DEC.28-2019 There are three things to note with any question raised: 1) the question to be raised 2) to whom it is directed 3) asking it . Former Prime Minister Paul Martin got all numbers correct when he met the Dalai Lama: "How may I help?", he asked to which the Dalai Lama responded, "You just did." out of recognition of this pattern. In the 1990's, in a rare written comment, an intelligent detractor asked why he should support someone out to maximize his buy-out? Good question although it is the part which follows which is more pertinent: "If you received a settlement for $1.00, it would be 99 cents too much." He is not being hypocritical as we are all hypocrites. More to the point is the nature of our hypocrisy as we understand it. That is why I am careful as to whom I address my issues which, where possible, I add a note of humour to defuse my frightening story for once people become frightened (anger reflects this trait as well), you have lost them. Hence I am caught in an Alice and Wonderland existence with the frightened populace on the one side and a power seeking corporate entity on the other seeking to exploit that perceived cowardice of the masses. In common parlance, it is the world of the whistle blower.


DEC.27-2019 Doug and his Thugs is getting away with creating a lot of grief for me personally with his mandamus court for 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa SDC) but it has no effect on CV 18000 76950 (Ottawa Superior Court) which has been festering in his court system for a year and a half which is a denial of any efficacious interpretation of Canada's Justice System. All Canada suffers on that account. SEE this date including a 2010 President Obama account 'You be the judge' DECEMBER 2019


DEC.26-2019 A) Mayor Jim Watson is 'the last man standing' against the depredations of the Ford Gang which reduces Canada to 'Acts of Commission' consistent with what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER  B) A recent criminal trial for two 18 year olds merited this newspaper observation: '...Nobody should be tried and convicted without having a hearing, without having received disclosure, without having a fair trial.' My version of a civil trial boils down to interminable hearings in unfair courts where disclosure is the key which has been abandoned. Senator Duffy and Vice Admiral Norman in two high profile criminal trials never received disclosure although the publicity was enough for the courts to back off. My case is boycotted by the media and yet Premier Ford's two latest missives under the heading of 'Acts of Commission' show the folly of the media in remaining silent along with many 'oversight' bodies including the police. All Canada needs is a Hitler to complete the takeover of our democracy.


DEC.24-2019 A) I am not one for the hoopla of Xmas. Growing up in the 1940's, Xmas was primarily for children until the commercial market took over beginning in the 1950's. Too bad New Year's celebrations did not follow the day after Xmas as two days of revelry is sufficient for most people. As it is, there is too much time for drinking and subsequently too much time for talking in December leading to too much unaffordable debt in January as well as too many divorces in the 'divorce month' of the year. This is the first year which I spend on my own as I was recently estranged from my wife and family in September after 45 good years of marriage. I begin a new life quite apart from the old with my estate being switched from family to National Geographics  which does much good for families in emerging societies. Seasons Greetings to the rest of you at this time of year although my time is being spent preparing for legalities against those whom mistakenly believe my assets belong to them. Stay tuned to employeescasecanada.ca 2020 JANUARY which is in preparation and promises shocking revelations. B) SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER and read how PEI with its Alice in Wonderland mentality usurps the Justice System. I call it a potato patch mentality. C) DOUG & THE THUGS move into 'Acts of Commission'; a revolutionary change for Canada. SEE 2019 DECEMBER this date.


DEC.23-2019 A) The Cockaminny Mandarus Court of Doug Ford. SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER  B) Two Letters to the Editor (O.C.) warn against making turning the GG post back to the Royals with the appointment of Prince Harry & Meghan. I wrote earlier to 'the Queen' claiming the same admonition but for different reasons. Prince Harry has done wonders for his Invictus Games which should not be tarnished with a GG appointment where the current incumbent is a major embarrassment to her post re 'we, the people' in the Employee's Case.


DEC.22-2019 A) So the Tories are postponing their leadership campaign from April to October. I have a better idea. Why don't all M.P.'s stay home for 2020 (no salary off course) and let the gov't. be run by fiat which is what is happening anyway. B) So far no Canadian interest is speaking out against Premier Doug Ford's driver license scam which negatively affects all drivers. Nor are they speaking out on the 'mandamus' court which is nothing more than a 'Court of Star Chambers'. There is no point reading a Canadian newspaper nor listening to a Canadian commentator although I will give a chance to Evan Solomon in the New Year as Power & Politic's replacement for Don Martin. (and Rosemary Barton for CBC's At Issue. Until then, Postmedia rules. (SEE DEC. 20 PLACARD). C) It has to be bad when the powers that be walk over such as Labour guru, Howard Levitt, defending a woman whom is pursuing an Office sexual abuse complaint. In the past, lawyers always observed legal niceties between each other to justify legal payment. No longer, it seems.


DEC.21-2019 A) Regarding the final good-bye to Power & Politic commentator, Don Martin: his good-bye speech was so much baloney. He never met the challenge of publicizing the Employee's Case which is shattering Canada's democracy. Nor for that matter did ON Labour guru, Howard Levitt, whom I also challenged to write on the biggest labour problem case ever to confront Canada's justice system. Truly it may be said our democratic society is coming to a grinding halt as evidenced by the 'Mandamus Court' to be held on Feb. 27 as the authorities seek to move this case out of the public record and into a secret 'Star Chambers' as outlined in 2019 December (Dec. 20). No Canadian oversight body has seen fit to respond to Premier Doug Ford's stunning proposal to rob anyone of their driving rights in perpetuity through a false driver license suspension which negatively affects the car-driving public throughout the world. It is time for President Trump to mount the marines on the 49th Parallel as Canada is their northern flank of Defense (to bastardize Churchill- 'some country; some defence'). The 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the individual is dead unless people hit the streets (no violence to people, please) similar to the rest of the world where the populace 'stand up and are counted' contrary to the Canadian experience. B) Challenge to the Epoch Times to tell the story boycotted by the mainline media above. SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER

C) 'The workplace investigation industry has turned into protection for the employer with disadvantages for the victim, says Howard Levitt (ON labour guru) O.C. C8  In a sage article detailing everything wrong with costly office investigations, Levitt still misses out on the corruption of the judges. I would like to see him handle the 'mandamus' challenge above regarding Ford's 'Act of Commission' in suspending a driver's license in perpetuity without any recourse in law. Someone else will have to ask him as he does not respond to me. D) 'Why Boyle is free' O.C. A10 Editorial claiming the court was correct in stating that the prosecution had not proven its case. While a civil case, the union lawyer told me much the same thing in my 1985 high interest imposed BILL 35 arbitration where no press was present: 'It is up to the School Board to place their trustees on the stand to testify to 'lay-off' numbers', he correctly said. The Board never did but then the Arbitrator (later condemned by the court as being patently unreasonable when it quashed the arbitration after I changed lawyers) correctly believed that he was looking at a sweetheart deal and did not have to fear a court Appeal when he converted 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs adding myself as the necessary 17th. I was the only lay-off. In brief, Boyle won because of a media presence. To be sure, he would have lost otherwise. FAIR, the Organization for whistleblowers finally got it right when they recently condemned arbitrations as management dominated courts.


DEC.20-2019 A) So Parliament's only Independent and former Minister of Justice, M.P. Jody Wilson-Raybould, has happily moved her office to an equivalent size just below the attic where the scullery maids reside...there is nothing like putting lipstick on that pig.... B) I thought that I was the only one to tip my newscarrier directly as opposed to adding the tip to the Postmedia renewal form. Not so as two coffee buddies do the same thing not trusting to Postmedia: PLACARDS: 1) POGO / WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND IT IS POSTMEDIA  2) DON'T BUY CANADIAN NEWSPAPERS Trump said it best...'fake news' to which I would like to add 'fake Canadian courts'. C) Letter to Towngate family Medicine staff. SEE this date 2019 DEC. UPDATED with a Definition of MANDAMUS, a 'Court of Star Chambers'. President Trump notified to react by laying a trade boycott on Ontario as the entire car-driving societies in the world are negatively impacted.


DEC.19-2019 A) Letter to Innocence Canada emphasizing the difference between criminal matters (their domain) and civil matters (my domain) SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER  B) Unless I do not have the full story (similar to the lies told by the court on Vice Adm. Norman); Joshua Boyle was found 'not guilty' in a criminal trial of abusing his wife. The judge commenting on the lack of credibility of Boyle - dutifully recorded by Postmedia -is so much blarney to cover the fact that the court was dead wrong in laying this criminal charge in the first place. It was clearly a domestic dispute which had no place in the criminal code; perhaps in a civil court but definitely not in a criminal court. I am already on record as saying that no judicial decision in Canada should be recognized even if this one does appear to be the right thing to do. Holidays ahead with a new perspective for January 2020...and it does not look pretty for the Doug Ford government which is asserting a new form of a contradictory dictatorial democracy of a type hitherto unknown. See you in January.


DEC.18-2019  A) Why Premier Doug Ford has thrown caution to the wind and all driver's 'down the toilet' in a driver license scam without equal. SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER  B) So Rona Ambrose for the Tories and - surprise, surprise, - the highly competent Chrystia Freeland for the Liberals as Trudeau stands aside. Advantage? Liberals C) The Afghan 'Boyle' Decision comes down tomorrow and promises to be a political rather than judicial Decision. D) Sportscaster Terry Marcotte, one of the good guys, retires after over 30 years. I remember when one of the 'bad guys' Newscaster Graham Richardson, use to bully Terry on open TV until one of the executives must have stepped in to curtail it. E) The important part of the SNC Lavellin of their conviction of an executive traced back to Libya in 2015 is that all other charge were dropped. Which charges, I ask?


DEC.17-2019 As long as I can remember (mid 60's), teachers always complained about not being supported by the administration (common job complaint too) for which there are two sides of the story. Now teachers do not even talk about the administration and that is the key problem which no amount of money thrown at the education system will resolve. For over a decade, milksops have been appointed to administrate schools who have little idea of student discipline. The problem is western world wide - U.S. France, Britain, etc. - explaining why some Asiatic countries, not without their problems either e.g. bullying, still stand the best chance of being world leaders.


DEC.16-2019 In 1985, with the passing of the imposed BILL 35 to accommodate the single lay-off of this senior teacher in West Vancouver amid much skulduggery, the Union publicly  proclaimed the Bill to be 'the battle of all teachers' (while selling out this one teacher behind the scenes). One teacher believing the broader message wrote me that 'he did not know what to do' on a personal level. Today, the teaching profession clear across Canada has been made aware of this Employee's Case in the internet age...and still do nothing about making this case go viral; particularly in the matter of Premier Doug Ford promulgating a driver license scam which negatively impacts 'car societies' throughout the world. It's the equivalent of taking a B52 flying fortress to bomb a mosquito. President Trump is also remiss in not warning U.S. diplomatic and commercial interests of dealing with Doug Ford's Ontario as the U.S. is particularly vulnerable to this driver license scam. In this endeavor forget about the Canadian media (Postmedia run a boycott of this national story) as they are part of the problem letting the politicians and oversight bodies e.g. College of Physicians and Surgeons off the hook. Another over-sight body, the Law Society has been sent a 32 page dossier which, if they were effective, should cause a personal visit to the Transport Ministry-Medical. With all the above being said and done, anyone can promulgate this driver license scam over the internet making it viral.


DEC.15-2019 A) NEWSLETTER SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER explaining why Premier Doug Ford must be driven out of all politics in this driver license scam. B) FOR LAWYERS ONLY also this date as I take Towngate's Family Medicine lawyer to task with the ON Law Society.


DEC.14-2019 The World Depression has begun. And it starts with Ontario. For some time now, I have noticed the car lots chock full of cars with more new cars being shipped in daily. It didn't hold. New cars sitting in huge lots by the 401 are now being deeply discounted on the internet. Forget the posted economic figures. All these cars are listed as assets by the investors at the bank rather than as a debit which they, in fact, are. It's a fake economy with the consumer as the driving force where half of them cannot go without a single paycheck. Costs are rising for these consumers faster than their salary increases; that is, if they got one. The top 1% income earners are creaming off the top with lucrative management contracts leaving the investors teetering. QC Pension money in bankrupt Bombardier is one such example. The future? The KGB answer in which Russian gangsters grabbed state assets with the collapse of Russia in 1989. In Canada, an equivalent group working under the umbrella protection of Postmedia can expect  similar results: PLACARD: POGO / WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND IT IS POSTMEDIA


DEC.12-2019 Pundits believe that there must be a compromise between failed capitalism and failed gov't socialism. Not so as the Russian KGB showed Russia in which the instruments of gov't. were hi-jacked by an elite mafia so that today Moscow has more millionaires than any other city.

Hence the enemy is within; not without as Canada mistakenly believes Russia or China is the greatest threat to our existence.  Rather it is Postmedia. Consider this quote from C.S. Lewis: Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.'  The Doug Ford government through its Transport Ministry-Medical has, by suspending my driver's license for non-existent psychiatric reasons which are untestable under the Highways Act has turned the 'car societies' of the world on their head. SEE website: employeescasecanada.ca 2019 RECENT 5 & DECEMBER. Further, as this target has learned the hard way, one is made into a 'stateless Canadian citizen' barred from other institutions e.g. I cannot have access to a lawyer nor a medical doctor. It is, in so many words, the most unconscionable action taken by any democratic gov.t. '...It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty (and that's coming under the present front organization of Postmedia with the control of 1-800 numbers) may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.' This style of thinking is beyond those at the top of Canadian institutions hence I would be deeply surprised to receive a thinking man's or woman's response to organizations I have charged with responding: POGO / I HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND IT IS POSTMEDIA. To be sure, I am the first 'stateless Canadian citizen' but I will not be the last unless this Doug Ford scam is exorcised and my driver's license returned immediately. Once this genie is out of the bottle, all drivers living in democracies are vulnerable to this type of gov't. blackmail. Murphy's Law: Any attempt to do nothing, so nothing can go wrong, will go wrong.


DEC 11-2019 Two more Institutions to 'bite the dust'? Macdonald-Laurier Institute / Amnesty International Canada SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER


DEC.10-2019 A) Putting a spur beneath the saddle of N.B. Premier Brian Higgs for - if one does not mind bastardized mixed analogies - fiddling while N.B. courts burn. SEE this date 2019 DECEMBER  B) Letter to Towngate Family Medicine to come clean and provide me with my complete medical file now that Dr. J. is travelling in India. SEE above date.


DEC.09-2019 A Fair Deal for Alberta within Canada O.C. p.1 full page by Premier Kenney. This is about the only balm that the vast number of unemployed Albertans are going to get - and paid for by what tax dollars they have left. The word 'within' suggests that they have no other alternatives (join U.S. as a state). The basic problem? There is a glut of oil on the market and a new pipeline to the Pacific is not going to change that fact and even if AB got a pipeline, Russia is developing natural gas reserves in Siberia which will supplant oil in the Pacific much like it does in Europe by the Russians. Kenney is right about the equalization payments which punish AB in favour of QC and that can be changed but will not be changed as AB has few votes; QC has many. Scrapping Parliament would be a better answer being replaced by an elected Senate and an elected P.M. directly by the people. Until Kenney comes clean on that civil class action in Edmonton against a group of errant judges (whom should have been charged criminally, not civilly with taxpayer dollars); no-one should place much faith in his rhetoric.


DEC.08-2019 The Missing Link: In a vote held by Postmedia, they found that approximately 40% did not believe either the Teachers or the Ford government in the current ON teacher strike situation. What's missing? Why the fact that probably 80% don't believe Postmedia which is unabashedly behind the gov't. and its 1% salary increase to the weakest group in the education chain; namely, the teacher assistants with a meagre salary. What Postmedia didn't reveal was that this agreement was contingent on the teacher assistants getting whatever the others win in negotiations hence such as columnist Brian Lilley is barking up the wrong tree.


DEC.07-2019 Letter to the Psychiatric Association of Canada SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER


DEC.06-2019 A) Perhaps former President, Barack Obama, can fill in where others fear to tread. SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER. B) The slippery College of Physicians and Surgeons are trying to run an end-game around the issue of my suspension which my letter to the Canadian Psychiatric Association dated December 07 hopefully neuters. SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER


DEC.05 A) 2 page NEWSLETTER  explaining why it is now left to President Trump plus anyone who can put the Ford gov't. 'car license scam' to go viral on the internet. QC is the backstop on this one from Dec. 2015. SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER. B) There is too much 'snake oil' in everything Postmedia do which are the supporters of big business. For example, coverage of the N. Gower mega-plant merely notes that the inhabitants have 'some concern' over well water. Indeed they do as the new plant requires all the table water from the village to function. C) To avoid another 'Phoenix Pay Program fiasco,' stretching on for years, Ottawa should scrap the jerry built LRT trains and run busses through the downtown tunnel.


DEC.04-2019 A) 'Walking back the cat' showing how Dr. Jahagirdar lost all perspective in joining a family conspiracy to extort my money. Now they get nothing (except law suits) as all my estate will go to charity. B) A second letter from the Ministry of Transport dated Oct. 21-2019 (bit of a hurry) signed by Deputy Register of Motor Vehicles (usually these head honchos hide behind Secretary signatures), Franco Alulio (sounds like a good name for a character in The Sopranos) asking why I haven't done anything to get retested to reacquire my suspended driver's license? Of course he knows why. This side of the caper was set up by the Doug Ford interests whom would 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' in that all the driving public can be pilloried with this precedent. That's why this matter must go viral on the internet by anyone willing to start the ball rolling.


DEC.03-2019 Letter to Toronto Mayor, John Tory, to reign in the rogue Transport Ministry-Medical which refuses to provide me with the rteasons for my driver's license suspension in collusion with Towngate Medical Clinic in Ottawa. SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER. Every Canadian is negatively impacted by what Premier Ford has launched as a war on all drivers.


DEC.02-2019 Letter to PM Trudeau and President Trump to re-acquire my Driver's License before this Doug Ford scam becomes entrenched in every democracy. PLACARD: OUST DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICAL CONNECTIONS SEE this date under 2019 DECEMBER



DEC.01-2019 Letter to Mayor Jim Watson to acquire my complete medical file which is the property of every citizen. The challenge is even bigger than the one he faces with the LRT as his legacy. SEE 2019 DECEMBER this date.


NOV.30-2019 Would someone, considering the media isn't doing it, explain why Ottawa Court fees have risen from $160 last July to $229 currently? Replicate those types of increases throughout institutions, commercial and government, and one can see why a very nervous population is close to revolt. It's largely due to Ford government cut-backs and even here, the Ford government is spending more money than the previous Liberals did = world economic collapse will begin in Ontario.


NOV.29-2019 China believes that they can live with treating Canada as an 'obstreperous student'. No they can't. Any teacher can tell you that if they do not deal directly with the problem of one dissident student, they will lose the whole class. Similarly China and Huawei have lost Canadian support at large due this Meng caper set up by an unknown Ottawa factotum with the FBI. My old nemesis, B.C. Chief Justice Hinckson (SEE web: 2018 HINCKSON cj - FRAUD) actively delays this case as a means of exacerbating it; just as the U.S. wants. Solution? Taking executive action against Meng blaming, of course, Canada for the dirty deed is one option or alternatively, going after the two Canadian figures referred to above.


NOV.26-2019  Bosses should NOT leave their underlings to lie for them as most of them mess up. SEE 2019 NOVEMBER this date for a royal clusterfuck from the PEI courts.


NOV.25-2019 Ottawa Police Chief. P.Sloly and the College of Physicians of Surgeons (College) backstopped by the criminal Postmedia in this issue are abetting a fraud: a) My complete medical file held by Towngate Family Medicine belongs to me and should have been returned on Nov. 01 when I dropped Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) as my family physician. By failing to immediately suspend Dr. J.; the College becomes suspect in perpetrating this fraud. Police Chief Sloly is equally remiss by failing to seize those files on my behalf. How can I defend myself against something which I am not permitted to see? b) What is stopping any gov't. under this pernicious scheme of permanently relieving anyone with a driver's license without an appeal due to the lack of disclosure because they don't like that person?  This was the story Postmedia columnist Kelly Egan was going to tell until he was ordered to do otherwise. c) Unless this story goes viral on the internet by those reading this column, to be sure, the 'boys in short pants' in Doug Ford's gov't who wrote this scenario for the Transport Ministry, will write a second missive to be handed to the Chief Justice whom appoints the one to hear this case. Outcome obvious unless this issue goes viral on the internet. Something can be done to nip this matter in the bud now, not later. Get active, readers!


NOV.24-2019 Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.)committed fraud when she ordered a scan test for me without my knowledge or consent slated for December 05 of which I only learned when I received the hospital notice on Nov. 22. The point is, I had dropped her as my medical practitioner as of November 01-2019. She apparently made this Order subsequent to my dismissal of her services and did not notify the hospital of her lack of status in this matter. I fault the College of Physicians and Surgeons for not immediately suspending Dr. J. after I had received my 'adulterated' medical file from her in a belated fashion. I also blame Ottawa Police Chief, P. Sloly, for not causing the seizure of the complete medical file in Ottawa and notifying the Toronto police to do the same from the Transport Ministry-Medical. To date, the Towngate Family Medicine has not filed a response to File No. 19-SC-155235 (Ottawa Small Claims Div.) filed on NOV.08. They have until this Thursday to respond otherwise I proceed unilaterally by filing a 'failure to respond' notice. Under those circumstances, the court must accept my assertions as fact; namely, that the driver's license suspension is ultra vires under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) in that as a 'stateless individual' I do not have unfettered access to the law for any reason. As 'city guru', Jane Jacobs asserted: A society fails when its institutions go rotten. Canada's institutions as seen through this case, have gone rotten. Unless someone makes this issue go viral on Facebook (where I don't have an account) every Canadian driver is susceptible to any government depriving them of their driver's license in such fashion that they will never drive again. There is no appeal as adjudged by the case above. I intend to ask for maximum compensation from Towngate which has increased by Jan. 01-2020 to $35,000.


NOV.22-2019  A) Letter to President Trump warning him about the world-wide ramifications to democratic countries of Ford's action described on Nov. 19-2019. SEE web 2019 NOVEMBER this date. B) 'A modest proposal' in which I had planned to approach a psychologist in order to dispose of the 'cognitive aspect' of my driver's suspension apart from the 'psychiatry'. The account never materialized due to yet another Dr. Jahagirdar stunt revealed in a letter I 'ghost wrote'. The fault for this state of affairs may be placed directly at the foot of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in failing to suspend Dr. J. immediately and block her from leaving the country. The Ottawa Police Chief, P. Sloly is also to blame personally by not co-ordinating two other police forces to seize the pertinent fraudulent disclosures. SEE 2019 November this date.


NOV. 19-2019  GRAND-DADDY OF ALL LEGAL CASES in which Premier Ford would usurp the legal processes in order to hide their legal perfidy in a labour case awaiting a hearing from over a year ago naming, in that process, two judges for malfeasance. By suspending my driver's license with a unique twist of the Transport Law, Ford achieves his goal but at what expense? That anyone who drives a car may be deprived of their license permanently without any chance of re-testing. Further, as a 'non-citizen', it hurts one in other ways such as acquiring legal representation plus any other institutional connections for a citizen. Not only Canada, but every democracy in the world is vulnerable to such as organized crime (blackmail) if this stunt is not nipped in the bud. This case is a must read for all legal personnel showing how the justice system in Ontario is out of control: PLACARD: OUST DOUG FORD FROM ALL POLITICAL CONNECTIONS SEE 2019 NOVEMBER Sub-title noted above.


NOV. 17-2019 A) As of November 14, I have Dr. J.'s interpretation of events; now I seek the Ministry of Transport's explanation. SEE 2019 NOVEMBER Sub-title regarding the Transport Ministry. B) Ukraine Complaint is an Anomaly in a System That Repeatedly Fails Whistleblowers. Epoch Times  Nov.7-13

In one shocking example criticizing management in a badly flawed intelligence program starting in 2011, the whistleblower was shown correct a few years later and about 30 CIA assets were rounded up and probably executed. While whistleblowing on rinky dink stuff e.g. contractor theft, is followed up, any criticism of management is met with persecution of the whistleblower...been there, done that. Around the world we see people protesting in the streets for, essentially, recognition of the individual; all that is except for Canada: PLACARD: HIT THE STREETS! / FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS / N.B. NO VIOLENCE TO PEOPLE!


NOV.16-2019 A) SEE 2019  NOVEMBER Sub-titles: SHERLOCK HOLMES and EXHIBIT D , the story of how the 'mad Doctor' devised a scheme with the ON Ministry of Transport-Medical to deprive unwitting drivers of their driver's license with a Hobson's Choice of a re-trial pretense. As the target of this caper, I have no standing in Canada e.g. I cannot get access to medical help or legal help. While being in retirement, I can get around cycling, bussing and walking but what about anyone else driving a car? It's a catastrophe of gigantic proportions and exposes all democratic countries in this Premier Doug Ford scandal. Until he is ousted from all politics, all democracies are in trouble. If this matter is not nipped in the bud, the way is open for organized crime in all democracies to exploit this loop-hole. Are you listening, President Trump considering that the Canadian media has chosen to support this major travesty of injustice with a boycott of the single most important legal case for any democracy, let alone Canada. People I speak to are outraged and then frightened to think that their driver's license may be seized in perpetuity. The Old Boy's Club specializes in exploiting fear. Canadians at large are not a courageous people. One U.S. film dealing with the U.S. navy had a captain who was cowardly which was not consistent with U.S. military values...so they made him a Canadian!  B) Every so often for people involved in matters like this, one finds 'acts of kindness'and in that regard, both my eye Doctors pulled through. Consider the following letter from Optometrist Dr. Eric DesGrosseillers: 'Mr. Callow presented for a general eye examination on June 11,2019. I have been asked to make a statement regarding his cognitive state at the time of that examination. As the nature of the examination and the extent of my expertise relates to vision and eye care, I am not in a position to comment on his cognitive state. If the oculo-visual examination process had been hindered by any physical or mental limitations there would have been notes in my records to indicate as such. There are no such notes in my examination records. Compare that with the silence from my auto insurance Company, Allstate where I have a perfect driving record, or to the CAA where I am a lifetime member. Nothing compares, however, to the despicable Postmedia which killed this national story. CBC and Epoch Times seem no better.


NOV.12-2019 The damning Ministry of Transport-Medical Page that is untestable. SEE 2019 NOVEMBER this date. It is all codswallop from The Ford Government which looms large in this caper. This Ministry refuses to return my calls asking which information did they receive and from whom? Towngate Medical Clinic, which is being sued, will not divulge this information either from Dr. Jahagirdar. Someone should make this a facebook issue as anyone with a driver's license is vulnerable to a scam similar to this one which deprives the driver from any legal access in many forums e.g. no medical doctor nor lawyer in Canada can take your case because of the combination of 'psychiatric condition' and 'Highways Act' explaining why it is untestable. President Trump, whom I have notified, has good reason to be worried about this Premier Ford Government stunt.


NOV.11-2019  A) e-mail to family members plus MP David McGuinty plus President Trump via U.S. Embassy(Canada) SEE 2019 NOVEMBER this date  B)Sign of the times. I asked a clerk about how to access the outgoing message on my answering system. 'One moment, sir, while I check the computer as to model numbers'. Then I asked if there was anyone with more experience so she ran off into the back room leaving a second clerk whom had stood silently by, telling me briefly what to do as she was in the habit of advising her grandparents on such matters. Problem solved. New PLACARD: HERMIT KINGDOMS 1) NORTH KOREA  2) CANADA as a reflection of the 'Case of the Mad Doctor and the Driver's license suspension'. Even North Korea would be hard pressed to do what the Ford's gov't. Ministry of Transport-Medical has pulled depriving everyone of citizenship status if this caper holds and every indication is that it will. No driver in Canada is safe under these circumstances. Similar to Bernard Shaw's message of leave them laughing, I do just that as anger and then fear replace people's reaction to the above story. Similar to a ship going down at sea, I convert to Morse Code to save embarrassment. The message? Always put lipstick on the pig that you are selling. For me in retirement, I can get by cycling, walking and taking the bus. But what about those who depend on a car for their living. Organized crime and big Corporations like SNC Lavelin could have a field day blackmailing their opposition. Think carefully on that one.


NOV.11-2019 A) I have sent a copy of the Action to the Ministry of Transport-Medical wherein I ask what factors?: 'After studying the factors...' This was one of the questions Postmedia columnist Kelly Egan was to investigate before Postmedia stepped down on him: PLACARDS: 1) COWARDICE / POSTMEDIA / KELLY EGAN   2) POGO / WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND IT IS POSTMEDIA. B) MPP John Fraser (Ottawa South) has done absolutely nothing in seeing whether the Ford Government is behind this caper which would rob a Canadian Citizen of all rights e.g. I cannot get a medical doctor or lawyer in Canada. I am challenging the EPOCH TIMES to which I subscribe, to publish a story negatively impacting all Canadians. C) Postmedia is playing a shell game with their investors. By claiming to make money on their digital publication (untrue as they buy up their own subscriptions in a super-saturated digital market) leaving the debt to be handled by the print version which is unsustainable = bankruptcy common to many media in U.S. under similar circumstances. D) Am I the only Canadian to remember that the veterans fought for individual rights in a democratic society and not the kind of crapola served up by government and the courts today as evidenced by treatment I am receiving? I spoke to a childhood friend recently asking him if he remembered  his initial advice (he didn't) which I adhere to today; namely, 'hang in there', but over time has moderated to what amounts to 'throwing in the towel over time'. Some soldier he would make. E) WE WILL NEVER FORGET blares the Ottawa Citizen's cover page...sure we will...the day after Remembrance Day when commercial entities start hawking Xmas purchasing and disabled veterans go back to begging for government assistance.


NOV.10-2019 A) SEE this date 2019 NOVEMBER for questions to be raised in an upcoming legal Action delivered to the Towngate Medical Clinic recently in this precedent setting case for all other legal cases laid in Canada = 'Canada or bust' in which 'Canada got busted'. Interesting thought. Where will the Clinic get legal help under these conditions? It would have to be a very hungry legal firm to accept this one. Similarly, the case in NB charging 3 judges and the Vancouver firm of Harris & Co. is one in which neither of the participants can get legal representation. The court tried in Saskatoon and royally screwed up leading to the NB case for conspiracy to conduct fraud. B) So latter day hippy, Premier Pallister of MB after screwing my case in MB, recognizes the truth as to how 'slow Moe' of SK was screwed by Justice Canada and, not wishing the same, is begging Trudeau for an outside agreement on the carbon tax. My Response? It is not only the 20% fees the feds want, my dear Brian, but the right to impose legislation over which there is no control. The West Vancouver School Trustees have already taken that position in not recognizing any court overview of a corrupted tribunal (quashed by court and arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable) explaining why they don't have to pay compensation now running at a $20 million legal challenge which has been thwarted by over 50 judges as to a proper hearing ('frivolous and vexatious' bilge which describes the judges themselves exactly)


NOV.09-2019 'Fantastic addition' to top court welcomed' Nov.05 NP 6 (Ottawa Citizen) A 'puff piece' for new SCofC appointment, Nicholas Kasirer, by none other than his QC compatriot, SCofC Chief Justice Richard Wagner whom should never have been given this appointment in the first place. I have yet to run into a Provincial Court which is not corrupted 'running courts within a court' but QC seems to excel at the abuse. '...I sense that Canadians want judges who are modest of temperament and who, in proposing themselves for public service, see their 'most significant contribution to the law' lying ahead of them rather more than as a trophy on an office shelf. Nicholas Kasirer. In short, don't investigate his background. With this kind of thinking, he will fit right in with what he is told to do by a combination of Justice Canada, the Privy Council, the Prime Minister's Office and, oh yes, don't forget SNC Lavelin where retired SCofC judges go which is the eminence gris behind all of them. Further, I do not fit 'what Canadians want' as I want judges to act according to the law; not merely their temperament which seems far too often the case...but then what do I know about Canadians....?


NOV.07-2019 A) 'Down the rabbit hole' in this letter to the CAA which should be read by every Canadian driver. SEE 2019 NOVEMBER this date. B) There have been no shortage of angry well-wishers to support my intention of going after the perpetrators but only one to say "I'm sorry" (for you) This was a genuine apology and not one of the Trudeau type. Interestingly, he was an indigenous man. White society could learn from this culture although definitely not from the corrupt Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former Minister of Justice although the media whitewashed her actions. She sits as the only independent M.P.


NOV.06-2019 Neither MPP John Fraser (Ottawa South where I live) nor my automobile insurance Company, Allstate have replied to me. Anyone disgusted? Nor has the College of Physicians and Surgeons seen fit to respond. I will try CAA where I am a life-time member as they have a vested interest in this type of debacle as well.


NOV.05-2019 Why President Trump should send in the Marines considering that Canada ceased to exist as a democracy on October 15-2019 over two words regarding a specious driver's license suspension; namely, PSYCHIATRICAL DISORDER which cannot be tested for renewal purposes by any authority. It is a mammoth blow at democratic Canada's Achilles heel from which there is no return. SEE this date for a letter to President Trump.


NOV.05-2019 I thought that I would give the Clinic a little free advertising outside their door at Hunt Club and Bank St: BEWARE TOWNGATE MEDICAL CLINIC (South Keys) They really stitched me up with this 'psychiatric label' which young Dr. Jahagirdar seeks to pass off as 'mental'. There's a world of difference. Whether she used the word or the Transport Ministry, I can't say as neither will provide the material which caused Dr. J. about Oct. 15 to request the suspension of my driver's license on information provided to her from an unknown source. (I have a perfect driving record.) In effect, I have been placed beyond the laws, certainly the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which begins its Record by saying no-one is to be exempt (unless his name is Roger Callow). Even if I am provided that Oct. 15 information; I still remain in limbo as doctors, lawyers,...dare I add Indian chiefs?... are not 'qualified' to judge nor is Dr. J. as she is not a psychiatrist. My driver's license has gone up to Valhalla never to return. Most people I tell this story to are enraged and have every right to be.


