RECENT 4 (2018)


DEC.30-2018 Recently, I taxed Postmedia & Sun columnist, Mark Bonokoski, to be the symbol of the death of Canadian media credibility in 2018 due to their national boycott of the Employees Case Canada. He has been 'disappeared' from the Ottawa Sun since this recent challenge which is not an unusual outcome for many in the media these days. 2019 marks the international phase with O.S. columnists Tarek Fatah and Farzan Hassan under the thumb of their boss and columnist, Anthony Furey. The point here is that they can publish in Canada about the shortcomings of such as Pakistan displays as no-one in Canada really gives a rat's ass about Pakistan's troubles...just another Amnesty International story largely ignored. My personal point here is that these two will have to look abroad to get an article published on this major Canadian story. In brief, the demise of Canada as a modern country is prophesied.


DEC.26-2018  A) With all the shootings in Ottawa this past year, it is becoming a dangerous city. The return of 'carding' is  necessary to get the guns and knives off the street which have proliferated with the elimination of carding. B) Trump states that he is not smart; rather, he is a genius. No he isn't. My sister was.  Big Bang's fictional Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a genius...and a social misfit which is not an uncommon combination. What Trump has are the 'street smarts' as they relate to making corporate deals; it's a niche market. Nor am I smart as I have the high school and University marks to prove it. What I am is a 'reader' (about 10% of the population including our older son, a school dropout, and owner of a property maintenance Company whom is also a reader from the internet exposure. He is one of the few people whom I know who has a hold on world events which is in contrast to my generational difference in reading capabilities. Oh yes, the definition of a reader? One whom is constantly reading. In my case, I will read on any topic, as long as it is well written; if not, I give up the account knowing that someone else whom can write will have a superior version. C) So the Dow went up a thousand points today based on the bankers claiming that 'there is plenty of liquidity in the system.' In the early 1930's, there was also plenty of liquidity in the system as the investors sat on their money. It is 'turn-over' which marks a stock market in trouble. For example, you buy an item at $1 and sell it a year later for a $1.10; a 10% profit. Now if you sell 2 items in that year at the same price, your profit is 20%. Sell nothing and your broke because you still owe the Supplier for the item(s).


DEC. 24-2018 With the stock markets in free-fall, President Trump is one worried boy. Similar to many billionaires 'on paper'; he lacks the liquid assets to protect his investments. In 1929, the banks sold out the investments beneath the weak clients beginning the Depression which reached its depth in 1933. A bankrupt cannot be President of the U.S.


DEC.23-2018 A) We visited 4 large furniture sales yesterday. Almost no customers. Mall lots are filled with cars but other than food facilities, little activity in retail stores. That pattern probably applies all over and yet total Xmas sales will show 'holding steady'. The point? Far too many outlets selling the same thing. January should see big bankruptcies under these conditions. It is too late to get 'liquid'. B) On that theme, the 1950's  saw regulation in business with speculation limited to the stock market. Today, hedge funds have made everything speculative hence any depression will eclipse anything from former times...'Venezuela', here we all come. C) Working up my PLACARDS for the new year: how about this one; DEFEAT LIBERALS TO MAKE FREELAND NEW LEADER  D) Whirlwind tour of Canadian troops in Mali a nice touch by the P.M. They are pretty much sitting on their asses which is good and bad. I dread to think of the reaction in Canada should one of their helicopters be destroyed with consequent loss of life.

DEC.22-2018  A) 'Rats leaving the sinking ship?' General Vance on TV would clear the military of any wrongdoing in the Crown's skulduggery in pursuing Vad. Norman. If the Crown offers to drop the case, Norman should apply a price tag of $8 million otherwise pursue the matter to a judgment so that he can sue for $10 million. B) Trump pulled U.S. troops from Syria because he did not want the U.S. to be the 'ham in the sandwich' between the coming war between NATO Turkey and the Kurds which the U.S. supported in Iraq against ISIS. As to the continued existence of ISIS, Syria and Putin are quite capable of creating a 'road of death' in the open desert should ISIS seek to expand their influence. Further, food and water restrictions can starve ISIS out.

DEC.21-2018  Days get longer after this date although winter has just begun! A) Similar to Kim Jong Un flying rockets over Japan, Iranian backed Hezbollah in Lebanon has declared WWIII by tunneling into Israel. B) In a recent poll showing Scheer ahead of Trudeau in popularity, Premiers were also rated. The new NB Premier and MB Premier are the most intelligent of the pack with a race to the bottom for the rest of them. NS Premier McNeil was the lowest although the PEI Premier (and Attorney General!) was not rated. C) Want a good laugh...followed by copious weeping? Much is made over the lack of disclosure by the government in the Adm Norman file. The disclosure for the Employee's Case (a tightly kept secret with the boycott by the anti-employee media) is completely known. Justice Southin returned that material to the Employer & Union in 1986 'because she did not use it'. The Union purloined my copy. Over 50 judges to date (including Southin on an Appeal Court basis much later) refuse to call for that disclosure preferring to sabotage the entire judiciary which in turn no oversight body will challenge as to judicial malfeasance. I have included these judicial names in recent actions for fraud. In this vein, the presiding Justice in the Vad Norman Case is there to call off the case in order to protect the Old Boy's Club in much the same fashion which happened to Senator Duffy whom lost his recent multi-million challenge to government excess. Norman, in these terms, should hang in there shall I say 'irregardless' of any legal opinion.

DEC.20-2018 A) In Desert Storm in the 1990's, The U.S. rather than fighting street to street in Kuwait where casualties are high for both sides, waited until the departing Iraquies were stretched across the desert and then bombed and strafed them to oblivion on the 'road of death'. Similarly, Trump is pulling U.S. troops out of Syria ignoring that a group of diehard jihadis are holed up in Eastern Syria. To expand their influence, they have to move out in the Desert then kabam aka Desert Storm. B) In 1940, Winston Churchill spoke against a Parliament which was prepared to appease Hitler and brought Britain into 6 years of a devastating war. Today, Elizabeth May is in much the same position with Brexit. 

DEC 18-2018 Preliminaries are currently being held in the criminal charge against Vice Admiral Mark Norman for leaking Cabinet secrets. I wade into this topic in detail. SEE 2019  JANUARY-2019

DEC.17-2018  A) SEE this date under DECEMBER-2018 for letter to Premier Ford (no response) and now the Ottawa Supreme Court regarding prolonged delay over calling CV 18000 76950 0000.  B) A lot of claptrap is being written about the arrest of Huewei's CFO Meng in Vancouver as Canada is waiting for freedom loving countries to respect their 'rule of law'. To quote Churchill; 'some country, some law'. It ain't happening. By his own admission, P.M. Trudeau knew a couple of days beforehand of the intended arrest ergo he is as responsible in Meng's detention as the U.S. would claim Meng is responsible for Huewei's financial problems. How's that for a quid pro quo? China is not going to roll over and sleep over this one. Time to wake up Canada but then Canada is already dead asleep on the 'rule of law' as it relates to the Employee's Case...nor am I sitting idly by either. In brief, Canada has shot its bolt on judicial credibility. They don't get another chance. E) So the Canadian airlines will have to subsidize people financially for delays. 'Yeah, right,' says one seasoned traveler, 'Just try and collect it.' Regulations without oversight are a waste of time. F)If you were to stretch Canadian lawyers end to end, they would circumvent the globe. We are a litigious society = a failed democracy.

DEC.15-2018 So Marie Heinen for VAd Mark Norman is trying to get disclosure from the government claiming cabinet privilege (both Harper under which Norman was fired and under Trudeau whom spoke publicly of laying criminal charges) as opposed to dropping the matter as happened with Senator Duffy. The RCMP acted accordingly. Lots of luck for Norman with that one. If the powers behind the West Vancouver School Trustees can thwart the call for 33 years for disclosure; what chance does Norman stand in challenging two P.M.'s - Harper & Trudeau. His goose is to be cooked; the media and public opinion be damned. It is a good time to drop support for the Liberal Party until the pertinent material is provided to Heinen. But don't expect the Opposition Tory or NDP Party leaders to speak out on that one = just plain 'don't vote'.

DEC.14-2018 A) So Trump understandably screwed up the Meng arrest in Canada. The last thing he needs is a Huewei challenge in the U.S. while negotiating trade with China. Justice Canada -one of the more hopeless Canadian bureaucracies- is  exposed as being completely incompetent in this debacle; no surprise here. B) So Senator Duffy cannot sue the Senate for $8-1/2 million due to 'Senate privilege'. The courts are ducking out on this one primarily because Duffy's case was 'inverted'. He should have gone after the Harper-private secretary- individual Senators connection to illustrate a conspiracy and therefore fraud. Whom was his lawyer, Donald Bayne, really working for? Understandably, the Liberals did not want Duffy to get that information, so the criminal charge was dropped.

DEC.13-2018  A)The 'Yellow Jackets' will be coming to Canada. How do I know? Costs increase in Canada an average of 3% per year with salary and pension increases amounting to 1-1/2%. Stagnant salaries are the real problem in our economy; everything else is secondary. B) Justice Canada rules the roost, not the rule of law contrary to Trudeau's assertion. For 33 years, over 50 judges (including the SCofC) has ignored my request for disclosure in my civil case. Even Vice Admiral Mark Norman's lawyer in a criminal trial can't get disclosure. SEE this date under DECEMBER-2018 as to why Justice Canada expects to win. C) Prime Minister Gerald Butts rules. PLACARD JUSTIN A COMMUNIST JUST LIKE HIS FATHER

DEC.12-2018 A) Some liberal-minded Vancouverites would be all for forming a lynch mob to hang such as the likes of Meng and her consortium of Chinese friends for pricing Vancouver real estate out of reach of Canadians. For example, foreign Chinese borrow Canadian Bank funds at low interest rates and pay more than the going rate for housing knowing that they can leverage the difference with more high-priced purchases. No-one can afford to work in Vancouver any longer with these high real estate prices which is all part of China's soft power in gaining control of the world. People moving out are not being replaced creating crisis in such as Vancouver and area schools looking for teachers. NDP's leader, Jagmeet Singh, running in a by-election in South Burnaby next February to get an M.P. seat, wishes to make housing a main issue which this idiot chases around the mulberry bush with the usual cliché claptrap. B) Q & A (the source is not relevant) Why are the defendant Employer and Union paying their lawyers fees when, as the plaintiff, you are dunned for all costs? ANS. Because the lawyers, whom are holding the requested 'disclosure' threaten to provide me a sub rosa copy if they don't. Success of this blackmail scheme depends on all judges to refuse 'disclosure' and for the media to run a boycott on this story. It can't work otherwise. ...oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.... C) The Nova Scotia government see this problem and their answer is to dispose of School Boards to avoid the risk of $20 million law suits such as this one. Expect that pattern to spread across Canada in one form or another. Of course local NS teachers are exposed on this level to abuse from above but can still sue the provincial government directly with central Union support.

DEC.11-2018 A) As politician John Manley put it ..."Couldn't the RCMP 'lose' the deportation order for Meng" of Huawei in Vancouver?' Our feckless P.M. stated that while he knew prior to the arrest what was planned; he did not wish to interfere with the judicial process. PLACARD: WOULD THE REAL P.M. OF CANADA PLEASE STAND UP (GREY EMINENCE GERALD BUTTS) The RCMP leadership is equally feckless. B) So the SK Appeal Court would invite 'intervenor status' to any interest so inclined to fight the feds on the imposed carbon tax. In probably my last letter of the year, I analyze that request. SEE DECEMBER-2018  C) If you haven't noticed, as soon as a politician is elected, he or she is in re-election mode driving out all but professional cliché-ridden politicians who speak in forms as opposed to issues. Their sole role is to raise funds for the Party and vote 'Ready,Aye,Ready'. It takes an auditor general to address issues nowadays. That's why I say scrap the House of Commons, create an elected Senate and P.M. elected directly by the people. What's not to love about this massive saving of tax payer money? Fraser Institute - where are you? MIA?

DEC.10-2018 A) Yearly Xmas greetings to the West Vancouver School Trustees. SEE this date under DECEMBER-2018 ...oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.... B) Canada should not sign the migration accord in Morocco tomorrow. While it has no effect on legislated law, much law is based on precedent law. i.e. a judge decides that -due to community standards (whatever that is)- men need no longer wear bathing suits form 'neck to knee' as typical of the early 20th century. Other judges may and do quote this precedent law. Immigration is a national matter and should remain only as part of statute law. e.g. if the Morocco Accord is such a good thing; then pass it into law as approved by parliament. Other countries are having parliamentary review before they sign.

DEC.08-2018 A) 'Pearl Harbour' (Dec. 08 1941 Japanese time) is no longer mentioned ...just as well although dropping of the A bomb is recognized every year in Japan as a reminder of the effects of an 'immediate' human holocaust  B) Former ON NDP Premier Bob Rae remarked on how fast the 1991 Recession hit; the speed being a truism. While the depths of the Great Depression was 1933, the stock market collapse in Oct. 1929 heralded the future Depression. My late father whom worked at Dominion Bridge in Winnipeg at that time stated that one week the plant was normal with busy workers and orders on the books. The next week, one could walk from one end of the plant to the other and not see a soul. He spent that week writing up cancellations. No economic model conceives of cancellations.

DEC.07-2018 It is the height of extreme stupidity on the part of Canada to arrest Huawei's Chief Financial Officer and daughter of the owner at Vancouver airport. China is right...she should be sent back if not admitted to Canada; not arrested on a warrant from the U.S. and a request for deportation from Canada. To be sure, China would rather 'Khashoggi' her in a Canadian prison and blame Canada for the murder than to permit her to be deported to the U.S.  Canada's Security apparatus including the highly politicized RCMP have their reputations on the line on orders obviously from above. Canadians in China are highly vulnerable for retaliation and if the Chinese know one thing; it is retaliation. As to whom the deportation judge will be selected; they could acquire the services of 'the deportation law leaves me no choice' Robert Maranger j. of Ottawa's Supreme Court whom deported Professor Diab only to have him return after two years incarceration in a French prison and is now suing for millions. (disclosure: I also had this slippery judge)  Or get the most corrupt judge in Canada; namely, Chief Justice Hinckson of the Vancouver Supreme Court. (SEE website under 2018 Hinckson cj FRAUD

DEC.06-2018 In all likelihood this will be the last major paper in this national issue for 2018 leaving 2019 for the beginning of the international approach in which the role of the 'individual' in Canadian society will commence. SEE 8-page letter under this date to SK Premier Moe under DECEMBER 2018

DEC.06-2018 The Recession has started symbolized by the slip to the 74 cent Canadian dollar. The employment scene in general in ON and QC is good with high paying jobs for qualified university graduates. In short, this evaluation is like looking to glorified Friday night retail sales while a realist businessman looks to Monday morning to see if he is still in business. One jeweler told me that he does not know whether he is in business with xmas sales until the end of May. Forget financial statements; the key word is 'liquidity'. Many 'successful' businesses go broke under expansion when they run out of cash to pay for their current expansion needs such as for suppliers and salaries. The stock market 'recovery' since 2008 was largely a promotional hype which has only seen real returns in the past two years in an increasingly volatile stock market. That is all gone as there are no good investments; equities, bonds, etc. Stagflation of salaries for more than a decade has placed the average worker behind the 8-ball unable to keep up with even a modest increase in inflation. Household debt is high leaving mortgage holders vulnerable. PLACARD BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE is an old stand-by protest placard by me seen for a few years in downtown Ottawa. That moral collapse is epitomized by the 33 year unresolved Employees Case before over 50 judges reflecting this truism: IF WE DON'T HANG TOGETHER WE WILL ALL BE HANGED SEPARATELY. Canada has until the end of this month to publicize this legal debacle as a national story before it is declared an international story in 2019 with the focus on the international existence of the 'individual' in Canadian society. That double whammy is when our Depression really begins.

DEC.05-2018 A) The partial explanation for the 800 point Dow Jones drop yesterday on BNS financial news is that investors are 'taking advantage of higher interest rates' to buy bonds is so much codswallop. In brief, we are asked to believe that investors are deserting their equity investments of 6% plus to buy bonds at half that price. Uncertainty is the enemy of business investment which abounds - for many reasons - throughout the world is a better explanation. B) The late G.H. Bush had class as evidenced by including all Presidents at his funeral. One explanation for his one term presidency is that he did not appreciate 'ongoing campaigning' which predominates today in political circles where the process has supplanted any serious focus on issues. It is one major reason as to why I don't vote. The media has become very much a part of that process without substance making them 'just one more pretty bureaucracy'. The Canadian anti-employee media has until the end of this month as symbolized by O.S. Mark Bonokoski to break the boycott on the Employee's Case as 2019 will see a shift from this case as a 'national legal issue' to that of an international issue focusing on the role of the individual in society. Two other O.S. columnists with extensive experience with countries of failed infrastructure are charged with that challenge; that is, can they report on Canadian infrastructure malfeasance in Canada...and still expect to keep their jobs? And no, I am not about to provide another 33 year time limit on those two...33 days is more like it.

DEC.04 & 05-2018 Problems are escalating for QC Premier Legault and SK Premier Moe as they do not investigate fraudulent failures in their respective court systems. SEE DECEMBER 2018 regarding repeated requests for responses. In the case of Moe, he is seen to pocket the $200 filing fee.

DEC.03-2018 Much is made of the dislocation for those who lose their jobs in cutbacks in GM Oshawa and the oil patch in AB. There is another dislocation incumbent in those dismissals; namely, those whom are left behind to carry on in what is best termed 'a dog's breakfast' with everyone trying to become more relevant to secure their job by stealing that of others. One Company secretary told me a few decades ago that she wished in hindsight to have been in the first wave of dismissals. A relative with Blackberry saw the renewal of the Company a few years back which he foresaw as 'not ending well', so he took a fortuitous change of Companies before his department was eventually wiped out. One casualty in the oil patch was a leading executive retained under inhumane working conditions which, I was told, was a major factor in his recent suicide at age 49.

DEC. 03-2018 Background letter to Employer/Union over the past half year which continues to be ignored (disclosure or $12 million settlement). Colorful ON Premier, Doug Ford is quick to say that 'the ship has sailed' regarding the GM Oshawa closure without fully appreciating that CV 18000 769 0000 is still hung up in the Ottawa Supreme Court 'drydock' compromising any ON government action until it is dealt with...only sailing left here, Doug, is to Davy Jones' Locker.

DECEMBER 01-2018 President Trump has been exposed as a hypocrite in the assassination of journalist Khashoggi in Turkey. I say exposed because these incidents are ongoing all the time even in Turkey's embassy operations in Turkey. Trump makes cogent arguments for his hypocrisy which appears economic based. (In a similar fashion,  China with its well-known body parts transplants gets a free ride from the rest of the world.) In a parallel sense, while there is no physical bloodshed, the Employee's Case has been metaphorically 'Khashoggied' over which the entire Judiciary and related government structures (oversight bodies) including the anti-employee media has shut down. The 'corpse' in that latter case is Canada's functioning government on all levels much to the detriment of all Canadians along with international overtures. There has never been anything like it. This latest letter to P.M. Trudeau pinpoints how my case has been Khashoggied. SEE DECEMBER-2018

NOV.28-2018 The Issue: Vice Admiral Mark Norman has been charged criminally for 'leaking' information which, as the media has revealed, is all codswallop. The Politics: could read 'Media vs the Irvings' (N.S. power fronted by Liberal Cabinet Minister Scott Brison) with Norman being 'the patsy'. A hearing is slated for next summer before the election. The winner? The Irvings as a loss would call into question General Vance, the highly politicized RCMP, and a number of high bureaucrats...ain't going to happen. It didn't happen with Senator Duffy and it certainly is not happening with the Employees Case over which the media has a boycott and in which two judges in Ontario are named in an extant fraud case. Simply put, the media are in a weak position trying to suck and blow at the same time; namely, publishing one story while boycotting an even bigger story. As a national story, the anti-employee media symbolized by O.S. columnist, Mark Bonokoski, have until the end of 2018 to break the boycott on the Employee's Case before two other O.S. 'international' columnists are assigned in 2019 symbolizing the anti-individual media. President Trump has been shown to be a hypocrite vis a vis the Khashoggi affair; will he be called a coward for not looking out for U.S. affairs in Canada? Who will bell this cat?

NOV.27-2018 I have said it before...if North America did not make another car for 3 months, dealers could fill all orders from inventory. So why the surprise with GM Oshawa 'going out of business'? ...Ford and others to follow. NAFTA or its replacement counts for nothing. The smart money is getting liquid fast.

NOV.26-2018 Street Heat...support for this Placard: MELNYCK RIGHT / PARTNERS IN CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Tory media wild about Liberal grants to 'compliant media' such as CBC. Why not? Liberals have bought the silence of the media over the Employee's Case as evidenced by the boycott. Can't have it both way, guys.

NOV.25-2018 The media is fragmenting over judicial cases and they know it, all compounded by their boycott of the unresolved 33 year Employees Case. Much of the grief lies in their claim to support Canadian institutions such as government ('get out and vote') and its counterpart, the Judicial System which is the glue which holds our society together. They are failing on both accounts. At this point, for example I claim Vice Admiral Mark Norman will be found guilty of 'leaking information' which evidence - as per newspaper disclosure - would suggest otherwise. In today's O.S. p.10 'Professor banned at B.C. university', Kamloops professor has called out the practice of some professors to use 'predatory' publications which do not require peer evaluation (i.e. buying your way to the top) to get promotion. These threatened professors with their promotions correctly see that they are being called out by a whistleblower (similar to my case of reporting an administrative fraud in 1985 which led to the imposed BILL 35 under which I was laid off for 'economic reasons'). O.S. Columnist Mark Bonokoski has until the end of December to break this national boycott before I turn to two other O.S. columnists in 2019 to deal with this matter on an international level. Canada is crossing her Rubicon on this one. The old dictum, namely, take care of your small problems and the big ones will resolve themselves is not entirely true but the converse applies, namely, ignore your small problems and the big ones will overwhelm you.

NOV.25-2018 'Shoppers undeterred by 'brazen killing at South Keys mall' O.S. p.4 I live in a relatively secure apartment skyscraper across from the South Keys mall in South Ottawa, the Arab part of town with a large mosque. Reread that caption...a first, as shoppers just carried on with their business...they are not interested. Nor are Canadians interested in their courts as evidenced by the media boycott on the Employees Case and yet the story is widespread on the internet and on downtown Ottawa with my Placard parade. Adding fuel to the flame in South Keys are statements from the 'idle police'....'Obviously that's a dangerous situation when guns are being discharged in a crowded location like that, but we don't think there's a heightened risk to the general public....' Such fatuous statements as these are why I wrote the re-elected Mayor telling him to get a new police chief, re-introduce 'carding' and scrap 'property offenses' (no response); a style of policing I witnessed growing in the 1990's when I was installing home alarms. All calls should be attended to immediately (with 2-person squad cars at night). So help me, Canadians would forget to breathe if they could get away with it. The media is reflecting this frustration in almost all bureaucracies where there is no oversight control (leadership). In sports, coaches and players are removed for not measuring up to performance; in bureaucracies, Peter Principle bureaucrats are merely promoted.

NOV.24-2018 'Errors' of commission and omission. The highly politicized RCMP suffer from both. Enough evidences has been seen with  the Vice Admiral Mark Norman criminal charge for 'leaking' to show that the RCMP should never have laid a charge. It appears that the Irving Family of the Maritimes (reputation as being bad bastards) have used lap-dog Liberal Treasury Board Cabinet Minister Scott Brison to pressure General Vance to lay this ill-advised charge. Norman's team is having to fight for the all important disclosure on which the case is based. As individuals cannot lay criminal charges (only the Crown and the RCMP), I have to lay civil fraud charges in my case including named judges as the RCMP refuse to intervene. Disclosure before over 50 judges is blocked (conspiracy of Chief Justices) thus shattering the Canadian Justice System. Everything is now up to Prime Minister Trudeau whom continues to operate beneath a media boycott: e.g. I have never received an invoice for court costs which I have been dunned for. The Employer School Board won't tell me if they have been paying my costs while the far right wing tabloid, the North Shore News refuses to challenge the School Board on this level. The road to that other place is paved with the remnants of the Employee's Case. Canada can never be the same. Bottom line? Your vote is wasted.

NOV.23-2018 A) I have learned over a long period of time that membership in a Union leads to an inevitable strike because that is what management wants. In the current Postal strike (a repeat of same under the Harper government in which the Union won the court challenge), the Liberals want to appear tough considering criticism for being weak on finances, so what better way than to provoke the Unions which are heavy NDP supporters. B) Senator owner Melnyck is correct in suing his Lebreton Flats partners in developing an arena/condominium complex with a parallel condominium complex on adjoining land which could be used to lever the LeBreton condominiums. For example when I had an alarm franchise in the 1990's, I was prohibited from picking up a parallel alarm system where I could use the latter to leverage greater profits at the expense of the former agreement. The wishy washy Mayor and the media exposure was 'less than stellar on this point'.

NOV.21-2018 The Walking Drum Louis L'Amour  '...but honour is important only when dealing with honourable men.'  "Lie to a liar, for lies are his coin; steal from a thief, for that is easy; lay a trap for a trickster and catch him at the first attempt, but beware of an honest man." Of course I lie (but not to gain unfair advantage). Here is one example of that 'lie'; A commander states that while his back is turned, all volunteers are to step one foot forward. When he turns back he sees only me in front as all others have taken a step back! One's starting point is all important in establishing credibility be it for an institution or an individual. Merely assigning credibility to such as a Justice System without question is the folly that has befallen the Canadian Justice System which now lies in tatters due to the exposure of the Employee's Case. In this assessment, this case did not create the malfeasance therein; rather, it exposed the increasing corruption of this bureaucracy which still remains a media secret in the above case noting that the biggest secrets are the ones which we withhold from ourselves as both institutions and individuals. In that assessment, the Canadian media has shown itself to be part of the problem and, as such, merely one more bureaucracy heaped on other bureaucracies = anarchy.

NOV.20-2018 A) Everybody lies. But that is the way they are trained...and we wonder why there is an increase of mental illness in the world. For example, a police spokesperson explained the recent peak of break-ins in the bedroom community of Barrhaven as being due to a professional gang which has 'moved on'. This mental trickery is meant to explain why the police were unable to arrest anyone while the break-ins were happening. The councilor's reaction? Why her focus is on the more important bus shortage problem. We are like the frog settling into the warming fry pan without realizing that we are being cooked. Denial, denial, denial...it's the modern watchword phrase. Worse yet, are those work-place gurus whom encourage us to 'priortize' our actions to such an extent and degree, that we may 'justifiably' avoid unpleasant situations. Many years ago, novelist Kurt Vonnegut stated that he learned never to trust to the professionals as they took nothing personal for 'nothing was really ever their fault' noting that dictators, in contrast, took everything personal. My point here is that everyone today in our society is encouraged to ape the professionals not realizing that 'where nothing is prohibited, all is permissable'. We no longer realize we are constantly evading issues. Bottom line? It may seem like a quantum leap, but it isn't...more terrorism. B) O.S.p.20 a) Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech. Ben Franklin Response: Done and done  b) Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is the hallmark of an authoritarian regime. U.S. Supreme Court Justice R. Said and said. c) Don't Shoot the Messenger J. Agar columnist R. Oh, but I do, Jerry... Whenever someone thrust into the news (that's the problem explaining the boycott of the Employees's Case) declares the media is the problem, that's when you as a citizen need the media most. R. Can't argue with that one. And in another (bastardized) context... When an institution entrusted with the safety...that is the institution the media must report on. People in positions of power and trust will not report on themselves.... R. bingo!

NOV.19-2018 The public were invited to enter their suggestions as to the new $10 Bill faceplate. The first one below won out over me. What do we have in common? We both protested against the 'Old Boy's Club' entrenched in the Judicial System, the first in 1946 against racism in Halifax; the second against judicial malfeasance across Canada including Halifax dating from 2013 when I was expelled from the B.C. court theatre similar to Viola being expelled from a cinema theatre...some things never change....


NOV.17-2018 So Tory leader, Andrew Scheer, supports BREXIT, partly on the ground that he does not want, in a parallel sense, Canadian Judicial Decisions appealed to a higher court such as the EU...if so, why doesn't he speak out on the 33 year debacle known as the Employee's Case which has decimated the Canadian Judiciary? ...crocodile tears should loom so large....

NOV.14-2018 SEE this date under NOVEMBER-2018 as I juxtapose the assassination of the tangible 'Khashoggi Reporter' in Instanbul to the symbolic intangible assassination of the Employee's Case in Canada.

