BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' www.employeescasecanada.com (30 year unresolved legal case) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 8 different court systems and over 30 judges. It's Canada’s Watergate - Pulitzer Prize winning author being sought. The 'find me a court' plea has fallen on deaf ears due to Registry, Ministry & Court obfuscation. I feel like Ralph Nader in 1961 trying to convince the public of dangerous cars (Unsafe at any speed). Who knows, maybe recalling judges and chief judges may become standard fare in the future - just like automobiles. To be sure, the current system is not working as now the Canadian Justice System has been shattered in its entirety by this case. The current case in Federal Court (T-2360-14) alleges fraud on behalf of the Respondent Employer and Union plus the court processes over the past 30 years. It would appear that the Respondents misrepresented themselves to this petitioner as to the their authority. #550-17008208-157 currently extant in Gatineau, Quebec, will see if the French Canadian courts suffer from this 'English disease'. Premier P. Couillard is being kept fully informed as to court progress as well as, now, the Quebec RCMP



JUNE 01, 2015




Roger Callow                                   Lavery, de Billy esq. for the Employer

TEL/FAX: 613-521-1739                Tel:514-871-1522  Fax:514-871-8977

Plaintiff (self-represented)            Defendant  SENT BY FAX ONLY






1) As of the above date, I have not received any communication from de Billy beyond a 'Notice of Appearance'; the letter to him from this writer dated May 21-2015 notwithstanding.


2) In brief, I do not have the evidence alleging fraud against the Respondent as well as court processes which I requested nor any courtesy with regards to selecting a court hearing date.


3) For the above reason, I am setting a hearing date for one hour in Quebec Superior Court (Gatineau) for June 8-2015, 9:00 A.M. for one hour. Confirmation will follow.


4) Once again, I must warn against a common practice of this Employer to arrive in court and slamming a prospectus on the table of which action I will contest as there is no opportunity to analyze their argument which tends to be 'flakey' under the best of circumstances avoiding the questions set before the court.


5) In the event that a new stunt is pulled; namely, not put in a court presence at all, then the court is honour bound to accept my arguments at face value. To do otherwise, is to undermine the course of justice in Quebec to such an extent and degree, that strong question is raised as to what authority Premier Couillard may rule Quebec considering that he has been kept apprised of all pending events in this case.


6) No appearance also calls into stark relief the investigatory powers of the RCMP Montreal Fraud Dept. which also has been kept fully informed in this case. Commissioner Bob Paulson will or will not be amused accordingly.


7) This trial in Quebec is due to the collapse of the Ontario and Federal Court oversight bodies; particularly the Canadian Judicial Council whose silence on documented irregularities in those forums (e.g. Federal Court T-2360-14) continues to go unacknowledged for some time now. By requesting key Judicial evidence from 1985 (the 'secret memo notes' of meetings held by the Respondent School Board regarding the illicit lay-off of senior West Vancouver teacher, Roger Callow where no compensation has been paid - includes pension rights); the hope here is to break this judicial log-jam undermining this 30 year unresolved case where this plaintiff has been barred from B.C. courts for 'reasons best known to the judge'.


8) Should the court act as an unfettered unilateral agent on behalf of an absent client, all Canadian law is at an end.


Your truly,


Roger Callow    Plaintiff


cc  Que. Premier Couillard

Montreal RCMP fraud Division

Geoff Litherland esq. Harris & Co. LLP (parent B.C. legal firm for the        Employer) by fax only: 604-684-6632

Canadian Judicial Council

Liberal Justin Trudeau considering disinterest of NDP's Thomas Mulcair


enclosed is the following related letter from May 21-2015 to de Billy (no response)


May 21, 2015




Roger Callow                                   Lavery, de Billy esq. for the Employer  

TEL/FAX: 613-521-1739                Tel:514-871-1522  Fax:514-871-8977

Plaintiff (self-represented)            Defendant  SENT BY FAX ONLY




1) As of the above date, I have not received any correspondence from de Billy esq. in this matter other than a Notice of Appearance dated April 13, 2015.

