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BY: Roger Callow The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial and government malfeasance  employeescasecanada.ca  (33 year unresolved 'standing case' legal matter in 'illicit' West Vancouver, B.C. senior teacher lay-off in 1985) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ due to judicial and government systematic malfeasance which has been through 15 different court systems and over 50 judges No compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid.


A) The observations below by Rosalie Abella of the SCof C applies to Israel  (oh, heal thyself first, physician!)

"...To me when an independent judiciary is under siege, democracy is under siege, a country's soul is being held hostage...Without democracy there are no rights, without rights there is no tolerance, without tolerance there is no justice, and without justice, there is no hope."  (couldn't have said it better myself. RC)

B) Andromache Karakatsanis of the SCof C: '... said the Criminal Code provisions that deal with frauds on the government...are designed to target behaviour that risks depriving citizens of a true democracy.' But, but, what about when the government is the source of that fraud as with B.C.'s imposed BILL 35(1985) in a legal matter over which the judges turned their back?  I guess the answer to that one must be that we live in a false democracy....

C) If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time. Everyone Lies  A.D. Garrett


MESSAGE: (MAY 02-2018)


TO:  Premier K. Wynne  by fax: 416-425-6777

FROM: Roger Callow aka 'The Outlawed Canadian'

1) This message is sent directly to you considering the uselessness of your Attorney General on this file.

2) On April 13, I mailed an action to the Ottawa Courts complete with the filing fee of $220. I have not received a file number nor returned material with advice on making this material  conform closer to Registry rules.

3) The action is of paramount interest in that it is limited solely to a constitutional question affecting Canadians in all walks of life: Do the courts of law have oversight powers over imposed legislation?

4) All other future concerns in this matter would be directed to forums outside Ontario.

5) In the above case, the Employer, the Board of School Trustees (West Vancouver, B.C.) refuse to recognize the Courts oversight powers to quash an arbitration regarding a senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons held under the auspices of the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) for failing to establish a causal factor. The arbitrator was ruled patently unreasonable.

6) Without a judicial finding (for 33 years now); the School Board refuses to pay compensation. 7) Canada's Judicial System imploded under these circumstances.

8) Be that as it may if the courts of law are to be declared redundant, surely there should be a legal hearing to that effect.

9) Your legal adversary in the June 7 election, Doug Ford, has until May 15 to declare his position on the single most important legal question in Canadian jurisprudence.

10) Your personal intervention in terms of assigning personnel to expedite this matter through the Ottawa Court Registry would be appreciated.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow  employeescasecanada.ca  This News Letter appears under MAY-2018




MAY 11-2018


BY: Roger Callow The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial and government malfeasance  employeescasecanada.ca  (33 year unresolved 'standing case' legal matter in 'illicit' West Vancouver, B.C. senior teacher lay-off in 1985) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 15 different court systems and over 50 judges. No compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid.

cc  President Trump c/o Kelly Knight Craft Ambassador to Canada f.613-688-3082 ...




WEST VANCOUVER SCHOOL TRUSTEE'S 'FINAL SOLUTION': 'If you do not accept what we offer in settlement,                                                                                                                                           you will get nothing at all.'

President Trump's authority to act: The Magnitsky Act

(moral and legal turpitude) As both Canada and the U.S. are signatories and as Canada has exempted itself from an internal application of this Act, it falls to such as the U.S. to apply this Act against Nova Scotia Justice P. Rosinski (Halifax 469918 Nov. 29-2017)and B.C. Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon (2018)

Why President Trump should act: Due to a national anti-employee Canadian media boycott, it now appears necessary for an international force to act. In the case of the U.S., surely commercial interests should be warned about the deleterious actions of Canadian courts. (8 out of 10 provinces plus the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 inconsequential occasions and due to the incompetence of the Minister of Justice, P.M. Trudeau is negatively affected to a catastrophic degree). In brief, it's anarchy. Under those conditions, U.S. commercial interests may wish to re-evaluate their loan confidence for Canada from that of a developed country to that of a 'shithole' country. As President, you have an obligation to warn them accordingly. The question which needs be asked now is that if President Trump does not speak out, which international influence will take his place?

