AUGUST -2018

June 30-2018


TO: Board of School Trustees                                                     FROM: Roger Callow 

(S.D. #45 West Vancouver, B.C.)                                               1285 Cahill Drive West #2001

1075-21st Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 4A9               Ottawa ON K1V 9A7

tel: 604-981-1000   fax: 604-981-1001                                               

SENT BY FAX  (1 page)



1) As of the above date on this, the last day of the school year, I do not have a file number for the $20 million civil fraud case currently being filed in Ontario.

2) As soon as I acquire a file number, I will forward the number with the factum directly to the Board of School Trustees. That might necessitate a watcher's brief on the holiday month of July by the Board. They may wish to call a full meeting of the Board when the factum is received. In mid-June, an unsigned and un-dated Exhibit A & B were sent to you for your edification in this matter.

3) As noted earlier, Harris & Co. must not be used by you under any circumstances as that will invoke legal action against them.

4) The terms of an outside agreement remain the same as noted at the beginning of the year. The only difference is the new figure of $12 million as of July 01-2018.


Yours truly,

Roger Callow


August 01-2018 (INTERNET POSTING DATE)  2 pages

1) Reference to the above letter is made with minor changes.

2) The fraud charge was assigned #CV18000 769 0000 by the outgoing A.G. Naqvi which due to the assignment of this unusual file no., was referenced to incoming A.G. Mulroney for comment. At time of writing, she has not responded. The action was sent to you in early July.

3) A second ex parte constitutional question (c.q.)was also filed in mid April-2018 which still awaits a file no. after returned material (SEE DETAILED REBUTTAL following).That question relates to the oversight powers of the court for imposed legislation (BILL 35 B.C. 1985) which the Employer has refused to recognize and hence could be instrumental in dealing with the fraud charge if the WV School Trustees insist on denying court oversight.

4) Purolator  re-delivered to the correct address a returned c.q. on July 24-2018 from the A.G. Elgin St. Court including the $220 fee with the wrong address.(Copy of Mailing Envelope included to Premier Ford.) Original date of this letter was July 03-2018. The 'wrong address scam' has been pulled by Harris & Co. in the past as a means of thwarting court processes. That is the importance of A.G. Mulroney taking a pro-active stance on this case as earlier recommended by me to both the Premier and the A.G. In brief, the latter two are the (willing?) targets of nefarious judicial proceedings. Doing nothing is not an option.

5) Disclosure, which I have been seeking for 33 years with the courts denying such for the same amount of time is at the heart of the one hour fraud charge pre-hearing. Those June 1985 WVST meeting notes are integral to any pursuit of the fraud charges against the WVST. (These notes were returned to them in 1986 by Supreme Court of B.C. Mary Southin 'because she did not use them'. In short she covered up a government conspiracy and the courts, in turn, heaped cover-up on top of the cover-up. It can't get any worse than that.)

6) In order that it is established that the entire WVST met in July and ordered the retention of Harris & Co. if that has been the case (not merely a secretary 'inadvertently' forwarding legal material on her own recognizance), A.G. Mulroney must now clarify the matter in a letter to them cc this writer. I will wait to August 15 for some sort of action from her before calling for her removal if she continues to remain mute on this case.

7) I have also called for the immediate suspension of ON Supreme Court Justice, Colin McKinnon for producing three Decisions in 2014 - none referencing the other - in 13-59060 called by the Employer where I was the Defendant. That charge is also included in the action against the WVST. As noted above, A.G. Mulroney has not replied on this request. N.B. Only the A.G. may invoke a criminal charge which she should also do in the event Harris & Co. is, indeed, the selected Defendant Counsel.


Yours truly,  (Roger Callow)


DETAILED REBUTTAL TO ELGIN ST. A.G. signed by (undecipherable) without stating a position in the A.G.

(Received July 24-2018 after Purolator corrected address from July 20-2018 mailing)


A) Why is the return notice dated June 02-2017 as to Filing under the previous A.G. Naqvi (defeated in the June election) with this letter dated July 03-2018 with newly installed A.G. Carolyn Mulroney? There appears to be an about-face requiring explanation which I am directing to Premier Ford's Office.