NOV.03-2019 A) O.S. Letters to the editor: '...I do wonder how some of our judges are put on the bench. If they want to make laws, they should be running as politicians.' ed. They are appointed by politicians '...How can anyone who has been tasked with upholding the law be grossly disproportionate is beyond insane...I am shocked....' ed. You're not the only one


NOV.01-2019 A) So help me, if I had a bad bowel movement and plugged the toilet, I expect to read about it in the Ottawa Sun blaming Trudeau for everything!  B) The Towngate Medical Clinic did not cough up with my medical record which I requested for yesterday on the grounds that I am changing Doctors. Is the 'missing link' of my purported 'psychiatrical' disorder nothing more than a mad Doctor's prank supporter by the Ministry of Transport-Medical Division? Only time and a College of Physician and Surgeon's investigation will tell. Until then, drivers beware of your medical practitioner. 10:00 A.M. No luck with a telephone call to Towngate Medical regarding my transfer forms as the Clinic appear to be ghosting my case. C) SEE 2019 NOVEMBER this date as I seek to ferret out the source of Dr. J's 'special information'...if it exists. Hopefully MPP John Fraser can tackle the Transport Ministry Office-Medical on their end regarding this gross travesty. D) I appeal to two of my long-time eye Doctors whom I both met with recently in respective appointments. I am hoping to get an Affidavit on the question: 'Did either Doctor notice any psychiatric disorder which would cause them to believe that my driver's license should be suspended? SEE this date under 2019 - NOVEMBER  E) SEE 2019 NOVEMBER this date regarding a link between son, Greg Callow in Guelph and Dr. Jahagirdar


OCT.31-2019 This is the last day in which I may drive. Tomorrow it is 'shank's mare'....perhaps forever. The people I tell my story to fervently shake my hand encouraging me to pursue this issue to the fullest extent of 'public opinion'. There may be more than one way to skin a cat, and that first 'fight-back' letter can be read under this date 2019 OCTOBER


OCT.30-2019 A) The Ottawa Sun editorial got it wrong by claiming that the School Boards have to do something about violence in the classrooms. That is the function of the Principals whom are not doing their job other than to place the blame back on the teachers. That's the main reason that I do not recommend anyone take up teaching. B) Said 'good-bye' to a number of street connections which I had in downtown Ottawa these past 15 years as my driver's license cancellation for unspecified psychiatry reasons takes effect tomorrow leaving me with 'shank's mare' and possibly a bicycle to get around. When I show people the Catch 22 that I am in - as any driver with an obligatory license must have - plus a bad medical Doctor, have me all stitched up. People are white-hot with anger over this injustice hoping Ottawa Citizen columnist, Kelly Egan, expose the perfidy behind relatives out to seize my assets through mental state charges. I am counter-acting with 2 police forces plus the College of Physicians and Surgeons. SEE this date for the pertinent letter along with my appeal to Kelly. As to the street connections and elsewhere, there is strong support in fighting back on this one. Hopefully Kelly sees it that way. SEE this date under OCTOBER-2019


OCT.29-2019 Many people refer to me as 'intelligent'. So why am I in trouble with my marriage and Justice Canada? Is it because I am ethical?...wait a minute, I think I just answered my own question.


OCT.27-2019 Agriculture sector has very real immigration needs O.S. p.20 guest article by a mushroom grower. In Ottawa, one sees the Mushroom labeled bus transporting people to the mushroom patch to pick mushrooms in a very smelly operation. Only immigrants will do it. Proposing permanent locations for these farm workers in the countryside looks good on paper but when it comes to schools for children; it falls apart. The one-room school house is limited to some religious communities in Canada with all others seeking the advantages of urban life. Currently Mexicans are flown into Canada during harvest season and flown back as the only feasible answer but that does not include mushroom farms which the Mexicans prefer to avoid. Abattoirs are also smelly places avoided by our 'clean' citizenry.


OCT.26-2019 Justice - for who? Kelly Egan O.S. p.5 Egan is right to pillory the Justice System for expensive delays in a number of cases relating to police officers ('It is the business of the courts to make business for itself'). He raises the question, quite rightfully, of officers being paid on payroll for years through no fault of their own. Consider, however, the contrary case as illustrated by the Employee's Case. The West Vancouver School Board cut the salary of senior teacher, Roger Callow, prematurely before the case was even heard as they believed the time lines outlined in the imposed BILL 35 - 1985 would apply. They didn't. The judge whom quashed the arbitration ruling, as she did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable (he converted 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with myself as the necessary 17th knowing full well that I was the only lay-off victim that year). I was left in limbo because the judge did not order me back to work; merely recommended which has weight in law. That's a stunt Justice Southin cannot get away with, opined my lawyer, Harry Rankin (d). Well she has for 34 years now so that the tab is running $20 million for a buy-out. Unfortunately, Kelly and his ilk know it is worth their career if they ever break the media boycott on this national story known to most Canadian professional teachers, politicians, and lawyers. Fake news, indeed; the U.S. has a lot to learn from us on this one and the news is not indeed good.


OCT.24-2019 A) So more information regarding Marilyn Monroe's murder has surfaced in the O.S. What they don't mention is that she was pregnant by President Kennedy (or possibly his brother, the A.G.). Jackie Kennedy was reputed to have said to hubby...choose either me or Marilyn...organized crime, apparently from today's article, chose Jackie. B) Warren of the Warren Commission on the assassination of the President (although not mentioned in this article) is highly praised for other judicial measures heralding the modern age e.g. homosexuality. He sticks, however, to the single bullet nonsense of the assassination. Trump was supposed to release information this year on the matter but didn't...he was probably mailed a picture of Marilyn in her death throes C) The Tory Premiers contesting the Carbon Tax are not all that surprised as to how they have been trumped by the Feds considering that provincial courts under their control do exactly the same thing to this writer. D) PLACARD: ANOTHER TIANANMEN SQUARE MASSACRE? 100 H.K. STUDENTS 'SUICIDED'. In 2006 at the height of Falun Gong abuse, I was the only Canadian with a protest sign in support of them. Their protests are gone from Ottawa; mine remains.


OCT.23-2019 A) The demented media is screaming about the West being alienated because they voted Tory. How does that alienate them as they are represented in Parliament by the Opposition? The real complaint is directed at a non-functioning House of Commons before they have even met...fake Canadian news indeed.... B) Postmedia put all their eggs in the Scheer basket by calling voters to make him P.M. only to make an omelet. How can they, one and at the same time, call for him to step down now without looking like hypocrites? C) Remember Eisenhower's warning to beware of the alliance of the military-industrial complex in the 1960's? That's what you have here as even Premier Moe is beginning to realize with his Carbon Tax challenge. In brief, it is not a question of turning one vote on Appeal to the SC of Canada for him. Instead they have to pay attention to my claim; namely, that Justice Canada pre-ordains outcomes so that the 3-2 split in SK, for example, is only for the judges to decide on which side they will write and that Decision will be supported by the SC of Canada. The Privy Council is the other part of this unholy alliance. The Tory Premiers contesting the carbon tax could only have saved face with a Tory win and the promised cancellation therein. ON and NB are already backpedalling on the carbon tax challenge; expect MB and AB to follow suit under this pernicious threat. Don't  expect to see this analysis appearing in the media. Further Moe has an horrendous problem with the Saskatoon Court with extensions to AB and NB in the Employee's Case. SEE 2019 OCTOBER this date for a NEWSLETTER showing how the Tory Premiers are backing down from appealing the Carbon Tax as they realize they are facing a fixed judicial system.


OCT.22-2019 A) ...and last night's big loser in the election...wait for it...POSTMEDIA While the rout was not as big as the 2016 U.S. election with its 'fake news'; it comes a close second. Why pay $400 annual subscription to a newspaper when the political pundits (also TV) showed that they did not have a pulse on the political scene nor do current comments suggest that they are any closer to evaluating the outcome. SEE this date under 2019 OCTOBER for a contrarian view of the election. B) Letter to MB Premier Pallister amid the bravado of his court Registries. SEE this date under 2019 OCTOBER


OCT.21-2019 A) Sub-heading under 2019 OCTOBER  CANADA'S GETTYSBURG ADDRESS-OCT.21-2019  B) Airbnb's take a thousand rentals off the market in Ottawa but provide funds for the City of Ottawa which does nothing regarding big party complaints where the owner resides outside of Canada. Recently a shooting at one such locale in Nepean happened after the neighbors had a prior collection of 40 signatures regarding this place where Rappers party, party. Another home owner complained to me that in his neighborhood, there is not enough lot parking so that in winter, the snow plow can only go down the centre with cars parked on either side. Thank Mayor Watson for this type of nonsense. One remedy would have Ottawa based managers whom the police could notify to attend in the event of such as excessive noise and/or parking violations.  C) Whistleblower protection claim dismissed by federal labour board

O.C. p.1 includes a scathing denunciation from FAIR's David Hutton...'Part of the problem, Hutton said, is that federal integrity commissioners have always come from the ranks of senior bureaucrats who are loath to challenge or embarrass colleagues' I was initially critical of this FAIR body as it sought to work its way in protecting whistleblowers 'through legislation'. Hutton has gratifyingly abandoned that precept. The parallel with the Employee's Case is that over 50 judges have joined such a conspiracy to the detriment of the entire Canadian Justice System = anarchy.


OCT.18-2019 A) I am a great fan of Lorraine Summerfield whom writes on the social side of Driving (Fridays O.C.) and if she had an email account, I would point out her egregious error in stating that the truck which blew the stop sign killing many team members in Humboldt, SK, t-boned the bus when the opposite is true - the bus hit the transport vehicle. As one whom held an AZ license (qualified to drive such big rigs) as well as driving for Para Transpo, I have a few observations which would make the bus driver (died in accident) culpable. In my test, I was marked down for not looking to my left before turning right on a green light. 'How are you to know that the driver had stopped at the light unless you checked', I was told. The inquest showed that the intersection was unobstructed (trees far enough back on a house on the corner) plus the fact that the bus speed after 60 yards of visibility was at the highway speed when it hit. It was a large bus as opposed to the 'e-type' vehicles favoured by colleges to transport teams with their equipment. One New Brunswick e-type was wiped out with a coach driven teacher a few years back in a snow storm. These e-type vehicles although popular are under engineered for the transportation of teams plus their equipment. B) What's wrong with this picture? (wrong guys are behind bars). Our exercise doors were locked this morning due to non-Caucasian gang types hanging around. I was surprised as I had not noticed them in the morning but a classmate did. I don't go in the evenings due to these incidents which have metamorphosed against hard-to-get instructors. C) Our frustrated Lebanese instructor was angry with Lebanese politicians which permit Christian to go against Christian in current violent outbreaks. Get rid of all politicians in Lebanon and - get this - in Canada too....ouch! My reading of the tea-leaves reflects voter antipathy with both politicians and the media. More on this after Monday's election along with the Canadian version of the Gettysburg Address which is a blast against Canadian Justice both past and present and eclipses any legal story in a democracy. It will be addressed to the incoming Federal Justice Minister.


OCT.16-2019  A) Unless I have mistaken the BLOC vote in QC, I am back to predicting a Liberal majority on Monday. The point is that the electorate at large do not want a spendthrift NDP holding the balance of power as the Liberals are already carrying a significant debt. B) Shortly after the election, I expect the Sun News chain to announce their demise. To keep subscription numbers up, they have been giving away papers. Their claim to making some dividends from their digital connection is laughable as even established mainline prestigious papers such as the British Manchester Guardian has to beg for subscriptions in an overcrowded field. Even here, the Sun is probably buying up their own subscriptions. Their investors in them are going to take a 'bath'. C) O.S. itinerant columnist, Warren Kinsella, writes a solipsistic column in support of the Tory Party aping an earlier solid Jim Warren article as to why he was voting Liberal. Central to Kinsella's account is his support of the indigenous Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former Justice Minister ousted by Trudeau, as he has an adopted indigenous daughter. Without comment on his family, he has got it all wrong on Wilson Raybould as she had happen to her what she was meting out to others such as this writer in 2016 (see web site: employeescasecnada.ca) D) Vancouver Chief Justice C. Hinckson should not be sitting on the bench if A.G. Eby were to do his job. (SEE 2018 & 2019 HINCKSONcj. FRAUD) While he may not be the un-named person who worked with the FBI to 'hi-jack' Meng at the Vancouver Airport, his co-operation would be instrumental as reflected by Meng's next court date delayed until January 2020...and don't expect it to end there. For China, it is a question of 'For want of a nail...leading up to the loss of an Empire'


OCT.15-2019 A) At one time, I was a prolific writer to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen , that is until I was barred due to the Employee's Case. SEE this date under OCTOBER 2015 for a visit back to 1998 and 1999....some sentiments never change.... B) Also from the past is a letter from Murielle - one year older than me - dated 2004 whom continues to be a supporter of me today. Some things never change here either C) While on memory lane, I wrote scripts for Air Farce which they liked but space limited any use of them i.e. 'The Happy Hollow Rest Home' reminiscent of where my estranged wife now lives. D) 'Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country' attributed to former U.S. President Kennedy is repeated in the puerile column of Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the WE Movement. The significance of this statement which so many miss, is that Kennedy is opting out of his responsibilities as leader. 'You follow and we will lead' is a much more appropriate cliché. Kielberger belongs teaching in the classroom to untutored ears alongside Justin.


OCT.14-2019 One sub-heading IN THE BEGINNING on my blog tells of the traditional model in firing teachers with the dismissal of senior West Vancouver High School teacher, Ken Raison, in 1978 - same Superintendent, Ed Carlin and School Board lawyer, Stuart Clyne as in my dismissal (same school to which I had just transferred as a positive move) in 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (think imposed Carbon Tax or imposed BILL 21 QC on headgear). One piece of fall-out saw Raison exposed in court to parental complaint letters which he had never seen. Our new principal later stated that if he did not forward a parental complaint letter to a teacher, he would destroy it, which under the circumstances, is the proper thing to do. But the kangaroo court system extant under Raison was for the Employer to arrive in court with documentation while the poor slob of an employee had none = expected outcome; advantage to the employer. So why was that system turned on its head for me? Because I presaged the 'e-mail' of today which did not exist at that time and is so important in court cases currently. In short, 'what did he know and when did he know it' is a key phrase in law. Since Raison's dismissal in 1978, I kept a record of all administrative concerns at my own high school with this difference; I responded to each one in writing so a record existed...and that would never do for management in those days hence BILL 35 and ensuing events which led to the collapse of Justice Canada in 2004 when the Supreme Court of Canada rejected hearing my Appeal under 'ultimate remedy'. Currently, the courts have had to shift their paradigm from production of selected evidence to denial of disclosure (habeas corpus) of evidence as seen in so many trials recently due to the existence of e-mails = implosion of Justice Canada. As 'city guru' Jane Jacobs stated; a society falls when its institutions go rotten. Justice Canada has led us down that path as evidenced by the unresolved 34 year employeescasecanada.ca labour case in which no compensation has been paid due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges across Canada. In that indictment, it really does not matter whom wins the Federal election on Oct. 21 as all politicians have turned their back on this lead legal case (for all democracies, past and present).


OCT.13-2019 A) (Ottawa) PLACARD: LRT / WRONG SYSTEM / WRONG LOCATION / WRONG PEOPLE  B)To be sure, the media is pumping to have the voters turn out and early polls would suggest that is happening (I don't vote as I think the House of Commons should be scrapped, the P.M. elected at large by the public, and an elected Senate would look after provincial concerns = cut cost of gov't. in half with no loss of service.  B) The resurgence of the BLOC could force the Liberals into a minority gov't. depending on whether the BLOC can win seats.


OCT.11-2019 A) Finally, the media is yelling 'foul' over the LRT. It is the wrong system, in the wrong place by the wrong people (Alstrom plus tunnel (rather than elevated skyway on Wellington) plus Mayor Watson and the SNC Lavalin bunch keeping him financially afloat) B) With the resurgence of the BLOC in QC, I may have to revise my Liberal majority position downward into a Liberal minority. Unexpected outcome after the election may be the demise of the NDP Party due to its mammoth debt. The Green Party should be the beneficiary there.


OCT.10-2019 A) Regarding the LRT debacle of damaged doors forcing one hour delays with trains taken out of service: Apparently these French Alstrom cars (another SNC Lavalin connection?) do not have 40 second restart buttons. Due to limited access time in busy stations, clients flood onto the coaches before the exiting passengers have a chance to get off thus leading to the 'pushed doors' with the consequent paralyzing of the system. Rather than feeling angry, hizzoner pothole mayor Jimbo should just resign.


OCT.09-2019  A) SEE 2019 OCTOBER Sub-heading MANITOBA APPLICATION OCT. 09-2019 with its emphasis on a priori disclosure on which any legal case in this matter depends (denied by over 50 judges to date = anarchy) B) Sign of the times? You have heard of derelict vacant offices; how about the same for derelict Community Centres? The older one I attend originally only had a Caucasian membership in the past which is reflected in the morning exercise and bridge club plus senior 'sit and be fit' exercises. This morning our instructor was enraged with the back talk of a 13 year old in the evening session (a second instructor reports similar problems at night) where attendance is meagre. Earlier I dropped evening classes due to this type of gang activity. While recognizing the Centre is trying to help gangs with such as basketball programs, it places such as myself and now the instructors at risk. Instructors are very hard to get but I can see these two refusing to direct evening classes. Can the Center survive with just the morning operations? There is no money for a security guard plus gang activity can easily neutralize such oversight. I am considering a newer community center from the same type of neighborhood elsewhere with this difference; no-one gets past the entrance desk without a bracelet and all facilities are locked until the instructor arrives.


OCT. 08-2019 I read the terms of the CUPE bargaining unit willing to settle for 1% salary increase for 3 years when the other teacher unions want the cost of living at 2%. Too early to see which side is going to get a 'haircut' on this one but I do not believe the CUPE group involved here will approve this deal.


OCT.07-2019 A) So the Ford Gov't. ducked one with CUPE which was going to strike causing school shutdowns in ON. Will weaker interests against the Ford Gov't. fare as well? (don't even ask!) B) Canada not so different from U.S. Justice System...Larry Elder  O.S. p.13 '...What's unprecedented is a Justice Department that again sees its role as being a bodyguard to the executive and not the rule of law.....' C) Did you know that I have a doppelganger; namely a dog named 'Roger' as well? My day is made with little vignettes like the following: a passerby from Victoria, B.C. with his dog, Roger, asked if he could take a photo with me holding his dog during my 'Parade' in downtown Ottawa today. This is the type of thing which could go viral on the internet...let's hope so as this story is 'going to the dogs' which show more intelligence than their human counterparts in the Employee's Case. D) I have been openly claiming that the Liberals will win a majority which evokes this response...'Oh, I thought it would be a Liberal minority....' In short, the election is over. Forget the pundits with their polls as Canada is going the way of the U.S. when Trump won in 2016....fake news, indeed. E) The SS Titanic only had to face one ice-berg. Due to the unaccountability of Justice Canada, I have plowed through a multitude of legal ice-bergs. SEE Letter to MB Premier Pallister for the latest salvo under this date 2019 OCTOBER


OCT.06-2019 Why I predict the Liberals to win a majority on Oct. 21 (because they are not stupid like the Opposition) SEE this date under 2019 OCTOBER


OCT.05-2019 A)The judge lied to a very surprised Vice Admiral Norman when she said; 'You have been exonerated; you may go.' He had not been exonerated. A 'stay of proceedings' is no such thing, and the judge knew it. What happened was that the three conspired - the judge, the Crown and his own lawyer, Marie Heinen - in a deal cut the previous day which would see Norman accepting a large 'outside' settlement and resign which happened. To the media, the money makes up all shortcomings. But here is the point. Civil actions have, by definition, a settlement amount; either in or outside the court. Criminal matters such as that affecting VAdm. Norman have no such provisions. It is this divide which plagues my case and many others as courts of law toy with the civil-criminal law divide. Any time an organization feels it can never be held accountable, that’s when mistakes happen, corners are cut and things are done that are negligent or worse.  B) So the FBI and an un-named Canadian official worked the take-down of Huawei's Meng in Vancouver which has embarrassed China internationally. a) She will never see an U.S. court room as she would be assassinated first  b) Perhaps disgraced former Privy Council clerk, Michael Wernick, will get his wish as to a political assassination. After the election, either the 'un-named' official (or one of his family) will be delivered a direct message from China.  C) So Jason Kenney is in ON to help out Tory leader Scheer... help him right out, that is, as Kenney smells blood and envisages himself as the next Federal Tory leader...let's face it, he has little future with AB. D) So B.C. Premier John Hogarth has given the boot to his immigration representative...anything to do with Meng? The one whom deserves the boot is A.G. David Eby for ignoring the biggest legal disaster in Canada under Chief Justice Hinckson. SEE web  E) Don't expect to see this 'letter to the editor' get published even though it is a bombshell. SEE 2019 OCTOBER 05


OCT.04-2019 A) So when city councilor, Rick Chiarelli, began poking into the LRT (read that SNC Lavalin), all sorts of contumely was bestowed on him which he labels 'mob mentality'. Even some media types got caught up in the attack. I recognize the details of the scam against him from my own experience with the 'Old Boys Club'. B) Both local Ottawa newspapers talk about assault on educators which is on the increase (everywhere in the western world). Over a decade ago, as an educator, my wife was assaulted. The young short term principal filling in did not want to do anything but finally assigned a one-day suspension. The older regular principal on his return said that the penalty was insufficient...it should have been 3 days. Well the old guy principals are in retirement and the young guys are supposedly in charge. It is a pity that we are going the way of many U.S. schools and universities where armed guards are the order of the day but that is the effect of hiring enfeebled administrators. The question is not one of money as the Union might have you believe. It is the age-old problem of a lack of leadership. C) So AB's Jason Kenny is in town beating the Tory foreskins...oops, spell correct 'foreplayskins'. Someone should ask him about the class civil action in AB against judges 'kiting' the system as against criminal charges against same. Why should the taxpayers bail out these judges in a civil action when the proper course was to dismiss them from the bench and try them criminally?


OCT.03-2019 A) For those following the criminal trial which 'must prove beyond a reasonable doubt' the guilt of intelligent Joshua Boyle with 19 criminal charges and his fickle wife which is, essentially, a domestic dispute which the authorities should never have involved themselves; there are two possible outcomes. An honest judge will throw the case out. A political judge would keep at least one charge in order to permit their three 'jihadi children' to be kept in the U.S. where she resides. It would further justify the authorities for acting in the first place. The Decision is to be brought down on Dec. 19 just before the Xmas break which is not a good sign for Boyle.  B) While on the topic of jihadis and suicide bombers; why are so many of them males over 25? Take Happy Days where the 'Fonz' rules the nerds. But the nerds go on to graduate and create careers for themselves with the girls deserting the Fonz's of this world for good marriage prospects. In short, teen-age Muslim heroes to prospective women and families don't look so good after 25 with their diminished fortunes. Jihad suicide ventures, in this context, are an acceptable form of committing suicide.


OCT.02-2019 A) U of Ottawa President 'deeply sorry' for improper action regarding a campus guard dealing with a (black) skateboarder. Two decades ago, in response as a Supply Teacher to a black student, I said 'I don't care whether you are black, white, brown, or karky, bad behaviour is bad behaviour'.  No doubt with an apology the President lessens the University's exposure in any civil action held for the purpose but all done at the expense of the security individual whom, like others, will stop doing their jobs on U of Ottawa campus. How times have changed...and not always for the better.... B) The O.C. today has a Supplement on mental health which should be required reading for Doug Ford MPP's. My only older sister with an I.Q. of 142 died two decades ago in her outdoor cardboard hut. Substance abuse and money were not a problem...mental instability probably was explaining why my 'paltry' charity donations go to helping others. She was divorced after 25 years of marriage with no children. Too much of her life was spent on her own while her engineering husband (an old classmate from Vancouver) made it big in Silicon Valley with 70 hour work-weeks. He is now retired in Reno with his own private jet and has since re-married. I guess this is as good a time as any to announce my own separation from my wife of 45 years; good years until her retirement and sickness (polycythemia - a chronic condition related to platelate count. She now lives in a Manor where she gets the necessary medical treatment.)


OCT.01-2019 A) Columnist Candace Malcolm for the O.S. writes in detail about Trudeau's popularity at West Point Grey Academy without mentioning his last year transfer to Winston Churchill High School in Vancouver. Why did he transfer is my question? As a high school teacher, it was not unknown for high school females to get a crush on a P.E. or drama teacher with usually no consequences although sometimes matters went too far which usually occurred in this field in the schools. The key point in Malcolm's article is that there is no suggestion of improprieties on Trudeau's part which she does not note. B) The O.S. appears to have only one string to their economic bow - the Fraser Institute, to which they appear joined at the hip. C) I talk to people on my early morning walks a) the bus stop individual who fears a dislocation with LRT with telephone contacts all tied up. He will turn to a car. b) a Para Transpo driver where I worked at the turn of the millennium. I had heard of the last minute purchase (payola?) of rough riding truck bodies but the new information I gleaned was that the driver cannot make a hard right turn without backing up 3 times (creating God knows what traffic risks). c) a teacher 'sliding into retirement' which was in contrast to my wife retiring from the French School Board as an educator whom stood up at the Union meeting to support a challenge noting that while she would not benefit being near retirement, those behind would get the benefit. (I believe WWII veterans recognize that philosophy contrary to GG J. Payette of 'we, the people'.)


SEPT.30-2019 A) Election mode? Try this quote from Live By Night by Dennis Lehane (now a motion picture): 'Aldermen...and city councillors... -the shiny, smiling grubby battery that kept the city's lights on, barely. Kept the trains running and the traffic signals working, barely. Kept the populace ever aware that those services and a thousand more, big and small, could end - would end- were it not for their constant vigilance.' B) I sense the electorate have had a bellyful of media political advice and want no more yet there are 3 weeks to go of this 'fake' news. They have already made up their minds and are not saying which way they will vote and lying if pressed. C) DND blasted for unfair treatment of public servant / Case based on hearsay, employee denied right to see evidence: court. O.C. p.1 Two things are salient here; an honest judge - Russell Zinn Federal Court judge (I have had over 50 of the other kind) and the fact that while no doubt much pressure was applied by the Old Boy's Club not to publish this July 23 Decision; the media has gone ahead. In short there are too many cases where disclosure is denied in which a civil action could become a criminal one making the civil action 'null and void'. It is a bit like the flu virus skipping the pig / human genome and that would never do...In short, she was not given a meaningful right to be heard or given the opportunity to know the case against her at any stage of this process' Zinn j. added. Kangaroo Courts indeed! ...now for an exposé of a much, much bigger unresolved legal case; the 34 year employeescasecanada.ca where no compensation has been paid under the egregious imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) with strong overtones to the imposed Carbon Tax.


SEPT.29-2019 There is enough hatred in the world without the media promulgating or exploiting it. In response to my question, my coffee buddies felt that the Ottawa Sun had gone too far extolling the perp in a lengthy multi-page article with last year's terrorist attack in Toronto where  there were a number of victims. Adding to this 'poison-pen' newspaper were two recent diatribes against Justin Trudeau by Mark Bonokoski and Tarek Fatah whom, it is hoped, will see fit to 'hang up their shingle' after the Federal Election on Oct. 21. Christie Blatchford, crime writer for the National Post should do likewise. It is one thing to pillory a politician with a specific issue in mind; quite another to blast anyone in print, including a Prime Minister, solely with personal invective. I hope that Trudeau is re-elected on those grounds alone as a protest against this mindless invective demonstrated above.


SEPT.27-2019 A)The most recent National Geographic carries an article on the melting permafrost in the Arctic which unlike sea-ice, cannot be measured so it is not included in climate forecasts (makes such as the Paris Accord redundant). About a decade ago, I went to the Museum of Natural History to see a film dealing with climate change and came away with the suggestion that man is responsible for about 40% of climate change with nature carrying the balance. The central feature of the permafrost is that methane gas (25%-40% more powerful than carbon dioxide) is released and with sharp warming trends of the past few years, all predictions are off. B) Are the Tories 'peaking'? Why else would a major insider in the O.S. encourage people to go to an early vote site? Well, it could be to get people to vote twice hoping that the pre-pole will not be checked out with the Oct. 21 election day vote...recounts are based on such skulduggery.


SEPT.26-2019 A)'Just the facts', M'am, just the facts' was the by-word of 1950's Dragnet . Today, that would read, 'Just the innuendo, m'am' just the innuendo' B) This just in - massive conspiracy in B.C  SEE 2019 SEPTEMBER 2019 Sub-heading: VANCOUVER SUN for 3 page letter. C) Writer Michelle Mandel and the Sun media have chosen to write on an exclusive personal interview with last year's Toronto massacre perp despite the admonishments of some readers. Both are scum buckets in my book. P.S. The Ottawa Citizen also carried a similar interview.


SEPT.25-2019 A) Commentary: One pundit claims that one could take all the political speeches, put them in a big pot and stir as they all come out the same. And then there is the Canadian Party whose platform appears in today's Ottawa Sun which is, surprise, surprise, issue based. B) So a FBI agent conspired with an unknown Canadian to arrange for the hi-jacking of Meng in Vancouver before the RCMP and Border Guard were notified creating a world-wide loss of face for China which is assassination talk most likely to happen after the Oct. 21 election. C) I met the wife of the NDP candidate in Alta Vista (both teachers). I told her that I don't vote and contrary to the background printed message behind Liberal Christia Freeland -'Those who don't vote can't complain', I say balderdash. As a specialist in Canadian history, the Canada of 1867 is not the Canada of today where M.P.'s are an anachronism only to collect money for the political party (the existence of  political parties is not mentioned in the BNA Act) and vote 'ready, aye, ready' to the 'boys in short pants' in the Privy Council and PMO Office. In short, we should eradicate the House of Commons; elect the P.M. at large which is the focus of most voters, and make the Senate an elected body to oversee provincial concerns. The savings? About half the 15% of government costs to the taxpayer for Parliamentary functions.


SEPT.24-2019  The Perils of Words When Used for Character Assassination Epoch Times Sept.19-25 William Brooks (editor of 'The Civil Conversation' - Civitas Society) Star Chambers During such star chamber proceedings, the surprised accused becomes a stationary target. His or her past actions or remarks are amplified and distorted. Context is ignored. Motives are disparaged, and reasonable explanations are dismissed. Witnesses for the accused are frightened and discouraged. They fear the gathering mob and drift quickly away or deny their relationship with the targeted individual...'people' feel entirely justified in going along with useful fictions that scapegoat selected targets and pursue the self-interested ends of those in the dominant culture... A fable of a man whom sought redemption after maligning a rabbi was told by the latter to cut open a pillow and scatter the feathers to the wind which he did. 'Now am I forgiven?, he asked. 'Almost' said the rabbi, now go and collect the feathers. But that's impossible as the wind has dispersed the feathers, protested the sinner. 'Precisely', answered the rabbi.


SEPT.23-2019 A) That iconic photo of Scheer walking on the PEI beach with his wife should be saved for the day after the election as he contemplates his future. B) Q. Has all this news regarding Trudeau's avant garde actions changed your opinion of him? A. No; it is what I thought of him all along. Q. Will this information affect your vote? A. No.  Q. What effect do you think this exposure on Trudeau will have on the general public? A. It will reinforce the 'left' vote.

C) Young Greta Thunberg acting out at the U.N. forum on climate change much to the applause of adults reminds me of a similar action in the early 1970's with a different adult reaction: Principal near retirement - For heavens sake staff, think carefully about what you say on the topic on pollution as I have heard from students wishing to drop out of school to fight pollution.  D) So the court dismissed a charge from someone seeking information in a court trial (something the media does all the time) a) This legal billable time trial reflects the fact of 'starving lawyers' in our midst b) In the courts, the legal term is disclosure which over 50 judges in the Employee's Case refuse to provide me (minutes of 1985 West Van. School Board meeting notes in June in possession of the Board and Union) explaining why the Employer refuses to pay any compensation for 34 years now and counting. SEE 2019 RECENT 5 and September 22 (Prince Edward Island solely against the Union) for the latest caper. Sub-heading CHILLIWACK is a x-country summary of these judicial peccadilloes. E) The bloated tax-payer CBC Radio News is merely an extension of the U.S. Fox and CNN News.


SEPT.22-2019 A) Methinks I smell a rat in PEI akin to the rat which was outed under 'Saskatooney Law' which led to a fraud charge currently being lodged in NB naming the B.C legal firm concerned and 3 judges from that debacle. The variation on the theme in PEI is to send me a Registry letter without quoting the assigned File Number so that the presiding judge can thwart any hearing on the issue quoting only this Sept. 12 letter thus forever changing the legal system of Canada. All Canadian legal counsel under these circumstances should be made privy to my response this date under 2019  SEPTEMBER-2019 (SEPT. 22). B)Now that I do not have a TV, I listen to the news on CBC radio sans advertising...what a joy!  C) Students Should Not Be Encouraged to Skip School Epoch Times Sept. 19-25 The author, a high school teacher, is very much against schools permitting students to skip school to attend such as Climate protests, as do I. My STUDENT REGISTRY encourages students to make their protest at lunch hour across the street from the school in question much like every school has their own limited Remembrance Day ceremonies (during school time). For highly controversial topics, the 'unorganized students' would respect an individual member to act outside on their own of the main body. Read the details on my web as how this body can fill a gap left by provinces eradicating School Boards leaving such as Unions in a greatly weakened position.


SEPT.20-2019  A) Pick your battles; the Liberals did with the abortion issue of current interest while the Tories (and NDP) didn't by selecting the 'blackface incident' which - as even one black stated - is 20 years old with the P.M. apologizing for it and therefore of no current relevance despite the media (the other big loser) trying to excite their readership...this election is a gong show for sure.... B) Great teachers should be rewarded O.S. p. 21 John Snobelen (failed Education Minister of the Harris Gov't. 1995-2002) Everything is the fault of the Unions to our John. Let me introduce you to a much stronger Union (former columnist, Dave Brown from the same era); namely the Judicial System. Every accusation Snobelen makes against the Teachers Union could equally apply to the Judges Union which rips Canadians off on a daily basis; the Employee's Case notwithstanding...and not a peep out of the 'Snobelen's' of Canada.


SEPT.19-2019 A) Blackface: Around 1950, my father an ardent YMCA supporter, took me to a YMCA minstrel show where the blackface minstrels (there were next to no blacks in Vancouver at that time) would sit in a line of chairs and take turns standing up to tell their joke. 20 years ago, Justin Trudeau blackened his face for a Caribbean festival as a teacher at West Point Academy. That was then, this is now where the media is going apeshit over this event. (Steps had even been made to eradicate John A. MacDonald from the history books for being blatantly racist. Granted lines must be drawn such as with the Nazi persecution of the 1940's. When I was in Munich, Mexican tourist got in trouble at a tourist site for being photographed while making the Nazi salute. B) The lawn signs common to elections are, for the most part, missing in this Federal election.


SEPT.18-2019 O.S. columnist for the Tories, Brian Lilley, is right to call out the Tories for a lack of a plan regarding illicit border crossings in QC.'...That's fine, but what is the Conservative plan?.... Presumably it will be left to 'Mad Max' Bernier of the Canada First Party to give us a definitive answer.


SEPT. 17-2019  A) So a TV commentator claimed the coming Federal Election is not so much about the politicians, rather it is about the general public treating the matter as a 'gong show'.  B) So Duff Conacher's  Democracy Watch has taken a Commissioner of Lobbying to Federal Court. O.C. Financial Post Sept. 17 p. B6 Diane Francis Substitute 'Judge' for 'Commissioner' and the reader has the same story for the Employee's Case. SEE this date under 2019 SEPTEMBER-2019 for full text. C) Opening of the new Ottawa LRT has shown the disconnect with bus services. Too bad they had not tried an elevated route on Wellington similar to Vancouver's Skyway which works wonders and used the savings from a tunnel to extend the line to its ultimate destination. Further, people still have to get to their offices downtown on winter's slippery sidewalks. Commuter trolleys could circumnavigate the inner core to lessen the danger.