SEE employeescasecanada.ca  2018  Constitutional Question (Ontario)


QUOTE: '...Only 9 percent of Americans trust their Congress (1964-77%), but 74% of Singaporeans trust their government. And if Americans (similarly Canada RC) don't trust their own government, why should anybody else?  POINT OF CONTACT  Tom Clancy (Mike Maden)


MUZZLE OSPCA (Animal-welfare association's powers at centre of constitutional court challenge re breaching Charter)

Lead story in both O.S. & O.C. (MAY 11-2018) -annotated with my comment

QUOTE: This isn't an attack on OSPCA (Ontario Society of Cruelty to Animals)...the whole key to the whole thing is that these investigative police powers are delegated by statute (imposed legislation) to a private organization. There's no oversight. There's no transparency. There's no accountability that you would normally get when you are dealing with the police or ministry investigators. comment: The significance of the Employee's Case is that there are no oversight bodies either publicly or privately = anarchy


1) The law allows OSPCA inspectors to enter private property, in some cases without a warrant, and seize animals it believes aren't being cared for properly. comment: In short, this organization is functioning according to law...so where's the beef? I can't get an 'inspector' (including police) to investigate the worst case of abuse in the judicial history of Canada's Justice System in a matter of systematic judicial malfeasance... go figure....

2) Have a complaint about one of its officers? The OSPCA will investigate the matter itself. Want to know more about its actions or policies? The freedom-of information laws won't help you. comment: habeas corpus (produce the evidence) is the bedrock of our Justice System with its legal extension being discovery. Even judges are 'run around the mulberry bush' by the powers that be on disclosure; the Employee's Case is not unique in that regard. Otherwise, the article is merely describing most institutions guarding their corporate charter.

3) Joining the landowners association will be the animal rights group Animal Justice, which has been given intervener status in the case. comment: Without 'intervener status' of allied organization; your constitutional question will not be held as 5 years of legal gobbley gook keeps the courts employed. I can vouch for that in the Employee's Case....so much for 'justice'....

4) ...the main point that delegating these powers to a private organization is contrary to the principal of fundamental justice. comment: A far simpler answer (and cheaper) is to assign a duly recognized government body to oversee the operation of OSPCA. A 'stroke of the pen' does it all which it seems to already have under the Ontario SPCA Act.

5) The Act (government argument) relates more to property and civil rights 'and matters of a merely local and private nature' and is therefore under provincial jurisdiction. comment: This is where the court functions; on arguing 'fine points of law' for jurisdictional reasons. In fact, read any of these laws and you will see a contradictory listing of a particular law thus enabling the judge to 'flip a coin' according to his tastes (and publicity). It is like listing a job resumé where the last phrase reads '...and related duties' ...as defined by the boss making the rest of the list redundant. In law, the expression 'to further the course of justice' permits a judge to go beyond the mandate of the laws although reducing an opponent's argument to merely being frivolous and vexatious (a common theme in the Employee's Case) is the most popular means of judicial chicanery.

6) The Netherlands has its own 'animal police'. In Newfoundland, the laws are enforced by the RCMP...and in Manitoba by the Office of the Chief Veterinarian. comment: So what is so different in Ontario in a system which both sides agree is broken? Ontario has an idiot in Attorney General Yasir Naqvi as I have pointed out a number of times to Premier Wynne.

7) comment advice? Save your money from the rapacious legal fraternity. Drop the case.


MAY 15 - 2018

NDP's double standard - If Christine Moore was a man, she'd be gone

Ottawa Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski  May 15-2018 p. 10   employeescasecanada  MAY 2018


QUOTE: '...that most basic question is not what is best but who will decide what is best.' Dr. T. Sowell (U.S.)

my comment: The 'Old Boy's Club' has always known that truism...so what else is new?


1) Bonokoski should be recognized for telling NDP M.P. Moore's side of the story on the he-said-she said sex allegations with a military man; similar to CTV's Don Martin (Power Play) taking a stand on the expulsion of SK M.P. Erin Weir (based on Moore's involvement here as well). Due to a national boycott, I have never had such a courtesy explaining why both the media and courts are redundant to Canadian society as a whole. The point is that in 1985, the red-neck tabloid, the North Shore News  solidly favoured the Employer in my illicit senior teacher lay-off even after two courts found that support to be erroneous. SEE web RED NECK MEDIA

2) MAY 31 is fast approaching when School Boards must give notice to teachers being laid off. Of course if legislation is imposed; they may act at any time. (I was laid off on June 28 under B.C.'s neophyte  imposed BILL 35 (became operative July 01-1985) under highly fraudulent conditions which have not been tested to this day although courts and judges routinely implode under my pressure to get access to the laws as judges appointed by the Chief Justices continually thwart that challenge at every turn.