NOV.11-2018 A) 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. What did our soldiers fight for? Well, I will tell you one thing that they did not fight for; a corrupted and corruptible Justice System married to - not the rule of law - rather to 'legal billable time bullshit'. It is symbolized by the reams of paper that I have listing legal outfits across Canada = a country in collapse. A prime example is the legion of lawyers attached to our Indigenous Peoples file which constitutes about 6% of our population = one big gravy train. The corruption is personally symbolized by the recent appointment of Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Richard Wagner whom was directly involved in the Employee's Case in 2016 (QC & SK). No-one can rest as long as he sits in this position. His predecessor, Beverley McLauchlin was equally compromising. The Letter widely dispersed in B.C. on this date includes an iconic cartoon on the failure of oversight bodies which I consider the cartoon of the year. SEE 2018 - B.C. Chief Justice Hinckson: Fraud sub-heading. B) Letter to P.M. Trudeau on Hinckson cj. malfeasance. SEE NOVEMBER 2018 under this date. C) ...and more in a letter to O.S. columnist, Brian Lilley, (NOV. 12)on the Carbon Tax and how all these imposed actions have a common constitutional basis from which I make a SECOND REQUEST to SK Premier Moe regarding Saskatoon Registry procrastination. NOVEMBER- 2018

NOV.09-2018  So Tory leader, Andrew Scheer, knew all along that Tory M.P. Tony Clement was a sexual predator...and did nothing. Where's the #metoo movement on Scheer whom is not dissimilar to crooked Hilary and her enabling role for her husband's sexual peccadilloes? Just another reason why I don't vote.

NOV.08-2018  A) So dramatic Justin T. would weep copious crocodile tears in Parliament recently over the fate of the Jewish passengers of the St. Louis barred from Canadian ports in 1939 (and the U.S. and Caribbean). Without comment on the plight of the passengers whom were returned to their fate in Nazi concentration camps, the reason the boat was refused is for the same reason the Rohingya people expelled from Malaya are refused foreign sanctuary today; namely, every dictator will expel his 'dissident' population if he can get away with it. For example, Hitler would have stripped the European Jews of their wealth and then sent them to Canada if we had accepted the St. Louis. B) More crocodile tears. A limp wristed poll from the media asks whether or not disgraced politicians (Federally and ON) should resign their seats; not merely be booted out of caucus but still remain to vote on behalf of their party? Of course they should and run in a by-election if they are so sure of re-election. However, the money is too good. Deprive them of their paycheck and watch them disappear from politics! Just another reason why I don't vote.

NOV.06-2018 Much is made of the argument that if the minimum wage is kept to $14 in ON, then businesses can hire more people. What's wrong with this argument? First, there is a shortage or workers in all fields at present. Secondly, hiring a new person at $14 does not help the one already employed at that figure. Costs are escalating rapidly placing this minimum salary earner further behind the 8-ball. That argument will cost the Ford government many votes in the next election.

NOV.05-2018 A) A U.S. commentator being interviewed on Canadian TV opined that the future of the U.S. was marred by government and court excesses, while one and at the same time, suggesting that Canada has escaped such depredations. Escape, my foot. It is clear that he is unaware of the Employee's Case.  B) Now that Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson, has been re-elected, I tell him how to run the city as explained from a non-voter's point of view. SEE Sub-heading 2018  - MAYOR WATSON (OTTAWA). C) The criminal trial for Navy Vice Admiral Mark Norman makes another periodical appearance in the media. It's a farce...the case and the judiciary trying it. Inside of one month of the arrest, the trial should have been held with no more than 5 days allotted to the case. But what do I know waiting for 33 years?...and still counting.... The problem is the anti-individual (note the change from anti-employee) media for not bringing the justice system to task for these interminable 'billable time' delays. But that does not excuse the teaching and legal fraternities clear across Canada from not wading into the Employee's Case on such as 'facebook'. These two professions should paint a collective yellow stripe down their backsides. Democratic Canada? Thy name is mud.

NOV.04-2018 'MAKE A DEAL' Appears to characterize the modern world = decay of our institutions. Nonetheless, I am willing to trade $20 million default settlement in my ON civil fraud case (including the name of 2 judges whom should not have been sitting on the bench since 2014 if the oversight bodies had been doing their job) in exchange for disclosure; which over 50 judges have denied me in the past 33 years. Even Vice Admiral Mark Norman in his criminal trial for 'leaking' is able to get disclosure. A similar offer is available in the B.C. case. SEE sub-heading MOTHER OF ALL LEGAL CASES. Why am I giving away the bank? Simply put, if fraud can be shown, everything which emanates from it is 'null and void' including my illicit teacher lay-off 33 years ago under the imposed BILL 35 (1985) SEE this date under NOVEMBER-2018 for the addendum to Premier Ford.

NOV.02-2018 Mass Suicide? Migrants heading toward the U.S. border have nothing more to lose. The other side of the coin is that no country which cannot protect its border is not a viable entity.

NOV.01-2018 Fake News. Recently, a TV clip and newsprint article showed a school bus parked at the side of a 4-lane divided freeway with the STOP sign turned out. Hundreds of drivers according to the female bus driver, did not stop...and for good reason (which was not in the news article seeking to exploit the situation at the expense of the drivers.) First of all, students never cross a four lane freeway. When the bus is stopped for right hand disembarkation, the sign remains closed. Should a student require the other side of the street disembarkation, the proper sequence is for the bus to circle back on the other side. Other than this blurb, no-one has seen fit to note this anomaly.

OCTOBER 31-2018 So now Statistics Canada is in the imposed legislation field by seeking to unilaterally gain control over bank client records. On top of the Federal gov't. with its carbon tax and the provinces with their notwithstanding orders, imposed actions are becoming the order of the day. That is what would have made my NS constitutional Model-T case relevant and, get this, at no cost to the gov't. whereas governments are putting aside millions for hungry lawyers. In short, do the courts have oversight powers on imposed legislation? To date we do not know and there is no-one in Canada to speak out for our dying democracy. Why bother having a House of Commons and provincial legislatures under these circumstances. President Trump, are you listening? U.S. investors deserve better....

OCTOBER 29-2018 So ON Supreme Court Justice, Robert Scott, messed up in a jury trial forcing the re-trying of two cases of pedophilia. Count the financial cost on that one!  Scott j. would not have been sitting on the bench if the Canadian Council of Judges had taken action (he was originally a Federal Court appointee along with a second Federal appointee, Colin McKinnon j. - 'very nice pimp' fame - whom was also named as a partner in a 2014 conspiracy in the Employee's Case). Both judges are named in a fraud case against the Employer in ON which Premier Ford is sitting on as it should have been called by now. But don't expect to read that story (SEE OCTOBER 23 B) comment) in the anti-employee (anti-individual) media. For insiders, Federal Court judges are paid below Provincial Judges and is considered a 'back door' to more lucrative provincial appointments for those judges whom couldn't make the provincial court in the first place.

OCTOBER 27-2018 'This Orwellian situation' O.S. p.5 Regarding Hassan Diab, university professor accused of terrorism in a 1980 French incident, deported and then returned to Canada and with Green Party's Elizabeth May getting disclosure, it would appear that he is on his way to getting the customary $10 million government compensation. So what happened according to my interpretation? Israel was in the habit of 'Khashogging' accused terrorists but Israel wanted the Canadian legal system to recognize the deportation of alleged terrorists; something former P.M. Harper decided to block at the expense of Diab whom, it appears, was nowhere near Paris when a bomb went off in 1980 at a synogogue killing and maiming people. The deportation trial before Ottawa's Justice Maranger was pathetic in the extreme but a 'quick deed' Appeal Court sanctioned his action and he was quickly deported. (Both Diab and myself had our Appeals from earlier Maranger Decisions unsuccessfully held on the same day.) Appeal Courts are mere 'rubber stamps'. Now Diab is back. Perhaps Maranger j. should be sent to France and given solitary confinement to  the tune of Diab's stay. I have coined the term 'marangered' to reflect this kind of treatment before the good judge.

OCTOBER 24-2018  SEE this date under OCTOBER-2018 for a response to a personal letter from Premier Ford

OCTOBER 23-2018 A) So elections have moved from electing individuals to electing parties to re-election as incumbents are bent on re-election from day 1. In the case of federal M.P.'s, re-election means exposure to gold-plated pensions. It's the anaconda eating its tail. B) Second Appeal to Premier Ford asking how CV 18000 76950 0000 (Ottawa Supreme Court) for civil fraud naming 2 judges appears to have slipped down the proverbial black hole? SEE this date under OCTOBER-2018

OCTOBER 22-2018 A) Amid a plethora 'get out and vote' media prompts for today's civic election is this one orphan OPINION article O.C. p.A8 entitled Why I'm not voting for any party next time (captions not assigned by writers. Ques. What about this time?) The thrust of the article is that party politics destroys the role of the individual. Indeed, a high profile back bencher M.P. from the 1990's told me that the party hierarchy runs the show apart from the backbenchers. In civic politics, the developers run the show. Today's PLACARD: VOTERS: FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS    B) Placard bearer downtown today: FREE SPEECH which is not the question as one can say anything he/she wishes. The question is 'where' and to 'whom' which is adjudicated by a court of law. The significance of the Employee's Case is that it revealed the dry rot in the system so that no-one can trust to a Canadian court of law. That's more than sad...it's fraudulent. C) Why the Mark Norman (Vice-Admiral criminally charged for contract 'leak' - read that 'pissing off the NS Irving Family) case matters so much. O.S. p.14 editorial '...It is a case to be watched closely. There is much at stake.' Not nearly as much at stake as the Employee's Case which the media studiously boycott. Both of us have trouble getting disclosure... namely the rope by which we can hang our opponents.

OCTOBER 20-2018 A) It's finally happened. My land-line, similar to most, is targeted by off-shore spam. Now it is my cell-phone which I only use for emergencies. Periodical messages for technical update are now subject to additional advertising. Google 'promotions' is another scam as companies buy space and falsely promise to delete the ads when their so-called delete box is ticked. B) More nonsense. Banks 'back' into the economic future such as fueling higher real estate costs as their actuarians have past records on which to base their loans. Hence venture capital has to be the source of entrepreneurial actions where the future lies. Microsoft founders Allen (d) and Gates, for example, would not have stood a chance in today's Canadian banking world.

OCTOBER 19-2018 A) Ever wonder why there is a dirth of U.S. news on Canadian news channels? ANS. Because the tape already exists at U.S. expense while getting Canadian news means hiring reporters and that would never do for the bean counters.... B) The Koshogi assassination in Instanbul was a sting operation. When the plane landed with the assassins, the Turks knew something was up and watched them go to the Saudi Embassy. The Turks did not have to wait for the Khoshoggi I-phone report in the clouds as they had their own ways of recording events as they unraveled. The assassins were permitted to escape so that Turkey can play their political card of claiming the caliphate despite Saudi resistance. Considering that more reporters disappear in Turkey than anywhere else, the Saudis got carried away with 'what's one more?'. What is one more indeed?

OCTOBER 16-2018 A) 'What's the big beef?' asks Saudi Arabia. 'We denied assassinating a Reporter in Istanbul...what more do you want? Further, Turkey has the highest number of murdered reporters in the world...what's one more? It is not as though every major embassy throughout the world does not have their own 'purification dungeon' although some prefer the nicety of a 'safe house'. The key is that no mess is left behind...we scrape up body parts and all ...what's not to love? So grow up, people! B) Conspicuous by its absence is exactly what the dead reporter was critical of in Saudi Arabia ...home grown assassinations? If so, he obviously missed out on something.... that's gratitude for you....

OCTOBER 15-2018  A) 'A Modest Proposal' to NS Premier McNeil regarding a 'Model T' constitutional challenge to replace bureaucratic constitutional challenges e.g. Premier Ford is setting aside $30 million to legally fight the imposed carbon tax which I can do on a shoestring. SEE PREMIER MCNEIL  (2018 sub-heading)  B) The voting is in...a Republican victory in November bi-elections. You read it here first. C) Letter to Premier Ford regarding ON court delay: CV 18000 769 0000 plus reference to September 19 letter to him on 'activist judges'. SEE OCTOBER-2018  D) The same gang that brought you the 'Phoenix pay disaster' has obviously franchised out to a Saudi Arabian hit squad in an 'assassination by bureaucracy'. A professional hit man operates on his own using others only for back-up. Not only is it more effective, it is much cheaper. E) Labour guru Howard Levitt gives an accurate detailed portrayal of the Justice Kavanaugh appointment in the spirit of 'the legal universe is unraveling as it should' type of perspective. Someone should challenge him to analyze the Employee's Case which has coughed up a major legal hairball which is gumming up the Canadian legal universe. How about it, Howard? F) Another legal hairball is the case of Vice Admiral Mark Norman, fired for god knows what. His case depends heavily on disclosure such as my own. Good luck with that, Norman. I have repeatedly filled in all the forms without success. However, Norman has the one thing I do not - public exposure.

OCTOBER 14-2018 A) So Pope Francis has religiously defrocked two Chilean priests...so now where is 'Pope' Justin to legally defrock two judges, part of a fraud case in ON courts including one with his 'very nice pimp' observation? If the authorities had acted in a timely manner in 2014, we would not be in this legal pickle much the same as the Pope acting in a timely manner with the Chilean story. B) So the Turkish authorities  knew in short order that due to the Apple watch feeding the 'cloud'; 15 assassins had murdered the Washington Post reporter critical of Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Embassy in Turkey. It is one thing to put one assassin on trial but 15??? Much better to let them escape with their dismembered victim. The international community is outraged and one prestigious trade fair slated for Saudi Arabia has been canceled. It is a turning point for Saudi Arabia in much the same fashion as the Irish visit by the Pope was a turning point for the Catholic Church. Now where is the turning point for Canada?...the Employee's Case is up to bat in the letter to Premier McNeil (NS) SEE 2018  sub-heading.

OCTOBER 11-2018 A) Legal Dope an employer's nightmare O.S.p. 15 '...Nobody seems to be happy about legal cannabis except Justin Trudeau. Labour lawyer Howard Levitt '...and labour lawyers, added the columnist to which Levitt laughingly added, So it's great for me and Justin! And terrible for everyone else.'  B) PLACARD: I WANT MY POLICE FORCE POT FREE says it all for me.

OCTOBER 06-2018 A) Kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths. That's why we have politicians; to maintain the lie. The Kavanaugh Supreme Court judicial appointment exposes the politicians in a manner never before encountered as this political lie of Republicans vs Democrats in Congress shows the intrinsic value of the political world at its worst in broad daylight. As to the role of the individual as exemplified by rape testimony; one is reduced to impotence before the forces arrayed against you by 'the Old Boy's Club entrenched in the government and judiciary. It's a black day for all U.S. judges wearing their investitures. Now read a parallel story in the Employee's case Canada. We are not much different although widespread malfeasance in turn has been exposed in government and the courts in Canada by this one individual. The public are being protected by a thin web of an anti-employee media embargo on this lead civil case in Canadian jurisprudence... And what else did you learn in school today, children? B) I don't usually agree with Labour lawyer guru, Howard Levitt, but on this one he is 'bang on'. SEE this date under OCTOBER 2018

OCTOBER 04-2018  Attaboy, QC Premier Legault...'Off with their religious headgear' with the 'notwithstanding' ax. Besides whom can anyone appeal to considering that the QC civil courts are in the cellar from your predecessor. I already have 2 judges indicted with a civil legal action for fraud in ON with one Chief Justice from B.C. 'standing on deck'. Will another Chief Justice from QC be left 'standing on deck' not to mention a third judge? More on the latter to come.

OCTOBER 03-2018  The Charter School Myth  SEE this sub-heading under 2018

OCTOBER 02-2018 Some old 'dirty laundry' for incoming QC Premier, Francois Legault. SEE OCTOBER 2018

OCTOBER 01-2018 For a first time in 33 years, I have a direct link between a judge and the Employee's Case for which I call for his removal from the bench. SEE B.C. Hinckson cj 'FRAUD'

SEPTEMBER 29-2018 A)There ought to be a law for something that runs through every legal case...the law of stupidity which does not exempt judges. A  B.C. Chief Justice committed fraud (S 188996) - details to follow at a future time - leaving A.G. Edy no choice but to suspend him immediately on pain of not only sacrificing his own position as A.G. but the entire NDP Party in Canada. Will he mess up? I am expecting it, leaving me to advance a fraud charge against the B.C. 'yahoo'. Oh well, I have already named two judges in an ON civil fraud case; what is one more considering the ON case has, as its genesis, the legal story from B.C. B) SEE 2018 Sub-heading: #MeToo-an historical perspective

SEPTEMBER 28-2018 "The Senior Teacher Lay-off that almost Never Was". In June of 1985, Supt. Ed Carlin met with me privately and offered to withdraw Principal John Williams Professional Report(s)?-one positive and one negative) on my teaching capabilities for which I had written proof of fraud. I declined amid events which 33 years later has witnessed the expiry of the Canadian Judiciary. The reason for declining is that I did not trust to Carlin as evidenced by his specious behaviour 7 years earlier with the dismissal of senior teacher Ken Raison for alleged incompetence due to three negative professional Reports over 2 years (SEE blog ORIGINS). In short, Carlin could have claimed to destroy Williams' Decision when in fact he had not and sprung 2 more negative Reports on me in the following year. The interesting part is that William's perfidy was revealed in the Arbitration due to my copious records but then the arbitration was later quashed by the courts leaving me in limbo for 33 years seeking the disclosure before over 50 judges which would, of necessity, force the moribund RCMP to lay a criminal charge...and that would never do. Realistically, the fraud cases are unlikely to be heard due to threatened repercussions for both judges and legal counsel. So what is next? If 33 years of doing nothing has worked so well for the conspirators, why not go for another 33 years of doing nothing? President Trump, under those circumstances, should invoke the Magnitsky Act (legal and moral turpitude) against the entire Canadian Judicial System.

SEPTEMBER 27-2018  A)Sorry, Mr. Trump, but the U.N. Diplomats were laughing 'at you' and not 'with you'. Many of these diplomats, in order to save personal face considering that they represent heinous leaders, always refer to themselves by country. When P.M. Trudeau addresses the U.N. (P.S. the diplomats always pour out for such speeches except for the U.S.), he refers to 'Canada's role' which is the correct approach. On the other side of the coin, much of what is happening in the U.S. is solely attributed to the actions of Trump himself including cutting U.N. funds which were little more than a conduit to terrorists. Hence the diplomatic 'laugh' has a hollow ring to it. B) Amid U.S. reluctance to get involved due to a general anti-U.S. feeling throughout Central and South America, P.M. Trudeau spoke out against the deplorable living conditions in Venezuela under their dictator whom is propped up with Cuban troops otherwise he would be hanging from a tank barrel. Privately, South American countries wish the U.S. would intervene as they are being inundated with Venezuelan refugees, but the U.S. message appears to be...'you made your anti-U.S. bed so now lie in it....'

SEPTEMBER 26-2018 A) 'First the punishment, then the crime' (Alice in Wonderland) or in President Trump's parting words to his press interview...first the guilt, then the innocence; I find that scary. Would the Employee's Case be happening beneath Trump as Prime Minister of Canada? I submit not but it IS happening beneath all Canadian political leaders plus media (fake news due to their silence). In fact, I was exonerated over 30 years ago when the arbitration confirming my senior teacher lay-off under the imposed BILL 35 was overturned by the courts for failing to show a causal factor. The arbitrator was ruled patently unreasonable. 33 years later and over 50 judges later, I still have no compensation. Go figure. B) The silence from the two civil fraud cases laid by me recently in ON and B.C. is deafening as no lawyer will represent the defendants on pain of a separate fraud charge. As to the two judges, they see that I have named 2 ON judges at the centre of the ON case and no doubt realize that I would have little trouble adding them to a possible third charge. However, with that much said, it is within their legal DNA to mess up. Stay tuned.

SEPTEMBER 24-2018 A) SEE this date for further information on the 2 fraud charges under SEPTEMBER-2018. B) The tornadoes on the weekend in Ottawa were the second worst disaster after the ice storm in 1998 which, if nothing else, was picturesque but dangerous with up to a ton of ice on a big branch. A relative in Montreal spent 6 months in physiotherapy due to a frozen branch falling on her. 8 telephone poles were taken out leaving us in the dark for two days although we had elevator power (from the 20th floor) in our block with our sister tower on the same land without elevator service...go figure.

SEPTEMBER 21-2018 O.S. p. 15 'Former chief justice Beverley McLachlin made her views abundantly clear: "My job is simply...to think about what's best for Canadian society on this particular problem that's before us....' A speech designed for vapid media absorption. The real power behind our Beverley was her husband, Frank McArdle, President of the Chief Justices Association and a major factotum in the mining industry. Only he can herd the CJ cats to get a desired effect as evidenced in 8 out of 10 provinces with the Employee's Case. Only the President can call up the media editors to facilitate a boycott on a major story embarrassing to the courts. The two fraud charges that I have laid in B.C. and ON go without legal representation from the Employer, the West Vancouver School Trustees, as no legal firm will touch them. The selected judges for the fraud charges are badly exposed as the President well realizes. Normally, an employer in such a position would hurry to sign an outside agreement for the bargain price of $12 million (two million more than alleged terrorists get in order to draw that distinction) but that is not happening. Trust the President to screw up with all sorts of media types trying to put this humpty dumpty back together again. Won't happen. Credible journalists are deeply angered that their reputation and career may ride on this case due to pressure from the editor hence the public can expect bedlam when this story comes out. As for McLachlin, she is a mediocre talent, an opinion based on her written judgments. Former P.M. Chretien observed that legal Companies push those lawyers that they are not going to make partners (at 3x the salary) into judgeships e.g. Judge Ito over the O.J. Simpson trial. As to Appeal Courts - and I have seen many of these - they are more useless than 'tits on a bull'. It was one Appeal Court Judge (Donald whom I had encountered with one B.C. Appeal and described to me as being capable by an insider) whom saved the collective bargaining rights for B.C. teachers by writing the one negative opinion. SEE web SEPTEMBER 01-2018 for that story.

SEPTEMBER 21-2018 A) Those whom vote don't get it nor are they supposed to 'get it' by reading such as erudite columnist Andrew Coyne on the 'Notwithstanding Clause and the Ford Case' which goes 'round and round the mulberry bush'. SEE 'Spoof' To Kill a Mocking Birdbrain under this date SEPTEMBER-2018. B) Ex CBC employee, Jian Ghomeshi (JG) is in the news recently where again, the media would lead 'voters' astray on the legal significance of this case. CBC fired JG for no given reason thus obviating his access to Union funds under the collective bargaining rules until Ghomeshi's private suit against CBC embarrassed the Union into supporting him in a very expensive criminal trial which he won. Similarly, the local West Vancouver Teachers Union was not going to finance a very expensive arbitration hearing (11 days in which the Union presentation amounted to 1/2 hour) in my senior teacher lay-off until the parent B.C. Teachers Federation intervened due to the publicity given to the imposed BILL 35; otherwise with a young family, I could not have financed this challenge. That was the whole idea. The Union 'threw' the arbitration by not calling the Trustees to the stand to testify as to lay-off numbers (which showed an actual increase). I changed lawyers and the court quashed the arbitration ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor (this crime; this perp). Again, the BCTF financed the court challenge as a means of secreting disclosure from me on this apparent sweetheart deal leading to the first Supreme Court of Canada (SCofC) challenge in 1997 on the universality of Unions which would have been vital to the Ghomeshi case if the three SCofC judges had heard it (Chief Justice A. Lamer (d) / Beverley McLachlin - his later replacement / Cory). Over 50 subsequent judges refused my request for disclosure revealing this conspiracy. In brief, Canadian judicial corruption has always been the case; the 33 year Employee's Case merely revealing this perfidy (amid a media boycott). Currently, the Ford case has publicly shattered the Canadian Judicial System with the media pundits trying to put 'lipstick on that pig'.

SEPTEMBER 20-2018 Big mistake. The courts blinked first with the Ford government bringing in a 'stay of proceedings' to nullify the Federal Court Decision barring Ford from reducing the Toronto Council seats from 47 to 25. If the Employee's Case is publicized, there will not be a Canadian left to give credence to any Decision emanating from a Canadian court of law. The 'judicial corpse' has been delivered. President Trump should be preparing the Marines to march on a 'shithole country' as a means of protecting international investors. The media photo shows 3 'activist' judges introducing the 'stay' when, in actual fact they only needed to show one...the Chief Justice whom appointed them. I have had over 50 of these 'appointees' although I note one was described to me as being credible; namely Justice Donald of the B.C. Appeal Court. On my web site, I relate how if it had not been for his one negative stand on a matter dealing with the 'collective bargaining rights' of B.C. Teachers, they would have lost them altogether. The two fraud cases I have laid in B.C. and ON (A.G. Carolyn Mulroney discredited on this account) against the Employer shows them to be starkly exposed by not filing an appearance. Hence in law my assertions must stand and the $20 million default charge must be applied in each province. No number of appointee judges can legally get around that one = total collapse of the Canadian Judicial System...and still the media fiddles.... I don't vote but I will vote for 'Mad Max' if he breaks this national media boycott. Canadians have a right to be informed and the Canadian media is the one to inform them as they are going under along with the Justice System. PLACARDS: A) POLITICS / ART OF THE POSSIBLE / CANADIAN COURTS / DEFAULT BODY WHEN POLITICS IMPOSSIBLE  B) IN THE HALLS OF CANADIAN JUSTICE / ALL JUSTICE IS IN THE HALLS The Federal Court judge whom ruled against Ford did not err because he failed to consider the 'constitutionality' of the question according to the 3 wingnuts above. I know from personal experience that there is a whole process involved in laying a constitutional issue including notification of Deputy Ministers which the pro-Ford lawyers did not do. Bottom line? A complete debacle all the way around...and the last one for judicial credibility even considering the two fraud charges I have laid in B.C. and ON.

SEPTEMBER 19-2018  A) SEE this date under SEPTEMBER-2018 for what Premier Ford needs to know about the Justice System. B) 'I stand on guard for thee...NOT' should be turncoat MP Leona Alleslev's theme song for crossing the floor from the Liberals to the Tories. She is a typical 'Old Boys Club' member. Look at her bureaucratic background. She won her seat with a slim margin and could see being defeated by the new Tory representative whom she screwed by crossing the floor. But let's face it, voters will buy into anything. C) A 'stay of proceedings' is being sought to derail Ford with his bid to cut seat numbers on Toronto city Council. Part of my fraud accusation against two Ottawa judges (originally, Federal Court appointees and therefore under the Canadian Council of Judges which refused to investigate them in 2014) relates to the Hicks, Morley et al lawyer striding into the Ottawa court of Scott j. without filing an appearance forcing a second 'bogus' Decision from McKinnon j. into the eager outstretched hands of Scott j. amid my most vehement objection. He refused to recognize the first Decision from McKinnon j. to which I had a detailed rebuttal. To add insult to injury, Scott j. entered a 'stay of proceedings' so that the Appeal Court refused my Appeal for I did not have a lower court Decision. Whether he ever filed his Decision later, I don't know nor, for that matter, what was indeed actually filed, paralleling the experience in Nova Scotia in 2017 under Justice Rosinski where ON legal counsel could not acquire a copy of that filed ruling on a constitutional question regarding imposed legislation. That's why I called on President Trump to invoke the Magnitsky Act against Rosinski j. In brief, a 'stay of proceedings' is the back door for the court's corruption. Hence Ford's statement to repeatedly use the notwithstanding clause makes for good strategy just as my charge of fraud against the above two judges has shaken the Canadian Judiciary to the core and frightened the media with their boycott 'clear out of their skin'. D) O.S. p.1 photo of escort plus this message: Cops seeking violent escort in hotel homicide. Of course escorts are violent if they want to live in a dangerous  profession. In all likelihood this client got what he deserved. Organized crime can expect to either kill her or spirit her out of the country. Marriott Hotel was remiss in letting her run a brothel on its premises.

SEPTEMBER 18-2018 A) 'Way to go, Neanderthal Man, 'Up the Revolution!' What you are doing with 'activist judges' today is what I started doing 33 years ago with the full knowledge (and cover-up) of Canada's traditional Prime Ministers. We are both revealing anarchy although you have press coverage while I get a media boycott. Can the democratic system take it? I say no. More on that point later. The Federal government's interpretation of the 'notwithstanding clause' is symbolized by the carbon tax that Ford is also rejecting. B) Muck-rating O.S. columnist, Sue-Ann Levy, has not one but two columns in today's paper pillorying the left wingers in a most colorful fashion: Protest Pilates...The dial up a protester group...mostly students on the eight-year university plan and assorted aging hippy types....' (disclosure: She once wrote me that she was very glad that she was never in any of my school classes having me wonder...Did I duck a bullet? Was she the parent I failed on a paper or worse yet, failed her on a child's paper? I'll never know.) C) The so-called chaos of Toronto City Hall is the same chaos found in any bureaucracy including Parliament where the entire business is conducted by the P.M. and his Privy Council advisers...just ask MP Leona Alleslev whom defected to the Tories yesterday ('I think the lady doth protesteth too much'-Hamlet's mother). E) So columnist Anthony Furey would wade in on the Ghomeshi case. The O.S. should pray that they don't get a slander case against columnist Michelle Malkin for her slant on the Ghomeshi case. Some editor slipped up badly. F) I am an unabashed supporter of cartoonists such as Dolighan in the O.S. which are displacing columnist comment. I just have to share this one with you; it's that good!

G) Far better than me to advise the U.S. President how to conduct his trade business, but with that much said, both Canada & the U.S. should call off their trade war which is injurious to both sides. If the President wishes, he can visit all the contumely he wants on Canada through his officious border guards.