B) The relief requested is incomprehensible. R(esponse): This is a complex case requiring adjustment at all stages. In the past, I relied on Elgin St. court house staff for revisions but they have been replaced by an anal retentive counter clerk with not much help with the upstairs group as reflected by an 'ambulance-chasing' lawyer cruising the sign-in desk. In brief, this clerk writer above is not competent to handle this matter and which is even more disturbing, not willing to acquire the talent of those who can unless, of course, she was told to 'blow this one off'.

C) There is no sworn affidavit...R.  FORM 4D AFFIDAVIT PP.3 & 4 fulfills the written portion. Before, I was able to make a verbal declaration at the check-in counter. How do I meet the court's demands in this respect?

D) ...and the 'Statement of Claim' is not Court-issued. R. This is where other Court Registries differ from the one in Ottawa. They would point out, for example, the rule for ex parte applications for me to research as I could not find one in the ON list of rules. I included a form from Nova Scotia where a similar constitutional question was raised to facilitate matters at the Ottawa Court. Of course I would be expected to revise my forms accordingly.

E) Regardless the motion should be served on all parties. R. I think that it was made perfectly clear that the appropriate parties (Deputy Ministers which would require a file no. to be treated seriously) would be notified once I had an Action which suited ON court parameters.

F) This is not appropriate for a motion in writing. R. I beg to differ. The c.q. question being asked here applies not only to individuals such as myself in an unresolved labour case (imposed BILL 35 B.C. 1985) where no compensation has been paid but to corporate interests such as the Premier Ford's challenge to the imposed Carbon Tax. In brief, it is the single most important legal case in Canada today. As such, a single judge 'pulled off traffic court' will be unable to give an educated evaluation but through Referencing, a panel of skilled adjudicators on the topic can be assigned to produce an answer to this 'Model-T' challenge which would save the government a pile of taxpayer's dollars. What's not to love?  Did no-one from the Ford Government review this Elgin St. letter before it was sent out? A.G. Mulroney, are you listening?


Yours truly,


Roger Callow  (plaintiff)


cc Premier Ford plus 2 enclosures


August 01-2018


TO: Harris & Co.                                                                 FROM: Roger Callow  self-represented

(the Board of School Trustees West Van., B.C.)                      1285 Cahill Dr. E. #2001

ATTN: G. Litherland esq.                                                                 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

14th Flr. 550 Burrard St.                                                                tel/fax: 613-521-1739

Vancouver, B.C. V6C2B5

tel: 604-684-6633  fax: 604-684-6632         

sent 1 page by fax

                                    REFERENCE: Ontario Supreme Court (Ottawa) CV18000 769 0000


1) Are you the Attorney of choice for the WVST? If so, be prepared to be sued for fraud. ON A.G. Carolyn Mulroney has been advised of that possibility and asked to prepare a criminal case accordingly (Only the A.G. may lay a charge for criminal fraud in Ontario).

2) The Ottawa firm of Hicks, Morley et al which unceremoniously dumped the Employer in 2014 is still subject to an investigation called by me with the oversight body for including allegedly fraudulent material supplied by Harris & Co. to them. As there was no response, the complaint was re-instituted with the ascension of the Doug Ford government.

3) The essence of that fraud charge to be held in late September once I receive the factum from the WVST or their representative lies in disclosure on which the fraud charge depends in both civil and criminal courts.

4) I have called in the above case for the suspension of Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Colin McKinnon, for what I have labeled malfeasance. He is directly involved in an action laid by the Employer in 2013 (59060-13) and heard in April 2014. At least two Decisions exist which do not reference each other. The Canadian Council of Judges (McKinnon j. originally a Federal Court appointee) ignored that oversight charge brought by me which was re-entered with the ascension of SCofC Chief Justice R. Wagner; himself being complicit in the earlier cover-up.

5) Indeed, the WVST can avoid a hearing by providing me with that disclosure (meeting notes of the WVST in June of 1985, requested and later returned to them by Justice Southin 'as she did not use them.' In brief, it is asserted here that in covering up a massive government fraud, she made the court party to that fraud. Over 50 judges would condone that illicit behaviour.

