JUNE - 2018



May 27-2018

TO:                                                                 FROM: Roger Callow

1) Andrew Weaver MPP                                        1285 Cahill Dr. #2001

    Parliament Bdlgs.                                                 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

    Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4                                        f: 613-521-1739


2) The Supreme Court of B.C.                               web: employeescasecanada.ca

    Victoria Branch

    Rm 210, 850 Burdett Ave.

    Victoria, B.C. V8W 9J2



1) This letter to the two noted parties above makes an unusual request...but then the 33 year unresolved lay-off of senior West Vancouver teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 where no compensation has been paid, is the most unusual legal case ever to be sidestepped by over 50 judges and Registries in 8 out of Canada's 10 provinces. The recent non-actions by the B.C. Lieutenant Governor (as obviously sanctioned by Premier Hogarth and his A.G.) leaves this writer to appeal to the 'decision-maker' in the Hogarth government; namely, Green Party's Andrew Weaver.

2) All across Canada, May 31 is 'notice day' for any School Board intending to lay-off any teacher. The question raised here is what kind of justice will be meted out to any such individual whom plans to legally challenge such action? Based on the above case, none, which includes compensation due under the law.

3) While judicial decisions are important, nonetheless improper use of Registries to invoke much the same result is problematical as is seen here recently with the Vancouver courts; no doubt under the influence of the Chief Justice as abetted by the Premier's Office.

4) Any lawyer can tell you that co-operation from Registries is vital to acquiring a file no. and as one familiar with court Registries, I appreciate the co-operation of such Registries in acquiring a file number. I have included information from one such recent attempt with the Vancouver court system which was continually obfuscated until I re-directed the matter to the Hogarth government which, it would seem, would be equally dismissive of my attempts to get a file number. Enclosures to that effect follow:

a)  Jan. 04-2018 Callow letter to Vancouver Supreme Court Civil Registry cc Premier Horgan

'...the point here is that a Registrar is not a judge and should not be making decisions belonging to the court....' . Horgan did not reply; the A.G. letter was dismissive.

(i)  June 28-2017 Van. Registry letter (no signature) rejected a filing on the following grounds:

      1. REQUISITION (Form 31): missing a style of proceedings;

      2. Draft ORDER provided is not in the correct form. It should be in Form 35; and

      3. AFFIDAVIT (Form 109): this document has not been sworn, nor are any of the exhibits signed by the  commissioner.

(ii) July 09 and 17-2017 Callow to Van. Court Registry in which I asked specific questions to each of the above 3 points in which any experienced lawyer could see the shortcomings. While there was no response to my questions; I received general material as to how to proceed.

(iii) Nov. 16-2017 (Received Nov. 24-2017) Callow to Van. Court Registry apologizing for delay due to intervening legal cases. cc Premier Horgan.

4) Please do not hesitate to contact me...for any minor changes as I do not wish to mail this factum back and forth across the country in a bid to finalize the obtaining of a file number.

(iv) Nov. 24-2017 Van. Court Registry (signed by 'ET') to Callow which is punctilious and reflects the need for oversight from such as MPP Andrew Weaver as 'ET' has no understanding of the issues involved nor should she or he be asked to make any such an evaluation; that's for the judges. Bottom line? I think that I would be better off refiling in Victoria under the tutelage of Dr. Andrew Weaver. How about it, Mr. Weaver, should not B.C. teachers deserve better?



5) To avoid the 'to-ing and fro-ing' of factums back and forth, I am using the unique approach of beginning with the Vancouver Registry letters outlined above plus material quoting

FORM 31 as they appeared in my initial argument requesting an ex parte (no defendant) hearing limited solely to this constitutional question (SEE web site 2018 under this heading for details). Briefly put; Do the courts have oversight powers with imposed legislation. The Employer argues in the negative explaining why the quashing of the arbitration favouring them by the courts was not recognized. Ergo, without a judicial decision, they feel no obligation to pay compensation. (They are wrong here as BILL 35, the collective bargaining process, or other court mechanisms declare that compensation is indeed due.) Without excusing the original conspirators, it is the failure of the many, many 'indecisive' courts which has led to the implosion of the Canadian Justice System. From that anarchy, there is no return.

cc   11 pages from FORM 31


Yours truly, 


Roger Callow


JUNE 01-2018

The Employee's Case - An 'Accidental Matter' which destroyed the Canadian Justice System by Roger Callow employeescasecanada.ca



1) This account explains how an 'accidental' legal case which was never supposed to happen and the fact that it did has led to a level of fraud unequalled in the annals of any democracy. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. In common parlance, it is a case of 'a bridge too far' by the School District of West Vancouver, B.C..

2) The West Vancouver Teachers Association in June of 1985 under, it is alleged here, two previous Presidents whom were close allies of their colleague, Principal John Williams, against whom I had evidence of fraud, wangled a 'sweetheart deal' in which the local Union would refuse permission to have any arbitration at all regarding my lay-off even though the figures showed an increase in staff. The Board went along with this scheme as they were not prepared to take the stand and perjure themselves as to lay-off numbers (as did the Superintendent it is alleged here.)

3) Due to widespread publicity in the media that the imposed BILL 35 by which I was the only teacher to be laid off in 1985, the parent body over-ruled them. (One can only speculate as to what would have happened if there had been no such publicity.)