SEPT.16-2019 An action against the two Defendants - Employer and Union - is being filed in Chilliwack, B.C. which has an extender related to judicial fraud in the courts. A copy is being sent to P.M. Trudeau & GG J. Payette. SEE 2019 SEPTEMBER Sub-heading: JUDICIAL FRAUD which includes a 22 page compendium of pertinent points from all actions...quite a read.


SEPT.15-2019 A) Cause & Effect? So long-time Ottawa Councillor, Rick Chiarelli, has been 'outed' as having a 'pretty girl' fetish. The outing follows on his sending two young workers to chat up the bar hounds in Blind River to see what they could find out about SNC Lavalin's bid to dismantle the nuclear reactor which has sent the environmentalists viral. B) So the Ford government is claiming that they have already cut the ON deficit in half. By claiming the debt was much higher than it is, this phantom cutting is unlikely to fool the investors of ON gov't. debt. In addition, they include 'planned cuts' which have not materialized and unlikely to do so as the workers are now at war with the Ford gov't. It is a little like the military where soldiers must obey orders which they do including unpopular orders which they interpret in such fashion so that the commander wishes that he had never given a specified order in the first place. C) I still have not heard from the ON court/gov't. or GG Payette as to why the court will not set a hearing date for a filed case dating from last July when the Ford gov't. took power. Nor has Payette commented on a similar failure of the Victoria court to assign a court date against the Union on a filed case nor on the prolonged delay of the MB court to assign a file number to an action against both the Employer & Union. NB is not responding to the very serious fraud accusations against B.C.'s Harris & Co. including references to 3 judges in Saskatoon and AB. Payette's failure, particularly on that latter account, explains why I requested P.M. Trudeau to dismiss her. Disclosure which the courts and over 50 judges have denied me in this unresolved case for 34 years (therefore, no compensation) is at the root cause as to why Justice Canada has imploded and continues to do so on a daily basis in many other cases. And not to be left out, PEI has filed my case against the Union there (including the usual call for disclosure) with this caveat; the Defendant must file a Defense on a mailed charge before a hearing date is assigned which, of course, is preposterous. Which Defendant will ever respond under those conditions thus voiding an action against themselves. Even the laws are specific on that point...if you do not respond as a Defendant, judgment may be taken against you (and usually is). 'Saskatooney' law attempted this stunt earlier which is now, as pointed out, a topic in NB. 2004 PLACARD: A PARADOX: THE LAW IS BROKE YET PLENTY FIXED AS IT IS ...Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive....


SEPT.14-2019 A) As readers of this site know, I do not vote with a recommendation that we scrap the House of Commons and elect the P.M. at large. An elected Senate would complete the picture of a country far, far different from 1867 and the BNA Act. However, everything is moot until Justice Canada is brought to heel. B) This election is sillier than previous ones as embarrassed commentators seem to exemplify as they flog a dead horse - few are directly interested in the politics of 2019 as they have far too many problems of personal debt and will grab onto any life buoy thrown to them = Liberal re-election. C) A full page article in the O.S. today glorifying the promotion of your business with 'Pay-Day Loans' (and their exorbitant interest charges). In the upper left hand corner in very small print against a grey background was the word, advertisement. These wall-to-wall bandits on every block in vulnerable areas of Ottawa are a curse as even the City Councilors concede as they rob the desperate poor.


SEPT.13-2019 A) The Tories have a basic disconnect which the voters are all aware: (Scheer) 'Who do you trust so that you can get ahead' is for only those employed people after others are victimized by job cuts to deal with fiscal cut-backs. B) The NDP's Jagmeet Singh is remiss in a different sense claiming that government needs to do more. But where is 'more' when it comes to the Justice Canada depredations in the Employee's Case in which he has turned his back similar to all other politicians (and media)? Unlike the other two Parties, the Liberals make no bones about building their castle on sand (the budget will resolve itself), they can still expect to win the election in October just by keeping their heads down which they cannot do if the Employee's Case becomes a public issue. C) Yikes! Xmas Newsletter preparation time. See this date under SEPTEMBER 2019


SEPT.12-2019 A) So the Privy Clerk won't hand over information on Lavscam to the RCMP...easy answer; the RCMP should arrest him for 'obstruction of justice' (work around Cabinet secrecy). B) Joshua Boyle and his wife of Afghanistan kidnapping fame, has found himself with 19 criminal charges against him (in hopes that at least one will stick to save face for the authorities). It is a typical domestic dispute based on 'he said, she said,' based on the proverbial 'race to the phone' to gain advantage. These charges should never have been laid and the presiding Judge should throw the case out. C) Another legal billable time exercise (2 years) relates to a police officer and the death of an admittedly very strange immigrant. 58 days for the crown presentation with a half day for the Defense pointing out the 'aggressor gloves' worn by the officer in question were purchased by the police Department plus the evidence of an off-duty Para-medic on scene testifying as to the medical appearance of the sick perp. D) Which reminds me of my 11 day Arbitration in 1985 in which the Defense took a half-day to point out that the Imposed BILL 35 was, as stated in the Bill, in addition to the Schools Act and did not replace any provisions there-in. It was for teacher lay-off based solely on economic factors (which they didn't have). The Court quashed the arbitration favouring the West Vancouver School Board and ruled the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I have been left in limbo since for 34 years without any compensation due to judicial cupidity.


SEPT.11-2019  A) So 'latter-day hippy, Premier Brian Pallister was re-elected. I am still awaiting court response from my re-filed factum on June 18-2019. SEE web: 2019 JUNE MANITOBA (revised)  Also see SEPTEMBER this date for NEWSLETTER with additions to Teachers in B.C. (basic text at top) with additions to AB, SK, MB and NB. The action in NB with the Irving dominated gov't. and courts is against B.C. legal firm Harris & Co. and un-named conspirators in the Saskatoon court system plus Alberta (3 judges and other functionaries) in a matter of fraud. That action is significantly different from other actions limited to calling for disclosure although disclosure is still at the heart of the issue here. It is a charge of mammoth dimensions and goes without any acknowledgment since June 14-2019


SEPT.10-2019 A) Yup, it is her alright...former SCofC judge, Marie Deschamp, whom was just assigned legal oversight executive powers of  CSIS and the RCMP. How do I know her? She was one of the 3 judges in 2004 (June 10) whom rejected my petition on the theme of 'ultimate remedy' (the whole purpose of a court) prompting my legal counsel at that time, Ottawa's Paul Conlin, (see his account (web) on the patently unreasonable B.C. Labour Board) to pronounce to me...'You have exhausted all remedy under the law'. That is when Canada's legal system collapsed. To bastardize Winston Churchill; 'Some appointment, some legal oversight'.... B) One of the better kept legal secrets is how the SCofC operates. For example, 'slow Moe' of SK in appealing the Carbon Tax finding, thinks that if only he could persuade one judge to change her mind in the 3-2 vote against SK, he wins. Unless the Tories win a majority - and even then - that isn't going to happen. The secret? Oh, Justice Canada decides beforehand how the ruling is to go and in controversial cases such as the Carbon Tax, the judges are told that the vote is to go 3-2 in favour of one pre-judged side with the judges only deciding how the 5 positions will be divided among themselves.


SEPT.07-2019 A) 'Teacher Unions major impediment to better public education' O.S. p.23 John Snobelen (Education Minister in the ill-fated Harris government from 1995 to 2002 and widely considered one of the worst Education Ministers ever) While there is much to admire in the rural values of Snobelen; his thinking is ill-suited to complex city environments. From my teaching background, I could demolish his myriad points on education but I will quote only one of his observations here: '...remember that teacher unions stand firmly against better schools....' What twaddle!  B) PLACARD: RABID OTTAWA SUN ANTI-EMPLOYEE  C) ARE YOU REALLY SAFER WITH CCTV? O.C. Tom Spears Sept. 7-2019 D7 Answer: Yes & No from someone who sold alarm systems in the 1990's. At the Ottawa Home Show, my spiel was that an alarm system protects one against 90% of the 'smash & grab thieves' as experts can get around anything. (Also note that personal protection is omitted as any perp can do the damage and be gone inside of 5 minutes.) If your alarm is ringing, the intruder is already inside your premise. Your goal is to get him off the premise as quickly as possible. My older contractor son has the right answer with a coded entry gate and nine cameras (not to mention two Rottweillers - friendly but I still would not like to surprise them in the dark.) which are linked in real time to his cell phone so he can access his property from any location in and off the property. In short, it is the quality of the monitoring which counts. In the Byward Market, increased foot police patrols are the best answer. This brings me to another question; the theft of high level trucks recently where secure measures do not exist such as the one described above. Why not? Consider yourself an auto dealer going broke due to lack of sales. The Car Company demands that you raise the money to finance the number of cars sent to you. In short, are we looking at an insurance scam? (Even where the cars are on consignment, there are similar problems). It is similar to those boats placed on a trailer facing the main road with a For Sale sign (please steal me).


SEPT.05-2019 After all these years and many submissions, the Canadian Judicial Council actually got back to me...and what twaddle it is. SEE 2019 SEPTEMBER-2019 this date.


SEPT.04-2019 Trudeau was 'skunkered' by a 'gotcha' TV host asking about his trade of military vehicles to Saudi Arabia. His response was to meet him with 'steely' eyes which is better than stepping in the doo doo. My response would have been that in an ideal world all countries would trade only with countries of impeccable moral standings. In the real world that is not the case as world trade functions on a global basis where a number of countries have less than a sterling human rights record. Canada has to live within that fold. In the case of the military vehicles to Saudi Arabia, a contract already existed as established by the former Conservative government so that the Liberals did not have as free a hand as we would liked to have possessed in inheriting the contract. Intervening events have challenged us to re-evaluate our relationship with Saudi Arabia on all levels which is ongoing. For example, we still purchase oil from them. In short, it is not a topic we can deal with in a linear fashion as you would wish.


SEPT.03-2019 Regrettably, the type of response to the PEI Registry (of the Potato Patch mentality) against the B.C. Teachers Union for disclosure in order that I may collect compensation (none paid in 34 years) is not atypical as I have sent many such letters to Registries no doubt under the control of directives from Chief Justices. SEE 2019 SEPTEMBER 03-2019


SEPT.02-2019 A) Apparently B.C. provides school credits for membership in such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Consider this story. As an adult in a Summer School French Immersion course at UBC, I paid full fees. Also in the class were a few European students whom had their travel expenses and accommodation (on campus) paid for along with this free course for which attendance was taken. Letters were sent out a couple of times for non-attendance. Let's face it, lying out on the beach is far more appealing to 15 year olds. What appears to be a good idea on the drawing board in B.C. is likely to end in grief. A similar problem developed in ON high school placements with carefully selected students of high calibre which ended up as a disaster when the program was opened to all students. Employers, for example, dropped out from sponsorship when they were sent non-performing students. B) More American teachers are arming themselves in the classroom. I could not and would not work in such a school. And to think that such as the Fraser Institute keeps idolizing American Charter Schools.


SEPT.01-2019 A) Worth reading: O.S. columnist A. Furey p.16 on how 'Wreck-It Ralph (Goodale) exploits the media in a propaganda war for election purposes. Another column worth reading O.S columnist C. Malcolm p.16 good theme 'mass immigration without integration in support of Maxime Bernier's billboard 'say no to mass migration' which were removed due to left wing hysteria. B) Due to the media boycott for anything under my name, I often e-mail  columnists with pertinent observations. One such is Brian Lilley, a Ford gov't. supporter. For example he implies that teachers are lining up for well-paying ON jobs in contradiction of the fact that 60 classrooms in Northern ON have no teacher on opening day. In QC, it is worst; two School Districts in Montreal are short 100 teachers each. C) His column today: Fed's jury tampering / Meddling with selection could cause big problems concludes 'It's time to go back to the old way, the one that has served our system well and stop with the meddling when it comes to juries.' He quotes various lawyers in claiming that too much power is being placed in the hands of the judges: '...The judge is the referee of the trial and having the ref pick one of the teams leaves questions...' D) PM Campbell's anti-Trump tweet truly classless (I'm rooting for a direct (storm) hit on Mar-a Lago) It didn't take us Vancouverites long to realize that the ascending Kim Campbell on the School Board was a twit. Columnist Adrienne Batra p.12 details the 'twitdom of her life. This Tory P.M. 'for a day' is Liberal Trudeaus pick for advising on Supreme Court of Canada appointments...how can one say politics is at root of that action? Besides, the Privy Council will tell her whom to appoint - that's what she is paid for...The bad news is that means she'll be looking for relevance in other places. You've been warned. E) What the Tory Ottawa Sun needs, but hasn't got for obvious reasons, is a column describing the voter as an idiot for giving so much support to the Liberals: PLACARD: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS (I don't vote) F) Trump will triumph over the aging Sanders and Biden (my age). We do tend to bumble along at our age...gee, was that the accelerator or the brake I stomped on?...what's this - a nuclear button? I thought it was a push button for the toilet...son of a gun...you just have to laugh over that bumble...hot chocolate, anyone?...where is it? Now that is what is important to our senior generation.


SEPT.01-2019  A) Newsletter castigating the legal authorities in the Employee's Case. SEE 2019 SEPTEMBER-2019  B) 'Help a starving criminal lawyer' doesn't exactly generate public sympathy but if a reader is wondering why a number of criminal cases in ON have been given erratic judicial treatment recently thus provoking re-examination of earlier judgments for other cases (more public financial costs), a suspicious reader might just conclude that the judges are trying to drum up business for the courts. TV advertisements reveal the problem in civil suits with one lawyer claiming that the client does not pay unless he wins. And what if he loses? The client is still stuck with the bill for the defendant side. About the only upside is that this lawyer will not take a case unless it is a 'slam dunk' which includes his decision to 'settle out of court' (90% of the cases). If I had my way, precedent law would be scrapped from the lower courts depending solely on the laws of the land with only the SCofC depending on precedent law. 500 word legal factums are usually provided as lawyers like to charge according to the volume of filed materials and hence serve little purpose. 'Up the scumbag litigation lawyers' everyone should proclaim...and throw in a judge or two to boot! C) I figure the anonymous editorial writer for the Sun Media has been responsible for driving more votes into the Liberal fold which he obviously detests. So it comes as no surprise that 'Mr. Anonymous' is now Chief of Staff for the Ford government which makes the bull in the China shop look tame! D) I didn't get the answer that I was looking for from coffee buddies; namely, what's wrong with this sign I saw on TV regarding a high number of suicides on a Reserve: DON'T SELL METH Ans: It should read Don't buy Meth. The Chief was weeping crocodile tears over the problem...we need help...(send more money). What he could have said was that as all cargo and people come into this isolated area by air, the RCMP should prescreen all flights for narcotics


AUG.30-2019 Ottawa's LRT -the transitway to nowhere awaiting extensions is slated to open Sept. 14. As a former Para-transpo driver, I have some knowledge of the city; the basic concept is that people in the East travel to downtown as do those in the West. Very few go from W to E. If I had designed the LRT, I would not have built through 'expensive' downtown keeping the units at the respective edge of town with jitneys circulating the downtown core for the pedestrians whom must now walk a few blocks to their business which is not feasible in the winter; certainly not for the handi-capped. Before, with the buses, workers could go directly to their destination in downtown Ottawa but must make at least two transfers with the LRT to a residential parking lot. With the money saved, the southern LRT could have been completed the 2 miles to the airport and the East and West LRT lines could have been extended to their ultimate destinations in Kanata and Orleans.


AUG.29-2019 A) Why Can't we react? O.S. p.1 'Systemic Failures' re the murder of 3 older women living in an isolated rural area by a violent man known closely to all 3 in which he is now serving a life's sentence. It reminds me of the story many decades ago of a Vancouver divorcee with children getting an injunction against her violent boy friend and when asked, on one occasion, why she still let him into her apartment? 'So I can call the police if I want him to go and he refuses.' The article quotes extensively from a female questioning the lack of leadership - whose, we don't know - by this person of vague intelligence. As the student evaluation of me in 1985 had it...Mr. Callow was always willing to help those who helped themselves....but I guess that was a different world. B) Another different world. My printer is on the fritz. STAPLES, where I have the first year guarantee with Brother and the second year beginning shortly with Staples told me to phone 1-800-Brother which I did only to be told that this particular number is not available in this area. Will Staples repair what appears to be a minor problem? Nope. We just replace the whole machine I am told (in about a week's time). With this immutable logic, it is clear that I belong to the Age of the Dinosaurs...and proud of it.


AUG.28-2019 A) So 75% of those polled want the new Ottawa police chief with Jamaican origins to curb homicides with guns. The perps will just turn to knives as demonstrated by Britain; (also Japan?). The only answer is 'carding' to get weapons off the street which is beginning to creep back into police action much to the consternation of some ethnic groups. The point is that there is no defense against bodily attack as it is over in 5 minutes long before any police can arrive on the scene...just send the 'meat-wagon'. B) Few tourists  are aware of the Canadian government advisory to observe a 'high level' of security for anyone travelling anywhere in Mexico...you won't see that notice in the glossy travel folders. C) Also in very fine print on a Walmart sale of Canon PIXMA printers for $30 (ink not included) ...that's an additional $100. Or how about this sly real estate caper (and a number are occurring these days): A Real Estate Sign in front of a condo complex was complemented by a second sign further down when the unit was sold implying that two units were sold; not the just single one. D) Jared Diamond in his new study of 5 evolving major countries; Upheaval (2019) points out the polarizing effect of the digital age; particularly on the Left in Universities. By friending only like-minded believers and unfriending opponents in this digital age, clients listen only to their own point of view thus re-enforcing extremism. E) Ottawa area Tory M.P. Pierre Poilievre has a TV advertisement which makes no mention of a 'Tory team' or its Leader, Andrew Sheer.


AUG.27-2019  I spoke to an Ottawa early educational assistant at the photocopy centre planning for the re-opening of Schools in Sept. I asked her for the biggest challenge in a year where last years budget is being retained. 'No support' she said which is a reflection of the appointment all over North America of

Milquetoast administrators whom lay whatever blame is going around onto the backs of teacher's which is the major reason why I do not recommend anyone take up teaching. All one does is make oneself sick. The Ford gov't. is not to be blamed for this state of affairs in ON but looming budget cuts will overpower a system which is already weak administratively.


AUG.26-2019 A) Did you know that Japan has the biggest debt per capita of any industrialized country, bigger even that of Greece? But here is the difference. Japan owes it internally to pension funds, etc. and therefore cuts deals while the debt of Greece is to foreign investors. All of which explains Trudeau's infrastructure bank (pension funds) and QC pension fund investment in Bombardier. As for the owners or managers, they do not risk their money directly; rather they charge exorbitant management fees...even the bank CEO's are part of this wealthy 2%: PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION IS PARKED? The powerful private ON Teachers Pension Fund created in 1990 can guarantee beginning teachers a pension 30 years down the road. It takes 5 employed teachers (1990) to support one retiree) Today that figure is more like 1 to 1 leaving the TPF to make up the difference with investments returning 10% which, in an economic downturn, is unsustainable plus the numbers of retirees is ever increasing. Still better than your average work pension which will not be there when one retires. Now one can see how Trudeau can claim that 'the debt will solve itself' meaning that the top 2% employers are enriched on the backs of the working slobs. B) The breakdown in the U.S. is mainly based on two federally disparate political parties with the individual states retaining 'residual powers' in their Federal System (cause of Civil War in 1860's). In Canada, 'residual powers' - due to the U.S. Civil War experience - remain in the hands of the Federal government. That is the significance of the imposed Carbon Tax explaining why SK (3-2 judicial votes) and ON (4-1 votes) lost their cases. (I feel bad about ON losing as they had previously closed down coal-firing plants at great cost to the electrical prices.) The gov't. aim is more than just collecting a tax (or fee); they want control over all provincial legislation. QC did it with the 'notwithstanding clause' to enact head-gear changes. My suggestion? Scrap Parliament as M.P.'s are merely fund raisers and there to vote 'ready, aye, ready' while the Privy Council and PMO run Canada. Restructure the Senate to be elected and in charge of provincial concerns with a P.M. to be elected at large (much like a President). Until then, oppose imposed legislation like the plague as it places the cart before the horse in which the Judiciary do not serve in an oversight role of legislation=tyranny. Of course Justice Canada, as the Employee's Case has shown, also places the cart before the horse i.e. the Decision is 'in' even before the judge walks into the courtroom; it was ever thus in Canada's strongest Union (columnist Dave Brown from a few decades ago.) C) If the Tories had dumped Harper when they had the chance, they would have been re-elected in 2015. Cannibalizing Scheer publicly may be a backroom ploy to seize the Party before the election similar to what happened to Brown in ON.


AUG.25-2019  A) Councilor Diane Deans, the new Ottawa City police commissioner wants to be mayor. Two decades ago after I retired from Paratranspo (now taken in house with OC Transpo), I learned from a senior driver privy to the affairs of those times that the basic problem was that Deans is a screw-up, a point of view with which I am inclined to agree. My point currently was that Deans should either endorse the criminal charge against the police Union leader or drop it as it is costing the city much money for no gain. By being one of the few councilors opposing the incumbent mayor, it would not suit her needs to have Steve Bell, a 'policeman's policeman' with full knowledge of the needs of Ottawa's police force, to deal with. Far better to get an unknown, namely, a 'touchy feely' Jamaican origin police officer from Toronto where Deans can run the show behind the scene. We just got rid of one like that with Chief Bordeleau. To bastardize Churchill: some chicken selection committee; some chicken neck appointee. B) Offending thoughts? Call Google's PC police O.S. U.S. columnist Michelle Malkin p.20 '-who needs foreign enemies? China ain't got nuthin' on America's 'Don't Be Evil' thought control freaks.' In brief, the powers that be such as Justice Canada in 2014 in the Employee's Case, 'buy' Google executives for preferential listings; something Google was fined $1.7 billion dollars in Europe recently. Malkin has been a target of this kind of ghosting along with her conservative-minded cohorts since 2006. Today she is largely out of the mainstream due to this piece of malfeasance. Dropping Facebook and Twitter is one way the consumer can fight back.



AUG.24-2019  A) How short is the public attention span, you ask? If the Ottawa Sun is any example...the public cannot remember one day to the next accounting for why Friday's edition was replicated for this Saturday. What happened? Try this explanation. The Sun is unionized. Labour unrest could mean that the production line passed one over the supervisor by replicating yesterday's newspaper...great hi-jinks, eh wot? B) Clear out of the stock market...NOW. When the Recession/Depression hits, the big guys will have the Mutual Funds write them a paycheck on the spot while the other 90% won't be able to extract their money...but, but, we'll sue!...with what, they have your money and any suit takes up to a year to be heard in court.  C) The U.S. is using former President Reagan's 'Star War's' fiction approach to break the Chinese in a war fought with tariffs rather than bullets. The USSR bought into Reagan's fake arming space with nuclear weapons and spent themselves into insolvency by 1989 by trying to keep up. The Chinese economy is highly vulnerable as they are caught trying to convert to a 'consumer economy' with the very real possibility of civil war; the U.S. objective being to undermine China's 'soft power' encroaching on the world. The U.S. will not remain unscathed as the Fed rate in 2008 was over 5% giving the banks lee-way to bail out the Lehman Brothers thus forestalling a major Depression. Currently the rate is under half that amount with no parallel opportunity to bail out the economy. Trump would have the Feds cut their rate in half again to bolster his presidential fortunes in 2020. If we are to borrow an analogy from the Great Depression of the 1930's, it was ended with the outbreak of WWII. There are any number of powder kegs available for the purpose in the world especially Turkey under its current strongman with membership in NATO while one and at the same time courting Russia and taking on the Kurds and Syrians. (Interesting side point; in the 'fake' arbitration later quashed by the courts dealing with my illicit senior West Vancouver teacher lay-off in 1985 which still remains unresolved, there was no suggestion that I did not have 'background' in my topic area. So I was nailed on 'questioning technique'. I had apparently not learned the single most important aspect of questions - when not to ask them!)


AUG.23-2019 A) (Interview with 'Baywatch' Pamela Anderson) O.S. p.16 ...what's the worst advice you ever got? To do something for money or for fame that meant going against things I believed in. Well, I guess that eliminates politicians and corporate executives completely and most wage earners. Add to that 'judges' as evidenced by the Employee's Case and one comes completely round circle. B) So the ON budget increased from $15 billion to $29 billion under the Liberals and now, after the Ford gov't. cuts, is slated for $31 billion. Where are the savings in that? Considering the shortage of employees, many vacating the education fold cannot be replaced even if the gov't. wanted to. The problem, in short, may be inverted in ways never conceived before.


AUG.22-2019 A) My coffee-buddy and I agree; namely that the 'letters to the editor' section in the local newspapers are telling the news putting to shame, in that process, the columnists and reporters. In that regard, can exposure of the Employee's Case be far behind? To be sure it is long overdue. B) TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Sub-heading under 2019 AUGUST-2019 Detailed Court Registry actions across Canada  C) So the Ford Gov't. at this late date reverse course by leaving the high school model on the old pattern for the 2019-20 school year after School Boards made their September Decisions made in June as per custom based on the new Ford cut-backs. It is this gross case of unreliability which is going to sink Ontario and Conservative fortunes across Canada. D) While on the topic of schools, did you know that Japan has the highest literacy rate in the world at 99% in a country with the fewest billionaires? The U.S., in contrast, has the most billionaires with an education system - outside of the elite - which is the 'pits' but emulated by such as the Fraser Institute. Innovative Finland is among the wealthy nations today with an education system also right at the top. Korean students voluntarily do an additional hour of homework after school hours. Where's the basic problem, in my opinion? Bureaucrats of limited intelligence promoted because they are of no threat to the boss. In any crisis situation, personal or national, admission of the problem is the first step. President Obama, at his inauguration in the answer to the 10 year old girl's question 'How do I get into a good school?' was 'to ensure that all students should be able to get into a good school'. Of course, good schools are busy freezing out the 'undesirables' leaving Obama and his ilk with asking 'What to do with the bad schools? which normally comes down to blaming the poor quality of teachers (a major problem in the U.S. with widely disparate pay scales; a problem Canada avoids as all professional teachers are paid on much the same scale.) Politically, the Ford gov't. with its retrograde step as noted above, wins the 'blithering idiots' award.


AUG.20-2019 A) For as long as I can remember, it was not unknown for some staff to receive student nuisance calls at home in the evening. The 1990's with its 'ident-i-call' features put an end to it. Even with the introduction of the internet, nuisance messages had schools not identifying their staff (other than the obligatory staff photo) nor contact e-mail addresses. Lists of teachers and their phone numbers were carefully guarded by schools. That's all changed as now individual teachers have their own web sites and addresses as nuisance messages can now be traced back to the originator. My concern? Students and parents contacting the teacher at night asking the very question which was already dealt with in the classroom. In the past, students would contact their classmates leaving the teacher with a certain degree of privacy for herself and her family. To me, it smacks of those bosses whom think nothing of calling their underlings at home at any time - weekend, holidays or nights. B) While I am on the topic of schools, I was amazed to see one U.S. School having difficulty collecting on the lunch-room accounts of students. All operations which I was familiar with only took cash. For hungry students, a breakfast program of healthy foods were provided free. ...talk about creating credit card welshers early! Probably this is the same type of school which will not sell soft drinks showing how their administration is being responsible. C) In ON, 60 teaching positions in the North are still vacant...retired teachers will be called to pick up the slack in an age where teaching has lost its lustre; particularly with men. In Alberta, 'Outcomes-based Reporting' is displacing percentage ratings plus comment on Report Cards confusing not only parents but the teachers through myriad interpretations. In Administration, for example, Professional Reports on Teachers are of two simple types; 'Satisfactory' or 'Less Than Satisfactory' requiring further action in the latter case. (In my case, I caught an administrator changing his Report from a Positive to a Negative in this regard but rather than charge him with fraud, I was 'laid-off' under the neophyte imposed BILL 35 - B.C. 1985 in a 34 year unresolved legal case which broke the back of Justice Canada but remains hidden from the public due to a national media boycott.)


AUG.19-2019 A) So what's the big deal...a Cabinet Minister gets demoted which is a fairly common occurrence in all governments. Even Corporations have their dismissals in which the target leaves 'for reasons of family'. The only difference here is the public exposure Raybould-Wilson is getting plus the mention of 3 former SCofC Justices acting in conjunction with LAVSCAM. Even here there is nothing new as these judges are merely doing what they did on a daily basis while acting on behalf of the SCofC...the Employee's Case is proof positive of that. It is really just a matter of a myopic media catching up to what the legal fraternity and an increasing number of citizens had known all along: PLACARD: 1) CANADA'S 'ELASTIC DEMOCRACY'  2) RCMP 'A SPENT FORCE' B) Joe Biden and I are of the same age with both of us suffering the same memory problems. Neither one of us should be leaders of a country. C) I met the electrician for 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood' (my doppelganger) while travelling in Alaska. 'He's the same off-stage as on,' he opined. Roger's famous phrase 'I like you just the way you are' ...as a target, could have been a product of his war years as a sniper. In that regard, one other U.S. preacher I met on a trip to Britain did not wish his connection to the Green Berets known. It was a different time although I recall an O.C. series asking such questions as...'Does God sanction violence?' which got the various religious leaders going apeshit. Certainly, the Old Testament God was forever 'smiting' those whom crossed him but this is the age of the 'loving Christ' even though the 4th Century AD leader whom made Christianity a state religion (after smiting the gnostics or 'jesus followers') believed Jesus to be a God of War...one just cannot win in this messy world of ours. D) So 'Randy Andy' (Prince Andrew) would not drop his connection with 'friend' Epstein after the latters first conviction which it was strongly recommended he do. Now he gets to stand up in a New York courtroom and defend his deceased friend before he gets charged in turn. Similar to 'Diana' in the 1990's, it's a job for the SAS of Britain...oh these messy royals!


AUG.18-2019 A) Letter to P.M. Trudeau calling for the dismissal of Governor General Julie Payette  SEE 2019  AUGUST-2019 this date. B) So 'Randy Andy' (Prince Andrew) of pedophile Epstein connection has been squirreled away with wife and family to a luxurious resort to regain noble stature all typical of a Shakespearean play with its 'nobility bullshit' eagerly lapped up by the commoners of his day (no internet). Trouble is, this is not the Renaissance and 'enablers' (which include the Pope whom prays for all souls including pedophile priests) are not being excused. The hapless women's movement with their annual 'win back the night' (which, it is submitted here, is counterproductive by creating more grief for women) would do well to shift their focus to winning back both the day and night by pillorying pedophiles and their enablers (i.e. Hillary Clinton - 'lock her up'). I am currently reading Shakespeare's  Titus Andronicus from the hindsight of advanced years (78) contrasting it to my university days (a course in Shakespeare and a cameo appearance in Henry IV) and teaching experience with the usual high school novels, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, MacBeth, by our 'first psychologist' based on entertainment (Freud the second with the notion of an ordered sub-conscious mind). Conclusion? The local nature of life in which all knowledge could be known (Renaissance Man) has been displaced by the 'specialist' of today and a more consequent disjunctive universe. In short, no comparison. The hapless media would, similar to the Pope, invite their readers to place their faith in the 'vote' as the be-all and end-all for the protection of democracy and censure in that process, any issue considered inimical to media interests to that end...no wonder they are going over the 'lemming cliff'...(I know, I know, it was a Disney stunt). C) ...it's all in the timing... the Letter to the Editor had it right...the Dion 'ethics report on Trudeau' was delivered too early to affect the Oct. election.


AUG.17-2019  A) So pedophile and pimp, Epstein, was 'suicided' according to the coroner and something else according to the FBI. Considering the legal cases against him do not require his presence (records plus other witnesses suffice),to whom was the real message? Why, his enablers of course...blab and you could meet a similar fate. Now that former President Bill Clinton cannot cite 'executive privilege'; being called to the stand could be interesting in that regard. It all reminds me of how former President JFK's brain disappeared from his corpse on the plane back to Washington from Dallas in 1963. Trump was to reveal those details 50 years after the event and hasn't...I guess he wants his brain to remain in its corpse...preferably while he is still alive... The fate of Clinton's brain is a different story for Trump. B) RCMP GRILLED JWR(aybould) B. Lilley p.6 So Lilley caught the RCMP misleading the investigation of SNC Lavalin and concludes with this line...If that doesn't warrant an RCMP investigation, then I don't know what does. my comment: Sure you do, Brian, by publishing how the failure of the RCMP to investigate how the Employee's Case led to the demise of JUSTICE CANADA. C) ...It is this element of deception, as I said, that takes us into new territory... Andrew Coyne National Post NP 4 on Lavscam  my comment: another one whom writes like a boy scout...'deception' pervades the Justice System as repeatedly told on the web site: employeescasecanada.ca the latest of which 2019 AUGUST NEW BRUNWICK FRAUD shows how a B.C. Legal firm conspired recently with the Saskatoon Courts where the names of three judges are listed.


AUG.16-2019 A) Rome was not built in a day...nope, it was built 'lawn by lawn'. Here's the story. On my early morning walk, I encountered a homeowner (black female of about 40  in a largely white community whom I have never seen before) calling out to me: 'Don't spit; it's a dirty habit' Admittedly she is correct as I have been known to clear my throat while walking and spitting on grass alongside. I apologized and carried on my way and now will not spit on her lawn. Considering the corner house location with multiple trees, methinks this dear householder has her work cut out for her as it is a popular whizzing stop for dogs. But, hey, one has to start somewhere...lawn by lawn....  B) The Tory columnists are ecstatic over the Ethics Commissioner's Report condemning Trudeau...they shouldn't be as it will be the usual 'ho hum' reaction from a jaded public. Columnist Brian Lilley, for example, raises the horror of having future P.M.'s phoning judges for a favourable decision. Doesn't work that way, Brian, if you were to read my website. The P.M. (or his factotum) merely contacts the Chief Justice and everything proceeds from there 'according to plan'. 'Why, why, these columnists sputter', surely the RCMP will lay charges won't they?...won't they? The new motto for the RCMP after the northern murder and culprit suicide prolonged episode; is The RCMP always catch the perp...after he is stone cold dead. C) The Oct. Election is going to be determined by the ON '905' vote with people whom are working and do not look forward to 'not working' such as many secondary school teachers in the Special Needs having been cut to meet Ford's guidelines. It is a disaster in the making for the Tories. The Sun Media can expect to close shop in such an eventuality if the Tories do not win. Currently Post Media is borrowing money at over 8% to pay bond owners with money being raised with new bonds of borrowed money. That is unsustainable as many U.S. newspapers have found out by closing down. Public TV political shows are next if their 'adult diaper' ads disappear.