Yours truly,


Roger Callow

cc Premier Ford (as his A.G. is MIA - whom does she listen to, her father - former P.M. Brian Mulroney?)  Any continued scam in ON will presume Ford's consent.

ON NDP OPP. Leader A. Horwath - this 3 times loser is about to add a 4th major failure in her refusal to challenge A.G. Mulroney on this file.

President Trump whom must be wondering what the hell is happening with these 'sly'  Canadian authorities?



August 02-2018


TO: Hon. David Edy                                               FROM: Roger Callow

B.C. Attorney General                                           self represented litigant

Room 232 Parliament Buildings                         1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 E.

Victoria, BC  V8V 1X4                                            Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7                               

Phone: (250) 387-1866                                       Fax: 613-521-1739
Fax: (250) 387-6411 1 page sent by fax        employeescasecanada.ca


REFERENCE: 4 page Letter to you on Jan. 17-2018



1) As you know from the above letter, I am not a fan of the B.C. Justice System in the 33 year unresolved labour matter known as the Employee's Case (Canada). No compensation has been paid to former laid-off West Vancouver High School teacher, Roger Callow, in June of 1985 under the auspices of the government imposed BILL 35, the only teacher so laid-off under this specious document.

2) That rejection of the B.C. Justice System initially under the Christy Clark government has been compounded by the recent rejection by the B.C. Lieutenant Governor which has the power to deal with this sticky situation (read that Premier Horgan's rejection); MPP Dr. Weaver whom holds the balance of power in that government; and yourself, the A.G. whom has failed to define my current legal status in B.C. vis a vis the ultra vires 'Cullen Creed' (2013).

3) It is my intention of re-filing CA038538 Jan. 16-2013 H.D. in absence of your interpretation regarding my status if you do not respond although this letter will be placed on file. The Vancouver Court has intimated that access to the court will now be granted.

4) The legal arguments are to be found on my web site noted above under EVENTS UP TO 2015 /  2015 SURETY APPEALS in a 26 page document.

5) The essence of CA038538 which prompted obfuscation by the court ('MacKenzie Creed') was to request the court to return me to salary (I should never have been removed from salary under this unresolved matter) with all back pay plus interest (currently 33 years) while the court sort out with the Employer, the West Vancouver School Trustees, and the Teachers Union as to whom has responsibility for what? Where, for example, do the collective bargaining rules apply, if at all? The Employer denies any oversight powers of imposed legislation including the courts and the B.C. Labour Board although that does not explain why no compensation has been paid under BILL 35 conditions. To date over 50 'incompetent' judges - for want of a more deleterious label - cannot see further than declaring this target to be frivolous & vexatious in my appeal for justice in this case.

6) Don't let me down again.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow


August 04-2018


TO: Premier Hon. Scott Moe                             FROM: Roger Callow

PERSONAL  & CONFIDENTIAL                                          1285 Cahill Drive E. #2001

226 Legislative Bdlg. Rm 226                                          Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9A7

Regina, SK S4S 0B3                                                              F. 613-521-1739

4 pages sent by fax: 306-787-0885                               employeescasecanada.ca


REFERENCE: Letter to Premier Moe  August 01-2018


1) This is additional information as to how to proceed on the 'constitutional question' which I seek to promote in SK on an ex parte basis. I await your response in shaping that court document.

2) The key to imposed legislation is to go around the legislative bodies plus, in my case, the judiciary as well. Specious excuses are the order of the day as seen South of the border with the incumbent President citing 'security concerns' to do as he wishes.

3) As to Canada's unpopular 'carbon tax'; while the Federal government has powers over taxation, the topic is in fact one of pollution across Canada. The Federal government cut is to be the 15% GST. To establish a Federal-Provincial agreement as 'one size does not fit all' according to Premier Moe, requires agreement by the two parties. The Feds must cost their program which depends on the Provinces supplying disclosure to that end = delay.