4) The School Board Trustees and their lawyer, Stuart Clyne, were in a panic and pieced together a sloppy case which depended heavily on a perverted arbitrator (which they got).

5) B.C. Supreme Court's Justice Southin in 1986 quashed the arbitration ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. When the Board did not return employment as she recommended, she ordered the matter back before the same arbitrator. She returned memo notes from the Board and the Union on June meetings which she had earlier requested but did not use.

6) That latter factor, I submit here, was a key element in my appointed lawyer dropping out of the case as he saw that, in essence, Southin j. was covering up a fraud in which a retrial would expose a level of corruption unequaled in the annals of our court records. (The arbitrator died shortly after creating a condition in law known as 'frustration'; a legal term. In short, no litigant is to suffer due to a glitch in the law.)

7) The above is a key factor as to why I have never been able to acquire 'disclosure' of these memo notes from over 50 judges.

8) But here is the earth-shattering part. This case has been thwarted in 8 out of 10 provinces. Not one of those judges has ever seen those memo notes hence their obfuscation is based on a directive from the grey eminence through the offices of the chief justices to appoint judges attuned to saying 'ready, aye, ready'. In that sense, the Employee's Case did not create the circumstances by which a Justice System was corrupted. It merely exposed a long entrenched

system of judicial leaders being able to 'bring the law into disrepute' without fear of retribution. The government and anti-employee media round out that condemnation in terms of oversight powers which they refuse to exercise.

9) PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LIES A MORAL COLLAPSE. Forget the tangible economic problems Canada faces for a moment, it is the intangible forces represented by the credibility of the Justice System which undermines any attempt to reconcile the former.

10) Canada has come full circle symbolized by my cancellation of July 1 as our national birthday. Henceforth it is to be known as 'Anti-Judge Day' PLACARD:  IMPEACH SUPREME COURT OF CANADA CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER

11) At heart of the malfeasance covered up by Wagner j. in 2016 (QC & SK) is the Ontario Superior Court's Colin McKinnon 13-59060 (2014) in an action launched by the Employer with myself as the Respondent (although I was treated like the Plaintiff). There are three separate Decisions on that April 2014 hearing; none of which reference the other.

12) After the ON June 07 election, the new Attorney General  will be taxed with challenging that obvious fraud on the part of McKinnon j. Otherwise, he or she will get a PLACARD similar to SCofC's Wagner cj.  Is that how any new government wants to set out?


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systemic  legal and government malfeasance. (Roger Callow)



JUNE 08-2018


TO:  ON Attorney General c/o Premier Ford                                        FROM: Roger Callow

Main Legislative Building                                                               1285 Cahill Dr. E. #2001

Queen's Park                                                                                                  Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Toronto, ON M7A 1A2                                                                                FAX: 613-521-1739




REFERENCE:  Ottawa Superior Court duplicity (#13-59060 -2014) and current obfuscation growing out of this action leading to an ex parte action on a constitutional question SEE web under this heading: employeescasecanada.ca for details. Enclosed is a letter to the court in May 2018 marked Third Request to assign a file no. to ex parte constitutional question.


QUOTE: She works in the intelligence field. They're trained to lie and sell it like the truth. They obviously undergo the same indoctrination as politicians. The Fix  David Baldacci


1) To begin at the 'tail of the snake', I now sign myself in this 33 year unresolved labour issue before over 50 judges where no compensation has been paid as The  Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic  judicial and government (imposed B.C. BILL 35 - 1985)  malfeasance. It cannot get any worse than that for any democratic country.


2) In the latter stages of this case, after I had been expelled from B.C. courts for 'reasons best known to a judge', I had no choice other than to turn elsewhere for justice. The web site details those steps since July 2013 beginning with the Federal Court. Due to judicial obfuscation, I wound up in Ottawa Superior Court where the key action taken by Ottawa Justice Colin McKinnon (13-59060) led to a fraud perpetuated through courts in QC, SK and the Supreme Court of Canada. The web and this protest PLACARD epitomizes the effects of the subsequent judicial fraud heaped on judicial fraud: IMPEACH SUPREME COURT OF CANADA CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER.


3) The following account explains why your personal name will adorn these Placards with similar wording to the above should you choose to continue this massive conspiracy as the lead-off conspirator for the 21st Century.


4) 'Will the real Justice McKinnon please stand up?' ...and tell us which of the three decisions - none of them referencing the existence of the others - is the filed document for 13-59060. What is the status of the other two decisions?  The interesting thing to note is that this action was laid by the Board of West Vancouver School Trustees (WVST) as Plaintiff with myself as Respondent although any reading of McKinnon's Decisions would appear to show him inverting that order in which the bottom line is to attach blame to me for being 'frivolous and vexatious'.


5) The point here is that the thrust of the WVST is that under the imposed BILL 35, the courts and B.C. Labour Board have no jurisdiction. (The courts had seen fit in 1986 to quash the arbitration favouring the Board ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. )


6) That has always been the position of the Employer but nowhere does any court Decision, including that of McKinnon j. give recognition to that stand. One letter in 1996 from the WVST written to the B.C. Labour Board is the only piece of evidence regarding the Employer's main stance on file. This letter always appears in my factums labeled as 'The Hanging Letter' by me.


