November 04-2015


TO: The Canadian Judicial Council  (under the aegis of Hon. B. McLachlin-SCofC) K1A 0W8

N.B. In over a year, the CJC has never acknowledged any of the many serious complaints against Canadian judges from me which explains why I ask P.M. Trudeau to dismiss her as the future of Canada is more important than the welfare of any one individual (barring me in this issue.)


FROM: Roger Callow 


REFERENCE: Province of QC/District of Gatineau 550-17-008208-157 (Oct. 23-2015) "Right after the Federal Election" Oct. 19-2015) (H.D. June 08-2015)

JUDGES: Gatineau Superior Court Judges: Therrien j. and Goulet j.s.c.



1) First lie: The judgment reads: IN THE PRESENCE OF THE HONOURABLE DOMINIQUE GOULET J.S.C. It wasn't as the presiding Justice was Therrien j.; Goulet j. was not in attendance

2) Second lie: There is no mention of Therrien j. in Goulet's account; a serious omission of the type all too common in Canada's Judiciary which appears to escape scrutiny on this level of omission by the oversight bodies including the Minister of Justice and  Parliamentary leaders.

3) 'Running a court within a court' marks the end of any Justice System. Newly invested P.M. Trudeau is hardly out of the starting gate and already he must act in this matter if his government is to retain any credibility otherwise PLACARD: INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS / WHAT THE FATHER WOULD CREATE / THE SON WOULD DESTROY

4) In brief, Therrien j. was the appointed judge and should have written this judgment or, at the very least, he should have co-signed Goulet's judgment Order although under which circumstances is questionable.

5) Logic tells us that Therrien balked against 'Orders from above' on how to conduct this case hence the entry of Goulet j. whom, it appears in collusion with Lavery, de Billy for the Employer, concocted a second enquiry which created a 'dog's breakfast' of a plethora of material supplied by both litigants leading to a new direction for the above case. Hence the Appeal of Goulet j.'s Order is based on the broader parameters. SEE employeescasecanada.com  QC APPEAL 550-  for a detailed critique of Goulet's Order.

6) Originally, my request was solely for the 'secret missing memo notes' from B.C. Justice Mary Southin (1986) on School Board meetings in June of 1985 regarding my senior teacher 'lay-off' under B.C.'s imposed BILL 35 (the only teacher laid off before this iniquitous BILL was withdrawn under an unresolved legal matter where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid= banana republic legislation). This key evidence alleging fraud against not only the original perpetrators but the Justice System as well (over 30 years) has been steadfastly hidden by the Employer with the full compliance of many courts in Canada. At this juncture, I call on Prime Minister Trudeau to request of the Montreal RCMP- which has been kept fully informed in this matter- to seize these documents.

7) The nature of this fraud is defined in T-2360-14 (Federal Court) in an action currently in abeyance awaiting a Minister of Justice/Prime Minister's Order to proceed according to the original format. Those documents were entered into QC with Goulet j's intervention and will form the basis of the Appeal in that province.

ACTION CALLED FOR: Cite Therrien j. for disciplinary reasons and dismiss Goulet j. from the bench.

8) This accusation is devastating for the Couillard government which has been kept fully informed as to unfolding events. Quebecers can no longer view their court system with any degree of equanimity.


Yours, etc. (Roger Callow- Plaintiff)


cc P.M. Trudeau / Justice Minister J. Wilson-Raybould  (includes Goulet j.s.c. Judgment Oct. 23-2015)

SCofC Hon. S. Coté                                                                "                      "                      "

Premier Couillard / QC RCMP /Gov. Gen.


March 20-2017                                                                 

TO: RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson                                  FROM: Roger Callow  Nova Scotia 458698

       Personal                                                                                         #2001-1285 Cahill Dr. East

       1200 Vanier Pkwy.                                                                       Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

       Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2           




1) So you are retiring this June which is not soon enough for many of the female RCMP officers who won a class action against gender-sensitive harassment. But I digress.

2) I do not digress, however, when I claim that it was your indolence and that of P.M. Justin Trudeau that cost QC and SK their court credibility. Individuals in those two provinces have nowhere to turn but the streets for justice (Supreme Court of Canada 2016: 36883 QC  and 36993 SK). Now NS courts are on the firing line.

