JULY -2018


PRETENSIONS - What would some people and bureaucracies do without them?

BY: Roger Callow  employeescasecanada.ca

QUOTE:  'Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.'

former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan




1) Pretensions are a double-edged sword - they are considered undesirable as a personal attribute; but can be the gyst of bureaucracies such as corporations, politics, and the courts.

2) Indeed, the biggest mistake an employee can make is to identify the power of the entity he or she serves with his own power. Such individuals fall a long long way when they have been let go and are searching among their former associates for a new job. I put West Vancouver Superintendent, Ed Carlin, on that list, as he lost his job in 1986 and never served in the public education field again.

3) I forget the film from the 1950's showing a boardroom scene in which an acolyte standing at the end of a long corporate boardroom is presenting an idea to the President at the other end. With his completed request, the camera shifts down one side of the table as executive after executive turns his non-committal head towards the President. "Good job, Jones," replies the President as the camera moves back down the other side of the table showing each executive bobbing his head in agreement.

4) The political world is so fickle that politicians expect to be out of a job many times hence the importance of the political party to provide coverage for them with interim employment.

5) The hide-bound legal fraternity does not fear repercussions unless, of course, one criticizes his own organization and then punishment is immediate and harsh. It is this latter organization which is the focus of this tome. To date, the anti-employee media has been giving them a free ride but that is beginning to change.

6) By custom, it is only the judge whom is permitted to crack a joke. 'Most adroit observation, m'lord' heh heh', is the appropriate response from one of the legal clackers getting three times the salary of the judge.

7) The profession is given to pretension considering that all law is 'judge-made' law. As an illustration from another bureaucracy, an employee is presented a list of duties with the last one being "...and related duties" (as defined by the boss hence the list is redundant under these conditions). Similarly the laws are written in a contradictory fashion permitting any judge to provide his desired answer.

8) What limitation is offered to the above dichotomy? Justice Estey's oft quoted saying from St. Anne Nackawic is pertinent: 'What must be avoided at all costs, is a major deprivation of justice under the laws'. Hence the 'spirit of the law' is really the essential part of any judgment.

9) Habeas Corpus,  'produce the body' or 'body of evidence in law' underlies all law. That's how 33 years and over 50 judges including the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions has denied this plaintiff the record of the West Vancouver School Trustees meeting notes from June of 1985 in which the Superintendent of WV wrote a lay-off letter sanctioning the lay-off under the recently imposed BILL 35 (B.C.-1985) of senior West Vancouver Secondary teacher, Roger Callow. He claimed a School Trustee support which he did not have. Justice Southin of B.C. Supreme Court in 1986 called for those meeting notes only to later return them 'because she did not use them'. In brief, she covered up a fraud of massive proportions and the succeeding judicial fraternity hearings over the years has sought to 'cover-up a cover-up' which has brought the Justice System of Canada into disrepute in this unresolved case.

10) The story which I have regarding the lay-off appears to be that when I refused to have the negative Professional Report on my teaching capabilities from West Vancouver Principal, John Williams, withdrawn by the Superintendent (I didn't trust Carlin from the 1978 experience in which a senior teacher was evicted for so-called incompetence -SEE web: ORIGINS), BILL 35 was my answer. The principal of West Vancouver Secondary in 1978  was Jim Carter whom became the B.C. Deputy Minister of Education and was behind the invocation of BILL 35 in 1985. In fact there were two professional Reports from Williams on the same event; one positive and one negative. Due to my detailed evidence; Williams was caught at arbitration in his lies...but a 'bought' arbitrator is a 'bought' arbitrator and hence it took the court to quash the arbitration ruling Louis Lindholm (deceased shortly after) to be patently unreasonable. I had to change lawyers to get that Appeal. To this day I go without compensation due to inaction from capricious judges.

11) What I suspect the 'missing memo notes' would show is that a cabal within the Board - consisting of Board Chairperson, Margot Furk, her successor, Mike Smith, two former local Union Presidents whom were close friends of Williams- a former colleague, plus the Superintendent contrived to have me laid off under BILL 35 on the basis that I could only contest the dismissal with the approval of the Union which is a major Union condition. They were not going to give me that permission. They were over-ruled by the parent Union body, the B.C. Teachers Federation, which had proclaimed for a number of weeks throughout B.C. that BILL 35 was 'the battle of all teachers'.