2) Written requests were made by this plaintiff of de Billy for:

     a) 'the secret memo notes' of Justice Southin's (1987) hearing in which she quashed the arbitration favoring the School Board in the matter of the lay-off of senior West Vancouver Teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985 for reasons of declining enrolment as per the specifics of the neophyte BILL 35 which became law on July 1, 1985 (lay-off letter pre-dated that enactment date). This BILL was only ever used against this targeted plaintiff before it was withdrawn in the 1990's.


     b) a signed affidavit to the effect that those memo notes have been destroyed.

 3) These memo notes are integral to the charge of fraud extant before the Federal Court in #T-2360-14.

4) In the event of an unsuccessful petition by this plaintiff, a request to the court to return this plaintiff to salary until this matter is resolved. That salary would include all back salary plus interest from November 4,1985 and exists apart from judicial findings. The rationale is that the Board believed that the arbitration would be completed by November 4,1985 and presumed a success which did not follow with the ensuing court review. Regrettably, Justice Southin did not see fit to return this plaintiff to salary when the Board did not return employment as recommended by her. de Billy should come to this current hearing armed with conscientious arguments as to why this request should not be granted; if that is their position.

5) In earlier correspondence, I suggested de Billy select a court hearing date of one hour in Gatineau Court as my schedule is more flexible. A hearing date of June 8 or June 15 in Room 1 at 9:00 A.M. should suit both our schedules. Would you select one of these dates and confirm it with the court and this writer?

6) It should not be necessary to re-iterate this point but considering Employer actions elsewhere, all employer material pertinent to this case should be in the hands of this plaintiff at least 10 days beforehand if one of the two dates above is selected by the Employer; 15 days if another date is selected. Should there be no response to the above by May 31, this plaintiff will select a date.

Yours truly,

Roger Callow

cc Geoff Litherland esq. Harris & Co. LLP (parent B.C. legal firm for the Employer) by fax only: 604-684-6632


Roger Callow <thecallows@gmail.com>

What I think...
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Roger Callow <thecallows@gmail.com>

Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 3:56 PM

To: randallddenley1@gmail.com


1) I think that you are an elitist too imbued with the half-baked Fraser Institute utterings.

2) I think that you are currying favour with your new Tory leader whom has guaranteed an election loss, at least at the next election for the Tories.

3) As to 'getting the best'; I have a number of stories.

4) One long time school counselor responsible for placing students under a student choice program where teacher selection was usually polarized stated: 'The goodies are not so good and the badies are not so bad.' As a former teacher and a 20 year Supply Teacher in the Ottawa Carleton area covering all high schools, I would have to agree with him.

5) Before they changed the pay scale in B.C. in the 1970's; West Vancouver would only hire senior M.A. teachers. When the scale was averaged; they would only hire students fresh from the University. That created a much healthier environment with the mix of teachers; the young making up in enthusiasm to the experience of older teachers.

6) 20% of the sales force get 80% of the sales. Will you find one Company with just the high earners? No. They would price themselves out of the market as even excess sales will not cover the new overhead...strange but true.

7) Removing the protection barrier for employees such as billionaire Jim Pattison did by firing the low car salesman of the month creates a poisonous atmosphere as employees rob others of their sales. Many companies stress that their sales personnel are not on commission.

8) When such as hospitals have their funding cut, they cut back on services due to lay-offs; an option not available to the schools. Increasing class sizes is the only answer.

9) In the 50's in West Point Grey, I was in an English class of 40 where objective testing was the order of the day. When we arrived at university, we had no experience writing essays. The testimonial on my web site from a former student notes that I gave and marked more essays than my counterparts as I wanted to keep these University bound students prepared. Would I have done this with 40 students per class? No.

10) Discipline was different in the 50's schools. I retired from Supply Teaching in 2005; some of the stories I hear are horrendous as teachers burn themselves out...good salary as a sop is, as usual, always a bad explanation aka lawyers

11) I was screwed by my Union; does this make me anti-union? No.

12) No-one wishes to strike although Union leaders like the risk of strike to justify their existence. But strikes are like wars, sports, etc. where there is no middle ground...You must choose your side. Management personnel are fired if they don't support the Company side. Union members still get to keep their jobs if they disagree with the Union. The real problem is the 'sweetheart deal' as I can attest to firsthand.

13) Does management provoke strikes...not if one listens to you or your bum chums in the Fraser Institute. Can you, for example tell me why there was a one year strike in the NHL a few years back? Broaden your perspective and write on that theme.

