Reader Alert: Read no further if the inevitable conclusion of an economic depression in Canada disturbs you.

1) Let's dispose of business imposed legislation as it is pretty well defined as to which interests hold the controlling price share which are overseen by government regulations. That's called capitalism.


2) Imposed  legislation internationally and to a more limited degree, nationally, has the added function of state control through tariffs which can make or break a business enterprise. Stock markets reflect this kind of reality. Governments usually depend on fiat currency created by themselves to regulate their operation.


3) The consumer functions in this milieu through his spending power in which credit debt has been given a new dimension to the operations outlined above influencing them, as it does, in unsettling ways. For example, if an individual has a $1 debt with the bank and cannot pay, the individual has a problem but with a multi-million debt under the same circumstances, the bank has a problem. That latter state applies to Canada today heralding a dire economic situation for if it were not for massive government spending escalating the national debt, the economy would have already collapsed.


4) Collapsed economies lead to war as individual groups compete for scarce resources although some wars are created for ideological reasons. At any rate, population movements result creating immigrants and refugees.


5) Immigrants are screened and are considered a benefit to a developed nation although some Third World country is invariably deprived of the talent they require. Refugees are a different story as oftentimes the ones to leave first are the criminal element; El Savador's M-13 gangs in the U.S. East Coast are a case in point which President Trump would seek to evict with his many imposed policies thus negating Congressional overview. I met one unemployed Syrian refugee Doctor in the book store with his children. 'When things settle down, will you return to the Middle East'? I asked. No. That would be a big gain for Canada but that is not the general trend for refugees in Europe which are a source of terrorist attacks for such as Belgium and France but not for Poland which refuses refugees. Miscreant immigrants may be deported but not refugees. Canada was appointed to review the Rohinga expulsion from Burma where they could be counted on to accept refugees similar to a request from Israel being inundated with Sudanese refugees. The Rohinga expulsion is the template for all dictatorships dealing with dissident movements; namely, expel them without fear of retribution. (The situation is not the same for those ISIS persecuted refugees where the men were slaughtered with the women and children enslaved. They require immediate refugee status.) Canada is stuck between a rock and a hard place for by accepting Rohinga refugees as they add to the bigger problem outlined above. With the fall of Viet-Nam, re-education camps were established but Hong Kong was later awash with 'economic refugees' which after a few years were told that they would be returned to Viet Nam if the West did not step up and accept them. Recently, `snakeheads` have been shipping Nigerian refugees across the U.S. border into QC. with border security seeking to undo the damage by Trudeau behind his back at much expense to Canada.


6) Unfortunately, refugees from Africa and surrounding Muslim areas are closely associated with the drug trade. London, Eng. has for a first time surpassed New York in murders most of which are attributed to the drug trade although in London, knives rather than guns are the weapon of choice. Brexit was in large measure a reaction of the British people to block refugees. In Ottawa where weekly murders are the norm related to the drug trade, all the miscreant and victim names appearing are from those locales noted above. Legalizing drugs will make no difference to this criminal element as to what will they do next...get a job??? The problem has historical roots. In Elizabeth I's time, pirates raided British shipping until she incorporated them into the first navy and gave them license to pillory foreign shipping either outright in terms of war (Spanish Armada of 1588) or as privateers providing kick-backs to the Queen. In Third World countries, kidnapping has been added to this explosive world. Expect widespread Home Invasions next in Canada. The police suffer from a lack of infra-structure support and are being neutered by such movements as 'Black lives Matter'. (No-where do you see a parallel with such an outcry with Asiatics involved in crime.) In the  Caucasian community, the crime problem amounts to  home grown theft teams ripping off contractors in semi-rural areas. It seems a vigilante organization needs to patrol at night in isolated areas looking for 'unauthorized vehicles' such as reflected in SK's 'Battleford' incident of a farmer shooting Indigenous trespassers. Posting night security personnel at the opening of industrial parks would go a long way to curbing this long festering problem.


7) President Trump wants to make 'America great again' inviting in that process, Norwegians to immigrate to the U.S.  The turning point was 1985 where U.S. citizens led the world in living standards. Today, 10 countries including Norway exceed the U.S. The real point is why don't Americans emigrate to Norway? At one time, the character of a Nation could be reflected on the tabloid Newstands (including Britain). Today, Reality TV Shows, which are little more than 'high-school USA' which reflect a boy-girl-adult mindset. I ruled out the use of guns in student skits to forestall maladjusted boys from seeking to resolve a problem with a gun. Today sociopathic TV is all guns, guns, guns. And to think we wonder why our children are maladjusted. The future, if there is one for U.S. Society lies with hard-working Asian immigrants such as South Korea is able to provide.


8) What can be said about our 'boy' Prime Minister which has not already been said, even inter-nationally? As a former teacher, I see all the earmarks of 'burn-out' which afflicted popular teachers (lets me out) as administrators, parents, students, colleagues take advantage of these 'willing horses' to bear the load while their ulcers quietly ran them down. Trudeau is finding a price tag from foreign countries with their hands out for exploiting Canada. (As matters currently stand, Chrystia Freeland is the only politician I would accept as Prime Minister.)


9) One of those dreadful commitments overseeing African troops is to send Canadian troops to the biggest shit-hole country in Africa; namely Mali. The pattern here is for crooked African bureaucrats to accept UN money for troops only to send an inexperienced civilian in their place. In short, these African troops are ineffective. The Canadian troops are not in the military risking their lives for money otherwise they would become mercenaries. Kandahar in Afghanistan is perhaps the last posting of troops where widespread Canadian support was provided as exemplified by the 'Highway of Heros' in which fire-engines and various supporters stood on over-passes to salute the fallen as the hearses drove beneath. Modern troops are limited to asking 'Was it worth it' with their assignments. I don't see them getting it in the Mali assignment.