SEPTEMBER 17-2018 A) The 'Notwithstanding Clause' is an anomaly which has no place in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it is for corporate as opposed to individual interests. It was only slipped in at the request of AB & SK in 1982. The Federal Government has the power to over-rule such legislation. However, where does that leave the country when the Federal Government in its many disguises such as the carbon tax (remember, the gov't share is the 15% GST which is glossed over in so many accounts) were to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause? That's why an organization against imposed Legislation created by individuals is a necessity. B) Apparently our Doug slept through my first PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE (a mainstay since 2004). You never ever criticize the judge as being activist (which they all are) unless you have the goods on them such as I do. In theory, future judges will act independently of each other on Ford; in actual fact he has the equivalent of a swarm of African bees on his behind. Chicken Little advice for Ford is to watch out for that falling legal sky (which, in actual fact, fell over the Employee's Case in 2004). C)Mad Max and the neophyte People's Party could form the next gov't. if they hit the small ticket items as well as the large. e.g. a) scrap M.P.'s bonus programs (Phoenix Pay Minister got her bonus!!!) b) scrap M.P. bi-lingual bonus which is now redundant c) no more money to hire judges until Judiciary cut useless 'billable time' negotiation sessions. In short, push those things that people understand as 'more jobs', less debt, blah blah blah, goes in one ear and out the other for voters. D) University's back in and so is the rape culture. When I began UBC in 1959, first year female students lived in a dorm controlled by a matron with a 11 o'clock curfew time. Added later was male escort from the Library at night to those dorms.

SEPTEMBER 16-2018  A) My techy tells me that business in booming for his Company in selling a vetting service in which they clear all e-mail for viruses before forwarding them to Companies...a wise investment but some cities are slow on the uptake and are having to buy back access to their web sites from scammers. B) PLACARD: FORMER P.M.'S WRONG / FORD RIGHT / ACTIVIST JUDGES RULE ...and I can vouch for over 50 of those 'activist judges' beneath those former P.M.'s. C) It looks so good! Charter Schools as advocated by the Fraser Institute...plus, think of all the money to be saved in these academically superior schools!!!  I go back to the 8-year old asking President Obama at his inauguration in 2008..."How do I get into a good school?" He bit by saying, I want all Americans to be able to get into a good school which raises the question...what to do with a bad school?...and in the U.S., bad is really bad. The guest columnist in the O.S. p. 21 Charter schools can bring much needed diversity is full of so much 'hooey' as any examination of the public school system shows that this diversity is provided for which-as a 16 year Supply Teacher in the Ottawa Carleton School District- I can attest to but due to a media boycott on my name, this point of view is limited to this blog. One private school teacher told me that parents placing a 'C' student in private school are doing so with this difference: whereas the student may have been in the middle of his or her class in public school, they will be at the bottom of the pack in private school. Approximately 50% of parents, according to one administrator, don't get that message.

SEPTEMBER 15-2018  A) The Employees Case has shown this much about the Canadian Justice System...there isn't any. Activist judges rule the day so while dinosaurs from the past such as Chretien, Mulroney etc. lament the use of the 'Notwithstanding Clause' by Premier Ford; they are relics of the past. 'Go, Doug, Go' will resound across the Offices of Premiers throughout the land particularly as P.M. Trudeau muffed his chance to nip this movement in the bud. B) SEE SEPTEMBER 17 instructions to the court in the commencement of the Fraud Case in ON where the Employer has not filed an appearance limiting the presiding justice to adjudicate fraud including the role of 2 ON judges and an ON legal firm. As such, he must rule based solely on my arguments and use only the RCMP if he chooses to demand disclosure. Without a Defense, my arguments must stand as fact leading to the conclusion that the Employer must pay me $20 million. C) as to activist judges, it is not for the sitting judge to comment favourably on the Karlsson hockey 'hissy fit' between two hockey wives. It is her duty to demand evidence of the negative internet postings which the Karlsson's claim the other wife posted. The latter vehemently denies the claim. Either put up or pay up for defamation of the second wife. D) What has got into the editorship of the O.S. permitting a slanderous column by columnist Michele Mandel: Crocodile Tears / Disgraced Ghomeshi breaks silence. No matter how clever a lawyer, he or she (Marie Henien) requires documented facts which Ghomeshi was clever enough to maintain. Those e-mails showed that the defendant females kept up a positive relationship with Ghomeshi after the alleged assaults. The judge was quite right in dismissing the case on those grounds. I am not a Ghomeshi supporter and had never heard (I'm 77) of 'rough sex' until this case, which my son tells me it is far more common than what some might believe. E) Much is being made of the 10th anniversary of the collapse of the Lehmann Brothers precipitating near depression conditions if it had not been for the banks bailing out such as the profligate Merrill Lynch in the U.S. with ultra low bank rates which still plague Canada today (for banks, read that as public funds). What money Canadian banks are lending is to speculative developer interests. Speculation is always the death knell to any economy explaining the source of much of the world's antiSemitism. The U.S. has increased their rates; Canada's economy is too fragile to increase rates hence she is unable to attract development money = recession.

SEPTEMBER 14-2018  A) Names abound for Neanderthal Man...how about Premier Looney Toones? Due to a failed coup, the Tory Party fell into the hands of a very long shot - Doug Ford. To forestall such an event should Mayor Jim Watson stumble in the election bid, his supporters created stop gap measure Alex Cullen whom doesn't stand a chance of winning but the point is, he is no Doug Ford which a couple of wing nuts running for mayor may qualify. B) It may not be as long a shot as one might think seeing Maxine Bernier as Prime Minister of Canada. The Liberals are drifting, the Tories under Scheer and his support of Ford's notwithstanding clause, and the financially bankrupt NDP will leave a clear field for Bernier to pick up votes from all Parties although he should follow the NZ and Australia models for eliminating (or reducing) Supply Side Management in the Dairy Industry.

SEPTEMBER 13-2018  A) ON Tory backbenchers must be mortified to be seen supporting a tin pot dictator and not a single peep out of one of them... It's 'ready, aye ready.  'Venezuela', here comes Canada. Comparing Neanderthal Man to Donald Trump is a slap in the face of Trump. Further, it is not wise for any politician to make war on the courts...leave that up to me. B) So legal troll, labour lawyer, Howard Levitt is headed for 'lawyer of the year' award by creating a whole new billable time industry with not one, but two actions on behalf of Professor Peterson against his colleagues. University Academia will never be the same.  C) It would appear that the Defendant B.C. Employer and Union in the Employee's Case can't get lawyers to represent them...at least no legal outfit in its right mind no matter how hungry they are for business. Hey, maybe our Howard is available for the purpose!  D) Even Power Play host, Don Martin, looked disenchanted with the hapless ON leader, John Fraser, following on Wynne's defeat with his stalwart 6 MP bodies. Fraser's disjointed interview on the 'notwithstanding clause' looked as though he got a head start on the marijuana legalization date. E) Oh, goody, goody, goody...the Sun Media now have an issue to polarize the right and left to sell boodles of more papers. Right, guys? ...I said right...guys? Unless the O.S. plans to replace left wing columnist, Tom Parkin, their perspective threatens to be flushed down the toilet which smacks of the...'Lets show them how tough we are by firing them all' type of syndrome. F) Rather than produce disclosure as to how the Hoffman's maligned the Karlssons; a smart marketing manager had the latter create a duplicitous 'anti-bullying' campaign. Good riddance, I say, on that level to Karlsson as he departs for San Jose.

SEPTEMBER 12-2018 A)Premier 'Elmer Fudd', the Neanderthal Man, has much more to worry about than the notwithstanding clause. Now that he has canceled the carbon tax, where is he going to get the money to pay the civil servants? No number of cuts can make up for that shortfall. B) SEE 2018 COURT REGISTRIES sub-heading for a behind the scenes look.

SEPTEMBER 10-2018 'There has to be something very very wrong with the Justice System to use the 'Notwithstanding Clause' past statement from former P.M. Stephen Harper. So Neanderthal Man is going to use that clause against a judicial Decision disallowing the limiting of Toronto council seats during an election. I'll leave the answer to Elmer Fudd: You must be vewy vewy careful when you screw around with the Justice System. An extant judgment is the building block for subsequent court rejections.

SEPTEMBER 09-2018 A) O.S. 'Letter to the editor' (David Marshall) reports the advantages of cost cutting by creating the year-round school pattern. This topic was examined in detail in West Vancouver in the early 1970's and rejected because it increased the over-all operation of the school in any given year. B) The Sun is pissed off against politicians using the catchphrase...' I can't talk as this matter is part of a police investigation.' Balls, is their reaction. Well, have I got one for them...the Employees Case is conspicuous by the absence of a police investigation as well as media silence. It's a matter of the pot calling the kettle 'black'. C) TUNNEL VISION What happens when Ottawa's LRT isn't perfect? The point is, it's not like buses don't break down. But the entire fleet doesn't break down at once...O.S. Columnist Rick Gibbons p.3 Is this futuristic style of writing to be the future for the media? If so, ask what the future for Canada is there for two fraud cases (B.C. 'sweetheart deal' plus imposed BILL 35 and ON's charges against two Supreme Court Judges and a legal firm for the Employer)?  Disclosure is at the heart of both cases testing, as it does, the entire judicial order (plus anti-employee media and their boycott).

SEPTEMBER 08-2018  A) Former U.S. President's demeanor is one of pretension typical of his legal background. He is seeking to cash in on Senator McCain's death in launching his own platform... typical. B) Another poseur is John Snobelen - he without an e-mail contact - he who has not forgotten his foray as the Education Minister 23 years ago in the far right wing Harris government: Teacher unions up to old schoolyard tricks p.19 In short, everyone is for education; that is, until it is explained to them. One writer juxtaposed the 'discovery-math' debacle with no union attention with the 'sex-ed' curriculum which has received considerable union attention correctly noting the disparity. I come from Snobelen's era and recognize his values for which I have respect. On the other hand, it is the question of the 'last hurrah' where this dinosaur should be retired from the Ottawa Sun. C) More hi-jinxes. SEE this date for letter to B.C. Attorney General D. Edy under SEPTEMBER 2018.

SEPTEMBER 07-2018  A)Another coffin nail in the fraud case against the conspirators. SEE this date under SEPTEMBER-2018  B) Also see this date for a letter to President Trump

SEPTEMBER 06-2018  A) O.S. p. 2 BIGFOOT CASE GETS BOOT / B.C. sasquatch suit has 'no reasonable prospect of success'

So THAT is what I am...a Sasquatch! How else can you explain the failure of over 50 judges to deal with an unresolved 33 year labour case where no compensation has been paid? The 'loser' in this case should borrow an arrow out of my quiver and impale the Justice System with a fraud charge (B.C. and Ontario). B) Alberta does not have a pipeline problem...they have a predatory U.S. purchasing program which discounts Canadian oil at the border just as broke Wisconsin farmers are subjugated to low milk prices. These farmers want to dump their excess in Canada as a stop gap measure which, even if successful in their bid, is unlikely to succeed for other reasons i.e. quality control. Now if Canada became a U.S. state, AB problems would be solved but not Canada's under the Supply side management of the dairy industry. (Australia phased it out over 8 years to protect the farmers.) C) Premier Ford may have it right in privatizing marijuana distribution as it could be a big bust. 80% of users are hard core and want fentanyl (just not an overdose) to increase the buzz. Others already have their circle of private growers which can be expected to increase. Apart from medical marijuana (already legalized and delivered in the mail of which mail boxes are a target for thieves), what is left of the public market appears not to justify the expense of outlets.

SEPTEMBER 05-2018  A)Back to School brings the inevitable Fraser Institute education article (which is all about saving money first, educating second) which idolizes the 20 charter schools in B.C. where the province pays 50% with the parent supplying the rest. What's not to love for the government penny pinchers who pay half the cost of educating a student. The other half comes from better off parents whom do not want their children mixing with 'just anybody'. Locally, a girl's private school posts the graduate class of almost all caucasian students with only one 'chubby' non caucasian. Such schools are fond of posting 95% are university bound and never telling us how many graduate. I knew one weak B.C. private girl student who was told that she required the type of assistance not available in private school so she returned to public school. In Ottawa, a special school was created for those scions who did not measure up academically which of course means socially as well so that the parent private school would not get their records 'muddied'. The elitist President Obama fell into this trap when, on his inauguration in 2008, a Grade 8- student asked him 'how could she get into a good school?' Exactly, propounded the President without realizing that the bigger problem is what to do with the bad school? (Further, race relations deteriorated under this black President and no-one speaks about his foreign policy.) B) SEE addition 'The darker side to Grafton's novel' outlined on SEPTEMBER 03

SEPTEMBER 04-2018  A) A pointed legal letter to the Employer and Union regarding disclosure. SEE SEPTEMBER -2018 under this date.  B) Now that the Senator McCain funeral is over bringing into sharp relief of the one man with stature and the one man without (Trump); I submit McCain's daughter was wrong; 'America was always great.' The slide started in 1985 and may be summed up in two words; 'stagnant wages' where the U.S. slipped from #1 in living standards to #10 with the concurrent increase of wealth of the top 1%. C) Part of that problem is reflected in that where the U.S. university enrolment fee is $50,000 per year, success is guaranteed where one can be 'tutored' (buy) an MA and Phd degree. That is the type of bureaucrat, for example, charged with being in control of such as the Canadian Phoenix pay disaster in which the Minister in Charge is still guaranteed her 'bonus pay' for a high performance on the one hand and making sure, on the other hand, that no civil servant is held responsible for the disaster. In the Canadian Judiciary, they run the show through the offices of the Chief Justices with SCofC Chief Justice R. Wagner being symbolic of that failure. Good judges are fed up. D) Schools open today highlighting a major turn-around problem; no teachers. Teachers can't afford Vancouver where teaching positions are available and are unwilling to locate in rural areas which are in decline as businesses close up e.g. financial institutions. E) A welcome presence of the police in South Keys this past long weekend which is the Arab quarter of Ottawa with its major mosque. It's also the hub of rising crime as we could spot three shootings from our penthouse balcony in the past three months. F) On my early morning walk, I witnessed a firetruck, ambulance, and two police cars attending a low cost housing call which appeared to be for a drug overdose. Compare that cost, Premier Ford, with 'shoot-up' centres where one nurse attends an overdose. Personally, I am a NIMBY and would relocate if my City exercise centre included one of these clinics. Addicts must steal to support their habits within walking distance of their domicile.

SEPTEMBER 03-2018 I am a novelist Sue Grafton (d. Dec. 28-2017) fan having read all of her 'alphabet' books. Currently, I am reading 'Y is for Yesterday. To be sure, she would not be on the Book Club List of the affluent with her ominous but prescient observation of human nature. Her definition of a private school at the beginning of the book should be required reading for such as the hapless Fraser Institute. SEE this date under SEPTEMBER-2018


SEPTEMBER 02-2018 A) 'Walking Back the Cat' and the role of a blog, PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION SEE SEPTEMBER-2018           B) 2 pages O.S. pp 4-5 for a 'high school hissy fit' over tweets between two Senator hockey wives. No disclosure is being provided which is not why I write. Rather the Police are looking at filing a criminal charge while I can't get a police reaction to a legal matter which is tearing Canada apart...go figure.


SEPTEMBER 01-2018  A)Let's cut through the rhetoric on U.S.-Canada tariffs. First, Canada should withdraw her 'tit for tat' tariffs on certain products with the U.S. (she should never have invoked them in the first place). The auto tariffs we can live with. For example, if we don't produce another car for the next 4 months, we can fulfill the requirement from the car lots filled with new vehicles and at the lower price. Consumers will still buy cars but a cheaper one. Leave the supply-side dairy industry as it is but plan for a long-range abandonment similar to Australia's 8 year program to protect farmers. SK had mining interests such as uranium which could be priced out of the market by tariffs and is therefore in a more vulnerable position. Mining interests tend to be world price concerned hence a subsidy would be necessary but don't expect to see one if SK is the only province to challenge the Federal government on the carbon tax (create any tom fool excuse for a fake carbon tax would be my answer but for Christ sake, SK is too small to take on the Feds in court no matter how strong their case. If SK does wish to pursue this legal approach, they should file intervener status on a constitutional question regarding imposed legislation that I am trying to lay there along with a third charge of fraud to be defined later. The question is structured to include both individual and corporate interests. B) All across Canada, schools are opening without teachers for myriad reasons, foremost being violence in the classroom which is not limited to just Canadian Schools. SEE this date under SEPTEMBER 2018  C) Interference with the electoral process is a 'high crime' in law which has 'Neanderthal Man' looking at court action regarding interference in the Toronto city councilor race. This in all likelihood would be the second rejection (Decision Sept. 12) for Ford after his defeat by Tesla. He would be very wise to offer a nice financial package to losing candidates but where does wisdom come into play in all bureaucracies in Canada these days? Truly, we are being led by morons. D) So 'loser Levitt', the Labour lawyer guru, does his usual union bashing. SEE this date under SEPTEMBER 2018


AUGUST 31-2018  A) So the courts backed the Kinder Morgan protesters regarding the challenge to the environment vis a vis the fog shrouded inlet. Why no media source questions why this pipeline cannot circumvent Burnaby and follow the rail line to Roberts Bank in the Georgia Straight is beyond me.  B)This lady is not for burning as Putin has learned; namely, Canada's foreign minister Chrystia Freeland. I disagreed with the 'tit for tat' duties imposed by Canada against the U.S. Now the Canadians are in an International Court which does not recognize the legal argument of 'tit for tat'. This 'ball-busting lady' has the Saudi Arabian ruler running for cover as his foray into Canada due to her tweet has led to a mountain of troubles 'moving to Mohammed' for him affecting many Saudi Arabians in Canada on a personal level as getting out  of Canada raises the question for him...but where to? Trump is trying to hold on to his nuptials as well from her 'depredations' for his so-called bi-lateral pact with Mexico is only meaningful if Canada supports it which still entails the existence of NAFTA. All signs are for Canada to reject Trump today for a bi-lateral agreement. Is this the beginning of a long dark night for Trump's future as this may herald the turning point in his career? There is no deal today...or ever unless Trump gives away the bank.... C)Civil war is brewing in China. I hope that a Canadian pension fund (should not have been there in the first place) got its money out of the country similar to many other investors. D) 'Neanderthal Doug' asks for citizen input to save money. Here's one suggestion. In the 1960's, I made a sales call on a mid-size contractor whom told me that I would never see an employee standing around doing nothing in his Company as the employees shared in the bonus money saved by completing a contract early. Such a scheme would pressure Companies into giving 'realistic bids' and avoid later 'upperages' (Canada's Defence industry is notorious for this kind of nonsense so that many consortiums refuse to bid on Canadian Defence contracts.) Few are the contractors like Jimmy Pattison who made the 1985 World's Fair in B.C. come in on time and on budget although his working conditions were abysmal.


AUGUST 29-2018  A) YES,MINISTER (BBS Series 1990's) What's the difference between 'under consideration' and 'under active consideration'? I asked.

'Under consideration means we have lost the file. 'Under active consideration' means we're trying to find it'. This political doublespeak can be found with the two administrators for the Ottawa Food Bank. p.5  B) PLACARD: I AM AGAINST CLICHÉ-RIDDEN POLITICIANS (which is all of them similar to 'Mad Max' whom failed the challenge to divulge the Employee's Case. SEE web: AUGUST 15-2018) C) When a pension request from the authorities was held up for two years, I was asked to re-submit the application. That way, no-one could accuse the civil service of procrastinating (which they were). If your top executive is weak, that weakness will be dispersed throughout your organization. D) Union bashing rears its ugly head under former Ottawa Citizen columnist Randall Denley, now a Conservative Think-Tank writer. Many years ago, I blamed him directly for provoking an extension to an Ottawa bus strike (3 months) which ended without addressing the central issues. While more mellow, nonetheless, his article in the OC blames the Unions for challenging Premier Ford on the teaching of sex-ed without mentioning that the School Boards support the teachers on this point. So where to turn? Why Ford's snitch line (I will have much more to say on this one later) to be handled by the Teacher's College (staffed mainly by teachers) in which teachers are dunned a second fee on top of the Union fee and made their name by chasing the pedophiles out of the profession which doesn't happen in other Canadian and U.S. venues where the problem continues unabated. Ford did not even get out of the starting gate losing a court case where he discriminated on grants against TESLA. Legally, As I told Denley in an e-mail, the Teachers College rejected the Employee's Case as a topic but then I am an 'individual' without the clout of Premier Ford. Stay tuned to this unfolding disaster but my labeling is now in: PLACARD: PREMIER FORD / NEANDERTHAL MAN




AUGUST 27-2018   A) O.S. a frightening Letter to the Editor ...'ANSWER THE QUESTION!!! Does anyone know of any politician who will answer any question asked of them directly? ed. comment: It all depends on who's asking. My comment: That is the whole point of the 33 year unresolved Employee's Case... the individual does not exist in Canadian Society despite our 'Bill of Rights' of 1982. In columnist Lorne Gunter's precocious words noted here earlier... Principle without power is a 'joke'. B) How did William Shakespeare get into the Employee's Case, you ask? SEE this date under AUGUST 27-2018. What? less than 1% asked? I'm not surprised.


AUGUST 26-2018 O.S. references: A) p.18 Letter to Editor '...It's a given that our justice system is broken and needs a complete overhaul - it's just whether there is the political will to do that.' my comment on latter...Nope! This letter rakes McKinnon j. over the coals for his 'very nice pimps' stand. If the Canadian Council of Judges (both  accused were original Federal Court judges) had acted in 2014 against two ON judges - McKinnon j. and Scott j., then there would not be a fraud charge today in ON courts including these two birds of a feather. It is still not too late for the Ford gov't. to suspend these two 'worthies' until the court hearing is held but don't wait for the incompetent A.G. Carolyn Mulroney to act as she is no better than her Liberal predecessor, Yasir Naqvi. B) A great American died yesterday...war hero Senator McCain despite draft dodger, Donald Trump's disparaging comments on McCain's war record. If McCain had won against G.W. Bush and  Hollinger's V.P. Dick Cheney, there would have been no Iraq war which produced ISIS. If McCain had won against the dilettante lawyer Obama where racial relations deteriorated - and don't even ask about his foreign policy, perhaps America could have been great again (but not of the Trump variety.) C) Give it the old college sigh p.18 Washington Post The professions are dying. Forget teaching with its uncontrolled student violence. Forget nursing where nurses are badly treated. Forget medicine as we now must depend on foreign doctors. Forget the humanities where there are no jobs. Forget journalism which is disappearing with the advertising starved media. Rather enroll in paid Company internships. D) As the ON School Boards would normally hear parental complaints about the Ford's Sex Ed course which the School Board's don't like, Ford has provided the alternative of a 'snitch' line (whistle blower?). I wish that I had possessed a snitch line for administrative fraudulent transactions in 1985. F) SEE this date under AUGUST-2018 for a warning to the conspirators.



AUGUST 25-2018 So Justice McKinnon of Ottawa Supreme Court got raked over the coals by the Society which deals with 'nice' pimps and under-aged girls. If the Over-sight bodies had acted on my complaint in 2014, I doubt whether our Colin McKinnon j. would even be sitting on the bench.


AUGUST 24-2018 A) That's right...I turn 77 today and boy, am I ever feeling feisty!  B) PLACARD: CANADA / FAKE NEWS Well, it has finally been admitted by the media...the 'individual' does not exist in our society - at least not to the media - ; the basic theme of the Employee's Case. O.S. p.6 Lorne Gunter columnist ...It's all well and good to take principled stands, but principle without power is nothing more than a parlour game. It matters little what Gunter's topic is, the public is just so much hamburger to the media's meat grinder (an earlier PLACARD showed a sheep going through a meat grinder and ending up as sausage). C) SEE 2018 Sub-heading VANCOUVER SUPREME COURT for update on warning letter to the Employer and B.C.'s Harris & Co.



C)Shithole countries such as Brazil and Argentina go through periodic government challenges to the government getting too cozy with the courts. Canada's version? Why, for example, to have P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan hold both the post of Premier and Attorney General. At least former U.S. President Kennedy appointed his brother as Attorney General rather than holding the post himself! C) PLACARD: IMPEACH / 1) SCofC Chief Justice R. Wagner  2) Ont. A.G.  C.Mulroney  also DO NOT TRUST TO GOV'T. TO DO ANYTHING! or POLITICIANS PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE: 1) GIVE VOTE  2) GIVE MONEY  3) WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR OPINION


AUGUST 22-2018 A) So the Ford Gov't. is creating a parent snitch line for any teacher using the new sex ed curriculum despite the Elementary Teacher's challenge to legally support any teacher charged accordingly. It all smacks of the B.C. Teachers Union in 1985 proclaiming BILL 35 to be 'the battle of all teachers' when for 33 years, it has been the battle of only this senior laid-off teacher. ON TIP: Teachers should NOT discuss openly with parents or administrators their teaching of sex ed. Leave that to Union officials. Of course it goes without saying that a teacher should not have written material on sex ed. The gov't ploy is to get one teacher - preferably middle aged - and tie them up in a 5 year court case where even the Union will encourage that teacher after a few years to drop out. Of course they will never work again in public teaching.  B) So big shot QC Tory, Maxine Bernier, would call out his Party on the immigration folder but refuse to act on a much bigger challenge; publicizing the Employee's Case. SEE AUGUST 15 for an e-mail to him.


AUGUST 21-2018 A) As a salesman for my father's small B.C. wholesale industry in the 1960's, I was told not to call on the cement Companies; no reason given. Recently it was aired on QC television (completely missing on English TV) that the La Farge Cement Company in Syria paid ISIS $20-30 million for 'protection insurance' behind which was the Montreal Power Corporation. Today, in the media, we read -much to the chagrin of the Contractor- that despite repeated warnings, poor quality cement was systematically supplied on the LRT subway site in Ottawa. B) Hassan Diab, the University Prof deported on very slim evidence by Ottawa's Justice Maranger (we both lost Appeals to this well-connected judge on the same day) returned to Canada and is now suing the gov't for millions. Now Maranger j. is 'deporting' evidence to Belgium in a business case where a similar suit in B.C. against the same Company was thrown out by a judge giving a scathing attack on the RCMP action. I have coined the term 'marangering' for good reason. C) If asked why such as the Pennsylvania Report on pedophilia in the Catholic Church for decades in which it was hushed up; the Church could quite truthfully say that they were merely copying practices found in other bureaucracies in our courts and government. Rather than defrocking priests, the Catholic Church sends them for rehabilitation in Retreat Camps only to re-insert them in a new parish...good luck with that one.... D) An U.S. professor writes constructively about what Trump has achieved although he is confused as to how ruinous tariffs embellish those successes. Isn't that the glue which holds all those other policies together?


AUGUST 20-2018 Priming B.C.'s Harris & Co. to see if they are going to risk being charged with fraud by further defense of the West Vancouver School Trustees. SEE this date under AUGUST-2018 for 3 page account.


AUGUST 19-2018  A) No media print my Letters to the Editor but I would like to think someone reading the following would follow up on this one. We must always seek truth / Lessons learned from church scandal / Archbishop Terrence Prendergast O.S. p.18 This column is the most hypocritical column ever printed in a newspaper. Shame on the Sun media. Prendergast references sexual abuses in Pennsylvania, Australia, Chile, and Honduras without any mention of Canada and similar cover-ups, indeed, by this very same Archbishop. B) There ought to be a law...for every new holiday instituted such as Indigenous Residential School Day, a second holiday should be deleted. C) Soviet lessons from WWII should be kept in mind p.20 One small(?) omission: The Munich Pact signed by Britain and France without the Soviet Union with whom they had an agreement, was the proverbial 'stab in the back' as it gave the green light to Hitler to go East...or so they hoped. The Soviet Union retaliated by signing their own pact with Hitler on August 23-1939 thus presaging the outbreak of WWII. Hitler, after bombing Warsaw, immediately turned West against France and Britain. It almost worked if it had not been for Winston Churchill as the British Parliament was planning to collaborate with Hitler as did France. (The U.S. was going to invade Canada if the Brits had collaborated) D) Everyone is for education...until it is explained to them. For example, every country has an army...if not yours, then that of someone else. Hence we teach Canadian History and sing 'We stand on guard for thee'. Schools, in this respect are conditioners of our beliefs but don't try to sell that idea to those running the school system.


AUGUST 18-2018  Two 'cold genocides'; one of a people in terms of body transplants (Falun Gong), the other of an institution in terms of the Canadian Justice System (Employee's Case Canada) '...I think people are very curious about why Falun Gong is considered a genocide, because a lot of people did not notice that it is actually a systematic killing for an extended period with a clear intention. N.B. The Epoch Times is a part of the media cover-up of the Employee's Case in Canada.


