RECENT 3 (2017)

DEC 22-2017 A)Two very ugly women: The first I saw at the 'wailing wall' in Jerusalem. She was about 15 and belonged to a strict Jewish Order with the long pigtail down the back. The scrunched up expression of zeal on her face left me with the impression that religion was not doing her any personal good. The second I saw on TV yesterday in which the UN female U.S. representative sought to bully the U.N. members to no avail. If all U.S. females were like her, Harvey Weinstein would still be safe from sexual allegations. B) The striking ON college lecturers were sucker-punched by the arbitrator. The Wynne government no doubt believe a second strike attempt after the provincial election in June could be more easily deterred. That is why those college instructors should give the committee assigned to deal with tenure have their decision in by the end of January so that public action may take place in February. C) While the main site of this case is now re-instituted on GOOGLE, auxiliary sub-site messages are met with a blank page...way to go GOOGLE.... somebody is very, very worried to go to all this time and expense to dislodge the Employee's Case from public surveillance.

DEC 21-2017  A) Time is running out for President Trump to invoke the Magnitsky Act against NS Supreme Court Justice Rosinski otherwise it will be left to someone like Putin to pass the Callow Act to which Venezuela could expect to be a signatory and then proceed to indict Rosinski j. just like Canada used the Magnitsky Act to condemn the Chief Justice of Venezuela. It's called 'payback'.  B) Trudeau fumbled the ball regarding his unauthorized expenses: PLACARD: JUSTIN / DID NOT INHERIT HIS FATHER'S BRAIN What he could have said was something like this: 'While I was expecting judgment from the incumbent Ethics Commissioner and not the one departing out the door; nonetheless, a judgment is a judgment and I accept it. Going forward, I promise that there will be no more transgressions of this type again.'  C) Columnist Terry Glavin in the Ottawa Citizen p. A9 writes about the 'Star Chamber' treatment of Wilfred Laurier lecturer, Lindsay Shelter. When he decides to write about the real McCoy of 'Star Chamber actions'; he should visit this web-site! D) The arbitrator for the recent 5 week college strike in Ontario ducked the central question regarding an increase in permanent appointments. In short, the instructors were fools to return to work until they saw what he would produce. I had that stunt pulled on me in 1995 with B.C. Supreme Court Justice Spencer who had a choice-send me back to work with all terms of the contract to apply due to the abandonment of the Employer to re-arbitrate as so ordered by the court or his other option was to re-order the arbitration. He did neither making of the case a 'collective bargaining issue' -for a first time- in which only the Union could represent me. The Union was not present at that hearing called by me as it was clear that I had been the victim of a 'sweetheart deal'.

DEC 20-2017 A) I listened to a CBC interview with the young Sir Wilfred Laurier student lecturer pilloried by her University. Any University getting her would be a plus but the usual effect of being 'Harvey Weinsteined' is that she is unemployable in that field...been there, done that or should I say, had that done to me. The disingenuous written arguments of the smarmy University President are running thin with the public these days although in 1985 in West Vancouver, such bilge took its toll. The man in the street - women too - view the authorities with jaundice these days and the University President named here adds fuel to that fire. Labour guru Howard Levitt is representing her pro bono. I wonder what 'our Howard' could do with a much, much bigger issue in terms of the Employee's Case. i.e. compare the transcript evidence of N.S. 419918 Nov. 28-2017 with the published judgment...it's enough to give the screaming meenies to anyone let alone someone from the legal fraternity. B) I wrote the Letter to the Editor appearing in today's O.S. to prove to certain columnists that a boycott was attached to anything appearing under my name. (SEE under BOYCOTT-2018 for full account). These columnists are understandably upset that the Justice System has collapsed - and on their watch...it doesn't get any worse than that. The edited Letter was labeled Teacher Trouble while Media Trouble would have been a more appropriate caption with this editor follow-up which the O.S. does on all their letters: If teachers can afford Carribean (sic) cruises, it's time to change careers! It is clear that we took these cruises in retirement but this nouveau riche attitude was common in West Vancouver which at one time in this sorry story, advertised themselves as 'the richest community in Canada'...there goes the neighborhood.... Having to see one of their pet writers 'dissed' in public must have hurt but the pressure is building on Canada's 'Berlin Wall'.

DEC 19-2017  A) Fake News? So how do we know that there was indeed a foiled ISIS plot in St. Petersburg as tipped off by the U.S. CIA via Donald Trump to Putin? ...everyone is cynical these days and for good reason. B) Dead Man Walking. Whenever management wish to destroy a mission, they send an envoy which they are prepared to sacrifice. U.S. Tillerson fits that bill. NAFTA is dead.