7) Be that as it may regarding the legitimacy of the lay-off which was clearly illicit from evidence presented at arbitration; the question of compensation still remains, as technically I am still an employee of the Board (they refused to recognize my retirement at age 65 in 2004)

awaiting 'deferred salary'. The current 'out of court' settlement offer is for $11 million (and climbing). The point here is that compensation is due to this senior laid-off teacher whether it be due to the collective bargaining process, the imposed BILL 35, or some other form of compensation under the general terms of contract.


8) Without excusing the original conspirators, the Employer appears only willing to pay if they have a court Order to that effect. Hence the blame on this level by both Parties may be registered against the Justice System of Canada. All those features have been pointed out many, many times by me in interminable court cases where the central issues are trivialized and ignored.


9) The question of jurisdiction raised by the WVST before Justice McKinnon in 2014 is essentially the same one that I raise here as a constitutional question today in Ottawa Courts.



10) To take those steps which will see a file number assigned to my constitutional question.


11) To immediately suspend Ottawa Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon until a satisfactory answer is given to the 'tripartite' Decisions of 13-59060 in 2014. All of Canada awaits that action. All of Canada deserves better than the status quo. All eyes are now on you.


12) Please respond within 10 days otherwise re-read 3)


Yours truly


Roger Callow


JUNE 08-2018


1) I could use my usual opening of...Let me explain it one more time...but I won't considering I have been doing that for 33 years with no public recognition. There is an anti-employee public boycott to anything under my name which columnists on pain of expulsion are doomed to honour.

2) With the election of Tory Doug Ford in Ontario yesterday, my admonishment to Canadian teachers to create a public website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION  (I.L.) takes on new meaning as teachers can now experience the same conditions as I experienced in West Vancouver, B.C. in 1985 under B.C.'s imposed BILL 35. In brief, teachers can be laid off in the middle of their summer holidays under I.L.

3) Union leaders, whom invariably tell their memberships what to think and when to think it in terms of job security become eunuchs explaining the further need for an independent website For example, Nova Scotia, where my constitutional bid dealing with court oversight of such legislation was obviated by capricious court actions in 2017, now find themselves without local School Boards therefore neutering the need for local unions. Two other Opposition Parties in Quebec and Alberta also threaten similar action. Ford's gov't. remains to be seen but Ontario teachers should not wait.

4) Does this mean that purported I.L. cannot be passed? Not at all. The difference lies that Parliament has an intervening role to moderate more extreme measures. In short, imposed legislation makes Parliament redundant = anarchy.

5) A major shortcoming with imposed legislation is that it invites governments to create fictional ad hoc conditions to apply to I.L. For example the Employer in the employeescasecanada.ca (E.C.) claims that there is no court oversight to I.L. (the constitutional question I raised in Nova Scotia in 2017). They refuse to acknowledge the court which quashed the arbitration in the E.C. labeling, as it did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor, the essence of all trials (this crime / this perp).

Over 50 judges have joined into this conspiracy 'running a court within a court'. Under those conditions, the Justice System of Canada, in effect, shot themselves - not in the foot - but in the head.

6) The U.S. under President Trump is an example of I.L. running rampant. For example, he imposes tariffs citing 'national security' as a lame cover-up. Currently such as the multi billionaire Hunt Brothers are going to battle him in court but for what?...essentially the same thing as I set out to do with my 'Model T' actions.

7) It is that latter point of recognizing Model T actions which terrifies the Justice System as it is the business of the courts to make business for themselves. For example, recently CUPE in Ontario won 55 million dollars for its educational assistants over a 5 year period. There is 'gold in them thar hills' for the legal fraternity for decisions which could just have easily been reached with a Model T challenge inside of one year... and that would never do.... can you imagine lawyers begging in the streets?

8) I have taken the U.S. model one step further in showing that there are no effective oversight legal bodies in Canada. There never has been as now demonstrated by the sordid history of the E.C. Canada and Canadians are similar to the Roman Empire immediately before the generals took over...and here we sit fiddling while Rome burns....

9) The Canadian Federal Government collecting the GST on the imposed Carbon Tax (much on taxation; not so much on carbon) can ill-afford to challenge Trump on this level of imposed actions as the battle is between which one is the bigger hypocrite.

10) Other than Chrystia Freeland (the only politician fit to be Prime Minister), it does not appear that we have anyone in authority whom knows what to hell to think on this topic. (Why after that speech, Senator (Adlai Stevenson in 1952), every thinking American will vote for you! opined an assistant. "Yes, but I need a majority", he replied. Today the first step in creating that majority lies in creating this website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION.

11) ADDENDUM Recently, I applied for a file number in Ontario based on the constitutional question thwarted by Nova Scotia in 2017. As there was no response, I delivered the Mother Of All Bombs(MOAB); namely a civil charge of fraud (where there are no time limitations) on the Employer for $20 million dollars. Nothing like this has ever happened before and no doubt the Ontario Supreme Court is going ballistic, particularly as a new Attorney General is to be appointed (the previous one, Yasir Naqvi, was described by one columnist as being 'the worst A.G. ever'... amen to that one!). Hence the Ford Government and his appointed A.G. are on trial as of this date. I give the new A.G. 10 days to respond to the information provided to him.


JUNE 12-2018



QUOTE: O.S. editorial June 12-2018  'Chill out, it's only Trump being Trump ...He has to be played and played with skill.' my comment: It is exactly that sentiment which sends Trump ballistic as he perceives Mexico and Canada with NAFTA playing the U.S. like some tennis ball.