AUGUST 17-2018 A) When is a pimp a 'good' pimp? When my old nemesis, Justice Colin McKinnon of Ottawa Supreme Court, declares him as such. In short, McKinnon admittedly is willing to throw out criminal base punishments creating a constitutional question for a 'good' pimp who permitted three underage prostitutes to use his apartment to service their clients. If ON A.G. Carolyn Mulroney were doing her job - which she isn't - McKinnon j. would have been suspended until the charge of fraud I have against him plus a second judge along with an Employer was heard. B) While I can't speak for the U.S. media although I wonder where the authorities were in Pennsylvania where individuals must have complained about errant priests, I see where Trump is coming from when he proclaims that the U.S. media is 'the enemy of the people' as that certainly is the case in Canada as evidenced by the national boycott on the Employee's Case.


AUGUST 15-2018  A) Letter to West Vancouver School Trustees regarding two fraud actions against them in Ontario and B.C. SEE this date under AUGUST 2018.  B) So the Sun Media's Sue-Ann Levy, an out lesbian, is turning up on the Ottawa scene no doubt after Toronto sources no longer answer her phone requests. The article Kids deserve better O.S. P.8 ostensibly on education is a scattergun of tweets on a number of topics which other columnists limit to a discussion on each single topic. The editor must have had an obvious problem applying a caption. The Sun has to make up its mind; either they replace their columnists or replace Levy. They can't have it both ways.  C) On teachers demonstrating against Ford's sex education limitations (p.8): ...the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario announced it will legally support any member.... whom chooses to teach the 2015 Sex Ed course as opposed to the 1998 version as insisted by the Ford gov't. Yeah, right. So the offending teacher is suspended (probably for 5 years without salary) when the rest of the teachers have forgotten about him or her inside of two months...happened to me in 1985 although I am still going after 33 years in a 'battle for all teachers against BILL 35' as proclaimed by the Union in 1985. You are on your own, brother or sister, and don't you ever forget it...  D) Letter to QC MP, Maxine Bernier. SEE this date under AUGUST 2018


AUGUST 08-2018 At one time the U.S. 'Fake News' had fully 75% of the population believing that Saddam Hussein of Iraq was behind 9-11. In fact, all the suicide bombers came from Sunni Saudi Arabia which receives a pass on the world terrorist scene largely due to U.S. support against Shia Iran whose support of Hezbolah is behind the drug cartels from North Africa to Europe. O.S. columnist, Tarek Fatah points out that the Saudi students now blocked from Canadian Universities were buying up medical residencies and then returning to Saudi Arabia. I met one Syrian doctor refugee with his children in the book store whom wishes to make Canada his home. That is the kind of person we need as an immigrant. Hopefully he will now get one of those medical placements. Hatred is spread in some of these Wahabi mosques and Fatah, for one, asks Saudi Arabia to withdraw its Saudi-trained Imams from Canada. ...'Good Riddance' indeed although it will cost us economically.


AUGUST 05-2018 O.S. p.20 Violence against teachers requires stern discipline Toronto Teacher & writer. After reading this article, my message is clear to University students - stay out of teaching. SEE this date defining this debacle under AUGUST-2018 which can apply to medicine, the police, and yes, first and foremost, the media which holds a boycott against publicizing the Employee's Case (Canada).


AUGUST 04-2018  A) An action has been laid against the Employer and Union. SEE sub-heading: VANCOUVER SUPREME COURT  B) SEE sub-heading: FOURTEENTH COLONY with a Letter to President Trump


AUGUST 04-2018 A) SEE AUGUST-2018 under this date for a letter to SK Premier Scott Moe B) news clip of Ottawa Police Boat apprehending a boat on the Ottawa River, confiscating open liquor bottles and handing the boat owner a hefty fine. What wasn't included was that on the QC side of the Ottawa River, open liquor bottles on boats is not a crime...oh, for another 100 feet! C) Where do all the illegal immigrants crossing in QC go?...why Toronto. So the Feds give that city $11 million for a $200 million problem while - get this - QC gets $36 million for the problem. Must be election season coming.... D) Sex Education: In my day it was a question of teen-ager boys and girls minds in adult bodies. Today the problem seems to be tween minds in the Internet. Calling for a review of the ON sex program makes sense particularly for 11 year olds. Some ON School Boards are defying the Ford gov't. on this point; something which cannot happen in N.S. because their Premier canceled School Boards...QC & AB after elections to follow suit? E) Dognapping incident in Toronto Park O.S. will have police investigation 'after the officer assigned gets back to duty sometime next week'. Ouch, now that's research. Today, dognapping; tomorrow, childrennapping (on way to school) consistent with the great upswing in kidnappings in 'shithole' countries. 


AUGUST 03-2018 A) I agree with the late Barbara Bush who disagreed with her husband on this one point, former President H. Bush, in claiming that rapid fire guns should be banned from civilian hands. It is just a matter of time before a jihadi group kidnap the family of a gun collector and demand that all rapid fire weapons be turned over to them. B) The media appear to be fed up with the media boycott on such as the Employee's Case. Consider this example. One lawyer's opinion of a judge: '...I've appeared in front of her and she's very knowledgeable and a fair JP' was shockingly counter-balanced with this research: 'Other defence and Crown lawyers, who wish to remain anonymous, were sharply critical of her work as a JP.'


AUGUST 02-2018 Letter to B.C. Attorney General on refiling a case from Jan. 16, 2013 H.D. CA038538. SEE this date under AUGUST-2018. (SEE web: EVENTS UP TO 2015 / 2015 SURETY APPEALS for 26 pages of legal arguments.)


AUGUST 02-2018 A) I complimented a policeman sitting in his cruiser in a fast food parking lot where transients hang out telling him that his presence made a big difference for walkers such as myself. (policeman: 'note to self'...next time I park at the far end of the mall where I can't be seen similar to my colleagues.) Some coffee shops provide free coffee for that presence which was not the case here. B) So about a dozen teenagers swarm individuals in Orleans much to the alarm of parents not knowing what to do. What they should do is blast the mayor whom in turn blasts the police chief whom gets off his ass and orders that police put an end to this nonsense i.e. picking up the 12 miscreants and explaining to them in the cop shop in the presence of their parents that a repeat of the problem will lead to 'hard time'....and make sure they follow up on that threat. I have written before that there will be no change with our politically correct police under the current mayor and police chief. C) One of the worst sections in the O.S. is the one on advice to getting a job. Employers are encouraged to ask stupid questions based on the research of so-called experts such as 'Where do you expect to be in 5 years?' or 'What is your major weakness?' What they don't ask is 'Are you honest?' for other than the wealthy 1%, an employer cannot keep an employee stealing from the Company. One manager told me that he knew all about employee theft which is a bane to all employers. In reality, the key question is, 'Who do you know?' explaining why I used to tell students that they were better off working for a political party or some volunteer effort (I do not believe in unpaid 'internships' SEE cartoon below) than to be filling in employment forms. D) Did pay bonuses fuel the Phoenix disaster O.C. James Bagnall p.1  It really makes no difference at all what happened as the Phoenix government pay disaster where all are complicit but none are responsible is a definition of present day Canada. Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse 5 says it best: 'I learned to never trust the experts. Nothing is really ever their fault...'



AUGUST 01-2018 A) SEE this date for further information on the ON fraud charge ($20 million) against the Employer, the West Vancouver School Trustees. B) In the 1950's, a Dick Tracy comic strip showed thieves ripping off parking meters which led to a crime wave of broken meters clear across the U.S. Today we have 'end to end gun programs' on TV and yet, one and at the same time, we wonder why gun crime is so high? C) Am I 'a son of a mosquito?' Consider this church sign: I WISH NOAH HAD SWATTED THE TWO MOSQUITOS


JULY 30-2018 Are you listening, NDP Opposition Leader, Susan Horwath?...A.G. Mulroney must be fired. SEE this date under 2018  JULY-2018


JULY 23-2018 I sound off on modern policing focusing on protection of the individual as against property concerns (largely ignored) which I experienced even in the 1990's while installing home alarms. My general reaction? The police do not even get to protect individuals as by the time the emergency forces arrive, it is a job for the paramedics. Sure, pencil pushing in order to fulfill the needs of law courts based on billable time bullshit but little policing although they pack the police into a public relations event with every shooting. Solution? Eliminate the dichotomy between defining events by making their motto; 'We catch the perp'. If the police had followed that motto in Orleans with jailed for life psychopath Col. Russell Williams, they would have caught him much sooner as he was known to run throughout the neighborhood breaking into houses. A sniffer dog would have done the trick. My older son, a property contractor and licensed gun collector just outside the city limits could see the perp getting around his carded entrance gate on his 9 live cameras. He was told to corral his dogs for the police dog which arrived 1/2 hour later after the perp had departed. In these semi-rural areas, perps are known to make the rounds looking for machinery. They have a 'field day' for when they are caught, it is after a few years of burglarizing. Nothing is going to change under the current Ottawa police chief or mayor.


JULY 22-2018 A) I've said it before but this idea bears repeating. Set up a refugee camp in Libya run by the U.N. and protected by offshore frigates with air capacity. Many refugees are dying at sea with an equal number dying in the open desert getting to the shore. Once it is known that Europe is not a refugee destination, the deluge should stop. Also, individual refugees from host countries could be deported to these camps. Financing? Half of U.N. money is going to the Gaza Strip (to buy rockets). Time for the Gaza Strip to make that area to be self-sufficient (it was before under the Israeli's). B) In the 90's while promoting my alarm system at the Ottawa Home Show, some people would just stop asking for stickers which I didn't hand out but other alarm Companies did. Bottom line? These stickers became meaningless so that even I did not post one in the window for our system. Recently, I noticed Ottawa City posters alongside the street of entirely senior adults which denoted 'Slow Down Children Playing'. That is symbolic of how our society became cheapened over time...and Trump thinks he can reverse that trend???


JULY 21-2018 '...Arguing with partisans doesn't work....' Andrew Potter (former editor of the Ottawa Citizen) D1 & 2 To the likes of our Andrew, I am an internet troll with an axe to grind. On April 29-2014 ,while as an Editor of the O.C., Potter published on p.1 the bravado comments (This has got to stop. NOW.) of ON Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon in an action laid by the Employer but, as the defendant, I was the one labeled frivolous & vexatious. My complaint? Under the right of response in dealing with this judge (with 3 separate decisions on the same case as filtered through SK,ON,QC,NS courts plus the Supreme Court of Canada (QC & SK) where it wasn't heard in 2016), Potter wasn't interested in publishing the other side of the story...oh, heal thyself first, partisan Potter! Hypocrisy, thou art in the form of newspaper editors! Trump says it best...fake news, indeed.... Perhaps if Potter had acted in an opportune manner in 2014, the Canadian Justice System would not have imploded. In short, he is an educated blithering idiot whom later had his own grief in QC while at McGill University.


JULY 20-2018 A) The Epoch Times relates the Finland meeting between Trump and Putin without the histrionics associated with the U.S. media. Trump's trade war with China is taking its toll on Xi, the leader, with his opposition appearing eager to push him out of power= civil war if N.Korean troops are called in to support Xi, whom does not have the money that his well financed opposition have. B) You would think that Chrystia Freeland and Company would have got the similar message regarding a trade war with Canada instituting retaliatory tariffs which the U.S. is protesting to the tribunal set up for the purpose. 'My dear, Chrystia,' the tribunal judge looking through the big end of the telescope will say, 'we are here to discuss Canada's abuse of the tariffs and not any other external matters'. In the 10 months for this hearing, Canada will be broke in any event. But no-one listens to my talk on being the little guy at the poker party where the big guy gets to choose the cards you will play.


JULY 19-2018 A) O.S.cartoon p.16: 'Young Mr. Trudeau/Went to the bureau/To give his tired line-up a shake:/When he looked in,/At talent so thin,/There were no improvements to make!' So help me, cliché ridden politicians are lucky to have their collective I.Q.'s add up to 100 let alone average 100. And on that note, let's look South of the border. B) Witch:'...by the pricking of my thumbs, something (MacBeth) wicked this way comes. For an evil witch to suffer pricking thumbs, it has to be evil. Similarly, for lying Washington pundits to label Trump a liar, is something to behold. I like Mercutio's (Romeo & Juliet) line while he lies dying: 'A curse of all your Houses'. SEE Trump cartoon under this date in JULY-2018


JULY 18-2018 A) When Gary Powers was shot down over Russia in the infamous U-2 spy incident, Eisenhower, believing Powers to be dead, lied to the American public after which the Russian secret was revealed; Powers was alive! 'Ike' had to apologize to the American people on that account. Values are far more slipshod today as reflected in Trump's rationalization of his private meeting with Russia's Putin. (The two Russian translators expected to reach their 'best before' date sooner rather than later.) PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. The converse would seem to apply as well; behind every economic success lies a moral victory; that is what is going to make America 'great again' according to Trump. If so, it is a great stretch of the imagination as to what constitutes ethics aka Donald Trump particularly considering public remarks with Putin considered treasonous by most people. B) It's now a matter of fraud; SEE sub-heading: P.M. TRUDEAU-FRAUD under 2018


JULY 17-2018 '...The question is not whether a justice would uphold and defend the Constitution but whether he would rig the game to benefit one American over another.' U.S. columnist  my comment: Someone should tell that to the bozos whom run the Canadian Justice System.


JULY 14-2018 A) HORSESENSE: So multi-millionaire Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory has married a horseman. She probably met him while doing her 'sittin pretty' commercial for hemorrhoids on Big Bang. She spilt burger catchup on her wedding dress which, as 'Sheldon' could tell her, belonged to the hamburger that he ordered 2 years ago and never got...she was that kind of waitress. Her first marriage must have taught her the value of a substance abuse free environment. Let's hope so.  B) Napoleon crowned himself to make a point that he was beholden to no-one. Trump broke royal protocol by walking in front of the queen; a blunt reminder that the U.S. won against Britain in 1776 and if it had not been for the U.S., Queen Lizzy would not be on the throne today as that would have gone to the Nazi-supported Duke (whom earlier abrogated) & Duchess of Windsor. C) Sub-heading: IN HIS OWN WORDS is a three page employee written legal matter which I contrast to the Employee's Case National Post July 14-2018 pp.1,2,3


JULY 13-2018  A) WWIII is on the horizon in terms of a civil war in China where N. Korean troops will play a key role to support Xi whom, as a single individual is subject to being assassinated. Similar to Reagan and his Star War's ploy in the 1980's to break Russia, Trump is provoking this civil war with his trade tariffs as a means of undermining China's 'soft power' in SE Asia for which Australia and New Zealand can vouch. Will it work? It will if Trump can hold onto the Presidency for China is highly vulnerable financially. For example, the U.S. exports little (oh, yes, soybeans) to China while China exports to the U.S. account for 18% of their GDP hence this trade war is a game changer. In brief, China is most vulnerable trying to convert to a consumer society. That's expensive and the smart money has already fled China leaving behind incarcerated enemies of Xi. ...have I ever been wrong? Who cares....? B)Correspondence between Ombudsman & me. SEE this date under JULY 2018


JULY 12-2018 A)So Premier Ford would cancel the current Sex-Ed program in the schools and revert to an earlier 20 year old system (before the internet)

I weigh in on the discussion on this date under JULY 2018  B) Forwarded letter to Premier Ford as A.G. Mulroney is 'fumbling the ball'. SEE beneath JULY-2018 this date


JULY 11-2018  A) NAFTA explained...my style SEE this date under JULY-2018  B) Another fraud; this time explaining why it is a waste of time voting at any level of government. For example, government is in the habit of giving contracts to the lowest bidder. The 'Hook and Sinker' contracting Company provides the lowest bid and then the fun begins as extensions to the contract are given ballooning the costs but that is the function of the H & L lobbyists; to get secondary approvals. Sometimes the wheels come off that bus such as with the government Phoenix pay scheme which is costing Canadians billions to fix ...but without a fix. Lots of people get to eat at the pig trough on that one.


JULY 10-2018 A) SEE this Subheading COURT SUCCESS: 'Legal Success is NOT having your day in court rather it is making sure that your opposition has his day in court'. B) At one time I had an A-Z license plus C -bus (drive anything on the road) and am dumbfounded at a question raised in the cycling death by a Tomlinson truck driver trial as to 'blind spots' on rear view mirrors.; of course they exist even on automobiles. I have a 360 degree minny mirror inserted on my outside car rear mirrors which informs me (in a distorted fashion) as to whether a vehicle alongside is in my blind spot for the regular mirror. But here is my point. At a certain angle inserting myself from exiting, for example, a mall by turning right, there is an angle at which both mirrors cannot cover so that I have to crane my head around to look, an unsatisfactory answer although one expected in law. I have witnessed in downtown Ottawa dangerous incidents regarding cyclists in cycling lanes at intersections. On TV news, one cyclist states that he dismounts and walks across in the intersection. He is the clear exception as most breeze through without a care in the world...and possibly the next world as evidenced by the above death.


JULY 09-2018 A) SEE sub-heading PRETENSIONS for a wake-up call on our leaders. B) FAILING GRADE Female profs at Uof O paid less, promoted less often '...Where there is longstanding neglect, what it connotes is that neither the union nor the university care for employment equity....' Public schools do not have this problem as female and male teachers are paid on the same scale. The problem exists in all Universities, the worst being in Calgary. C)P.M.Trudeau is being labeled as a 'dump and run' gov't regarding the financing of asylum seekers particularly in Toronto....a good call, methinks.... D)Duterte first targeted drug suspects, now 'tambays' O.S. p.12 These street loiterers ARE drug dealers, but explain that to Washington Post writers where this article first appeared. Juxtapose that situation to narcostate Mexico where drug dealers run the show killing over 100 politicians in the July 01 election. The politically correct leaders are at the mercy of these drug cartels. At least no-one is accusing Duterte of seeking to corner the market on drug dealing. Given the choice, Phillipinos prefer Duterte to the crime bosses.


JULY 08-2018 A) '...the Ontario Medical Association now the elephant in health-care room.' O.S. p. 16 I make much of the fact that it is not only the Justice System which is moribund. ON doctors have been negotiating for a contract for 4 years but are not encouraged in that effort by the fat cat OMA. Two former local Directors speak out against this travesty which brings me to the very foolish Canadian teachers whom continue to sit on their duff as opposed to posting a website: CANADIAN TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. I represent myself which does not necessarily extend to teachers at large so there is little likelihood that teachers will slide in on their coat-tails with my case...oh, well, those who can't do are in the right profession.... B)So 'Penny' of Big Bang Theory has married her 'Zack' in what can only be termed as 'reality follows on art'.


JULY 06-2018 SEE sub-heading: WATSON (Ottawa mayor) Premier Ford-A.G. Mulroney for a 7 page letter outlining the progress of two actions in ON.


JULY 04-2018 Rumour has it that teachers are abandoning the fold in QC (where teachers receive less remuneration) due to violence in the classroom. That would not be the senior teachers receiving twice the beginner teacher salaries as they have no-where to go being in their 40's with heavy family expenses. The bigger problem across Canada for senior teachers is the closure of rural schools due to declining enrolment. Where will they go? Who cares, some would ask? Just this, once senior teachers are seen being let out, teaching as a profession will collapse as no one will take up teaching as a career = U.S. style education, here we come. I'm watching N.S. with its wondrous Premier whom is re-inventing the wheel starting by closing down School Boards thus eliminating local Union powers. It bears repeating, Cdn.Teachers should set up a website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION.


JULY 03-2018  A) Trump and Adam Smith (1776). SEE this date under JULY 2018  B) The political situation in N.S. under their Premier is devolving into anarchy as the Premier continues to strip powers from government bodies such as eliminating school boards leaving teachers powerless. My Appeal to President Trump under the Magnitsky Laws (legal and moral turpitude) considering that the application must be made externally by another signatory to those laws i.e. the U.S., is perhaps being fought out in Ontario by the U.S. through ruinous tariffs. Currently ON A.G., Carolyn Mulroney has until July 15 to respond to similar legal transgressions in Ontario before she acquires a Placard paralleling that of SCofC Chief Justice, Richard Wagner: IMPEACH ONTARIO ATTORNEY GENERAL CAROLYN MULRONEY. Further, it would appear that she is using the A.G. position as a stepping stone to a Federal posting with its gold plated pension fund. C) Reefer madness? What was Canada thinking negotiating NAFTA before the Mexican election on July 1? Further the new Mexican gov't. takes office only on Dec. 01. Now we have a reciprocal trade war for which Canada is expected to pay more heavily due to retaliation. Something is not being explained here but expect Trump to capitalize on our subterfuge.


JULY 02-2018 As one fighting the 'Old Boy's Club'; I have survived this long by learning to handle the cards that they have dealt me. To do otherwise is folly which brings me to Canada invoking her own tariffs to counter the U.S. ones. In brief, there is nothing that can be done about these U.S. imposed tariffs and to impose our own in retaliation merely hurts our own industries although it is an uneven process for both sides. By early September, I submit that we will have dissipated our strengths to such a level and degree that a full scale depression will result. Perhaps that would have happened anyway. It is not a question of paying increases on new cars; rather it is a matter of absorbing all those newly purchased cars on the auction block due to lay-offs. Financial figures are useless in predicting the economy under these circumstances. Canadians should place their faith in prayer...prayer that bequeaths a heart attack on President Trump.


JULY 01-2018 The Ford Government and A.G. Carolyn Mulroney have until July 15 to respond to this challenge...otherwise they get lumped in with the Wynne government. SEE JULY-2018


JUNE 29-2018  A) My businessman father told me as a salesperson not to call on 'shady' Lafarge Cement in Vancouver during the 1960's. While not in the English press, the QC press recently revealed that Lafarge operated in Syria (with Power Corporation's investment support) by paying off ISIS over $20 million for protection...now you know how the 1% of the wealthiest earn their money.... B) Former P.M. Harper appears to be 'too clever by half' with his unauthorized meeting with U.S. NAFTA staff on July 2  C) The trade wars have been going for a few weeks as seen through canceled shipments. Similar to the 1929 Depression with the lowest ebb in 1933, the current Trade Wars will wreak havoc by September. C) All Trump has to do is tweet about the Employee's case and Canada will fall like a ripe fruit. D) 'Making America Great Again' theme song of Trump has its origins in the U.S. having the highest standard of living in 1985 with an expected maintenance of that level with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989...didn't happen that way as the U.S. is now tenth in living standards. Will money solve the problem? Only as a first step. What made America great was its hardworking people. Today those same people are spaced out on a symbolic dope culture with FIFA, a world sports criminal organization, being the symbol of modern ethics. Can't work if traditional models of power are any example. The Employee's Case is the canary in the ethics coal mine of Canada. And if you do not mind mixed analogies, that goose is cooked. E) Lawrence Greenspon, lawyer for Senator Mike Duffy's $8.7 million lawsuit against the Senate is doing a good job for him against facile defendant arguments. The Senate suspended him without pay and then the RCMP charged him criminally (Alice in Wonderland's 'first the punishment then the crime'). In the Employee's Case, in contrast, I have no argument with the West Vancouver School Trustees use of imposed BILL 35 if they had indeed used it against me. Evidence showed that they did not in the crooked arbitration later quashed by the court leaving me in limbo. 'Indecision' by over 50 judges in 8 out of 10 provinces over 33 years reveals a fraud without equal among the  legal fraternity quite apart from the initial fraud by the employer. The new ON A.G. appointed today, Carolyn Mulroney, must react to my 3 missives regarding 2 ON actions to Premier Ford by July 15...or forever hold her piece as the Naqvi (former defeated A.G.) forces claim her for one of their own. SEE letter dated JUNE 29 to her under JUNE-2018



JUNE 28-2018  A) Personally, I have no time for Senator Duffy (of PEI) whom failed to intervene as I requested in the compromised PEI court system (The Premier also holds the Minister of Justice portfolio). His $7.8 million lawsuit against his Senate suspension 5 years ago after he was exonerated by the court in his criminal trial (only, it is submitted here, due to a change of government in 2015) is caught in the same 'technical excuses' to avoid an honest judgment on his compensation claim as is the case for this writer in the Employee's Case. In Duffy's case, the defense lawyer would claim Parliamentary-Senate relationships would 'neuter' Duffy's claim including his right to back salary which is solely a Senate prerogative ("The Senate may be wrong, the Senate may be incorrect, but that is a matter for the Senate to determine." = court has no oversight powers) In the Employee's Case, the Employer merely states that they do not recognize court overview of any type since the imposed BILL 35 constitutes full legal authority (not quite, as BILL 35 did include compensatory rights which over 50 judges including 4 inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada would give de facto recognition to the fact that no compensation has been paid). That's how the Justice System of Canada imploded. B) Vice-Admiral  Mark Norman is also being squeezed although he continues to collect his salary regarding the disclosure of a secret naval contract. He cannot, however, access funds for legal purposes from the DND because a small group of DND officials have decided - in house - that he is guilty of the charge quite apart from ongoing court challenges. The influence of the West Vancouver School Trustees from 1985 is being felt everywhere now in Canada = anarchy.


JUNE 27-2018  A) Where's 'Waldo'? SEE this date under JUNE-2018  B) Zero tolerance for impairment including cannabis in high safety related businesses? Try this one, before the driver heads out on his shift, he blows on an impairment test. After so many failures, he may be dismissed. In short, why wait for the police or a traffic accident to occur first?

JUNE 25-2018  A) What's a helicopter Pilot to do (in Mali)? SEE this date under JUNE-2018.  B) When challenged to a fight in prison, one has a choice; either fight or take protective custody. On a personal level, I would fight. If I were 'Canada', I would take protective custody. Are you listening, Chrystia? DO NOT INVOKE A TRADE WAR on July 01. Rather, take a leaf out of Trump's book and postpone all discussion on NAFTA until after the mid-term U.S. elections. Let Trump stew in his own juice in setting tariffs as there is nothing Canada can do to stop him. C) 'He's gonna need a lawyer O.S. p.2 Ottawa criminal lawyer accused of bilking Legal Aid ...to which the lawyer vehemently objected. In reading the copious list of billings 'which never happened'; my claim that there are no oversight bodies is vindicated. To bastardize Churchill...'some Law Society, some oversight....'  D) Justice System under attack from all over. In 2016, Justin Trudeau said he would seek a posthumous pardon for a homosexual whom was sentenced in the 50's and 60's for indeterminate time for being a homosexual. Chief Justice Fateaux of the Supreme Court is blamed for 'following the law' in 1967 O.C. p. A9 which was altered under Pierre Trudeau shortly after in line with other countries... The argument "just following orders" has sinister echoes. Clearly there was a choice, which the minority of judges chose....'.Can I expect a posthumous decision some day? No way as I do not have any judicial decision after 33 years in my labour case. That is how the Justice System imploded.


JUNE 24-2018 A) SEE this date for an application of my 'Model-T legal machine' in the 'Cap and Trade' Carbon Tax in Ontario which incoming Premier, Doug Ford promises to cancel. (He has set aside $30 million for the legal battle leaving the legal fraternity jumping for joy. My Model-T version would cost less than one million explaining why I am Public Enemy #1 for the Justice System.) B) There is no border demarcation point on the beach at White Rock, B.C. hence when the French jogger was challenged for 'crossing the border'; she should have turned around and run like hell for Canada as no-one 'posing as an U.S. agent' could follow her. Instead, she spent 2 weeks in a U.S. detention system and will be forever barred from the U.S. C) The tragic death of an infant forgotten all day in a hot car is avoidable. If a student is absent for the day at a school, the parent leaves a note on the school tape for the purpose. A childcare set-up should do the same thing so that they may check any absent student with the list. If not on the list, phone the emergency number that they have for all students. Some executive messed up here. F) So Canada sneaked their troops out of Canada and into the shithole country called Mali to support U.N. (read that African troops) as the U.N. Germans pull out (how many soldier deaths?)


JUNE 23-2018  A) Want a good laugh if it were not so pathetic? 'Grabher (Grab Her?) wins $750 in license dispute O.S. p.9 '...His case will resume...when he will make constitutional arguments against the registrar's regulations and its decision to revoke the plate.' This is the same N.S. government which rejected my constitutional question in 2017 with a far far greater scope regarding oversight powers of imposed legislation. Since that time, school boards have been scrapped in NS thus neutering local unions and still these wimps of teachers have not created this website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION (for all Canada). Trump is a good example of imposed legislation run rampant. If national security is at stake regarding tariffs, why does he not first obtain Congressional support? B) Want a second good pathetic laugh? In laying a 20 million law suit for fraud in Ottawa Supreme Court, the Registry clerk asks if I would like to have that in writing (as opposed to an open court trial). I would not have been surprised to have been asked; 'Would you like to have fries with that order, sir?' In brief, this court is not merely frightened; they are terrified as I have asked for a second time with the defeat of the Wynne government; the immediate suspension of Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Colin McKinnon, for alleged fraud in a 2014 decision which the ousted A.G. Naqvi ignored. That is the challenge to the incoming Ford government which has received 3 Registered letters to that effect since their election (they take over the government on June 29). The Liberal leader (7 seats) of the defunct Party, John Fraser, in my riding of Ottawa South, and NDP's Joel Harden (whom defeated the incompetent A.G. Yasir Naqvi) would join the conspirators through their silence. It remains to be seen if the Ford government will seek to bull its way through on this one as well. C) Up the Revolution! CBC's Amanda Young is not for burning with her proclamation that the only way to protest the 1 percent of the most wealthiest is through civil disobedience. D) Time out for crying girl O.S. p.12 A pun on Time Magazines juxtaposition of a crying child on the front cover being overlooked by Trump with this caption: Welcome to America Normally this type of irony would be left to the cartoonists but with FAKE NEWS, anything can happen. While the child was of an arrested immigrant mother, the two were not separated except for a brief moment...but don't tell that to the internet where the story went viral.