3) The central constitutional question is whether the courts have oversight powers on imposed legislation. The West Vancouver School Trustees refuse to pay compensation because of their claim in the negative on that central question. Even the imposed carbon tax is challenged on this level. However, no interest will file intervener status on my constitutional challenges without which the courts will not even bother addressing the issue...I can vouch for that. SEE web: CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION (Professional teachers of Canada have been exhorted by me to create their own website PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION

4) As to the Moore, military official, M.P. Weir targets; they are wise to howl like a stuck pig much to the chagrin of such as Union leaders, Party leaders, and lawyers who admonish such targets to remain quiet (while the media screws the individual on behalf of the powerful. A good example here was Senator Mike Duffy which the media had all stitched up apart from the trial). That is why it is incumbent on any individual being represented by a Union to hire his own separate Counsel to double team the Union lawyer. Also, a target must have established a paper trail i.e. similar to the ON gas plant fiasco in which an advisor was jailed for destroying the e-mails. CBC Jian Ghomeshi's  success at his criminal trial for sexual assault was largely due to a trail of e-mails. In fact I 'won' the arbitration with my records which detailed the perfidy of Principal John Williams in providing two versions of his 'professional Report on teacher' - one positive and the other negative which should have led to his dismissal. That is what the arbitration was all about... protecting his rear end done at the expense of the government (imposed BILL 35) and the Justice System...33 years and still counting now.

5) The normal reaction of a by-stander is...'I can't comment as the matter is still before the court' only to be followed by '... Oh, the court has already decided; it is too late to do anything now...' That type of cowardice pervades Canadian society which 'just wants to see an end to controversy'...so that they won't be personally embarrassed. As a Nation, we may be 'lucky', but we are not great.

6) The significant difference between the above cases and the Employee's Case is that the latter is based on verifiable fact; namely the lay-off numbers which showed an actual increase rather than a decrease; any number of positions which I could have held. Indeed, by June 28, I was slated for a full assignment beginning in September 1985. The arbitration exposed all these iniquities but were conspicuous by their absence from the arbitrator's Report. I never took the stand considering that I had nothing to do with lay-off numbers.

7) Unfortunately, the perfidy of the arbitrator whom was labeled patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal connection ('this crime...this perp') when the arbitration was quashed by the court left me in a permanent state of limbo. The Justice System of over 50 subsequent judges has imploded as symbolized by the recent appointment of Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice, Richard Wagner, whom should never have been appointed considering his nefarious role in rejecting two SCofC challenges in this case (SK and QC in 2016): PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER

8) The central problem outlined in Bonokoski's column is the problem relating to media exposure. On the one hand, the target individual is admonished to remain silent while on the other, management collar right wing editors for their spurious purposes. For example, WVST President Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith smeared me in their media accounts as being an 'incompetent teacher' and was a key factor in Justice Mary Southin's facile recommendation to the Board to 'return employment to me' (in law a court recommendation has 'weight'). According to my legal counsel, she did not order my return as she did not wish to be seen returning an allegedly incompetent teacher due to this type of media exposure. (The real reason is that my return would have led to fraud charges against the School Board and their lawyer as the Union leaders could not help but be too painfully aware explaining the 'sweetheart deal' which I undermined with the appointment of a new lawyer). One can now see why possibly someone like Frank McArdle (husband of former SCofC Chief Justice, B. McLachlin -whom I also asked to be impeached- and President of the Chief Justices Association of the Supreme Courts of the Provinces) was prepared to sacrifice the entire Canadian Justice System in an untold story of titanic proportions.

9) Every time a dismissed employee wishes to legally challenge their dismissal, the Employee's Case will hang like the Sword of Damocles over their case. It is an augury for the future of Canada making her a pariah among the democratic nations of the world leaving the other nations to scorn our 'higher road': HYPOCRISY: CANADA DOES IT BEST

10) So, Mark, put all that in your pipe and smoke it!


