BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' www.employeescasecanada.com (29 year unresolved legal case) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 8 different court systems and over 30 judges. It's Canada’s Watergate - Pulitzer Prize winning author being sought. The 'find me a court' plea has fallen on deaf ears due to Registry, Ministry & Court obfuscation. I feel like Ralph Nader in 1961 trying to convince the public of dangerous cars (Unsafe at any speed). Who knows, maybe recalling judges and chief judges may become standard fare in the future - just like automobiles. To be sure, the current system is not working as now the Canadian Justice System has been shattered in its entirety by this case.



A) The problem for the Supreme Court of Canada, should they accept their cupidity, is dealing with the word systematic, as it is used in the Employee’s Case for as judicial systematic abuse it implies institutional corruption; something no democratic government  has ever acknowledged. From history (History’s Greatest Deceptions Eric Chaline Reds Under The Beds: The Zinoviev Letter) comes this conclusion in 1998 regarding a forged letter which cost the Labour Government under Ramsay MacDonald the British election in 1924  (similar to the RCMP Superintendent who leaked budget information immediately before the election embarrassing to Liberal Finance Minister, Ralph Goodale in 2004).

     In 1924, M16 passed the forged Zinoviev letter to the Tories claiming it was genuine and who, in turn, leaked it to the media leading to a loss in the election for the Labour Party which were accused of conspiring with the Bolsheviks; a most dangerous accusation in 1924 in Britain. (Even Zinoviev stated the letter was forged.)

     The conclusion of the 1998 investigation by the British Labour Party is one the SC of C would dearly like to buy into should the Employee’s Case be publicized, but can’t due to the systematic nature of the charge over 29 years and 7 court systems. In 1998, British investigator Gill Bennet was recorded accordingly: ‘Bennett concluded her report by saying that she had not found any evidence (a favourite judicial escape hatch. Of course no evidence will be found…if one is not looking for it! RC) for an institutional conspiracy (my underlining) by SIS to bring down the Labour government, but that many of its officers were men who through their class affiliations, education, and inclinations closely identified with the aims of the Conservative Party.’ (Of course we are still promulgating this kind of scapegoatism today by which inside perpetrators may escape the consequences of their scurrilous actions. The point is that SIS was used as a cover for these nefarious political actions in much the same way as the RCMP was used to discredit the Liberals in the Finance Minister Ralph Goodale pre-election case in 2004  hampering their re-election chances significantly. Note in the British case that there is no condemnation of the bureaucracy; only figures within the bureaucracy. Mind you the Nuremburg trials against the Nazis weren't buying into that 'I was only following orders' crapola.


B) '...Still, what we've seen lately smacks of an activism found in no judge's description.'

Here come da judge, with own rule book? Ottawa Sun Feb.21-2014 p.14


C)(The best graffiti I ever saw was in Guelph, on a parking lot wall. It read



D) 'The trial was a spectacle, a farce, a ridiculous way to search for the truth. But as I learned, the truth was not important. Perhaps in another era, a trial was an exercise in the presentation of facts, the search for truth, and the finding of justice. Now a trial is a contest in which one side will win and the other side will lose. Each side expects the other to bend the rules or to cheat, so neither plays fair. The truth is lost in the melee.  The Racketeer   John Grisham


E)'...The technical term is "natural law" for the concept that certain things are inherently right, and others are wrong, no matter what law books or public opinion say, and we should try to bring man-made laws into keeping with this higher and unchanging one....'   Ottawa Sun

 June 2 p.17  columnist John Robson


F)'...Maybe it boils down to a relationship with trust and risk and the answer to a simple question: Is the sense of security from big government worth the cost to individual spirit and the power of communities? Ottawa Sun columnist  John Snobelen  July 19-2014 p.13


G)'A lesson was learned there and then: Canadian laws are optional' Ottawa Sun  c. Ezra Levant


H)'...infected with the twin viruses of tunnel vision and confirmation bias.' (on judges)


I) The body parts were having a discussion as to who was boss. Obviously, I am claimed the bureaucratic finger for without opposable thumb-fingers, man could not be distinguished from the animals. The legal lung department then spoke up pointing how if it were not for them sucking all the air out of the atmosphere, an ice age would be created. The political brain pointed out that without an order from their department, nothing could transpire. And so it went, each part of the body arguing large and long, as to their claim for leadership. Then the asshole Justice System spoke up...or at least tried to among the howls of laughter among the other body parts. So the asshole closed down leaving the brain to fog over, the lungs to collapse and the fingers to go limp. All of which just goes to prove, you do not need to be a brain to be a boss, just an asshole.



1) 'What to do with a tyrannical King is a philosophical problem for which there is no logical answer as Kings claiming divine ordination cannot be challenged in a logical way. Even Christ was seeking that canonization much to the chagrin of his brother who lead the Jerusalem Church of which body pushed for Jesus' crucifiction which the Romans unwillingly complied (they knew the danger of creating martyrs).

2) Hence there is no defence against the accusations of over 8 separate courts and over 30 judges failing to provide a judgment (there can be no process without judgment) in the Employee's Case(Canada).