E) Two other O.S. editorial page articles p.21 are worth reading; former Harris Government Minister, John Snobelen and one time worker on Southern ranches where he had great respect for Mexican workers; Migrant crisis has many faces, and many views. The second article on improving post-secondary education in Canada goes round and round the mulberry bush. Here's why as one example. At one time in the Ottawa High Schools, students were carefully selected for work experience programs which were lauded by all. Then the bean counters decided to extend this program to any student. Bottom line? Employers dropped out after receiving lazy students so students were then told that they had to get their own assignment. Training is not the problem; rather, it is that there are too many applicants for the available positions letting some employers to abuse the system with unpaid internships. Jobs for university graduates since the 1960's have always been in short supply but now are increasingly scarce. As to those lacking education, a willingness to work will always see such people employed.


JUNE 22-2018  A) Information has been added to FORD.COURTS-2018  B) WHEN NOT TO HIRE A LAWYER  SEE JUNE-2018 under this date


JUNE 21-2018  A) My neighborhood and best friend whom I grew up with got his death-bed request when he expired last year about this time. Dying with Dignity received $7 million; their biggest donation ever. B) So Parliament prorogued without a peep on the coming trade war July 01...so much for Parliament.... C) So Labour guru, Howard Levitt is defending employee Professor Jordan Peterson in a defamation suit against Sir Wilfred Laurier University: '...This isn't just some internet troll mouthing off in a way that no one pays any attention to and doesn't give any credence to...' Our Levitt of whom I label a management troll is out of his depth defending an employee...but hey, a fast buck is a fast buck. P.S. He doesn't like me.  D) Incoming Premier Ford is imposing actions before his official appointment. Bureaucracies are preparing themselves accordingly. Ottawa School Boards are proposing the addition of 500 teacher counselors giving the gullible media opportunity to complain and the Ford government an opportunity of looking good by canceling these unfilled positions. Oil Companies have already cut back gas prices by 10 cents per litre realizing another of Ford's promises. Where Ford is getting hung out to dry are the demands made by me on him to right the legal wrongs of the former A.G. Naqvi government in which I refile the unanswered matters relating to judicial malfeasance. His government, in other words, rather than the judges and the chief justices, are my target. More on this in 8 out of 10 provinces is coming so stay alert. E) Former columnist/politician Randall Denley writes: Don't like our political parties? Then join one '...If you do nothing, don't blame other people for the outcome.' Oh, but I do as the complexities of running a modern government means that the leader plus a few insiders operate quite outside of the backbenchers which are really only there to get the leader and his henchmen in power. So my 'nothing' consists in the scrapping of parliaments with the population electing the P.M. at large which is becoming the de facto way of voting. Federally, create an elected Senate to provide parliamentary functions. Think of the savings to taxpayers with no loss of actual government outcomes! P.S. The BNA Act of 1867 makes no mention of political parties...but then, I'm just an ignorant senior high school teacher shown the door in 1985 by the West Vancouver School Board which still has not paid compensation. But that's another story. Another but...Denley gets published; I don't...see Howard Levitt comment above on internet trolls


JUNE 20-2018  A) SEE sub-heading MARIJUANA RULES under 2018  B) Oh, Gawd...another Trump tweet...time to pull the wife off the ceiling. I've said it before but it bears repeating: Trump is a megalomaniac similar to Kim Jung Un, Putin, and any other dictator found in the world in great abundance. For example, Trump looks at Europe and proclaims that he is not going to make the U.S. a dumping ground for terrorists...the current incidence in South Texas being proof positive of that much to the chagrin of Amnesty International screaming that he is conducting a terrorist act. Use your brains, Trump. With a few cosmetic changes, you can still achieve your purpose. You too, Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, use your brains and a very long spoon to sup with Trump. If Canada goes ahead with a trade war on July 01, and what happens is what I foresee happening, then Chrystia will have to get out of politics - she will owe Canada and Canadians that much. C) Hammer meets gavel O.S. p.5 So my old nemesis, Ottawa Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon, whom I have asked the incoming Ford government to immediately suspend due to earlier 2014 A.G. Naqvi failure. ...'He (a Moroccan litigant with a long criminal record) thought he was appearing in court to address a habeas corpus application. (McKinnon j.) told him that wouldn't be addressed because a sentence had just been imposed upon him by the good judge. 'That infringes my right', the perp complained. (McKinnon j.) I'm not listening to you anymore. These highly selective excerpts are juxtaposed to the April 2014 hearing in which the Plaintiff Employer and this Defendant Employee both agreed on the central question; namely, is the Employer obligated to pay compensation in a 33 year unresolved labour case. We never got an answer from his 'eminence'. What we did get, at different times from McKinnon were 3 separate Decisions which do not recognize the existence of the others in a case of judicial fraud without equal. ...and to think McKinnon j. feels capable of distinguishing in the above case between 'sanity' and 'cognitive disorder'. I have called for the Ford government to suspend McKinnon j. immediately until the 2014 judicial catastrophe is cleared up.


JUNE 19-2018  A) I have written about how Donald Trump has isolated himself in such fashion that he cannot now acquire faithful lieutenants to protect his backside. A symbolic case in point is the 'deeply depressed' White House woman doing press interviews. That should be a key post for his personal political ambitions. Such as Prince Harry, an accomplished soldier and Invictus Games host is wise enough to give Trump a chance. If and when that offer disappears, so will the credibility of Trump on any level. B) U.K. vows to reverse upskirt slip-up O.S. p.11 A British MP was able to single-handedly block a Bill which he agreed with but not without first being passed by government i.e. he rejected imposed legislation. C) Delayed terror trial of alleged recruiter Awso Peshdary underway p.3 Reading the charges leads to my opinion that it will be like nailing jello to the wall but with that much said, Awso will be found guilty as the decision is in even before the judge walks into the courtroom...been there...done that (although not associated with terrorism). D) Long time coming p. 4 '...This is the third time the college (of Physicians & Surgeons, Ontario) has investigated. Why did they not take his (fertility doc probe) license away?....As far as I am concerned, they should be investigating themselves....' Amen to that one, brother, reinforcing my message that there are no oversight bodies in Canada in all bureaucracies. I have exposed similar nonsense in the Judicial System. E) Hiring freeze begins O.S. p.6 Time to get the lobbying interests working. In that regard, the Oil Companies have already dropped their gas prices by 10 cents per litre, the amount Ford promised. Dropping 'cap and trade' is a real challenge as the sly Federal government has written all sorts of financial penalties for such action much like Trump's tariffs. My constitutional question challenge regarding imposed legislation is central to that matter if only for its timeliness as Ford will have to wait the legal billable time b.s. of 5 years for an answer in which the feds will drain the province of money to pay its debts. Moodies rating service? Here they come.


JUNE 17-2018  A)When will the gullible media stop buying into the 'millions of dollars for a constitutional challenge bullshit?' (The U.S. has the same problem.) For example CUPE took 5 years to win $55 million for ON education workers last year in a case complete with the 'prestigious' intervener status of Unions for a simple conclusion...'yes, the Employer broke the collective bargaining rules'. That is what terrifies the courts with my Model T constitutional question i.e. do the courts of law have oversight powers over imposed legislation? The legal fraternity cannot make any money this way. One week maximum would cover all basis on this question. I get the obligatory 500 word 'Response' anyway, so why not on the question posed? That is also why our media is afloat... they can't read.... B) SCHOOL DAZE ...no kidding... SEE this date under JUNE-2018  C) When B.C. had the problem of an illicit boatload of Tamils arriving on their shore, they were incarcerated with this difference from the Texas border incident of recent days; the mothers were kept with the children. Unfortunately, no-one, not even his wife can get through to Trump on this one. Confusing the whole situation is the 'fluid' definition of these refugee families. In the U.S. children are separated from their parents all the time when the latter are jailed.


JUNE 16-2018 SEE ONTARIO COURTS & DOUG FORD regarding two recent Ontario court filings under 2018 (sub-heading)


JUNE 16-2018  A) D ooo n't do it, Chrystia. That is, don't invoke a trade war with the U.S. on July 01. Oh, sure, you think that you have a back-up provision in canceling the tariffs a week later 'because of the harm to the citizens of both countries' due to that 'idiot' in the White House. That 'idiot' is not going to like that. Let me repeat his words..."I DO NOT LIKE THAT!  No little ball-busting lady is going to carry a knife  to a gun fight and promptly lodge it in my back." Bottom line? Canada  will have to take instructions from Kim Yong Un as to what to do next. In the interim, due to Canada's procrastination-goes his line- to get either a NAFTA or bi-lateral agreement (they were holding out for the Mexican election on July 01; the same day that Canada lowered the trade war boom on the U.S. blaming, in that process, the 'idiot' in the White House with his 'sunset clause' of 5 years when both sides  know that NAFTA may currently be curtailed within a 6 month notice by any side). "To that end, now that we are in the slow summer months with everyone on holidays," Trump will announce, "there will be no negotiations until September". Now you know in spades what Trump means by saying 'Canada will pay'. For Chrystia, the only politician capable of being P.M., 'to be hung out on the line to dry' in public would be a major loss of face for Canada. B) Much is made of Trump's so-called bureaucratic failure to get a signed agreement with Kim. He doesn't need one. N. Korea's 90% trade with China became a mere trickle at the beginning of the year due to U.S. U.N. China & world economic sanctions. Kim Yong Un is no fool; his visit to Singapore, the most successful country in the world in terms of being able to project an economy far into the future was not lost on him (nor Saudi Arabia for that matter which is converting to a tourist mecca from an oil producing country). N. Korea, with U.S. assistance, will become the Singapore of East Asia. Iran is next on Trump's chopping block with Canada's about face and now total support for the U.S. position. Unlike N. Korea, there have been two major protests of the Iranians complaining about their leadership sponsoring terrorism abroad with foreign donated money for the purpose. Third time...unlucky? The U.S. supported by Canada is saying yes. C) Much is made of China spying on the West with their 'back-door' computer technology. Have I ever got news for you...every advanced country does it. Obama was embarrassed when such spying was publically exposed in Germany which quickly shut up to hide their own dealings. The university research grants are the focus of collecting this intellectual knowledge in which 'James Bond' has been displaced by librarian 'Jane Bond'. D) To fantasize...how would a P.M. of Canada, by the name of Trump, handle the Employee's Case? First of all, you clear the decks. For example, don't send Canadian troops to Mali which is an expensive proposition in terms of money and needless soldier deaths. Rather, send 'outlaw'; which would be a damn sight cheaper and probably more effective. Besides, you would be killing two birds with one stone. It is the kind of assignment relished by psychopathic fictional character, Jack Reacher. Hey, maybe I can get the screen credits to be awarded posthumously ...or is that post humourously?...


JUNE 15-2018 A) Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland certainly does not read this web site as seen by her prancing down to Washington and sticking a red NAFTA flag in front of the Raging Bull Trump. SEE this date under JUNE 15-2018  B) Considering some of the dicey investments made recently, the highly successful Ontario Teacher's fund should be checking their negotiators for 'finders fees'. C) Already ON Liberal leader in my riding of Ottawa South, John Fraser and NDP's Joel Harden (he defeated the incompetent Yasir Naqvi-the worst A.G. ever according to a couple of columnists) are fast approaching their 'best before date' of publicizing the Employee's Case...or forever hold their peace. D) So 'carding' is back in Ottawa, one of Ford's promises to get illicit guns off the street by stopping suspicious vehicles. It works like this. The other day shots were fired in a pizza place in South Keys (most drug deals go down in parking malls with pizza locations being paramount). The police flooded the area for the next two days pulling over random cars. Two were pulled over at the same time one block apart. The one I witnessed was driven by a hajib wearing female as the officer made a punctilious search of the front of her vehicle. Message delivered? Shoot off your guns and the police will harass you out of the neighborhood. E) IS ELIZABETH MAY (GREEN PARTY) A HYPOCRITE?  SEE Sub-heading 2018

JUNE 15-2018 A) Trump and 'The Godfather'. SEE this date under JUNE-2018  B) 'So where's your lawyer', the contractor was asked by a judge in the appeal of a small debts claim (limited to $25,000) which the lawyer from the Apartment complex is pushing despite the previous judge's decision that the Apartment must pay it. 'Why would I spend $40,000 dollars on a lawyer for a $25,000 claim,' responded the court-wise contractor who offered to deal directly with the Apartment apart from their lawyer. This type of nonsense is being repeated over and over and explains why the legal profession is going broke. Even lawyers now complain openly of erratic court actions. I have mailed material directly to the West Vancouver School Trustees in the Employee's Case pointing out how their actions of non-response are counter-productive. If it weren't for Vancouver's Harris & Co., which had to represent the Employer in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia (QC & ON had local legal firms); I doubt very much if these Trustees could get any legal firm to take their case leaving me to win by default. The corrupt judiciary would be severely handicapped under these conditions which is the only thing keeping this matter going for them...and, of course assisted by the silence from the far right-wing tabloid, the North Shore News. B) Speaking about fake news, indeed, a 'hissy fit' between the wives of two Senator hockey players becomes a news item flashed around the world...the slums are coming up.... What Trump has done to the media with their 'fake news'; I have done to the Canadian judiciary with its 'fake credibility'.


JUNE 14-2018 A) I wade into the 'perfect storm' of the NAFTA auto tariffs set by Trump. SEE this date under JUNE-2018  B) So Liberal John Fraser from my own riding of Ottawa South was jumping up and down because he was declared the leader of the 7 re-elected Liberals. He already has a time-dated letter from me to publicize the Employee`s Case or forever hold his peace as he would join the discredited former Premier Wynne (re-elected) and her incompetent Attorney General, Yasir Naqvi (defeated, thank God!)


JUNE 13-2018  A) I wade into the 'moo-moo battle' between the U.S. and Canada as promulgated by Trump. SEE this date under JUNE-2018  Now where is the cartoonist showing two cows looking at each other through barbed wire marked the 49th Parallel with the emaciated U.S. cow telling the buff Canadian cow...'You think you are so smart just because your owner is prosperous!' B) So the biker wars are beginning in Ottawa between rival gangs as weekly shootings are taking their toll. Not such a nice city after all.


JUNE 12-2018  A) I wade into the Singapore meeting of Trump & Kim Jong Un. SEE this date under JUNE-2018  B) Second night in a row that CTV News does not have a brief stock market report including the value of the Canadian dollar against the U.S. greenback. Considering Trump's stated purpose to 'make Canada pay' by imposing his tariffs, the only way to survive for Canada is a greatly depreciated dollar - say 40 cents? It is the only economic figure which I view in dealing with Canada's economy.  C) Is Doug Ford planning to drive all protest from the public streets? That's more than eerie.


JUNE 11-2018 A) In order to defeat the snakeheads capitalizing on migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea which has led to many deaths, why not establish a U.N. holding camp in Libya? B) CHICKEN LITTLE SAYS:/ CANADA'S SKY HAS FALLEN / 'BUY CANADIAN FIRST' (The trade wars promises to be catastrophic for Canada which explains why all Canadian interests - unions, politicians, media etc. - are unified).


JUNE 10-2018 'DISHONEST & WEAK' Trump blasts Trudeau as G7 summit consensus crumbles  O.S. p.1 If Trump had addressed me, as he did Justin, by his first name; I would have responded: "Well, Don, it is like this, the only reason we are talking to each other is that I am a Prime Minister and you are a President. If you disagree with that - or anything else for that matter - we can always duke it out in the boxing ring." (Trudeau is an accomplished boxer.)

The reason the sun settled on the British Empire was largely attributed to their class snobbery in which the 'insignificant' were ignored. The Canadian bureaucracy has become past masters on that level. Trump comes from the American 'can do' society which made them world leaders at one time. In another analogy, when you are challenged to a fight in prison, you either fight or go into protective custody ...so that is the way it is, son.... As to the G6 plus 1; they had plenty of time to address Trump and failed. Possible stance: In one way or another, all of us depend on the success of business which in turn can only survive on certainties. As a group, they do not feel comfortable with the many uncertainties created by your diametrically opposed actions as U.S. President from one day to the next. Do you wish us to organize our interests apart from the U.S?  The G7 was, in effect, a 'dry run' by Trump for the Singapore conference with Kim Yong Un who would be well aware of what happened in Canada.


JUNE 09-2018 The other day while on my parade in downtown Ottawa, I chanced on an obviously union leader organized march with insipid placards reading; Harper creates / Trudeau fixes -obviously a reference to the ill-fated Phoenix program. CTV asked this question to which 95% agreed: Should Phoenix managers be fired? Later media deviated from that position to the usual claptrap; namely, lets pass new legislation to make sure it doesn't happen again...and of course, with that approach, the past is repeated ad nauseum. It was not even good for a photo op in the media. The followers were far more interested in my placards: JUSTIN'S FAULT: 1) REFUGEES  2)CARBON TAX  3) EMPLOYEE'S CASE


JUNE 08-2018 SEE sub-heading under 2018 PREMIER FORD-EMPLOYEE'S CASE


JUNE 08-2018 A) Ontario Election: The pundits got it wrong; it wasn`t an election for Doug Ford to lose (In fact, he won a majority government); it was NDP`s Andrea Horwath (third election loss for her) election to lose. The NDP let themselves be suckerpunched with her 'neck & neck' popularity vote without focusing on the individual riding vote. With the Tory leadership in disarray the point is that the NDP should have designed a policy which would have picked up the disappointed Liberals as opposed to seeing them go over to Ford. Anyone play baseball? How many strikes would you give Horwath? The only issue was ON's credit rating which Moody was about to increase. Only the Tories addressed that concern. B) Putin puts great store in sporting events and for good reason. At one time in the past, no-one would have heard of hockey's Ovenchkin due to U.S.- Russia conflict. Today, with the win of the Stanley Cup, Ovenchkin is given full recognition as an individual player in the world quite apart from his country of origin. That message is lost on N. Korea's Kim Yong Un where there is no recognition for the 'individual' P.S. nor also in Canada as per the Employee's Case reference.


JUNE 07-2018 A) 'It`s illegal!' spits out Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland as she ducks out of an interview. To which President Trump could declare; 'It's legal all in the eyes of the beholder, my dear Chrystia. At best, your comment may be legally allotted the term 'not proven in law'. Further, my dear pot calling the kettle black, explain how 'outlaw' is not able to get that court adjudication for 33 years on that selfsame point of law in Canada? Oh, and if you wish to nitpick; the point in law relates to oversight powers as they relate to imposed legislation. So, my dear lady, put that in your pipe or wherever and smoke it!' Affectionately yours, Donald  B) In anticipation of a Ford win in Ontario's election today. (At least incompetent A.G. Yasfir Naqvi is gone.) SEE JUNE 08 under JUNE-2018


JUNE 05-2018 Born on this date to proud grandparents is Olivia Bravo-Callow to our older son, Chris and his companion, Lesley. May good fortune follow her in the years ahead.


JUNE 03-2018 A) Sly indeed. Trump waits until Kinder Morgan sell 'moose pasture' to Canadians before declaring trade wars. That should have netted him a nice finder's fee from K.M. Talk about the 'art of the deal'!  B) U.S. Presidents while travelling abroad always have to be concerned about assassination (too much trouble within U.S. e.g. JFK). If such a threat is posed in Singapore, Trump would like an excuse to cancel out without disclosing the reason and what better way than to provoke a trade war with China?


JUNE 02-2018 A) ON Election June 7: Liberal K. Wynne is the strongest campaigner; NDP A. Horwath is the weakest. Considering Ford has the election in the bag, perhaps the undecided vote feels safe to vote for the Liberals to make them the Opposition? B) The proper term for Donald Trump is megalomaniac. While some ideas are good, his promulgation of them smacks of 'high school USA'. His biggest problem is that he cannot attract capable underlings as this phoenix keeps devouring his own tail. For equal time, racism increased under former President Obama. His appeal to the better nature of people to some groups which don't have any, has gone a long way to creating the current world upset. If the Democrats had voted for Bernie Sanders - the only one to defeat Trump - rather than for 'crooked Hilary', they could very well have succeeded.  C) One of the first casualties of the trade war will be the financially pressed print media. To be sure, I will miss the comics. D) There Outta Be A Law... that everytime Labour guru, Howard Levitt ,writes a column favouring the employer; that a countervailing article be provided by the media favouring the employee. O.C. C15



JUNE 01-2018  A) Amazing revelations relating to cover-up in 'a legal case that was never meant to be' as Unions must first give permission for a matter to proceed (unless fraud - as is the case here - is involved but try and get the RCMP and the government oversight bodies to act on that one!) SEE JUNE-2018

B) 'Methinks the lady doth protesteth too much' Hamlet's mother. What's not to love by all governments collecting countervailing tariffs such as the carbon tax which is little about carbon and much about taxing. In the case of the U.S., they are vulnerable in depending on import steel from China in the event of war. Similarly Canada could easily buy all their ships abroad at a greatly discounted cost but for national defense reasons, they keep Canadian ship yards busy by building such as ski lifts. C) The trade war between Canada and the U.S. is just that - a war. In any war, everyone pulls together which explains why there is no room for pettifogging criticism from such as cheap shot Tory leader, Andrew Scheer.  D) At his point, it looks like a Doug Ford majority gov't. on June 7 if the large number of 'undecided' don't vote. Hence this leopard will have to rub out his spots with my earlier prediction that the NDP Horwath would be Premier.


MAY 31-2018 Under pressure from Amnesty International & the Civil Liberties Assoc., the Justice Minister is going to investigate 'where the French Justice System went wrong' in the University of Ottawa's  Haasan Diab deportation matter. I have written about this caper before as a Harper venture fronted by Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger whom I also 'experienced'. Significance? Neither of the two bodies above will acknowledge the Employee's Case.


MAY 30-2018 A) I wade into the Kinder Morgan debate which the Federal government chose to privatize (thanks to 'exposing' pension funds which are being treated as a private piggy bank by modern Canadian politicians). SEE this date under MAY-2018  B) The debacle that is the one Billion price tag and climbing of the gov't. Phoenix disaster is totally a Liberal screw-up. If they had introduced a pilot program for one group until they had worked out the bugs, we would not be faced with this massive bureaucratic blunder. Recommendations to improve are laughable. CTV pose the correct question: Would you fire these executives? (94% YES) I have already shown oversight bodies - at least capable ones - do not exist = anarchy.


MAY 29-2018 A) SEE this date under MAY-2018 for a cartoon harbinger of impending economic disconnect. The point here is that the future belongs to the cartoonists; not the 'rationalizing' columnists and reporters. B) Response to muckraker, Jerry Agar,of the O.S. SEE under this date in MAY 2018


MAY 28-2018 A) When does 'no' not mean 'no'...just try a little harder. Our kids learn it from such commercial enterprises as Sirius which I have not installed in my last two cars as I don't need it. By varying the ad slightly, they indulge in harassing a client in a fashion which would be the envy of any bill collector. This mechanism has the power for Sirius to gain control of your car. For example, the police chasing a stolen car could have it disabled=a positive outcome. But there are other outcomes far from positive. In bottom line language; Sirius controls GM and not the other way around. B) Recently, I have noticed a number of Ottawa near new cars with only one working headlight. Today, I witnessed a bus with the problem...whatever happened to the 'circle check' which is the part of a commercial vehicles daily routine?  C) Here's one for the Fraser Institute. If those guys really want to save taxpayer dollars; they should call for the demise of elections at large at great savings to the taxpayer. This upcoming ON election slated for June 7 is all about voting for the leaders (whom run the government with a small group of specialists). Taxpayers should be delighted to merely vote for the leader...how about it, Fraser Institute? D) So Toronto Mayor John Tory is shocked about the influx of refugees which could be used elsewhere. He shouldn't be. This is what happens when you declare a city a 'sanctuary' (San Francisco is another such anomaly).


MAY 27-2018  A) May 31 and teacher notification for lay-off dead-line all across Canada. Remember, as a selected lay-off victim, you cannot litigate without the Union's permission and if the Union is willing to litigate; be sure to hire your own labour lawyer to double-team the union lawyer = 'lots of luck with that one'. B) SEE this date under MAY-2018 for a response to O.S. columnist, Mark Bonokoski, focusing on the Ontario debt and the election in ON on June 7. My take? 'Ontario's engine has lost its steam and is unable to pull the boxcar provinces' = economic depression as evidenced by a 77 cents dollar to the U.S. greenback. C) SEE JUNE-2018 for a challenge to B.C. Green Party's MPP Andrew Weaver, the de facto leader of the Hogarth gov't.


MAY 20-2018 Remodeling Canada aka the spirit of Prince Harry & Meghan  SEE this date under MAY-2018


MAY 19-2018  A) The Sun shone down on Prince Harry and his bride's wedding today. May it continue to shine through their life together. Harry is an accomplished soldier and an inspiration to the handicapped veteran Invictus games. We need more like him. B) In contrast is this specious statement from Chrystia Freeland regarding Canada's non-attendance at the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem: 'We weren't invited'. C) PLACARD: "AVERAGE" POLITICIANS ARE IDIOTS DUE TO BEING "AVERAGE" possibly does not apply to former U.S. citizen and librarian, Laura Kaminker, whom emigrated in protest of the Iraq war in 2003 and is currently an NDP candidate in ON. For example, she asks where was the U.S. military during 9/11? (To me it is a conspiracy right up there with JFK's assassination.) O.S. May 19 p.2  D) In the same edition, columnist John Snobelen notes the passing of the old system of politics in which neighborhoods united to promote the party, the candidate and the platform. Today, the system is all about the leader. E) The Kaminker story is interesting as the format is to tell the story 'from her point of view': a) eliminates risk of lawsuits b) permits media writers to get around scripted performances. (Old Boys Club). With that in mind, can the publication of the 'Employee's Case (Canada)' be far behind? Time will tell.


MAY 18-2018 A) Trump claims Canadians are 'sly'...how sly you ask? Take the controversial Kinder Morgan pipeline from AB to the lower mainland in B.C. up a narrow cloud shrouded inlet (of which I am familiar) to Ioco, the proposed terminus and one inviting a major ecological disaster. When faced with a similar dilemma, Nebraska re-routed a pipeline so why not B.C. to such as the coal port at Roberts Bank in the Strait of Georgia? Problem is that a new environmental study in a hostile Premier Horgan gov't. would be required. Methinks the Liberals have run out of rope on this one. B) The recent CAA Magazine exposes this scam. The reason, for example, as to why such as Ottawa has so many new cars on the road can be explained by people turning in their worn-out old models (electronics costs) after 5 years when the contract extends 8 years for about 1/3 of buyers. With a new purchase, the 'equity' debt - say, $10,000 - is added onto the new price of $35,000 for a new car. The client can only get that equity carried forward if a new car is purchased so that in another 5 years, they will go through the same routine thus increasing their equity load = increase in debtor load which is already at a high level = recession.


MAY 15-2018  A) O.S. editorial p.12 'post carbon tax' '...columnist Candice Malcolm has argued that this is really the policy fight of all time....' comment: It is but not for the reasons set forth by your columnists. It is not the tax per se which is the central problem rather it is the imposed nature of the tax which circumvents Parliament. The next step which the national press  refuse to recognize is for the government to deny court oversight which is happening on a daily basis in the unresolved Employee's Case (no compensation paid) for a continuous 33 years. That failure has taken out both our Justice System and an anti-employee media with its boycott of this leading issue. Democracy, thou art dead...at least the Canadian version.... B) SEE MAY-2018 under this date regarding NDP 'double standard' regarding sexual exploitation. Also valuable material on the Employee's Case and constitutional law is included. C) So Kim Jung Un 'trumped' Trump with his 'no show' tactics. Damn, but it seems that a psychopath has more brains than a sociopath. D) As U.S. border crossings are controlled by the U.S. Federal gov't., a pot user admitting to the habit can be barred for life from the U.S. A U.S. pot user, for example, could enter into Canada but be barred from re-entry to the states. After his term of Office, P.M. Trudeau can be 'red flagged' from U.S. entry. If challenged as to pot use, sit there and say nothing; the most that can happen is that you are turned back. Remember, the U.S. customs have access to all your background. PLACARD: DO NOT HIRE THOSE REEKING OF POT Further, auto use may be out of bounds for pot users, the insurance industry could see to that. E) Now that the U.S. has moved their embassy to Jerusalem, will Israel buy out his son-in-law's massive debt?


MAY 14-2018 It's official...at least on this web site: Andrea Horwath of the NDP will be the next Premier, either as a majority government or as a coalition type arrangement with the Liberals. The point is that Tory Doug Ford's support of 43% hasn't budged as he seeks the rural male vote which financed his campaign. There is little for women in his campaign which has a number of storm clouds as it develops.


