BY: 'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System' (former West Vancouver, B.C. senior teacher, Roger Callow, was illicitly laid off 30 years ago (1985) in a continuous unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid (includes pension rights). The Canadian Judiciary with over 30 judges (including the Supreme Court of Canada on two occasions) and 8 separate court systems in a matter of systematic judicial abuse (B.C., Ontario, Federal Court, Quebec) has crashed reducing Canada to Third World status requiring the rest of the 21st century to resolve this judicial impasse. In that regard, the anti-employee Canadian media would boycott this national story leaving the internet to surpass it in credibility.


REFERENCE: employeescasecanada.com


1) In nature, the beehive is a hierarchical entity in which the queen bee is paramount in an organization including nursing bees, drones, and the inevitable worker bees with their stingers to protect the hive and the queen from any threat.

2) Being a natural construct, they are vulnerable to attacks from microbes such as the Colony Collapse Disorder from which the hives are currently defenseless.

3) The Judicial System, similar to any bureaucracy, is a hierarchical construct as well with this difference; it is not limited to natural instincts as man has a cultural dimension forcing artificial constructs.

4) For example, beehives do not have 'lawyer bees' or signs at the entrance of the hive such as 'Union meeting tonight for all worker bees'. Nor do beehives keep a judicial record of all 'stings' to justify their actions. In nature, just sting and damn the torpedoes.

5) In the human hive, lawyer bees are highly paid in order to ensure their loyalty; a kind of exchange for their conscience as they are expected to protect the hive at all costs. That theme is ensconced in lawyers claiming 'I believe in the law' and 'not to bring the conduct of law into disrepute'. Of course, the oversight organizations are there, not so much to deal with troublesome litigants; rather, to keep errant judges and lawyers in line. While bee hives in nature have no oversight bodies-just sting and sting alike- their human counterparts all have oversight bodies to maintain the integrity of the human hive. Novelist John Grisham would understand this construct.

6) Hence credibility is all important to the hierarchical man-made Justice System for without that, their human hive is defenseless.

7) Thus it was a great blow to Canada's Justice System, for example, when a foreign entity in a major international commercial deal turned to an international arbitration scheme for any pending conflict which was customarily reserved for Third World countries without the necessary infrastructure such as has Canada.

8) Enter - let's call him 'mighty mite' - the Outlawed Canadian into the Judicial hive who has managed to attack the queen leaving swarming judicial bees stinging each other in the dark in search of the attacker but continually missing, but not for want of trying.

9) Indeed, it is this judicial attempt to micro-manage the Employee's Case through the traditional means of protecting the sacrosanct judicial record-which is the embodiment of all future queen bees-which is now seeing the collapse of the Canadian Judiciary on a daily basis.

10) In practical terms, this control amounts to infiltrating the office of the Chief Justice to arrange for a designated judge to seek to eliminate such as the Employee's Case through the time honoured but over-worked judicial term, frivolous and vexatious.

11) The above term seeks to reduce a litigant's case to insignificance (as apart from dealing directly with an issue which the court would obviate for its own sake) suggesting that the issue portion need not be discussed at all.

12) Hence the designated judge in these cases has a foregone decision made even before he enters the courtroom. Cherry-picking judicial excuses to reinforce this order is typical.

13) In the Employee's Case, there is a unique qualification which permits it to become a standing case; a necessary state if a litigant is to accuse the Justice System of fraud (FEDERAL COURT: T-2360-14) as it relates to the judicial processes (cover-up). That quality is an unresolved legal matter where this litigant is frozen in a permanent state of limbo.

14) The above condition flies in the face of such legal tenets as; due process, habeas corpus, there can be no process without judgment - all key concepts underlying any justice system.

15) Hence Canada is no better than, for example, China, due to the exigencies of the Employee's Case where both have court systems but no justice.

16) It is the failure of those oversight bodies, including Parliament, in the Employee's Case which has decimated democratic Canada.

17) For example, there is no point voting in the Federal October election on the grounds that Parliament (Harper/Mulcair/Trudeau/May) have failed to acknowledge the Employee's Case and how 35 million Canadians are negatively affected. In short, democratic Canada suffers from 'Colony Bee Collapse'.

18) Hence the only change the electorate can expect to get in the next election is a possible turn-over of 300 unelected PMO personnel who run the government without any oversight.

19) While bees are not spiders; nonetheless, the following mixed analogy is an appropriate epitaph for democratic Canada: Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.'  And as Lady MacBeth well knew about oversight bodies: What needst we fear it when none can call us to account?

20) And similar to any ship in a final disaster at sea, it is time to convert to code... nothing further can be said nor need it be said.    The Outlawed Canadian


A) In memory of democratic Canada; July 1st, Canada's Birthday, has been renamed 'Anti-judge Day' by me as Canadians no longer deserve a birthday. An appropriate monument to the Employee's Case would be placed next to the women representing the infamous Person's Case of 1929 on Parliament Hill in which women were declared non-persons (i.e. they were property belonging to the crown). Now individual employees are non-persons as this case extinguishes the role of the 'individual' in Canadian society.

B) The monument to 'Mr. Placard Man' should have a blank board to which Canadians may post failed petitions 'lest we forget'. This Board would be a cross between the 'wailing wall' in Jerusalem and the 'Viet-Nam Wall' in Washington, D.C. (I have seen the former but not the latter).

C) World War II is truly over for Canada and Canadians where troops fought overseas for personal freedoms as now Canada and Canadians have lost...everything. They sat idly by watching their hive collapse...if there was ever a definition of hell on earth for a nation state; this has to be it.