12) Stuart Clyne was counsel for the Board (he handled most of these matters for B.C. School Boards including the highly publicized case in West Vancouver in 1978). It is my submission here that he fraudulently presented information which would be apparent to Justice Southin in the 'June memo notes' hence her cover-up was as much a protection of Clyne's interests.

13) So a legal case which was to be a 'slam dunk' blew up due to cover-up eventually by the entire Canadian Judiciary.

14) In Ontario currently, I am seeking file numbers for two cases in Ontario Supreme Court (Ottawa): a) a constitutional question regarding imposed legislation which applies to both individual and corporate interests. For example, Premier Ford is rejecting the imposed carbon tax. The School Trustees in the Employee's Case claim that court oversight does not apply to such as the imposed BILL 35 (Even if they are right, that does not answer the question regarding compensation which now includes pension rights. Every Canadian employee should be concerned explaining why I have exhorted them to organize a web site: PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION). President Trump is a good example of imposed legislation run rampant.  b) When the court above cashed my court fee on April 13 but did not deliver a file number, I instituted an Action charging the WV School Trustees for fraud in a $20 million civil lawsuit. I have since sent a second fee as requested for that charge.

15) There are two levels of fraud; one regarding the initial one of School Board activities  in B.C. in 1985, the second regarding legal transgressions by Employer counsel and judges across Canada focusing on the transgressions of Ontario Supreme Court Justice in Ottawa (13-59060 hearing April 2014, ) Colin McKinnon. He wrote 3 Decisions in which none reference the existence of the other. All oversight bodies to date across Canada do not acknowledge these very serious legal transgressions. I have called on incoming ON Attorney General, Carolyn Mulroney to immediately suspend McKinnon until this matter is investigated. That challenge is set for a July 15 response time and is a test of the entire Ford government.

16) Once I receive a file number for the Fraud case, the Defendant Employer will be notified (They are directed not to use Harris & Co. of Vancouver in this Ontario case as that will invoke many charges against them by me.) A one hour hearing (possibly the third week in September) will be held in which I will request the 'missing memo notes' from the June School Board meetings as a precursor to defining the fraud charge. That is all this court is about-disclosure. Their action will be a direct reflection on the Ford government for good or bad as the case may be.

17) I have kept the RCMP cognizant of events in this case (Montreal Fraud Division) for there is no statute of limitations on fraud. If criminal activity is shown by the above disclosure - and I strongly believe that to be the case - I plan to defer prosecution in the civil action until after the criminal one.

18) In the month of June, Premier Ford and his Attorney General, Carolyn Mulroney, have been the recipients of 4 Registered letters on this case. Will the Ford Government follow in the footsteps of the previous Wynne government? We will know by July 15.


JULY 03-2018


QUOTE: '...Violence and commerce were two sides of the same coin, because the invisible hand (Adam Smith=gov't. hands off commerce) needed an invisible fist to smooth the way before it could work its magic....' War! What is it good for?  Ian Morris



1) While the U.S. business interests and the population at large are focused on the 'invisible hand' which has brought down corporate taxes and provided employment, the real direction of Trump with his tariffs is to smooth the way (which is pretty rough for his trading partners as well as some interests in the U.S.) so it can work its magic Trump style.

2) It does not look good for Canada if the steely eyed Kelly Croft (U.S. Ambassador to Canada) is any example. '2008' with its financial meltdown, here we come.

3) History has shown us that war, for the most part, while benefitting individuals such as the 1% of the most wealthy; is a financial burden on government or, in other words, the taxpayers plus those who risk their lives fighting for their overlords. For example, Louis XIV, the Sun King built a grandiose kingdom and a massive debt by the time he died in 1714. By the time of his grandson, Louis XVI, France was broke trying to pay his debts which led to the French Revolution and the execution of the King and his wife by 'Madame Guillotine' in 1793.

