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The Wizard of Id
Peasants: We hear you have liberty and justice here.
Sir Rodney: Well, sort of.
Peasants: 'Sort of', what does that mean?
Sir Rodney: Nobody has the liberty to oust the Justice Department no matter how bad it gets.

True Justice Robert K. Tanenbaum
'Well, basically, the system, not just this office, but every prosecutorial organization, is essentially corrupt. It's so easy to pass laws, politicians love to pass laws...we're so overloaded that we can't actually do what we're supposed to do. So we perform an imitation of justice...because moving the system along becomes the prime value, not making sure that the laws are carried out. Get it?...and the corruption you get from power is an order of magnitude more serious than the kind you get from what I was talking about, the necessity for pretense. Because it's personal...They don't teach this in law school, do they?'
'No...So gradually things will improve?'
'No', said Karp sourly. 'Things will get worse. But we'll fight it all the way down'

Tandia Bryce Courtenay
'You see, simplicity is the key to almost everything. If something can be simply stated and simply understood, it will generally translate into a working concept. Law has chosen to neglect this fundamental truth and as a result has allowed itself to become reactionary, complicated and, for the most part, unjust.

It is not the law which keeps a people safe, but the hearts and minds of some good men and women who are its custodians. Conventional justice, when it is not in the hearts and minds of men, has only the power to corrupt. The letter of law may be applied but its spirit is withheld.'

Question: I have read your account twice and I am not sure a third reading will make any difference. In as fewest (sic) words as possible, what is this all about?
Reply: Dear reader, to obey your request to keep it short, I suggest you choose a number between 1 & 7 for your selected answer.

1)Alice in Wonderland's answer - As you must be a B.C. teacher, how about a KISS? ...The West Vancouver School Board, in making rabbit stew, mistakenly believed that they had their rabbit hog-tied inside the stew pot and when they discovered otherwise, they sought out (to mix an analogy) all the King's asses (judges) and all the King's boys (union) to get that darned rabbit to jump into the stewpot again!
2)The Flying Dutchman's Response - As long as we keep Black Roger sailing on a sea of legal red tape, he will never put into the port of judgment.
3)The Old Boy's Club statement - Admittedly, we used the B52 bomber of the Canadian judicial system to kill a mosquito and missed. The solution? Why crash the bomber onto the mosquito...hell, we're only dealing here with government credibility which any damned fool knows does not exist and the taxpayers dollars of which existence that same damned fool is only too aware. Thank God, the press know their place on this one!
4)Third World Refugee living in Canada - Hey, just like at home!...ethnic cleansing of the labour force!
5)Hitler's observation - What? All this and no jackboots in the street? Amazing!  I couldn't have done better myself.
6)Jean Chretien's circle - It's a story without no end and without no end, maybe we can deny it ever had a beginning in the first place, which would suit me fine in the second, third, and fourth places.
7) The position of the Judiciary - Each judge is handed a hammer and a nail to add to the nails already hammered into the coffin box lid. Should any judge be so inopportune to note that the corpse is not yet dead; he is told, 'No, but it will be once we complete our nailing task.'

Old Boy's Club

Arbitrator Louis Lindholm (deceased)
Supreme Court of B.C. Justice Mary Southin (1986 and 2001)
" (Appeal) Taggart,Hinkson,Anderson
" Justice J. Spencer
" (Appeal) Hollinrake Newberry,(1998 and 2001) Huddart
Supreme Court of Canada - Chief Justice Antonio Lamer,Cory (both retired) B. McLaughlin
Prime Minister Jean Chretien
B.C. Labour Board (virtually all of them) Brent Mullin/Mark Brown/John Hall/Paul Johnston/Barbara Junker/ Laura Parkinson etc.
Supreme Court of B.C. Justice J. Sigurdson
" (Appeal) Prowse (plus other 2 noted above)
Supreme Court of B.C. Justice Williamson 
Chief Justice L. Finch 
Supreme (Appeal) Court of B.C. Ryan/Donald/Oppal

Supreme Court of Canada . Bastarache/Lebel/Deschamps (June 10/04)- 'Canadian Justice System collapses') under 'ultimate remedy'

B.C. Supreme Court Justice S.J. Shabbits (June/08) - 'Pension Phase' B.C. Supreme Court Justice Nathan Smith (Mar 23/09) (All legal options exhausted)

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Anne W. MacKenzie / Court of Appeal Chief Justice Lance Finch /

Court of Appeal (phony surety)  Justice K.C. MacKenzie (2010)

Federal Court of Canada: Vancouver Prothonotary Roger Lafreniére (twice!)