10) Are NAFTA negotiations a mere screen to what the U.S. really intends; namely, a trade war with China in order to break their financial back. Currently, China is badly over-exposed with its soft power and no hard power to enforce their claims amid a financial system unacceptable to the standards of the rest of the world. Bankrupt Sino-Forest is typical in which a Chinese firm with questionable financing was able to control industries in Canada and the U.S. until the whistle was blown on them. China refused an external audit = no credibility as a business entity. The smart money has left China leaving a country which has built airports and cities for business which has never materialized. I predict civil war with the U.S. challenge, akin to Reagan`s `Star Wars` caper used to de-stabilize the Soviet Union in the 1980`s leading to its eventual collapse. Kim Yung UN`s secret visit to China is a preparation for this civil war which will use N. Korean troops... have I ever been wrong?....


11) So Premier Pallister would rattle the legal sabre against the Federal Government's imposed Carbon Tax. Lots of luck with that one. The myopic media see the legal question as a Section 91 (federal jurisdiction) versus 92 (provincial jurisdiction) against the National interest of the Environmental Movement. Here's how it actually works. The Supreme Court of Canada decides beforehand on which judges will write on the majority (4 votes) in controversial matters (translation; press exposure) and which judges will write on the minority (3 votes). In short, it is a pre-determined outcome on the issue. That is, if the decision is clear-cut which it rarely is thus favouring the stronger power; in this case the Federal government. In 1982, P.M. Pierre Trudeau claimed that the SCofC ducked the central question on the patriation of the Constitution from Britain. 'How many provinces must approve the measure?' he asked (later established at 7 out of 10 provinces with QC never having signed). As to public reaction, that is a media myth as the average Canadian doesn't give a rat's ass about matters he knows little about such as carbon auctions in California involving Ontario. Indeed the neolithic media is still joined at the hip to political parties and elections. In recent years, it has misguessed the outcome of many elections in both the U.S. and Canada...fake news, indeed.


12) So much for imposed legislation in the international and national sphere. What about the 'individual' sphere as reflected in the 33 year unresolved  senior teacher lay-off of this writer in 1985 under the conditions of the imposed BILL 35 where no compensation has been paid which now includes 10 years of pension rights. Technically, I am still an employee of the West Vancouver School District awaiting deferred salary. 50 Plus judges - including the newly appointed SCofC judge - Richard Wagner - systematically thwarted any attempt on my part to get a resolution to this long standing judicial aberration: PLACARD: IMPEACH SCofC CHIEF JUSTICE RICHARD WAGNER. The major point made here is that of the major judicial malfeasance of judges (the worst being that of ON Ottawa Supreme Court, Colin McKinnon 13-59060 whom wrote 3 separate judgments without referencing each other...'Would the real Justice McKinnon please stand up?') Failure of the many oversight bodies to even acknowledge these serious complaints is why the efficacy of any court judgment in Canada is not 'worth the paper on which it is written'. The key Employer argument is that the courts have no oversight powers over imposed legislation but nowhere do you find any reference to that key argument in any judgment. In the above case launched by the Employer in Ontario on that 'informal' constitutional point, as the defendant, I was ruled as being frivolous and vexatious; a neat about turn on this ridiculous hearing. So while I have yet to win (one province down on the constitutional question in N.S.; nine more to go), the Canadian Justice System and by extension, the Canadian government, have lost everything; especially credibility without which a viable Government and Justice System cannot function. The publication of the above fiasco is limited to professional teachers and the legal fraternity across Canada due to a national media boycott.



13)  The dire position of half of Canada's indebted population which cannot go beyond their current pay-check is unraveling as we are already in a recession (forget the figures posted by government to the contrary) with a major depression to follow. It works like this. An indebted person already has a job so an expanding economy makes little difference to their welfare. What breaks them is the increase of costs. For example, house prices have declined 30% in Vancouver over the past year with Toronto following a similar pattern. When a client goes in to re-mortgage his home, he could find himself rejected as no longer qualifying. It is a chain-reaction on this level which imperils the entire economy. The smart money is either sitting in the bank or investing in the U.S.  If it weren't for government spending on infra-structure (adding to the national debt), Canada would already be in a Depression. Conclusion? Keep your financial head down if you are in a position to do so.


14) The judicial bureaucratic catastrophe is paralleled in other areas such as medicine which is fast eclipsing education as the most expensive government outlay. One student I know transferred from medical studies to dentistry (although dentists are falling over each other) as a consequence of medical cut-backs. In Ontario, the health cut-backs in a system which has one medical bureaucrat (read that Liberal factotums which former Tory leader Hudak would have eliminated) for every Doctor, is under strain. By being limited in patient time; the pharmacist has become the de facto medical practitioner. Hospital waiting times are interminable with 20% of the clientele being refugees.


15) Business-wise, there are good sales numbers for new automobiles, for example, but here is the catch. As with all activities; there are too many people or organizations trying to cash in on the available clients. The retail market is hell. Technology change is blamed but current statistics seem to claim such change is still minimal compared to the near future.


16) The biggest story of this century? We are an aging population. Pensions were created after WWII when the average length of life was 68 giving people three years of retirement on average. Today, the figure hovers around 85 with health taking up a bigger piece of the pie amid a declining student enrolment required as future taxpayers to pay for this burden. Immigration is necessary for Canada to survive economically.  It's no age to be an economist bearing bad news to our leaders in industry and government these days...but then, who is listening?....


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Government and Justice System due to systematic malfeasance.