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1) The 34 year unresolved labour matter where no compensation has been paid to this plaintiff, former West Vancouver senior teacher Roger Callow, due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges, is detailed in employeescasecanada.ca  It is a turning point in Canadian society as it relates to the role of the individual in society.

2) To be sure, there is no recognition of individual rights in police states of which the world abounds. Modern individualism is a western notion copied to various degrees by non-western countries. In Canada, it is enshrined in the 1982 Bill of Rights which the Employee's Case has shown to be a fraud. Power is still in the hands of Justice Canada and over them there is no oversight powers.

3) I put an end to the anti-employee media at the end of 2018 due to a  boycott as a national story symbolized by O.S. columnist Mark Bonokoski  turning in 2019 to two other O.S. columnists, Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah to publish on an international basis. It would appear that their boss, O.S. columnist, Anthony Furey, still answers to a higher power. This article is being written on the basis that the media prohibition on the Employee's Case still applies.

4) In terms of fall-out beyond the court debacles stands the collective might of the B.C. Teachers, which through their silence and by extension all other professional teachers across Canada, must wear a collective yellow stripe down their backsides. That is their indictment on a national level.

5) There has been one noticeable shift in reporting on legal matters by the media as writers no doubt outraged by censorship have gone from the sanctioning of the institutions in 1985 (SEE web: Red Neck Media) to an indictment today of all those interests emanating against individuals by Justice Canada) which controls the Appeal Courts through the office of the Chief Justices. The media have been burned too often at the expense of their credibility.

6) The international indictment for North America in this story involves Donald Trump for his failure to call out the disreputable Ford government where American interests have direct legal dealings with Ontario. That earns him an extension of that self-same yellow stripe mentioned above. Some might remember the movie in which a captain of a U.S. military ship was shown to be a coward; an unacceptable proposition in the U.S. ...so they made him a Canadian. In brief, Canada wins this bidding war with negative reflections on the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military.

7) The term 'rule of law' is bandied about; particularly by our Prime Minister. The point is that all law is 'judge-made law' as the presiding judge selects the applicable laws and sets a priority of application. That is how the biggest challenge to the Canadian Justice System; namely the Employees Case, can be 'legitimately' reduced to a 'frivolous and vexatious' personal matter. Even the charge of (civil) fraud has not borne legal fruit in Ontario or B.C. hence the collapse of the Canadian Justice System is total. From that there is no return = anarchy.

8) 'Law' has two parts; statute law and precedent law which the judges may use interchangeably to justify their Decision. Most statute law is based on previous practice or precedent law. (Early law was predicated on 'property rights' with women considered to be an extension of that concept.) It is the 'community standards' application which is little more than the opinion of the judge. In brief, law is 'loosey goosey' permitting this aphorism:' In the Halls of Justice, all Justice is in the Halls'. Disrespect for 'the beak' has heavy consequences explaining why my court conduct is never at question (as though that makes any difference in my pre-judged case.)

9)The reason that the Justice System of Canada has collapsed is not due to interpretations of the law above so much as fraudulent activity in almost every court in which I have been that goes unacknowledged by the oversight bodies explaining why I have named judges in my current actions. Nothing is more deplorable than that for a democratic society.

10) Hence the obliteration of the individual in North American society is a turning point which I liken to the downfall of Rome immediately before the generals took over. Canada has crossed its Rubicon and no 'rubbing out of its leopard spots' (if you do not mind mixed analogies) will reclaim the nation...the politicians, professional groups, courts of law, be damned.

11) The ramifications of this case are widespread. If Premier Moe does not get his act together and appoint a special prosecutor to the SK version of this case; woe is SK in such as the Carbon Tax challenge. After the constitutional question was thwarted in 2017 in N.S.; school boards were eliminated. Which premier wants a $20 million dollar action against a wingnut School Board such as West Vancouver? Expect other provinces to follow suit. Another unintended consequence is that the court in the Employee's Case has sanctioned the sweetheart deal forcing any client using Union services to hire his own lawyer ($10,000?) to doubletrack the Union appointed lawyer.

12) While the Employee's Case is finished for North America as far as individual rights are concerned expunging in that process those selfsame rights for all Canadians; as plaintiff, I will continue on in some desultory manner or other, mostly looking for a Premier whom doesn't have both his feet in the same boot.

13) The Employee's Case will live on forever in Canadian lore concluding with this PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST. This escapade begins with 'For want of a nail' which can be paralleled to Huawei's Meng's arrest in the intransit lounge of the Vancouver Airport on a warrant from the U.S. Fired Canadian Chinese advisor, John Mccallum, he with the Chinese wife holding business interests in China, would most certainly be part of the sequence. Including the script of The Mouse That Roared would also finds its way into this sequence ending with 'all for the want of a nail'. It is a damned and damnable story without ending....


Yours, in disappointment, Roger Callow  aka "The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice and Government System due to systemic judicial malfeasance."  February 2019