Federal Court Justices R. Mosley & Madame Gauthier (2010-11)

Ontario Supreme Court (Ottawa) Robert Maranger (2011)

Federal Court of Canada: Madame Justice Gleason (2013)

Ontario Divisional Court (3 judges): Madame Justice de Sousa (2013)

Ontario Appeal Court thwarted a number of times under Chief Justice G. Strathy

Ontario Superior Court Justice C. McKinnon & R. Scott (both originally Federal Court appointments) 2013-2015 'frivolous & vexatious' debacle

Quebec (Gatineau) Therrien j. and a second judge, Nicolet j. 2015

Quebec Appeal Court (Montreal) 2016 J. Chamberland JA/ E. Parent JA/ G. Marcotte JA

Saskatchewan Superior Court Megaw j. 2015

            "              Appeal Court 2016  Jackson/Caldwell/Ryan Froslie  (Ottenbreit-phony surety)

Supreme Court of Canada 2016 Appeals of both SK & QC under the same 3 person panel including Justice Robert Wagner (QC origins)who replaced B. McLachlin on her retirement on Dec. 15-2017

Halifax: Suzanne Hood in April 2017 put an end to the credibility of any Canadian 'Book of Authorities' with her action of 'commission'

Halifax: S. Rosinski on Nov. 2017 forestalled the constitutional question regarding court oversight powers and imposed legislation, the only thing keeping us from dictatorship. President Trump as a signatory to the Magnitsky Act (legal & moral turpitude) requested to invoke this Act against him.

B.C. Surely the most scandalous Decision (2018) written by a judge in any democracy which imperils the entire NDP government both provincially (B.C. and QC) and federally: Hinckson cj SEE web under this name marked 'FRAUD'


Stuart Clyne QC - Legal Counsel for School Board with a high success rate in expelling senior teachers from B.C. School Boards on grounds of incompetence. ( I was 'laid off') ...I think I now see why he is so successful.
Allan Black - Handball partner of Clyne and the Union appointee hired to present my side. His point blank refusal to me to put school board officials on the stand to testify as to lay-off figures was no doubt construed by Arbitrator Lindholm (now deceased) as signalling that no challenge would be made to his decision.
Harry Rankin QC (deceased)& Junior Partner, Bruce Laughton - Black's replacement after the arbitration by me who reneged on his promise to put Board members on the stand in any future trial as well as to drop representation of both sides if dismissed by one of the parties which I later unsuccessfully attempted to do with the aid of the B.C. Legal Society.
'They can get anyone if they really want to' Harry Rankin
'With Harry defending your case, I believe him.' Black Roger
Bruce Laughton - Continues to represent West Vancouver Teachers unilaterally despite my protest to the B.C. Legal Society. His bungling has hamstrung my case at the expense of exposing the Union to cover all settlement costs ($5 million). 2018-now much, much higher
David Yorke - B.C. Teachers Federation lawyer who has masterminded the union role with Black, Rankin & Laughton.
Ron MacQueen - brother of Southam columnist, Ken MacQueen, and West Vancouver Teachers President in 1978 during dismissal of a senior colleague for incompetence (described to me by another colleague as a teacher of above average intelligence and 'okay' as a teacher by an adult student). Clyne acted for the School Board. Jim Carter was the principal concerned and Ed Carlin was the superintendent. MacQueen again served in the latter 80's as WVTA President and, very surprisingly, on the executive in the 90's while in retirement.
Jim Carter - Deputy Minister of Education under Brian Smith in VanderZalm Cabinet (VanderZalm is current Reform Party leader in B.C.)who was influential in passing the infamous Bill 35 later refined into Bill 20 in 1988 thereby having teachers virtually working under a pseudo contract of no value as any teacher can now be dismissed for any unsubstantiated reason...and all because they sold out on the Employee's Case!
John Reynolds - Current Reform Party MP for West Vancouver who unsuccessfully sued the Vancouver Sun for accusations of ties to organized crime. He was a VanderZalm MLA for West Vancouver in 1985 and was reputed to have worked closely with School Board Chairperson, Margo Furk, in having Bill 35 passed.
John Williams - Teacher under Jim Carter who replaced him as Principal. I filed documents with Carter alleging fraud on the part of Williams thereby prompting the subsequent Bill 35 scenario.
Ed Carlin - Superintendent who departed from the education field the year after my dismissal. He was the only one to give evidence under oath as to lay-off figures which were shown to be fraudulent, even in the arbitration although no such reference appears, of course, in arbitrator Lindholm's report. In so many words, Carlin never had any official School Board sanction for his lay-off letter quoting them to that effect. That is the central point on which the Canadian judicial system has been impaled.
Kit Krieger - Former WVTA President responsible for hamstringing my case and  re-elected as President of the B.C. Teachers' Federation. (Subsequent leaders of no assistance either.)