AUG.16-2019 News item that the ON high school teachers will not strike on the first day of school is misleading...what about succeeding days? The point of being there on the first day is to ensure their September salary; sometimes with an advance on Sept. 15 after a cash starved summer. The high school teachers also wish to show the parents how cutting out the entire special needs program with massive teacher lay-offs to meet Ford gov't. financial objectives will impact the school system (unworkable). The Ford gov't. proposes a 1% teacher salary increase for each of the next 3 years...good luck with that one. I am reminded of former U.S. President Ronald Regan (d) giving in to the powerful unions in the 1980's only to take it out on the vulnerable air traffic controllers...these are the farces we live by. Teacher strikes in the modern world of two working parents 'just trying to make ends meet' have repercussions far beyond the actual strike as students must be provided for outside of schools. The gov't for their part, cannot hire 'scabs' as beginning teachers in University are heading away in droves from teaching. (Quite apart from the particular ON situation, I would not recommend anyone to take up teaching with the current social model for administrators where teachers find themselves 'on their own'.)


AUG. 15-2019 A) Letter to Editor O.S.p.16 SCARY POLITICAL WORLD 'It appears these days that with the perception of corruption on so many different fronts - and for such a long time now-it is considered normal. How come Canadians are not demanding more from our politicians in finding out the truth? (Oh, but I am amid a media boycott on a major issue. RC) When politicians do raise any concerns, they are either fired or moved to a meaningless position. (Got it in one; same with whistleblowers. RC) It seems there are only consequences for those who appear to be honest. (ethical Roger here, sir). Now that's scary. Pete McLellan Brockville (The Employee's Case is more than scary; it is an apocalyptic vision of Canada's moral collapse under Justice Canada: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE. B)'...Ten weeks before a federal election, we believe voters will read this damning report (how Trudeau put undue pressure on A.G. Jody Wilson-Raybould now an Independent) and fire Trudeau. O.S. editorial p.16 Forget Trudeau, if you want to fire anyone, it should be the bureaucrats in the Privy Council and the Chief Justice of the SCofC. As for making a heroine out of Wilson-Raybould as the media would do for their own purposes to 'get out the vote' (disclosure: I don't vote any longer RC); nothing could be further from the truth for the P.M. and Privy Council merely did to her what she did to others (including this writer in 2016). Physician media...heal thyself first....


AUG.14-2019 A) 'It is the business of the courts to make business for itself'...How else can one explain the Montreal judge's action to approve a class action regarding racism which was accompanied on TV with a police takedown of a (black) pimp-prostitution in the middle of the night? B) In that regard on legalities, I earlier wrote about a condominium refusing to pay a contractor for snow-removal overage as agreed on. They lost the $180,000 action. On Appeal, they won because the lower court judge did not include one concept. The proper format under such circumstances, is for the Appeal Court of ON (crooked to the bone) to send the matter back to the lower court for the correction. Why didn't they? Whom is going to spend a million plus dollars in a Supreme Court of Canada Appeal (if they bother hearing the case) for this low amount where the senior partner for the condominium no doubt plays golf with the Chief Justice? A pro bono Law firm, that's who, which cut its teeth on claiming that contractor's bills must be paid. They saw recent cases go south on this type of situation. So now, this condominium owner with bad management (many inexperienced managements are the norm) could see the potential of paying off a multi-million dollar action due to court fees if they lose...then watch the public squealing. So tell me in 3 guesses with all of them being correct, who will be given the win by the SCofC? Contractors are fed up with some condominium abuses and are blacklisting them (along with their Insurance Companies). One very large operation has gone to Gatineau, QC for next winter's snow clearing contract as a consequence.


AUG.13-2019 A) You need a sense of humour for this one. My annual physical includes a memory test which is exactly the same so that next time I will 'pre-study'...even the Driver's License Bureau has multiple tests. In answer to the question; 'What does a watch and a ruler have in common?' I replied, 'Time and Distance' e.g. latitude measures distance and longitude measures time'...Nope, the inane answer was 'they both have numbers' prompting my objection...'Are you arguing with the test, old man??? glared the tester....slash, slash, slash, went the pencil down the 'blotted copybook'. (P.S. For those without a sense of humour, she was very nice) B) Why are people still getting hit? O.C. p.1 (on bicycles). Why, here is the answer...because bicycles should ride facing the traffic.

C) I have learned in this world that if one is 'dead right'; it is usually in that order - dead first so who cares if you're right! That is what makes the unresolved Employee's Case unique: the judges are 'dead wrong'...they cannot pick up the judicial ball and go home until the trial is completed, else what is a Justice System for? (I know, I know, a 'stay of proceedings' amounts to the same thing in many trials but this case was set down specifically for further adjudication...and nothing happened which is alright with over 50 judges = the collapse of Justice Canada is complete. PLACARD:  NO RULE OF LAW IN: A)CANADA  B) CHINA  To bastardize a popular saying about kings would read...WHAT TO DO ABOUT A TYRANNICAL JUSTICE SYSTEM?


AUG.10-2019 A) A revised Application in PEI Courts against the West Vancouver Teachers Association for their copy of disclosure hidden from me for 34 years so that I may not collect compensation. SEE Sub-heading PEI CIVIL FRAUD - AUGUST 08-2019 under AUGUST-2019.  B) CANADA'S GETTYSBURG ADDRESS AUGUST 10 SEE under this date of AUGUST-2019


AUG.10-2019 A) So the SCofC made the correct judgment to Loblaws and the Joe Fresh brand created in a Bangladesh Factory which led to a massive loss of life a few years back, by stating that the issue was one for the Bangledeshi courts. One executive tried earlier to get support in that direction but he was on his own...gee, just like Canada in the Employee's Case! Now for some equal time. Recently, Chevron lost in an Equador court in a local pollution case only to refloat the case in the US. and win. (P.S. Canada is no different in this regard.) Napoleon said it best: 'God is on the side of the strongest cannon' i.e. the biggest litigant, which I have been able to show over and over again in the Employee's Case and others. Without an efficacious Justice System, Canada is headed in the same direction as 'Venezuela'. It is shown by such disparate circumstances as the fact that all Canadian drivers are paying an additional $250 in their annual insurance policy for fraud, much of it related to 'containerized stolen cars' being shipped out of the port of Montreal (and to a lesser extent, Vancouver). In the 1990's, the Chretien gov't. refused permission to the insurance Companies to physically check individual containers at the docks. No RCMP action has ever taken place and to think Canada criticizes other countries in the world. Of course our myopic Humpty Dumpty media never calls out our 'Bangledeshi' leadership on this basis although significant cracks are beginning to show. B) Shortly after 4 A.M. on my morning walk, police cars were zooming through the intersection of Heron and Alta Vista on their way to a distant call...something big is going on and it is a treat to see active policing.


AUG.09-2019 A) ...So how did the two accused murderers subject to a massive manhunt die in the woods? The media won't say presumably because the RCMP won't say so we are inundated by interviews deprived of this vital media fact = media incompetence as they keep reporting without the key fact. 'Maintain the Right' is the RCMP motto usually bastardized to 'We always get our man'. Now it should read: 'We always catch the perp after he is stone cold dead'. B)Why should the cheap Tory Party take out any ads in the pro-Conservative Sun Media c/w with their stable of Tory 'letter to the Editors' plus columnist support? No wonder the Sun media is draining red ink...great marketing tool, guys.


AUG 08-2019 So 'whack-a-mole' AB Premier Kenney would cut MPP salaries by 5% yet Premier Ford in ON won't budge. Now there is an election issue for Scheer...to cut M.P. salaries by 10%...that would be a real winner.


AUG 07-2019 A) 'Collateral Damage' from Ford's enlargement of secondary school classes: The general rule of thumb is that School Boards may not appoint temporary teachers to permanent positions which is always subject to abuse (including West Vancouver in the 1970's & 80's.) The ON Roman Catholic School Board is the worst offender. One temporary teacher of religion for 10 years with a RC Board now, due to Ford's edict on much larger classes, is looking at unemployment. A few years back the Ottawa RD Board told a beginning teacher of French (in great demand in ON) that she would have a job sometime in Sept. permitting the Board to assign her a one year temporary contract reducing her permanent status and salary increment by one year in the following year. In short, the Board knew in Aug. that a permanent teacher was required. B) Is it just me or has the Tory prone SUN MEDIA deserted the cause in order to survive a Liberal gov't. success on OCT.21-2019 which appears to be coming down to the rich number of riding seats of the '905 belt' in a time of full employment? PLACARD: OCT. 21 / YOU DECIDE / 'THE FOOL' or 'THE IDIOT'?


AUG 04-2019 It's a typical 'Old Boy's Club' stunt, this one involving the city manager whom was Mayor Watson's choice, to announce immediately before the long weekend, that a Report detailing the selection of SNC Lavelin for the next phase as approved by City Council, was delivered after the city's vote. Either that manager or Watson should step down. M.P.'s often pull this type of stunt immediately before they vacate office for the summer without the knowledge of the press...and people still vote???


AUG 03-2019 A) A must read for Tory Premiers challenging the carbon tax...3 pages. SEE 2019 AUGUST under this date. B) ON was near economic collapse after the defeat of the Liberals. The feckless Ford gov't. is plunging ON into a full scale Depression. Already retail stores and restaurants are empty in Ottawa; real estate isn't moving. The entire province is threatened with a full scale teacher's strike beginning in September...it's too late to batten down the hatches as economic disaster looms from any direction.


JULY 31-2019 A) No change in my sterling driving record but a 10% increase in premium 'as approved by the Ford Gov't.' ...with no doubt the bulk of that increase going to the slush funds of the Ford gov't. If they are so serious at cutting, why not cut MPP salaries by 10%? I have written how all economic systems are unsustainable with socialist gov'ts. such as Venezuela going first. Even the U.S. with its prosperity has increased its national debt. Ottawa restaurants are empty as one reflection of the decline with a few 'hotspots' still going strong. Families must be having a particularly tough time. Seniors can no longer look to a pension scheme to cover retirement expenses hence the signing of a down payment on their children's home is a thing of the past. Contract employees are basically sacrificing private pension rights. Not a happy picture with little optimism (other than for the top 1% whom rip the situation off such as the Bombardier owners) in sight. B) Parents of girls would be better off with 'one of the ugly stepsisters' rather than the cinderellas which seem eaten up by the exotic movement as evidenced by the Epstein story. Where are the parents of these under-age girls? We are never told. Presumably the police have pages of missing children. The drug culture looms large in this horrific story. C) The Tory Premiers opposing the Carbon Tax are barking up the wrong tree trying to show that the 'fee' is a 'tax' when the judges are bought off to say otherwise. The key lies in the word 'imposed' legislation in which the government will not recognize any oversight body such as the courts. If the Feds break the agreement, nothing can be done in Canada. That is the importance of the Employee's Case as the Employer does not recognize court oversight and therefore cannot be held responsible for breaking BILL 35 conditions such as compensation. Over 50 judges support that contention...and the Tory Premiers think they can do better? Plus these Premiers would 'suck and blow at the same time' treating this plaintiff in the same fashion that the Feds are treating them. Notice that the Tories are not speaking against this imposed feature; merely the Carbon taxing. The Premiers better go to court with a suitcase of money for the presiding justices on this caper.


JULY 29-2019 The great educational mantra is that 'we make silk purses out of sow's ears', to some extent true when compared with societies of no schools. But there are schools and then again, there are schools with a difference. Private Schools do not wish public funds with attendant conditions; they excel because higher income families generally have higher performing students plus they give free scholarships to highly achieving public students, money they all get back through a life-long commitment to the 'alma mater'. Bill 8 gives public Charter Schools a chance in AB, the only province to have these completely financed public schools which claim to operate on accepting applications in order of receipt. Their facilities, similar to most private schools are limited to academics in which 'good little bureaucrats' are turned out when the real need lies in the trades. French Immersion where students are selected according to lottery (at least in Vancouver, B.C.) is a variation on this theme. What is the most expeditious way of elevating educational standards? Failing more students. The only valid test of standards is the exam results of the final school year. Even here, teaching to exam, and widely varying marking procedures skewer the results. With two sons; one with 3 degrees and the other a school drop-out (own contracting Company) which both earn in the same income bracket; my message to students when I was teaching was to tell them to set forth a reasonable effort and be prepared to accept the assigned mark. Life, in that respect, I told 'doubting' parents from affluent homes, was far too important to reduce it to a Report Card mark but they did sometimes getting some success but more often as not, risking adverse family ties as enunciated by 'Leonard' on The Big Bang Theory Student attitude is very important but what is meant by G/N/U? Unsatisfactory is fairly clear (with comments); G for Good is not (super kid, etc.), so I only assigned 'N' or 'U' which I discussed with the students.


JULY 28-2019 What is 'Obstruction of Justice' O.S. columnist Warren Kinsella p.10 Kinsella marches us through the legal aspect of 'wilfulness'; applies it to LAVSCAM and stops, as all Sun columnists do, with the application of this case to P.M. Justin Trudeau personally...and they wonder why the Tories are not making any headway in the election for this fall? They would be better off writing on the topic of 'The voter as one with the attention of a chipmunk'. If the media bureaucracy were to delve a little deeper, they would see that former A.G. Jody Wilson-Raybould of LAVSCAM merely had happen to her what she was in the habit of visiting onto lesser mortals such as myself in 2016 in a reflection of widespread judicial corruption. The bureaucracy rules, not the politicians nor media, is the message here. The fraud case which I have laid in judicially challenged New Brunswick under Irving control is a case in point. The lawyers for the Employer, Harris & Co. were caught red-handed with the judiciary in 'Saskatooney Law' and are now both charged with conspiracy to conduct fraud currently being laid before a N.B. court (first time in this province for this case). The case is tied into imposed legislation (similar to the imposed Carbon Tax which N.B. is futilely fighting - similar to PEI) but Premier Higgs failed to hitch his wagon with intervener status to this case (as did PEI Premier King). If Warren & his bureaucratic media friends want a story of 'obstruction of justice', they can ask the question which Governor General Payette is failing to do; namely, why has Victoria, B.C. and Ontario (Ford gov't.) refused to assign court dates for two filed cases?...do Registrars now run the asylum?....they certainly tried to do so in Saskatoon.


JULY 27-2019 Experienced deportation lawyers say the only question in law is whether the seat assigned is an aisle or window seat which was particularly true of Hassan Diab, O of Ottawa professor accused of terrorism in France. Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger conceded that the evidence was very thin against Diab in 2014 but both Diab and my separate case against this judge were defeated on Appeal on the same day in 2014 (all Appeal courts are under the thumb of Justice Canada). Tory Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson truncated Diab's case and whipped him out of the country to France where after a number of years incarceration on unfounded charges, was returned to Canada where he talks of suing the government. 'Just following Orders', oops, the 'law' claim the lawyers whom were exonerated in a 'whitewash job' according to Diab whom refused to participate...good for him. Recommendations made by this Commission are pointless under these conditions...for that matter, all Canadian Judicial Orders are suspect until the Employee's Case is dealt with.


JULY 26-2019 How nice. The Ford gov't. has bailed out the Jazz Festival debt for $250,000 amid pushing by fans. No-body but Mayor Watson pushed for protection of the 3 Ottawa City Residences already on a starvation level for further cuts. No-one really believes that a world Depression can begin in Ontario but if it can, the Ford gov't. will deliver it. Ford cars are going to cut 200 jobs on top of Bombardier cutting  significantly in Thunder Bay. Money losing Bombardier in QC has the Caisse Populaire pension fund shaking in their boots: PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION MONEY IS PARKED? The former owners of Bombardier are no fools; like any hedge fund, they receive millions in management contracts while the shareholders freeze in hell. And what if a Depression does hit and you try to extract your money from your broker...not going to happen...'I'll sue!' you proclaim...with what? The fund has your money and can tie you up in court for years (always, of course, paying out privately to powerful investors).


JULY 25-2019 A) What is such as SK going to do if the Feds break the Carbon Tax rules? The Employer in the Employee's Case maintains that they have no recourse as imposed legislation is not governed by court or gov't. edicts. That is the thrust of a re-filed action today - SEE pp.9 & 10 CORRESPONDENCE under PEI CIVIL FRAUD CASE JULY 25-2019 for fraud on the part of the B.C. Teachers Union; sub-heading 2019 JULY  B) As the Ford gov't. now realizes; it is very hard to cut expenditures; particularly when the bureaucrats cut essential needs as a means of protecting their own jobs. His actions in this regard are 'the gift which keeps on giving' votes to the Fed. Liberal Party. PLACARD / FORD / SHARE THE PAIN / CUT MPP SALARIES BY 10%  C) So a multi-million dollar suit against Public Works gets media attention in the macrocosm while the Employee's Case gets no media attention in the microcosm. The Point? Media exposure makes no difference. The contractor concerned raised a question about the ethics of the bidding process only to find that he is out of gov't. business entirely because some bureaucrat - for reasons best known to himself - lifted his security clearance. As a generalization, bureaucrats have become a law unto themselves over which there is no control. D) SEE 2019 JULY sub-heading: PEI UNION FRAUD-CORRESPONDENCE JULY 25-2019  E) SEE 2019 JULY 25 under JULY 2019 for a letter to 3 Premiers regarding the Carbon Tax


JULY 24-2019  A) FAKE NEWS: Remember the take-down of O.J Simpson driving down the L.A. free-way followed by police and the newshounds in helicopters? Well, Canada has its own 'O.J. Simpson' take-down...BEAKING NEWS: Two murder suspects in an identified car from B.C. are now in AB (police interview)...now in SK 9 (more police interview)...now in MB (more of the same)...now ON.... This is your police force and media at work - gulling the public. PLACARD: RCMP / 'A SPENT FORCE'  B) Until Trump, the news media were in the habit of 'buying the election'; no longer and they are drying up as a consequence. One O.S. columnist dares to predict a Liberal minority government as the Tory Sun hopes to be around after the election...fat chance of that happening if the Tories lose.


JULY 23-2019 A) Attaboy...or rather atta police force: K9 cops gets the collar. O.S. p.2 A pro-active policeman with his K9 dog apprehended a culprit in an early morning mugging after the perp drove off with the stolen cell phone. The search of the car provided further wrong-doing and further charges. If the police were to scrap 'priority policing' and be active like this all the time; the crime rate would be greatly reduced as about 2/3 of the crime is committed by a handful of perpetrators as known to the criminal lawyers. Two-person police cars are vital to the above success in the rapidly deteriorating Ottawa scene. B)How dangerous has Ottawa become? When the sign on the side of a School Service van says: YOUR CHILD IS SAFE WITH US you know that the opposite is the truth as violence against teachers is on the increase everywhere (U.S. and Europe included). Shortly before I retired in 2004 from Supply Teaching, an elementary black student whom I was reprimanding accused me of racism to which I responded; 'I don't care if you are white, black, brown or carky, bad behaviour is bad behaviour.' Today's teacher would likely respond; 'In that case I must take a racially sensitive course'. In my time, troublesome students were given 'time out' in the hallway or sent to the office; today the classroom is emptied while the teacher deals with the 'troubled' student. I don't need to tell prospective teachers to avoid the profession as they are leaving in droves. On ship cruises, I used to ask U.S. teachers their main concern which was always violence until the last one in 2014 from L.A. said: 'The administration; they do not know what they are doing'. I ran into one such administration in an intermediate school while Supply Teaching c. 2002 and never went back to that school. Now they all have that type of management in Ottawa wherein the teacher is blamed for everything. It not only can't work, it is not working.


JULY 22-2019  Sign of the legal times: Feds fight planned class action against RCMP. O.S p.13 Recently, women in the RCMP won a class action on this level and now (mainly) men want to protest systemic bullying by RCMP administration where the only recourse (no union) for a complainant is to the bully boy himself (similar to corporations). The legal question, according to the gov't lawyers, is not about harassment or the response... 'The sole question is whether the proposed claims ought to proceed as a class action' which parallels the Employee's Case in some ways although the latter is related to an individual under so-called Union protection (undermined by the courts which have sanctioned the 'sweetheart deal' hence individual RCMP clients are not likely to be any better off). The legitimacy of this senior West Vancouver, B.C. teacher lay-off under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) where the court quashed the arbitration ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor, and the question of compensation which has not been paid in over 34 years, is being continually rebuffed by the courts where over 50 judges have ruled this plaintiff to be  frivolous and vexatious for even raising the claim. Ergo, this plaintiff is to be left 'sailing the seas of red tape never to put into the port of judgment'. That's anarchy. The National Post account O.C. p. 1 & 3 includes how the RCMP battle focuses on a justification for union certification as individual RCMP claims are 'short-changed'. 'The federal lawyers argue the case for certification also fails because the courts have consistently denied - save for the most exceptional circumstances - to assume jurisdiction over workplace disputes covered by comprehensive grievance and other specialized recourse schemes....' That is the entire thrust of the Employee's Case...to show over 34 years that all those schemes are hopelessly corrupted due to judicial malfeasance... and apparently individual Mounties are no exception for they are damned if they do or damned if they don't get union certification. All other Canadian police forces have unions. Further, the Employer in the Employee's Case does not recognize court oversight of imposed legislation in any event making a mockery of Justice Canada to which the latter accedes.


JULY 21-2019 'It is the business of the court to make business for itself'; an aphorism which apparently applies to the Ottawa By-Law bureaucracy which is not only self-supporting but provides funds to the municipal government. At one time, radar speed traps funded the police until they were eliminated ...watch out for those damned bureaucracies is the prime message here.


JULY 20-2019 SEE A SCAMMING BY JUSTICE CANADA sub-heading under this date in 2019 JULY


JULY 19-2019 The media is catching up to Justice Canada with their 'irregularities: MAKE REPORT ON DIAB EXTRADICTION PUBLIC. The key issue which I have covered on this multi-year website before is expressed for a first time in theses lines...An old joke among extradition lawyers suggests that the only tricky question is whether a window seat or an aisle seat will be required on the plane out of Canada. At any rate, Amnesty International is drawing attention to the fact that the government has been sitting on a review of this case since it was published in May... so, the government has been sitting on the Employees Case for 14 years and not even Amnesty will comment...go figure. Both Diab and myself were 'Marangered' (named after Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger) in our respective losses. On the same day in 2014 that we heard our appeals in different court-rooms, we both lost (typical Appeal Court Justice in Canada at any level in any province to which I can personally attest as I still remain without a decision and therefore no compensation in my labour dispute now negatively affecting all Canadian individuals...but that is a story the media would still conceal. Key to Diab's case is a lack of disclosure which plaques almost all legal cases including the ViceAd. Norman debacle and the Employee's Case where it is the mainstay of leaving this case in limbo...in short, anarchy. 


JULY 16-2019 As  a Supply teacher (r. 2004) with first hand experience, I respond to O.S. columnist , Jerry Agar regarding high absentee rates of teachers on Friday and Monday which was even a problem in the 1990's. SEE 2019  JULY-2019 this date.


JULY 13-2019 A) President Trump's expiation of the Jeff Epstein Matter ('Lolita Express' of under-age prostitutes dating from a decade ago) completely undermines his motto of 'making America great again'. Nor is there a howl from other sources - judicial, political, media - in the U.S. on this debacle of colossal judicial abuse which places into question why 90% of inmates are in U.S. jails. While the case is limited to the judicial abuse involving one individual in the U.S. in the microcosm - similar to Canada's Employee's Case although it is to be noted that this plaintiff is untainted in that regard - the problem is not unlike that facing the Pope in the macrocosm in his cover-up of pedophile priests, a negative situation affecting the Church for centuries. I don't vote in Canada. Trump's pathetic expiation on the Epstein case would be sufficient to withhold my vote if I were a U.S. citizen. It is not limited to a Democratic-Republican issue although the media can be trusted to look through the 'big end of the telescope' on this caper. B) The Canadian media is also keeping quiet on a bigger case than the Epstein matter; namely, the civil class action against errant judges in Alberta which includes the Employee's Case. I refused to join this action (and make money!) in this apparent rip-off of the tax-payers to cover the ass of malfeasant judges. The correct action would be to charge these erring judges criminally...but that would never do. Epstein wasn't the only one being given a free pass in a corrupt and corruptible justice system.


JULY 11-2019 A) So at the behest of the media, one retired Toronto teacher had a Placard protesting the incarceration of two Canadians in China, ostensibly to counteract the Huawei Meng case in Vancouver. Without disclosure - and Canada is no slouch at hiding that feature as attested to by the Vadm. Norman trial fiasco and the ongoing Employees Case - one cannot definitively say as the media would have it, whether or not these two 'victims' are guilty of some crime. As to the full coverage of this Toronto teacher, where was that selfsame media with the publication of the atrocities in China regarding body part transplants? There were full scale demonstrations in Ottawa c.2006 and not a peep out of the media. Oh, yes, I had a PLACARD at that time: I SUPPORT FALUN GONG. I also have another PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST  B) So the Tory Premiers, looking like frat boys, met and among other things, agreed to file 'intervener status for SK Premier Moe's Appeal of the Carbon Tax. Yeah, right, the SCofC is going to tell 3 out of 5 judges that they were wrong??? In all likelihood, the SCofC will do the usual and duck out of this controversy on technical grounds which abound in our legal system; the favourite being 'frivolous & vexatious' although the SCofC can expect to see that dismissal elevated with fancier gobbley gook which amounts to the same thing.


JULY 06-2019 A) The 'who, what, why, when, how, mantra of the media is disappearing under massive cut-backs. One TV station has a single news cruiser circulating the city looking for 'sound bites'. I listened to CBC radio news on one occasion with a story on the Raptors followed from the NY CBC studios with a story on the Mexican Wall...because it already existed on tape and therefore no money had to be spent producing it. Nothing else followed. Recently, I asked my wife regarding two TV presentations; 'Is it just me or did they miss the point telling their story?' She agreed that she did not follow the two stories either. At one time an editor would spot the deficiency. B) A survey showed that about half the people did not believe the internet 'told the truth'. A similar survey - if it had been held - would show that the same ratings could apply to the media at large. In discussions which I overhear, no reference is given to stories in either system. Hence, the exposure of the corruption endemic in the Vice Adm. Norman trial which the media badly mangled was quickly sewed up with 'Well, he got compensated didn't he?' No-one in Letters to the Editor plus the media pointed out that compensation is the end-game of all civil issues; the application of buy-off in criminal matters particularly by the government - as the earlier Senator Mike Duffy trial showed - is considered a corruption of the criminal code. It must not be done but that is what 'law & order' Canada is all about as attested to by the systemic judicial abuse of Justice Canada in the 34 year unresolved Employee's Case.


JULY 05-2019) MB Premier Pallister (MB election in September) has it right in testing the 'carbon tax' issue which 5 premiers are challenging with a pre-emptive case in Federal Court on the constitutional question where he can draw on my case to bolster his account. SK popular Premier, 'Slow Moe', had it dead wrong and his province is paying the price with an expensive 5 year SCofC challenge (which he is going to lose as the SCofC does not rehash lower court challenges. Indeed they are most reluctant to embarrass the 5 judges concerned with a reversed position). PEI's Premier King and NB's Premier Higgs would be wise to drop their opposition considering their very weak court structures... they would be lucky to get the usual 3-2 'pre-ordained' split. ON stated at the outset their opposition to the tax cut and should have won considering their earlier switch from coal to other means of producing electricity. The point is that the fix is in and I can attest to how difficult it is to get an 'honest broker'.

JULY 05-2019 A) As a life-long member of CAA, they no longer charge me for my renewal. A few years back while travelling in QC, a fan belt broke and I used their 'contracted out' service. No problem. A year ago, with a flat tire, a Company CAA vehicle attended and the matter was dealt with well considering  it was on a weekend with many facilities closed. Recently, I read in the O.C. a story of how a long-time member similar to myself wa 'ripped off' by a CAA contract driver which operated under a significantly different fee structure from the regular. This morning a tow truck with a CAA sign on it next to its private towing name, asked me for directions to an address. While recognizing the need to use contract towers in rural areas, they should not be used in this fashion in the city of Ottawa. I will no longer use CAA tow services (rarely used) nor recommend that anyone subscribe to their services. This problem dates back to a time when tow trucks at the entrance to freeways had signs 'under contract to the police' and towed vehicles at reasonable rates. Now the towing bandits - after making the necessary contributions to Mayor 'Pothole Jimbo' and his merry hordes on council - intimidate the city under the theme that 'if it is not broke, then fix it and 'fix it' they sure did.' B) World must act on atrocity of organ-harvesting / China's denials are rubbish  Rabbi Reuvan P. Bulka (well-known Ottawa Rabbi.) Another 'token article' by the Canadian media as the Canadian media have always turned their back on this world tragedy. At the height of the persecution in 2006, I had a Placard: I SUPPORT FALUN GONG. There were widespread protest presentations in Ottawa for many years ignored by the media. Bulka's article is conspicuous by not mentioning that fact and considering his Jewish background, he should know better. The Epoch Times filled the gap left by the Canadian media. The demonstrations have disappeared and the streets now belong to me once again (longest continuous protester - since 2004) Even the anti-abortion crowd has disappeared with the death of the last single protester last year although one priest is feebly trying to seek martyrdom in a court case on the topic.


JULY 04-2019 So potato eating China calls Trudeau 'little potato' guaranteeing that Huawei's Meng will be left hanging until after the Federal election in Oct. Should Sheer win and follow through with 'kicking China's ass', to be sure he will be called 'whipped potato'. Either way Canada's leadership moves from weakness to weakness = economic depression led by ON's 'whackadoodle' gov't.


JULY 03-2019  A) News item: 'Canada's weak judicial system is hurting the country's prospects for reform...says the Trump 'point man'. Oops, my bad, that country was the Ukraine...Canada's Justice System remains unquestioned; a big mistake.  B) So the Ford gov't., after cutting funds to 'every man and his dog' announces private gov't. funding such as for a new ambulance service for the children's hospital, further throwing out of whack any chance of any institution making financial plans... and to think that the U.S. believe they have a problem with Trump and his ad hoc actions....


JULY 02-2019 Yet another bid to obtain a file number in MB. SEE 2019 JULY  MANITOBA-JULY 02-2019


JUNE 30-2019 SEE 26 page Employee's Case summary under GOVERNOR GENERAL PAYETTE


JUNE 28-2019 Contentious Decisions are customarily delivered before long weekends such as Canada Day thereby depriving the media of analysis until after the holiday when the public's attention is on holidaying. Such is the case with the loss of Ontario in the Carbon Issue against the Feds. Ontario has probably done more than any world entity in acting on the environment with the replacement of coal burning electric plants accounting for ON's high electricity costs. If there was any doubt among those Conservative challengers to this issue-MB,PEI,NB, plus now AB-that doubt has now been confirmed...they are being made to be 'hung out on the line to dry' by Justice Canada. Perhaps some of those Premiers wished now that they had taken up my offer to provide intervener status to my constitutional challenge which will now be limited to my case. Surely, if the carbon tax is such a good idea, why not pass it in Parliament with the courts to act as interpreter as opposed to Justice Canada raking in humungus judicial fees with the Appeals in this 'government by fiat'. The fall election is Andrew Scheer's to lose, and lose it he will unless the Employee's Case is publicized. As for Premier Ford; he has treated me the same way the Feds have treated him.


JUNE 27-2019 'BATTLE WON. VICE ADMIRAL RETIRES' blares the headline news in the O.C. while the O.S. buries the topic in a small news item on p.9. Who won and what did they win? Oh, money...money settles everything, in civilian court, NOT in criminal court where such action is construed as 'interference with justice' and this was done on a national level (as opposed to the terrorist buy-outs on an international level). A more realistic headline should read: TAXPAYERS STIFFED BY POLITICIANS, COURTS, MEDIA IN OUTLANDISH JUDICIAL SCAM. ...and they are not to be told for how much. Bottom Line? This PLACARD says it best: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS. I have said it before but it bears repeating; Canada is like the fall of Rome immediately before the generals took over. SEE this date under 2019 JUNE for further information on this legal debacle without equal.


JUNE 25-2019  A) I did not join the hush hush civil class action in AB Appeal Court regarding judges 'kiting' judgments. It should be easy money (read that taxpayer money) for the lawyers and their litigants. What should have been done is that the named judges should have been charged criminally in this widescale scam. As no Canadian court judgment has any efficacy under these circumstances, Huawei's Meng should have the deportation order dropped. B) June 30 looms and with it the publication of controversial judicial decisions (ON carbon tax) and salary increases for politicians on the way out the door. The media has to wait until after the holiday to report in this standardized routine.


JUNE 24-2019 A) So if your name is Premier Ford and you got booed at the Raptors Game to which you accounted your Cabinet to be responsible leading to their replacement...what do you do with the upcoming Canada Day with a threatened repeat (and now no-one to blame)? Why cancel the government's Canada Day celebrations, of course.  B) By rights, GG Payette should also stay away from the forum on that day. SEE letter to her dated JUNE 30-2019 found on web: 2019 JUNE Sub-heading: GOVERNOR GENERAL PAYETTE (JUNE-2019)


JUNE 22-2019 To cut costs, the Upper Canada School Board next to the 401 hwy. is cutting out its special education section (340 jobs mainly conducted by the Catholic School Board in agreement with the Public Board). As a former Supply Teacher with experience in all fields, it can only be made to work if those students whom do not fit in, are sent home. It's a problem in general but an insurmountable problem for such as autistic children whose only recourse is to leave the province. Some in the myopic media think it can work but parents know otherwise. Doug Ford better get used to being booed wherever he goes; his 'communications' be damned. Smart people are getting 'liquid' as quickly as possible.


JUNE 21-2019 So big shot ('o') Jason Kenney whom envisages himself as a future P.M. would launch a constitutional challenge to the carbon tax (5 years litigation). He better hope the Tories win the next Federal election otherwise he will go the way of SK's Premier Moe. Currently there is a very hush hush enquiry going on in AB Appeal Court by a consortium of legal firms regarding an extant scam stretching clear across Canada. The Employee's Case is part of it (SEE web: 2019 JUNE NEW BRUNSWICK (REFILED) sub-heading. What it constitutes is that 'case-neutral' judgments are floated around the judiciary which appear to be case sensitive but indeed are not. (I also experienced a variation of that theme in QC under the aegis of Richard Wagner in 2016 (SCofC 36883); the now incumbent Chief Justice of the SCofC... PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC R. WAGNER CJ). Armed with that kind of chicanery, no doubt Kenney does not believe that he will go the way of Premier Moe. Sorry to disappoint, Jason, but the Feds have a much bigger set of balls than you and, as the Employee's Case has shown, is far more devious. ...still want to fight?....


