RULE OF LAW??? employeescasecanada.ca (March 09-2019)


cc Premiers:  McNeil (NS) Lagault(QC) Ford (ON) Moe (SK) Notley (AB) Hogarth (B.C.) PMO

     President D. Trump c/o U.S. Embassy (Canada)

     no copy to the Canadian media


1) While the SNC Lavalin criminal trial in Montreal is getting much press attention; that matter is limited to the fortunes of one political Party, the Liberals. The parliamentary system is not threatened as other political Parties are, by definition, Parties in waiting.

2) Not so the Employee's Case which has seen the demise of the entire Canadian Justice System with Ottawa lawyer Paul Conlin's volunteered statement in 2004 after the Supreme Court of Canada refused (a second time) to hear this unresolved B.C. labour case where no compensation was paid under the terms of ultimate remedy that, as the plaintiff, I had exhausted all remedy under the law. From that point on, I labeled myself as 'the Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systemic judicial malfeasance'.

3) As no oversight body was willing to even acknowledge my many serious complaints against judges, I have included them in the civil fraud cases which I have laid against the Employer, the West Vancouver Trustees Association and the Union, the West Vancouver Teachers Association in this apparent sweetheart deal. (SEE web)

4) From 2004 to the end of 2018 the situation has been one of the death of Justice Canada with the corpse to follow. That corpse includes two Ontario judges from 2014 who wrote different Decisions when only one was called for. Their names appear in both ON and SK cases.

5) In 2018, B.C. Chief Justice Hinckson (see web) for a first time directly involved the Judiciary with the Employee's Case in an atrocious action which A.G. David Edy failed to examine thus explaining why Hinckson cj 's name appears in the AB civil fraud case (only the crown prosecutor and the police may lay criminal charges which, for sure, is the case here).

6) Over 50 judges have refused this plaintiff the most basic of rights; namely, the right of disclosure. (habeas corpus underlies all law except, apparently, Canada as evidenced by this case which has the additional feature of a constitutional question regarding B.C.'s 1985 creation of the imposed  BILL 35; a factor looming large in SK's battle over the imposed carbon tax which would permit gov't. to circumvent the courts as is happening in SK. In 2017, a constitutional challenge regarding BILL 35 was defeated in Nova Scotia courts.

7) While this case is well known across Canada in terms of the professional teachers, legal interests, and the media; due to a national media boycott, the public remains uninformed making a hypocrisy of any reporting on legal matters. I put an end to that ongoing nonsense by proclaiming an end to Canadian media involvement at the end of 2018.

8) The failure of President Trump to invoke the Magnetsky Act against Ontario where the U.S. has direct legal involvement by both U.S. gov't and private interests reflects a personal failure on his part leaving it for any interest to publicize this case.



9) Nova Scotia Premier McNeil did not respond to judicial irregularities wherein a sitting judge in 2017 made no reference in his Decision as to the sole topic relating to the constitutional question of imposed legislation.

10) I am still waiting for a 2015 Decision from lower Gatineau Court's Therrien j. and not accepting Goulet cj's action of writing a Decision without making any reference to the existence of the sitting judge. Premier Legault ignored this plaintiff's complaint in 2018.

11) For 8 months, the filed case against the two Defendants plus judges remains stagnant in Ottawa Courts with the Registry Clerk refusing to give this plaintiff a court date 'for reasons best known to herself'. The abject failure of A.G. Caroline Mulroney with this file has meant this case has reverted to Premier Ford whom wrote me personal letter stating that he would not get involved.

12) In what I label 'Saskatooney Law' where a similar action has been filed including the same two ON judges due to inactivity in ON; the court clerk has changed the whole direction of Canadian Justice by refusing a court date until the Defendants file a defense. Under those conditions, what Defendant will ever file a Response? The forms are perfectly clear in stating that if a Defendant does not file a Response, the case could go against them. That court position is acceptable to Premier Moe whom has been kept fully apprised of events as they unfolded. He never replies.

13) The Edmonton Court and Premier Notley are also dragging their feet in dealing with a re-issued factum for the court's approval which includes the name of B.C.'s Hinckson cj as noted above.

14) In March-2019, I laid an action solely against the West Vancouver Teachers Association for $20 million (also the default amount in the other cases) in Victoria, B.C. File #19 0903

15) Disclosure is the key in all cases; particularly with the Union as I submit that as a Union client, I have a right to pertinent legal material affecting my case. The other aspects of judicial malfeasance and constitutionality are secondary considerations in which the courts may decide on the appropriate procedure although it is noted disclosure underlies all topics.

16) The Federal court was just as arbitrary in 2014 making up the law as they went. A printed sticker 'see this' on one point was inadvertently left pasted in my returned factum reflective of JUSTICE CANADA writing the marching orders for the sitting judges.

17) In conclusion, I draw no distinction between China and Canada as evidenced by this protest PLACARD:  NO RULE OF LAW IN  1) CANADA  2) CHINA

18) Justice Estey in St. Anne Nackawic places the matter succinctly: What must be avoided at all costs, is a significant deprivation of justice under the law. In historical perspective; Canada failed to 'stand on guard for thee'. Our WWII veterans must be rolling over in their graves....


        Submitted March 09-2019 by 'Outlaw' (Roger Callow) whom now owns the heart and soul of democratic Canada; 18 million Canadians be damned.