MAY 12-2018 A) Do you know what Tory leader Scheer  and Liberal leader Trudeau fear most?...The establishment of Falun Dafa in Canada to call out the government and courts on such as the Employee's case. By being MIA at the May 9 celebration of Falun  Dafa day on Parliament Hill attended to by many lower echelon MP's, those two paragons of manipulation avoided mainstream press exposure which is the whole point of the exercise. Claiming that Falun Dafa has widespread Canadian support is belied by the fact that beyond a couple of publications, Canadians at large are MIA on an issue studiously avoided by the Canadian media apart from the Epoch Times. 150 people per day are being used for transplant purposes in China under 'rule by law':  PLACARD: NO RULE OF LAW  1)CANADA  2)CHINA My recent challenge to the Epoch Times to speak out on the Employee's Case has met with silence reflecting their own credibility problems in their host countries. B) Donald Trump has become a parody of himself claiming to 'make America great again' with the very commercial tactics which are dragging America down in the first place: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE. Media pundits specialize in following the 'financial trail' without much of an idea as to how to follow the 'credibility trail' on which our courts depend. The Employee's Case reveals (doesn't create) this philosophical shortcoming in a fashion never before witnessed.  C) SEE SECOND REQUEST of the MAY 02 letter (filed under this date) to Premier Wynne regarding the cavalier treatment of the Ottawa Court's Registry (no doubt at the behest of the Chief Justice) in their failure to assign a file number to the constitutional question.


MAY 11-2018  A)I am a Big Bang Theory aficionado and the closing episode with the marriage of Sheldon and Amie was no exception. At one point in the wedding, matron of honour, Penny, tells the respective mothers to 'sit down and shut up' which is reflective of a distinct paradigm shift in that now, the children have supplanted the parents as the controllers. The nerd notion of meeting in the same room and sharing supper is officially at an end with all these marriages hence a decent end to this series would make eminent good sense...one more season? B) 'What not to do' (although the flip side of the coin 'what to do' is also moot) in this analysis of an Ontario constitutional challenge to 'animal cruelty'. SEE this date under MAY-2018


MAY-08-2018 A) One school of thought has it that leadership election speeches make little difference to the outcome of the election. Last nights challenge between Tory Doug Ford, Liberal Elizabeth Wynne, and NDP Andrea Horwath did little other than to confirm the popularity ratings for the 3 leaders with Horwath making a slight increase. Message? I submit it is that NDP increase suggests that the voters are not yet ready to grant Ford a majority of the seats for without that, the other two parties can make an alliance against him. Time is running out for Ford to commit by the May 15 deadline to publicize the Employee's Case which he will have to face as either Premier or Leader of the Opposition in any event. My tricorn hat regarding the '3 Stooges' is a reality if Ford does not act by May 15. B) So the Dentist involved in a fatal car accident in 2011 has lost her Appeal and now begins a prison sentence. Her high-priced lawyers could have told her the outcome to that one with the appointment of the 'Pardu gang of 3'.


MAY 04-2018 CASE Good for SK MP Erin Weir for speaking out on accusations of harassment against him. Bad for NDP leader Singh for giving him the boot for speaking out, basically for being pilloried by his leader. You're damn right I spoke out much to the chagrin of the Union lawyers mailing newsletters to teachers throughout B.C. in 1986 in the Employee's Case. The legal advice under such circumstances is that if you choose to speak out, it may negatively impact your case. Weir is my hero; Singh is a bum. Don Martin on CTV's Power Play has the best personal take on this issue which does not place Singh in a very good light. When the Union was not going to contest the 1985 arbitration, I changed lawyers with the first getting his picture in the paper saying the case was built on frivolous material while the second lawyer stated that he could live with my newsletters to B.C. teachers over which the Union was understandably very upset. The ensuing trials quashed the arbitration for failing to show a causal factor with the arbitrator ruled as being patently unreasonable. For those pettifogging media types who condemned Weir for breaking 'the rules'; look again at Singh's initial speech regarding the suspension where he 'ran a real job' over Weir. I hope Weir gets re-elected in SK next year even as an Independent. PLACARD: SK MP WEIR - A HERO / NDP LEADER SINGH - A BUM  p.s. the lawyer on CBC on this issue seemed to be currying favour with Singh possibly for future business while the one on CTV had the proper over-all perspective.


MAY 03-2018 A) Much is being made of the return of University lecturer, Hassan Diab to Canada after he was ordered deported to France on very flimsy evidence by Ottawa Justice Robert Maranger, one of the slippery dudes assigned to my case. 'It never should have happened' is the current theme so why did it? Israel pressure on the Harper government which in turn pressured the Chief Justice to appoint someone of the ilk of Maranger 'to do the necessary'. Don't even ask about the Appeal Courts which, coincidentally, were held on the same day. We both lost. Normally, a Jewish kiton would settle the matter, but it appears that Israel wanted to bend Canadian courts to their liking. The same appears to have been the case in France with the Diab case. B) When I ask people as to 'who will win the ON June 7 election; they temporize by saying whom they will not vote for raising the question as to why vote at all in this antiquarian system which, at most, only exchanges one set of bureaucrats with fat salaries and golden parachutes with another set. It wouldn't be so bad if government accomplished something as opposed to continually screwing up. On a Federal level, it read this way: PLACARD: JUSTIN'S FAULT: 1)REFUGEES  2) CARBON TAX  3) EMPLOYEE'S CASE


MAY 02-2018 A) SEE Newsletter this date under MAY-2018: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST   B) Doug Ford, ON Tory leader for the election on June 7 is imploding on a daily basis even though I have set a date limit of MAY 15 to be the litmus test of his credibility by publicizing the Employee's Case.  C)The Epoch Times is also slipping into this conspiracy through their silence.


MAY 01-2018  A) May 31 is the deadline for School Boards giving notice for teacher lay-offs. If they could, they would lay off a surplus of teachers of English - preferably senior ones getting twice the salary of beginning ones - and hire teachers of French which are in very short supply. B) So NS is deleting its School Boards... Unions next? ...and still no-one is creating this web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION as everything these days i.e. Carbon Tax, is being done 'through the back door'.  C) The 'litmus paper test' for President Trump and the Epoch Times is fast running out awaiting publication of the Employee's Case.  D) Doug Ford has until MAY 15 to publicize this issue otherwise the Employee's Case will plague him as either Premier or Opposition Leader for the rest of his political career. Furthermore, it is symptomatic of his credibility similar to Trump plus the Epoch Times. My advocacy of Canada becoming a U.S. state considering our depleted Justice System is contingent on this PLACARD: RELEASE ALL JFK TAPES, DONALD  As matters now stand this piece of cowardice makes Trump a laughing stock among the world's dictators. SEE explanation under APR. 29


APR.29-2018 The real test of Donald Trump and his fake news assertions lies in his failure to release all the JFK Assassination papers. CBC's W5 program was a whitewash job. Inside/Out (2010) by former CIA agent Barry Eisler has the definitive story. And in Canada, it is not one man which has been assassinated; rather, it is the entire Canadian Justice System which met its demise amid a major cover-up of the Employee's Case Canada. The U.S. can never 'be great again' until Trump spills all the beans on the JFK assassination just as there is no 'going forward' for Canada without the publication of the judicial debacle known as the Employee's Case (Canada). So what could Trump be sitting on vis a vis JFK? Close to 200 people closely associated with the assassination died under mysterious circumstances (similar to the '9 British scientists'; Princess Diana 'hospital delay') such as the outspoken Sherriff who died when his cruiser mysteriously drove off the road. For protection, the murderers would file their report with the CIA and considering that there is no moratorium on murder, those reports will never be released. Further, the U.S. depend on the CIA to maintain a very sketchy peace over an increasingly violent Caribbean. And don't forget 'Mexico North' (B.C.) whose economy is significantly buoyed by marijuana sales to such as the U.S. and China (both countries resisting the trade). Trudeau is augmenting cartel forces with his extremely foolish refugee policy.


APR.28-2018 A) When Libya's Gaddafi gave up his nuclear arms for a trade swap; he got zapped by U.S. and British planes; a lesson not lost on Iran and North Korea. A bigger problem for Kim Yong Un is his starving army which he cannot maintain forever with 'food stamps' as the Soviet Union found in 1989; it must be used but where? S. Korea will fall like a ripe plum to North Korea after unification in which Kim pulls a 'Castro'; namely, recognize S. Korea to be the ruler apart from the military over all Korea until the U.S. pull out and then he will stage a coup. However that does not solve his short-term problem regarding troop usage hence his 'secret' visit to China pledging support in the coming civil war there. B) While I was not one to curry teacher popularity (a major crime in today's schools); I was not against those whom did. SEE this date under APRIL-2018  C) Did you know that South America and the Caribbean with 8% of the world's population accounts for a third - if not more - of the world's murders? Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia and Mexico account for a quarter of those deaths. We are given a daily body count of atrocities in the Middle East by the media but virtually nothing on South and Central America (unless a Canadian tourist is involved).  D) So Trump is still going to conceal JFK assassination detail. Until that exposure is completely revealed, there is no going forward for the U.S. E) Shocking! Columnist Timothy Walker feels safe walking in the dark in Ho Chi Minh City and if accosted, it is by someone wishing to practice English all of which reminded me of my Japan experience in 1965 in which a young female student accosted me for a similar purpose. Can you do that today in any large city?...absolutely not. The most dangerous cities are those with a heavy drug influence.


APR.27-2018 A) So actor Bill Cosby probably got what he deserved in his conviction for sex assault based primarily on the evidence of four 'independent' witnesses. Based on the silence of the Canadian media on the Employee's Case, no-one would have heard of Cosby in this 'Harvey Weinstein moment' if this event had been held in Canada as these two bad actors would have escaped scrutiny. SEE this date under APRIL-2018 for a commentary on 'independent witnesses' which you will find nowhere else. B) Epoch Times has been challenged on the international scene as to their credibility to represent such as Falun Gong based on the boycott of the Employee's Case.


APR.26-2018  A) Letter exposing perfidy of the Better Business Bureau in league with the courts. SEE this date (APR.26) under 2018 APRIL-2018   B) So SK Premier Moe is taking the Federal government to court on the imposed carbon tax (much on taxing; very little on environment) with AB's Kenny and ON's Ford in the wings waiting to follow. Of course Moe will win in his crooked SK courts and lose in the crooked Supreme Court of Canada. (I can personally vouch for the dishonesty of both legal forums.) What these provincial representatives should do is to examine the '14th colony' alternative of becoming a U.S. state as 'residual powers' lie with the individual states while in Canada, they lie with the Federal government. What the Federal government is doing here is to bleed the provinces of their powers...next step? Why the one that I am contesting; namely, to claim that imposed legislation is immune from court oversight. All dictators love that one. To be sure, these Tory challengers (other than Moe, the other Tories will quickly drop their opposition when they see what a wonderful source of taxes this carbon tax is turning out to be.)


APR.25-2018 A) Letter to EPOCH TIMES  cc President Trump.  SEE 2018 APRIL-2018 under this date  B) While banned from being heard in the media; nonetheless, sympathizers to my cause are now getting through. See this Letter to the Editor O.S. on hitting at the crux of the 'beer decision' which I now include under APRIL 21 of APRIL-2018


APR.24-2018 A) ONSTAR has come attached to the last two new cars which I have purchased; in both cases I have told the dealer not to activate the service as I do not require it. But it doesn't stop there as Onstar persistently pursue me with their thinly veiled message of the perils of not subscribing to their service with escalating messages through the dealership, the manufacturer, direct e-mails, and now, telephone calls...it is a hectoring form of harassment by a company training their employees in a style not unknown to bill collecting. B) On the other side of the coin, this type of corporate structure pervades our culture as symbolized by the sweet little old lady 'Walmart greeter' being displaced by the bulky security guard checking out exit slips against purchased merchandise. C) I have exposed this decline in morals in Canada's judiciary where even honest judges are being pilloried by those in control. Not a day goes by without another judicial faux pas now being exposed in this 'Harvey Weinstein' milieu: PLACARDS: 1) THERE ARE NO OVERSIGHT BODIES   2) CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM / UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED. It has been a downhill run for 33 years amid a media boycott of the national Employee's Case Canada paralleled by dystopic bureaucratic bungling: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. So forget the financial figures (which are really all about stagnant wages) as we are at the stage of the decadent Roman Empire immediately before the generals took over. Terrorist acts merely exacerbate the basic problem. D) Columnists - where they do reply to my comments on their articles - refuse to acknowledge my signed moniker 'the Outlawed Canadian' (in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance) using my first name as a reflection of wearing the horse blinkers on the Employee's Case which they never mention = pink slipped. E) DOUG FORD has until MAY 15 to publicly declare his stand on the Employee's Case otherwise the placard for the JUNE 7 Ontario election will read: The Three Stooges.


APR.21-2018  A) `Dumb Doug` Ford had a chance at a `knock-out blow...and muffed it. SEE APRIL-2018 this date  B) Unanimous SCofC Decision screws up country. SEE this date under APRIL-2018   C) So Neville Chamberlain (Trump) is about to meet Hitler (Kim Jung Un) and declare 'He is a gentleman. He helped me on with my coat.' Those North Korean troops have to eat and where are they going to get food but in China under these circumstances...that's why Kim Jung Un travelled undercover to China...as Napoleon noted; 'An army marches on its stomach'.


APR.19-2018 SEE AFFIDAVIT (CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION-ONTARIO) under this date as well under APRIL-2018


APR.18-2018  I am astounded as to the large size of the market that marijuana companies are predicting for the Canadian market. Consider this thought...would you go to a job interview reeking of alcohol on your breath? The same goes for marijuana as office towers are smoke free and working around machinery requires full attention. My late businessman father was a 3-pack a day smoker; a not unknown phenomenon among businessmen in the 1940's and 50's; but he could never work in today's environment. Justice Mary Southin (r. 2004 from B.C. Appeal Court) was so addicted that a special smoking room was created for her because of her longevity. Today, she would never get a judicial appointment in the first place due to her addiction. In Big Bang Theory, 'Penny' threatens the pizza delivery man with exposure to his boss for pressing on the tip while 'Sheldon' passing him in the hallway says, 'whew, some cologne.' I have nothing against the hijab as many people wear head coverings including this one publicly saying; 'non-Muslim males-hands off'. I draw the line at the niqab which renders a woman virtually unemployable and in our society, women are expected to be employable.(I was told of one niqab wearing woman being hired by a large supermarket.) Hopefully, accommodation will be made for a hijab wearing police candidate. The RCMP did it for the Sikh's after a court case to that effect.


APR.17-2018 A) JAILHOUSE NURSE SLAMS 'TOXIC' OCDC WORKPLACE PP.8-9 '...It's either the story of a nightmare nurse making dangerous mistakes at the Innis Road jail - or it's the story of a "toxic" workplace that was understaffed and pushed someone to the breaking point. The 55 year old suspended nurse was in the habit of filing complaints = whistleblowing. What is astounding about this media perspective? The Employee rather than the Employer was given the edge in the story; a 360 degree turn from my 1985 lay-off which, in the current mood, could have read: Whistleblowing teacher on School Administrator fraud finds imposed BILL 35 passed for the purpose to lay him off in major cover-up story. B) If Pierre's 'Just watch me' in invoking the War Measures Act in 1970 which forever changed the political landscape in Canada with the rise of the PQ , then Justin has become 'The Sly Dog' with the Kinder Morgan Pipeline pitting KM Texas Ole' Boys Club vs B.C. 'Greenies'. If KM builds west from AB; there will be little B.C. opposition; not, that is, until they reach the Lower Mainland. From a strategy point of view; they should begin in the Lower Mainland and work east if they wish to proceed; something they could not do if Canada was a U.S. state where 'residual powers' lie at state level, the opposite being the case in Canada. A Supreme Court of Canada challenge (12-18 months) does not make this KM line feasible under these political circumstances.  C) To assert AB's point on KM, imposed legislation against B.C. wines in retaliation undermines inter-provincial regulations which requires lengthy court challenges. President Trump is de facto evidence of run-away imposed legislation which makes a mockery of U.S. politics. D) ON Election theme for June 7: Stagnant Wages for both the indebted voters and governments mortgaging our futures. Doug Ford will lose to a Liberal-NDP alliance if he does not get a majority of seats. He needs to: a) Investigate Hydro privatization fraud as alleged by a CUPE lawsuit denied a hearing by a judge; not merely replace Liberal factotums with Tory ones b) nationalize private auto insurance so that premiums are commensurate with other provinces with gov't. run insurance. (Currently ON pays up to 55% more than other provinces). c) come clean on the Employee's Case (May 15 deadline) otherwise he will be haunted by this legal matter to the end of his political career. In brief, ON Courts are badly compromised by this legal case without equal. SEE Sub-heading Constitutional Question (ON)  E) No wonder Third World countries hate us as a 9-l/2 billion dollar award against Chevron for pollution in Ecuador was rejected by an Ontario Court citing head-office-subsidiary conflicts in the U.S. and Canada mitigated against payment = codswallop! Even by Canadian standards, this judge is 'out to lunch' explaining in part why I have re-named July 1 (Canada's holiday) as Anti-Judge Day as Canada and Canadians no longer deserve a birthday.


APR.16-2018 A) P.M. Trudeau and the media are dead wrong in claiming that we are a land of law and order, the 33 year unresolved Employee's Case has seen to that which includes 4 inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada = 'In the halls of justice; all justice is in the halls'. Hence Canadians of any stripe may do as they please to which I know of at least 50 judges whom will turn the proverbial 'blind eye'. B) Another constitutional challenge is in the process of being filed in Ontario with notice given to Premier Wynne and challenger, Doug Ford, the latter with a deadline of May 15 (election June 7) to publicize the Employee's Case. To be sure, unless someone creates the website (apart from Union leadership) PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION (or Doug Ford goes public) which now negatively impacts all Canadians, 'judicial hallway answers' will be the outcome. C) The essence of the legal argument is that the West Vancouver School Trustee argument is full of wax claiming that the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985)  does not recognize court oversight powers regarding imposed legislation considering that BILL 35 states unequivocally that it is 'in addition to' the School Act and 'does not displace any part of it'. In 1986, Justice Southin quashed the arbitration for failing to show a 'causal factor' leaving me in a 33 year state of limbo where no compensation has been paid. C) Under the above circumstances, all B.C. Premier Horgan has to do is impose legislation regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline...screw the B.C. courts which acted against protesters through  a private criminal charge laid by KM. Time mitigates against a SCofC challenge (12-18 months) with the KM deadline of May 31. What frightens Trudeau is a legal action against the Federal government by KM hence he will throw them to the wolves by precipitating another 'Oka'...'Go ahead and build it, guys'.


APR.15-2018 For those whom believe that P.M. Trudeau's failure to enforce the Kinder Morgan pipeline in B.C. is an international threat to the credibility of the country are wrong to the extent that the Employee's Case has already destroyed that credibility. PLACARD: 1)WHY OBEY THE LAW?...JUDGES DON'T  2) STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE  3) CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM / UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED SEE this date under APRIL 2018


APR.13-2018 In the absence of Liberal Justice Minister Jody Raybould-Wilson to speak out on the Canadian Chinese 'billionaire' being tortured in China ostensibly for her Falun Gong connection; former Tory Justice Minister Irwin Cutler is doing the deed at much cost to Raybould Wilson...it may seem impolitic, but the victim is not an indigenous Canadian....


APR.11-2018  A) So it is war between the B.C. Court hierarchy and the government over the successful private criminal charge laid by Kinder Morgan against demonstrators with which the Premier, the Attorney General and Crown Counsel appear most reluctant to proceed. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of the Kinder Morgan action by laying a private criminal charge for fraud against ON Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon wearing his 'tricorn hat' with 3 separate Decisions on the same case in absence of the oversight bodies or RCMP to take action.  B) The pipeline debacle (the East-West line makes most sense but the Liberal stronghold of QC disagrees.) is to Canada internationally what the Employees Legal Case debacle is to the Justice System nationally. P.M. Trudeau is unable to talk his way out of either. C) Vice-Admiral Mark Norman trial beginning in Ottawa is to P.M. Trudeau what Senator Mike Duffy trial was to former P.M. Harper


APR.10-2018 This is a tough one but Canada is being suckerpunched on the international scene: PLACARD: (REGRETTABLY) SAY NO TO ROHINGYA REFUGEES


APR.09-2018  A) The usual 'talk-show' gab in which the question is asked as to whether the Carbon Tax is a 'tax grab' but not really answered (which it is for the Federal Government collecting the GST of 15%). No focus is placed on imposed legislation which is the key to initial control from which any permutation of power may be dispensed without check. CUPE were right to fight Carleton U right down to the wire and win over pension fund control which the authorities would arrogate solely to themselves. For a second time, I have another constitutional challenge on this question which affects everyone and yet there still is no web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. Those teachers are like the frog  settling down into the warm fry pan oblivious to the fact that he is being cooked to death. B) PLACARD: (says it all) A VOTE FOR YASIR NAQVI ?!!? ...LORD SAVE US ALL


APR.08-2018 Without comment on the human cost of that horrific traffic accident in SK killing 15 hockey players and seriously injuring others; as a former AZ qualified driver, I make the following technical observations. The accident happened at an intersection partially obscured by trees on a remote rural highway in which it appears that a truck hauling peat moss blew a stop sign and T-boned the bus. Observations: 1) A fully loaded tandem truck is 'aimed' and not driven as it cannot stop within regular stopping distance thus requiring additional attention from the driver 2) I trust the driver had a valid AZ license as I have never heard of a Company permitting these rigs to be driven by non-authorized personnel 3) Was the truck properly safetied? On major highways, specific checks are made to sideline unsafe trucks; a practice not common in isolated rural areas. 4) Hopefully, substance abuse did not play a part but there is a concern that marijuana consumption slows down driver reflexes. 5) More accidents are caused by distracted driving such as cell phone use although fiddling with the many devices extant in modern vehicles adds to the problem. 6) In my AZ test, I lost points when I turned right without looking directly to the left to double check that vehicles had stopped at the red light. The presumably qualified bus driver (deceased) should have been aware of this safety provision which raises the question of an intersection obscured by trees which is the case. No matter, many families are bereft over the loss of their loved ones. Nothing more can be said.


APR.06-2018 SEE this sub-heading under 2018: IMPOSED LEGISLATION


APR.05-2018  A) The public - and by extension the media - are caught up with imposed legislation as being 'not fully mandated' legislation and in that process miss the point; namely, that control of the process is the sole goal as anything may be mandated afterward be it the carbon tax or pension schemes or employee dismissals. President Trump illustrates this theme of the power such imposed actions have on a widespread basis. The next step is to apply the process to the judiciary which Trump is doing with Special Counselor Mueller being the target. In Canada, the West Vancouver School Trustee employer has inverted this process by successfully imposing their will on the court to date regarding the Employee's Case claiming that the court has no oversight powers over imposed legislation. Over 50 judges 'fell on their swords' to protect those conspirators at the expense of the existence of the entire judiciary. By perverting the 'Judicial Record' and relying on the media boycott, they hope to obviate any record of their cupidity. Unfortunately for them, every time an employee dismissal goes to court, the Employee's Case will rear its ugly head as now every union or Association employee must hire his own lawyer ($10,000 ?) to parallel the Union lawyer to protect himself from the 'sweetheart deal' against the judges. In a broader context, any Canadian judicial finding 'is now not worth the paper on which it is written'. PLACARD: I SUPPORT CUPE PENSION STRIKE (CARLETON UNIVERSITY) ...this just in...the Union won their point on imposed pensions. B) Indications are that Doug Ford is blowing his lead in the ON Election for June 07 by failing to have a platform to counteract the Liberal platform. The deadline of MAY 15 which I have given him to publicize the Employee's Case will be symbolic of how the election will turn out.


APR.04-2018 A) Roseanne: The value clash is real but the artifice holding it together is 'stretched'. For example, the grand-daughter in reality is a drug addict whom is booted out of the house for stealing from everyone and dies on the street from an overdose. Hence the mother's rationalization of 'riding both sides of the reality fence' never takes place; it's a false illusion. Big Bang Theory has artifice which worked for the usual 8 season term but is now dated as exemplified by Dr. Cooper whom is past his prime in receiving a Nobel Prize in his very narrow field of String Theory where his research grant in reality is to be cut for good as way is made for his 14 year old North Korean successor. He is in reality the cut biology professor incident where that professor after 40 years has no future and must move in with his daughter. Penny as 'barby doll' has reached her psychological end of not having a baby. Art seems to copy real life for Kaly Cuoco. Young Sheldon has the necessary artifice to keep the show together as exemplified by his being pulled up short for ironically copying the cheating ways of the adults which has to happen for the basis of his ethical character. The artifice future of TV husband George is on shaky grounds as he is too considerate for the 'boozing hound' he is supposed to be. B) On p.14 Study shows few fit to lead a team points out, for example, that super salesmen geared to maximize their own profits may not necessarily make good sales managers nor long term employees given the leadership position 'as a reward for long service'. So let me tell you about the Donald Trumps of this world, or in this case Canadian billionaire, Jim Pattison whom started out with a grant of money from a Calgary financier to acquire his first Pontiac dealership where the lowest person in monthly sales was dropped from the Company. A Supplier was telling my father '...I tell you, George, they speak to their sales force in a way unknown to you and me....'. Pattison went on to stage the World's Fair in 1986 on time and on budget amid horrible staff relations. As long as these 'captains of industry' maintain suitable charitable contributions, the media only focus on their largesse. Of course there were good Companies in the 50's and 60's which have been gobbled up by the corporations where employees just consider themselves a number similar to the governments. Executives in this corporate world are just another name for ethically deprived employees doing their master's bidding.


APR.03-2018 A) SEE this date under APRIL-2018 for a letter to Ottawa Sun's columnist Lorrie Goldstein's column on imposed legislation. B) It is a credit to the O.S. that they obtain top U.S. columnists; something lacking in the Ottawa Citizen .


APR.01-2018 A) No fooling here...The Unions at large should be showing demonstrable support for the Carleton U CUPE on-going strike over pension control which shifts responsibility from the investor institution to the individual. Think the hedge fund control of bankrupt SEARS who stripped the company of assets leaving the pensioners to carry the losses. The next step, of course as exemplified by the Employee's Case, is to impose legislation and deny the courts any oversight rights. That's a calamity which destroyed the credibility of the Canadian Justice System but don't expect to read that in the anti-individual media which maintains a boycott on the complete failure of legal oversight bodies (including the RCMP) to investigate rampant judicial frauds in this case. B) Doug Ford, the ON Tory leader has 6 more weeks (election June 7) to publically state his position on the Employee's Case; specifically, the fraud of Justice Colin McKinnon and his 3 nefarious judgments in 2014 on the same case without referencing each other, otherwise the Placard will read- 'THE THREE STOOGES' -FORD/WYNNE/HORWATH-  /  DON'T VOTE


MAR.29-2018 A) 'Running a court within a court' is the essence of preliminary hearings such as the Hydro One sale where disclosure is obviated. The QC version of the Employee's Case on this level was solely on 'disclosure'; that is the meeting notes of the West Vancouver School Trustees in June of 1985 which would most assuredly demonstrate fraud. In law that forms the basis of habeas corpus which is the essence of all law but the judges have found a way around it with preliminary hearings in which they ignore disclosure; in the Hydro case concealing alleged fraud. In QC, the matter went to the Supreme Court of Canada where one of the three judges denying a hearing - Richard Wagner - is the new incumbent Chief Justice. That's how the Trudeau government was exposed: PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER. A similar stunt was pulled in NS for which I called on President Trump to invoke the Magnitskey Act against Justice P. Rosinski (only external application of this Act may apply to Canada) on the single most important constitutional question extant; namely, does the court have jurisdiction over imposed legislation? The Employer in this case says 'no'.  CUPE was similarly pole-axed when the presiding ON Justice refused a trial on the sale of ON Hydro as the disclosure would almost surely sink any chance of re-election for the Liberals. That Liberal gang whom purchased Hydro shares is not out of the woods yet as a Tory win will sink their ship. That's why they had to win at court and win at the polls by pouring money into the election of the Liberals. Don't expect to read any of this in the anti-voter media as they still insist on protecting our moribund justice system. B) SEE RCMP this date for latest salvo to Commissioner Brenda Lucki


MAR.28-2018 Court upholds Hydro One sale (O.S.Mar.28 p.5) '...Simply alleging officials acted in bad faith or for partisan political purposes, the court said, is not enough. (Defense: 'that should at least have been dealt with at trial' which was denied in this script play right out of a Russki KGB scam)... Decisions based on political expediency...The check on them lies in democratic, not judicial, oversight. (Where is the SUN editorial on this horseshit? What is the position of Tory candidate Doug Ford in rescinding this deal which enriched Liberal supporters?) ...privatization was a veiled scheme to reward party donors didn't meet the bad-faith threshold that might have opened the door to action.(Of course not you judicial idiots. That is why disclosure was called for which a trial would have produced.) In the Employee's Case, I included sufficient 'bad-faith' material to make my point only to be discounted for being 'frivolous and vexatious' in a 33 year unresolved labour issue where no compensation has been paid...or judges sent to jail. In brief, the anti-voter media is NOT doing its job while 'jobs' such as the above are being run over the voters. PLACARD: HYDRO SALE 'WACKO JUDGEMENT'


MAR.27-2018 SEE this date under MARCH-2018 for POLITICALLY CORRECT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS which includes an observation on Doug Ford and the Ontario Election on June 7.