JUNE 21-2019  CANADA, THE ELASTIC DEMOCRACY Other than for a few housekeeping chores such as minor retroactive measures as a tax adjustment, by and large, retroactive government such as the type widely practiced with the ON Ford government is anarchy hence merely shuffling the cabinet makes no difference. ON is doomed as evidenced by refusing a court date in the Employee's Case (Ford's personal reject letter to me) for one year now and still counting. Similarly, in the other direction whether one agrees with the policy or not, QC's Premier Legault's Parliamentary action of banning head gear in civil servants such as teachers has the School Boards and Unions 'studying' the law for a year (ad infinitum?) which is a basic denial of what invocation of the law is all about; again, creating anarchy. PLACARD / NO RULE OF LAW 1) CHINA 2) CANADA.  Xi of China would feel quite at home in Canada - minus the torture chambers, but that will come as it always does (Guantanamo Bay? or, in Canada's case, using such as Syria at one time where torture was a cottage industry before the civil war (Arar story). Hence regarding the Huawei's Meng deportation story; PLACARD / HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST ...Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former  as attributed to Einstein in Infinity  Brian Clegg


JUNE 20-2019 Depression Thinking: A)While no-one discusses the matter, restaurants in Ottawa are empty; presumably the case for all ON as no-one knows where the Ford ax is going to cut. That uncertainty drives business out. No doubt China is undergoing a similar process as Companies vacate the country for other venues. B) So ON Finance Minister, Vic Fedeli, has been given the boot for 'screwing the pooch' in a cabinet shuffle by 'Neanderthal Man Ford', as he attempts to - if you don't mind mixed analogies - 'walk back the cat'. Not going to happen. The damage is permanent although many Tory supporters knowingly claim otherwise. In his cabinet shuffle, Ford forgot to shuffle one person...namely himself as that personal letter from him to me refusing to intervene in a duly laid case in ON is now one year old...there's been nothing like it!  'What to do with a tyrannical king' is the operant question here.... C) PLACARD: ANDREW SCHEER /SHEER NONSENSE. The gullible media has been distracted by the 'carbon wars' when what is at stake is imposed legislation which both parties want; much like Trump using trade policies under the guise of 'national security'. If the carbon tax is such a good idea, why isn't it being initiated through Parliament? Bottom line? There is no point in voting in October.


JUNE 18-2019  A) A revised action against both the Employer and Union is being filed in Manitoba. SEE 2019 JUNE  MANITOBA(REVISED)  B)Canada becoming just another 'shithole country'? Consider this TV ticker tape: Shootings near Raptor celebrations Those shootings were not 'near' the celebrations as everyone including the media knew...they were in the centre of the celebrations. C) Harassment was used in the past to deal with society's hoodlums. In the 1930's, Al Capone was jailed on income tax evasion while around 1970, off-duty police officers used to shoot it out with the black panthers, depart the scene, and leave it to the uniformed officers to arrest the survivors. Today in Ottawa, a group of non- Caucasian  youth raid bus stops and festivals to rob other teen-ages of their cell phones...gee, just like Mexico. Some authorities believe that we should 'educate' these hoodlums while the vast majority of the public respond...'sure, behind bars or in the countries they come from....'


JUNE 17-2019 NEWSLETTER to NB, PEI, MB School Teachers announcing the newly filed actions in all three provinces. SEE 2019 JUNE for all 3


JUNE 16-2019  A) Stop The Music O.S. p.5 Much more accurate reporting from the Sun on a music festival crashed by hoodlums out to steal cell phones contrasted to the Ottawa U incident where a black student played the 'race card' against campus police as exacerbated by the Sun and a gullible University President. B) George Jonas (d.) must be rolling in his grave to see Christie Blatchford receive an award in his name considering how she ignores the Employee's Case similar to all Cdn. writers  C) Two actions: a) N.B. (Revised) sub-heading fraud charges against Harris & Co.    b) PEI sub-heading-disclosure against Union  For both SEE web: 2019 JUNE


JUNE 13-2019  A)Letter to NB/PEI & MB teachers SEE 2019 JUNE this date  B)  N.B.Premier Higgs is royally screwing up on the civil fraud case I have against Vancouver's Harris & Co. plus the 'Saskatooney' court. SEE NEW BRUNSWICK  sub-heading (employeescasecanada.ca 2019 JUNE. I am awaiting the court's bid to 'duck out ' of this definitive legal case for the Employee's Case and all of Canada. Stay tuned.


JUNE 12-2019 A) It's the usual 'bait and switch' gambit. The indigenous women murder story received $100 for an investigation costing $10 million with the rest ending up in the Liberal coffers. By floating the 'genocide label', the committee successfully distracted the gullible media from raising the financial question. Opposition politicians do not even count in raising such pertinent questions so why vote? B) The attack ad against Scheer reminds me of an earlier PLACARD: SCHEER? / SHEER NONSENSE! Perhaps a corollary could read: TORY WIN? MICHAEL WERNICK CAN UNPACK HIS RETIREMENT BAG. C) Saskatoon-Battleford is the most dangerous community in Canada (including their court system). Human trafficking radiates out from there to AB in the West and MB in the East. Vancouver's Harris & Co. for the Employer along with 'Saskatooney' chicanery is the topic of the Fraud Case like no other in NB (SEE web)


JUNE 10-2019 A)Two houses sold in my walk area...a bungalow with a real estate prepared printed sign - ABOVE ASKING PRICE! The second a luxury home (below asking price?) with M.Ed. listed after the agent's name. I was about to be churlish asking why a Master of Education was doing a job requiring only high school plus real estate course...but then the house sold, so what do I know?  B) The canary in Canada's economic coal mine is dead = Depression SEE this date under JUNE 2019


JUNE 09-2019 A) It's just not done, old boy, to be seen sitting on the stoop in a lawn chair - that's for the plebeians.  So what do I see on this morning's walk...why one chair chainlocked to a pillar of an expensive home...there goes the neighborhood; just no class at all!.... B) Two more 'For Sale' signs without any of the former listings with a SOLD sign. B) Legalization of marijuana is proving to be a disaster. Colorado and Washington State led Canada in that action and are now noticing this deleterious situation. C) Do you know where Doug Ford is disliked more than in ON (if that is possible)? ...Quebec.


JUNE 08-2019 A) O.S. p.5 Photo with caption: Teachers, along with union groups, such as the ON Fed. of Labour, protest provincial gov't. cuts outside (Ottawa) courthouse. In my 15 year Placard Parade around downtown Ottawa, I have seen demonstrations 'come and go' after the obligatory photo op (but never me, of course). That is the way of the future. Note the protest outside the courthouse where inside that selfsame courthouse is my case being held up for a court hearing date by a Registry clerk for one year and deals with imposed legislation. One protesting Supply Teacher notes that a 'bumped' parent  was  laid off by the Toronto Board of Education. Unless he is taken back on this fall, his career as a teacher in Canada is ended (too expensive to hire; I can personally vouch for that) leaving him with Third World assignments. Their dreams of retirement (his wife, a school technologist was also laid off) are 'up in smoke' complicated by a World Depression beginning in ON; something they never expected...and all this in a time where the figures show positive employment growth in Canada with ON leading the way. Something is out of whack...cut out the gov't. infrastructure jobs and the Depression has already started. PLACARD: SHARE THE PAIN, DOUG  CUT MPP SALARIES BY 10%  B) I credit O.S. occasional Ottawa columnist, Sue Ann Levy, with 2 good columns in her career; ON Toronto City Council where she resides and today on the school dress code (or lack there-of) of high school students in the Toronto Board. Less and less, one hears of the phrase 'work ethic' among Canadians leaving it to hard working immigrants to fill the void (I don't include refugees for the most part).


JUNE 07-2019 kegan@postmedia.com No cure yet O.S. June 7-2019 p.10 Your article on Ottawa Hospital construction shenanigans speaks legions about what is not being  said legally although I am glad to see that the media is beginning to expose a corrupt and corruptible Justice System. Too bad it took so long. Now you know why oversight from Jack Kitts with his fantastic salary is so important... he had to mollify donors from deserting the fold.  SEE 2019 JUNE  NEW BRUNSWICK for a civil action solely against Vancouver's Harris & Company for fraud. Individual litigants as seen from the above case, cannot lay criminal charges. That's how the authorities keep judicial irregularities under control but, as the above article shows, an increasingly shaky control. Recently Lorne Gunter exposed judicial malfeasance with the Canadian Human Rights Committee in an eye-popping story which forms part of my N.B. case.


JUNE 07-2019 A) Second Newsletter to N.B. Teachers ...are they being sold out? are they selling themselves out? or both? SEE 2019 JUNE this date.

B) It's a race to the July holiday weekend...The authorities dump the bad news on the way out the door for the holidays so it is a week before the media really catch-up on 'wha' happened here?' In brief, the long overdue outcome of the Carbon Tax findings over ON and the 'get out of jail free card' for SNC Lavelin will be delivered at that time. C) Ford with his machinations - or is it 'mangalations' - is handing the '905 vote', the key to the balance of power in the fall election, to the Liberals on a platter. He is bringing the World Depression home to ON as seen by many little signs about.

D) O.S.columnist, Mark Bonokoski, growls at the unions on the one hand, while noting on the other hand, that he has not had a raise in 4 years. I had a PLACARD for that: MY BOSS IS CHEAP AND THE UNION IS SLEAZY. The real question Mark should check out is whether other columnists received an increase but then he has a g.mail address while his colleagues have a postmedia address. The Sun, believing Bonokoski would not survive his heart attack last Xmas, 'ghosted' him on Google (Google executives, as I can personally attest to, can be 'bought off'. Yahoo follows in Googles footsteps.)


JUNE 06-2017 A) Letter to GG Payette to add to her 23 page syllabus of judicial wrongdoing in Canada. She is called on to place the Canadian Judiciary under trusteeship while the U.S. President is called on to extend the Magnitsky Act from Ontario to include all of Canada. SEE this date 2019 JUNE. B) A large condominium operation has been blacklisted by the ON insurance business much to the misery of unsuspecting winter plow contractors. Now it is well known. So where has the condominium turned? Why to a Quebec contractor...just try and collect from an Insurance Company based in QC! C) O.S. Payette offers words of hope p.10 'Conflict is the result or our collective failure' she opines at European 'D-Day ceremonies'....'if we can do it (find agreement) in outer space, we can do it anywhere'. Well, have I got a D-Day challenge sitting in 'Big Julie's'  'in- basket' when she gets home. Will she go charging up the beach...or escape to outer space? Our veterans have a word for either case.


JUNE 03-2019  A) Want a good laugh? Unifor's Jerry Diaz singlehandedly fought the closure of G.M.'s Oshawa plant. He is an unabashed Liberal supporter. Did you check with your clients to see if this is how they want their money spent?? chorused the media panel? Now for the other side of the coin. Did you check, Mr. corporate officer, with the shareholders, as to how they wished their political donations to go? ...so much for the rank and file on both sides. B) Black U.S. Commentator and O.S. columnist, Larry Elder p. 15 would have U.S. Schools bid for 'top draft picks' similar to football...no tenure, no requirement of an act of God to fire someone for incompetence. Grievance solved. Oh if it were ever thus. But it isn't. In 1963, a professor told us of a top U.S. School which did not hire anyone less than a Phd. so, in a sense, our Larry has his prize team. The mistake, as so many make including the Fraser Institute, is that if the system works for the few, let's universalize it. It doesn't work. That failure applies to many generalizations of successful programs to the masses across the spectrum.


JUNE 02-2019 A)SEE  2019 JUNE Sub-heading NEW BRUNSWICK for 9 page action against B.C.'s Harris & Co. for fraud.  B) Fictional interviewer on 'New Brunswick' to bureaucrat: Do you believe Justice Thomas of AB should be fired for 'kiting' the law? ANS. As the matter is before the court (for 5 years), I cannot comment. Round 2: same scenario with this question: Do you believe Justice Thomas should be suspended for a very serious legal infraction until the courts resolve this matter? Additional question: Why didn't AB Premier Kenney - a future Prime Minister in his own eyes - act accordingly? C) Real reason that the courts keep fumbling the Employee's Case? What if I won and the Employer says, sorry, we have told the courts over and over that we do not recognize court oversight of imposed legislation. We're not paying. The N.B. case is different in that it is directed against Harris & Co. I would not like to be their legal insurer if this matter goes south for them. Premier Higgs has the biggest challenge of his career and for N.B. Will he sit it out similar to Premier King in PEI? Stay tuned. N.B. Teachers can ill-afford to take a backseat thinking that my summer vacation is mine to do as I please. Not so this year. The first casualty will be N.B. School Boards leaving teachers exposed. It happened in N.S. in 2017 after my constitutional challenge there.


JUNE 01-2019 A) Three Newsletters SEE JUNE-2019  B) Mark Carney is advised, similar to Prince Harry, to stay out of Canada SEE JUNE 2019  C)CORRESPONDENCE: Carbon Tax woes & SK. SEE JUNE 2019   D) Mueller appears to have put the cart before the horse on this one...'Mueller's statement about not making a decision on whether to charge Trump with obstruction of justice directly contradicted what he allegedly told U.S. Attorney General  William Barr.' Epoch Times May 30-June 5,2019


MAY 30-2019 A) O.S. p. 10 occasional columnist, Warren Kinsella, is a strange fish. It is clear that he does not like Trudeau. His support of Scheer based on a Toronto speech regarding immigration is well warranted. And then he devolves into this attack on Maxine Bernier of the People's Party; '...porch light of Canadian politics, attracting all the bugs and the creepy-crawlees(which should make it easier to deploy the necessary political insecticides....' I saw  Bernier on public TV and while his private life appears open to some question, he is a highly intelligent man and his argument on immigrants is quite different to Kinsella's observations and more in line with Scheer. B) SEE this date under MAY 2019 for a letter calling out Saskatooney Courts.


MAY 29-2019 A) Coming soon to a law court near you...'Dial a Decision'. It works like this. Recently, I upbraided a Saskatoon judge for not having any time to read my factum, but apparently all the time in the world to research a bastardized Action by a Justice Tomas in AB. Well, it appears that Thomas j. was a bad boy. He borrowed the Decision from another jurisdiction and put his stamp on it. Others have had the same experience and want me to join them in an Appeal of the AB deleterious actions. That letter and my response can be seen under 2019 GG PAYETTE / CORRESPONDENCE.  B) Trustees say 1800 classes to be cut OC.p.1 You won't see that headline in a N.S. newspaper as after my constitutional challenge there, Premier McNeil cancelled the School Boards. That's why Students across Canada need to organize: SEE 2019 STUDENT REGISTRY for a detailed manner in which to proceed.


MAY 27-2019 A) CIVIC WAR Provincial policies pitting cities against Doug Ford O.S. May 27-2019 headline. 'What really upsets mayors is how the cuts come so abruptly, with little detail, no consultation and no proper time frame' columnist Rick Gibbons (former editor) p. 6 as he tries to talk common sense into other Sun writers. This is not the Harris Gov't at the turn of the century which bestowed debt onto the communities from the provincial gov't., he opines. He tries to offset this Ford debacle with the possibility that a future election could reverse matters. Nothing could be further from the truth as Ford only had one kick at the can and blew it = Depression which could extend to the world. People, such as those with autistic children who came to ON for the services would be wise to move back home.  B) A female M.P. with a military background dating from 1975 was not drawn into the political battle regarding no headway for sexual abuse in the military. It is primarily a cultural question she said which will take many years to effect change. Another zeitgeist story is the fictional 'Law & Order' concept in which Canadians firmly believe that lack of such is a Third World Problem and not one in Canada. The Employee's Case says otherwise. SEE 2019 GOVERNOR GENERAL PAYETTE. C) The Old boys Club must have been aghast to see Sun columnist A. Furey print his begging letter for taxpayer support of his newspaper. SEE my rebuttal under GG PAYETTE. In short, their message is that they have been doing the bidding of the Federal Parties by boycotting such as the Employee's Case and sacrificing Provincial Premiers at the altar of federal 'fiat' government with its imposed legislation. That two Provincial Premiers - B.C.'s Horgan & SK's Moe have done the expected by appealing means that the courts are enriched therein. I expect two more Premiers to fall into this court-induced scam, ON's Ford and AB's Kenney. I am still awaiting commitments from MB's Pallister and PEI's King. N.B.'s Higgs is in the warm-up pen. 


MAY 27-2019  PLACARD: ALL HAIL! / MAYOR 'POT-HOLE' JIMBO / PLUS NO 'WHITE LINES' The Mayor is being lambasted daily on the pot-hole problem as even main drags have craters in them. For those not familiar with Ottawa, the city turned to a more environment-friendly paint for white lines and in much of the city, these lines are almost obliterated creating dangerous driving conditions, particularly at traffic lights. I leaped out of my car to attend the car in front at a traffic light recently as the driver was understandably confused about lanes and direction arrows which could not be seen. I saved a potential collision.


MAY 26-2019 A) Poetic Justice? So B.C. would treat me under Premier Horgan the same way the Feds treated B.C. in his recent provincial foray into imposed legislation now knowing that the Feds own the courts. Under those conditions, his multi-million dollar Appeal is doomed. As for the lead B.C. Appeal Court judge, Justice Mary Newbury, I experienced her twice (how does that grab you for ethics); the second time in 2001 with Justice May Southin - also a second time (more grabbing). I found Newbury to be duplicitous. If her marching orders had been to favour B.C., she could just have easily written a judgment for the other side. SEE this date under MAY-2019.  B) If you want to see the Canadian equivalent to smarmy clackers sitting around a table publicly praising their U.S. Chief, see the internet for an early account of praise for Newbury which puts even the word 'smarmy' to shame and that is in a profession known for its smarminess. C) The International community must consider Canada as craven cowards. Consider what the U.S. is doing to keep their judiciary bodies in check while only one Canadian - yours truly - is facing that task in Canada. SEE this date under 2019 - MAY-2019


MAY 25-2019 $20 million legal case solely against Harris & Co. (for the Employer, West Vancouver School Trustees)? SEE this date under 2019 - MAY-2019


MAY 23-2019  A) The 'night and the fog' the Nazis called it when the SS arrived in the middle of the night to haul off some hapless Jew making the Jews afraid to go to sleep at night. A number of decades ago, the police in the B.C. lower mainland pulled that stunt on a Premier arresting him in the middle of the night on a minor legal matter with the 'obligatory' press being present with their flash cameras to record the event. That's what I call the ON Ford gov't. 'cut without details' scheme leaving all entities - health, schools, cities, etc. etc. in confusion. Anger is mounting exponentially in the province. Companies will not come to ON in that atmosphere and those that are here can be expected to move out. World Depression...it begins here in ON. B) The above principle could be applied to the 'carbon tax' which is sweeping the Premiers under the carpet. Hapless SK Premier Moe still hangs on to the 3-2 SCofC loss as a 'close one' committing the province to a multi-million dollar appeal which the Province will, in all likelihood lose (Appeal Courts have a limited number of legal options to duck behind). Trudeau is NOT the mastermind behind this scheme; rather, it is elements within the Liberal and Tory parties in league with Justice Canada to create the issue for the fall election which promises to erase all other 'missteps' such as SNC Lavalin and the Norman Affair: PLACARD: NORMAN SCREWED OVER BY: 1) JUDGE  2) HEINEN

3) RCMP Only the perfidy of the RCMP was exposed in the media; the other two made into folk heroes. In actual fact, the 3-2 split is already a given before the judges walk into the courtroom knowing which side the '3' is going to be on. MB, PEI (where the Opposition Green Party is flailing fast as a test for the Greens across Canada-'NDP Party with glitz') and AB where Kenney with some bravado is 'damning the torpedoes' before he knows which direction they are headed are now 'up to bat' before a very obliging judiciary willing to bat them over the head with their own provincial lawyers (a 5th column).


MAY 21-2019 'EDUCATORS ARMOUR UP FOR SCHOOL' O.C. p.1 reinforces my claim: DO NOT BECOME A SCHOOL TEACHER. While the article is devoted primarily to educators (disclosure: my wife is a retired educator from the Ottawa French School System. In one rare incident 20 years ago, an elementary student was suspended for one day by an administrator for physical abuse with the returning principal saying that was not enough... it should have been 3 days. As a teacher with a Spec Ed. qualification (retired in 2004), I have dealt with all levels of Spec. Ed in the School System. Did I fear students on this level? Nope. Robert Smart students were escorted to class from their secure dorms and, at a sign from the attendants for any class disturbance, be returned to the dorms. No threat for the teacher here. Did I fear violence in 'hands on' special needs classes? Nope because others - educators and teachers would deal with the others (usually limited to 12 per class with 2 teachers and one educator) leaving me to use approved holding or isolation techniques. Now the classes of 31 include these Special Needs students where others can egg on the disrupting student where a single teacher is powerless. French Immersion, for example, has drained off the talent, leaving core French to be a hell-hole. Add to that the arm-chair generals (administrators), and I submit the entire Canadian School scene is going the way of the U.S. with their Charter School mentality. But then, no-one ever asks me on this and other topics. The above reminds me of our courts of law.


MAY 20-2019 A) Former Gov't. Minister, John Manley, on the Evan Soloman show asks the right question: If ViceAdm. Norman was charged, it would have received the approval of A.G. Jody Wilson-Raybould (I have already shown her to be 'dirty' from 2016 exposure in the Employee's Case) But that does not suit the media which has made a hero of her in order to pillory Trudeau. Soloman is going ballistic these days browbeating guests with an 'answer the question, answer the question approach...'Answer yes or no. Have you stopped beating your wife every Thursday night?' is a favourite aphorism exposing that approach. B) Two others, the Judge and Heinen, the Defense Lawyer, are being given a 'free ride' in this caper. Norman, whom certainly does not read this blog, arrives in court one morning with a 'who, what, where, look on his face' to an agreement hatched out the previous day by the prosecution, the judge and Heinen. The judge lied when she told Norman that he had been 'exonerated'. He had not been. Norman (wearing his medals in the courtroom) should have fired his lawyer on the spot and asked to address the court. Either the court should truly exonerate him (not a mere 'stay of proceedings') or call for the long sought after disclosure which the judge had not seen fit to push for. PLACARD: NORMAN SCREWED BY 1) JUDGE 2) HEINEN 3) RCMP. The media is 'going down' in the coming election as it becomes increasingly irrelevant...fake news indeed.


MAY 18-2019 A) It is with a certain bravado that Tory Leader Scheer calls for legal materials for the Norman trial hoping to God that he does not get them. The 60 pages, retired Privy Clerk Michael Wernick, provided the P.M. would note that both the Liberal and Tory Parties want the court to create the election issue over the imposed carbon tax as a means of distracting the gullible voters in October from other issues (such as the Employee's Case). B) Did you know that Legal Aid in ON, paid lawyers to fly to SK to fight on behalf of the Feds in the Carbon Tax issue which SK lost? We are currently awaiting the outcome in a similar trial in ON with the 'buck a beer' mentality of our Doug... don't hold your breath.... PLACARD: DOUG / SHARE THE PAIN / DROP MPP SALARIES BY 10%  C) A few weeks ago, house buyers were lined up to bid on houses. Those buyers have evaporated. I saw a NEW PRICE placard on a luxury home for sale today. A developer, who tore down an old house at his cost, cannot get anyone to design a custom home. In brief, the World Depression is here and it is beginning in ON with the largest sub-debt of any country. D)AB's Premier Kenney (the smartest man he knows) is dropping the gloves and rejecting the carbon tax on May 30 rather than waiting until after the next election. Question? Does AB have anything more than oil interests?


MAY 17-2019 A)The finale for Big Bang Theory fizzled out in much the same fashion as eating sausages...it does not pay to see how they are made. The unscripted portion was feeble. Ben Mulroney's Entertainment News was far more informative on backstage manoeuvres. The plotted script, other than for Sheldon's Nobel Prize winning acceptance speech plus Penny's 'unexpected' pregnancy were not enough to bail out this disaster. My conclusion would have been more appropriate to this surrealistic program. All the support characters would join in the hall outside Sheldon's apartment wishing the principals plus their spouses (Raj with his dog?) a fond farewell as they were to be transported to a nerd planet in the universe by 'Professor Proton' awaiting inside the Apartment for the purpose. The door would close behind them with a following whooshing sound. When the door was re-opened by the family and friends, an empty apartment would be seen before them...but then, no-one ever asks me...anything. B) A letter dated MAY 20-2019 giving the Opp. PEI Green Party notice that, in light of their continued silence, I will be shutting down this province on MAY 31-2019 as far as the Employee's Case is concerned leaving them badly exposed to a coming imposed Carbon Tax challenge. SEE MAY 20 2019 for letter. C) A response to Alberta's skulduggery and Jason Kenney with his carbon tax challenge...lots of luck with that one, dude SEE 2019 MAY 17-2019


MAY 16-2019 Attaboy! Trump pardons Conrad Black O.S. p.12 I remember the morning of his conviction in Chicago a number of years back in which I had a Placard in downtown Ottawa before lunch-time. It was a foregone conclusion. First of all, attention was drawn to him as the Feds tried to lay Racketeering Charges against him; the standard ploy to seize his assets such as his Florida house. That failed. Secondly, his trial was held in front of a lunch-bucket jury which saw U.S. interests being jailed for similar transactions with Black trying to skate out by being a Canadian (whom kicked his U.S. partner under the bus). He angered the Chicago media by chopping the local newspaper which he owned to the bone...all in all, not a recipe for success. He spent 3-1/2 years in prison. Since he won a $5 million award against the Securities Exchange official whom lied in a submission which formed the case against Black. It was not in the news nor do I know whether that official was charged with fraud. It now seems as though Black has bought himself out of purdah by being the prime promoter of Trump in Canada. Black, whom once chastised me for my 'bravado' in his case, has media access; something I do not have although my case should have been 'right up his alley'.


MAY 16-2019  Surprise, surprise, B.C. Premier Horgan is waking up to B.C.'s nickname of 'Mexico North'. In that vein he has appointed Justice Austin Cullen to inspect this 'hen house'; the same fox whom expelled me from B.C. in 2013 in the unresolved Employee's Case for 'reasons best known to himself'. No court, and there have been many across Canada due to Cullen's Order, will touch this action with the proverbial 'ten foot pole'. While the Justice System imploded in 2004 due to the SCofC failure to hear the Employee's Case under the 'ultimate remedy' provision; that action pales against the many acts of judicial malfeasance which go unchecked by either the oversight bodies or the media explaining why I have a separate section listing judges in my current civil fraud charges (only the courts and police may lay criminal charges) in various provinces across Canada. The imposed Carbon Tax draws the Employee's Case into current vogue as the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) shows how such Acts may be twisted beyond the original Decision. For example, the Employer won't pay compensation (34 years including pension rights and counting because no court -over 50 judges- will order them to do so). Further, this Employer, the West Vancouver School Trustees, doesn't recognize court oversight for imposed legislation in any event...and that's alright with the judges who refuse disclosure which would surely move this case from a civil to a criminal charge. If criminality is proven, everything emanating from the original action (senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons) is null and void. Better anarchy, and that is indeed what Canada has, according to Justice Canada than to expose the perfidy of many, many judges plus legal connections. That's why President Trump should invoke the Magnitsky Act (against Ontario) to protect U.S. interests dealing with Canadian courts.


MAY 15-2019 A) If ON Premier Ford is such a big shot (dot the 'o'); why doesn't he announce an immediate cut of 10% to the salaries of MPP's?

B) '....To deliberately suppress evidence that would clear Norman was vicious. It is also prima facie evidence of political interference.... O.S. p.9

Pierre Poilievre Tory MP  For Norman, justice system became Justin's system. Interesting...my Placard blames the judge, Heinen (the Defense lawyer) and the RCMP with no mention of Trudeau. But then the Norman Case is a mere bagatelle compared to the Employee's Case which is ignored by all political Parties including the Greens in PEI in this defining action for Greens clear across Canada. Why, the question needs be asked, do these three entities need to follow Privy Council advice? Poilievre doesn't say.


MAY 14-2019 A) THE major challenge to the Greens in Canada is taking place in PEI. SEE 2019 PEI (GREEN PARTY). B) Ontario residents are frightened as they don't know what the capricious Ford Gov't. is going to cut next. Stores and restaurants are empty. It is not easy for gov't. to cut particularly as an employee goes from paying taxes to collecting social assistance.


MAY 13-2019 A) Bombardier, similar to SNC Lavalin, is black-listed by the World Bank but that is where QC Pension funds are invested. B) Why are the Russkies in Venezuela? To control the lucrative drug trade otherwise Maduro would have departed. U.S. sanctions against both Venezuela and Cuba - which is supplying back-up troops to Venezuela - are taking their toll. Civil war in China? That's the way they are headed as U.S. trade sanctions are undermining their global 'soft power' which isn't quite so soft. Tory Scheer is tough on China but not so tough on Canadian Courts vis a vis the Employee's Case which promises to blow back in the face of Canada in the near future. B) Everyone is weighing in on the final Big Bang Theory program this Thursday as to how it will end. Considering that it is surrealistic, I suggest that the visiting vapour, Professor Proton, to Sheldon will invite them all to sign on to a trip to colonize an outer planet.


MAY 12-2019 A) Happy Mother`s Day. We have two fine sons and families whom always observe this day which is not the case for estranged families where this holiday and Xmas are grim reminders of what they could have had, but don't. B) I have not heard from the PE Registry nor Green Opp. leader Bevan-Baker which is the litmus test for the Green Party in Canada. (M.P. Elizabeth May - federal leader, M.P. Lloyd Longfield (ON Green Party) and B.C. MLA Andrew Weaver are AWOL). The Greens are, similar to the B.C. Social Credit Party in 1952, merely a 'default Party'. In 1952, the wartime Coalition of Liberals and Tories was breaking up with the chance of the socialistic CCF (later the NDP Party) threatening to succeed. The 'Double Majority' System gave voters a first and then, if there was not a clear majority, a second vote. The Liberals and Tories presumed that the second vote would go for each other with the CCF being forced to choose one of them for their second vote. Didn't happen that way as a 'long-shot' Party called Social Credit got the second vote from the other three in order to weight the balance against their competitors. That's when WAC Bennett, whom had crossed the floor became Premier and had to dig around for anyone to be a crown Minister. Robert Bonner was the youngest A.G. at 32 (went bankrupt in old age) with other 'wingnuts' running the Province for 20 years (finally ousted in 1972 by the Teacher's Apple campaign-bite out of Apple labeled 'our share'). That is the importance of the Green Party in PEI proving themselves in the Employee's Case if they do not wish to be known as the 'whackadoodle Party'.


MAY 11-2019 A) LEGAL EAGLES ON NORMAN BROUHAHA ...with little 'ha ha' about it. If you want to know about the letter of the law, ask ON labour guru, Howard Levitt whom has failed to report on the Employee's Case leaving all his published tomes in tatters. If you want to know about the spirit of the law, read this web site. Bottom line? There is no law and no order in Canada with all judgments being suspect...try swallowing that one! The media sure won't with their national boycott on this kafkaesque destruction of Justice Canada over a 34 year period. B) A 'Stay of Proceedings' is tantamount to the European charge of 'Not Proven' which the North American law claims to be ultra vires. Two of the ON Judges (originally Federal Court appointees=Canadian Council of Judges oversight) I now include in my fraud allegations in current court cases. For example ON McKenzie j. wrote the first Decision in April 2014 and a second one in September 2014 used only by Scott j. who entered a 'stay of proceedings' so that I could not challenge his duplicity at the Appeal level (all Appeal Courts are 'bent'). Whether a judgment was later registered I have no way of knowing. Interestingly a third version of McKenzie j. Decision appears on the .com internet (I also own the .ca site). QC made reference in 2016 to the original MacKenzie j. action while SK in 2016 used the September version raising my question: 'Will the real Colin MacKenzie please stand up?'

Both cases were denied a SCofC hearing...and whom sat on both panels much to my vehement objection? Why none other than the incumbent Chief Justice, Richard Wagner, explaining this permanent PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE R. WAGNER. Of late, even Wagner has been critical of the Canadian Council of Judges. B) One down, two to go. SK had the wrong argument on the Carbon Tax as did ON and MB (the issue is one for Parliament NOT the courts except as overview). Watch PEI to see if they are to be sold out by their own judiciary as well. So far, Opp. Green Party's Bevan-Baker is sitting on his ass. Significance? Under imposed Legislation, a gov't. can claim anything. For example, the Employer refuses to recognize any court oversight of the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985); a fiction supported by over 50 judges. That's how Justice Canada imploded, taking out, as it did, the anti-individual Canadian media. The 6-page letter to MB Premier Pallister (included in the court action - see web) shows how the Employees Case would look in the SCofC. C) The horrendous mistake made by the conspirators was to apply a criminal charge to the Tories civil charge where Norman could have been left 'blowing in the breeze' similar to this target where the pretence is that the matter is a private civil case between a litigant and his employer.


MAY 10-2019 Thinking outside the military straight-jaket is not a strong suit for the average military leader (One exemption is retired  General Lewis MacKenzie) and, to be sure, Norman was kept off-guard...who, what, me???...by something both lawyers and the judge were fully aware on the morning of his release. He was not exonerated as the judge should have done if she was not going to order disclosure. Rather the court entered a stay of proceedings to tie this matter up for another year which is b.s. If I had been there, I would have asked permission to address the court in which I would demand that if the judge was not going to produce disclosure, then I insisted on being exonerated. I would fire two-faced Heinen on the spot with her 'love-in' with the media. Of course, the gov't. cannot apologize without an exoneration which Norman didn't get and therefore is capitalized on by Shuckster Scheer and the myopic media insisting on an apology by the P.M... voting 'with one's feet' is beginning to look better and better. PLACARD: NORMAN BEING SCREWED 1) JUDGE  2) HENEIN  3)RCMP



MAY 09-2019 A) Norman's trial was criminal. The Justice System imploded by over 50 judges keeping the Employee's Case civil and therefore a private matter between two litigants; an employer and employee. Of course, the matter is criminal and disclosure which has been denied by all these judges would prove what I have been able to assert from other materials. This criminal-civil borderline has become a major dividing line in our society. In that regard, the only 'mistake' that the gov't. made was not keeping Norman's dismissal a civil issue. Of course Norman was at the top of his bureaucracy while I was at the kidney table of mine and treated with contumely by the anti-individual media accordingly which seeks to turn Norman's issue into a political ploy while, one and at the same time, ignoring a much, much bigger catastrophe in terms of the Employee's Case. Time to think of voting 'with your feet'.... B) Of all those writing on the Norman topic, only Andrew Coyne of the National Post has much that is relevant to say about the case as reflected in this caption: A dropped charge, and a missed chance. '...With this sudden decision to end it before it began, the public is once again left in the dark.' NP4 What Defense counsel Marie Heinen brought to the forum was media star ability as many lawyers could do what she did. No lawyer could do what I am doing in the Employee's Case. For my part, there is too much of 'the lawyer' in Heinen as the first priority is for themselves; the second is for the legal fraternity; and the third is for the client.