4) The enclosures (3 pages) taken from earlier filings show what a mishmash are our legal courts including those in SK. In brief, SK can expect to win the lower court challenge only to lose at the SCofC...both court levels are just that political. In brief, depending on the legal establishment which is really only interested in lining their pockets from such milch cows as government coffers is an expensive route to go.

5) That's why the law courts fear my 'Model T' constitutional challenge as there is no money to be made from it. Further, it costs the SK government nothing to be an Intervener without which the legal fraternity has, in the past, given me a pass.

6) No lawyer is capable of doing what I do with the courts of law as I extrapolate findings from one area to apply to another. The Canadian legal system collapsed under that pressure.

7) As to how to proceed on the Carbon Tax: the court challenge the Ford government made before the due date of instituting a Carbon Tax is the definitive move. Now do nothing. Doing nothing means proposing one method after another of a program ostensibly suited to the Federal government demands but, in that process, never satisfying them. Saves legal costs too.

8) The Employer claim in the Employee's Case - which the courts of law have failed to address in 33 years - is the next step in imposed legislation; namely, to deny court oversight in any action. Of course that is anarchy but that is the direction Canada is headed in as media exposure of such as the Employee's Case is MIA.

9) I have other uses for SK courts in the event an ex parte constitutional question is not filed.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow


AUGUST 05-2018

Violence by students against teachers   O.S. p.20


1) At the turn of the millennium, I was Supply Teaching (retired in 2004) in a middle school (grades 7 & 8). While placing one student in the hallway for 'time out', a young Special Education teacher next door told me that this practice was forbidden in the school. O.K., I will send him down to the Office to serve his term. Can't do that either. So what do I do? Reason with the student (while a class goes without instruction). Just then, one of his charges raced in his room and blocked the door. With much huffing and puffing, he broke in and explained to the boy the 'evil of his ways'. I scratched that school from further Supply Teaching. He also had a permanent purple hue consistent with high blood pressure. One former colleague of mine epitomized the problem this way: 'I have only two negative comments on a Report Card; 1) Works best under supervision  2) Works best under constant supervision'.

2) Now I read in the article above, that  the problem is so wide-spread of violence on teachers (Britain, U.S. have same problem); that a survey is conducted by the Ontario Teacher Organizations to that effect concluding that the government should give more money to deal with the solutions. The teacher writer quite rightfully, in my opinion, says no. That will not deal with the 'hug-a-bully' principals as he called them.

3) Former President Obama has done much to create a 'hug-a-bully' atmosphere in the U.S. as I heard from U.S. teachers which I met on Caribbean cruises. One critic noted that some Universities are graduating illiterates.

4) I had noticed that the number of males were not entering the teaching profession in the 1990's in Ontario which I attributed to concern over pedophilia matters. The Ontario Teachers College created in 1990 did much to chase the pedophiles out as the Unions were doing nothing in that regard. There were some innocent victims similar to the #MeToo movement. The problem exists elsewhere where there is no such Teachers College (clear across North America)

5) It was an act of unspoken understanding when I graduated in 1964, that any teacher whom could not keep control over a classroom, was not graduated from University in education. That was a time in which the strap was legal (dropped in 1972 in B.C.) and administrators were there to back up the teacher. Perhaps not always fair but a darn site fairer than the work world they were entering even to this day.

6) The basic problem? The usual. Children raising children and now those ones run the school asylum.

7) In 1978, a West Vancouver staff member in a staff meeting asked our bully principal (lasted one year)...so if we have a student disciplinary problem and can't resolve it, we should consider ourselves a failure in reporting the matter to the V.P. who, in turn, should consider himself a failure if he has to refer the matter to the principal. That's correct affirmed 'Stormin Norman'. Well, he may be dead and gone but his spirit survives in the school system today. For my part, I was not known to give 'second chances' reserving that for the principal as a form of control over discipline in the school. Hence today, when NS Premier McNeil dismisses all the School Boards, he is not getting at the seat of the problem, which is your namby pamby administrator; a problem which pervades North America and Western Europe. That's why America can never be 'great again'.

8) So university students, stay out of education.

9) The picture is not so rosy elsewhere, either. The other day, a columnist related his 'maze-like' experience going from kafkaesque clinic to clinic for a simple suture due, according to one doctor, to the probability that the first doctor couldn't do a suture.