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic legal and government malfeasance. (Roger Callow)




A) The wedding of Prince Harry and his bride on May 19 set a new direction for the 21st century on a number of levels with this paramount theme; a personalized approach which streamlines conventions. For example, only the bride and groom were at the altar with the occasional assistance of the ring bearer. 'I will' (as opposed to 'I do') symbolized their independence.

B) In like fashion, I would like to streamline the bureaucratic operation of Canada to 'warm the cockles of Fraser Institute aficionado hearts' ...NOT.

C) I don't vote ( PLACARDS:"AVERAGE" POLITICIANS ARE IDIOTS DUE TO BEING "AVERAGE" or VOTERS  FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS) which invariably gets this rejoinder: 'Then you can't complain about political actions.' Sure I can as my objections are to an antiquated and bureaucratic government system well past its 'best before date'.

D) As a long-time high school teacher  of Canadian studies with which I have advanced qualifications (much to the chagrin of my detractors); I submit my 33 year unresolved legal battle for compensation relating to my illicit lay-off in 1985 for  economic reasons under the imposed B.C. BILL 35 (read that as whistle blowing) places me in a unique position with observations both theoretical and practical.

E) While my legal experiences before over 50 judges is unique in Canada; that is not to say that the employeescasecanada.ca is an isolated legal matter full of fraud as the pattern experienced in 8 out of the 10 provinces plus the Federal Court plus the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions (PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER) characterizes a Justice System crooked clear through to the bone.

F) Please keep in mind in the above opinion that no doubt 90% of judges are doing a good job under difficult circumstances. It is the other 10% of judges as appointed by the Chief Justices wherein the grief resides. That's how the Old Boys Club controls the Justice System.

G) Regrettably, this problem is replicated throughout the government with almost every bureaucracy. What to do?...more of the same?...I think not. Here is where the stream-lined spirit of Prince Harry, an accomplished soldier whom is the main inspiration behind the INVICTUS games for wounded soldiers, comes in.


1) The Justice System is bogged down with interminable delays due to a mentality of 'legal billable time bullshit' as reflected in the obligatory 500 word factum quoting case law (and in which only 5%, if any, is used). Eliminate case law for the lower courts depending on a sole application of the written law plus precedents as set and recorded at the Supreme Court of Canada level.

2) The original legal system set up in 1867 (BNA ACT when Canada became a country) was designed to protect property (women included under that designation). The Charter of Rights (1982) is more closely associated with the United Nations mandate of protecting individual rights. The legal system should be re-written with that end in sight.

3) In 1867, largely rural Canada came together due to features of a) expansion in West b) limited communications (telegraph) c) to accommodate varying geographical needs (N.S.-fisheries; SK-farming) d) most importantly; to finance a trans continental railroad. None of these conditions are paramount today as our urban development and modern means of communication and travel have seen the rise of the cities with the consequential depopulation of rural areas.

4) In brief, Provinces are redundant and should be eliminated with an elected Senate inter-relating with cities as well as more rural areas. For example, rather than having a politician ignorant of specialties in such as Windsor, ON, a specialist in auto manufacturing could be appointed by a Senator.

5) Federally, the Senate which would be modified to take over the responsibilities of the House of Commons which, again, similar to the provinces, we no longer need. Eliminating such as the bi-lingual allowance plus 'bonus pay' as being redundant as well in some instances, being counter-productive, would be part of that streamlining.

6) The political point to be made above is that  the traditional political system of local politics has been supplanted by a 'vote for the leader' so why have all this infrastructure? The Prime Minister elected at large by the population would rule Canada with the Senate (akin to the U.S. system.) California,  for example, with a similar population spends far less on infrastructure.

7) While the above outline relates to basic changes in Canada's courts and government; nonetheless, changes in this area would be the harbinger for modernization in other Canadian bureaucracies as well. ...I can't help but think that Harry and Meghan would approve...Fraser Institute types? Not so much so.


MAY 27-2018

re: O.S. columnist Mark Bonokoski p.11 Ontarians do not need NDP deja vu of incompetence all over again (reference to Bob Rae NDP gov't. in early 90's... nor, I might add, the succeeding Tory Harris gov't. which cut out such things as rent control. John Snobelen, another O.S. columnist and Education Minister under Harris would appear - although he would deny it - to be forever apologizing on that score.)