MAY 09-2019 A) SEE this date MAY-2019 'STUDENTS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION'. With the decimation of School Boards across Canada greatly limiting Teacher Union functions; a vacuum exists in which I call for High school students to fill.  B) Headline News: O.S. Norman cleared of breach of trust-now vindicated vice-admiral deserves apology from Liberals ...and the Employee`s Case and this personage deserves an apology from all political parties, courts of law, and especially the media for running a boycott on a national story which has seen the demise of the Canadian Justice System. C) Court clerks in Victoria and ON are refusing to assign a court date to registered cases in the Employee's Case. The message appears to be...Ìf you judges cannot do the 'necessary', then we will. It is an untenable position. I have challenged Green Party's Guelph M.P. Lloyd Longfield to publicly expose the perfidy of the Ford Gov't. in this regard as the case there has been rotting in the docket for 10 months creating an embarrassment for President Trump who has failed to invoke the Magnitsky Act against ON. D) Don't get carried away with the recent MP vote in Nanaimo favouring the Green Party. The test lies in PEI where I have challenged them as the official Opposition to publicize a case which I recently laid there. E) Gov't. covering its tracks O.S. 'visiting columnist' Warren Kinsella & VICE ADMIRAL OWED AN APOLOGY columnist Anthony Furey . First Kinsella whom doesn't know of the Employee's Case explaining why he is imported for the purpose: '...This is the most corrupt government (Liberals) in Canada's history.... my response: All political parties both federally and provincially are equally corrupt as evidenced by the 34 year unresolved Employee's Case where I was laid-off for economic reasons under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985). Second, Furey who is aware of the national media boycott on the Employee's Case: '...I think it is time to say sorry to him (Vice Admiral Norman)' ... my response: And what about an apology to me for being 'accused' of being laid-off from my senior teacher position in 1985 in an arbitration quashed by the courts? Add 'hypocrisy' to Furey's vision of the Justice System as seen through the big end of the telescope.


MAY 08-2019  A) SEE this date MAY-2019 letter to the Opposition PEI Green Party with copies to individual schools. Either the Green Party publicly pushes for a constitutional challenge (imposed BILL 35 - B.C. 1985) to be included in the current fraud charge I have filed in PEI court or else prepare to pay an additional $1 million for appealing a imposed carbon tax charge to the SCofC which they will surely lose. Does PEI have that kind of money? B) So Ralph 'bafflegab' Goodale is appointing a civilian 'oversight' officer for the RCMP as opposed to just replacing RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki...oh well, we are just talking additional tax dollars here. C) If Vice Adm. Norman trial to be dropped, then General Vance should be fired But then if I had the kind of media exposure in 1985 that Norman got, there would be no talk today of $20 million law suits for fraud. SEE RED NECK MEDIA for what I got in 1985. Today, I get nothing under a media boycott. The key is the judge in the Norman Case whom is there to keep the case from 'going south' and to call it off to save gov't. embarrassment. D) PLACARD: FIRE THE BUMS / 1) GENERAL VANCE (NORMAN TRIAL) 2) DEANS (UNION TRIAL - SKOF) Diane Deans is the new Police Commissioner for Ottawa. Even Tory columnist Randall Denley O.C. p. A7 Only the mayor will miss Chief Bordeleau makes an apt description of this departed dude. E) I see Google has been 're-bribed' by referring readers from the .ca designation to the .com designation (I own both sites but there is a difference).


MAY 07-2019  TOP COP SHOPPING O.S. P.4 Oh, no, a selection by committee approach with a recruitment firm to search across Canada. That is what the West Vancouver School Board did in1977 with administration, staff, student input with advertising clear across Canada for a new high school principal. Result? A principal whom was dumped after one year of service. PLACARD: DROP FAKE LEGAL CHARGES: 1) VICE ADM. NORMAN  2) POLICE UNION BOSS, SKOF. I am not a fan of Councilor Diane Deans, the new police board chairperson. Two decades ago, she botched the Paratranspo contract. In her new role, she should either publicly support the criminal charge against Skof (for being critical of the former police chief) whom is suing the city or drop it; my preference being for the latter as Mayor Watson's role looms large in that regard.(She did the right thing, however, in questioning the SNC Lavalin Transit for the next phase in Ottawa). As far as policing goes; another PLACARD: PRIORITY POLICING IS FAKE POLICING from my experience installing home alarms in the 1990's. The last thing we need in any government office is yet another cliché ridden 'communicator' whom is to should the blame for behind the scenes executive orders.


MAY 06-2019 Runaway violence grip classrooms O.C. p. 1 I retired from Supply Teaching in the Ottawa/Carleton District in 2004 where I witnessed the one school which became the model for 'armchair' administration. Now they are all that way. In 1978, one high school Principal survived only one year with that 'blame the teacher' for failing to handle discipline problems approach. For some time, I have been recommending that no-one should take up the practice of teaching. (mind you; practicing law has never been good but with the 34 year unresolved Employee's Case, Canadian law has hit bottom.) No wonder, parents want charter schools to protect their children from the 'monsters' in the classroom. Currently, French Immersion serves as the 'private school' for parents in the public system sometimes leaving teachers of core French in terror. Solution? I failed trying to get Canadian teachers to create a Professional Teachers Against imposed legislation and am now turning to Student bodies for the purpose as the eradication of School Boards (one consequence of the Employee's Case as no Premier wishes to be faced with $20 million fraud charges) leaves students exposed with no-one to take up their cause. (Many decades ago, students were introduced into a staff meeting in West Vancouver to tell us about MADD which, as everyone knows, is well entrenched in our society today.) The interesting feature of the above article is that it is told from the point of view of teachers and parents but not the 'armchair generals'. This is 2019, not 1985 when, as a senior teacher, I was 'laid off' for declining enrolment under the imposed BILL 35 (there wasn't any and the arbitration was quashed by the court although a media boycott still exists over this national unresolved legal story). Premier Moe of SK foolishly turned his back on this case and paid the price with the imposed carbon tax; we will see what MB Premier Pallister and PEI Opposition Green Leader Bevan-Baker do on cases recently filed by me in their province.


MAY 05-2019 Renaissance thinkers asked 'how many angels could dance on the head of a pin?' (depends on weight, size and configuration of angels and pin, etc. etc.) while Canadian thinkers ask whether the imposed Carbon Tax is a constitutional challenge as opposed to being a Parliamentary question with court overview? Between them is a gullible media which does not recognize that traditionally, a court Decision is 'in' even before the judge walks into the courtroom (in the halls of justice; all justice is in the halls). Hence they are left parsing the SK 'legal' Decision on the one hand similar to the Renaissance thinkers while exhorting the even more gullible public to get out and vote on an issue defined by Justice Canada. This story is epitomized by the media boycott of the 34 year unresolved Employee's Case with a bastardized interpretation of the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) which is, indeed, a constitutional question but is recognized by over 50 judges in their bid of 'a cover-up of a cover-up' as merely being frivolous & vexatious and therefore not dealt with. The demise of the Canadian media cannot come soon enough. As for voters?...try voting with your feet come October with this manufactured issue by Justice Canada between the Liberal and Tory Parties to draw attention away from such as the Vice Admiral Norman criminal trial and the deportation issue of Huawei's Meng. Question: Will the PEI Opposition Green leader where I have filed a case solely against the Union become 'just another Scheer?' Stay posted.


MAY 04-2019 A 'slice and dice' letter to SK Premier Moe and the 'Saskastooney' courts. SEE MAY 2019


MAY 04-2019 A)It was said in the 1930's that Hitler used democracy to destroy democracy by voting in dictatorial powers. The SCofC did much the same thing with their political decision as opposed to a legal decision to grant the application of the carbon tax in SK. Both the Liberal and Conservative Parties are happy with that outcome as now they have the election issue which was the intent of the SCofC in this political game. As to the ruling, even before they voted, the panel of 5 realized a split would reflect 'earnest legal thought' but the vote was going in a preordained direction favouring the tax hence the 3-2 split. The key here is that there is no overview of imposed legislation and, as such, anything can be imputed to it as shown by the Employee's Case...it is the future for all legislation. While recognizing Premier Pallister's argument in MB being in variance to SK, even with the exposure of the Employee's Case which I have called for in MB, he will lose under this mindset of the courts. Forget about Appeals such as Moe would waste his time & SK money to save face. The Opposition Green Party in PEI where I have filed a second motion should speak up now in the legislature as the real significance of the Employee's Case is to rob the individual in our society of any recognition before the law courts; the carbon tax being a mere reflection of that greater sin. In brief, it is Justice Canada just being horrid. B) SK's case here is a little like Galileo's who argued the sun-centred universe of the ancient Greeks. In actual fact, he had the wrong mathematics believing that the planets moved in circles which they do not. His successor, Kepler, had the correct version of elliptical movement so Galileo deserved to lose in court. Even here, the judges, having more belief in the Bible than in mathematics as a tool, were aware of the Greek theory as they were aware that Galileo was stepping on the toes of university authority (i.e. air pollution argument today) which was more important to them hence Galileo (SK) was condemned in a political Decision. The superior argument would be to argue that if the carbon tax is such a good idea, why wasn't the idea promulgated in Parliament with Court oversight? The Employee's Case - as myriad other instances in Canada - shows that oversight bodies exist in name only. That's why we are a Third World country but admitting to that would never do... that's why we have wars and Depressions. Surely, Premier Moe could see from the Employee's Case in Regina in 2016 and more recently, Saskatoon in 2019, that the SK justice system is 'crooked to the bone' but he doesn't seem to know who his friends are as expediency has come to bite him in the rear end by ignoring the Employee's Case.  A bastardized version of POGO for SK might read: WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND HE IS THE SK JUDICIARY


MAY 04-2019  A) So the Canadian containerized garbage rotting away in the Philippines is coming back to Canada which means, that as foreign trash similar to airlines, it must be incinerated in the big burner in Vancouver harbour. B) Of course AB Kenney wants to separate from Canada so that he can export his dirty oil through a Texas port without the huge U.S. discount currently experienced. Why not build a pipeline to Cornwall in ON just this side of Montreal and ship the oil down the international St. Lawrence Seaway to the refineries in NS? Asian markets are volatile with the Soviet Union developing a huge natural gas area in Siberia. C) PLACARD: CHINA TO CANADA / THE WHIPPINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES p.s. What is Scheer's definitive answer to the handling of the Meng (Huawei) Affair (apart from blaming Liberals)? D) Premier Ford want good ideas to cut gov't spending. How about this one. Encourage older care-givers to rent a mechanical lift rather than phoning 911 and tying up expensive ambulance care for the purpose. Two decades ago, these lifts were a godsend in Special Needs classes as individuals could be lifted from the floor or chairs to beds. On the other hand, cutting tree planters is counter-productive as these employees go from paying taxes to social services where all of a sudden they learn the true definition of 'negative equity' as it applies to the purchase of a new car. Plus new car sales are flat so having to auction off this car further depresses the market. Indeed, if they didn't make another car for 6 months, relieved dealerships and financiers could easily fill the void from their glutted car lots. Depression? Already here as 2-3% salary increase does not even come close to covering 30% gas increases in the last 6 weeks. Wait till that one filters through the economy or what's left of it. When Ford cut the carbon tax, he cut the source of paying the civil servants hence all his savings are destined for that purpose. When ON had a Liberal gov't. Canadians flocked to our medical facilities. Perhaps that will be reversed as those self-same Canadians flock out of the Province. E) SEE AFTERMATH  MAY 01-2019 for SCHOOL DAZE summarizing Canada's School System. F) So SK Premier Moe (slow Moe/ hapless Moe/ hayseed Moe / no go Moe) lost the constitutional imposed carbon tax issue as I predicted. It is plain to see that he has never heard of a 'Fifth Column' in his court system. I predicted as much as he had the wrong argument (Sec. #91, and #92 of the BNA Act). Will Premier Pallister of MB follow in his tracks?


MAY 03-2019 The law courts really, really, do not get what I am doing as attested to by recent judicial stupidities in B.C., AB, and SK. The point is that the courts have already been tested by the Employee's Case...and found wanting. Round 2 is a test of the Premiers whom are falling like bowling pins. Manitoba is being tested for a first time for its courts and Premier Pallister. PEI is being tested with this difference; the scope is on the Opposition Green Party for 2 reasons. Will they fold similar to the traditional Parties and leave PEI 'individuals' exposed to a capricious legal system because they do not have 'any fire in their belly' to publicize this issue in their Legislature (Imposed legislation applies to both BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) and the pending 'carbon tax' challenge in PEI? Secondly, once a Party becomes government, voters get nothing but 'bafflegab' responses. Only the Opposition tackles issues (unless, of course, your name is Andrew Scheer).


MAY 02 SEE 2019 PEI-2019 for current action in PEI with focus on the Opposition Green Party to publicize the matter in the Legislature.


MAY 01-2019  Actions are being laid in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island (Second time from 2016 in PEI and now a test of the Opposition Green Party to speak publicly on this issue). SEE 2019  Sub-headings: PREMIER PALLISTER and PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (GREENS only)


APR.30-2019 A) Ottawa is not a safe city. In our area near the airport of South Keys with its large mosque, the local MacDonald's has closed their overnight dining area (only drive-in now similar to other fast food restaurants) with a new Placard on their wall regarding the parking Lot: NO SMOKING / NO VAPING... and sure, who is going to police that one? Also I have dropped using the evening services of a local Community Centre due to the presence of a Black gang. Another Black gang seems to control another shopping mall with a 24 hour Drug Store at night. Thank goodness for the retirement of the ineffectual Ottawa police chief with his 'priority policing' (police no longer attend shop-lifting incidences = street anarchy)


APR.29-2019 A) Much on Google's Facebook & Privacy issues these days. It works like this. Google executives are paid off to give favoured treatment to paying customers. For example, for one year, the postings stopped on both Yahoo & Facebook on the Employee's Case but now appear as those executives are no longer getting their payola. I own both the .ca and .com site names. The .com site had been hacked prompting the set up of the .ca site B) Letter to the Queen regarding the possible appointment of Prince Harry to be GG of Canada. Don't do it, I advise. SEE this date under APRIL-2019


APR.28-2019 A) Readers do not realize that LAVSCAM and the Vice Admiral Mark Norman 'fake' trial plus the Employee's Case are the natural order of things for Justice Canada. The legal fraternity, in so many words, would feel quite at home under North Korea's Kim Yung Un. B) 'Jihadi John'? How about Jihadi Revenue Canada? It works like this. Wealthy companies have a raft of tax lawyers so they are left alone in this racket described here as are small business interests which lack money. So who is the target market? Mid-sized businesses. It works like this. A $100,000 tax dunning letter arrives on the doorstep of unsuspecting contractors whom lack the funds to hire a lawyer (whose fee will be at least a $100,000 over the years) or expertise to argue the point with them. One contractor who did have this expertise followed the convoluted trail (much like I do with the Employee's Case) laid out before him in which the case handlers are constantly changed 'so we have to start over again'. Recently, he was told that he had won although throughout he was told no-one wins against Revenue Canada. And to think we bomb countries into submission (or send our elite Special Forces JTF2 God knows where for the purpose) to force other countries to believe in Canada's perverted democracy. The U.S. is not immune to this stunt either. Conrad Black-whom was not an admirer of my 'bravado' as he once e-mailed me- was targeted with 'racketeering charges' (later dropped) which would have enabled the government to seize his U.S. assets such as his Florida mansion. C) 'Saskatooney' Justice Konkin lied to me in the oral hearing on Apr. 25. There was no material from Harris & Co. addressed to the SK court as he stated in answer to my direct question on that point. Both Konkin and Harris & Co. have been referred to the SK oversight bodies concerned...been there, done that myriad times...never any answer including my 2016 SK charges. D)My response to PREMIER MOE (web: APRIL 2019) also includes a fascinating 'Q an A' definition of the SCofC in the handling of all issues.


APR.27-2019 A lengthy account under the Sub-heading: APRIL 2019 / PREMIER MOE (SK) The ScofC case study at the end is 'food for thought' as to how deeply the corruption goes.


APR.26-2019 Two page letter to Premier Moe defining the necessity of firing 'Saskatooney' Queen's Bench Registrar, Glen Metivier despite his fake apology and to appoint a new Special Hearings judge for the MAY 23 hearing. SEE this date under APRIL 2019


APR.25-2019 A)The SK hearing date has been postponed by the court to April 30. Regrettably, Premier Moe failed to appoint Special Counsel to include the all-important constitutional question regarding imposed legislation which is also a key factor in the Carbon Tax. B) I communicate my views on various topics with media columnists although I seldom include them on my web. However, I do include one response on WORLD DEPRESSION See this date under APRIL-2019  C) This just in. The usual Registry sandbagging back-fired with me calling for Moe to fire the Saskatoon Registrar. The usual unannounced presence of Vancouver's Harris & Co. with their 4 inch packet of information which I had never seen was meant to clinch the deal in today's hearing but Justice Konkin re-scheduled the hearing to May 23 so that I may provide a rebuttal to this 'billable time piece of nonsense' which Harris & Co wish to use to cherry pick their material from my newsletters so that they are not seen to be condoning a fraud. The rebuttal to that stunt has already been written earlier this year although I have a couple of juicy additions. Keep tuned to my web site on this topic.


APR. 24-2019 My response to Premiers Kenney/Notley regarding the whackadoodle Edmonton courts. SEE this date under APRIL 2019 


APR.23-2019 A) Sri Lanka, what a shithole country; close to 300 Christians and tourists dead and 500 wounded in a terrorist attack on three cities in which the U.S. gave them many days foreknowledge. And who announces the disaster? The country's leader? Nope. The version on TV that I saw was from the Health Minister! ...well I guess one could say the victims did indeed have a health problem.... Will Sri Lanka even fly their flag at half mast for the victims?  B) Class Dismissed O.S. p.3 This excellent article on how the Ford Gov't. Education changes - particularly increasing the high school classe size by 8 students - is ill suited to rural realities where the Tories have their strength. In brief, Ford is little more than a glorified city councilor looking at one term of office. C) If Scheer wins, could they try to trip him up with bogus Mueller-like probe? Anthony Furey p.15 Our problems (to bastardize Shakespeare), my dear Furey, lie not in our Canadian politicians, but in our courts for it is pointless to pass laws which the courts are not obeying in any event; the 35 year Employee's Case being a prime example. LAVSCAM is, in the microcosm, what the Employee's Case is in the macrocosm, but don't expect the myopic media to understand that considering their feeble attempts to 'ghost' LAVSCAM. As for 'being on guard' as per the national anthem? That disappeared some time ago as one consequence of the Employee's Case. It's now a free-for-all. Mobs in the street as seen in Montreal against imposed legislation (notwithstanding clause) vis a vis 'religious garb' in the work force shows how one Provincial Gov't. is doing to Quebecers what Ottawa would do to the Provinces.


APR.21-2019 A) The constitutional hearings regarding imposed legislation such as the carbon tax in SK and ON are a ruse. The point is the court is playing to the plot of creating an election issue which suits the Liberals and Tories plus media just fine as they fool a gullible public. For example, when CUPE won a $55 million suit in 2017 for the ON educational workers; it took 5 years in which $5 million would be ear-marked for the courts. My Model T failed challenge in Nova Scotia would have taken one week on a similar constitutional challenge. Where's the money for a court which is in the business of 'making business for itself? That's why I was thwarted. Now the Court is holding one week constitutional challenges in SK and ON in which the hearing room is packed with eye-candy; namely lawyers with nothing to do before a panel of 5 judges. If SK and ON don't lose; here is one very surprised observer under the circumstances. Voter, oh thou are being played like a fiddle.... B) Thomas j. and Harris & Co.; long time representatives for the Employer have apparently bitten off more than they can choose leaving both Premiers Kenny & Notley on the hook to act by April 30-2019; the turn-over date of government. SEE this date under APRIL-2019


APR.18-2019 Of all the cockaminy stunts pulled by the Employer, this one takes the cake in Alberta. SEE this date under APRIL-2019


APR.17-2019  A) Town meeting in Cambridge to a packed Caucasian audience (similar to an earlier town meeting in the area) which, for the most part, were eating up what Trudeau is serving up. He is a one-man Liberal Party raiser with these meetings. If Maxine Bernier had won the Tory leadership, and he came very close, he would have been a shoo in for the Tories... Andrew Scheer not so much so.  B) Feds hiding papers: Admiral's lawyers O.S. p.8 ...so why doesn't the judge order them up? Same problem as the Employee's Case...fixed judges.  C) Ford's right, auto insurance broken O.S. editorial p.18 '...The root problem is our adversarial court system is ill-equipped to deal with these issues....' The Employee's Case has shown the previous statement is the issue in all matters clear across Canada. D) Not safe in Ottawa O.S. student letter to editor Editor's Comment: a fatuous answer...It's good to be aware and cautious for safety's sake, but overall stats show the city is still a relatively safe city. 'relatively' to what? Chicago? The student is right to voice her concern and not be 'blown away' by the editor. I will deal with this topic at a later date but for now: PLACARD: PRIORITY POLICING IS FAKE POLICING.


APR.16-2019 A) Complaint letter to the Alberta Judicial Council regarding Thomas j. usurping of the Justice System. SEE this date APRIL 2019   B) So SK is withholding its legal Decision on the Carbon Tax while ON undergoes the same process...not a good sign for either as these two Premier 'boys' are about to get 'a Sampson haircut'. Basing their argument on the BNA Act of 1867 and Sec. #91 and 2 (federal vs provincial concern) is a legal fool's errand as the BNA Act has been modified many times since 1867; e.g. 'income tax' to pay for WWI costs became entrenched in the system. The basic problem is that provinces impose their actions all the time in their legislatures (omnibus bills, notwithstanding clause, added to the traditional 'peace, order and good government clause' of old for purposes of war) but object when the Federal government does it to them. For the taxpayer? Why vote? M.P.'s and MPP's merely collect money for their Parties (no mention in the Constitution regarding the existence of political parties) and vote 'ready, aye, ready'. In brief, we live in a quasi-dictatorship with the trend - as evidenced by the Employee's Case - accelerating in a downward fashion. LAVSCAM in that regard, is not an anomaly, it is the future...Venezuela, here we come....


APR.15-2019 A) As a child in the 40's, German measles was a 'rite of passage' for children. I never heard of anyone dying from it. Today, 1200 people in Madagascar after a vicious storm have died from what must obviously be a new strain of measles and yet some parents are holding 'measles parties' in Canada for their unvaccinated children believing the current strain is equivalent to the 1940's strain. B) 35 the new 20...at the Bank of Mom and Dad O.S.p.2 Liz Braun a columnist I respect. '...the 21st century has resembled one long recession....' for millennials forced to live at home in their 20's and 30's depending on assistance from Mom and Dad. At the other end of the scale, mom and dad are told that the sale of their home and pension is no longer sufficient to provide for their retirement = Depression for both. C) Labour board says (Canada's tax Agency) must do better job managing ...complaints. p.3 This article is unique in telling the story from the employee's point of view. In 1999, my legal counsel labeled the B.C. Labour Board as being patently unreasonable for failing to hold a Section 12 hearing regarding my unresolved teacher lay-off in 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 effectively robbing me of any Decision by which I could collect compensation; an action supported by the failure of the Supreme Court of Canada in 2004 by refusing to hear this judicial abomination = anarchy. Generally, Labour Boards are highly political, a reputation they are getting worried about as they are known to routinely rule against individual employees hence the above perspective over which the media now reports. I never got that favourable media coverage nor do I have compensation 35 years later. Go figure....


APR.14-2019 A) Trump is on to something by sending refugees to sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York controlled by the Democrats. It reminds me of when Castro opened his jails and sent the inmates to Florida in order to get the U.S. to tone down its rhetoric against Cuba. It worked as the U.S. cannot send people back to communistic countries. In 1991, I taught ESL at summer school to the usual mixture of Asiatic, and European students. In 1992 due to a gov't policy of sending Somali refugees to Ottawa, the ESL class consisted solely of Somalis which were not much different than their predecessors in class. The difference? While I took my break in the teacher's lounge in 1991, I did not leave the classroom door during break in 1992. Today, many of the Somali females have working careers while too many males are caught up in the drug trade with shootings becoming a regular matter in Ottawa in which even the 'guns and gangs' unit of the police are fighting a rearguard action. No-one is going to step between a drug dealer and his gun is his attitude. Frightening, yes, but the public is so inured as demonstrated by TV and movies showing nothing but guns, guns, guns. Middle class morality? Though art on the ropes and fading faster than you may realize. Ancient Rome didn't realize how fast they could lose their gov't. to the generals. B) So the Ford gov't. is replacing the medical oversight bodies with super LHINS. Why doesn't he just say it...whereas Liberal factotums were hired, now we can hire Tory factotums. Can you imagine being a $100,000 plus Liberal factotum being let out in an economy which is rapidly sliding down hill? No more money for the children's college education nor the payments on that luxury automobile. Second mortgages are the immediate future with nothing put aside for retirement. The country will pass them by without hardly a blip.


APR.13-2019 A) The Pope is just not being cut any slack. . A photo showing the Pope kissing the feet of two rival Sudanese leaders both guilty of genocide is reflective of a world gone 'batshit crazy' (I am assuming that this O.S. photo is legit.)  The media account of his claim that social changes in the 1960's is largely responsible for pedophilia in the church was undermined by this zinger at the end of the article...'pedophilia in the church has existed for centuries'. A similar charge could be made against the Canadian Justice System in which middle class morality has been shattered by LAVSCAM. No mention was being made of the criminal trial in Montreal until a principled A.G. publicized the matter. The media, contrary to what many might think, is trying to 'ghost' this story as both themselves and the legal fraternity know full well the extent of the perfidy of Canada's judges as evidenced by their silence on the Employee's Case. In the words of retired O.C. columnist Dave Brown, a few decades ago, the legal fraternity is Canada's strongest Union...now there is a new dimension for 38 million gullible Canadians. As for the media, break management's 'union rules'; and they are toast. The real terror for the authorities? That JWR convinces the RCMP to invoke a criminal charge against 'retiree' Privy Council clerk, Michael Wernick, for threatening an official of the crown. I certainly would have. Liberal advisor in the Senator Duffy criminal charge, Nigel Wright, should most certainly have been charged with bribery considering his evidence in court. Dang, where are the RCMP when middle class Canadians need them most?


APR.12-2019 A) The Speaker of Parliament has ruled against former Liberal, Jane Philpott, claiming that the 2015 Parliamentary Rules do not permit a P.M. to expel a caucus member without a vote of the whole caucus (P.M. is accountable to Parliament and not the other way around.) The speaker, knowing that both Trudeau and Scheer want sole control of caucus gave a political answer raising the question as to why voters should not vote 'with their feet' for if the gov't breaks the law; why should ethical voters condone them? Rule of law, in that context, means 'our rules' and we will apply the 'law' in our own fashion. Addendum: Liberal Party never signed agreement to rules. Senator Mike Duffy's criminal trial was typical of this thinking. He was unsuccessfully charged with accepting a bribe while the 'briber', gov't. factotum, Nigel Wright, skated free even after confessing on the stand to his wrongdoing with no RCMP repercussions. That curtailed Duffy's multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against the gov't. where he got nothing. B) As long as Canadians play 'the victim'; see article (APRIL 11 - Gualtiere D) ) there will be no change. FAIR and its followers want change within the laws; laws which the gov't evade on a daily basis. It is just this type of evasion i.e. failure of a decrepit Canadian Council of Judges to examine judicial malfeasance in terms of the Employee's Case; which has prompted me to include the names of judges in my civil fraud actions. C) Enough is enough. Since June 30, 2018, the Ford government on all levels is denying me a hearing on a filed legal case in ON courts. A.G. David Lametti's silence is not acceptable either hence this matter is being re-directed to P.M. Trudeau and G.G. Julie Payette. As for President Trump; it is time to tweet to ON's new commercial plate message...OPEN FOR BUSINESS. His tweet should read: NOT UNTIL PREMIER FORD SORTS OUT ONTARIO'S JUDICIAL MESS before U.S. financial interests get involved with that province: PLACARD: CANADA / A'CLOSET' THIRD WORLD NATION   D) LAVSCAM is not a political blip on Canada's record; it represents the demise of our middle class morality: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. Consumer buying, the engine which drove our economy, is moribund as half of Canadians cannot go without a paycheck.


APR.11-2019  A) It's Radio, not Rocket Science ( and yet Harris Corporation supplies the F-35...oh, oh....) O.S. headline: Mayor (and the rank and file of policemen and managers) 'frustrated' by lousy, costly system. The problem? The same as the Employee's Case as with many other stories...no oversight. Solution? Take the City Manager whom signed off on these duds before testing them...and dismiss him. Quoting in the media the inane cliché ridden Police Chief (retired this May thank goodness) is counter-productive as it invites a replacement of a similar ilk. Same with the judges I include in my fraud account...dismiss them. Then watch out as the 'problems resolve itself'. ...have I ever been wrong?.... B) I have never met an Attorney General which I could not dislike which includes long-time Tory Rob Nicholson now retiring. He is responsible for deporting University lecturer, Hassan Diab, to France for alleged terrorism. After spending a few years in a French prison where he was never convicted, Diab is back with a multi-million dollar suit against the government. If Nicholson had been doing his job in the Employee's Case, two ON judges would not be sitting on the bench today and therefore, as a consequence, find themselves named in my civil fraud cases. C) AFTERMATH  APRIL 11  MATURITY...or lack thereof article  D) I respond to J. Gualtieri's whistleblower account of LAVSCAM O.C. p. A8  SEE this date under APRIL-2019


APR.09-2019 A) 'Saskatooney Law' did not prevail in which a court Registry clerk told me orally that if the Defendant did not file a Response, then no court hearing date would be assigned. SK Premier Moe remained silent on this precedent which would change the very nature of jurisprudence in Canada as no Defense lawyer would ever file a Response thus killing a legal case. Moe also remained silent on appointing Special Counsel hence the focus in the hearing now slated for April 25-2019 will be on disclosure without which this 34 year labour case can be resolved. As for the legal forms, they are quite blunt as to how Defense interests are chewed into little bits if they do not show up. M.P. for Regina, Ralph Goodale, isn't worried as far as the constitutionality of the Carbon Tax is concerned (similar to the imposed BILL 35 -B.C. 1985) as he knows how SK will fare in the upcoming Carbon Tax issue. Question is, will the 'hayseeds' still vote for him in the event of a SK debacle over Carbon Tax too?  B) Whale of a Scam blares the O.S. headlines...City treasurer duped into sending $98K to fraudsters ...and the bigger dupe?... the gullible media, for letting the Auditor 'excuse' the treasurer when both knew last July about the fraud during the Mayoral election and covered it up. C) p.17 Fonda:'I never felt beautiful' reminds me of 'Penny' in Big Bang saying the equivalent...'I was popular'. Where 'pretty' comes in lies in the selection of female weather announcers. D) PLACARD: CANADA / A 'CLOSET' THIRD WORLD NATION  D) Don't blame the media for covering Lavscam guest columnist Kalvin Reid, a former newpaper reporter and editor p. 19 '...So while the media may be responding to the hype, it isn't creating it. It is, like any good business, catering to what its customers are demanding. Response: What codswallop! A media in a democracy one and at the same time protects its institutions as well as the weak at the hands of capricious authoritative power groups. (That didn't happen with the Employee's Case) Why else insist on the necessity of voting? Recently the Sun Editor spoke against including porn-like material in its newspapers. To be sure that is what a great many males want. However did this article pass the editorial board of the O.S.???


APR.08-2019 'Go forth and multiply' must have been the message that Labour lawyer guru, Howard Levitt, must have given to the young female lawyer -whom could give the Energizer Bunny a good run for his money- in her bid to formalize a law suit by the P.M. against Opp. leader, Andrew Scheer. Think of it...every time a politician creates hurt political feelings with a 'licentious' tweet, into a court room he or she goes. Levitt's mob will all become rich building on Levitt getting a University professor to sue another professor for something professors do all the time as a matter of course - get at each other's throat. I'm labeled often as not by the courts, as being frivolous and vexatious in dispensing with the biggest challenge to Justice Canada ever seen while the above 'transgressions' are truly 'frivolous and vexatious'. Go figure....


APR.07-2019 I usually don't include technical correspondence but I have made an exception to this Victoria File No. 19-1903 plus inclusion to the Governor General. SEE 2019 APRIL Subheading GOVERNOR GENERAL (VICTORIA, B.C.)


APR.06-2019 'Whistleblowers troubling Trudeau' and, this O.S. editorial 0.20 should add, the anti-individual media, considering their national boycott of the Employee's Case: ...If it weren't for whistleblowers in our society, there would be many more instances of corruption that go unexposed.' Now back to why AB's Thomas Justice and how he undermined not only Justice in the Employee's Case but in all of Canada if Premier Notley lets him get away with this stunt. She should quash his Decision of April 04-2019 and re-order it back to court with Special Counsel to deal with the 3 topics-disclosure, judge fraud (to which Thomas j. can expect to be a part in another forum in future), and constitutionality of BILL 35 which has a bearing on imposed legislation such as the carbon tax. In brief, her loyalty to the rank and file of Albertans is owed that much. (SK Premier Moe is also exhorted to apply Special Council as a bulwark against the looming carbon tax battle in SK based on his weak case.) The cardinal mistake Thomas j. made was to interfere with the course of justice. I could have just as easily received the same Decision from a duly appointed court hearing judge but here is the point, that passes the 'smell test' in the judicial system. Thomas j. actions do not. In the 'nature vs nurture' battle, in nature man is the head with woman being the all-important neck as predators (and I am one against Thomas j.) always come from behind. Herein lies the twisting function of the neck which can call out 'Look out, stupid!' to the head. In this analogy, Thomas j. is 'all head' and 'no neck'. He was fully aware from filed materials that the unfiled expulsion of this plaintiff from B.C. in an unresolved labour case which he blithely quotes as legitimate fact was fraudulently created. That is how he made himself one and at the same time a knowing conspirator. A legitimate Minister of Justice (D. Lametti) would immediately move him off the bench until this matter is resolved. 


APR.05-2019 SEE 2019 FEBRUARY ALBERTA HI-JINKS as the Edmonton court implodes with this stunt. It would seem that Justice Thomas would eat his own Phoenix tale in this - if one does not mind mixed analogies - Quixotic use of precedent case law, which he uses quite extensively, to destroy precedent law...only in Alberta, you say? It is a kafkaesque venture without equal. For the one-page Newsletter on the topic, see 2019 APRIL-2019


APR.04-2019 A) Today would have been my one and older sister's birthday whom passed away in 2001 living on the streets. Substance abuse was not a problem although mental stability probably was. Money was not a problem. She was divorced after 25 years of marriage (no children) with a university degree and an I.Q. of 142. RIP, Joan. I dedicated my morning walk to her as I have others in former times including our deceased parents. B) Manitoba's hippy but intelligent P.M. Brian Pallister is wise to launch his constitutional challenge to the carbon tax apart from the looming train-wreck under popular Premier Scott Moe of SK. His silence on 'Saskatooney law' in the Employee's Case does not bode well for a challenge to the Federal government, not when the 'compromised' Chief Justice Richard Wagner of the SCofC has to admit that the Canadian Council of Judges is a disaster; something I could have told him after his own nefarious role in 2016. He should never have been appointed by Trudeau as CJ.



