DECEMBER 21-2017



cc Governor General Julie Payette

FROM:  Roger Callow aka The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance.


1) Section 40 of the Supreme Court Rules enunciates matters which may be handled by the SCofC. Generally, these are Appeals from lower courts. However, this section permits the SCofC to deal with any matter pertinent to the legal welfare of the country. Such is this Appeal


July 10-2016  (excerpts)                                     3 pages

TO: Supreme Court of Canada               FROM: Roger Callow  Plaintiff  36993 (SK)

ATTN: Jill Haché (Registry)                                    

Re: Roger Callow v. Board of School Trustees (S.D. #45 West Vancouver, B.C.) 36993


17) 3 more SCofC judges no doubt are being pressured to sacrifice their reputations along with Justices Wagner, Coté, Cromwell (r.) by failing to call for disclosure in 36993 SK prior to any examination of this issue on any level.


CANADA'S CORRUPTOCRACY - SEPT.01-2016  (excerpts)


2b)...The same three judges - Cromwell (retired Sept. 01-16)/ Coté / Wagner sat on both cases amid my most vehement opposition as known to the Justice Minister and Prime Minister. Under those circumstances, P.M. Trudeau has no choice but to expel Chief Justice Beverley  McLachlin (whom sat on the first enquiry in 1997). The other 4 SCofC justices are honour-bound to turn in their resignations and refuse to sit alongside Coté and Wagner.


August 08-2016 (excerpts)

TO: Minister of Justice (Canada)            FROM: Roger Callow - self represented plaintiff

Hon. J. Wilson-Raybould                          SCofC  36993 (SK)

cc  SCofC  36993 SK  ATTN: Hon. Coté/Wagner / PMO / RCMP


N.B. This matter is about an unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid dating from 1985 in B.C. The current legal situation since that time in a number of courts across Canada has been exacerbated by documented systematic judicial malfeasance reported to oversight bodies which, for the most part do not respond. In particular, that includes federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson Raybould. That omission has left the Prime Minister exposed to having to use his executive powers over a justice system out of control.

QUOTE: There is right, there is wrong, and there is the law.' The Halls of Justice Lee Gruenfeld

This letter is focused on a) the SCofC irregularities upcoming in the hearing of 36993


1) A discussion of 36993 SK requires some background from 36883 QC dismissed for a hearing on June 09-2016 by judges Cromwell (r. Sept 01-2016), Coté, and Wagner. Currently, against my fervent objections, attempts are being made to have the same 3 hear 36993.

2) While realizing that the SCofC has limited personnel for the purpose; nonetheless, by refusing this hearing of 36883 solely on disclosure being sought by me for 30 years, the 3 judges in their wisdom condoned the egregious court abuses in Quebec in this case embarrassing Premier Couillard (whom has been kept apprised of all these judicial misdemeanors) to the extent that Quebecers can no longer trust to their courts of law.

3) A parallel situation exists in SK where alleged fraudulent activity goes unchecked. For example, the SK Appeal Court met the Employer defendant ex parte and between them agreed that the Employer would not speak in court thus obviating my questions as to their alleged fraudulency. The SK Legal Society refuses to examine these accusations.

4) Whether correct or not, the impression left is that if the same SCofC judges are prepared to cover up judicial excesses in QC; then surely they can be expected to do the same thing for SK.

5) When contacted by 'Melissa' of the SC of C by telephone on August 08-2016 to discuss the above, I requested that SCofC Chief Justice B. McLachlin make the judge selection determination;  not the Registry. (N.B. McLachlin j. was earlier the target of a Form 25C (conflict of interest) in 2004 when this case was rejected under the 'ultimate remedy' provisions thus freezing me in limbo and reducing Canada to Third World status where a Canadian contract is 'not worth the paper on which is printed' plus sanctioning 'no legal answer is a legal answer' in this kafkaesque caper. McLachlin had earlier sat in 1997 with Chief Justice A. Lamers(d) in rejecting this case on essentially the same constitutional question now before the 'reluctant' AB courts. Since that time 25C has been removed from the SCofC Rules)

6) Once again, I have little interest in financing the Case in SK over the judicial peccadilloes as was the case in QC. If the authorities wish to ignore these transgressions; they should step down (including the P.M.)

7) Disclosure has been called for in both courts although the QC courts were limited to that item; more as a false flag to reveal the existence of a grey eminence whom has back-door access to the Offices of the chief justices and the subsequent appointment of judges with a reputation of 'just following orders'. Coté and Wagner strike me as that type which is all the more reason as to why they should not sit on 36993 SK. Surely those two have sufficient ethics to recuse themselves voluntarily for I do not believe it is necessary for me to make an application to that effect. Here's where Wilson-Raybould should enter the picture....

- 0 -


A) As Richard Wagner j. has been confirmed as the new Chief Justice to replace Beverley McLachlin whom retired on Dec. 15-2017, this letter which would be normally addressed to the new Chief Justice is now being directed to the other judges on the SCofC panel for reasons mentioned above.

B) McLachlin was also President of the Canadian Council of Judges where I have renewed my request to examine the apparent fraud of Ottawa Supreme Court judges Colin McKinnon j. and Robert Scott j. (originally appointed by the Federal Court). McKinnon's bombastic statement from 2014 is still being widely disseminated in the 'Book of Authorities' which QC, SK, NS and the SCofC refuse to analyze making a mockery of the justice system.

C) An action of fraud is currently being lodged in B.C. in which I have called in Premier Horgan to expedite matters. While the McKinnon caper has not yet been included in B.C., logic tells us that Harris & Co. which served in SK and NS (Hicks, Morley et al in ON / Lavery de Billy in QC. The Legal Societies in both provinces ducked out of dealing with their perfidy although it is only ON which I am currently pursuing under an Appeal to Premier Wynne) (SEE web 2018).

D) The proper course of the extant SCofC judges is to excuse Wagner and Coté from any discussion on the above apparent transgressions. Canada deserves to know of your outcome on this issue as to the credibility of the Justice System in general.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow

self-represented litigant