(former ON Tory leader pressured to resign  O.S. Feb.13-2018 p.7)


     Sandy McConkey, a councillor in the township of Springwater, has posted an open letter of support from the women of Simcoe County for disgraced former PC leader Patrick Brown. A business analyst in civilian life, McConkey states on Twitter that the #MeToo movement has moved into dangerous territory if unproven allegations can take down a man's entire life and career. McConkey's letter, signed by many supporters, claimed Brown, was denied the fundamental presumption of innocence. The man "we grew to know and admire is one who has always advocated for equality and women's rights," she wrote. Here's the letter:

     We stand fo Fairness, We Stand for Patrick Brown: An Open Letter from Women in Simcoe Country

     The allegations against Patrick Brown and the events following have left us feeling disheartened; as supporters, as constituents, and as women. We live in a precarious moment where the MeToo movement has crossed into dangerous territory with no line drawn as to when it becomes acceptable to destroy a man's career, reputation, and life. MeToo began in support of victims of sexual violence; ral faces and real names bravely confronting their accused. That is sadly not where it has ended up. In this instance we were presented anonymous, faceless shadows presenting allegations of 'misconduct'. How is this brave? How is this empowering? How is this MeToo?

     We support creating an environment where women can come forward with statements of sexual harassment and assault, and we believe every person has the right to feel safe. We do not, however, believe this should come at the expense of the accused's rights. Those being accused deserve to know in detail the allegations against them and should be provided the opportunity to defend themselves. This liberty was not granted to Patrick Brown.

     The women did not pay the price here, Patrick Brown did. However, to say these allegations merely impacted Patrick would be a grave injustice. He grew the PC Party to a membership level not seen in decades, shard his vision, created a platform, and won the support of countless Canadians.

     The Patrick Brown we grew to know and admire is one who has always advocated for equality and women's rights. As a young Alderman in Barrie...

     ...The media has crucified him based on mere allegations and we're left wondering - who's next? Who will be the next victim of unproven, untested allegations?

     We stand for justice. We stand for Patrick Brown.



1) As a personal letter in Patrick's darkest days, this must be a most welcome balm to him. For me in my darkest days back in 1985, I got nothing but the contumely of the press in an obvious sweetheart deal. No doubt the specious 'It was the right thing to do but they went about it in the wrong way' pervaded the thoughts of many (the end justifies the means).

2) The writer above presumes an efficacious legal system and not the 'imploded one' as evidenced by the employeescasecanada.ca with over 50 judges and over 33 years and still counting in an unresolved labour matter where no compensation has been paid.

3) Both of us were crucified by the anti-employee media. The trick here is to find a compliant 'witness' to make comments deep-sixing the target. I had two West Vancouver School Board Trustees plus the gullible North Shore News (SEE web Red Neck Media) for the purpose. Despicable ON NDP leader, Andrea Horwath served the media purpose to pillory Brown. (p.s. two others pilloried in the media whom won their cases were CBC employee, Jian Ghomeshi and Senator Mike Duffy. Similar to Brown and myself, they were also 'set up'.)

4) Political arguments for the most part do not interest me but the story I have is that Brown and his Sikh friends hi-jacked the ON Tory Party (Federally, the same thing happened with Jagmeet Singh leading the same group of the NDP who pilloried a SK M.P.  who appears as guiltless as Brown). In brief the Party hierarchy decided Brown had to go but did not count on Doug Ford running to replace him by 'draining the swamp'.  I 'had to go too' for 'whistleblowing', by being laid off from my senior teaching job with this key difference from the above case: it is not a matter of 'he said-she said' rather, it is a matter of fact which over 50 judges have denied me the necessary disclosure. The writer above senses the importance of disclosure  but is obviously ignorant of the Employee's Case as her final question 'Who's next' should read...'Who was last?' Incidentally, there was never any question of 'wrongdoing' on my part such as with Brown; I was 'merely' incompetent which depends on which of the two Professional Reports on the same inspections from the same administrator - one favourable and one unfavourable - you wish to believe (he changed them in mid stream and I caught him in the act). That kind of duplicity also exists in the court as one ON Superior Court judge, Colin McKinnon (13-59060) had three official versions of his judgments in 2014 with none making reference to the existence of the other. No oversight body will touch that one with the proverbial 10-foot pole. That's how Canada imploded for now the Lieutenant Governor of B.C. Judith Guichon has seen fit to commit the government of Canada to this conspiracy in a matter of judicial and - now - government malfeasance without equal for any democracy.

5) I see lawyers for Harvey Weinstein whom is being charged by the NY Judiciary is using the same time honoured phrase of 'frivolous and vexatious' proceedings - or variations thereto - to have the court drop the accusations. This badly overworked term was the consistent court reaction to my case: PLACARDS:  A) WHY OBEY THE LAW / JUDGES DON'T or B) STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE or C) A PARADOX: JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BROKEN YET PLENTY FIXED AS IT IS or D) CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM: UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED


FEBRUARY 16-2018

TABLES ARE TURNING? Witnesses contradict key allegation from Brown accusers  O.S. P. 6-7

'...CTV News fabricated a malicious and false report about me (Glen McGregor) from two anonymous accusers, Brown said in a Facebook post. After a long three weeks, CTV News has admitted that it got it wrong'...I want to know who put her (second accuser) up to this?  CTV and the two accusers whom have not laid a police complaint thus hamstringing Brown's case against them, stand by their story through their lawyers.


My observation: Of course the ON Party hierarchy used CTV in much the same fashion as the West Vancouver School Trustees manipulated the red rag known as The North Shore News in my case alleging my senior teacher lay-off was for reasons of competence (rather than whistleblowing which it was).

The courts starting with Justice Southin in 1986, sought to protect School Board counsel, Stuart Clyne, it is submitted here (similar to McGregor above), from charges of fraud. Every judge (over 50) has bought into that cover-up and here is the most interesting thing about it...none of those judges know what that evidence is; they merely act on the 'marching orders' of some Chief Justice. That's how the Judicial System operates. Ask the SK Battleford indigenous people how it works.


I see Brown is going to sue CTV in absence of the two complainants filing a police complaint. In 1986, I asked my lawyer whether I had grounds to sue the North Shore News. He answered in the affirmative but advised against this very expensive challenge...that's how the media get away pulling stunts without worrying about repercussions. I wish Brown every success on this level.