3) How can you help? By seizing the disclosure information relating to West Vancouver School Board's June 1985 meeting notes where the matter of the neophyte BILL 35 and the lay-off of senior teacher, Roger Callow were extensively discussed. 32 years and over 50 judges and yet this matter remains unresolved. No compensation has been paid (includes pension rights).

4) I have asked for a voir dire meeting with the NS court to discuss that disclosure request plus alleged fraudulencies in the B.C. Harris & Co. factum. In brief, I have asked that this sleazeball B.C. outfit be barred from NS courts. The Employer should hire NS Council which is bound by NS regulations; not disreputable B.C. oversight bodies.

5) In fact there is no need for the Employer to put in an appearance as the case is limited to the constitutional question (c.q.) regarding the oversight powers of the court as they relate to imposed legislation. The Employer makes no mention of the c.q. in their factum....

7)... Whatever, no voir dire hearing and we can presume that the NS judge walking into the courtroom on April 6-2017 (teleconferencing) will have had his mind made up at the door.

Yours truly,  Roger Callow  Appellant 458698


ADDENDUM: Nov. 29-2017 - Submission rejected without any mention of the existence of the c.q. Indeed, it is not clear on which grounds this petition was rejected RC (Mar.11-2018) Provincial oversight body unresponsive.



December 20-2017

TO: Premier Kathleen Wynne                         FROM: Roger Callow-self represented litigant

Personal                                                                     #2001 - 1285 Cahill Drive

Legislative Building                                                     Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Queen's Park                                        

Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

12  pages sent by mail


"Roger Callow is a litigant possessed of seemingly inexhaustible stamina. His behaviour suggests that he views the Canadian Court System as something akin to perpetual, all day, all you can eat buffet. Having been rebuked by the courts and tribunals of British Columbia, the Federal Court of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada, Mr. Callow has now taken aim at Ontario. Ontario lacks jurisdiction to deal with his case. As a result, Mr. Callow's litigation must be stopped. Now."


1)  Ottawa, Ontario Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon  April 23-2014 (13-59060).  The Ottawa Citizen ran this bravado caption as a page one story on April 29-2014. They would not take any 'right of rebuttal' from this defendant.


2)  If I had the opportunity of a rebuttal heard by an anti-employee Ottawa Citizen under editor Andrew Potter (currently at McGill University in Montreal where he has his own publicized problems in Quebec as a professor), the first thing that I would note is that this was an action laid by the Employer represented by Hicks, Morley et al whom requested that all litigation by me be declared null and void as the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) governed all relationships between this senior teacher lay-off victim with the courts of law having no role.


3) Conspicuous by its absence from McKinnon's Decision is any recognition that the Employer was the Plaintiff nor of their argument. In brief, he inverted the case.


4) The perfidy of that action by Justice McKinnon was compounded when, un-noticed by this litigant until the morning of the trial of 61592-14 before a Justice Scott which I had laid in order to question the above culpability of McKinnon; a second copy of McKinnon's judgment written the week before the October Hearing, which did not reference the first, was presented in court by Hicks,Morley et al whom had not filed for an appearance. I remonstrated strongly with Justice Scott at this apparent fraud as he would only consider the second judgment. He withheld judgment so the Appeal Court would not take my case.


5) Because both McKinnon j. and Scott j. were originally Federal Court appointees, the oversight body concerned was the Canadian Council of Judges (CCof J)under the aegis of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (SCofC), B. McLachlin whom retired recently on December 15-2017. There was no reply. I have re-opened my request to the CCofJ under presumably their new President as McKinnon's above declaration pre-dominates in all courts in QC, (SCofC 36883-2016) SK (SCofC 36993-2016) NS (548698 Hood j. where special attention was to be paid to the bogus 'Book of Authorities' by the Employer focused on the ON McKinnon Decision; the first version being published in QC with the second version being published in SK & in NS under 469918 Rosinski j. Nov. 28-2017 based solely on the constitutional question on an ex parte basis). The story is encapsulated on employeescasecanada.ca - 2018 Schrodinger's Cat also included here as an addendum.


6)In bottom line language this fraud was never investigated by any court of law leaving the matter to be adjudicated with the executive powers of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He did nothing.


7) While Ontario had no jurisdiction over McKinnon j and Scott j; that prohibition does not include Hicks, Morley et al for the Employer whom dropped out of this case with my complaint to the ON legal society. There was no response. Four pages here dated September 16-2014 and September  22-2014 to Hicks, Morley et al show how prescient those accounts are considering the production of the surprise second McKinnon judgment in court which did not reference the first.


