REFERENCE: DECISION DATED SEPTEMBER 20-2018 (S 188996) employeescasecanada.ca (by Roger Callow. Former West Vancouver senior teacher's bid to get compensation after 33 years and over 50 judges including 4 inconclusive trips to the Supreme Court of Canada in an unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid due to judicial malfeasance.


A Fable: A 'judicial' captain was sailing into a bright light so he ordered his signalman (any number of judges) to flash a message ordering the oncoming ship to turn 10 ᵒ Starboard. A message flashed back - no, you turn 10 ᵒ Port. The perturbed captain flashed again; 'I am a Chief Justice Admiral, and I order you to turn 10 ᵒ Starboard, SIR! The return message flashed back: and I am a Third Class 'litigious' Seaman and I say no, you turn 10 ᵒ Port. To which a very angry Chief Justice Admiral retorted: 'I am a Judicial System Battleship and I say 10 ᵒ Starboard, NOW!' The final signal came back from the other side: 'And I am a lighthouse...your choice.'


Complete Account below can be found on web: 2018-'MOTHER OF ALL LEGAL CASES (B.C.)' yet to be posted


5) Sureties: A word on sureties is necessary here. These funds to be posted by individuals in order to permit the continuation of the legal case are specific in pointing out that the funding is not to be used by one party to derail legal cases which has been a problem in this case where legal matters always go under my own name. I have been exposed to spurious demands on this level in B.C. and elsewhere and although I have posted such sums, I am still denied justice particularly as it relates to disclosure. In the event that the Defense uses this ploy, I will call on the B.C. lawyers at large to crowd fund this payment as they have to live and work in B.C. under these circumstances.




1) This charge of civil fraud is brought against Hinckson cj due to the failure of B.C. Attorney General, D. Edy to suspend him until a full examination of his apparent malfeasance in usurping the laws for political purposes in S 188996. That failure by Edy, due to interlocking precedents set in other venues across Canada, effectively wipes out the credibility of the NDP Party provincially (B.C./ ON) and federally (J. Singh) it is asserted here.

EXHIBIT  A  pp.1-2: Oct.01-2018 complaint to A.G.-D.Edy  (SEE web: 2018  B.C. Hinckson cj 'Fraud')


2) The charge is for the full $20 million cost of settlement of all issues. It is presumed here that Hinckson cj has the necessary fiduciary insurance for the purpose. He has willfully and with intent to deceive deprived me of compensation in a labour matter in which compensation must be paid according to any number of laws.


3) Through some sort of legerdemain which will be explained in the argument section, Hinckson cj has, for a first time in the 33 years of this unresolved B.C. labour case before over 50 judges, identified the judiciary in a direct fashion with an apparent conspiracy targeting former West Vancouver senior teacher, Roger Callow, laid off for economic reasons in 1985....


4) Central to this case is disclosure without which no court - and there have been many - may proceed with any authentication.... the courts refuse to request that production or order the RCMP to seize those documents. The RCMP have ignored my request on that level for many years.



6) I had it made known to the court that as S 188996 remained unopposed by the Defendant Employer & Union, that I was available for any further request for information. To be sure, if I had known Hinckson cj. was going to move 'sideways' with the use of the MacKenzie Creed in 2010 as it became known, I would have produced the following documents regarding this spurious Creed which stated that I could only continue 'with permission of a judge' which I always did in any event....


13) In the event the legal counsel defending Hinckson cj do not provide disclosure, I do not expect to attend court as this type of nonsense has gone on for far too long; namely, Defendant 500 word Books of Authorities citing technicalities at the expense of central issues. 'What must be avoided at all costs,'  states Justice Estey in St. Anne Nackawick, 'is a fundamental deprivation of justice under the laws'. Placed in the vernacular; 'In the halls of justice, all justice is in the halls'.