Reference: O.S. Public Interest in the Mark Norman case is growing Mar.26-2019 p.15

columnist Anthony  Furey and The Employee's Case(Canada) employeescasecanada.ca


1) Vice Admiral Mark Norman   2) Employee's Case


1) 'It looks like General Hillier isn't the only Canadian standing by ViceAdm. Mark Norman'

2) Nobody is standing beside Roger Callow, the Outlawed Canadian, amid a media boycott.

1) Norman charged with 'breach of trust' for leaking information (whistleblowing) on a navy contract in a criminal charge.

2) 'Outlaw' was the only senior teacher in B.C. to be laid-off for spurious economic reasons (whistleblowing) with no compensation under the neophyte imposed BILL 35 (1985) later quashed by the court for failing to show a 'causal factor'. I have been left in limbo for 34 years due to judicial chicanery. 

1) Norman's lawyer is seeking to have matter thrown out of court alleging interference from the PMO.

2) Proof of judicial interference has been ignored by the PMO so that individual judges are included in civil fraud charges because their criminality is ignored by both the PMO and RCMP.

1) Norman's lawyers frustrated in obtaining disclosure

2) Court's ignore Outlaw's request for key specific disclosure . RCMP refuse to seize documents

1) LAVSCAM revelations in public have led to public outrage.

2) While well known across Canada among Professional Teachers and the Legal Fraternity, there is no reaction; even to creating an independent web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION which runs an end-game around parliament and law courts.

1) Public belief that after LAVSCAM, there could be judicial interference in the Norman case.

2) There has been nothing but unchecked judicial malfeasance in the Employee's Case which goes unreported in the media and now judge names are included in (civil) fraud cases laid by this plaintiff.

1) Government financial squeeze on Norman met with gigantic public 'go-fund-me campaign'.

2) With my Model-T approach, there is no need for outside funding. Practically, that is my biggest sin in the eyes of the judiciary. (It is the business of the courts to make business for itself.) For example, CUPE won a $55 million settlement in 2017 (not reported in the media) for Ontario's educational workers in a 5 year court battle where legal expenses would take $5 million...and for what? To decide that the Employer had broken the rules, a one week challenge at best with the Model-T approach. Currently none of the litigants in the Employee's Case can get legal counsel hence the issue has devolved into outlawing the 'individual' in democratic Canada....and that will never do but it did and I closed down this story for Canada and Canadians at the end of 2018 turning to international forces.

1) The government's clear vendetta against Admiral Norman is shameful writes one donor.

2) Substitute former senior WV teacher name, Roger Callow, in the above sentence and you have a similar story.