4) Trump is cognizant of how being the globocop since WWII is an expensive business. In 1999, attempts were being made to reduce expenditures in the CIA and NSA organizations which ran completely amuck with 9/11 and the creation of a third very expensive Homeland Security. In short, the U.S. is in deep financial trouble (but , it would seem, so is everyone else in the world except maybe Singapore). Hence Trump would like to cut military expenditures wherever he can. a) NATO - The U.S. covers the lion's share of expenditures and would like others to 'cough up'. Even though Canada contributes militarily in other ways, we also underfund NATO.  b) Korea - the 1950's style of war is over and the 10,000 troops in S. Korea are 'sitting ducks' for a missile attack from the North. Trump would like to withdraw them leaving defense to the U.S. arsenal of missiles. c) SEATO - SE Asian organization dependent on U.S. protection. It's 'ready, aye ready' for any of these countries retaining U.S. Defense. China's 'soft power' is undermining the Pacific and Trump is prompting a civil war in China with his tariff wars as a means of undermining them. N. Korean troops will support Xi in that struggle. d) Canada is ill-suited to protect the opening Arctic. By pressing her with tariffs, a possible outcome is Canada invoking the 14th colony option of becoming a U.S. state. Our debt makes us vulnerable.

5) Can it work for the U.S. fighting a commercial battle on all fronts - friends and foes alike? Not if Trump has a heart attack while travelling abroad. He is a one man force with no capable back-up in his entourage.


JULY 11 - 2018


1) NAFTA negotiations are a fraud and a tax grab by Canada and the U.S.

2) The fraud part was exposed when Canada declared a reciprocal tariff to the U.S. one to take effect on Jul 01, the day of the Mexican election and before knowing the outcome. As it is, the new Mexican government does not take office until Dec. 01 hence nothing can be signed.

3) The softwood lumber tariff holds the game plan to what's happening; namely, U.S. lumber interests increased their costs to match the Canadian prices so that everyone wins...except those building houses in the U.S. But what does Joe Lunch-bucket care as long as he can get a mortgage from other financial interests making a fast buck on the higher prices? What's not to love? Margin buying in the stock market in the 1920's produced similar results ...until 1929 and the stock market crash.

4) Now U.S. Steel and Alcoa are in the same leveraged game forcing higher prices on automobiles from the U.S. and Canadian consumer fully believing that the consumer has not been milked enough.

5) Bottom line? The top 1% get richer while the rest of the population signs up to more debt. Trump, in that regard, is not a populous leader; rather an elitist selling out  'making America great again'. Indeed. It is the greatest flim flam of the century making Barnum and Bailey look like rank amateurs.


JULY 12-2018

SEX EDUCATION & The Ford Government


1) Nothing excites our western society more than a prurient discussion of sex which is taken as a matter of course in other non-western societies. Advertising makes a complete fetish of sexuality. 'Barbie Doll' is the symptom of this sickness. Much is made of female pulchritude such as Snow White or Cinderella and rules Hollywood and by extension, our lives.

2) The new Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, has canceled the new sex-ed curriculum reverting to one from the 1990's before the internet. Possibly, he plans to place a new one into effect and feels this is the only way to approach the revision. Let's hope so.

3) In the 1950's, our high school sex education consisted of one biology class in which 1/2 of the figure drawn was Henry and his counterpart was Henrietta telling us that there was only a 5% difference. Girls were herded into the gymnasium to learn about the 'submarine races' with this admonishment; time to go when the windows fog up. (yes, it all happened in cars)

4) When I first began teaching in 1964, a girl's counselor told me that pregnancy was a problem at age 13 because the girls did not believe they could become pregnant.

5) In the 1970's at the high school which I was teaching in West Vancouver, staff were invited to attend a meeting held by the counselors introducing a new sex-ed course to Grade 9 students. I was the only non-counselor there but as anyone may have guessed, I am different from other teachers. We were given the usual guarantees as to oversight but a few months later, I asked one counselor how the course was going: 'Oh, don't even ask...it was scrapped' and he walked off without giving me any details as to why it was scrapped. (That's how our entire society has fallen down - no follow-up.)

6) In the 1990's a Grade 9 Special Needs class in Ottawa were given assembly models of the human body. One confused female student asked; 'What are we to do with this?' (good question as I have found most of these 'popular mechanics courses' lack a cultural extension.) The teacher responded appropriately, I thought, by telling the student that they were not expected to go and try things out; rather, that when the time came - and she would best know that time - she would have some idea as to why her body was reacting in the way it was.