1) Any scientist can tell you that a catalyst is required to make an experiment. And that is what Trump was in dealing with the N. Korean leader; a catalyst. As such he is no longer needed in detailing the new relationship between North Korea and the U.S. as the agreement transfers suzerainty from China to the U.S. All of Asia is breathing easier as a consequence of this meeting. Trump was wise enough to jet out of Singapore early in order to escape any assassination attempt now that his task of catalyst is finished.

2) Kim Yong Un also faces the risk of internal assassination. By allying himself with Trump, he becomes the only North Korean with the U.S. connection thus staving off any chance at a coup.

3) The nuclear display by Kim Yong Un was mainly to galvanize his own people behind him with the threat of foreign invasion. It was an expensive diversion in a country which does not have the necessary military infrastructure to maintain any overseas missions although such as Japan feared accidents leading to war between the two countries. Now Kim can claim a victory to his people although he has the problem of providing for his bloated army. The future will determine how long he can maintain his 'gulag' of human rights abuses with his many concentration camps where families of dissidents are sent. (There is no 'individuality' in N. Korea; a charge I have leveled against Canada in the employeescasecanada.ca.  North Korea represents the ultimate extension of this type of brainwashing.)

4) Now to Canada where Trump is leveling his big gun in terms of imposed tariffs forcing us into a trade war. Trudeau and Company knew what was coming at the G6 plus 1 conference in Quebec just previous to the Singapore meeting. When faced with an enemy under these circumstances, it is most important not to paint a bull's eye on your shirt which I claim Trudeau unwittingly did leaving his Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland (the only politician capable of being P.M.; the rest of Trudeau's appointments being - to use a catch phrase from another era which gets one into trouble today - 'weak sisters'.) to bail him out. The only question which Trudeau should have asked Trump on NAFTA was whether or not the 5 year sunset clause still existed? When Trump stated in the affirmative; NAFTA was dead for it takes 3 to tangle in that deal; not just 2. As to the tariffs, that was a fait accompli by Trump. For my part, I would have said nothing on that score; merely springing the tariffs on him on July 1 thus robbing Trump of his key objection to being 'stabbed in the back'. For the Japanese leader whom has attended 7 G7 conferences to claim that this shouting match was the most disgraceful meeting that he has ever attended, is a negative reflection on the host country even with the admission that Trump is 'a handful'.

5) Trudeau is already an enemy of Trump by his appeal to the U.S. businessmen in the NAFTA negotiations. Trump, in this regard, is not against a bi-lateral trade deal, but Canada now has a trade-war with the U.S. which does not bode well for Canada; particularly for the newly installed Doug Ford government in Ontario. While all Canadian interests have aligned themselves behind Canada (it was even pointed out to Tory Opposition leader 'cheap shot Scheer' to get onside) which is heart-warming to that extent; it is not enough. A massive media campaign in every state must now be mounted to parallel such as former P.M. Harper's bid in pointing out the advantages to U.S. citizens at large of the many advantages of trade between the two nations.

6) My final point is to the Canadian media to 'get off its high horse' in forever attacking Trump personally and for Trump to drop his God forsaken tweets which no longer do anyone any good; particularly himself. The confrontational approach appears to have worked with North Korea but a different approach is required for such as Canada.


JUNE 13-2018


1) In an 'all hat, no cattle' type of statistical battle so beloved by Fraser Institute type aficionados, Trump has made paramount his complaint about how Wisconsin dairy farmers are being cheated by high Canadian tariffs out of access to Canadian markets. (In fact they export more dairy products to Canada than Canada exports to the U.S.) The problem lies in Supply Side type economics practiced in Canada which is self sufficient from government assistance although it means higher prices for Canadian consumers whereas the Wisconsin dairy farmers which receive a subsidy (all countries subsidize agriculture in one way or another) find themselves impoverished because their excess production forces prices down in the U.S. As such, they would like to flood Canada with that excess production called 'dumping' in some quarters. But Trump owes these Wisconsin a political debt and so this 'moo-moo battle' is part of the wider trade wars with Canada in which 'any ole argument will do'.

2) My experience with Supply Side economics dates back to 1970 when, with my young family, we visited the old homestead in Quebec under a new owner who told us that the cows had to be milked so that after his quota had been purchased at a set price, he poured the rest down the drain. Also, at that time, I was told that after purchasing fruit from Okanagan farmers, the excess was dumped and covered with oil. Recently, an Ontario egg farmer seeking to circumvent the Egg Marketing Board was fined for selling direct to Ottawa restaurants. Bottom line? Canadian farmers do not wish to end up similar to impoverished Wisconsin farmers. So, U.S. and President Trump...heal thyself first, oh physician....


JUNE 14-2018


1) If Trump wanted to create the perfect storm, it would be with the tariffs related to the auto industry under NAFTA. His threat to Canada on this score is very different from Mexico. Trump should be checking such as his toilet seat for foreign agents every time he uses one...the situation is just that serious.

2) The initial U.S. and Canadian concern is legitimate; they saw Assembly Lines closing in Canada and the U.S. and re-opening in Mexico with such cheap labour that even the Mexican auto-workers could not afford to buy their product. (Remember Henry Ford paying his workers the untold salary of $5 per day so that they could buy his cars? ...obviously a message lost on Mexico with an election due July 01 which will not really change its narco-state status.)