DEC 18-2017 '...Then of course, there are our stifling defamation laws, which put both accusers and media outlets at risk for litigation. Whereas in the U.S. the accused must prove an accuser's story false to win a defamation suit, in Canada the burden of proof is on the victim....Only when we see big names begin to fall and justice for decades of abuse, can we truly claim to be part of #MeToo.' #METOO LAGS IN CANADA O.S. Sabrina Maddeaux  The author also points out Canada's small size suits it for 'telephone castration' (my term RWC). Granted, the Canadian media have a horror of expensive law suits (explaining why they pick on defenseless individuals?) but the other side of the coin is that the Canadian Justice System collapsed on their 'silent' watch.

DEC 17-2017 A) Sherlock's 'the dog didn't bark' ...quite literally in the Nicole Simpson murder in the 1990's (because he knew the perp). The iconic photo of a mongrel of another kind (he called the U.S. a 'mongrel nation'; an insult of the highest form in fascist Italy) is seen hanging dead upside down with his mistress after being shot by partisans. Apparently she had the choice of being shot or being sent to a brothel. Which brings me to the husband and wife wealthy Sherman deaths by side by side hangings in their indoor swimming pool in Toronto which the media would seek to forget. His business concerns in the pharmaceutical business with ties to Europe could explain whether he was a factor with organized crime. Her death would appear to be gratuitous but the side by side hangings are meant to send a message...if they had possessed a dog, what would have been its reaction? B) ...'The role of the auditor general should be to provide more transparency, not prevent information from flowing to the media....O.S. p.19 Jim Warren ...oh, for the good old days of '...There are horses on the payroll at Camp Petawawa'. C) So Big Bang Theory is Canada's #1 Comedy ...makes me wonder what is #2? The current series plus 'Young Sheldon' have top notch actors; it is just that the writing is not there. I will stick to the re-runs.

DEC 15-2017 'Sexual harassment cases demand justice for all' O.S. p.21 'Seattle businessman' I stopped reading his 5 point steps after Step 1. The truth needs to come out-the candid truth about what happened. In law that is called habeas corpus and the applicable legal procedure is disclosure. For 32 years now, the Canadian Judiciary of over 50 judges has denied disclosure In the Employee's Case placing the interests of the judges protecting their own rear ends above that of the 'rule of law'.

DEC 14-2017  A) 'PEOPLE LOSE POWER OVER HYDRO ONE' O.S. pp.8-9 '...why did we go down the avenue of selling our biggest asset?' Try this answer. Due to legal prohibitions, the government could not cut off client power supply hence people started to place Hydro Payments at the bottom of their list... if ever ...even cigarettes and alcohol being a priority. The private Company introduced a prepayment program whereby deadbeat customers would be cut off if they did not pre-pay their bill. B) 'There is little to no research to support the supposed benefits of medical cannabis, and what evidence exists suggests that using marijuana as medicine may do more harm than good, family doctors' associations across Canada are telling their members.' An observation confirmed by one source to me whom has given it up.  C) Gee, just like in China...the Canadian courts and media insist on the last word on any topic hence the hacking of GOOGLE to thwart my web site PLACARD: NO 'RULE OF LAW' IN  1) CHINA  2) CANADA  D) On Nov. 10,2016, the B.C. Teachers won a 15 year battle when the Supreme Court of Canada - in a 15 minute oral decision - threw out the repeated constitutional abuses in education by the crooked Christie Clark government. My challenge seeks to address the next stage of that type of government abuse; namely, what happens when court oversight is not recognized by government or by an employer (West Vancouver School Trustees) in the Employee's Case (imposed BILL 35 1985)? The Halifax Nova Scotia Justice System under Justice Rosinski (469918 Nov. 28-2017) ducked that all important constitutional question by specious means = judicial anarchy.

DEC 14-2017 A) Disaster follows disaster with the Trudeau government's appointment of Mario Dion as Ethics Councilor. He was labeled by the Auditor General in 2014 under 'gross mismanagement'  B) so the highly criticized Vimy ceremony in France has outed the top figure; a brigadier general. I can only imagine what he was like as a b.g. I met one such b.g. factotum on the ship returning from Australia in 2012 where he gave a series of speeches regarding ANZAC Day. I attended the first and didn't go back. C) GOOGLE hacking is taking its toll on this web site as both .ca & .com addresses are compromised. More on this with my 2018 website. D) PLACARD: P & T / FATHER & SON / COMMUNISTS

DEC 12-2017  It is an appointment of catastrophic proportions; namely Justin Trudeau appointing Richard Wagner (QC origins) as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada as the first assignment of the new Chief Justice was to re-examine the conduct of Wagner j. along with Coté in two 2016 debacles on which they both sat along with a third dude now in retirement from the Atlantic provinces. Governor General Julie Payette should not confirm this appointment and continue with a boycott of assigning the Order of Canada. PLACARD: APPOINTMENT OF R.WAGNER AS SCOFC CHIEF JUSTICE A FIASCO. No doubt Trudeau is trying to support his Liberal Party base in QC but appointing Wagner with QC Supreme Court experience if what I underwent there - and there is further proof with a former Attorney General being threatened with having his licence suspended if he did not lay off from registering a civil claim - is any example. So it is 'more of the same' from retiring CJ Beverley McLauchlin to her replacement, R. Wagner.