7) In the 1990's, one high school had a School Assembly in which a counselor spoke on the LBG community pointing out that approx. 1/6 of students were LBG and that the counselors had addresses of two houses in Ottawa which could advise students concerned about the problem. At University, organized LBG groups are available but not in high schools. In QC, after automobile deaths, male suicide is next for young males usually of LBG orientation.

8) Also in the 1990's, I met two single parent female families living together. While little was said, they were lesbians. Now that gay marriage is recognized, it would be apparent that young children should be aware of these relationships. No detail is necessary as young children quickly lose interest.

9) On the question of consent, it is not unusual for a female high school student to get a crush on a male teacher which is usually harmless. But about once in every decade in every high school, the situation gets out of hand and the teacher ends up divorcing his wife and marrying a pregnant student. The Teachers College in Ontario (began about 1990) did much to chase the pedophiles out of the profession.

10) Having a home alarm franchise in the 1990's, I had to evaluate the nature of threats. In one case, two lesbian real estate agents wanted an alarm and I had to distinguish the threat to residence (normal) as opposed to the threat to person. In another case, a pretty lady sub-letting an apartment wanted the alarm under her bed - good choice for her.

11) One school hired a specialized defense instructor to teach Grade 10 girls how to extract themselves from personal attacks. (I was a Supply Teacher for the female teacher.) Such programs make eminent good sense.

12) Underlying the teaching of students today is the notion that 'no' does not mean 'no'. It just means try a little harder. The part of the brain labeled 'consequences' is not developed in teen-agers but when you consider that the problem of the world is 'children raising children', it would appear to be difficult to break re-occurring bad habits.

13) While it may not seem apparent to those in the conservative Ford government now, the sex-ed program problems could very easily derail this gov't in the next election. Hence Premier Ford must, at all costs, avoid pulling 'a Trump' and rather appoint his top official to this folder. Much of this program would focus on which age-level is appropriate for assorted sexual policies.



JULY 09-2018



TO: Hon. Carolyn Mulroney - PERSONAL        FROM: Roger Callow self represented plaintiff

Ontario Attorney General                                   1285 Cahill Dr. E. #2001          

ON. Legislature                                                        Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

1 page sent by e-mail: and mail                          f. 613-521-1739

attorneygeneral@ontario.ca                               employeescase canada.ca



1) As a political neophyte;  permit me the audacity to instruct you where 5 Registered Letters on the Employee's Case have been sent or forwarded to you as Ontario's new A.G..

2) That advice in the Employee's Case would consist of grabbing the initiative whenever possible in order to occupy the higher political ground. For example, the following letter signed personally by you would meet that end.


TO: West Vancouver School Trustees-S.D. #45  (WVST)  

FROM: ON Attorney General

cc Roger Callow


To whom it may concern;

1) This Office is in receipt of materials provided by the Plaintiff in an unresolved Labour issue with its genesis in British Columbia. The file number is CV18000 76950 0000,(Ottawa Supreme Court - July 03 delivery receipt date to the Plaintiff  from the Ottawa Sheriff's Office of the Attorney General which suggests that this account may pre-date the current government's ascendency on June 29-2018). According to the Plaintiff, this action has been forwarded to you as Defendant for a legal response.

2) The above claim is for $20 million for fraud as a civil action.

3) The plaintiff has further requested that this office of the A.G. lay a parallel action for criminal fraud which may only be done with the permission of the Ontario A.G. That action, according to the plaintiff, is contingent on whom you appoint as your legal representative; specifically as the appointment relates to the Vancouver law firm of Harris & Company and their representatives which has long been associated with this 33 year case where no compensation has been paid. He insists that they must first undergo scrutiny in Ontario criminal court before the civil action is held in the event that they are appointed by you.


1) Is it the intention of the WVST to retain the services of Harris & Co. in the above matter?

2) Is there any attempt by the WVST to settle this matter out of court?


Your prompt reply to this action would be appreciated, I remain, Carolyn Mulroney ON A.G.


Yours truly, (signed) Roger Callow


JULY 12-2018

TO: Hon. Premier Doug Ford  by  fax: 416-745-4601 (Etobicoke N.)

FROM: Roger Callow


     I believe that I should have heard something on this issue by now. Is it to be left to others to define it for you and your Attorney General?