3) Trump successfully pressured Ford to cancel a Mexican Assembly-line for the U.S. alternative to much applause from rank and file U.S. workers.

4) For NAFTA when it was created in the 1990's, read that 'the auto pack and Ontario', which was a boon to the province and to Canada at large. Trump resents our success which he believes - not without some reason - that Canada got the better of that financial deal but then economic measures in the U.S. in dealing with Canada possess political motives as well. The extended play 'Come From Away' in which the good citizenry of Gander, NL, took in a massive number of U.S. bound planes during 9/11, has not been forgotten by citizens on both sides of the border. It is a cogent symbol of the bond between U.S.-Canadian citizenry which Trump would attempt to 'toy' with.

5) That was then, this is now where the conditions of the original auto pact no-longer exist. Car parts are sent back and forth across the border to complete an automobile. Hence applying tariffs would invite a definition at what stage they should apply - a horrendous and fruitless endeavor. Blanket tariffs invite my constitutional question challenge relating to court oversight to imposed legislation. Trump is running rampant on that approach.  Already truck shipments are being canceled in anticipation of a trade war which could catapult the Canadian dollar to as low as 40 cents U.S. (That is the only economic statistic which I view as all others are predicated on extant agreements which can collapse overnight).

6) The stores in Ottawa are empty due to the double whammy of the new Tory Doug Ford government and this threat from the U.S. Expect holiday plans to collapse as well as borderline enterprises such as the Canadian print media. (They certainly have been no friend of mine with their national boycott of the employeescasecanada.ca but then, as some following my website may have noticed, the written quotes are gradually being displaced by annotated cartoons. In short, I really don't need the anti-employee media any longer.)


JUNE 15-2018



1) Donald Trump is like 'Sonny' in the Godfather whose hotheadedness gets him killed leaving the mantle to be bestowed on the reluctant but capable Michael Corleone (MC) (Plato's philosopher king). Similar to most competent people, MC does not threaten; he just acts. One of his sage observations is that 'if history has taught us anything', it is that any man can be killed'. To that end MC has his trusted lieutenants (whom he watches closely, of course) to protect his backsides. That is the major shortcoming of Trump. He has no capable people on which to depend.

2) Trump successfully manipulated his hotheadedness in being the catalyst which converted North Korea successfully into an American sphere of influence. He would also seek to apply the same tactics to Canada under NAFTA which are doomed to failure unless he has an ulterior motive; namely, to provoke a bankrupt Canada with its defunct Justice System of no credibility as a consequence of the employeescasecanada.ca, into exercising the '14th colony' option of becoming a U.S. state where errant judges go to jail; something which never happens in Canada. Indeed, in that respect, I have called on President Trump to exercise the Magnitsky Act (Canada will not permit an application from within) against Nova Scotia Justice Rosminski as Canada's oversight bodies are defunct (and not only in the area of the Justice System). Canada's precarious financial situation makes it most vulnerable although a bi-lateral Canada-U.S. trade agreement may be an 'out'.

3) Trump is a lousy businessman if you judge by the New York bankers which refused to deal with him forcing him into the Netherlands where the 'money-laundering' Russians (mainly through Dubai) keep a close eye. His son-in-law has mammoth financial problems which appeared to have disappeared with the U.S. move of their Embassy to Jerusalem. In short, he is vulnerable both domestically and internationally with a time-dated general popularity with U.S. workers. Previous articles show how Trump policies and tariffs through imposed legislation are counter-productive to many parts of the economy ...it is a case of a bridge too far....


JUNE 15-2018


1) It is one thing as the little guy to arrive at the poker party and play the cards you are dealt the best way that you can (my position in the Employee's Case); it is something else to arrive at the table and immediately fold your cards giving the big guy everything without a fight which is what Canada is doing in the coming trade wars.

2) Trump, in the above regard will wait until Canada invokes a trade war on July 01. His response will go something like the following. I like the Canadian people at large which does not necessarily extend to their boneheaded leaders with their insistence of ramming NAFTA down the throats of the U.S. and its citizens. If this pipsqueak country insists on a trade war, I say 'bring it on' as the American people are not going to be pushed around. I'm here to make sure of that.

3) In one way or another, he would add, it has been explained to Canada that NAFTA is not in the best interests of either the U.S. or Canada so why push this white elephant? It would seem that the ossified brains of their leaders can't get that message; it must be due to their cold weather. A bi-lateral agreement between Canada and the U.S. in which we believe the best interests of both countries would be served is the obvious answer. To that extent, I offer an olive branch by canceling tariffs relating to the auto pact as an incentive for Canada to come onside in a bi-lateral agreement. But poking the U.S. in the eye as they are doing is an affront to negotiating trade agreements which, regrettably, the 'sly' Canadians would invert their claim to make it appear that the entire problem is with me. Now that is 'fake news' and U.S. citizens are not so gullible as to be taken in by this kind of claptrap!.

4) 'Coming from behind' is a popular negotiating mechanism and I use it all the time in the Employee's Case as attested to my web site: employeescasecanada.ca. The point here is that you have to know what you are doing; Trump does, Canadian leaders don't (that includes the Employee's Case with its national media boycott as well).