Dear Mark,

1) You announce that you have recently become a grandfather. Congratulations. Any day now, we expect to become grandparents as well...thanking you in advance for a reciprocal response

2) Being from a military family, you deplore such as NDP librarian candidate, U.S. born Laura Kaminker, whom questions poppy day in Canada on Nov. 11 (which the Americans do not have in their upcoming memorial day). For my part, I find her intellectual challenges worth considering. For example, where indeed was the U.S. Airforce during 9/11? Don't ask U.S. President G. Bush whom was reading to kindergarten students in Florida at that time; rather direct the question to V.P. Dick Cheney and his Halliburton cronies.

3) On page 13 of the same edition, Who killed Bobby? (Kennedy) in 1968 is another cover-up.

ANS. the same mob boss who killed his brother and died of old age in the 1990's raising the question as to which interests actually run the country including '9/11'.

4) Canada has its own nefarious forces at work as evidenced by the 33 year unresolved senior B.C. teacher lay-off of this writer under the imposed BILL 35 which has unearthed similar corruption paralleling the U.S. conspiracies above. No compensation as per many different laws has been paid. This national case (challenged in 8 out of 10 provinces) is symbolized by this protest PLACARD: IMPEACH SUPREME COURT OF CANADA CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER. Without excusing the original conspirators, the problem lies with over 50 judges as  appointed by the respective Chief Justices and is the hub of Canada's demise as a democracy. Consequently P.M. Trudeau is included in this target. The media is no exception with their national boycott of a legal story which negatively impacts every individual in Canada. Indeed, we should rewrite the Charter of Rights and Freedoms from 'Every individual has access' to 'Every interest group has access' to....

5) May 31 and professional teacher 'lay-off date' across Canada looms (unless of course imposed legislation such as a BILL 35 is passed and then any date will do, including the middle of summer). This year, complications are being added to teacher employment such as Nova Scotia eliminating local school boards (a harbinger to eliminating local unions); one political party in QC threatening to follow suit if they win power and Jason Kenney, the heir presumptive in AB threatening a revolution against all civil servants if elected next year. It is against this backdrop that I exhorted all professional teachers in Canada to create this web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. To date I have been unsuccessful with 'these chickens which would give a vote to Colonel Sanders'. Oh well, one cannot stiffen a backbone where there isn't one to begin with in the first place.

6) Coupled with the weakening of teacher status is 'merit pay' which makes eminent good sense on paper but like most ideal goals, they end up becoming political goals undermining even the original intention. The U.S. suffers intensely with their educational voucher system for parents as does their entire education system as a consequence. My advice is not to follow the Fraser Institute support in this direction (which is usually designed to favour the rich at the expense of the poor).

7) As to Ontario's massive debt, the only future is to exercise the '14th state option'; namely, becoming a U.S. state which the U.S. Constitution permits. Once before in Canada in 1867, local debt was transferred to the Federal government in order to facilitate a national railroad (the bonds of steel which created Canada). For example, heavily indebted PEI due to railroad expenses became a province on that basis in 1873. The threatened trade war between the U.S. and Canada  today is probably responsible for the Canadian dollar slipping for a first time in a long time to 77 cents against the U.S. dollar. That is the only economic figure which I watch as no expert has ever presaged the future in a timely manner, economic or otherwise.

8) I already have my Placard made for the Ontario election on June 7: OTTAWA SUN LOSES (YET AGAIN) ANOTHER  ELECTION. ...talk about 'fake news' (yours or mine as it makes no difference to me as I don't vote. One cartoonist showed a row of houses with lawn placards all reading NONE OF THE ABOVE. My Placard: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS

9) Your Editor (whom won't print my letters to the Editor) believes it necessary to append his approval or disapproval...'good point', 'we agree' to letters much to the ire of one writer, Jill Young. It would seem that having the 'last word' is so important to him/her. (N.B. Ottawa Citizen does not append comments.) I upbraided one columnist on this level by referring to the Queen whom, when acknowledging 'non-entities' makes a single statement: 'We recognize you' whereon the non-entity is to turn and exit the room without uttering a word. As I told the columnist; 'You are not the Queen and I do not consider myself a 'non-entity' (although I confess ignorance as to what I should be called...how about 'whistle blower'?)



The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice  System due to systemic government and judicial malfeasance.