Yours truly, Roger Callow


July 13-2018


TO: ON Ombudsman                                FROM: Roger Callow

ATTN: 'Adrian'                                            

via INFO@ombudsman.ON.ca


1) My apologies for my delay due to defective hearing aid batteries in response to your phone call (416-586-3300) at 2 P.M. today.

2) A call back to the above number confirmed that I was indeed speaking to the Ombudsman Office although the phone line once again is low on volume reflective of an older telephone system.

3) Your call related to a copy of a letter I sent to A.G. Carolyn Mulroney dated July 09-2018 asking whether you could provide assistance of which specifics I did not  provide.

4) The essence of your phone call was for me to request the necessary Ombudsman forms to be filled out. As there are many facets to this case, I requested an e-mail to that effect which was declined by you. This unique case does not fit into the bureaucratic '25 words or less' syndrome. We parted company on that point.

Yours truly,  Roger Callow          cc Premier Ford  f. 416-745-4601


JULY 19-2018



July 30-2018


TO: A.G. c/o Premier Ford                     FROM: Roger Callow

Personal & Confidential                                       1285 Cahill Drive E. #2001

Legislative Building                                                Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9A7

Queen's Park                                                            Fax: 613-521-1739

Toronto, ON M7A 1A1                                          web: employeescasecanada.ca

(5 pages)


Reference: Acknowledgment is made of an undated 3-page letter signed Adam Cline(?) Operational Support Branch / Court Services Division / Ministry of the Attorney General  / McMurtry-Scott Building / 720 Bay St. 2nd Floor  Toronto, ON  M7A 2S9  Tel:416-326-1028  Fax:416-326-9957



1) While A.G. Carolyn Mulroney did not sign this letter, Premier Ford must accept that she was aware of the letter and hence, condoned it.

2) The course for you as Premier is clear: fire A.G. Mulroney. New Opposition Leader, Andrea Horwath is being provided a copy of this letter for publicly raising that point.

3) You are asking for advice with respect to a private legal matter...it would not be appropriate...to become involved in...a private matter  my comment: It may have started out as a private legal matter in 1985 but quickly morphed into something much much larger when the court quashed the arbitration favouring the Employer regarding the lay-off of West Vancouver  High School teacher, Roger Callow, under the neophyte conditions of the imposed BILL 35 because it did not show a causal factor. I was left in limbo. No compensation (including pension rights for the past 12 years) has been paid which flies in the face of any number of laws.

4) The writer is wrong to imply that the oversight bodies which he has listed have not been (repeatedly) referred to without any response:

a) The Canadian Judicial Council - failed to respond to alleged fraudulent activities of (originally) Federally appointed judges in ON Supreme Court, McKinnon j. and Scott j. The request was re-issued with the appointment of SCofC Richard Wagner whom was complicit in this case in 2016. There is still no response.

b) Law Society of ON - regarding the complicity of Hicks, Morley et al in the above caper which promptly dropped representation of the Employer's interests. Again, the issue was revised with the ascension of the Ford government. It also goes without a response.

c) RCMP - ...the police have the responsibility of investigating allegations of criminal conduct....

The new Superintendent, Brenda Lucki, turned the matter back to the Montreal Fraud Division where I keep a record of such allegations. They refuse to act.

5) Finally, we understand the court documents that you submitted for filing did not comply with the Rules of Civil Procedure. The reference here is to the constitutional question raised along with the returned $220 fee. Normally, a Registry make specific recommendations in order to make a document court ready as secondary re-submissions are common in the court scene. Your statement implies a finality which I do not accept and why I refer to earlier letters sent to both Premier Ford and his A.G. Carolyn Mulroney.

6) From past experience, am I surprised at the bureaucratic response to what some would consider the single most important legal issue in Canada regarding court oversight of imposed legislation (BILL 35) B.C. 1985?  I am not. However, I am grossly disappointed with the Ford Government as reflected by this letter.

7) By writing this off as a private matter, the bureaucratic writer avoids the point that this case still remains unresolved after 33 years. No compensation has been paid.

8) NDP's Susan Horwath has been unsuccessfully tackled before in a quest to obtain publicity on this case. As the new leader of the ON Opposition, she is given the opportunity to stand up in the Legislature and challenge the Ford government on this major transgression of power. Indeed, that is where the focus now lies.


Yours truly,



Roger Callow


cc  Andrea Horwath (5 pages)