Elizabeth May, Green Party Hypocrite? - an Analysis


by The Outlawed Canadian (Roger Callow) in an outlaw Justice System due to government and judicial malfeasance in a matter of a 33 year unresolved  labour case involving, as it does, systemic legal abuse augmented by the silence of the politicians - including May - and the anti-employee media


Why we need a public inquiry for Hassan Diab...Shine a light on extradition, Green Party's  Elizabeth May  writes. Ottawa Citizen June 14 p.A9

1) '...A grave injustice was visited upon Hassan Diab, a Lebanese-born sociology professor from Ottawa. It stemmed in part from his own government's laws and actions. As a Canadian lawmaker, I am compelled to speak out and demand that we find out why he was subjected to such appalling treatment.

my comment (mc) May was one of the four political leaders in the last Federal Election whom refused to acknowledge the Employee's Case; a position she has maintained to the present. She was of newsworthy comment recently by being arrested and fined protesting the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline (now owned by Canadian pension funds) in Burnaby, B.C.

     I have written before on Diab whose statecraft is second to none. It is likely that he was not present at the bombing of a mosque in Paris in 1980, the first terrorist act in France largely ignored by France at the time. But that was then; this is now, after many terrorist acts in France. In 2008, France asked for the deportation of Diab in 2008 which was effected in 2014 under highly questionable Canadian actions. He was recently returned to Canada where he remains unemployed. May's bid appears to be for Diab to join the $10 million dollar compensation club (3) for those associated with terrorism abuses. Her cut should make her a millionaire.

2) '...How could this have happened? How could a Canadian citizen be robbed of his freedom on the basis of incredibly weak evidence from a foreign state? How could a Canadian citizen be extradited - without a trial date or any charges - to sit in solitary confinement while the requesting country continued its investigation?

mc  A number of questions here which my experiences with such as the same Ottawa Superior Court judge, Robert Maranger, a very slippery judge indeed, whom presided over the extradition request in which evidence boiled down to the handwriting of one signature taken over 30 years previously. Both Diab and myself had Appeal Court hearings of Maranger on the same day in different court rooms. We both lost which says so much for the power of oversight bodies (there aren't any). (In an estate matter, I was told by one hand-writing specialist that 24 signatures - although 12 may suffice - at the time of the event - are required in law which effectively removes any pensioner from a court claim...didn't know that one, did you?

3) '...What we know is that Canada's extradition law is deeply flawed ....'

mc But not as flawed as Maranger j.  France and the U.S., for example do not have extradition laws.

4) '...We also know that senior counsel at the federal Department of Justice worked to secure court delays and provide substantive support to France when its case was falling apart....The department even withheld exculpatory evidence from the defence and the extradition judge....'

mc Of course, this is where the grey eminence operates and directs such operations which fall to the Marangers j. of the court world. The worst of all outcomes happened when Diab returned to Canada and now has the expected exposure from the likes of May. (I should be so lucky in a case which negatively affects not one but now 37 million Canadians.) As to withholding evidence; over 50 judges are hiding the disclosure of the Employee's Case from which a fraud charge may be laid. The RCMP refuse to intervene.

5) '...What is more tragic is that the same thing could happen to other Canadians in the absence of adequate reforms and accountability....

mc The 'same thing' has happened in the Employee's Case to May's knowledge and yet she chose to remain silent = my charge of hypocrisy.

6) '...That is why I have joined Amnesty International,...B.C. Liberties Association...to demand an independent public enquiry into Diab's extradition.

mc Good luck with that one...the Organizations listed above do not acknowledge the Employee's Case.

7) '... Justice Minister Jody Wilson- Raybould ...recently "asked for an independent external review" into Diab's case...We have no clue, what an external review would look like....'

mc A hell of a lot more than I got from her which explains why P.M. Trudeau is directly exposed in the cover-up of the Employee's Case. What an external review would look like? You will never know even after one completes its task.

8) '...will ensure that a modicum of justice is achieved and that this will never happen again.'

mc  But, but, how will the likes of May collect her share of the $10 million pay-out if it all this doesn't happen again and again and again?


My Supposition Israel, as Diab well knew, was in the habit of dealing with Palestinians such as himself with a kiton. Just one more dead body under mysterious circumstances. But that wouldn't get Israel what they wanted; namely access to the courts of law to control terrorism. To that end, Maranger j. was to be the conduit as P.M. Harper did not want Israeli control over Canadian courts. The French reacted in much the same way hence Diab ends up back in Canada much to the chagrin of the Canadian authorities.

     Israel has used a similar ploy successfully with the new Doug Ford government as his first official tweet is to ban any public meeting of Quds, an organization devoted to re-creating a pre 1948 Palestine. There are laws against hatred hence Ford's precipitate action raises the question as to how much he was paid to radically change the nature of public protest in Ontario?