10) The police are another basket case arriving on the scene (they ignore property claims) after the fact where, in most instances, only an ambulance is required. When the perp is finally caught, it is after myriad crimes, all because the politically correct police don't know how to catch a perp. An Air Force colonel, for example, is now behind bars for life for serial killings. He was in the habit of running around Orleans in Ottawa South where he broke into homes. A simple dog tracking exercise could have saved lives. There will be no change under the current Ottawa mayor and police chief on this one. In Toronto, columnist Tarek Fatah (p.19) visited a gun site of recent slayings noting that there was no observation for the victims; just events criticizing the system for mental health reasons of the perp. Truly, Canada has lost its way.

11) The Canadian media is about to go under (I will miss the comics!) due to their silly boycott of the Employee's Case; no doubt because their gut instinct (and the influence of the Chief Justices) tells them that is the way they must go. Trump is counter-acting that trend with his 'fake news'. (It has always  been that way just like our corrupt law court system but it is now being exposed for what it is. From that there is no return...nor media jobs.... I am still waiting for publication of the Letter to the Editor below.



Dear Editor,

     A twenty million dollar action has been recently laid in Ottawa Supreme Court (file number: CV 18000 769 0000). This action is for civil fraud against an Employer and an Ottawa Supreme Court  justice complicit in that fraud. Habeas Corpus -produce the body- in law is known as disclosure - produce the body of evidence - on which rule of law depends. For an additional criminal charge to be laid against the two defendants requires the official sanction of the Attorney General; in this Case A.G. Carolyn Mulroney.

     A one-hour hearing slated for sometime in late September in this unresolved labour case is focused on disclosure without which neither a civil nor criminal case may proceed. Acquiring disclosure in this case and in others - even for judges - is no simple task and, as such, requires leadership from the top.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow



1) Make your basic theme 'law and order' with this extension for the police: 'We catch the perp'. As matters stand, property crime is ignored with perps going on to create more mayhem. Further, with the priority of 'personal threat'; police are arriving on the scene where the ambulance, not so much the police, is required which does not stop the police from grandstanding with cars and officers standing around waving to Joe Public on the TV.

2) Campaign on reducing 65 story skyscrapers to half that level along with a reduced volume of rooms for the homeless in the Salvation Army's Vanier proposal. Heron Park Development pushed poor on street for their wealthier replacements.

3) Why do I make this proposal on this web site as opposed to contacting Cullen directly? Consider this comparison. At one time, one could converse with his favourite author. No longer as the mega publishing Company has taken over pushing the sale of their books. They don't give a damn about personal opinions. Similarly, restricted e-mail sites such as Cullen's run by the same type of people, only want your vote and contribution. Keep your damned opinions to yourself!  Am I an old curmudgeon? If so, I don't think that I am alone on this one.



AUGUST 15-2018


TO: Board of School Trustees (WVST)                                    FROM: Roger Callow 

(S.D. #45 West Vancouver, B.C.)                                               1285 Cahill Drive West #2001

1075-21st Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 4A9               Ottawa ON K1V 9A7

tel: 604-981-1000   fax: 604-981-1001                                  fax: 613-521-1739            

SENT BY FAX  (1 page)                                                                 web: employeescasecanada.ca  AUGUST-2018



A) Civil Fraud case in Ontario for $20 million citing Ottawa Superior Court Justices, Colin McKinnon and R. Scott  plus Hicks,Morley et al (Ontario for employer). File Number CV18000 769-0000

B) Constitutional  Question  regarding court oversight and imposed legislation. (Employer disclaims any oversight of imposed Legislation i.e. BILL 35 (B.C. 1985). Being attempted on an ex parte basis and seeking Premier Moe's personal assistance as this question relates to such as the imposed Federal Carbon Tax.

C) Civil Fraud case in B.C. against the WVST employer and the Teacher's Union for $20 million after a disappointing failure due to the Lieutenant Governor (read that Premier Horgan). Filed Aug. 01-2018 and awaiting File Number. A.G. David Edy has a complete copy of that action including 'Exhibit A'.(detailed critique of McKinnon j. 13-59060 Ontario  laid by Employer and heard in 2014. This document pervades all hearings.