5) The smart investor money would cash in Canadian stocks now rather than waiting for the slump in July in which a clever financial advisor tells them that you do not want to cash in now at a tremendous loss (both in money and face). Besides, the stock market always bounces back, history has shown us that (yeah, right...in 2 to 5 years in which you could be making money elsewhere if you had cashed out in a timely manner...but as one financial advisor told an investment meeting in Vancouver 55 years ago; '90% of investors lack the necessary sophistication to be in the stock market'...or in the old circus parable...there is one born every minute.


JUNE 17-2018




by: Roger Callow employeescasecanada.ca


1) At this time of year, the sights of Canadian teachers are on the vacation days ahead and not on job security. Big mistake. With Imposed Legislation, their schools could be closed and they could find themselves out of a job by September. That's why they should organize a website: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. (Union leaders need not apply.)

2) One example from the management side illustrates this theme. In the 1990's Ontario created the Teachers College against the will of the Teachers Union so that teachers have to pay two dues. One positive aspect is that the Teachers College over the next 20 years cleared the pedophiles out of the profession which doesn't happen anywhere where the Union is in sole control in both Canada and the U.S.

3) Local School Boards are disappearing. It has already happened in Nova Scotia so that local unions are displaced leaving teacher centres outside of Halifax in a vulnerable position. Given that school closures with consequent teacher lay-offs are necessitated, how will that be done? ...through legislated Bills or through government imposed legislation where there is no input?

4) The current school model across Canada is unsupportable. Student populations remain stable in the past 15 years with an increase of 80% - mainly in salaries - in the cost of operation. The general theme is that small towns are drying up with the growth being in the city schools. Daily we see such organizations as financial institutions pulling out of small towns (with their families too of course).

5) Other than for teachers of French which are in very short supply, there is no work for the unilingual English teachers. Since 2000, I warned against students taking up education only to find a few spotty Supply Teaching jobs. Some went back to University to get a MS (more of the same) and PHd (piled higher and deeper) and still remain unemployed.

6) For School Boards, they would like to get rid of their expensive senior teachers making twice the salary of beginning teachers. West Vancouver's use of the imposed BILL 35 in 1985 where I was the only senior teacher laid off for economic reasons (read that 'whistleblowing') under that BILL before it was withdrawn in this 33 year unresolved case where no compensation has been paid is the worst case possible under these conditions. In brief, the 'sweetheart deal' was sanctioned by the courts.

7) Will the Provinces be successful in their ploy of imposed legislation? That comes down to the backbone of employees but how can you stiffen the backbone of a profession which has shown a distinct inability to possess one in the first place?

8) Outcome? Currently Canada has an education system superior to the U.S. over-all. Great disparities exist in the U.S. which we don't have in Canada where teachers are reasonably remunerated.

9) The biggest threat to the Canadian Education system comes when University students see senior teachers being laid off at about age 46 which is the height of their family responsibilities

Employers, in general, in all fields, do not hire people in their 40's. In brief, expect the Education  System to tank which is a little like killing the golden goose to save the egg.

10) Who will replace us as a nation? Possibly South Korea where students go home after regular hours to do extra assignments even extending into Saturday.


JUNE 22-2018




1) If you are a  hockey wife having a digital hissy fit with another hockey wife. The husbands, Hoffman & Karlsson, are paying the price. Perhaps if Chris Neil had been given a hockey extension last year, this would not have happened.

2) If you are Professor Jordan Peterson where he acquired the services of a 'you don't pay unless we get paid' type of lawyer (Howard Levitt) to lay a defamation suit for this 'budding rock star'. Considering that the legal profession is dying, perhaps the judges are changing their tune on 'legal billable time' nonsense. Defamation suits are hard to win. The mere reference to Hitler, while germane in German courts, has a different connotation in Canadian courts. Many decades ago, a cartoonist was sued for portraying B.C. Premier VanderZalm (Willy wooden shoes, but man was he ever handsome!) picking the wings off flies with a Nazi setting. The cartoonist lobby sprang up in droves in defense (did you know that cartoonists get more hate mail than any other media personality? I studied cartooning at night school for a few years.) In this case the cartoonist was found guilty as his personal motivation was deemed 'hateful'. He was making no apologies on that score. Universities have always been hotbeds of dissention; watch The Big Bang Theory on that one and, similar to hockey teams, do not wish to wash their laundry in public...not good for donations, old chap, to have professors being seen to beat up on each other in public!

3) Decades ago, a law graduate friend of mine whom was never called to the bar, told me that - unless children are involved - there is no need for a couple to acquire legal help for separation; just divide the estate equably. For example, when I paid for our condominium, I included my wife as co-owner so that in the unlikely event of a separation (we have been together 44 years); we each get half of the assets. More often as not, someone will tell a wife; 'What!! You are willing to settle for half when, with a good lawyer, you can get it all?? Perhaps so, but that takes 5 years (that's how lawyers make their money) in which time you become an embittered soul not good for any rematch; my point being, put the split behind you as quickly as possible. In short, get professional counseling as opposed to listening to Uncle Harry or Cousin Mavis. It is to the credit of QC and ON, that free court counseling services are available to keep family assets from being dissipated by legal action. Unfortunately, family matters still dominate the court dockets.