MAY 29-2018


     While I have a qualification as a high school teacher in the Social Sciences (History and Geography) plus English, my main claim to fame is being 'a reader' (less than 10% of the population?). Nobody has the corner on the market of that qualification as the opportunity is open to all but, in my opinion, few access this challenge. Even with economics, the cartoonists have as much to say as specialists as no-one can presage the future. For example, I pulled out of the stock market in 2015 as it was becoming increasingly volatile; particularly for someone of my age (77 this year). If I had remained and cashed in today, I could have had the same rate of return as earlier experienced with U.S. 'big cap' investments. But then, unlike most investors, I am not greedy.

     The only economic indicator that I am watching for with Canada is the value of the Canadian dollar which, for a first time in a long time, has slipped below 77 cents (to the U.S. greenback). All other erudite Canadian economic projections are an outgrowth of that figure. General message is to 'get liquid' as countries and businesses do not go broke under asset accumulation. Rather it lies in lacking liquidity. I view with askance the use of pension money to front for nefarious business deals by government in that regard.


MAY 29-2018

Ref. Schools permitting teachers to indoctrinate students  columnist  Jerry Agar O.S p.15

My response as a former high school teacher (Roger Callow) employeescasecanada.ca where this article appears under this date in MAY-2018


1) As a generalization, I find Agar's columns when they appear in the Ottawa Sun to be vapid with a high dose of self importance attached but one, no doubt, suited to his radio talk show audience. This observation comes from a former High School teacher whom has the dubious distinction of being the only senior professional teacher laid off under the auspices of B.C.'s imposed BILL 35 for solely economic reasons (read that 'whistle blowing'). After 33 years before over 50 judges, this matter remains unresolved. No compensation has been paid.

2) The caption above regarding 'schools' could very easily be read 'principals' whom are expected to be everywhere at once; a definition which kept this writer out of such an assignment. The word 'indoctrinate' is a weasel word; one persons 'education' is another person's 'indoctrination' with attendant negative connotations. In responding to points in Agar's article, I will seek to enlarge on educational issues.

3) Agar begins by posing a facetious question, a common enough writer's ploy, in which he or she sets a pejorative question suited to a pre-determined answer; in this case between 'left' and 'right' wing politics. Now that is indoctrination although it is noted that it is being done outside the realm of the classroom environment.

4)While not specifically commentating on the story presented in this article, there are issues behind what Agar would - but fails - to define.

5) In 1959, I graduated from one of the top public schools in Vancouver with experienced teachers. Due to classes of 40, our tests consisted mainly of objective questions which are so favoured by such as the Fraser Institute because they are easily measurable. When  I arrived at University, we were expected to write something called 'essays' when 3 paragraphs was the extent of our high school 'indoctrination' which passed for education.

6) In the 1970's  the curriculum was opened with teachers being permitted much more leeway. For example, I introduced the use of novels into the classroom such as All Quiet on the Western Front, (warfare) Grain,(prairie settlement) and In High Places (parliamentary procedures) which no doubt would come under the 'lefty' label of such as Agar. With an advanced year of University Canadian Studies courses, I was eminently qualified to teach this course. Further, students wrote three 500 word limited topics (as opposed to the standard 1500 'paper & paste' type assignments). For example, Why was the Proclamation Act of 1763 passed? How did the provisions suit the aim? (lecture notes important here) What were the reactions of the various groups affected? Was it a success or failure? (in terms of the earlier answers). I could do that with 22 students in a classroom; I would not do that with  40 students nor would I have tried. One student testimonial written after graduation attested to the validity of this approach when he stated that there were few teachers willing to assign and mark copious essays.

7) As to getting off the curriculum, did that happen? Of course. For example, I believed that personal safety was the province of every teacher. As one example, when it snowed in hilly West Vancouver where there are no sidewalks, I would take time explaining the winter role of automobiles to non-driving students. There are many other examples of teachers justifiably going 'off curriculum'