1) At the heart of all 3 cases above lies disclosure which has been denied this targeted lay-off high school teacher since 1985 by over 50 judges including 4 trips to the Supreme Court of Canada. No compensation has been paid which flies in the face of many legal rules in this unresolved legal matter.

2) Appeals to the RCMP (Montreal Fraud Squad) and the hapless Ontario A.G. Carolyn Mulroney go without a response as does appeals by this writer to oversight bodies regarding judicial malfeasance.

3) Almost certainly, the minute notes of the WVST meetings held in June of 1985 with two local past presidents of the local Union would reveal a massive fraud in this 'sweetheart deal'. The B.C. legal case has a default bid of $20 million should the court, the employer, and the Union fail to arrive at a method of procedure as this party has been all but frozen out of the judicial process as abetted by the judges. Those minute notes were called for and then returned by Justice Southin in 1986 because 'she did not use them'. The Union purloined my copy of those  meeting notes. A judicial enquiry seems to be the logical process plus being returned to salary in the interim.

4) In brief, the Justice System of Canada imploded as a consequence of this case. From that there is no return.

5) The WVST has been warned against the use of B.C.'s Harris & Co. which served cases in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia although Hicks, Morley et al in Ontario and Lavery de Billy in Quebec represented the Employer respectively based on material from Harris & Company. The McKinnon 'judgment' pervades all cases.

6) The intention in Ontario and B.C. is to demonstrate fraud in these 'notes' by which the authorities (RCMP and Attorney Generals) may lay criminal charges. To date, Ontario's A.G. Carolyn Mulroney and B.C.'s A.G. David Edy believe non-action is the way to go hence, in Ontario, at any rate, copies of correspondence such as this letter now go directly to Premier Ford.

7) While courts assessed damages against this targeted writer, no invoice has ever been received nor has the WVST stated whom is paying the bills. Lawyers do not work for nothing. The editor of the far right tabloid, The North Shore News refuses to investigate, no doubt as part of a nation-wide boycott on this lead legal matter.

8) President Trump was requested by this party to invoke the Magnitsky Act (legal and moral turpitude) against a Nova Scotia judge (Rosinski j.) considering that this Act may not be applied internally.

9) As of the above date, I do not have any confirmation of actions from the WVST,  sent by me to either Ontario or B.C.    Have you gone 'walkabout'?


Yours truly, (Roger Callow)


cc A.G. Edy (B.C.) , Premier Doug Ford (ON), Premier Moe (SK), U.S. Embassy (Canada)


N.B. Considering the Ford Family's criminal connections, perhaps awaiting an assassination would seem a viable alternative to some people in resolving matters. Nothing could be further from the truth.


August 15-2018


TO Maxine Bernier M.P.                           FROM: Roger Callow

HofC. f. 418-227-3093                             f. 613-521-1739 (Ottawa)



1) Some would call you a big shot; others whom believe that you are undermining the Tories, would dot the 'o'.

2) To me it makes little difference. Nor do I hold your legal training against you.

3) I do, however, wish to put you to the test in publicizing the Employee's Case as no politician or media source will speak out on this national disaster. (One time offer.)


Yours truly,  Roger Callow  aka 'Outlaw'


August 18-2018




August  26-2018


TO  1) B.C. Teachers Federation                                    FROM: Roger Callow aka 'Outlaw'

e-mail: presidentsoffice@bctf.ca                                 e-mail: thecallows@ gmail.com

1 page                                                                                   employeescasecanada.ca


2)  Board of School Trustees (WVST)                          

(S.D. #45 West Vancouver, B.C.)                                  

1075-21st Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 4A9              

tel: 604-981-1000   fax: 604-981-1001    sent by e-mail


To whom it may concern:

1) Whom are your respective appointed legal counsels for Vancouver Supreme Court S 188996? You are going to put in an appearance, aren't you? = third fraud case

2) Are you going to provide me with disclosure in a timely manner (outlined in previous accounts) and avoid embarrassment  to the court?