APR.02-2019 A) The Ford gov't. canceled some intravenous sites in Toronto due to neighborhood concerns. Here is one 'neighbor' whom sincerely hopes such a site does not locate in South Keys, Ottawa where I reside viewing murder scenes from our roof top balcony. The problem? When I drive into the fast food restaurant early in the morning, all eyes from other parked vehicles are on me...am I an undercover cop? (I look like one which defeats the purpose.) I do not fear them as cameras have a record of their license plates. My concern is for the walk-in addict who may follow me on my walk. On the other hand, those clinics save the city a lot of money in terms of ambulance and hospital costs. In brief, I am a NIMBY but then I installed home alarms in the 1990's and have some experience in the field. B) Mayor Jim Watson and his horde of merry fellows botched LRT 1. TRAIN PAIN O.S. Apr.2-2019 p. 8 had city inspectors since Day 1 writing reports on shoddy concrete work which doesn't surprise this writer as the concrete business in Canada has long been associated with organized crime. SNC Lavelin should never have been supported by the Mayor for its stake in LRT2 considering its botched record in LRT 1 and elsewhere. C) I don't know how West Vancouver Teachers Association President, Renee Willock, gets off by having someone deny her fax number which is on the court forms (and internet). She should be removed immediately by the WV membership.


APR.01-2019 A) I watched Trump campaign in Rapid City, Michigan. The crowd were spell-bound. In contrast, how did Canadian Tory leader, Andrew Scheer, ever get elected let alone become the leader of his party? Another 'pup' is the former rock musician whom is running for the Republican presidency in Texas. Earlier, I watched a Democrat Bernie Sanders clip for President in which he does, indeed, advocate hatred. Now all Trump has to do to make America 'great again' is to release the 50 year Kennedy Assassination papers and invoke the Magnitsky Act against Ontario to protect American investors. B) When SCofC Chief Justice Richard Wagner ascended his post my 'permanent' PLACARD read: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE R. WAGNER. This related to the failing of the Canadian Judicial Council to examine his track record in 2016 with reference to QC and SK for judicial malfeasance.

In today's O.C. p. A6 we are told in a 'pot calling the kettle black' manner that '...Chief Justice Richard Wagner told the Canadian Press he would be launching this week a sweeping review of the Canadian Judicial Council, which has come under harsh criticism.' To bastardize Churchill...'some Chief Justice, some Judicial Council....'


APR.01-2019  A)SEE APRIL-2019 for newsletter regarding Alberta Election B) Two back to back negative economic quarters do a Recession make...how serious you ask? A couple of examples will suffice. Ottawa Police are over their budget so they cut out attending to shoplifting calls creating a whole new host of problems. Union people are told not to interfere with shop-lifters. Fast food restaurants, in time of police matters, protect their staff behind the counter leaving the clients on their own. A second example. Laid-off people (e.g. car plants in Oshawa and Windsor...don't even talk about Alberta) must sell their brand new autos purchased on the 8-year program (1/3 of new purchases) creating a deluge of new cars on the market...there goes more new car sales. The 'negative equity' term means that financial institutions are left carrying the ball in this consumer driven world where half of consumers cannot live beyond one paycheck. In brief, our way of life is unsustainable with all conservative measures being mere stopgaps in this Lac Megantic Express.


MAR.31-2019 A) A decade ago, our cruise ship coming up from the Panama Canal to Acapulco saw few people disembarking for a day jaunt as the cartels were moving in making it today, the most dangerous city in the world. Now Punta Cana area with a murder every 10 hours has a similar situation where the cartels fight over tourist business (read that drug use) which the cartels agree not to target individual tourists. Canada recently saw an Indigenous police force flee seeking RCMP assistance when confronted recently by a dissident indigenous group. Again narco-tourism on the reserves sees 'toke-em-up' shacks for the purpose. The Federal government is aware of the danger and has appointed former police chief, M.P. Bill Blair to oversee this volatile situation although it is B.C. most in danger of becoming 'Mexico North'. (I supported decriminalization of drugs considering the 'war on drugs' was counter-productive. Some countries, such as Portugal, have legalized all drugs. I fear for the future of children of parents whom 'toke-up') B) Letter to the editor O.S. from a writer, a contemporary of mine growing up in the 40's whom sees nothing wrong with a return to 40 student high school classes. My guess is that he cannot write more than three paragraphs which was the norm at that time leaving us crippled when called on to write something called an 'essay' at University. SEE AFTERMATH STUDENT TESTIMONIAL as to how I sought to remedy that deficiency although I was 'on my own'. (I was the one 'laid-off' in 1985 while all others kept their jobs.) C) Quebecers are understandably concerned about their Premier imposing legislation regarding head-gear as opposed to relying on the Legislature. No professional teacher(s) in Canada was willing to create this website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION although it is the decimation of School Boards in some provinces which will be the first to take the brunt as $20 million dollar lawsuits which this plaintiff has filed against West Vancouver frightens the bejeezes out of the Premiers.


MAR.29-2019 A) 'Something has to be terribly, terribly wrong with the Justice System to use the 'notwithstanding clause' (former P.M. Stephen Harper)

QC has used it over a 100 times. Premier Ford used it to downsize Toronto City Council in the middle of an election. Under these circumstances, why vote? Why have courts of law as such as the above clause runs an end game around Parliamentary government. What's not to love...by Donald Trump personalities?  PLACARD:  ELECTION 2019 / 1) BOZO'S IN & BOZO'S OUT?  OR  2) BOZO'S OUT AND BOZO'S IN? (Time to vote with your 'feet')  B)Consider that SNC Lavelin could get a 'Mueller' equivocating judgment; why are they afraid of a trial? Methinks a trial would reveal ongoing peccadilloes

 Under those circumstances, SNC Lavalin should be closed down.


MAR.27-2019 Sub-heading: A TALE OF TWO WHISTLEBLOWERS SEE MARCH 2019. I compare the Employee's civil Case with O.S. columnist Anthony Fury's account of the Vice Admiral Mark Norman criminal one.


MAR.25-2019 I thought it was only Canada with the Employee's Case which witnessed 'no judicial answer is a judicial answer'. Not so as Mueller pulled the same stunt in the U.S. with only one commentator calling him out on that level so all North America is now a legal basketcase. As for LAVSCAM, the solution is easy...hold the trial and bring in a 'Mueller'. North American democracy is past saving; the future belongs in some part(s) of Asia such as Singapore.


MAR.25-2019 A) This lady is not for burning!...indeed, she is pulling a 'Roger Callow' on the Old Boys Club. I'm speaking, of course of former A.G. Jody Wilson- Raybould whom has breathed new life into LAVSCAM by offering written comments to reply to others whom came after her in that perverted Liberal-dominated judiciary committee which would freeze her out. Not a good week for young Justin. The 'old lies' are just not working any longer anywhere. Consider the Pope's blandishment for decades...'we will pray for all their souls' being met with...'to hell with their souls, we victims want those pedophile priests behind bars'. Now that's a novel approach which will never do.... B) BACK TO SCHOOL O.S. p.4 for the Ford Government in this detailed rejection of what columnist (and former 'controversial' Education Minister under the Harris government) John Snobelen touted as a great success in Sunday's O.S.  C) So finally one Mueller commentator said it; 2 years at much public expense and still no definitive answer from the good judge...welcome to the Employee's Case (Canada) where I have been living with this type of nonsense for 34 years...and still Trump has not imposed the Magnitskey Act against Ontario where U.S. investments are directly affected. D) Regina Tory candidate, Michael Kray, has failed to call out Ralph Goodale over 'Saskatooney Law' which is a harbinger of things to come should the Tories win the Federal election in October; namely, no change in government, merely a change of players. Under these circumstances, voters might choose to 'vote with their feet'.


MAR.23-2019 The RCMP 'at the top' are dirty similar to most Canadian institutions. Bottom line is that the 'individual' is frozen out of the Canadian Justice System including Huawei's Meng. For example in the LavScam issue, many authorities are calling for an RCMP investigation plus two letters to the editor'...Corruption to the eyeballs and yet the RCMP sit on their hands and do nothing....' and '...Did the Mounties get a new mandate that we mere mortals didn't hear about? Is it that they can pick and choose (got it in one, buster! RC) who to apply the rule of law to....?  I have filed fraud charges including judicial names in a civil action because the RCMP do nothing regarding judicial malfeasance. 'It's a personal issue, sir,' they tell me, between two parties which limits the litigants to civil court as only the police and the Crown may lay criminal charges. The Employee's Case exposed that perfidy starting in 2013 as it spread across Canada seeing the corruption of many provincial courts, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada that this issue has been in without a resolution so that no compensation in this labour issue would be paid. That is the future Canada that we now all live in.


MAR.22-2019 I wade into the Ontario hot-button topic of autism. SEE this date under MARCH 2019


MAR.21-2019  A) PLACARDS:  1) CANADA / A CLOSET THIRD WORLD COUNTRY  2) TRUDEAU / EPITOME OF EVERYTHING CANADIAN (GOV'T./ MEDIA / LAW COURTS) where the 'individual' has no standing  B) Unsafe at any speed?...Where was the pilot's union in the 747 debacle in terms of advising Boeing on a dangerous aircraft? The media hasn't said.


MAR.20-2019 SEE Subheading 2019 PREMIER FORD regarding Ontario's unmitigated disaster in court subterfuge without equal.


MAR.19-2019 A) Typical imperialism...keep the answer but move the players...in this case out of the sights of those that would whack someone for the sins of the Huawei Meng detention. How else can you explain the departure of civil servant, Michael Wernick. Maybe Meng will take a leaf out of this playbook to save her life by resigning from Huawei and seeking sanctuary in Canada. As to Huawei, they are toast as their best people are leaving them for other high tech Companies with no hope of attracting new talent for their level 4 technology. B) Typical Ontario Appeal Court stunt...a RCMP officer won his case in lower court for 'intimidation' by superiors where evidence is exhaustive (legal billable time) but loses it in the disreputable Appeal Court with a one-liner with the court only too aware that he does not have the 1/2 million dollars to Appeal to the SCofC (only 3% get through) The point here is that the SCofC rules out most claims on the basis that they are not of a national concern. I was run through that routine 4 times by the SCofC although in the unresolved Employee's Case, it led to the demise of Justice Canada in 2004. Now there is nowhere an individual can expect justice in Canadian courts of law.


MAR.18-2019  A) Gas prices have gone up in Ottawa by 25% in as many weeks without any public outcry. Insurance rates in ON are high due, in large measure to the cost of repairs. Car insurance companies should give a 10% reduction to an enterprising after market Company which builds a customized basic frame which the vehicle could drive over and have welded with extenders both front and back to limit car damage. B) Using Court Registries to vet cases particularly self-represented ones such as the Employee's Case has its pitfalls as shown in cases I have lodged in ON,SK,AB, and B.C. in what I call the Registry tail wagging the Judicial dog. Medicine is developing a similar theme with nurse practitioners in QC and probably to be followed in ON. A patient must first have permission from a (cheaper) nurse practitioner to see a doctor. Her task? To discourage as many people as possible from doctor access. Already, with 'digital' doctoring as I call it, I depend on medical advice more from the pharmacist. Thank goodness I have an eye specialist for my glaucoma whom is at the top in his field as he followed a course at variance to the young medical outfit first recommended by the optometrist. He doesn't ask for me to interpret medical goals for which I have no knowledge; rather he tells me what he is going to do answering my questions on that basis.


MAR.17-2019 Followers of the Employee's Case realize that the interprovincial expansion of this case in 2013 was due to the silence of Tory Minister of Justice, Peter Mackay; a position solidified by Liberal Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould in 2016. Today, the natural progression of this downward slide falls into the lap of Liberal Deputy Leader and M.P. for Regina, Ralph Goodale but he is not the bellwether for the cause as he has a reputation of handing out $10 million apiece to alleged(?) terrorists and apologizing thereto. The real decision maker is Regina Tory Michael Kray (Goodale's opponent) and his public opposition to 'Saskatooney law'. If he remains silent, all voters across Canada should 'vote with their feet' in October. As to the sacrifice of media credibility (CBC and Postmedia), that was an unexpected bonus to the conspirators with their boycott on this national story and one reason that I closed them out of this case at the end of 2018.


MAR.16-2019 A) Even Privy Council mandarin Michael Wernick could not help be aware of how inflammatory his 'assassination talk' would be taken by the media but he is desperate. First of all his target was not politicians; rather it was for Huawei's Meng whose apprehension was directed from his office (by Gerald Butts? whom is falling on his sword similar to John McCallum for 'family' reasons as China plays tough). Meng's father is well aware of China's plans and is trying to save Meng's life with his offbeat 'Canada is a victim too' plea designed to at least get a 'stay of proceedings' on some technicality or other in order to pull her out of the country before she can be murdered. B) On top of everything else in the New Zealand massacre is the frightening revelation that the written expression of the shooter shows a man of high intelligence.


MAR.16-2019 'When I was a boy...' (oh, did that one ever get a groan when our two sons were teenagers)... anyway, classes in our prestigious West Point Grey public School in the 1950's contained up to 40 students. As such we never wrote more than 3 paragraph answers and yet when I arrived in University, we were expected to be able to write essays. I vowed as a teacher not to leave my charges with that deficit so that while other classes did 1500 word encyclopedic assignments, my students wrote 3- 500 word interpretative assignments requiring research of a broader nature. Realistically, a teacher cannot do that with the larger class considering the marking and follow-up time. As an economy measure, the Ford gov't. is increasing high school class size from 22 to 28 students forcing teachers into rote limited word answers common to when I went to high school. A further problem is trying to infuse special needs students into regular classrooms including, if I understand correctly, autistic students. It doesn't work. In one assignment as a Supply Teacher, the administrator gave me 3 boys from a French 8 class in which I had my hands full for the hour. A tearful French teacher later exclaimed, 'Thank God, we actually got something done with those 3 gone.' Bottom line? Don't take up teaching unless you want to make yourself sick. Interestingly enough, getting sick happens most often to popular teachers trying to be all things to all people...we miserable cusses - all except for me in 1985 when I got dumped for whistle blowing - had stellar attendance records.


MAR.15-2019 A) Where's he going with this must be on many people's mind? The chairperson of Huawei and father of Meng under deportation order in Vancouver claims that 'Canada is a victim too'. Trump has already thrown Canada under the bus on this one in which Canada has the proverbial tiger swinging by its tail. There is very little threat of Level 4 electronics affecting level 5 as the latter 'leaks like a sieve' with easier ways to exploit level 5 for spying purposes. The embargo is symbolic of the western world's encroachment of 'soft' Chinese power with the Meng story being the catalyst in that resistance. Is that one of the reasons for the resignation of Gerald Butts whom probably ordered the apprehension in the first place? B) The big story on Lavscam is that the media were keeping this trial a secret...and then along came A.G. Jody Wilson-Raybould.... The public are not interested in this type of trial as they do not understand it. What they do understand is bullying. Even here, the public accepts being 'voted off the island' on reality shows. What they don't accept is the hypocrisy of 'sunny ways' Trudeau pontificating about 'rule of law' on the one hand while on the other he shows himself to be a bully boy. That dichotomy does not augur well for political success. C) Pork barreling - Of course the 'Liberal' LHIN health board is being given its walking papers by the Ford gov't. as Tory loyalists are now given the appointments.  D) A 'shape up or ship out' message to Regina's M.P. and Deputy Liberal Leader, Ralph Goodale. SEE this date under MARCH-2019  E) It's the Economy, Stupid-It's Unsustainable Stagnant wages are the problem. SEE AFTERMATH under this date.


MAR.15-2019 A challenge now in the Supreme Court of Canada with regards to a condominium reneging on paying a contractor's bill is stretching over the 5 year mark. The bill? $180,000  The cost to the pro bono prestigious legal Counsel alone in SCofC for the contractor? $500,000.  As readers already know what I think of the Justice System, my focus here is on condominium Boards which, for the most part, are badly managed. Our 40 year building has depreciated apartments by about 25% but its location is ideal as all facilities have grown up around it and are within a short walking distance. Granted it was built at a time when Hugh Hefner mirrors were all the rage, but I like it. I also like the high condominium fees (ours is over $1000 for a pent-house) as a means of keeping the rents high (about 18 units) for those owners renting out their apartments. Almost all trouble comes from rentals. Our no-pot rules, a common feature in most Ottawa apartments, further discourages an undesirable element. Our Board is well-managed and we do not get the usual special fees for new plumbing, new roof, etc. which most condominiums must suffer. In the above case, the ON Appeal Court pulled a fast one reversing the debt owed in a 'one-liner' believing that no challenge would be made. I would not like to own a condominium in this case if the SCofC backs the lower court ruling which was quite exhaustive in favour of the contractor. If unsuccessful, this case will have contractors blacklisting (already happening) certain condominiums so that they cannot get snow clearance. The days of 'hungry contractors' is gone as they fight back.


MAR.14-2019  Trudeau's 'rule of law' would never permit the scandal regarding parents buying spots in prestigious U.S. colleges and Universities to surface in Canada, but the U.S. does: B.C. nabob also charged in scandal O.S. p.2 But then a student does not go to Private School to learn ethics rather, it is to win. St. Georges School in Vancouver staff and administration had to know about ghost writers sitting to write SAT exams as the school would expect to get some of the largesse. Worse yet is the pedophilia abuse which permeates all school systems (much the same problem as has the Pope) but one which the Ontario College of Teachers organized in 1990 eradicated over the next two decades. Trudeau taught in the private West Point Grey Academy which was 'outed' at one time on this basis. I question how Caroline Mulroney (former P.M. Brian Mulroney's daughter) and Caroline Kennedy ever got their qualifications. Further, there are tutoring outfits available to write your M.A. or Phd. thesis. Presumably this is how the Michael Wernick's of the world - labeled a jerk by the media - and his cousins in the Office of the Chief Justice function.


MAR.14-2019 A) Now the debate is over cellphones in the School and letter to editor senior writer, Jill Young, says 'use the library'. I did back in the 1970's classroom telling students not to use National Geographics older than 10 years (1960's). With the internet, a whole new spectrum opened up with up-to-date information in geography. The problem is to keep the students on task which is possible if the computers go around the periphery of the classroom with desk space in the middle where cell phones should not be used unless under a specific question by the teacher. Money is no longer going into the libraries for print materials which rapidly become outdated. B) SEE sub-heading PETER MACKAY under 2019, a vocal critic of A.G. Raybould and yet this material from my archives shows that he is the one that failed to nip the Employee's Case in the bud in 2013...pot calling kettle black.... C) So Nova Scotia would institute Police clearance checks for teachers after each 5 years due to 5 serious cases this year. Teachers already have to pass an initial police check. My question...why doesn't the government just fire those teachers found guilty of a serious criminal offense? I knew one teacher many years ago in B.C. being convicted of a DIU. Nothing happened as related to job security. If such 5 year tests reveal such criminality, what then? Court actions which could lead to multi-million dollar counter-charges?


MAR.13-2019 A) SEE this date under MARCH 2019 for a letter pillorying the three western provinces on the Employees Case matter. B) SEE sub-heading PREMIER NOTLEY-FRAUD under 2019 comparing her perfidy from 2016 material to 2019 duplicate duplicious behaviour.


MAR.11-2019 A) Columnist Rick Gibbons, former O.S. editor feels Ottawa mortgaged the bank (my words) to cover the cost of phase 1 of the LRT even before Phase 1 - which is a year over-date and still waiting with July 01 being the next target gate - has been completed with only 3 of the 21 city Councillors voting against approving it right now: Ottawa City council missed the oversight bus on LRT2 vote. p.3 My private vote among seniors in a local coffee shop showed an even split. B) One thing that has always puzzled me is how refugees are given special benefits in terms of such as free medical care in Canada and yet find the money for very expensive plane tickets to African countries.  C) SEE AFTERMATH/ MARCH 12-2019 As any parent can tell you, it is the 'birthday party' which is the great equalizer, not death.


MAR.10-2019 So O.S. occasional columnist and advisor to the earlier ill-fated Liberal McGuinty government p.21 believes that Trudeau erred by not picking older loyalists to the Party. Privy Council's Michael Wernick is old and a public joke whose mentality pervades the 'old loyalists' or Old Boy's Club in Justice Canada. In brief, they are all a bunch of perverted autocrats advised by such as Warren.


MAR.09-2019  A) RULE OF LAW??? sub-heading pretty much sums the Employee's Case all up. Canada as solid as a $3 Bill. SEE MARCH 2019  B)So Justin learned about the 'Rule of Law' at his father's (former P.M. Pierre Trudeau) knee when papa was Justice Minister...I'll bet he did.... C) SEE VICTORIA REGISTRY #19 0903  sub-heading under MARCH 2019


MAR.08-2019 Without each of the Political Party leaders running in the Federal election commit to requesting that the criminal charge against SNC Lavalin proceed in Montreal, the voters should vote with their feet in a story which could read 'QC electorate tail wags English Canadian judicial dog'.


MAR.07-2019 I weigh in on the Huawei Meng case; particularly as it relates to a two month delay in disreputable Vancouver courts (due to Chief Justice Hinckson aberrant action in the Employee's Case in 2018 now naming him in a AB civil fraud case). SEE this date under MARCH 2019


MAR.06-2019 A) Why did the Trudeau gov't. add a criminal charge to the civil charge of the previous Harper gov't. firing of Vadmiral Norman? One possible explanation is that a criminal trial requires unanimous decision of 12 jury members. At least one objector could expect to lead to a hung jury thus relieving the Prosecution of any blame as that could be shifted onto the hung jury. Norman is not having his case paid for by DND hence he has a multimillion debt which can only be repaid if he can sue the government. With his lawyer, Marie Heinen calling for the case to be dropped, Norman would be in the same position as Senator Duffy in his failed $8 million action against the gov't. My advice is that he should hang in there and get a new lawyer to see it through...been there, done that.... B) No matter where a Canadian columnist turns on legal matters, the Employee's case bites him in the end. SEE this date under MARCH 2018 re O.S. p.11 columnist, Lorrie Goldstein


MAR.06-2019 It is not in the DNA of China to understand the nature of the political downfall of the Meng Deportation Case in Vancouver. It's analogous to Hermann Goring telling Hitler to hold off with a land invasion of Britain in 1939 as he would fulfill the task with his Luftwaffe. Good old British fog and the new invention of radar foiled the attempt although one important world lesson was learned in that bombing strengthened the will of the people to survive; a lesson lost on the U.S. during the Viet Nam war. China has blocked ore carrying ships from Canada and Australia and turned around an Air New Zealand plane due to referring to the capital of Taiwan as being Taipai which China covets. As long as the Meng Case hangs over China, all their foibles as a society are hung out on the line to dry...and that will never do as it negatively affects their hegemony over the world. China is exposed in a manner and form hitherto unimagined and all their 'petty' repercussions are counter-productive.


MAR.05-2019 'Charge of the Light-headed Liberal Brigade'...'Wilson-Raybould to the left of them; Philpott to the right of them' and yet into the Valley of political death rode the 600 hundred headless Liberals'... 5 The Charge of the Light Brigade excuse: It was an unfortunate lapse by an individual which has now been dealt with under internal disciplinary procedures. (Yes, Minister) ...And the best plan is, as the populus  saying was, to profit by the folly of others.' Pliny the Elder


MAR.03-2019  'Liar' former Premier Christy Clark in terms of the Employee's Case made a very good point on public TV relating to the SNC Lavalin matter; namely, as long as it remains a civil matter, it is a question of 'he said, she said'. That is why over 50 judges have denied me disclosure, as for a certainty, the Employee's Case would become a criminal matter involving the RCMP and the Prosecutor's Office...and that would never do....better to sink the entire Justice System - which the conspirators did in 2004 - than to admit to that.


MAR.02-2019 A) SEE this date under 2019-MARCH for newsletter: RULE OF LAW(?) ALBERTA  B) So the Ford gov't. is going to alter the health services oversight board...but of course, how else will they oust Liberal factotums and replace them with Tory factotums?



MAR.01-2019 A) 'It is finished' ...for Canada that is in terms of publicizing the Employee's Case. SEE this date for an indictment of 'cowardly' Canada MARCH 2019. B)An action against the West Vancouver Teachers Association for $20 million has been launched. SEE sub-heading under 2019 MARCH sub-heading: WV TEACHERS ASSOC. - FRAUD  C) So Trump and Kim Yong Un departed early from Hanoi skipping a final dinner where, if there was to be an 'explosion', it could very well have been there. Trump had a second meeting; it is highly unlikely there will be a third. D) Media events are the property of seniors (e.g. talk shows symbolized by adult diaper type ads). I asked one group of seniors if they were following the SNC Lavalin story...50% said yes. The media will be lucky to squeeze one more week out of this turkey of a story. E) As a politician, Trudeau is finished with his public bullying group over 'an individual'. Chrystia Freeland could win the fall election as P.M. for the Liberals. F) So Huawei's Meng faces deportation next week...if she lives that long.... G) The U.S. Enron Case of over a decade ago has parallels to the SNC Lavalin case. The former was convicted in the U.S. while the Canadian gov't. is interfering in Canada. That is why Trump should apply the Magnetsky Act (may not be applied internally in Canada; only by a fellow signatory) against Canada.






FEB.28-2019 Want to hear a good story to warm the cockles of your heart? In 2010, former CIA operator and novelist, Ben Eisler, wrote a book entitled UPSIDE DOWN which chronicled the 'second bullet' fired from the Texas bookhouse in a room adjacent to Harvey Oswald. It was that killing bullet by a Frank Dunn which hit the back of Kennedy's head which also revealed to Harvey Oswald that he was being set up. The ring-leader was a New Orleans mob boss whom also organized the later assassination of brother Bobby Kennedy in a similar set-up and died of old-age in the early 1990's. Now here is the best part. The entire book site of Eisler includes a re-organization of book titles so that the 2010 title, UPSIDE DOWN exists but another novel has been assigned to it. The original Kennedy assassination story has been expunged from the list. Now you know why Donald Trump is shitting his pants sitting on the 50 year revelations of the Kennedy Assassination in 1963. Some CBC executive in recent years must have been paid big bucks for Canada to repeat the 'single bullet' story. My point? America can never be 'Great Again' until they come clean on those Kennedy assassinations. The thread unraveling this type of conspiracy? The failure of the current POPE to over-ride the revelations of sexual abuse by clerics (for hundreds of years).


FEB.28-2019 Some would say that Opposition Leader, Andrew Scheer, is pretty brave writing a letter to the RCMP to investigate SNC Lavalin-gate. Unless that selfsame Scheer is prepared to write a second letter to the RCMP exposing an even greater fraud on the part of judges in the Employee's Case, we will have to conclude that his initial letter is just so much bravado and that he is no better than his target; P.M. Justin Trudeau


FEB.27-2019 NAFTA was originally the Ontario 'auto pak' agreement which became obsolescent largely due to $2 per hour Mexican labour. The new 'NAFTA' retained the low Mexican wages...so why the hell was it signed? A report has it that new cars are being used to smuggle drugs to Canada. Where's RCMP management on all this as only a small percentage of drugs are being apprehended to 'keep the police looking good'.


FEB.27-2019 The Wilson-Raybould revelations today may be interesting and harmful to the Liberal Party; but the basic structure of government remains intact with the existence of Opposition Parties (parties in waiting). The real story of the SNC Lavalin criminal trial in Montreal is that the media was not reporting on it. Also the media is not reporting on the Employee's Case where the entire Judicial edifice has been sacrificed. Backbencher's Response? Heck, that's the way the boys in short pants are ordered to treat us every day!


FEB.26-2019 A) 'Saskatooney' SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2019 for the 'law to end all law'.  B) 'Smorgasbord Justice'. Something for everyone in this caper written in the editorial offices of JUSTICE CANADA regarding the Ottawa police takedown of a Somali perp two years ago which led to the death of the latter...all fit for a gullible media.... C) The Lavelin Story is first and foremost a failure of the media regarding the laying of the criminal charge against Lavalin which was being kept quiet. It only came to light when the Liberals messed up on the file and the press jumped on them as a means of hiding their own perfidy. D) Unless a retail outlet has a security guard, Ottawa police no longer attend to shoplifting problems...it is the beginning of the end of commercial transactions in public as public trust is eroded to such an extent and degree that business operations stripped to the bone in staffing will close up much like retail outlets in ghetto America.


FEB.25-2019  Trump should be very wary of travelling abroad as an assassination, unlike the Kennedy Assassinations, would not involve the FBI; rather it would involve such as the North Vietnamese Government in the case of the impending Trump-Kim Yong Un meeting in Hanoi. A carefully placed rocket would solve a number of the world's problems while creating others.


FEB.24-2019 A) SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2019 for a letter to Wilson-Raybould by this plaintiff  (2016 sub-heading ALBERTA August 8, 2016 point 7) disclosure for an unsavoury relationship with her current advisor, former Chief Justice Thomas Cromwell in a story which parallels the Lavalin Case. B)Does it not occur to readers that support of the Windmill project placed a lot of payola in the pockets of such as figures like the disgraced Gerald Butts whom would not benefit under a promotion of traditional fuel sources? So much for some so-called climate supporters! C) The NHL is moving off the ice and into the wheeling and dealing boardrooms as epitomized by Edmonton's suspension of star player, McDavid, whom will not play for April, May and June. The O.S. stacks that unenviable record against all previous stars which never experienced such contumely.


FEB.23-2019 SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2019 as I wade into the Senator Duffy Trial, the VAdm. Norman Trial, SNC Lavalin revelations and the Employee's Case. It's a spinning vortex without equal: HOW THE NORTH WAS LOST


FEB.22-2019 A) In the 1950's, an unemployed accountant told my businessman father why he turned down a job: 'It's a front for organized crime. You work for those guys; they get something on you, then you are unemployable anywhere else.' That is the story of SNC Lavalin. Underlings in the Company try to rationalize their position by saying corruption does not function at their level much like those Mexicans whom believe that they can live with drug cartels. Further, whom is going to hire one of their released executives other than organized crime which has infiltrated our institutions? We talk about reforming Venezuela when in fact that is the future of the entire world. Actuarians tell us to cap our institutional costs so that our grandchildren will not be burdened with the debt. They already are as in the 1990's, children realized that they would not be better off than their parents. Today, children in their 20's cannot afford to leave home with the milch cow parents suddenly realizing that their pension scheme is no longer sufficient to accommodate their retirement hence risky investments. Institutions such as the media are financially reeling. In the early 1950's when I delivered newspapers, I was shocked to find a household of two retirees that did not take one at $1.25 per month. Today that newspaper costs over $30 per month and households taking the paper are in the minority as I watch delivery cars driving increasing distances between deliveries. It is unsustainable as are most institutions. Stagnant salaries are the culprit in forcing a depression as employees and pensioners are held to a 2% increase per year while costs rise between 4% and 5% with institutions like the police cutting vital services (they no longer pick up shoplifters) which in turn will decimate our society. Want to save megabucks at the expense of one profession? Rewrite the Justice System apart from the legal personnel input. The 34 year Employee's Case functioning across Canada has shown how Justice Canada has already reached SNC Lavalin levels. Indeed, 'property rights' (women being an extension of men's control) in 1967 has been displaced by 'human rights' (1982 Canadian Bill of Rights consistent with U.N. aims) But what to do with the hoary old judges? I have had over 50 of them over 34 years which is a record not to boast about in the unresolved Employee's Case where no compensation has been paid. The poet Dante reserved the lowest rung of Hell for those people who were called on to act but failed to do so. Our WWII veterans must be rolling over in their graves viewing a nation from afar which has forgotten 'to stand on guard for thee' (no effective oversight bodies). On an individual level, the disgraced Gerald Butts bumped from government is a symbol of everything which is wrong with Canada which is not to invite Opposition Parties suggesting that they have everything right. B)Two newspaper columnists -Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah have until the end of the month to break the media boycott in the Employee's Case in this international phase (the national phase ended in 1918). Central to their challenge is the Saskatoon Court currently claiming that if a Defendant does not acknowledge a court date; then none will be set. Under those circumstances why would any Defendant ever respond to a legal challenge anywhere in Canada?


FEB.21-2019 A) The sooner Big Bang finishes, the better off we all will be. They no longer have good writers. B) Fear mongering civil servant, Privy Council's Michael Wernick should be removed from Office for thinly disguised provocation of terrorism in the SNC Lavalin case...but then what do I know? (Too much considering the national media boycott on a story much bigger (collapse of Justice Canada) than SNC Lavalin which goes unreported - The Employee's Case.) C) The central theme of the SNC Lavalin Case? The story was being hidden from the public by the media in much the same fashion as the Employee's Case. D) Trudeau's initial mistake in the Lavalin Case? Depending on asshole lawyer advice much like Premier Moe appears to be doing in SK in a case I have in Saskatoon. E) The Pope rules over a broken empire in much the same fashion that the Old Boys Club rules over a broken Justice Canada.


FEB.19-2019 'Methinks the media protesteth too much' as they howl over the gov't.'s mess in the SNC Lavalin Case. The media did nothing - or very little - in exposing the trial in Montreal on Lavalin and now appear to be off-loading the blame on the Feds. i.e. Liberals. The real question is whom chose to lay the charge against Lavalin; surely not Justice Canada nor the RCMP which is equally compromised at the top; the Employee's Case has shown that much. We are told that Quebecers are comfortable with job-rich Lavalin as even the Tories are not raising it as an issue in QC. Are we headed the way of Mexico and the drug lords which many Mexicans are quite prepared to live with? Will Children's stories be all about Robbing Hood Lavalin or some drug king as a folk hero? PLACARD: CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS CRASHING


FEB.18-2019 A) The TV interview cameras came crashing down on highly capable Manitoba NDP Opposition Leader, Wab Kinew. His crime? He claimed that there was not much difference in the treatment of Indigenous Peoples between the Harper and Trudeau governments. That 'heresy' undermines all media types as their reason for existence is that the 'we and them' of politics is a reality, not a fiction of their own creation justifying their existence as they parallel the activities of those selfsame political parties. That explains the media boycott against the Employee's Case as this matter is also a universal. It also explains the U.S. media coverage of Trump's megalomania. To be sure, if he was given his 'Wall'; he would have to find something else for his fixation.B) Parallels: The Privy Council is to the SNC Lavelin Case as the Irving Family of Nova Scotia is to the V.Adm. Norman Case as  Justice Canada is to the Employee's Case.  C) Oh dang, there goes another prepared PLACARD into the rubbish heap: WOULD THE REAL P.M. PLEASE STAND UP? (Gerald Butts) D)Perhaps our Justin can do a lecture trip in China explaining the 'Rule of Law'. Good luck with that one as the Employee's Case is turning over Judicial perfidy on a daily basis. I am sure the Chinese can do with a good laugh even if Meng is not laughing in Vancouver.


