NOVEMBER 04-2018



1) The long and the short of this message is to get a new Police chief and new bureaucrats heading up some city organizations.

2) I meant to get back earlier to you regarding the report on a vicious dog and how the city by-law Department handled (mishandled?) the matter.

3) As you may see from the enclosed letters from the animal by-law department, my initial letter to them was ignored. Apparently this is the digital age and unless one has a computer to file a complaint (as defined by by-law categories and not, therefore, the complainant) one is to be left 'whistling in the wind'.

4) Of course all other bureaucracies are so helpful by referring one to such other bureaucracies for assistance. e.g. You telephone the selected bureaucracy. 'I am sorry but I am not at my desk right now so  please leave a message...' (yeah, right. They are on a two week Caribbean cruise) One's call is oftentimes not returned. When it is, 'see a lawyer' is a popular escape (and don't bother us).

5) I don't vote as those whom do believe that this gives them the right to whine when 'nothing is done'. Politicians are there to backstop such complaints keeping them from the real powers behind the throne. Hence raising funds and getting elected with a willingness to entertain midnight phone calls is the sum total of all their efforts...it's cliché after cliché where issues are rarely raised. If the whiner is successful, he or she gets brief media attention.

6) As the dangers of trick or treating in the dark are being displaced by community parties, there is no need to re-locate the holding of Halloween to a weekend night.


7) This tome is focused on policing with which I have some experience from installing home alarms in the 1990`s.

8) I reported to you earlier when, on a early morning walk, I passed a construction site where the gates had been breached (theft at construction sites is a major problem). On a rare call to 911, I got a lot of jabber, jabber, and when I passed by that site 1-1/2 hours later, the gates were still wide open. '911' problems have been a recent media focus.

9) The basic problem which I witnessed evolving in the 1990's was to divide response into two sections; threat to person (priority) and threat to property (today means no attendance). If the police had put a sniffer dog onto the Air Force colonel in Orleans who is currently spending the rest of his life in prison for murder, they would have picked him up much earlier as he was known to run at night burglarizing homes in the process. But, hey, that was a property offense. More recently, a contractor could see interlopers heading to his machine shed (nightly visits by perps in semi-rural areas being common) and contacted the police which arrived a 1/2 hour later with the dog after the perp had departed (they know how long they have got to steal). My point is that a police car immediately dispatched to hold the position at the fenced entrance way where the perp's vehicle was parked would have led to his arrest thereby stopping many future thefts of this type. Industrial parks are a hot-bed of break-ins. Posting a camera in real time at the single entrance of such as Hawthorne Industrial Park  and  Sheffield Industrial Park for all vehicles entering between 8 PM. and 6 A.M. to be investigated immediately would transform those areas.

9) More recently, Ottawa has returned to community policing and we can see the beneficial effects. The bean counters had them all corralled in collection points to the detriment of community safety. Police activity consisted of arriving late on the scene but in time with the arrival of the news teams. Standing 'appropriately' consisted of giving an angle of the presence of a police cruiser with the message 'this is the police on the job...' (yeah, right).

10) Ottawa is not the safe city it once was. 2-person police cars from the hours of 8 P.M. to 5 A.M. is the order of the day. Besides, single manned cars await the availability of a second car before attending a crisis situation. From our penthouse balcony, we have witnessed three shootings in South Keys, the 'Arab' part of town which has a major mosque. The resumed presence of police cars is greatly appreciated. 'Carding' should be re-introduced. I don't care whether one is white, black, brown or carky, if he is seen driving in a particular part of town at night, he should expect to be pulled over.

11) While the courts of law are not strictly your domain; you were heard to grouse that there are too many lawsuits against the city. The problem? The ad infinitum of court appearances in a single case engendered by the judges (legal billable time nonsense). What I suggest you do with all the mayors across Canada is to hire someone NOT FROM THE LEGAL FRATERNITY to rewrite a civil code applicable to all Canada. Such as the civil court private printer companies would be ideally suited for that purpose.

12) Doing something for private condominiums in this respect would be appreciated as people slipping on Ottawa's winter streets cannot sue the city but they can and do sue  private property owners. One story suffices. A major condominium complex had their contractor insurance cancelled due to too many 'slipping' cases. The one contractor told them that he could no longer plow unless they got their own insurance. Response? Hire someone else whom did not know of the prohibition until the usual slipping case arose. He disappeared from the scene and a third contractor was hired only to find out that the person whom sued earlier was now suing because his dog slipped on the ice injuring itself. Most smart contractors have live feed time dated photos of work performed but I know of one major case (five years and counting) in which the bully Employer is seeking to evade his debt of which appeal the courts repeatedly reject. Suggestion? As most of these 'slipping' cases do not go to court due to expense with the complainant receiving half and the lawyer the other half, forcing the lawyer to post a 'surety' for the full sum of the claim may have success in slowing some of these ambulance chasers down.

13) I don't know what you or anyone can do with this one. In my unresolved 33 year attempt to get compensation in my illicit senior teacher lay-off in 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C.) the web site employeescasecanada.ca details a level of judicial perfidy without equal in a democracy as enunciated by my now regular 14 year downtown Ottawa Placard parade. In brief, the Justice System imploded in 2004 over this case with the 'corpse' to follow which recently happened when I declared the 'anti-employee media' as symbolized by the failure of former editor and lead columnist of the Ottawa Sun, Mark Bonokoski, to break the media boycott on this national story (in 6 out of 8 provinces). He is now replaced by two Muslim columnists for the Sun, Farzana Hassan and Tarek Fatah, columnists with first hand experience of countries without an infrastructure. The new theme is the 'anti-individual media' consistent with the 1982 Canadian Bill of Rights and U.N. Charter. Hopefully they can succeed where native born Canadian columnists and editors have failed.

14) Currently, I have three actions for civil fraud against and including judges; the one in Ottawa festering with a non-response by the court which seems to be alright by Premier Ford. It isn't and I detail why not. SEE web site OCTOBER-2018 and NOVEMBER-2018. Criminal fraud charges may only be laid by the Crown (Attorney General/Minister of Justice) and the police (RCMP in this case). Both interests ignore my entreaties. Considering that the oversight bodies have refused to acknowledge judicial malfeasance, I have been left with no alternative other than to include judges in my civil fraud claim as noted above. In brief, the hunters have become the hunted. As matters now stand, no-one can trust to a Canadian court of law on any level until this matter is resolved. Newly appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Richard Wagner, whose impeachment I have called for, is a symbol of this defeat as he was directly involved in two SCofC refusals to hear this unresolved case in 2016 (QC and SK). He should never have been given this post in the first place by the Trudeau government.

15) If you have to choose only one topic from the above, make it 11) in getting your fellow mayors to rewrite a common civil code for all provinces.


Yours truly (Roger Callow)