THE DISPOSABLE CAR - March 07-2019

1) In the 1950's, my father supplied two car bumper renewal Company's with sanding discs; abrasives being our major product line. In those days, bumpers were bumpers, and bent bumpers were pounded out, sanded, and then recoated like new. Great niche business but no money in it for the likes of the big car Companies.

2) Enter the modern car where flimsy bumpers are all part of the repair cost of allied parts such as radiators, front end parts and so-on. Lots of money for the Big 3 plus others in parts replacement. The usual explanation? Oh, 'that's what the customer demands'. Right...also massive increases in insurance to cover these expensive minor accidents.

3) Rather than bother with a minor dent (upwards of $2000?); I traded my 2016 Chevrolet Malibu in on a new 2018 Malibu which I bought  in November of 2017. Problem? The 2016 Malibu did not have a 'mickey mouse' tire so that when I lost a tire on a curb, the tow truck driver towed me to a repair depot as they do not fuss around with injector bottles. The other reason I traded up was to take advantage of my Insurance Company's little known clause to replace the car at full list new car price should it be destroyed in the 3 years of the warranty where all service is provided. Considering the digital nature of new cars; the 96 modules have a replacement cost of approx. $500 each so that no-one - at least no-one in their right mind - will drive a car past 5 years. That's fine with Big Auto.

4) In purchasing the new car with 10 airbags, I commented that a minor accident could cost a lot in replacement of same. 'Oh, we don't replace airbags any longer; rather we scrap the car. We have one in the lot on that basis right now', I was told.

5) As soon as one drives off the lot, your new car depreciates 15% so that one has negative equity until sufficient payments are made so that you owe less than the car is worth. Usually after 5 years of payments, you own the car outright. For my part, the Dealer was not really interested in my cash payment for the difference as they make their money through financing arrangements. I was a barely tolerated anomaly.

6) At one time the Muslim society, for example, was invited to provide their old vans to new arrivals at greatly reduced prices. Driving Muslim women were seen everywhere. They are still driving with this difference; they are all driving new cars. Approximately 1/3 of new sales are of this type explaining why half of individual families cannot go beyond one pay cheque.

7) It works this way. If you purchase a new car, the dealer will not only take the old vehicle as trade but offer to add on any owing money to the cost of a new car. 'But I cannot afford $600 per month' wails the customer. 'Ah, but you can if we lower the monthly payment to $350 and extend the policy to be paid back over 8 years including any outstanding amounts you have on your old car.' What's not to love? Big auto gets to move their cars and big Dealership is making money through myriad financing schemes. See why they do not like cash customers like me?

8) Rising insurance costs are also due to theft. Indeed, if you own a certain line of pick-up from 2001 to 2007, motels in QC will refuse your business as they will not have you park in their lots. These cars are shipped along with stolen luxury cars out of the port of Montreal and are seen in the Middle East still with their Ontario and Quebec license plates. This ongoing scheme has been happening as far back as the Chretien government in the 1990's when one insurance Company representative told me that they were prohibited from going on the docks with a stethoscope to locate cars in shipping containers. That's why the RCMPP (political police) are 'dirty' at the top. Indeed, a search of shipping manifestos could reveal the source. These days, everyone in Montreal asks, 'Is that SNC Lavalin again?'  (For my part, I cannot get the RCMPP to become active in the hence I have to revert to civil court cases in an obvious criminal case where even judges are named in the civil fraud actions.)