1) President Eisenhower warned c.1960 about the danger of an alliance between the military and industry; a battle which was eventually lost as early as President Kennedy's assassination in 1962 because such as Bell Helicopter of Texas needed the Viet Nam war to escape bankruptcy. Kennedy was preparing to pull out.

2) In 2008, some U.S. hedge fund managers made a fortune selling the market short but, due to the efforts of one attorney general, no-one was ever charged.

3) Eisenhower would probably have said; 'beware of an alliance between business and the courts'.

4) One underling in the Tory Robocall debacle in Guelph, ON in the last Federal Election went to jail with the campaign manager scooting off to Saudi Arabia and never been charged. The presiding judge mused, 'others seem to be involved'.

5) Eisenhower would probably have said; 'beware of an alliance between the politicians and the courts.

6) That latter proposition brings us to the Senator Duffy trial in Ottawa which I have labeled a 'performance' in which all participants except Duffy and a gullible media (does not include their editors) are involved.

7) How do I know? Because of a personal similar performance in 1985 in which, as the sole targeted senior teacher lay-off under the imposed B.C. government BILL 35, I sat through a crooked arbitration (later quashed by the court with the government-appointed arbitrator labeled 'patently unreasonable' by the court which heard the case after I changed from the Union lawyer.)

8) In brief, all were involved in the conspiracy - B.C. Government, the Employer, the Union, the lawyers such as is the case, I submit, with the Duffy Trial although a reader would not know it from the copious analysis found in the media.

9) How do I know that the Duffy Trial is a cousin to the Robocall Trial? Because of Harper's eyes while he was being grilled by the press 'as to what did he know and when did he know it'; the usual courtroom 'ball of wax'.

10) What the media saw as a P.M. giving under pressure to a barrage of legal questioning, I saw as a Prime Minister pulling the con job of the century.

11) His eyes  read to me like a man whom had to 'take his licking' for having risked placing the institute of the Senate on trial by charging Duffy as his case became a 'standing case' which enabled him to challenge the operation of the institution of the Senate similar to my own 'standing case' (as a consequence of being placed in a permanent state of legal limbo) against the institution of the entire Judiciary. 'Not in my courtroom,' I am invariably told by the presiding Justice, 'I would rather commit hari kari first'...and just as invariably, do.

12) Those self-same eyes said that this questioning would soon be over as the judge was going to pull the plug on the trial thus truncating any examination of Senate perfidy. The Senate, in other words, will be permitted to sail off to a symbolic 'Saudi Arabia'.

13) Because of the publicity in the Duffy trial, the conspirators decided to give the mob what they screamed for - blood. Duffy's Defense lawyer was certainly up to par on that score although the judge was getting a little annoyed with his over-acting. The myopic media bought it; hook, line and sinker'.

14) In terms of trial strategy; there was no need to call Nigel Wright to the stand regarding his bribe of a Senator as the respective lawyers for the Tories and Duffy (not the trial lawyer) had laundered the bribe. Wright, curiously enough, was not on trial for if he was, to be sure to save his rear end, he would have stated that the P.M. was fully cognizant of the bribe. (The P.M. advisor, Ray Novak, was an unexpected revelation due to his knowledge of the bribe and therefore the P.M. but he was never called to the stand.

15) If Duffy's lawyer had started out the trial questioning Marjorie Lebreton, the Tory Senate leader whom whitewashed all these financial peccadilloes, the trial would never have got to the Nigel Wright story which was a 'false flag' in any event. That challenge to the Senate body would have led to the collapse of the institution of the Senate...and that would never do....

16) That is why the judge has to pull the plug on this 'timely' trial (in August during an election call with an extended season) as denoted by my placard seen in public on August 19-2015: JUDGE TO PULL PLUG ON DUFFY TRIAL?

17) Tory columnist, John Snobelen (Ottawa Sun August 27-2015) calls the puffster (Senator Duffy) as Canada's 'Donald Trump'. (Donald Trump is worth his weight in gold by refusing to bow down to the 'Old Boy's Club' when they opened the debate asking 'Whom will not support the leading candidate in the next election?' Trump was the only one to hold up his hand saying that he would withhold his opinion on that one. That's why he is leading in the Republican polls.) Should the 'puffster' be talked into permitting the case to be withdrawn before the Senate challenge, Tory voters will respond..."Yeah, so he ducked a bullet"...at least that is the plan. His lawyer Bayne, under these circumstances, gets the plaudits for his cleverness from the media and the respect from the Judiciary for saving it from an institutional challenge to the Senate.

18) The machinations in the Employee's Case are significantly different from the Duffy Trial although the same political-judicial malfeasance is paramount as well.

19) The Justice System has already collapsed and is in a state of complete collapse since 2004 (second unsuccessful attempt to get the Supreme Court of Canada to hear this appeal) when they left me in a permanent state of limbo thus creating a 'standing case' due to systematic judicial abuse. No institution can survive that charge which explains why the Canadian media, which is all over the Duffy Trial, is not permitted to report on the Employee's Case.

20) The media is an institution itself and considers itself a keeper of Canadian institutions which makes them susceptible to conspiracies such as the ones described above.

21) The false flag that the media fly in attacking the government is that all fault is due to one particular party and all one has to do is vote them out.

22) There is no alternative to the Justice System hence the media do not know how to deal with political-judicial alliances: e.g. the Wizard of Id cartoon on my home page employeescasecanada.com says it all: Immigrating Peasants 'We understand that you have liberty and justice here.' Sir Rodney 'Well, sort of'. Peasants 'Sort of, what does that mean?' Sir Rodney 'Nobody has the liberty to oust the Justice Department - no matter how bad it gets.'

23) In brief, those who judge murderers are in turn permitted to commit metaphorical murders of the Justice System without sanction.

23) As to the non-reading public which the Tories depend so heavily on, one can add the erudite media who, on the one hand, do as they are told by the bosses, while on the other hand, they are blinded by their own erudition.

24) Metaphorically, that philosophy above might best be described: If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound if the media does not report on it? Absolutely not in the minds of the media.

25) Hence the Governor General of Canada is 'the last man standing' between Canada and democratic oblivion if he does not act in the hiatus created by the election making him the sole ruler of Canada.

26) On October 19-2015, the day of the Federal Election, the demise of Canadian media credibility and the death of the individual in Canadian society will be complete if this placard is not publicly acknowledged: The employeescasecanada .com IS THE Election Issue.

27) What's the point, it can be said, in passing laws which the judges have no intention of following?

28) The judicial-political alliance is complete as Canada now has three levels of law; criminal, civil, and now...political. That's why we are a Third World Country.


29) In the Employee's Case, when the Employer was thwarted in getting what they wanted through the front door with a quashed arbitration, they approached the back door by suborning - as it has turned out - to be the entire Justice System. In that regard,the judiciary not incorrectly believes that 'If we don't hang together, we will be hanged separately'. It's a never-ending hell on earth as symbolized by the re-naming by this writer of Canada Day July 1st to Anti-Judge Day as Canada and Canadians no longer deserve a birthday.

30) The legal precedent set by this case is that any Employer may ignore the Collective Bargaining rules in terms of paying ongoing salaries for employees contesting a dismissal. For example, a Durham, ON police officer has been collecting salary for 6 years with another 2 years to go for a further appeal. The other side of the coin, of course, is the 30 year absence of a salary for the 'Outlawed Canadian' in an 'outlaw Justice System' where the Employer suffers no pain in ignoring a court Order to resolve a labour matter. That's unconscionable but it is now the legal state of affairs in Canada.