APRIL 11-2019

GIMME, GIMME, NEVER GETS: childhood taunt - 1950's

An essay on maturity;...or lack, thereof

1) As a generalization; the 1950's were big on being mature while the current age, while they wouldn't recognize the concept, is immature.

2) In drama, it is epitomized by such as the talents of British actor, Alec Guinness in the 1950's contrasted to today's Paris Hilton, an entertainment media personage with no acting talents.

3) While people were encouraged to 'act their age' in the 1950's; many did not but that is in marked contrast to adults aping child-like antics today on television.

4) 'Children raising children' has always been the universal problem of the world; unfortunately, increasing numbers of children lack parental guidance for a number of different reasons in the world of today. In brief, the family unit is in trouble.

5) Intelligence is over-rated with perseverance being under-rated as the Old Boy's Club can tell you. The 34 year unresolved employeescasecanada.ca reflects that I have the latter 'in spades'. Most battles are won by attrition. The trick is to survive the battle.

6) Consider my own family in the 40's and 50's to see where I come from in evaluating other politicians currently. My businessman father whom never completed his education; my mother as a former elementary school teacher, my sister with her I.Q. of 142 and a hellion on wheels with her too vivid imagination according to my mother, and me, her phlegmatic brother 3-1/2 years her junior, were all readers although I had then, and still do, a propensity towards the cartoons. (I am the only survivor) A reader is defined as someone whom is constantly reading. I will read on any topic; as long as it is well-written. If not, I will seek out another account on the same topic. I do not include such people as the retired engineer I knew whom poured over books for technicalities such as in foreign languages. My father was praised in business for his letters which received top recognition. He could speak on philosophical questions from books he read with both my mother and me. He read, I submit, for the sake of power as well as education. No-one discussed anything with my sister nor was she known to seek discussion with the rest of the family. She read, I submit, mainly for escape which, nonetheless, enabled her to achieve top marks in school. What effect reading had on my mother escapes me as she rarely discussed what she read which is why I remember her telling me about Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring in 1962 which presaged the pollution movement. She merely opined to me that this account would change the future without much detail.

7) My 20 year high school re-union was an eye-opener for me on the question of maturity. (I did not attend the 50 year re-union.) Individuals would recount their high school experiences at the microphone set up for the purpose. Other than one individual, all others - and keep in mind, many of these people were heads of companies - were not only nostalgic about their teen-age years; they never really left them in terms of that old adage; when I was a child, I played with toys, but now that I am an adult, I put away my toys. For me, my teen-age years were adventuresome -think American Graffitti (1962), but I went on to adventures of a different kind as an adult and parent. As one wise person put it; the marriage vows should be altered from 'to obey' to 'evolve with'. I have been married for 45 years much to the shock of many whom don't know us thinking only in terms of the longevity. Today my interest does not lie in writing legal tomes in the employeescasecanada.ca as they 'write themselves' with my attention focused on how to annotate a cartoon from its original purpose. My past-time revels in what passes for witticisms: e.g. "Floor, please?" I ask someone entering the elevator as I stand by the number board. '15' "Oh, hmmm, we have run out of 15's; do you have an alternative number?" 'Wha..." 'You don't? Oh, this is bad as you are doomed to ride this elevator forever...Do you have any last messages which I can pass along to your family?" 'What the....' In reporting me to management, they are invariably told...'Oh, we all feel it is much better for everyone if we just  do not respond but don't smile as it only encourages him.' (most people laugh). Now if only I could convince some judges of that reaction....

8) It is from the above point of view that I make the following observations about specific politicians. One of my protest PLACARDS states:

JUSTIN DID NOT INHERIT HIS FATHER'S BRAINS. (So from whom did he inherit them...his mother?) That is how the two differ as Pierre possessed superior intellect. But more importantly, how are they the same? That Placard would read: PIERRE AND JUSTIN / BOTH IMMATURE. For Pierre to marry someone half his age with shaky mental qualifications denotes a man of poor personal judgment although both he and Margaret were devoted to the upbringing of their children. Justin, on the other hand, appears to be a good husband as well as father but the responsibilities of his chosen political profession appear to have escaped him. Neither men were cowards and the physical prowess of Justin certainly amazes me with his one-arm plaunch. (looks easy but try it). His detractors would make much of his drama career. For myself, it was drama classes at university which taught me how to read (surrounding circumstances) followed up by amateur theatre experience with some forays into presenting mini-plays in school festivals. For my evaluation of Justin on that level, I would have to hear about a play he would analyze. As for the knee-jerk press on that level? Forget about them.

9) For equal time, there is Tory Opposition Scheer who shines in Parliament with his rhetoric but otherwise he is stunted as far as imagination is concerned. In brief, this falls election (I don't vote) is 'a race to the bottom'. Former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was a feisty court room lawyer in Parliament but when translated into a 'folksy' personage on the hustings came up as being 'contradictory'. Former NDP leader, Jack Layton, interestingly enough based on a single incident I witnessed, was amazingly pretentious. I passed incumbent NDP leader Jagmeet Singh while placarding noting how short he is. (Hey, it was an honest reaction.) I am not quite ready for his cultural extensions with his public wedding ceremony which I think all politicians should leave at home or church or wherever they pray.

10) In conclusion, the old biblical message 'know thyself' is the key to maturity.


The Walking Drum Louis L'Amour

                                                                                                   "Lie to a liar, for lies are his coin;

                                                                                                   steal from a thief, for that is easy;

                                                                                                   lay a trap for the trickster and catch him at the first attempt,

                                                                                                   but beware of an honest man."


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