N.B. The first two letters to the editor were printed in the Ottawa Sun; the latter two were not.


February 8-2019 

Letter to the Editor - Ottawa Citizen

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Dear Editor

     I suspect that our premier does not know or care about the distinction between a teacher and a Special Educator in his bid to eliminate Kindergarten.

     Before my retirement, I was a Special Educator in the French Public School System in Ottawa.

     Kindergarten is vital in preparing children for succeeding school years. A Special Educator with three years College experience does not have the expertise of a teacher with five years in evaluation techniques. The expertise of the former lies in dealing with the student in small groups such as autism or on an individual level where special needs are required perhaps in language acquirement. The two work hand in glove.

     Closing Kindergartens imposes financial burdens on parents, many of whom cannot afford $1000 a month day care.

     The current Ontario education deficit accounts for 30% of our over-all deficit. While sympathizing with the government's bid to cut expenditures in education, I do not see how cutting kindergarten has a net benefit to the people of Ontario.


Yours truly, Therese Dionne


February 16-2019 

Letter to the Editor - Ottawa Sun

KINDERGARTEN NOT NEEDED (...It's too easy to make teachers the target of easy criticism.... ed.)

Re: A lesson in early education, letter, Feb. 14.

     With respect to the early education letter, sadly, the writer and her cohorts in the teachers' unions have significantly added to this deficit with their outrageous salaries. You know they are overpaid given the very average, at best, provincewide evaluation of schools and their students. Salary freezes are in order to reduce the deficit even more.

      Children and teenagers nowadays are significantly less intelligent than previous generations. Virtually none know multiplication tables and cannot even properly assemble a meal order for two at a fast food shop. They are lost without Google and their smartphones. None of this depends on kindergarten.

     As for kindergarten, it issimply an expensive babysitting service and a waste of time. I never finished kindergarten, as the school burnt down. The school board decided not to bus kindergaqrten students to another school due to budget constraints. To this day, I joke that I am a kindergarten dropout, yet I wound up with an engineering degree plus a professional accounting designation. So much for kindergarten being vital.

     As for the financial burdens of expensive daycare, there is a simple solution that can be found in every couple's bedroom. Putting it politely, it is called responsibility for your actions.


Bruce McMahon  Stittsville



Dear Editor

     It would seem my earlier letter regarding the deleterious effects of cutting Kindergarten has stirred some controversy including  letter to the editor writer, Bruce McMahon with his engineer plus professional accounting degree. It is noted in passing that our younger son eclipses his qualifications by having both of the above plus an MBA so he can put that in his presumptuous pipe and smoke it!

     Discussion of salaries and whom deserves what is a discussion to me with no ending. In terms of teachers and early educators, they are subject to the same stagnant salaries as many others. For example, the teaching fraternity as well as other salary makers have been held to approximately a 2-3% increase per year at a time costs rise at the annual rate of between 4-5%. They are worse off today than they were 10 years ago at the lower salary. There is nothing wrong with salary freezes as long as all other costs are frozen. Can you do that, Bruce?

     As to the poor graduation results of the schools, I noted much the same with the advent of 'social promotion' over 'academic promotion'. Would McMahon be happier to see more failures as a way of elevating our standards?

     It isn't just students whom are lost without their Google; it is everyone, McMahon apparently being an exemption.

    Kindergarten, while being important, is not as important as parents reading to their children at home at a very young age which characterizes most if not all top students. Kindergarten, however, fills in a necessary void in that regard in many families where home education is deficient. Is that what McMahon would deny?

     About the only thing which McMahon seems intent on, if I read him correctly, is how people should conduct themselves in the bedroom. I trust he is not in the Human Resources Department of his Company in this politically-correct age.

     As a personal observation, McMahon strikes me as one whom climbs to the top of the ladder in his profession and then proceeds to knock out all the rungs below to deprive others from reaching his height.


Yours truly,


Therese Dionne(retired)former 'baby sitter' according to McMahon's definition


translated from a 'scrawl':

Deary Paper Man.  Bucie, is that you, you rapscallion! Did you burn down that school to get out? That sounds like the Chinaman story where they all burnt down their houses to get roast pig just like the first time that one did it! I hope you remember my name because I sure don't although at the Foggy Bottom Rest Home they tell me that is not important as the meals are all numbered. And now you are a big shot (don't dot the 'o' , ha,ha) while the kindergarten was packed by your playmates who came to nothing but teachers and educators. Good for you as you will always have a place with Mr. Trumpet's brigade. Or is that Strumpet? Maybe it is Strumpet Trumpet; that's another rapscallion driving people to places they never thought of.


Oh, It's jello time so I must be wheeled off. 

Yours from the past where, 'no-one knows my name'