8) Personally, I avoided the 'red button' topics outlined in Agar's column but other teachers did not. The long-time School Principal in the early 1970's had to speak out against those (science) teachers promoting protection of the environment due to some students wishing to drop out of school in order to fight pollution. My private 'indoctrination' was to discourage illicit drug use whenever possible (I guess I lost that battle). I became known as the 'teacher Narc'. However, the biggest controversy I set off related to the topic on indoctrination itself. For example, I would write the name of a sport on the Board with students to chorus an answer of high, medium, low. The agreement was consistent and yet we had never discussed - nor was it discussed elsewhere - sports as a class value. When I elevated that game in nouveau riche West Vancouver regarding a contrast between rich and 'filthy rich', the students were shocked to realize that a school teacher knew more about the values of the rich than they did. For example, I asked how many students picked up loose change after a purchase? One student didn't. How many look at a price tag when you 'shop'? They didn't realize that some stores in NY and Paris do not have price tags and that should you be so inopportune to ask, you could be expected to be told to 'shop' somewhere else. So, indoctrination is all around us. Heaven help the person whom does not learn these cultural clues; particularly the rich.

9) Agar makes a good point as far as undue indoctrination is concerned. For example, teachers are not to adorn their classroom walls with campaign posters for one Party nor to advocate accordingly. One colleague and a former Party President in B.C. used to have her students analyze past polling figures from an election in order to select 'swing ridings' and predict the outcome of the election based on their figures plus explanations - exactly what Political Parties do. No-one ever complained about that 'education'. At West Vancouver Secondary School (where I was given the boot in 1985), the Principal invited a (female) M.P. (from Nova Scotia) to speak in the auditorium to all students on the Canadian government structure apart from partisan politics. No complaints there either. As a 16 year Supply Teacher in Ottawa, one high school had a speaker on the LBG community basically telling those students affected (one in six) that they could learn from their counselors the address of a house devoted to dealing with those problems...imagine Agar getting ahold of that one! The point is that the suicide rate among teen-age male homosexuals (particularly in QC) is abnormally high. By the time students get to University, there are on-campus support groups for the purpose; not so in high schools.

10) Of course I merely skim the surface of what is facing teachers in the classroom including rants from a 'bozo radio host' whom, apparently, no-one in authority will speak to. In that, Agar and I have something in common as the authorities continually freeze me out of 'due process' in our courts of law to such an extent and degree, that the Canadian Justice System has imploded taking out, as it does, the anti-employee media and government. Try to match that one, Jerry!


MAY 30-2018



1) The horrendous mistake made by the white man was to assume that the indigenous peoples in North America possessed a sovereign chief as they didn't. For example, the natives in the U.S. were accused of not being trusted as they 'broke' treaties. Not so, responded such as the tribal chief. I honoured the Treaty but one of our braves chose to break the Treaty which is his right. The B.C. government takes that stand against the Federal gov't. Mining Companies in Third World situations are used to just bulldozing their way over tinpot dictators in such debates otherwise no business would be conducted.

2) That's what happened in Canada. A Montreal mayor was successful in thwarting the East West pipeline and due to the number of Federal Liberal seats in the province, the matter died a natural death. B.C. is more problematic due to the defeat of the Christy Clark government which supported K.M. and the ascension of the Green Party interests which hold the balance of power in the NDP government under John Hogarth.

3) The mistake, if any is to be assigned, is with Kinder Morgan as abetted by the Clark government. K.M. should have withheld all payments to the different indigenous groups until they were all seen to be on side. Now Canadian pensioners own a pipeline of dubious benefits as changing times has made K.M. all but superfluous. Even their financial backers are discouraging K.M. from pipelines.

4) What you have is a bellicose AB premier Notley struggling to be re-elected in a largely Tory sympathetic province pushing a legal argument fraught with loop-holes. For example, heavy oil is currently being shipped to tidewater in Canada by railroad.

5) The Federal Liberal Party can expect to lose the next Federal election over this debacle. Threatening to use such powers as the 'national good' is similar

to President Trump's use of countervailing tariffs to undermine NAFTA for the 'national good'. Trump is winning that battle; Canada is losing its battle due

to trying to incorporate modern indigenous rights into the framework of the antique BNA Act. It doesn't work. The entire constitution in terms of the

Indian Act needs to be re-written. It's like putting a jet engine into an old Model T.

6) I am sorely disappointed in the highly credible ON teachers pension fund providing 'bridge loans' to this caper until such time that a hedge fund buys

into this scheme at fire sale prices. ...and to think the West Vancouver School Trustees believe that I lack 'current demonstrated ability' (an undefined term

in BILL 35 or in law in general)....