MAR.26-2018 Since 1999, there have been 200 U.S. school shootings; the majority at black schools. Where is the public protest? To be sure, if 'whitey' was the perpetrator at a black school, there would be hell to pay.




MAR.24-2018 ICONIC MOMENTS: A) The other day, I remarked on another iconic moment with the first vehicular pedestrian death made in 1903 juxtaposed with the first self-drive vehicular pedestrian death on Mar. 19-2018. The above cartoon is another such iconic movement as it marks a cartoon without the usual ironic twist which characterizes the annotated cartoons or portrayal therein found on my web site. While I have invited a Pulitzer Prize seeking writer to chronicle the first institutional demise of a democratic system as a means of breaking the media boycott; namely, over the legal one in Canada, I have little interest in the matter as some Pulitzer Prize winner is always withdrawing his award due to certain others e.g. Henry Kissinger, being assigned the Award. Besides, who reads these Pulitzer Prize articles? Certainly not me. What does interest me is an iconic cartoon specifically on the topic of the Employee's Case (Canada) with this theme from noted 'city planning guru' Jane Jacobs; namely, that a society perishes when its institutions go bad. To be sure this deterioration permeates all bureaucratic entities in Canada but nowhere is it detailed to such an extent with the Judiciary and the Employee's Case over the past 33 years and over 50 judges without a resolution. 'Picking up the ball and going home before the game is played out' characterizes every judge sitting on this matter. B) What was missing from the arrest of M.P. Elizabeth May at the Greenpeace protest of the Kinder Morgan pipeline? Why the presence of the only elected B.C. MPP, Andrew Weaver, who is now the only political leader standing between the collapse of the B.C. judiciary after the B.C. Lieutenant Governor (read that Horgan government) sacrificed the interests of all Canadian individuals.


MAR.23-2018 It may be said that the platitudinous  Federal Tories are truly 'a party in waiting'; waiting that is for the government to fall into its lap in 2019 to which I say voters should respond by 'voting with their feet'. Doug Ford, ON Tory leader has until May 15 to publicize the Employee's Case, otherwise he becomes 'just another pretty liar's face'. Under those circumstances, again, voters should 'vote with their feet'. What is the point, it need be asked, for government to pass legislation when the enforcement body of the courts is riddled with corruption? Regular attacks in the U.S. and now in Canada is mounting against individual judges as a reflection of this growing phenomenon...and still not a peep out of the anti-employee (individual) Canadian media on the Employee's Case which incorporates the Chief Judges in this charge.


MAR.22-2018 A) A sober second thought...NOT. The Senate, by passing sloppily written government legislation on marijuana showed a) they are subject to government arm twisting  b) setting the theme as to why any legislation need be carefully thought out as the rules will be made 'on the fly' which usually means small interest groups in government and elsewhere can hi-jack government legislation to suit their own specialized needs or desires. I call it 'government crisis confrontation' as the financial alternatives were so horrible to contemplate that the Senate was prepared to sacrifice its own credibility; much like the courts did with the Employee's Case. B) Our civilization is crashing not with a bang but a whimper: I saw the Gatineau, QC police chief onTV vindicating the Gatineau police officer for laying a criminal charge against a reporter 'just doing his job' only to recant and throw the officer under the bus and blame him for everything when QC prosecutors refused to proceed with the charge. C) PLACARD: I SUPPORT CARLETON U CUPE PENSION STRIKE. The essence of this 3-week strike similar to other authority movements across Canada is to shift Pension investment policy over which individual pensioners have little control onto the backs of individual pensioners in the event of a business failure e.g. Bombardier. While the powerful ON Teachers Pension fund is set up this way, it is tightly controlled by the individual teachers. The future? The SEARS Canada bankruptcy illustrates the problem as hedge fund managers gut a business for their own benefit leaving employees carrying the risk with their pensions. Watch for the Canadian arm of Toys R US where the British and U.S. arms have already declared bankruptcy. Hedge funds or government ploys are a plague on the people. I fear for any Liberal 'infrastructure bank' created for the purpose of utilizing pension funds. Finance Minister Morneau and his rich pards are very dangerous people.


MAR.21-2018 A) 4th Request to dilettante Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister regarding Federal government apology SEE sub-heading MANITOBA-2018   B)BANANA REPUBLIC JUSTICE: The imposed Carbon Tax operates on the same principle as the imposed BILL 35( B.C. 1985). For example, the carbon tax is imposed on provinces without one (which is all of them) just as the BILL 35 was imposed on those School Districts without a lay-off policy (which was all of them). After my lay-off in 1985, all B.C. School Districts at the behest of their Union signed agreements so the BILL 35 was withdrawn leaving me high and dry without a resolution nor compensation. The Justice System collapsed trying to protect this abomination (SEE web). While most provinces have ducked out of this 'back-door' pressure on the carbon tax; ON Tory leader, Doug Ford, has promised to challenge this carbon tax should he be elected for being little more than additional taxation with the Federal government cut being to keep the GST portion. Pallister earlier sought to challenge this action but has since backed out. The point here is that the authorities wish to control the process so that they can later 'gut at will' without Parliamentary approval. CUPE strikers at Carleton U are holding out for a third week over this management attempt to seize the pension protocol. In business, a parallel may be found with hedge managers such as in the bankruptcy of SEARS Canada milking the Company for their own benefits at the expense of employee pensions. Canada's Toys'R Us (British and U.S. arms in bankruptcy) I suspect are being set up by hedge funds for the purpose. But then whom listens to me...certainly not the anti-employee media with their boycott on the biggest scandal ever in Canada's jurisprudence. Where's that web site: CANADIAN INDIVIDUALS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION when Canada needs it most?


MAR.19-2018  A)Tory Lisa Raitt stood up in Parliament and hysterically prodded the Liberals about committing Canadian peacekeeping troops to Mali where a full scale war is raging. 'Can the Liberals tell us how many Canadian soldiers will be killed?', she wailed which is reflective of a badly led political Party. A while ago, one of my placards read 'STAY OUT OF AFRICA' regarding our military commitments. Now that we are committed, I will not carry this placard as it undermines and therefore endangers our troops. B) CUPE placard at Carleton University protest: PENSIONS ARE DEFERRED SALARY. The new Employer trick is to first gain control of the process leaving the gutting of a program until later of which the Union is only too aware. What do Wynne & Ford have to say about this strike...if anything at all: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS  B) History in the making...in 1903, the first pedestrian fatality by an automobile was recorded; today, the first pedestrian fatality by a self-drive car.


MAR.18-2018  A) OPEN LETTER TO ONTARIO TORY LEADER, ROB FORD. SEE this heading under this date in MARCH-2018  B) Congratulations to President Trump and his attack on the opioid crisis in the U.S. Where will you see a politician in Canada taking a similar stand?  C) One Ontario litigant learned the hard way what happens when the Upper Canada Law Society protects one of their own leaving her with an illegal additional bill for the trouble the lawyer was put through defending himself. My very serious complaint on lawyer (McKinnon j. 13-59060) reference was not even acknowledged. I have had contact with 5 of these provincial offshoots and, to be polite, someone should collectively take them out back and shoot them. In brief, the legal system is beginning to become unraveled in Canada which cannot be too soon for me. D) Without making too big of a point, the British Prime Minister is asking Putin to defend a negative which is an impossibility in the 'poisoning matter'. The daughter of the spy of whom both were poisoned was in Moscow shortly before their death. Was she an inadvertent carrier or was she acting in the role of an assassin for some other purported individual? Did the poison come from another source? We don't know. Britain should, however, provide Russia with a sample of the poison for a possible investigation. Chemists apparently claim that both the U.S. and Britain could reproduce this poison.


MAR.12-2018  I retired from a long-time high school teaching and Supply Teaching (all grades & disciplines) career in 2004. On Caribbean cruises, when I encountered a (U.S.) teacher, I would ask them the central problem in U.S. Schools? Until 2014, the answer was 'violence in the classroom'. In 2014, the response was 'the administrators...they don't know what they are doing'. A lengthy article focusing on ON teacher absenteeism (O.S.p.4) brought me up to date on events since my retirement. SEE this date under MARCH-2018


MAR.11-2018 A) NEWSLETTER to President Trump outlining why Canada's debt makes us vulnerable to a U.S. takeover. SEE this date under MARCH 2018  B) Apparently new RCMP Commissioner, Brenda Lucki is going to drain the RCMP swamp. SEE sub-heading RCMP as to how just 'swampy' the RCMP has become.


MAR.10-2018 A) Doug Ford, 'the clean broom' in the Ontario Tory race has until May 15 to speak out on the Employee's Case...or forever hold his peace.  B) Followers of the Employee's Case recognize the modus operandi of Trump and the Chief Justices: a) Choose the outcome you want  b) Choose the regulation or law or Chief Justice's (or President's) appointee  to gain your end. Of course it is anarchy which the N. Korean leader is only too aware hence he wants to appear conciliatory recently not only to feed his starving people but to do so while Trump is still alive. C) By having the RCMP charge Vice-Admiral Mark Norman one year after his dismissal (and a year before the next Federal election) along with forking out another $50 million to deal with indigenous women's deaths; the Liberals hope to stall everything until after the next election in 2019. Similar to Senator Duffy, Norman should pray for a change of government to save his ass. It would appear that the RCMP is prepared to once again permit their offices to be used to suit the needs of the Old Boys' Club as the published evidence against Norman is weak. D) If not for the anti-employee (anti-individual) media protecting the rear end of our corrupt and corruptible institutions such as the Canadian Justice System as seen by the Employee's Case, Canada would have fallen into anarchy some time ago...we are a democracy built on sand susceptible to any minor disturbance threatening to bring the whole edifice down....


MAR.09-2018 So how are the Ontario Tories going to justify getting rid of 'crooked' Premier Wynne when their own selection process is crooked to the bone? Any Party with the Tory overseer of the voting pattern (as seen on a TV interview) stands no chance for a claim to be an ethical Party.  


MAR.07-2018 Of course the Crown in the SK Battleford incident is not going to appeal...that was known even before the judge walked into the courtroom. I saw it all in the 11-day arbitration in my teacher illicit lay-off in 1985 as to how a judicial conspiracy works involving all interests. When I changed lawyers and appealed, the arbitration was quashed leaving me in a 33 year limbo where no compensation has been paid.


MAR.06-2018 A) I should have learned by now. Corporate entities like CARP with Wanda Morris (Ottawa Citizen) writing a good column entitled Grey matters are in the hands of blog controllers where the 'askwanda.ca' e-mail is rejected. They are interested in donations or new memberships only. They will write the opinions, sir, (so don't waste our time). B) Normally, I don't clutter this website with Registry obfuscations but PEI under Premier and Justice Minister, Wade McLachlin takes the cake (SEE sub-heading PEI OBFUSCATION) To cut a long story short, I received a 5 page tome on 'Court Fees' to which 10 different clerks could give 10 different answers...see a lawyer message. All other courts - and there have been over 15 - adjudge the fee to be charged from the information provided.  'Any ole excuse' will apparently do in this 'potato patch mentality' (in actual fact I did have a fee assessed by the first clerk which I paid but appears to have disappeared down the pocket of the Premier and Justice Minister).


MAR.03-2018  So NS Premier McNeil would scrap the English School Boards...sounds like a 'Phoenix' (federal gov't. pay screw-up) program to me as he centralizes School Board operations with his Party factotums leaving the School Districts to pay the price for sloppy administration.


MARCH 01-2018 A) OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP SEE this heading under this date in MARCH-2018  B) Disclosure: a juxtaposition between the Florida massacre and the Employee's Case. reference: O.S.  U.S. columnist Michelle Malkin p.13 SEE this date under MARCH 2018


FEB.27-2018 Two perceptions-one photo. Trudeau's beaming family genuflecting at the Golden Temple at Amritsar as respect? or bufoonery? That reminds me of a photo during the Viet Nam war showing up in both the enemy and the U.S. papers. The U.S. paper caption read: 'soldiers praying before going into battle' while the enemy caption read: 'U.S. soldiers surrendering to Viet Cong'.


FEB.26-2018 Andrew Weaver, the sole B.C. Green Party MPP whom keeps Premier Horgan in power, is correct. The Kinder-Morgan pipeline is mutually exclusive from shipping B.C. wine to AB which Premier Notley would embargo and hence the legal case lodged by B.C. is a no-brainer as to outcome. If the Kinder Morgan interests were all that serious, they would have extended the line to the coal dump at Roberts Bank in the Strait of Georgia and avoid ship congestion in Burrard Inlet through Vancouver. But that is the point. No-one is serious as new big natural gas production in Siberia threatens to make Kinder Morgan redundant. A pipeline to the East is eminently feasible if it were not for the obfuscation of QC which, no doubt, just wants more money. The 'legalistic' Dr. Weaver should pay more attention to obfuscation in the Vancouver Court System (Employee's Case) as Premier Horgan appears disinterested in the significance of legal realities in this case.


FEB.25-2018 A) SEE sub-heading PEI REGISTRY OBFUSCATION which wins the 'booby hatch' award. B) AG office a 'festering sore' O.S. p. 18 So the Ontario legal system is rampant with bullyism according to a study created for the purpose...add to that every other province to which I can attest...the entire Justice System is moribund. Add to that the implosion of bureaucratic 'oversight bodies' and one can see that pushing the democratic camel through the eye of the Canadian needle makes Canada and Canadians into laughingstocks in the world.


FEB.24-2018 2018  A) O.S pp.4-5The Canadian Taxpayers and their cronies in the media are overdoing it on scapegoating Trudeau. It is this very kind of diatribe which has cost the Tories dearly in the past. For example, Candice Malcolm of the O.S. tells about the presence of a convicted would be assassin on Trudeau's India trip. In Mark Bonokoski's column we are told that this convicted person was sentenced to 20 years in Canada and did not serve a day in prison due to CSIS bungling...so what did the Justice System do next??? We are not told. And to think that some readers must wonder why I condemn the institutions of the Justice System plus media outright! At least Trudeau didn't drag two bulletproof limousines to India at a cost over a million dollars such as Harper did as P.M. B) So ON NDP (No Don't Party) wades into the thick of ON corruption p.6 with leader Andrea Horwath not explaining why she did nothing in exposing the biggest legal abuse in ON's legal history...The Employee's Case. C) Maybe entertainment columnist Liz Braun whom writes well, gets it right by claiming (on another 'nitpicking' issue), to belong to the 'post nation state world' D) Carolyn Mulroney is probably correct that Brown is 'kingmaker' by throwing his support behind the candidate who will sign his nomination papers p. 6 Cozying Up to Brown Elliott seems to be her prime target who will have to do a lot a backtracking if she does. But then, perhaps Mulroney and Ford will team up...who knows...who cares....not me: PLACARD: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS  E) Terry Glavin of the O.C. has a more measured response to Trudeau's trip which does 'not appear to be all that productive'. Compare that with the rabid jackals calling for Trudeau's head. My point is that in sales, you really never know. You sow your seeds hoping that some will pay off. For example, just before I went North in B.C. to a teaching job in 1964, I used to work on sales for my father's small industrial Company. In following up one lead, a secretary told us that they no longer used one product so I tried to sell another. Finally, in exasperation, she said that I should see Garry in the back for he used industrial fasteners. Garry was my age and existed in a little cubbyhole doing buying for a mine up in Stewart. I visited him a few times and it was when I was about to leave to go North, our 150 ft. long warehouse had an order with boxes piled four deep in the biggest fastening order we ever had. Three months later, a slide buried the entire mine. Fortunately we got paid by Senator McEachern, the mine controller. To make a long story short, I am fast losing patience with the Far Right. F) WHY GOVERNMENTS CANNOT GET IT STRAIGHT SEE above date under FEBRUARY-2018 Negativism, or the part of the glass half empty, is an important part of defining positivism, or the part of the glass which is half full; something that is lost on our 'trite' society.


FEB.22-2018   Nova Scotia Teachers Strike SEE this date under


FEBRUARY-FEB.19-2018 A) Wow! A student whom can read v adults (Congress) who can't (Florida school massacre): GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE  ummm  OH YES THEY DO. While not of the same dimensions as the Florida massacre, perhaps Canadian students in absence of the adults could mount this blog: STUDENTS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. a social media follow-up could read: DON'T TRUST ANYONE OVER 21 What's not to love for fun-loving students? SEE more on this issue under this date in FEBRUARY-2018  B) BILL NYE, THE SCIENCE GUY and my riposte  SEE Sub Heading


FEB. 18-2018  A) OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018  B) The Federal government is sidetracking the indigenous peoples re the Battleford Case with the 'race card' played by 'Judas cow' Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould (as per O.J. Simpson trial) to deflect attention from what it actually is - a case of judicial malfeasance: PLACARD WILSON-RAYBOULD / JUDAS COW I fought SK unsuccessfully to the Supreme Court of Canada (36993 SK 2016); will the indigenous people? No. The deal cut, I submit, is that if the indigenous people lay off, others present at the farm 'invasion' will not be charged. The hapless indigenous people under those circumstances are no legally better off than I am.... Next time, those isolated SK farmers will only use a shotgun at a distance to achieve their ends. The ON Tory conspirators against Patrick Brown must really be worried to call in O.S. Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Batra p. 5 as usually underlings are appointed for the task. I say let him run and let the Party decide with their votes whom should lead otherwise they will get known as the Party 'with their underwear knotted up their ass'.


FEB.17-2018 A)Former On Tory Leader, Patrick Bown, has the investigative arm of the CBC against CTV to thank for his opportunity to run for the re-Presidency of his Party as the only sitting member of the 5 candidates. As for me, I still have no media investigation into judicial malfeasance on a scale hitherto unimagined. Teachers failing to establish a web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION are like those chickens who would give a vote to Colonel Sanders.  B) I wade into the Florida School Massacre and the FBI scapegoating. SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018  C)Howard Levitt LLP Radio Show is married to the notion of a 'legal billable time' existence. But ask him, as I did in the Employee's Case, how it is that 3 official court decisions not referencing each other in Ontario (13-59060 Colin McKinnon j. 2014), and one draws a big blank. Someone should phone in to his Toronto labour program and pillory him with that one. Of course, he will just play it dumb as any politician does although the winner of the ON PC Election should expect to answer that question before the June election. The Liberals and NDP have failed to acknowledge this all-important legal question.


FEB.16-2018 In Parliament, an M.P. 'named' by the Speaker and expelled, must either apologize or run in a re-election to get back into the House. As the only sitting member of  ON, with three others without seats vying for election, Brown has every right to regain his leadership by participating in the ON election. The pundits have their underwear in a knot over this one. Brown's challenge to CTV will take 3 years plus mammoth legal fees and counting to challenge unsubstantiated claims (no police complaint) of improper sexual assault.


FEB.15-2018 A) SEE sub-heading PATRICK BROWN (former ON Party leader) as he fights back against sexual accusations plus My Response as it seems clear the Old Boys Club is still manipulating the anti-employee media which they did in 1985 and still do in 2018. B) What the P.M. could have and should have said re 'Battleford incident': We believe in the rule of law. From there it is clear that all legal cases run the gamut of fair to unfair. In the case of the latter which usually shows up under Appeal, the government is committed to remedial legislation which is the function of government leaving the courts to conduct legal matters. Compare that approach to the inane drivel on TV by the most incompetent Justice Minister Canada has ever had. C) So comely Porn Star, Stormy Daniels, pictured in the paper although it is her other orifice which some viewers would hunker down on, will now tell all on her dalliance with Trump beginning in 2006 where she was known to say 'ugh'. My guess is that she has spent a life time of saying 'ugh'. Disclaimer Alert: I hope the #MeToo Brigade doesn't take me down a notch or two or three for letting it 'all hang out'!


FEB.14-2018 A) I felt Don Martin of CTV's Power Play was being deficient in not asking the incompetent Minister of Justice, Jody Raybould-Wilson: 'Do you or do you not accept the process of the SK trial exonerating the farmer whom killed an invader of his property? Much is made of peremptory bids in Jury selection which such as Mississippi and Britain have ruled out to avoid kangaroo courts but not Canada. The SK judge did not have to accept these peremptory bids but, from what I know from personal negative experience in SK, the judge selected by the Chief Justice was only 'doing the necessary' along with a 'lame' prosecutor and a 'feeble' RCMP investigation...been there, done that... Trudeau should be upset as it was SK cover-up (SCof C 208993 2016) by the one he named Chief Justice, Robert Wagner) which plagues his own cover-up as augmented by a mute anti-employee media. In short, the judge was 'dirty'...now for the Appeal....to be sure that whatever is said, THE LOWER COURT DECISION WILL HOLD. B) While the preceding was an SK provincial decision, indigenous people protested across Canada which is exactly what professional teachers need to do should any province impose legislation. Only by creating a blog - PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION - will that be possible.


FEB.13-2018 A) B.C.-AB Pipeline War  Is B.C., similar to QC, indulging in blackmail to consent to pipelines or is there a real concern over the environmental impact? I'm against the Kinder Morgan pipeline ending at IOCO, up a narrow fog shrouded canal which cannot take extensive shipping. Why not continue the pipe line to Roberts Bank where a coal terminus has already been established for trains? Currently, the Kinder Morgan is not economically viable with such as Russian fields coming on tap. Australia is already suffering from energy cut-backs. AB justifies their need on the grounds that oil shipped to the U.S. is discounted by a third...why? The point is that AB oil and natural gas is currently going by rail. Their real problem is the rail lobbying interests are supporting the ecologists in order to keep their rail business. Methinks Premier Notley protesteth too much more as a coming election interest than to any other single cause. It is too bad that the Eastern pipe line to the Maritimes was not built. That is where the future lies.  B)Teacher Union leaders are foolish in the extreme by not supporting my constitutional bid which would permit a court challenge by a laid-off teacher at the lower court level as opposed to a 5 year Supreme Court Challenge at an unaffordable cost. Here's why. 'Teachers Wanted' blares the Ottawa year by year trade fair with signs in the background...fluent French teachers although they are advised not to go to Vancouver as a teacher cannot survive economically there. What they don't tell you is that they are wanted to replace redundant English speaking teachers - preferably senior ones (twice the salary) - in a system of declining enrolment. That will be accomplished through imposed legislation and yet I have not heard of anyone creating this blog to run independently of my own blog: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION.  C) SEE SUB-HEADING; PATRICK BROWN (ON TORY) regarding the METOO movement.  D) (Duterte) tells Philippine soldiers to aim for genitals of female rebels O.S. p.11 SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018



FEB.12-2018 A) No doubt the cowardly response to the SK manslaughter case (FEB. 11 below) will be one of...'It was the right thing to do but they went around it the wrong way'. Union leaders are used to hearing that kind of claptrap which, I am sure, pervades the Employee's Case. B) 'Playing policeman' SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018


FEB.11-2018 A) PLACARD: HYPOCRISY: CANADA DOES IT BEST So Trudeau does not wish to comment on the legal process regarding the exoneration of the SK farmer for manslaughter but goes on displaying sympathy for the broad protest of the indigenous people. Why not comment on the Process such as when he did when he was condemned for his Agha Khan Xmas trip?  'I accept the finding' he chirped. So what about now...does he accept the Judicial Process in the SK case? Sucking and blowing at the same time does not cut it. B) So why does former B.C. Premier 'crooked' Christy Clark feel it necessary to upstage the current Opposition Liberal-Conservative Premier, Andrew Wilkinson, in proclaiming Premier Hogarth is breaking the law on the Kinder Morgan pipeline? C) What will happen if North Korea rolls their tanks into S. Korea after the Pyeongchang Olympic games? Russia did it after the Sochi games of 2014 into the eastern Ukraine. The U.S. better have their missiles 'locked and loaded' right now. D) Former B.C. Premier from the early 1970's Dave Barrett (Canada's only Jewish Premier) passed away recently. His abomination was the creation of the B.C. Labour Board which looms large in the Employee's Case. When Justice Spencer in 1995 ruled my case to be a sole Union case leaving me with only access to the B.C. Labour Board, that Board refused to hold a Section 12 hearing 'because the Union had done nothing wrong'. The Employer was going to refuse to recognize any oversight to the Board as reflected in the 'Hanging Letter' on my website if a hearing was held....and that would never do....


FEB.10-2018  A) THE DEPRESSION - PART II; President Trump laments stock market declines while economy strengthens...'Big mistake', he says. The problem, my dear Donald, lies not in our published economic figures, but in the bankruptcy behind those figures. For example, a mortgage broker knows a client has no way of fulfilling his mortgage obligations but will do anything to rewrite the contract so that the debt may be retained as a Company asset. B)Forget Korea, Canada has its very own Pyeongchang 'dopes' SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018  C) It's in the jury selection, stupid...no native person was going to be permitted to create a 'hung jury' in the recent exonerated SK farmer who killed a native burglar. It's a win for a culture in which individuals living in isolated locales may take the law into their own hands. D) Time to call in novelist Lee Child's Jack Reacher to settle the problem of two of ISIS's execution squad captured in Syria. The U.S. wants them in Guantanamo while the Brits want them in The Hague. If Reacher were on the task, no-one would have even heard about a problem in the first place.... E) So latter-day Tory pundit from the Harris government, O.S. columnist John Snobelen, doesn't like Tory candidate, Doug Ford, whose housecleaning of the Tory Party if he wins next month, would no doubt include Snobelen. I wouldn't even hire lawyer Carolyn Mulroney for legal services let alone support her candidature. Bland Christine Elliott seems light in the financial end perhaps hoping to inherit Mulroney's support if she fails.


FEB.09-2018 Letter to President Trump as the de facto replacement for Canadian authorities in the Judiciary and Government. SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018


FEB.08-2018 ON Tory contender, Doug Ford, is unlike his predecessor Hudak whom would make war on civil servants which cost him the election. Ford would do the very popular thing - much to the chagrin of the Party hierarchy - of making war on that selfsame hierarchy. To be sure, an 'anyone but Ford' movement is being mounted within the Party ranks so he has to sign up hundreds of new members if he is to stand any chance of winning. From there the Provincial Election in June is a certainty for him. I have challenged Ford with a PLACARD to speak out on the Employee's Case as the other incumbent leaders - Liberals & NDP - remain mute. The other two female contenders are cliché ridden candidates of the Justin Trudeau order of thought or thoughtlessness depending on your point of view.


FEB.07-2018 A) Don't believe those investment hucksters with their 'Whatever you do, don't liquidate your holdings' when the market crashes. SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2018 explaining why we are already in a Depression.  B) Also under this date is a response to a columnist regarding the legalities of constitutional challenges which should be of particular interest to President Trump


FEB.06-2018 'Kettle calling the pot black?' O.C. NP3 'The new chief justice (Richard Wagner) of the Supreme Court of Canada says the system for dealing with complaints of serious misconduct by judges needs an overhaul....' And if he looked out his investiture window, he could have seen this PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER whom was part of a 3 person team which covered up judicial excesses in the Employee's Case from both QC (26883-2016) and SK (26993-2016). With the retirement of CJ  B. McLachlin in 2017, I renewed complaints against two ON judges (originally Federal Court appointments therefore a Judicial Council of Canada jurisdiction) which still goes unacknowledged today. In retrospect, Wagner should never have been given this appointment.


FEB.05-2018  S.S. Titanic News: 1) Letter to new B.C. Opp. Leader, Andrew Wilkinson, a quintessential 'Old Boy's Club' member. SEE this date under FEBRUARY - 2018. The last thing the B.C. Liberal Party needs is to preach to the converted as they require new votes which won't happen under Wilkinson.  2)Liberal Minister Jim Carr falling all over himself explaining why the Liberal government cannot force the AB-B.C. pipeline ANS. B.C. a source of Liberal votes; none in AB  3) new SK Premier, Scott Moe with his 'just watch me' (Pierre Trudeau 1970 War Measures Act ref.) stumblebumed all over the interviewer's question as to what we should watch for in his legal challenge to the Carbon Tax. It was one deafening cliché after another. 4) A stock market johnny making the disastrous Dow drop today look like a mere 'sailing adventure'...just like the SS Titanic 5) The anti-employee media are getting restless with my accusation as to their boycott of the Employee's Case as reflected in their hard hitting diversion on other issues.


FEB.03-2018 A) About all the secret memo revealed in the U.S. is that there is as big a credibility problem at the top of the FBI as there is in the Canadian Judiciary.  B) As a 16 year Supply Teacher retiring in 2004, it is all about control. I recognized that control by P.M. Trudeau in a town meeting in Nanaimo. Bottom Line? From a story I heard the other day about local school discipline, I would have difficulty operating in today's environment. Similarly, I submit that Trudeau will have to modify his Town Hall presentations if he doesn't cancel them altogether. His public 'suggestion' that he awaits charges to be made against vice admiral Norman begs just where the request originated (Trudeau himself). C) DUPLICITY and the artifice of the FBI, the Canadian Justice System and the Employee's Case. SEE this date under FEBRUARY - 2018  D) PLACARD: WHERE DOES TORY CANDIDATE DOUG FORD PUBLICLY STAND ON THE EMPLOYEE'S CASE?