14) In the 60's, calling in industries in the Vancouver area for my father's small Company, I encountered union and non-union companies alike...some on both sides good and bad. Big organizations, however have to have unions. Small organizations pay according to the pattern set by big unions without having to undergo the pain of a strike.

15) In general, you may or may not remember my correspondence to you blaming you personally for extending the Ottawa bus strike which ended badly for all. As a MPP candidate, I believed you had mellowed in that regard having knocked on a few doors and seen how many people lived. Now that you are back in a think-tank, you appear to have reverted to your earlier type.


Yours in disappointment The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System

employeescasecanada.com  See THE CALLOW LETTER

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Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 3:56 PM

To: thecallows@gmail.com

This letter to Randall Denley, former Ottawa Citizen columnist, failed Tory MPP, and now a think tank writer failed its delivery. In his article of June 4-2015, he pans the Ontario teachers and their strike. Following his a letter which his new Tory leader, Patrick Brown chose to ignore.

May 19-2015

TO: Patrick Brown - Ontario Conservative Party Leader

Legislative Building

Queen's Park

Toronto, ON M7A 1A5


FROM: Roger Callow  www.employeescasecanada.com

208-2220 Halifax Drive

Ottawa, ON K1G 2W7

fax: 613-521-1739


encl. APRIL 01-2015 NEWSLETTER



1) Every new leader is given the opportunity to comment on the above  unresolved legal matter which has seen the collapse of the Ontario Justice System.

2) Your predecessors - Wynne, Horwath, and Hudak - are MIA.

3) Your task is relatively simple...What are you prepared to do to publicize the above matter which negatively affects all residents of Ontario in a most significant way? (10 day response time please)

4) Act now or forever hold your peace.


Yours truly


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System (Roger Callow)



BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' www.employeescasecanada.com (30 year unresolved legal case) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 8 different court systems and over 30 judges. It's Canada’s Watergate - Pulitzer Prize winning author being sought. Below is the significance of government imposed legislation (BILL 35 -1985)


February 7, 1996                                 HARRIS & COMPANY

Labour Relations Board

1125 Howe Street

Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2K8

Attention: Margaret Arthur

Dear Sirs and Mesdames:

Re: Callow v. The Board of School Trustees of School District No. 45 (West Vancouver) et al

BCCA No. CA020560


We are counsel for the Board of School Trustees of School District No. 45 (WestVancouver) in the above-noted matter.


We note from Mr. Callow's Complaint (p.3(t)) that he seeks from the Labour Relations Board a direction that the Association "take the necessary action to continue the arbitration within the parameters of the 1988 Court of Appeal decision."


It is the School Board's strongly held view that the Labour Relations Board has no jurisdiction to make any ruling regarding the hearing of a future arbitration hearing due to the fact that the arbitration was not a proceeding under the scheme provided in the Labour Relations Code, the former Industrial Relations Act, or the former Labour Code. Indeed, the arbitration in question was a hearing pursuant to the provisions of the School Amendment Act, 1985 (BILL 35 - RC), which the Labour Relations Board has no jurisdiction  to interpret or apply.


We request that the School Board be provided with an opportunity to make further submissions on this point prior to any granting of any remedy.


Yours very truly,

Judith C. Anderson



N.B. The B.C. Labour Board refused all my requests for a hearing as did successive B.C. Courts. The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear this matter hence the jurisdiction question is at the core of this imposed government legislation. That is how I was relegated to a permanent state of limbo where no compensation (includes pension) was paid in defiance of the rules of labour contract. No Canadian media nor Parliamentary source will publish this ugly truth reducing Canada to Third World status.


June 26-2015




     The problem, my dear Aedan (reporter),lies not in our stars (bad cops/bad teachers etc.), but in our corruptible justice system abetted by our anti-employee media.


     In the 'bad cop' story in the Ottawa Sun , (also editorialized) legal representatives on both sides agree - stretch this one (5 years and running with an Appeal) as a lucrative billable time exercise.


     As for retention on salary, abuses exist in both directions; the media outlining only the Employer's problem. The unresolved 30 years labour issue of an illicit lay-off(employeescasecanada.com ) is compounded by an Employer who cut salary contrary to the collective bargaining rules and then, because the court failed to reconcile this matter, left this writer in a permanent state of limbo. Without the financial pressure, there was no need for the Employer to return to litigation as ordered by the court.


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System