4) For those who believe that a job loss is a free lunch if the Union covers the legal costs, think again. My advice for anyone laid-off if they wish to contest the matter, is to pay out of their own pocket for their own lawyer ($10,000?) to double team the Union lawyer. That is a key lesson of the Employee's Case. PLACARD: BARGAINING RULES ARE DEAD If you are non-union, you may be better off as Union goals are not the same as individual client goals but expect a sizable legal bill with a limited chance of success (the courts back the big guys).

5) For small debts court, (limited to $25,000 claim) you may represent yourself and many do as does my son, a contractor. What wins the day is detailed facts taken from the time of the event. For example, he continually documents with time dated photos all contract work done and keeps the client fully apprised by e-mails of actions taken. Most contractors don't do this explaining why many get abused. Plus you must be court-wise which my son is but few contractors are. Supreme Courts are another matter where lawyers are a necessity. Originally, I had lawyers and still, from time to time, get small services from them otherwise I operate on a level which few judges and lawyers understand. But that has taken 33 years...and counting. PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. That's another story which functions above the limited scope of this article. (SEE employeescasecanada.ca

6) Wills, estates, do not require lawyers but I would recommend them. Real estate transactions - if money is being borrowed - must have legal representation and, considering the sums involved, is a good security.

7) In general, any two litigating lawyers on opposite sides of the fence know where the compromise is to be drawn but will not apprise their clients accordingly. Judges do not want challenges to their actions of the type I have laid for over 50 judges in the Employee's Case and thus encourage both lawyers to settle out of court. (90%). Hence courtroom antics are mainly for the sake of gullible clients footing the bill. If judges have to make  a Decision, the principal utilized is to make sure there are annoyances to both sides. Hence the courtroom performance is a mere figment of witnessing justice. Barring accidents, the judicial answer is in even before the judge enters the court. Juries are a different matter and a different topic.

8) At the risk of sounding rude, I read the epitaph of someone recently detailing all the legal oversight bodies that he had sat on throughout his career. To put it bluntly, that is the type of figure which represents everything which is wrong with the Judiciary.


JUNE 24-2018

Cap,N Trade Carbon Credits & my Model T legalities

1) Look it up elsewhere for a definition of this system which has flopped in Europe due to the usual fraud.

2) While  the sly Liberals imposed the carbon tax for those provinces without a system for which the Federal government cut is the 15% GST, they did not in fact force any particular taxing scheme on the provinces. Until they do, Ford can save his money legally contesting a losing case on this basis. Again, the sly Liberals twisted financial inducements to thwart any province seeking to break their own program which Ford wishes to do. Model-T reaction? Assign one lawyer for 4 years to untangle that one; not an entire legal firm tied to 'legal billable time bullshit'.

3) Hence what the provinces give, the provinces may take away. Only then, should the Federal government force an agreement on Ontario should Ford dip into his $30 million 'slush fund'. I could run that one under one million dollars...lawyers cost exponentially more....

4) To date the Cap n' Trade has produced billions in revenue (long on 'tax', very short on 'carbon') which cannot be easily replaced. That is the real problem for Ford.


JUNE 25-2018

What's a helicopter pilot to do in Mali?

1) With the Kandahar Mission, Canadians asked to be placed at the pointy end of the stick and, in so doing, won their spurs with respect from such as the U.S. military. It cost us 50 military deaths, mainly from patrols stepping on land mines.

2) With Mali, a total shithole country if there ever was one, we are replacing the U.N. German Mission with helicopter support mainly for extraction purposes which includes a medical component. In short, the public perception in Canada is that our troops are safe from battle. Nothing could be further from the truth if our helicopters are used for more than protection of French forces in Mali.

3) First of all African UN troops 'cannot be used'. Typical is the African civilian climbing off a plane at the U.N. centre because some head honcho from his country pocketed the U.N. money for the purpose of hiring soldiers and sent the civilian in the place of a soldier.

4) So what do you do when, as a helicopter pilot, you arrive on the battle scene and these U.N. African troops break and race for the helicopter? It is 'Da Nang' in Vietnam all over again. In this scenario, the helicopter on the ground becomes a sitting duck for missile attacks from well-armed enemies. In the case of the Germans, the local command delayed arrival at the scene of battle of the helicopters to avoid a 'Da Nang'. Will that continue?

5) As for Canadians, how will they react to military deaths in Mali where they don't expect any? Will there be the usual 'highway of heroes' performance on the 401?

6) Turkey downed a Russian plane and came close to starting WWIII. Will the Russians down a Canadian NATO plane over Estonia risking the same fate? Indeed, WWIII can be precipitated by any wingnut in a strategic position. It is the kind of world we live in.


JUNE 27-2018

Where's Waldo?

1) In the game of one-up-manship regarding equalization payments to provinces in which QC gets 2/3 of the 19 Billion based on a much earlier formula which does not exist in the modern economic world, try this one on for size. The Employer in the Employee's Case has always argued before the court that they are not obliged to observe court oversight regarding imposed legislation (BILL 35) B.C. 1985 hence B.C. Supreme Court's Mary Southin's (1986) quashing of the arbitration in their favour ruling, as she did, that the arbitrator had been patently unreasonable for failing to show a causal factor (this crime/this perp), need not be recognized by them.