FEBRUARY 01-2018  A) MB 'Legal Apology' Sub-heading. Posted on Jan. 21-2018  B) A young SK NDP M.P. was suspended for harassment but not of a sexual nature. He acquitted himself well on a public affairs program on the accusation. I was reminded of my senior teacher lay-off under the imposed BILL 35 for economic reasons in which I was pilloried in the media for alleged incompetence by West Vancouver School Trustee Chairperson, Margo Furk, followed up in the following year by her successor, Mike Smith. (SEE web Red Neck Media) This propaganda was sufficient, as a lawyer later explained to me, to prompt Justice Southin whom quashed the arbitration in 1986 to merely 'recommend' my return of employment as opposed to making an order to that effect. She did not want to be seen ordering an accused incompetent teacher back to employment. From written material which has been held from me for 33 years, she knew that whistleblowing was at the root of the complaint. At that time there was a major story about a pedophile elementary principal raging in the news. At least the media, at my request, included the fact that there was no impropriety with students regarding my lay-off. I believe CTV Craig Oliver commentator in suggesting that the NDP leader was making a mountain out of a molehill (my words) and should merely have handled this matter privately without comment. C) LETTER TO SK TEACHERS regarding the set-up of a blog: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION which any teacher or administrator in Canada should support. SEE FEBRUARY-2018


JAN.31-2018  A) A 'puff piece': JAMES BOND v. JACK REACHER (Lee Childs) SEE this date under JANUARY-2018  B) A not-so puffy a piece: Burglaries are for urban folk... JANUARY-2018 this date also


JAN.30-2018   TWO CULTURES OF SECRECY  Not for the faint of heart. SEE this date under JANUARY-2018


JAN.29-2018 A) a 'puff piece' on NDP House Leader MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau so I sent her the January 27 'Everybody Lies' Newsletter (JANUARY-2018) She appears to be following the old Thomas Mulcair stunt of always keeping her fax machine 'busy'   B)'Just watch me' (reminiscent of P. Trudeau & War Measures Act 1970) bravado from new SK leader, Scott Moe, and I am here to oblige. An ex parte constitutional question (no defendant) will be filed in SK where their courts are already under disarray under former premier Brad Wall which currently explains - in part - this PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER . His position re the federally imposed carbon tax is the same as Wall and he would foolishly risk an expensive prolonged court challenge with little hope of success when he doesn't have to. By supporting my 'Model T' ex parte application confirming that courts have oversight powers regarding imposed legislation; he can deal with the carbon tax challenge at the lower court level. I have no interest in any further challenges in SK court as any future actions regarding the settlement of my 33 year unresolved labour matter will take place elsewhere...so what's not to like? C) When due process is missing, so is justice O.S. editorial p.14 ON NDP leader, Andrea Howarth ...went on to slam the justice system as useless (prompted by accusations against deposed ON leader, Patrick Brown) 'This is the wrong road to travel (Should support due process)'. my comment: Both are blatant liars as reflected by their respective cover-up of the Employee's Case. D) Why ON leader had to go: The Tory Party was sinking in red ink due to litigation provoked by Brown. To be sure, his private cabinet were forewarned of the 4 P.M. call from CTV going public at 10 P.M. The next stage in the coup was to slip Vic Fedeli in as the new leader which led to opposition demanding a leadership race. To be sure, if the experienced Doug Ford of the infamous Ford Family in Toronto capable of raising massive funds runs, he can not only win the Party leadership but the entire June election...Wynne and her cohorts don't want to face that one while NDP's Howarth doesn't know how to face anything in this her third run in an election.


JAN.28-2018  The same grey eminence which gave CTV permission to break ON Tory leader Patrick Brown's peccadilloes at 10 P.M. last Wednesday after a 'head's up' phone call to the Tory leadership at 4 P.M. arranged for the Brown team to give their resignations.


JAN.27-2018 A) This principal is stupid heaped on criminality for having students return to school to complete the provincial government tests in a 'we haven't seen you moment': Former principal pleads guilty to test tampering. O.C. p. A6 ...and what did the examining disciplinary body have to say? 'She was honest, upfront and forthcoming admitting her actions and taking responsibility' . my comment: No she isn't an honest nor very clever person...she was a blithering idiot. Assuming she was committing a crime, which she was, why didn't she avoid all this nonsense by merely filling in the answers herself (like other like-minded administrators?) These tribunals have their answers first in the typical Alice in Wonderland motif: 'first the punishment, then the crime' or in this case 'first the exoneration, then the crime'.  B) Murder most foul - both figurative and literal SEE this date under JANUARY-2017


JAN.26-2018 A) The 'Last Hurrah' for Donald Trump whom can be expected to stand down from the Presidency to save the exposure of his son's and son-in-law's Russian connection? If Mueller asks Trump to give his name under oath promptly declaring 'that's a lie'; Trump exchanges the Presidential Seal for an orange jumpsuit...been there, seen that many times.  I would sure like to see Mueller to investigate the Employee's Case as we don't have anyone in Canada. B) Unless the new ON Tory Party leader, Vic Fedeli speaks out on the Employee's Case, this Placard should apply: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS   


JAN.25-2018 A) Guess the unasked media question here...when the ON Tory Party canvassed recently, they learned that leader Patrick Brown was going to lose the June election leading to the split up of the Party ergo Brown had to go but how? Why the #metoo sexual accusations. Question: How long had the Tory elders been sitting on the accusations which forced Brown to resign today? B) SEE this date under JANUARY-2018 for a letter to the B.C. Lieutenant Governor to invoke her powers to launch a constitutional question. (same one recently mangled in NS courts).


JAN.24-2018  A) So 'Dr. Fingers' perpetuates sexual abuse for 20 years against RCMP female officers in Nova Scotia amid the feigned shock of their current commander. Problem? Wrong question - as usual - from the media refusing to ask why the authorities covered up this story for 20 years? ...or for that matter, the Employee's Case, for 33 years and still counting? No doubt the media is miffed at my 'anti-employee' designation for them but this RCMP story in Nova Scotia is proof positive of my point. To add to the list of 'shithole countries', the judicially challenged Canadian Justice System places us very much in that category...but then our shit does not smell.... B) Why does the Canadian media put up with the government's lying ways? Publicize the Employee's Case. For example, the Canadian media had to learn about an official meeting in Davros between Trudeau & Israel's Netanyu through the Jerusalem press. To be sure, the Canadian media is left fighting for its own relevancy & credibility.


JAN.22-2018 A) Investment Advice: In the years immediately preceding the 2015 downturn, my investment dealer made great returns on my 'big cap' investments from which the Mutual Fund advised him that, considering my senior years, I should trade down to more secure investments along the level of a GIC. I did better than that and placed my funds in a revenue neutral account (no interest) and learned recently that I was better off than the GIC although the Mutual Fund continued to show double digit returns since 2015 to the current date. Interpretation? The Mutual Fund love seniors to either invest on the level of a GIC (or park their funds as I did) because you can bet your bottom dollar that they invested your funds through their own account at the higher rate to reap the profits...oh, the wondrous world of high finance.... B) V.O.I.C.E. is a Facebook blog designed to deal with judicial malfeasance. Good for them. Now where is that teacher or principal - even in retirement - to sponsor a blog on 'TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. It is a far more serious situation in Canada than in the U.S. as the  'residual powers' rest with the central government in Canada while those powers rest with individual states in the U.S. C) PLACARD: POPE / I BELIEVE THE BISHOP


JAN.21-2018 A) O.S. pp2-3 Ottawans turn out in droves at the Hill to take part in Women's March In line with world-wide protests leaving male CEO's shaking in their boots, was this counter marcher sign: Men Matter Too. If I had been female, I would have had an instant army with the Employee's Case... chew on that one, Harvey Winsteiners. B) B.C. Premier John Horgan and his Green Party accomplice are being extremely foolish by not putting an end to the Employee's Case as his government is about to go the way of the Canadian Judicial System. The solution? Pay me my settlement fee and include it through an allowance for the amalgamation of West Vancouver School District (the smallest S.D. in the province with 2 high schools) with its much larger neighbor in North Vancouver. Horgan appears distracted by the economy not fully appreciating that "Mexico North" has a substantial investment in the illicit drug trade which does not show on the books. He should read 'For want of a nail' which led from a soldier falling off his horse to losing the battle to losing the war, all for the want of a nail. To be sure, there are some B.C. Teachers whom should be removed from the profession, but which B.C. administrator in his right mind will take that step with the knowledge of the debacle of the Employee's Case? Vulnerable teachers should borrow a leaf from the Kitchener, Waterloo instructor whom taped her meeting with the authorities and carry a secreted tape recorder. If I had done that in 1985, the West Vancouver School District would never have laid me off under the imposed BILL 35 which for 33 years now and counting, remains unresolved with no compensation (includes pension rights) having been paid. I call it 'deferred salary'. Currently the B.C. Attorney General would commit the government to this fraud. No doubt he is boyed up in that regard due to an anti-employee media boycott on this major national story.


JAN.20-2018 A) Canada is in an economic Depression. I will leave the macrocosm to the economists (whom never agree) and instead focus on the microcosm of concern over 'personal debt' which lacks a perspective article. It matters little to the employed person as to whether the economy is booming or busting if his personal debt load sinks him. Currently 1/3 of Canadians cannot pay their debt. An additional 17% = total of 50% cannot live beyond their next paycheck. Why? A Young Sheldon episode has the answer as the parents talk about getting a TANDY computer in the 1990's which the husband claims they can't afford while the wife claims her secret cache would cover the cost. That was then, this is now. 'Your car after 6 years is burnt out, sir, with 2 more years to go on the payments? No problem. We just add $10,000 equity on top of the $35,000 price of a new car and you just pay one convenient charge!' Of course, your style is an expensive SUV to match your neighbor whom is doing the same thing. I have always paid cash for a car whether used or new. The car dealers merely tolerate me as that is not where they make their money. Copy that scenario many times over and one can see that the individual is enslaved to consumerism. When will it end? When the snowball of liquidations outrun the credit sources. It happened in the U.S. in 2008 in housing with the taxpayer having to bail out Goldman Sachs who insured such as Fannie Mae mortgage holders. Canadian banks are vulnerable in this one...and when the avalanche begins....the government starts printing money like crazy. Japan has lived with deflation for decades only recently printing more money to buy their way out of fiscal problems. Brazil did the same thing and has gone bust. The personal answer for the other 50%? Similar to real estate's claim of 'location, location, location' the pattern should be 'liquidity, liquidity, liquidity'. More on this topic when I have more time. B) JUDGE NOT BUYING IT Finds McGuinty's ex-chief of staff guilty in gas plants e-mail scandal O.S. p.3 And I don't buy the courts on this one. Laura Miller, the Deputy chief of staff 'walked' after she arranged access for the computer geek to wipe the hard drives. No mention is made of former Premier McGuinty's responsibility in this criminal matter which parallels another case in QC where the Lac Megantic rail disaster personnel justifiably 'walked' where the corporate personnel responsible - similar to McGuinty - get 'to walk'. Bottom line? Tokenism has replaced Justice in Canada. Why didn't the judge ask the prime witness on Livingstone  whether he reported his findings to McGuinty? Oh, but the ON Liberals will pay in the election is the fatuous media excuse for this travesty. JAN.19-2018 A) O.S. p.6 Workers allege Arts Court partner hasn't paid up / 'Guys want their money. They're not happy at all' (union) An eerie story about a growing problem of Companies ducking their financial obligations reminds me of this classic. In 1958, the B.C. gov't. did not pay the contractors for the completion of the Peace River Dam so the matter went to court for 10 years in which time the B.C. Gov't was able to sell power to California and pay off with 50% 'dollars' as high inflation reduced their debt. My father supplying one contractor saw how stage 6 money was being used to pay for stage 4 completion leaving no money for the final stages and so very wisely ducked out of the game 'by quoting high'...they don't teach that in business school, do they? What crippled him in 1967 was a strike by pattern makers in which companies such as CAE suspended payment while the Union members went on strike to honour the one pattern maker who went to work in Seattle. All companies divested themselves of their pattern makers after that stunt...and with Union support!  B) FRONT PAGE: Premier bracing for big defeat In the spirit of Truman holding up a (pre-written) newspaper declaring Dewey Wins (he lost); I propose for the June 7 ON election this PLACARD: O.S. loses election / stew pot beckons. Winning for the Tories means over 50% which is not on the cards. Word has come down on high to the O.S. that if you lose another election, amalgamation with the Ottawa Citizen is a certainty. The Alliance Party will see an end to the Conservatives under Patrick Brown in such an eventuality who has lost even the support of the right wing Fraser Institute which, if you can believe this, the O.S. has labeled 'non-partisan'. C) p.10 'Ugh' says an 'award winning' porn star of over 150 films with regards to sex with 'The Donald' for which she was later bought off to avoid publication. Question. In how many of those 150 films did she also say 'ugh'? Was that Trump's wife muttering that 'at least while she is saying 'ugh', I don't have to?' My observation is that he is cheap...that is why one pays $50,000 per night for some escorts as what they are buying is 'discretion' which is hardly the bailiwick of this porn star.  D) If the Republicans and Democrats do not take this opportunity of the government shutdown to remove Trump from Office due to mental instability; there is no helping the U.S. political system.


JAN.18-2018 A) 'What Justice Southin saw' in 1987 explaining the rationale behind the missing West Vancouver School Board June 1985 memo notes and which over 50 judges refuse to call for disclosure. I call it 'Walking back the cat'. SEE JANUARY 2018 under this date for a one-of-a-kind story. B) I had the same cognitive test as Trump. It is limited to testing for short term memory consistent with aging and the possibility of Alzheimers. It does not test intelligence nor sanity. C) 'Mistakes'- both politicians and media  SEE this date under JANUARY 2018 for an e-mail to O.S. columnist, Lorrie Goldstein


JAN.17-2018 A) Letter to the B.C. Horton government including Green Party MLA, Dr.Andrew Weaver. SEE this date under JANUARY-2018  B) So alleged terrorist Hassan Diab is back in Ottawa after leaving a French prison with Trudeau saying we will have to change the law on deportation. If anything change the judge, Robert Maranger. The point is that Harper wanted him gone and the ON Chief Justice (works the same in every province where 'Napoleon' has his attack dogs for the purpose) appointed slippery Maranger j., a judge I had the misfortune to encounter. We both had our appeals to Maranger j. on the same day in different courtrooms and both lost to 'rubber-stamp' Appeal Courts. The SCofC refused to hear Diab's case and the authorities whipped him out of the country before you could say 'Jack Robinson'. B) Letter to Editor O.C. p.A7 '...I am horrified at the treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman... Is this how we treat any citizen in our country? (yup. RC) Not told the reasons for the suspension? Not given the chance to defend himself? Not charged with any crime and yet victimized by a government touting its adherence to the law? This sounds like a witch hunt...be thankful Norman (hopefully) doesn't sue the bejesus out of you. Patty Anne Hill my comment: Absolutely, no two ways about it, got it in one, oh my dear yes...and to think that Norman at least gets press coverage while in a much, much bigger issue, I get none... go figure! As to suing, I am cheap as I only ask for an apology in MB courts with a token $1 settlement for the judicial malfeasance over the 33 years of the Employee's Case. Norman at one year is a mere piker.


JAN.16-2018 A) At every hearing outside of B.C., I include the 'document' of Deputy Associate Cullen j. of the B.C. Supreme Court in 2013 refusing me any access to the court in my unresolved labour dispute where no compensation has been paid. No court outside of B.C. would touch that document with the proverbial ten foot pole nor did the Employer make any reference to it in requesting that the various courts should just dismiss the case for being frivolous & vexatious. The point to be made here? The document does not have a file number and therefore does not exist on the judicial record = 'running a court within a court'. Hence the Vancouver Courts are once again trying to tie this case up in the Registry with the full knowledge of B.C. Premier John Horgan.  B)Similarly the challenge in ON is impeded by Registry concerns which Premier Wynne has been apprised in this election year but due to the incompetence of M.P. Yasir Naqvi, whom appears to consider himself as a successor to Wynne, the question reverts to the Opposition. In short, will NDP's Howarth (third time running) and Tories Brown maintain their silence on this all important legal case similar to the last Federal election in 2016 with leaders Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair, and May? Stay tuned. B) The death of a highly ethical (Hindu) dismissed government scientist in 2004 (whistleblowing) was recently announced amid court foul-ups and therefore left unresolved. P.M. Paul Martin of that time - questionable labour practices of his Canadian Steamship concerns - declared, 'I believe Health Canada' = Old Boy's Club at work.  C) Trump's best defense? V.P. Pence considered a dangerous man with such as his anti-abortion stand. C) 'First the punishment, then the crime' in this Alice in Wonderland escapade in which Vice Admiral Mark Norman was dismissed for criminal reasons a year ago...yet no criminal charge has been laid. Why do that when keeping him in limbo has the same effect aka the Employee's Case? The Ottawa Citizen p. 9 hypocritically raises this question: 'Norman himself is being treated unfairly. He is entitled to face the accusations against him....' And after 33 years am I not entitled to face the accusations against my illicit lay-off with an anti-employee media boycott being part of the problem as opposed to the solution? Oh, heal thyself first, oh media gurus!


JAN.15-2018  A) In 1985, Americans were #1 in living standards; today there are 10 countries ahead of them...and Trump expects Norwegians to immigrate to the U.S.???  B) O.S. p.8 'Since 2012, when provincial taxes have been imposed (my underlining) since 2012 on beer at different rates (vary according to province)... What does axethebeertax.ca hope to accomplish by launching the web site?....'. Answer: The same thing that I wished to promote among Canada's professional teachers much to the chagrin of the union leaders in creating a parallel website to the Employee's Case for dealing with imposed legislation over the collective bargaining rules. For example, a tax may not be applied on top of another tax but the beer industry cannot appeal an imposed piece of legislation. My constitutional action on this level recently defeated in Nova Scotia (oh, well, 9 more provinces to go) includes both the collective bargaining processes as well as actions outside that process such as the beer industry with this difference; the beer guys get a two page spread in the anti-employee Ottawa Sun while I get nothing but the bum's rush due to a national media boycott from the 'grandpa news'. C) No PLACARD for dismissed SEARS employees in bankruptcy from me. Here's why. I did have a Placard 'I support Falun Gong' as they did protest at the height of their persecution in 2006 although the most public Canadian support appeared to be two books highlighting the 'body transplant business'. Government workers publicly protested against the Phoenix Program... good for them. Dismissed SEARS employees think the support of the media is sufficient to make a difference which it isn't. Create a website along the lines of the axethebeertax.ca above if a public protest is not feasible. In short, don't be a professional teacher without such a website.


JAN.14-2018 Former U.S. Inmate and now a Canadian columnist, millionaire Conrad Black, introduced a note of reality to CTV's Question Period by claiming that Trump is not racist nor does he have to fall under the influence of anyone else with the disposal of Steve Bannon as he is his own man. I wonder what Black's opinion would be with regards to the national boycott on the Employee's Case...I guess we will never know.... As to shithole countries, the Canadian government has a travel alert to anyone thinking of going to the highly dangerous Haiti.


JAN.13-2018  A) If a certain personage wishes to refer to the 'shithole' Canadian Justice System, there will be no objection here.  B) Where also is that personage willing to stand up in one of Trudeau's town meetings and ask him what he is doing to resolve the 33 year unresolved Employee's Case (Canada)? C) Tory Leader, Andrew Scheer, thinks he can 'suck and blow at the same time'; namely, announce his trip next week to Washington to support NAFTA while, one and at the same time, claim the leader, P.M. Justin Trudeau, is 'non poopis mentis' in that regard. He should go back to school to learn about how to 'hedge a bet'. D) 'Full Disclosure' is the title of former SCofC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin's book due out in May...yeah, right...her book signing should be done while wearing an orange prison suit considering that it is her cover-up of the role of new SCofC's Chief Justice Richard Wagner whom should never have been given this position. I have called for a re-examination of his role.  E) Man Overboard  'To claim that (Vice Admiral) Mark Norman is the only one with such information(case in legal limbo) is ridiculous. He appears to me to be the designated fall guy' Liberal Senator Colin Kenny O.C. National Post edition  SEE this date under JANUARY-2018


JAN.12-2018 A) Now that the search into the deaths of indigenous women is near collapse...return the $50 million grant!  B) The military Justice System is not trusted by soldiers due to no oversight capabilities; just another failure of our incompetent Justice Minister, Wilson-Raybould who should be fired. C)Another one whom should go is slippery Justice Maranger of the Ottawa Supreme Court. Both myself and University professor Diab whom was ordered released in France today with all charges dropped due to a very flimsy deportation order, had our respective cases heard on Appeal on the same day in different courtrooms. We both lost and the Harper gov't whipped Diab out of the country in defiance of due process. I understand that Diab's 'statecraft' is second to none when he was being followed but it does appear that he was innocent of the 1980 Paris bombing where his 'stolen' passport was used. In his case, he should sue the Canadian government for redress. The media difference between our two cases?...Diab had a support group from Ottawa University faculty...I have nothing in the way of support. D) QC teachers would be wise to set up a web site regarding teachers against imposed legislation without court overview as a PQ win in May could result in one of their promises to rid the province of school boards. E) I would like to add to Trump's 'shithole' countries such as Russia under mass murderer Joseph Stalin or China under the biggest mass murderer of all time -Mao Tse Tung. For that matter their current insidious body transplant system in China ranks right up there with Hitler's concentration camps...so rail ahead Mr. Trump and don't leave anyone out.


JAN.11-2018  A) The Justice System is beginning to crack wide open. An article in today's O.C. (National Post section) outlines how the Canadian and Indian government conspired to deport two Canadians accused of honour killings without 'due process of the law'. I have run into this kind of stunt all the time under various bureaucrats such as Federal Liberal Justice Minister J. Wilson-Raybould whom should be replaced immediately as she is being run 'by the nose' by the eminence gris.  B) While on my protest parade in downtown Ottawa today, one of my regular 'passerby's' expressed confusion on this PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER. "I know your reservations about the last (SCofC) Chief Justice but this new  appointee just started the job." 'Exactly, I replied, 'It was Wagner' dirty laundry which McLachlin (cj) whitewashed thereby prompting my initial impeachment Placard of her.' SEE JANUARY 2018 'Letter to C. Blatchford, Postmedia legal writer' C) The death at age 84 of a highly ethical government science whistleblower from 2004 after repeatedly denied 'due process' ; similar to the Employee's Case, illustrates the futility of trusting to Canadian judges.


 JAN.10-2018 A) N. Korea's large land-force can only go north to China or south to S. Korea. Are they protecting their flank for future purposes? Consider that they have ties with the old guard in the CCP.  B) The ON Teachers Pension Fund is a powerful investment organization in its own right set up in 1990.

They can currently pay teachers retiring in the future a full pension after 30 years of service. Compare that to the Sears non-union debacle where the government permitted SEARS (many other corporations in the same boat) to underfund their pension scheme by over $300 million so that retirees will get about 20% of their pension. Conclusion? Get unionized.  C) Why doesn't Oprah put her money behind Joe Biden to become President in 2020?  D) Letter to Postmedia's legal specialist, Christy Blatchford, on the question of the validity of precedent law (there isn't any). SEE JANUARY-2018 under this date.


JAN.09-2018 So Britain has publicized the fact that they are no longer going to put up with the bullying of teachers. Does Canada have a similar problem? Not in my day (retired 2004) but a review of some internet sites reveal people crawling out from under the rocks as reflected in the anal retentive media on high security alert. Apparently for a longtime, administrators 'bought off' complaints by running the gambit that 'capable' teachers were able to handle such concerns. Obviously, I was not capable in that regard as I reported serious misdemeanors to the administrators much to the chagrin of about half so concerned. So now everybody - at least in Britain - is paying the price for cover-up.


JAN.08-2018  A) Michael Connelly's best seller Two Kinds of Justice is typical of its genre, all sorts of legal skulduggery anchored by an honest judge, which as the Employee's Case exposes, is far from the truth of the matter regarding judges and, in particular, chief justices. The medical fraternity is even worse as there is no oversight with victims unable to get redress. No Canadian leader in any capacity has a handle on the problem as ethics appears to be a running joke with them. B) So NDP's Nathan Cullen would speak out on the 'public secret' of sexual assault on the Hill...I have another 'public secret' with the Employee's Case which Cullen would remain silent. Hypocritical Green Party's Elizabeth May demands that male MP's speak up when they learn of unacceptable behaviour...why didn't she do so in the past? Certainly silence on the Employee's Case is her stand as well. C) A remnant from the past (2003) with CJ Taylor (North Vancouver) whom understands the effect of imposed legislation. SEE JANUARY - 2018 under this date.


JAN.07-2018  A) I.Q. and Donald Trump SEE JANUARY-2018 under this date.  B) Drug Free Kids Canada (an offshoot of U.S. program) is a consumer program designed to help parents fight against opioid addiction in their children. Another consumer organization for Canadian flight passengers recently announced a court challenge to the bland oversight handling of a major Air Transit problem recently in Ottawa. Compare that with NS teachers who did nothing to fight against imposed legislation which negatively affects all Canadians as well as some provinces e.g. SK carbon tax.  B.C. teachers are once again (they ignored the issue in 1985) in a position to launch a website (no union leaders please) against imposed legislation. If they were to cite the Employee's Case, they would note that the West Vancouver School Trustees have effectively avoided paying compensation in a BILL 35 - 1985 case because they do not recognize court oversight. (The courts quashed the arbitration for failing to show a 'causal factor'; the essence of all justice.) Just because the anti-employee media have a national boycott on this story is no excuse for teachers being MIA...or is that MI 'inaction'?


JAN.06-2018 A) 'Principal charged with test tampering' O.S. p.2 SEE this date under JANUARY-2018  'Cheaten  Ways'  B) The Tim Horton's franchise is not working well under the new overlords from the U.S. Burger King. Burger King knew about the salary increase in ON as of January 01-2018 and apparently did not prepare franchisers with coping strategies falling back, as they do, on corporatese bafflegab. Many decades ago, one coffee franchise owner - not knowing that I had a home security franchise - declaimed to me in confidence...'There is not one good franchise...just name one'. He wasn't far from the truth.


JAN.05-2018  A) Ontario Election (June 2018) ...it's about the unions, stupid....SEE this date under JANUARY 2018  B) When is a duly recorded judgment NOT a judgment? (When it is altered later in the Judicial Registry) Ibid


JAN.02-2018 A) Condemning Pakistan for 'playing both sides of the fence' may be misleading. The border areas around Waziristan are hotbeds for terrorists and not really a part of Pakistan which uses its forces against them.  B) The President Kennedy assassination was in the Canadian news again as we come up to the April release date (or not) of more information. I'm guessing 'not' as the CIA run the show today as they did in 1963. If Kennedy's brain can disappear on Air Force 1 returning to Washington from Dallas, to be sure what brain President Trump has is equally vulnerable to similar treatment.

Ex CIA staffer, Barry Eisler Inside Out 2010 has the closest definition of a second shooter in the building next to Oswald using the same type of gun and administering the killing shot. The point here is that until the U.S. comes clean on this story, there is no going ahead. Similarly, while not quite so dramatic, the Canadian sleeper story of the Employee's Case Canada reveals the same level of bureaucratic cover-up which has already cost us our democracy revealing, as it does, the failure of Canadian oversight bodies under politicians, courts of law, anti-employee media, or union leaders. 'Going ahead' is no longer an option.  C) The world is spinning out of control: a) because of a computer glitch, a passenger on a L.A. to Tokyo flight was found after 4 hours flight time not to have the proper ticket...result, turn the plane around and go back to L.A.  b) As one cannot sue the city of Ottawa, scammers make up for lost time by slipping on apartment block lots and malls. An update on this one is where the sleazy 'you don't pay until we get paid' lawyer files an action on behalf of Rover, the dog, who slipped on ice. Conclusion? We're headed for war however that war is defined.


JAN. 01-2018 A) 'Would the real ON Justice McKinnon please stand up?' SEE JANUARY-2018  B) In light of the Canada-Venezuela 'hissy fit' and the Failure of President Trump to invoke the Magnitsky Act against NS Supreme Court Justice P. Rasinski, perhaps Venezuela can fill the gap considering that Canada invoked the Magnitsky Act against Venezuela's Chief Justice, by tackling Rasinski j. directly.  SEE ibid 'Chrystia Freeland: Canada will not stand by as the gov't of Venezuela robs its people of their fundamental democratic and human rights, and denies them access to basic humanitarian assistance'...now on to China with its body transplant business, eh, Chrystia?  C) '...To say so is not to defend injustice or callous immobility. But constant change (My underlining) is indistinguishable from chaos, and constantly accelerating change indistinguishable from exploitation.' SEE ibid Newsletter: A CANADIAN CATASTROPHE   D)IMPOSED LEGISLATION SEE this topic under JANUARY-2018   E)B.C. Court Fraud Charges SEE sub-heading