3) Are you going to pull such stunts as the following:

a) B.C. Labour Board (labeled patently unreasonable by my Ottawa Counsel in 1999). It seems these political Boards exist clear across Canada. In this case they refused to call a Section 12 meeting where I could insist on receiving my copy of the disclosure held by the Union. Their grounds? 'Oh, we did not think that was necessary as the Union had not done anything wrong.'

b) The Union not filing any argument in some hearings as they abrogated their responsibility to the Employer which is proof positive of a 'sweetheart deal'. It was also done to escape being called on by the court for their copy of disclosure which, as a Union client, is my right.

c) The Employer did not file an appearance in ON before Justice R. Scott in September of 2014 (14-61592 laid by me) preferring to leap into court brandishing a second bogus McKinnon j. document  (13-59060 laid by the Employer) amidst my most vocal objection. Scott j. would only look at the second Decision thus obviating my detailed written objections to the first copy of McKinnon's j. Decision. No Judgment was brought down by him. The Canadian Council of Judges (both judges were originally Federal Court appointees) ignored my complaints as did the ON Legal Society ignore my complaints (renewed under the Ford gov't.) regarding Hicks, Morley et al for their fraudulent role. They dropped out of the case = judicial cover-up.

d) It is highly unlikely that either the WVST or Union can get credible alternate Counsel. They have been warned that continuing with extant counsel will lead to a third charge of fraud.

e) Time is fast running out on the $12 million settlement offer with $20 million to be the default amount. Best act sooner rather than later.


Yours truly, Roger Callow (plaintiff)


cc editor of North Shore News  / Premier Ford / B.C. A.G. Edy /  Harris & Co. (Colin Gibson)


AUGUST 27-2018

A review of Will Power, a pre-internet book by a psychoanalyst on the lessons learned from Shakepeare's plays. I read it in the 1990's and re-visit it today.

1) While more elevated; nonetheless this account reads like Dale Carnegie's How to win friends and influence people.

2) My major criticism of this book is that it creates passivity in people which is easily exploitable by those in power.

3) One story illustrates the above point. A retired 'Catholic' columnist recently wrote on the atrocities of the priesthood; something as a Catholic and a columnist she had to be aware of for some time, but it took the recent public condemnation of the Papacy on pedophilia for her to write her column displaying, in essence, her personal repugnance. To me she was appearing before the looking glass taking her emotional pulse when what she could have done was leap right down the rabbithole and blasted columnist Archbishop Prendergast (which I did) for one of the most hypocritical articles I have ever read where he blames other countries for the problem without mentioning Canada and, indeed, his own personal role in pedophilia cover-up.

4) I'm no stranger to Shakespeare (University course), foot-soldier in Henry V, sound-man in The Winters Tale, where I grasped at underlying meanings...I was no scholar. The point is that Shakespeare is an activist and would applaud the group that organized the Teachers College in ON in the 1990's to chase the pedophiles out of the profession. When left to the Unions (or this psychoanalysis), as shown in other venues, nothing happens.

5) Even Shakespeare would be challenged with the Employee's Case and the multiplicity of legal actions culminating in charges of fraud in what can only be termed 'walking back the cat'. Without question, Shakespeare was our first psychologist but his world was linear compared to the modern corporate state which is swallowing up the individual as evidenced by the unique parameters of the Employee's Case. Shakespeare was about individuals or the 'human lot'.

6) PLACARD: POLITICIANS / BECAUSE THINKING IS HARD  I don't vote any longer. PLACARD: ELECTIONS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS. Then you cannot criticize the government, I am told. Why not. 'Mad Max' Bernier certainly considers the incumbent politicians of which he has personal knowledge, to be losers; to which I support.

7) I would not like to disparage the above book in terms of psychological analysis. For example, the authors correctly assert that people do not buy based on reason but rather on emotion. However, the author has, in my world, placed too much faith in external character circumstances of Shakespeare which he bends to his own purposes of psychoanalysis.(In medicine, that art is at the lower end of the totem pole.) He would have best left Shakespeare out of his tome.