8) Now that there is a new government in British Columbia and where the Vancouver Supreme Court Registry no longer rejects my litigation, it is imperative that I clean up the mess regarding the McKinnon-Scott caper involving, as it does, Hicks, Morley et al which lies under your jurisdiction. (Please do not assign Yasir Naqvi to investigate as he is useless). Rectifying the above caper is all-important in laying charges in British Columbia.


9) The question came up with the recent GOOGLE hacking of my website where McKinnon's bravado message noted above was given prominence with my website employeescasecanada.ca merely producing a blank page. The matter has been rectified although I check regularly for further hacking attempts.


10) I am not sending a copy of these current proceedings to Hicks, Morley et al but you have my permission to share these materials with them if it will advance a solution.


11) Until the above matter is rectified, no-one should vote in the next ON election in 2018.


Yours truly, (Roger Callow)




MARCH 11-2018


TO: RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki                                 FROM: Roger Callow

       Personal                                                                                       #2001 -1285 Cahill Dr. East

       1200 Vanier Parkway                                                                    Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

       Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2

REFERENCE: A compendium of information on the above case is on file with Section 'C' (Fraud Division) of the RCMP in Montreal, 4225 B. Dorchester Quest, Westmount, QC H32 1V5 tel: (514) 939-8300


1) If one media account of your recent appointment as Commissioner is any example; you are a threat to the Old Boys Club which has tarnished the reputation of the RCMP as seen through their Commissioner appointments for decades.


2) And do I ever have a legal challenge to these Old Boys Club interests in a case where the RCMP appear to be the handmaidens of the PMO; namely, the employeescasecanada.ca, the 33 year unresolved B.C. civil labour matter where no compensation has been paid (includes 10 years of pension rights) largely due to judicial malfeasance before over 50 judges. There has never been any acknowledgment from the oversight bodies concerned explaining why I have turned to the RCMP for action. (2 page enclosure to ON Premier Wynne dated Dec. 20-2017 is typical)


3) The specific complaint regards how ON Superior Court Judge, Colin McKinnon (13-59060) can produce three different judgments on the same case in which none of the three reference the existence of the other. As McKinnon j. was originally a Federal Court appointee, the oversight body concerned is the Canadian Judicial Council (sample of CJC perfidy is ignoring such as the November 04-2015 letter to them with copies to the Trudeau government).


4) While the differences between two of McKinnon's accounts are detailed in the letter to Premier Wynne (Dec. 20-2017); the internet reveals a 24 page account which appears to be the officially filed account, contrasting to the few pages each of the earlier accounts.



5) I submit that McKinnon j. is guilty of criminal fraud and certainly should not be sitting on the bench. Should the RCMP under your jurisdiction not see fit to proceed against him as a criminal matter, then you should not even bother taking the oath of office. Ignore this letter at your peril.


Yours truly, (Roger Callow)

The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic  government and judicial malfeasance


MARCH 29-2018


TO: RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki                                 FROM: Roger Callow

       Personal                                                                                       #2001 -1285 Cahill Dr. East

       1200 Vanier Parkway                                                                    Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

       Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2

REFERENCE: A compendium of information on the above case is on file with Section 'C' (Fraud Division) of the RCMP in Montreal, 4225 B. Dorchester Quest, Westmount, QC H32 1V tel: (514) 939-8300 FILE:2015-1020025



1) Acknowledgement of letter from S/Sgt. Caoutte in Westmount QC dated March 21st is made with no copy to Commissioner Brenda Lucki and is therefore included in this account to her.

2) The key to Caouette's letter is stated accordingly '...the RCMP cannot be of any assistance in the civil litigation involving yourself and your employer....'

3) The key to my point of view is expressed in points 3) and 4) of the MARCH 11 letter where it is clear that my request to the RCMP is to investigate obvious fraud on the part of ON Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon as noted in 5) above. The matter of the civil dispute between myself and my former Employer is subject to civil action apart from my request to the RCMP although such findings of the RCMP would be a factor in the civil proceedings.

4) The above letter is proof positive that the RCMP is involved in a colossal cover-up besmirching the name of the newly appointed Commissioner which is in addition to the accusations against an already compromised Trudeau government.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow

cc Postmedia legal columnist Cindy Blatchford