2) The Employer promulgated that argument in the Appeal of her judgment which they lost. They also promulgated that argument in 1995 in a hearing that I called for employer abandonment of returning to arbitration as ordered by the court as well as many, many courts including 4 inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada in this unresolved case - but resolved according to the Employer - although that latter position by the Employer does not explain why no compensation has been paid which was a condition of BILL 35.

3) In 2014, the Employer as plaintiff (13-59060) went before Ottawa Supreme Court Justice, Colin McKinnon, with this argument outlined above in which as the defendant, I was in agreement as to posing the question regarding imposed legislation. McKinnon j. ducked the question as did all courts on this issue ruling, instead, that this defendant was merely being 'frivolous and vexatious'. To cap it off, he wrote three Decisions on the same issue; none referencing the other. That now forms part of the fraud charge that I now have laid in Ottawa courts in which I ask the Ford government for the immediate suspension of McKinnon j. considering that the Naqvi Attorney General 'consortium' (losing Wynne Gov't. in which Naqvi lost his seat) sat out that question. SEE web employeeescasecanada.ca

4) Of course the Employer justifiably refuses to pay compensation until a court orders them to do so. That is how the Justice System imploded.

5) Hence Waldo in my game isn't even on p.317 of any manifesto (Gov't buried renewal of original equalization as means of getting votes in QC next year which even the Tories are supporting...so much for poverty stricken AB & SK which must pay these fees subsidizing QC daycare and low University fees).

Waldo, in contrast in my game, has been obliterated.

6) It matters little which way AB and SK vote - although they are Conservative - as the Federal Parties have the QC votes in their eyesight - on page one if you will.

7) No matter which way one looks at this Waldo story, Canadian democracy is well and truly fucked....


JUNE 27-2018

TO: Ministry of the Attorney General                        FROM: Roger Callow

Court Services Division                                               self represented plaintiff (2 actions)

ATTN:  N. Serdynska                                                   1285 Cahill Dr. E. #2001

Customer Service Representative                              Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7             

161 Elgin St. 2nd Floor                                                t/f. 613-521-1739

Ottawa, ON K2P 2K1

t. 613-239-1054  f.613-239-1075  1 page sent by fax

cc Premier Ford


1) On June 16-2018, I returned a revised 'fraud' civil suit plus fee of $160 as requested by you.

2) On April 13-2018, the court deducted $220 fee for an ex parte constitutional question. There has been no reply on this level.

3) The Ford government, which is in receipt of 3 Registered letters from me on both issues since their election on June 8, receives official turn-over of power on June 29-2018.

4) I await file numbers for both cases.

Yours truly, Roger Callow


JUNE 29-2018


TO: Hon. Carolyn Mulroney                   FROM: Roger Callow plaintiff (2 actions)

Ontario Attorney General                                   1285 Cahill Dr. E. #2001          

ON. Legislature                                                        Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

2 pages sent by Registered Mail.                       f. 613-521-1739



1) Immediate attention is required to two major legal actions I filed with the Ottawa Courts which the previous A.G. would 'fiddle' with bringing, as it does, the practice of all law in Ontario into disrepute. A deadline of July 15 is set by this writer to evaluate your motivation in this central challenge as to how justice is to be practiced in Ontario under the Ford regime.

2) Currently the Ottawa courts are in receipt of two filing fees but have not seen fit to issue filing numbers. That is the first assistance I require from the authorities.

3) The constitutional question has application not only to individuals such as myself but to corporate entities such as premier Ford's prospective challenge to the imposed carbon tax.

4) The fraud charge as it applies to Ontario focuses on the Colin McKinnon j. (Ottawa Supreme Court 13-59060 Decisions of 2014). The plural is used here because there are 3 extant Decisions on the same case in which neither references the existence of the others = fraud. I have called for his immediate suspension in the 3 letters mailed to Premier Ford sent to him after the June election.

5) That fraud charge includes a second judge (Robert Scott j.) and the ON legal firm of Hicks, Morley et al; all of which were reported to the oversight bodies concerned during A.G. Naqvi's term of Office. There was no response.

6) That fraud further played out in SK, QC, NS and the Supreme Court of Canada with the incumbent SCofC Justice, Richard Wagner, sitting on both committees in 2016 Appeals from SK and QC. The failure of the SCofC to act led eventually to P.M. Trudeau being directly affected where this unresolved legal matter rests without any acknowledgment.

7) As matters now stand in Ontario, without a viable Justice System, there is no point passing any legislation.

8) This matter is a 'dirty biscuit' to be sure, but the question remains: are you big enough to stop the judicial juggernaut in this story which makes a mockery of present day Canada politically and legally.


I look forward to your prompt reply, Yours truly,  Roger Callow


cc  Office of the Ontario Ombudsman ATTN: Paul Dubé 483 Bay St. (Bell Trinity Sq. 10th Flr. South Tower) Toronto, ON M5G 2C9  f.416-586-3485 (2 pages sent by fax) t.1-800-263-1830



9) This is the first time that I have contacted your office and do so now in the event that the newly-appointed A.G. Carolyn Mulroney chooses to ignore the problems arising in Ontario from this long drawn out legal matter with its genesis in B.C.

10) The first item of business in the above lies in acquiring file numbers for the two filed cases.

 (July 15 deadline).


Thank-you for any assistance that you may provide in this matter.


Yours truly, Roger Callow  self-represented plaintiff in both legal actions noted above.