IT'S THE ECONOMY,STUPID-March 15-2019 - It's unsustainable

1) Around 1800, British Churchman Thomas Malthus did his homework only to learn that exponential population growth would eventually outstrip resources such as food, water, space and energy. Based on the economy of his day (before application of machinery to land, resistant crop free disease inventions, wars, famines), his projection read a little like those amoeba who sucked all the oxygen out of the atmosphere bringing on another ice-age. In actual terms, the Rwanda genocide of 1994 was due to the rich rift valley not being able to sustain the Tutsis and Hutus. Today, their population numbers have recovered creating similar conditions.

2) Even today, give everyone standing room only, and the population of the world could be placed on tiny St. Helena in the Atlantic, Napoleon's death place. The point is that only a small part of the earth's surface can sustain life. Breaking down the cellulose in trees, for example, could make part of this vast uninhabited world habitable.

3) In brief, altering our life cycle in fundamental ways can greatly extend our presence in the world. Converting sea water into fresh water is one of these. Sacrificing other economic stand-bys also comes to mind. For example 'farting' cows filling the atmosphere with methane gas which is 40x more of a pollutant than carbon and also consuming vast amounts of water as well as grazing space could be displaced by drinking a puree of insects in order to get our daily protein needs.

4) It is a quantum leap from the above to the modern regulation of these resources. In other words, whom will control them. The rich countries already have that! In short, the distribution of wealth is uneven in the world as well as within the wealthy countries themselves creating further mayhem.

5) Now for a concrete modern logistical economic problem; the education system of Ontario (which stands for the problem elsewhere as well). Financially it is unsustainable. Close to 20% of taxes goes to education with about 30% to health with the latter growing considerably due to our aging population where we are told a pension is no longer enough to sustain elders. In 1990, about the time the ON Teachers Pension Funds, one of the biggest and best managed funds in Canada, 5 employed teachers were able to provide for each retiree which is the general ratio for financing pensions. Today we are told that there is one employed teacher for every retiree forcing the Pension Fund to shift from salary deductions to investment income which has done well at 10% annual increase so that retiring teachers in 30 years can expect a full pension. Recent market conditions are changing that profit margin as the Pension Fund will have to first begin withdrawing investment income to cover the burgeoning teacher retiree population and then eventually dip into salary contributions to survive.

6) For the government, education costs have escalated 80% - mainly for teachers salaries - in the past ten years at a time student enrolment has remained static. Union bashing has begun and yet the teachers were better off 10 years ago at their then current salary than today as costs of living increase faster than their paychecks. Translated into the broader range of employee debt and one can see why currently half of Canadians cannot go without a paycheck. They also have an onerous personal debt ($1.74 for every 1$ earned) which is accelerating. Creating more jobs is not the answer for these employed individuals; stagnant wages are the problem in a consumer led economy.

7) Other institutions have similar problems. I saw the pattern evolving in the 1990's while having a home alarm franchise at a time when 'priority policing' was introduced. In short, property offenses were down-played with 'threat to person' offenses being given priority.

Due to budget restrictions, today Ottawa police no longer attend shop-lifting offenses. Liquor store employees are told not to apprehend shoplifters by their union forcing the Liquor stores to hire underground security to which the police will respond. Private retail outlets do not have that luxury and as the thieves begin to take advantage of these lax laws, marginal operations will have to close and they are in the majority. In many third world countries, one does not call a policeman when in trouble due to corruption; in Ottawa there is not much point calling a policeman...see your insurance agent for property offenses is the mantra.

8) As to leaving a debt for your grandchildren; we already have. The above scenario is for employed people whom are looking at the mother of all Recessions while for the unemployed, they are already living a Depression as most of us are all one job away from welfare.

9) PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE The web site: follows the demise of Justice Canada over a 34 year period in an unresolved labour issue before over 50 judges where no compensation has been paid. We may expand in an orderly manner, but collapse is sudden and severe; a phase the world is moving into currently...Venezuela, here we come....