the French Canadian courts suffer from this 'English disease'. Premier P. Couillard is being kept fully informed as to court progress.


Quote: If an issue falls in the middle of the proverbial Canadian forest and the media do not report on it; does it exist? Ans. Absolutely not...no way... Why? ...because Canadians have been reduced to living in a newspaper democracy which 'flies in the wind'.



1) As a politician and a lawyer; there are many whom would say that you have two strikes against you.

2) I see that as a professed believer in the 'rule of law'; that you have waded into the Khadr story (SEE web  MAY-2015) along with other 'johnny come lately' Liberals and Conservatives. Does this mean the revelation of the 30 year old unresolved  Employee's Case will someday see the light of day? Best make it soon as the Canadian Judicial System is dying a slow painful death over this one on a daily basis.

3) But wait, help is on its way with Lone Tom...I trust. Enclosed is a submission repeatedly sent to Ontario Appeal Court's, Chief Justice George Strathy, - never with a reply - as to the status of legal cases abused in this matter with the note that the oversight bodies such as the Judicial Council of Canada has never acknowledged the many complaints that I have mailed to them on these judicial abuses, in Ontario and elsewhere.

4) So, Lone Tom, what are you going to do? Doing nothing is not an option (unless, of course, you are not running in the next election.)

P.S. Should you take action, please sign your own letters and do not leave the matter to some underling whom invariably manages to screw up. The last thing Canada and Canadians need, is another pretentious leader.

'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System'




     (1) B.C. Judicial Council JAN. 07-2015 no response (turned over to CJC)

     (2) ON Judicial Council  Oct. 21 - Scott j. a Federal appointee: fwd.CJC

     (3) Canadian Judicial Council - no response for some time now______________

     (4) Upper Canadian Law Society JAN.07-2015 no response



      (1) DT-12-1872 & #13-59060 (linked for 'extension of time')  JAN.07-2015 no response


      (2) #14-61592 JAN.07-2015 no response


Other Comments: Oct. 21-2014 - incl. ON JC 2 page letter

Jan.23 - 2015: Failure of CJC to act exacerbating issue which now includes B.C. Courts & Federal Court




MAY 10 - 'ditto'

May 19-2015

TO: Patrick Brown - Ontario Conservative Party Leader


FROM: Roger Callow  www.employeescasecanada.com


encl. APRIL 01-2015 NEWSLETTER



1) Every new leader is given the opportunity to comment on the above  unresolved legal matter which has seen the collapse of the Ontario Justice System.

2) Your predecessors - Wynne, Horwath, and Hudak - are MIA.

3) Your task is relatively simple...What are you prepared to do to publicize the above matter which negatively affects all residents of Ontario in a most significant way? (10 day response time please)

4) Act now or forever hold your peace.


Yours truly


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System (Roger Callow)


May 19-2015

TO: RCMP - Montreal Fraud Division

4225 Boul. Dorchester Ouest

Westmount, Q.C. H3Z 1V5

tel: (514) 939-8300


FROM: Roger Callow  www.employeescasecanada.com


encl. 1) Superior Court Gatineau #550-17008208-157 (12 pages) Apr.14-2015 2) Certificate of Readiness (17 pages)  May 06-2015 

1) & 2) by Roger Callow plaintiff



A) To acquire the 'secret memo notes' outlining the meetings held by the West Vancouver School Board and the Teachers Union in June of 1985 to discuss the impending lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow, outlined in  those memo notes above which were ordered by B.C. Supreme Court Justice, Mary Southin (r. 2004), but were returned to those two parties 'because she did not use them' in the unfinished legal matter of the illicit lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985. Without a judicial finding, no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid although this case has been before 8 separate courts (including the Supreme Court of Canada on two occasions where it was not heard) and is currently a topic of fraud in Federal Court (T-2360-14) alleged on two levels; namely, that of the original conspirators including the B.C. Government (BILL 35) and the subsequent court processes in which the courts seek to summarily dismiss the plaintiff's challenges.


B) Establish that those 'secret memo notes' have been destroyed.


C) Of course this whole matter could be resolved should the Montreal legal firm of de Billy produce those memo notes or else declare that they have been destroyed. In the event that evidence is not made available to this plaintiff in court and it later turns out that these documents had been destroyed; the damage to the reputation of the RCMP would be incalculable if those involved had not been investigated. Page 3 of the May 06 enclosure lists three other Respondent legal firms and their addresses whom would also have that knowledge.



1) The silence from Montreal's de Billy for the Employer has an eerie quality as nothing has been received from them by this plaintiff for some time other than 'a notice of appearance' in a Gatineau courtroom

2) Over many courts in English Canada, I have learned to translate this silence into collusion between the respondents and the court.

3) For the above reason, I have chosen to request the services of the RCMP in what appears to be a pending fraud in Quebec.

4) I have provided de Billy (May 6-2015) the privilege of arranging a one hour hearing time as his schedule is tighter than my own. Of course, I expect at least 10 days notice so that, if necessary, the RCMP and Premier Couillard may be notified in a timely manner as to de Billy's intentions.


Your truly,



cc Gatineau Court #550-1700208-157   

de Billy for the employer, the West Vancouver School Board Trustees

Que.Premier Couillard

SCofC Hon. R. Abella

Canadian Judicial Council /PMO

( all of the above have been sent this letter copy by registered mail )