FEB.17-2019 A) Ghana was once the pearl of governance in Africa; that is until a legal case burst its seams and showed that they were just another African shithouse country. Similarly Canada has been epitomized as the luckiest democracy; the recent SNC Lavelin Case not withstanding which involves only a few people at the top and the fortunes of the governing Liberal Party. There is no threat to the system as the Opposition Parties are 'governments in waiting'. Not so the Employee's Case. There is a massive threat to the Justice System with the legal aberrations in this legal matter where judges are included in fraud charges due to moribund oversight powers. The story is widespread despite a media boycott and will rear its ugly head every time an employee case hits the court. As to Ministers of Justice? Don't believe the Justice Ministers as they have all been compromised in the Employee's Case including: the incumbent David Lametti, and his predecessors, Jodi Wilson-Raybould and Peter MacKay. SNC Lavellin,  in this matter, is not an aberration as the media would have you believe...it is the way the entire system operates. The current buy-out offer is for $20 million. B) A braveheart SK Premier Moe appeared confident on TV about winning the Carbon Tax case. Politically, for election purposes, the Liberals need a knockout blow in SK. Also so do the Federal Tories want them to have it creating the election issue which will win Ontario seats plus then the Tories will promise to cancel the tax if elected. That's why the court hearing is fixed with Moe being the gullible ham in the sandwich.


FEB.16-2019 Letter to Premiers Moe (SK) and Notley (AB)  SEE FEBRUARY 2019 under this date.


FEB.15-2019 A) The Vice Admiral Norman victimization has reached new heights of despicability. The one whom actually leaked the Cabinet notes to a lobbyist was arrested yesterday. The point? The RCMP knew about that second person's role before they charged Norman. Every effort must be made to get the government to drop the charges against Norman. To be sure, the gov't. has one juror whose directive is to insist on a gov't. win thus leading to a hung jury. That way the gov't. can escape blame by pilloring the jury for the problem. B) The gormless media should never have been caught out by the Liberal stunt to sidetrack the Wilson-Raybould matter in a court-structured hearing. They should have been able to prophesize that manoeuvre and neutralize it beforehand.


FEB.14-2019 A)As long as Wilson-Raybould doesn't talk which best suits her interests, the media is going to have egg all over its face, on this issue unless they can prompt some insider to 'spill the beans'. Failing to 'spill the beans' in the Employee's Case makes for little credibility on the part of the media in any event. It would be a major game changer in the Federal election if the media openly challenged the Liberals on the Employee's Case. B) SEE 2019 FEBRUARY / CORRESPONDENCE-SK&AB COURTS for important 5 page letter.


FEB.13-2019 This Wilson-Raybould brou ha ha is so much codswallop. See my web site for 2016 and my letters to her regarding the appointment of the same three SCC judges over both the QC and SK Appeals. One of those, Richard Wagner, is the incumbent Chief Justice. Thomas Cromwell was the lead judge. Guess - surprise, surprise, - whom is Raybould-Wilson's current personal advisor?...why Cromwell of course. But the media is sure flapping their gums over this one and not an honest word coming out of them.... Who knows, maybe she is in a snit because she does not feel as though she got her share of the SNC Lavalin payola.  Her predecessor, Peter MacKay, was just as dirty.


FEB.12-2019 A)Minister of Justice David  Lametti, is quite right regarding the error of commission in the SNL Lavalin Case...'before my time'. 'Professor Dave' , however, is quite wrong in the error of omission regarding the 6 month ON court stalemate in the Employee's Case which includes the naming of two judges for fraud explaining why those two names are now included in the Saskatoon Case. Professor Dave should resign.The failure of the incompetent B.C. A.G. David Edy to hold Chief Justice Hinckley accountable for a depredation unequaled in the annals of any Justice System accounts for the inclusion of his name in the AB courts. B) The real crime of MP Jody Wilson-Raybould is not what she hid on the SNC Lavalin file; rather it is what influence was exerted on her over the Employee's Case. She resigned her portfolio in order to conceal her position from being set up by the Privy Council & Trudeau. So Jody Wilson-Raybould hired scumbag (retired 2016) SCC Justice Thomas Cromwell (formerly of NS) whom sat on my second SCC Appeal (SK) in retirement after sitting on the first SCC Appeal (QC) at the same time much to my strong opposition. Those two deserve each other.


FEB.11-2019 A) 'Our faults, my dear Brutus (former A.G. Peter Mackay) lie not in our stars (failing to call in the police) but in ourselves for blowing the whistle on others (Jody Wilson-Raybould) for failing to do so. This paragon of virtue Brutus failed to call in the police after the oversight bodies refused to acknowledge gross judicial malfeasance in the Employee's Case...and that's where everything sits today: PLACARD:  HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST  B) As a former teacher, Justin should have been aware of the pitfalls of popularity. As to being a drama teacher; that's where I learned to read as you must 'know that you know'. I would be interested in Justin's level of play analysis. The media make a workingman joke out of being a drama teacher and yet actors like Alec Guinness (as contrasted to John Wayne type-actors) are people of superior capabilities. C) A former Aussie Olympic athlete and now lawyer thanked CBC for calling out coach sexual abuse in the Olympics. Is this the same CBC which did not call out judicial malfeasance in the Employee's Case? Now they can't as I have closed down Canadian national media coverage in 2018...oh, heal thyself first, oh physician. D) One of the greats of the Reporting world, Joe Schlesinger died at the age of 90. He reported at a time that Reporters could meet world leaders and he met them all. He escaped Nazi Germany and reported in a time period when reporters had the last word. No longer.


FEB.11-2019  A) The International Phase of the Employee's Case will end in February (The national phase ended in 2018 taking, out as it did, the credibility of the Canadian media.) In that regard, the credibility of three figures is paramount. For the international media, O.S. columnists, Tarek Fatah & Farzana Hassan, are the symbols of a loss of personal credibility. The third figure is the Commander of the U.S. Forces (Trump) whom, in his failure to warn U.S. interests of the dangers of dealing with Ontario courts, will no doubt be deemed a coward by some. B) A.G. David Camelletti (Professor Dave) acquitted himself well on the Wilson-Raybould file in that the SNC Lavalin Case in Montreal alleging Privy Council interference happened before his time. Not too good is his ignoring of the Employee's Case which will hang him. C) As far as Premiers go, New Brunswick's Premier Blane Higgs is no straw man (Notley not bad either but she is a dung beetle pushing ten times her own weight up a hill). The Carbon Tax is the Liberal's undoing as such as Higgs claim that, simply put, we do not need another tax. D) I am no fan of former A.G. Wilson-Raybould but she pulled a 'callow' by rejecting alleged Privy Council interference with the SNC Lavalin fraud trial. In short, the West Vancouver School Superintendent told me to resign if I did not agree to withdraw a fraudulent Principal's Professional Report on Teacher or else face the neophyte imposed BILL 35. The demotion to the Veterans file also 'scotched the snake, not destroyed it' leaving this Metis woman to attack from within; in her case, by just shutting up. There goes the Indigenous vote. E) Insider dope is that Jagmeet Singh will not win his South Burnaby seat hanged, no doubt, by his own cliché answers. F) I was asked recently (by a non-Trump supporter) whether I was a Trump supporter? My answer. Personally, I do not support any authority figure as they all lie. I look at their actions. Trump, for example, deserves a Nobel Prize for stopping the N. Korean rockets flying over Japan and risking WWIII. I agree with his pressure on Iran's support behind Hezbollah which fomented WWIII by tunneling into Israel. Unlike Gaza, Hezbollah has the weaponry to hit any spot in Israel. They are also the main conduit for drugs into Europe via Italy. Trump has rejuvenated the U.S. economy. On the negative side, he is not, as he claims to be, a genius. I was raised with a sister(d) with an I.Q. of 142, so I know something of genius (which I am not as I have the high school marks to prove the point...what I am is a 'reader' with a level of perseverance which surprised even me). His nightly e-mails escape me as being highly counter-productive. He already has the job, for Christ's sake. One last point in his favour. He is substance abuse free and appears to be good to his children (maybe too good).







FEB.10-2019 A) PLACARDS: 1) CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS IN COLLAPSE  2) WOULD THE REAL P.M. PLEASE STAND UP? (Gerald Butts) He buggered up the ON Liberals which are now limited to 7 seats and is now repeating that performance federally. 3) ELECTION / IMMIGRATION FILE IS THE ISSUE, STUPID!  B) SEE 2019 JANUARY CORRESPONDENCE QBG 52  for a 2-page letter to the Defendants dated FEB.11-2019 (A Must Read)  C) So the incompetent B.C. (Mexico North) A.G. David Edy sat idly by while a massive Casino laundering scheme operated under his nose. Hence it is no wonder that Vancouver Chief Justice Hinckley thought he could pull the legal heist of the century (SEE employeescasecanada 2018 HINKLEYcj - FRAUD Sub-heading)


FEB.08-2019 A) So the media has their testicles in an uproar because of alleged PMO interference with the SNC Lavalin corruption trial in Montreal. The Employee's Case has already shown that judicial interference across Canada is standard fare. Who trusts to a Crown Attorney working under Justice Canada direction any longer? PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST  B) SCHOOL DAZE-RECESSION Sub-heading under 2019-FEBRUARY


FEB.07-2019 China mess inevitable for 'post national' Canada O.S. guest columnist Chuck Strahl p.17 '...The problem with all of this, as the Trudeau government has now found out, is that you either stand for something, or you will fall for everything....You constantly apply the lens of freedom, rules of law and democratic ideals to thorny (i.e. Employee's Case) issues, or these heartfelt issues will get ignored when you need them most....'


FEB.06-2019 A) Habeas Corpus (produce the evidence) or disclosure in law is the bedrock of 'The Rule of Law'. A few recent court cases in Ottawa illustrate the conundrum in which the Crown Prosecutor finds himself. As he does not want his witnesses charged with perjury, the practice is to yield to constant Defense pressure at the last minute by producing disclosure. In brief, whom is willing to trust to a Crown Prosecutor (Justice Canada - Old Boys Club) under these circumstances? But it does not stop there. What is a judge supposed to do with evidence in her private evidence (i.e. B.C. Justice Mary Southin in 1986) showing widespread perjury including the arbitrator in the lay-off of West Vancouver senior teacher, Roger Callow? Quashing the arbitration and ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor did not deal with the problem of the documents she was holding so she foolishly returned them to the Employer and Union leaving herself open to blackmail by the Employer as any pursuit of this issue would illustrate that she had covered up a massive fraud...and that would never do. That's why over 50 judges including 4 inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada to cover-up the cover-up by denying this plaintiff disclosure has destroyed the Canadian Justice System over 34 years leaving Canada to fight all these rearguard actions currently where courts are bogging down on the topic of disclosure. B) MPP Christine Elliott, Ontario's Health MInister is a bare-faced liar although the media is trying to rub out her leopard spots. I saw the TV clip in which she absolutely denied the NDP assertion based on leaked evidence, that the Ford government had already approved contracting out some aspects of the Health System. 'Not now, not ever' was her theme song in castigating the NDP announcement.


FEB.05-2019 A) Methinks I smell a giant sized rat in the trial of a police officer charged with manslaughter in the takedown of a Somali perp a few years ago. At the last minute, the Crown provides 'tampered evidence' in that the short un-dated clip that the coroner saw had a longer version not in evidence. He concluded a 'homicide' had taken place. It is all a set-up. Friends of the Somali were in the streets screaming 'cover-up' so they were provided the Coroner's version having them believe that justice would be done. The deliberate tampering (Justice Canada) will permit the Defense to turn 180 degrees on the case. Bottom line? Justice Canada does not want police officers convicted of manslaughter with the protesters being played 'like a fiddle'. B) Another very smelly rat is the criminal charge against Union boss, Skof, as a policeman on a diddlysquat charge. As cliché ridden new police oversight commissioner, Councilor Diane Deans will not state unequivocally her position on the matter, it would appear this charge emanates from the Mayor's Office in support of the most incompetent police chief that Ottawa has ever appointed. He announced his retirement for May. C) Where, for example, was he when he appointed a police officer to examine a scene in which the killed cyclist was in his blind spot. As one whom had an A-Z license; every such driver knows of the 'blind spot'. The officer's re-enactment was laughed out of court with the driver being found 'not guilty'.


FEB.04-2019 A) SEE Sub-heading 2019 ALBERTA FRAUD (B.C.) under this date, particularly letter to Premier Notley (Correspondence #2)pp. 19-20, which is of prime interest to all professional teachers and School Boards in Canada particularly AB. B) So the Liberals would create a new body to detect 'fake news' which reads like an Old Boys Club who's who with Privy Council & Justice Canada personnel. I can see it now...the Employee's Case explodes on the scene and everyone wants to know why the media suppressed the story. The fake news body will tell you why without including the fact that the original Orders came from them! The voting public will love them for pillorying the media which I shut out of the exposure as of the end of 2018... it's a perfect storm.... C) If the Democrats were smart, they would build Trump's Wall...with Mexican labour at a fraction of the cost of U.S. labour. Expect Trump to howl as he wants U.S. labour and supplies as one billion can be expected to be set aside for payola. Like many billionaires on paper, Trump lacks liquidity and needs this seed money to survive. D) Prediction: Vadm. Norman will win his criminal trial as there has to be unanimous agreement among the jury for conviction. At least one and maybe more realize that if Norman had assigned the ship contract in question to Irving in N.S. rather than to QC, he would not have been fired. It is the bloody mindedness of Justice Canada which is really on trial.


FEB.02-2019 A) Phase 1 Much is made in the media of the obfuscation by the government in providing disclosure in the VAdm. Norman criminal case. Phase 2 Nothing is made in the media of the extant disclosure in the 34 year unresolved employeescasecanada.ca in which B.C. Justice Mary Southin in 1986 covered up a massive fraud and in which over 50 judges in succeeding years cover-uped the cover-up. And people wonder why China views Justice Canada with jaundiced eyes regarding a Huawei incident in Vancouver customs. In another vein, the O.S.editorial p.16 claims '...But taken together they create something else: a deep concern among Canadians that the Justice system isn't working....'  B) 'Fighting Freedom' p.17 columnist John Snobelen (without a contact address) could just as easily read 'Country yokel (a rancher who mangled the Education portfolio in the ill-fated Harris Gov't. at the turn of the millennium) believes a 'hapless clerk' is in control of redacting information as opposed to the grey eminence giving such clerks their marching orders = mishmash of an article.  C) Truly frightening is a legal Decision as reported by Labour guru, Howard Levitt in which employees may no long take their skills to their new Employer if it impinges on the old Employer. That unsavoury Decision remakes the Labour Market all across North America to the extent that it is unfeasible. P.S. 'Our Howard' won't touch the Employee's Case which has seen the collapse of the entire Justice System. SEE Phase 2 above.  D)'He was a beautiful soul' O.S. headline story could equally have read: 'Drug dealer killed by police after attacking them with a weapon'. But then, it is the self-appointed job of the media to incite hatred as that is what sells papers. D) Florida judge warns politician Roger Stone that he will be subject to a court order prohibiting public appearances on his criminal charge which is a far cry from the usual lawyer warning that speaking out could negatively impact your case. I spoke out in 1985 and I am glad I did. This is where is where I submit China is going wrong on the Meng Case as they should be squealing like a stuck pig as behind the scene actions are backfiring.


FEB.01-2019  A) SEE Sub-heading  2019 INDIVIDUALISM  B) I watched Justin dealing up codswallop in a town meeting last night in Milton ON on the 'Rule of Law' as it relates to China. The audience loved it. I am not so sure that he fully appreciates the danger that he is in for the Meng story is not a mere 'loss of face' (a strategic Far Eastern notion); it holds within it the seed for the whole loss of world empire for China. Best tone it down, Justin, and increase your security. He is correct on one point, however. Justice Canada  is it's own boss so when the presiding B.C. judge announces that the deportation Order for Meng could take months or even years, he is reflecting the position of Chief Justice Hinckson (SEE web: 2018 Hinckson cj Fraud sub-heading) whom is under an indictment from this plaintiff for making an outrageous Decision which the NDP Attorney General D. Edy refuses to investigate. In short, all Decisions from B.C. are now compromised. I am in the process of suing in another venue for fraud including the name of Hinckson in that charge. Considering the world shattering events that this Huawei arrest is making; a better answer for the courts would be to assess the U.S. claims and have a Decision inside of one week with a second week set aside for a possible Appeal. Believing that Canada can pull 'a callow' by prolonging such as the 34 year unresolved Employee's Case is not only the height of stupidity for Canada in the Huawei matter; it is a declaration of war...but then what do I know....


By rights this should be the Year of the Incompetent Bureaucracies in Canada with the Justice System leading the pack. Perhaps someone out of 38 million Canadians will wake up and realize that imposed legislation such as BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) by which I was laid-off for economic reasons (whistle blowing), the Carbon Tax or facsimile, the Morocco Accord (refugees) are all designed to pre-empt the oversight bodies such as the courts and Parliament creating a government ruled by fiat. definition: What does it mean to rule by fiat? a fixed form of words containing the word fiat, by which a person in authority gives sanction, or authorization. an arbitrary decree or pronouncement, especially by a person or group of persons having absolute authority to enforce it: The king ruled by fiat. The West Vancouver School Board refuses to recognize court oversight in the Employee's Case with over 50 judges sanctioning that position in this unresolved labour matter where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid due to the failure of the many courts to make a decision including the Supreme Court of Canada on four separate occasions. That abomination will become standard fare in Canada unless 38 million people - similar to the yellow jackets in France - get out in the streets and howl. This year marks the supplanting of the Employee's Case as a national matter up to 2018 to that of an international matter beginning in 2019.





JAN.31-2019 A) SEE this date under JANUARY-2019 for an Open Letter to the newly elected NDP Jangmeet Singh B) Based on a column by Christie Blatchford, General Vance testimony stinks in the criminal trial of VAd. Mark Norman. It would seem all the flag officers have been intimidated to staying away. I cannot get disclosure in civil matters while Norman counsel is having a hell of a job acquiring it in criminal matters = anarchy in our justice system under Justice Canada dominated by the 'Old Boy's Club'. 


JAN.30-2019 I paid my auto insurance today noting to the agent a 'normal' 6% increase at a time pension increase is held to 2%. Most Company increases are in this range to the consumer. Hence the real problem in the economy is salary stagnation as employees are worse off than 10 years ago as increases in everything exceeds salary/pension increases. For the employed person, it makes no difference if jobs are added to the economy as that does not address his or her personal plight. Long range situation? Who will control the world's resources? Not the Third World. Not the young in the industrial world. Over-all problem which will smash all economic systems? We are all living a lot older incurring escalating costs...it is unsustainable.


JAN.29-2019 A) If only there was good reporting in the first place, there would be fewer confused readers in the second place. For example, good research on the SK Humboldt bus crash was initially lacking. Today I read where the bus which t-boned the truck hit at 60 kph after skidding on dry pavement for 24 metres. I would think that if the bus were not speeding, that the driver possibly could have stopped in time. We are told that trees were not a factor in blocking this intersection. There were ample warning signs at the side of the road regarding the intersection with a flashing light on top of the stop sign for the truck driver. By being inaccurate on this and many topics, largely, I submit, to sell more newspapers, the media stays in business. B) China is about to learn about the infamy of Canada's 'rule of law' as it relates to the Meng case of Huawei. As the judge says, he does not know if this is going to last months or years...in short, the court could conceivably pull a 'callow' and delay her deportation for 34 years.


JAN.28-2019 A) SEE this date under JANUARY 2019 for establishment of Saskatoon Court time of FEB. 19-2019  B) If Huawei's Meng were to have a 'heart attack', it would solve a lot of problems all around.  C) New Police oversight Committee president, Diane Deans, waffled when asked about the SKOF charges. Does she agree with them? If not, she should have these charges dropped as it would appear that the Mayor's Office is running this show considering that the embattled police chief Bordeleau is stepping down. PLACARD: 'PRIORITY' POLICING IS 'FAKE' POLICING


JAN.27-2019 A) If Canadian Ambassador McCallum to China was fired because he misspoke, then Minister of Justice, 'Professor' David Lametti should be fired for his misplay in failing to call out the ON Ford Government and its 6 month delay in calling a legal case for a hearing which I have festering in Ontario courts. The 'bravery' of the U.S. Commander in Chief, Donald Trump, is at question in notifying U.S. interests regarding this anarchy in Ontario.

B) If employees were made aware of the B.C. NDP government failure to review the atrocious Chief Justice Hinckson action (SEE web: 2018-Hinckson cj Fraud), the NDP would most assuredly lose the Nanaimo by-election on January 30.  C) PC PLAN (for university students to opt out of fees if they wish) EARNS AN F  O.S p.20 It is the `Harris Gov`t all over again` as this well written article points out in detail. My question. Does this extend to those ON courts which wish to opt out of court cases including the names of judges for fraud? To be sure that option would have been used by B.C.'s Chief Justice Hinckson in 2018 (SEE web 'FRAUD') rather than, as he did, flush the B.C. Justice System down the toilet and the NDP gov't with it. Slight change with my mainframe PLACARDS See if you can spot it. 1) JUSTICE SYSTEM OF CANADA / 'UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED'  2) IMPEACH (1) SUPREME COURT OF CANADA CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER  (2) JUSTICE MINISTER DAVID LAMETTI


JAN.25-2019 Gotcha TV. An interview of our previous Ottawa apartment block showed a couple of 'misfits' in a wheelchair and walker trying to battle the snowdrifts due to 'a poor contractor'. As a former Para transpo Driver and one whom has driven a plow truck; this is just so much B.S. as those two nitwits should not have been out in the first place until the area is cleared which might cost them a day. If emergency help required, call an ambulance. Basically these two are setting themselves up for an 'accident' which happens on a yearly basis so that they may collect from their 'personal injury' lawyers. Even the 'dog', I was recently told, has filed for an action for slipping on ice; all handled by the same scofflaw lawyer.


JAN.24-2019  A) SKOF LAW? Cop union boss charged with breach of trust, obstruction of justice O.S. headline story The innuendo of the headline tells it all...this was a management set-up ...been there, had that done to me. Difference? in 1985, the authorities were believed; not so today. SEE this date under JANUARY-2019 for my take on this stunt.  B) A testy O.S. columnist, Lorrie Goldstein, p.15 wants readers writing to him to call out Trudeau directly on the Carbon Tax... 'I want you to do your jobs.' Oh, but I have, Lorrie, for 34 years and no-body answers me either including the media running a boycott on this lead national legal story. If the classic definition of a newspaperman is 'a man with nothing on his mind and the power to express it'; then the neo-classic definition must be '...no effective power to express it'. Fake News indeed.


JAN.23-2019 A) Justice Canada, similar to China, have their hooks into Google. It is difficult to find the web site address for the Employees Case Canada plus there is no mention of the 2019 site. B) The new Justice Minister still has his nose in his professorial legal notes. He has two more weeks to initiate action otherwise he goes the way of his predecessor. C) There are trolls and then again there are trolls such as the institutional one cited above. In another example, SUN columnist Mark Bonokoski had this internet explanation for his two month absence (as opposed to merely stating that he was on medical leave) .The blurb mentioned Mark's journalistic career from 1971 to 2018 and included a letter from Mark in 2013 in which he was most praiseworthy of his audience. (He had been part of a massive downsizing = begging for a job). There was no mention of his illness. After New Years, 2019, a blurb from him claimed that he had had a stroke and was on the mend and was looking forward to a return to work which happened on Jan.21. (Sun writers are unionized). Message? Avoid Google. D) Someone is still messing with the Google sight on the Employee's Case by posting a hacked image file from my personal computer. They deliberately hide this web address. E) YAHOO is a far superior web server on this and other related cases PLACARD: JUSTICE CANADA IS A TROLL OF GOOGLE (USE YAHOO)


JAN.22-2019  A) 'Documents slow to come'  O.S. p. 5 '...It is a problem often found by outsiders asking for information from all levels of government in Canada. Many requests takes months or even years (Employee's Case 34 years and still counting) ...so documents are out of date when finally released.

COMMENT: As the reader may see, the Employee's Case is part of a systemic pattern of willful malfeasance. B) SEE this date for a letter to the WVST  and WVTA with cc to Premier Moe regarding Saskatoon QBG 52 of 2019


JAN.21-2019 SEE CORRESPONDENCE QBG 52 of 2019 Sub-heading for 8 page dissertation on SK case.


JAN.20-2019 SEE this date under JANUARY 2019 for an open letter to SK teachers which, due to the imposed carbon tax issue, negatively affects all Canadians.


JAN.19-2018 Unintended consequences? When workers go 'on strike' and forego their salaries, it evokes the usual redneck reaction (fostered by management) about lazy, overpaid civil servants or union featherbedding bums. That is not happening with some U.S. federal workers whom, through no fault of their own, have been going without a paycheck for week 4 due to a political stalemate. France's 'yellow jackets' will soon find a home in the U.S. forever changing the landscape in what constitutes an American. These dispossessed workers have broad support from all quarters. Also being exposed is that the increase in business in the U.S. may benefit the wealthy 1% but it is being built on the back of full time workers - the vast majority - whom are no better off than they were 10 years ago. Stagnant wages are the villain which will inevitably lead to a depression. I say depression as it is the interlocking facets of our economic system which, when hit with an uncontrollable economic tsunami, will collapse the U.S. Personal liquidity will be the key to survivability. (Yes, I qualify but it is nothing to gloat over) Some financiers speak about government and corporate liquidity not realizing that in the 1930's there was plenty of money about; however no-one would loan it out in the insecure marketplace. As for Trump; impeachment is looming large.


JAN.18-2019 A) Big Bang Theory was circling the toilet bowl with its new writers. This last episode showed some promise with the shenanigans of grabbing a Pulitzer Prize but the whole episode was flushed down the toilet with Penny's out of character and extremely bad taste role as a bully sales manager; and all this at a time when efforts are being to humanize the work place. B) BURGER KINGPINS (shooting) O.S. p.3 'We're getting regular complaints of drug activity...people owning tables, exchanging drugs (Councilor unable to effect a solution). 'Thankfully all the Employees were OK' (manager's 'mandate' does not include customer protection) Presumably, the police officer comment was 'thankfully' as well as he rationalized the matter as a 'targeted shooting' = so no worry here either, folks! So who is at fault?...why corporate Burger King Corporation which, understandably, does not know what to do when all other alternatives fail.  In some Third World countries, one does not call the police when in trouble. In Canada, there is no point in calling the police...except for a photo op.


JAN.17-2019 A) I could never work for the liquor store and watch shoplifters brazenly walk out with liquor bottles but that is now the case as police no longer attend shoplifting offenses and employees are advised by their Union to avoid confrontation by doing nothing...to be sure we are going to hell in a handbasket without a single politician being able to address the problem in a concrete way. If the media don't publish such problems, the politicians just do not recognize them as existing. And to think that I am condemned by some for not voting. Oh, for the good old days in hoary Old England where if someone yelled 'thief', the onlookers would pursue him and 'end the matter'...the rule of law be damned. In the barrio in Brazil, shopkeepers hired off-dut policeman to 'disappear' constant shoplifters. In 1969, off-duty officers in Chicago had gun duels with the black Panthers only to disappear and leave it to the police on duty to mop up by throwing the Panthers into jail. I related the liquor store happening to a coffee group I know. In the 1950's there would have been outrage. Today, little interest and that's how our civilization is eroding; little by little...not with a bang but a whimper..it's insidious. B) Rather than dismissing RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, the government has decided to appoint 13 oversight civilians whom can be expected to be even more incompetent...more handbaskets....


JAN.14-2019 Readers of this column know that I am no fan of Ministers of Justice but surely the worst one on record was Jody Wilson-Raybould. Good riddance.


JAN.14-2019  A) SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED Sign seen recently in a local high end Farm Boy. Good luck with that one. A judge will have to be awakened and have explained to him what a shoplifting charge is all about. The last time that I saw that sign a few years back was a big floor sign at the exit of the Hudson`s Bay. Now there is nothing (no clerks or customers either). The Walmart Greeter has been displaced by the Walmart spot Security Person at the exit door. 'Shrinkage' as it is euphemistically called has always been a problem but is a growing one. Why. Because the bean counters find it is much cheaper to ignore shoplifting than to pursue the matter hence making for more and more shoplifting. I would not fare well in the Retail environment of today on that point alone as I have always been security conscious. As for clerks, they are creating problems for supervisors if they report shoplifting so the vast majority 'see nothing'. As a high school teacher, I reported major transgressions by students which did not go down well with some supervisors out to have a 'perfect' resumé. Whatever Farm Boy does, they will have to supervise their exit which they don't do = wasted sign department. But what do I know considering that I am the only senior Canadian School Teacher to lose his job (and career) for apparently doing it...yup, everybody was out of step but this johnny! (whistleblowing)  B) '...She doubts governments will ever admit they blundered because people might wonder what else the government got wrong. And that's what government fears most! It's not about cannabis, it's about questioning authority. 'pot activist' What a bunch of dopes Gov't made a mess of pot legalization O.S. p.8 Liz Braun


JAN.12-2019 I wade into the Ottawa doubledecker bus disaster in which 3 were killed. SEE this date under JANUARY 2019


JAN.11-2019 I wade into the U.S.-Mexico border Wall story. SEE this date under JANUARY 2019


JAN.10-2019 A) So Pacific Western Airlines got screwed over by their landing partner in a Mexican Resort now given to murders. Airlines are known to pull out of destinations in 'shithole countries' when organized crime assign landing rights to themselves. B) So the rats are leaving the sinking Vice Adm. Mark Norman criminal trial ship...first General Vance backed off, now Treasury Board Chairperson, Scott Brison, the point man for the N.S. Irving family interests, is not running for re-election. C) PLACARDS: 1) GHOST OF J.EDGAR HOOVER RUNS CANADIAN INSTITUTIONS  2) INMATE VAPING STUDENTS RUN SCHOOL ASYLUMS


JAN.08-2019 A) 3 person Appeal Courts are 'losers'. One old buzzard of a 3-man Appeal Court managed to fall asleep in a one-hour hearing which I so aptly pointed out in court much to the amusement of all except the coordinating judge. I have experienced a number of these courts and do not bother any longer appealing such as the outlandish B.C. Chief Justice Hinckley Decision from last year (SEE web). Due to the unique exigencies of the Employee's Case, I merely open in another province which I am entitled to do. A case in point in the O.S. p.4 CONVICTION DOWNGRADED illustrates the point well. Based on the newspaper story, the jury were right to convict on the basis of first degree murder in 2016 of a 2012 murder, and the Appeal Court was wrong to downgrade that charge in 2019 to Second Degree Murder. Under these circumstances, what is the point of having a jury system at all? But that is the point. Justice Canada is arrogating increasing control over the Justice System and hence our country...and over them, there is no control.... B) In the 1970's in the High School that I was in, teachers were asked to keep an eye on the washrooms near their classroom doors. I did; most didn't. On one occasion, I reported a small fire but generally speaking miscreants gave this washroom a 'bye' due to my presence. Administrators supported teachers on such matters. Today, I hear that a number of Ottawa-Carleton schools have had their main washroom doors taken off to apparently curtail a vaping epidemic in schools. Those doors are a symbolic representation of collective principal cowardice. They refuse to apprehend miscreant students preferring to make idle threats which they have no intention of following up. Worse yet, what potential good principal among staff will ever take a promotion under these circumstances? I've said it recently but I will say it again; no prospective teacher in his or her right mind will take up teaching ...sad but a reflection of our declining society. As to the moribund legal profession?...don't even ask....


JAN.06-2019 A) Machiavelli said it best...no large force can expect to fight a prolonged war against a small force and win. The U.S. and Russia learned that lesson the hard way in Viet Nam and Afghanistan respectively. China is beginning to realize that point with the arrest of the Huawei executive in Vancouver on a U.S. deportation Order. Outcome? Expect that executive to be 'Khashoggied', the blame to be attached to someone else as the security personnel are 'looking in the wrong direction'. B) Calling in a former Ontario Chief Justice from one of the more corrupt Justice Systems in Canada to arbitrate the Le Breton development involving the Senator Hockey team, is a mistake for the team's owner. For example, ON posits it a success that only 3% of ON Decisions are appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada. How it works is that the 'little guy' is permitted to win in the lower court only to have his case 'deep-sixed' by an Appeal Court run by Justice Canada knowing that the little guy cannot finance a Supreme Court of Canada challenge if done by a legal outfit explaining why my 4 challenges go under my own name and why the SCofC 'deep-sixes' those attempts. This PLACARD says it best: NO RULE OF LAW IN: A) CHINA B) CANADA or in the words of Donald Trump... those sly Canadians....


JAN.04-2019 A) Big Bang Theory is going the way of NYE Air Farce - 'dislocated' scripts   B) PLACARDS: 1) JUSTIN / COMMUNIST LIKE HIS FATHER  2)APPEAL COURTS A FARCE RUN BY JUSTICE CANADA  3) SUPPORT VICE ADM. NORMAN AGAINST CAPRICIOUS JUSTICE SYSTEM  4) DEFEAT LIBERALS = FREELAND TO LEAD.  SEE this date for a discussion on IMPOSED LEGISLATION under JANUARY 2019  5) Also under this date is a Jan. 01-2017 topic repeated with little variation for Jan.04-2019: Would the real Justice McKinnon (ON) please stand up?


JAN.02-2019 The legal beagles are lining up their arguments for the carbon tax battle in SK with the first round to go in the SK Appeal Court set up for the purpose in Feb.. Presumably the Supreme Court of Canada will hear an Appeal. Being completely familiar with both court systems (they are both a bunch of crooks), SK can expect to win in SK courts which they 'own' with the Federal government to win in the SCofC which they 'own'. My case currently being lodged in SK relates to 'oversight powers' of the courts, a constitutional question should the Feds decide to claim that SK has no jurisdiction over imposed legislation. The Employees Case is the only extant case with an imposed BILL 35 in which the Employer denies court oversight. Premier Moe is being kept apprised of the EC in SK for the purpose. ...and the winning argument? Unlike the U.S. where the residual powers lie with the individual states (source of Civil War), Canada chose to place those powers in the hands of the Federal government to avoid a civil war situation. All they have to do is claim that 'climate control' is a new topic affecting all provinces and, as such, is a residual power lying in the laps of the Feds. Only a Tory win in Oct. can stop this Liberal juggernaut which can metastasize into applying to all major legislation thus making Parliament and the courts of law redundant .


JANUARY 01-2019  A) Someone in contact with VAd Mark Norman should tell him NOT to accept the Crown's wish to drop the criminal charge against him. Senator Duffy did and lost his $8 million compensation package as a result. If his lawyer recommends he accepts the Crown's offer, he should change lawyers. That's what I did in the Employee's Case so that I could get a court judgment which quashed the arbitration (although leaving me to spin my wheels for the next 34 years).  B) As of this date, Ottawa Sun columnists, Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah are challenged to break this international story. If done in Canada, their immediate boss, columnist Anthony Furey apparently has the last word (on their careers? ...certainly on their credibility.) A couple of months are slated on this level.