3) In the case of Parliament, the media will expose political peccadilloes on the specious basis that a change of political parties through public voting will lead to change. It's a false flag as rarely is there much change but the voters are trained to believe that there will be. Wizard of Id   a)' We must do something about corruption in government'  b) 'We have the vote'  a) Isn't that how they got there in the first place?

4) While the anti-employee media can espouse the above routine in dealing with government because there is an alternative - no matter how illusory - there are hog-tied in dealing with inequities in the Justice System on the grounds that there is no alternative. Much the same thing happened with the collapse of the U.S. banking system in 2008 where no banker has ever gone to jail because the bankers were considered 'too big to fail' in this type of reverse logic.

5) Knowing the above, the Old Boys Club is creating a new false flag with a change in the RCMP permitting them to investigate 'systematic abuse' apart from individual case studies. For example, they hope to show why the police ignored stories of pedophilia before 1990 and then more than made up for it with many prosecutions after 1990...good luck with that one....

6) Similarly, the Old Boys Club expect the Employee's Case to blow up in public and would like to do the impossible of investigating on the level of a newly formed 'systematic failure' model created by this case; an impossible proposition similar to pushing a camel through the proverbial eye of a needle (Historical fact: the Arab word for wool was misconstrued by Westerners as meaning camel hence 'It is easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven.')

7) The problem here is that there is already a government oversight body in terms of Parliament enacting the 'peace, order and good government clause' or more recently, the notwithstanding clause' which Parliament  and the anti-employee media refuse to discuss this matter which now negatively affects 35 million Canadians  although the story is widely known.

8) Much of the problem with the Justice System lies in how laws are made: PLACARD: IN STUDYING THE LAWS/IT DOES NOT PAY TO STUDY THE LAWGIVERS.  As shown by the above quotes, that egg is beginning to crack.

9) It is in the nature of Parliament to pass foolish laws to replace other foolish laws without really checking whether the system failure is due to lack of enforcement...'not our Department, sir....'

10) So laws heaped on laws creates a dilemma for the court room as to which laws to apply giving the presiding justice tremendous leeway...and still some judges are not happy as attested to by the Employee's Case.

11) Laws are rarely removed from the law; merely supplanted by newer laws. For example, I believe Massachusetts still has laws on the books regarding witches and their punishment. At the turn of the 20th century, Canadians were not permitted on the beach unless they were bedecked from neck to knee in a bathing suit such as my father had. Today, judges will allude to 'community standards' as it relates to proper attire on the beach. Community Standards are nothing more than the judge's opinion on someone who is breaking the law in order to set a new standard. Morgentaler and the abortion issue is a classic case on this level. Law, in this regard, merely follows on practice. The marijuana laws are another such example.

12) In bottom line language, the judge is all-important as reflected by the fact that the Judicial Record only contains his judgments. That's why I was royally pissed off with editor, Andrew Potters  Ottawa Citizen with a report of Ottawa Superior Court's Justice Colin McKinnon's Judgment (April 23-2014 reported on page 1 of the anti-employee Citizen on April 28). My objection was not to reporting the actual judgment; rather, it was to the abject failure of the Ottawa Citizen to accept my rebuttal.

13) As to judicial selection, like Hollywood where there are "A list actors"; I submit there are A list and B list judges. Much to my chagrin, I have only B list judges appointed to my case; the distinction being that the B list judges are marching to the Orders from the Office of the Chief Justice who appoint them.

14) The above definition is an apt description of my first trip to the Supreme Court of Canada at the turn of the century ('Universality of Unions' Question) which was presided over in a preliminary hearing (later rejected for a hearing) by Chief Justice A. Lamers (d) the incumbent Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and a third judge. The mere fact of hearing this matter would not only decimate the B.C. Labour for failing to hold a Section 12 hearing in which a litigant complains about his Union representation; it would also decimate the many B.C. judges claiming that the Employee's Case functioned under the Union rules as opposed to the School Amendment Act of 1985 ('breach of contract' as opposed to 'wrongful dismissal' as per Ghomeshi issue wherein the court has a direct function apart from the Union.

15) In summary, introducing the notion of 'systematic injustice' to the RCMP, and no doubt later to the Justice System itself, can only lead to the current philosophy of investigating and making recommendations 'so that it doesn't happen again' (for the authorities not to get caught so that they have to be excused yet again...and again...and again....)

16) All the false flags in the world will not put bureaucratic  humpty dumpties back together again. The Justice System created in 1867 (BNA Act) based on the British model is obsolete. The Justice System has to be rebuilt from the ground up. In that endeavor, it is hoped that the 'nonsense billable time legal fraternity' are not directly involved in that re-creation. In the words of 18th century novelist, Charles Dickens, 'It is the business of the courts to make business for itself'.

17) Professors of law should make it mandatory for students on the first day of class to study the Employee's Case(Canada) so that on the second day of class, he/she can continue with the 50% still remaining in the course.


cc SCofC Hon. R. Wagner