DEC 11-2017 The Berlin Wall-Canada style: This site has detailed the collapse of the Canadian Justice System detailing how the Chief Justices through the appointment of over 50 corruptible judges have placed the welfare of individual judges ahead of the rule of law. In 2004, when I first began protesting with my placards in public under a media ban which extends to the current day, I was viewed with askance by passerbys. Not so today. I attribute the marked change over a year ago in Ottawa to the disastrous Phoenix Pay Program, which is reflective of civil service screw-ups pervading the entire civil service and government. For example, after a half-year wait, the Ottawa Citizen publishes, on page 1, what an utter balls-up was the Veteran Affairs production of the 100 Years ceremony of Vimy Ridge in France...no organization whatsoever...toilets lacking, etc. etc. due entirely to Veterans Canada which failed to borrow the expertise of concert organizers. Are the leaders of these events fired? Hell, no, they are given their Parliamentary work bonuses ...and not a peep out of the right wing Fraser Institute! A review of the new film on Churchill tells how he could get the best out of people who lost family members in the bombing of London even though he walked Britain into a war in which Parliament was inclined to collaborate with Hitler. That was then; this is now. In 1940, as a generalization, people had a back-bone...not now as even a Churchill could not give a repeat performance. In short, as one student evaluation of me put it...'Mr. Callow was always willing to help those people whom were willing to help themselves.' A Churchillian claim indeed (Vancouver had a Churchill Organization Debate which our school entered) which was praised in 1940 but has turned to mush with modern sociological trends. While not commenting on the pros and cons of President Trump; Canadians have lost the right to condemn him... cowardice indeed....

DEC 10-2017  NEWSLETTER on the significance of Intervenor Status which you will read nowhere else. SEE DECEMBER-2017

DEC 09-2017 A) The MB Minister of Finance is as badly pussy whipped as is SK's Premier Brad Wall who is retiring from politics. Both believe they can wrestle the Federal government to the ground over the carbon tax imposed on them with alternatives. So why didn't they file the all-important intervenor status on my N.S. case on Nov. 29 over just that constitutional question as not only are the rights of employees negatively affected. B) You may have known that Los Angeles has had a gang exit program whereby individuals may learn skills to escape the gangs into jobs. But did you realize that Regina,SK has had a similar program for 10 years. One candidate talked about how terrified he was to walk to school and joined a gang at age 12 for protection and now wanted out. I knew the situation from a home alarm franchise which I introduced to Ottawa in the 1990's. The only profitable enterprise in Canada was Toronto centre and SK which has a crime rate nearly twice any other locale including the big Canadian cities. C) We live in an age of 'capital consumption' Retirees have always worried about inflation on their fixed incomes and with minimal interest being paid, are having their wealth further eroded. As for half of Canadians living from paycheck to paycheck, there is not even that future as the young question the value of having any savings. People are living longer and can no longer depend on a house sale to maintain their existence. Unlike Canada, there is no immigration in such as Japan and China where an aging population threatens to destroy those economies. Europe seems to be coping the best although terrorists do not make for good immigration.

DEC 08-2017 A) B.C. Registry Hi-jinks. SEE this date under  DECEMBER-2017  B) 'SNOW DAZE' What does the bankruptcy of Netherlands Overseas Mills in Northern B.C. in 1965 have to do with snow clearing in Ottawa? SEE this date under this topic in DECEMBER-2017  C) On my downtown 'parades', I see the great increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic (not many bicycles at lunchtime but the few there not being very careful) in which a number of pedestrians are being hit at intersections for 'rushing yellow lights'. Why? A line-up of cars may not turn right on the red nor when pedestrians are in the crosswalk. Bottom line? Only one car gets to turn right under those circumstances hence cars either cross when there is a gap in the crossing pedestrians or rushes to squeeze in behind the one car turning right. In short, it is a logistical problem, not a human one to 'respect each other' as maintained by such as police and media types.

DEC 08-2017  A) So the U.S. is moving its Israel Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as per U.S. law as of 1995 but waived every 6 months by various Presidents but not President Trump. (A good way to draw Jewish voters and funds from the Democratic Party, to boot) Palestinians do not recognize Israel in any event so the difference lies in a 1947 U.N. Position which has never worked and a 1967 Israel position due to war success. B) So Canada has become the 'flavour of the month' for social seeking U.S. Time magazine which is hitting like gangbusters displacing such staid old Canadian relics like MacLeans Magazine and the CBC plus anti-employee Postmedia news. Can an exposé of the Employee's Case be far behind? Do I detect Trump forces behind this new trend? Stay tuned. C) Starting last September, for hire signs appeared all over Ottawa - banks, school buses, contractors, community centres, businesses. 10 applicants will apply but none turn up when hired. In Staples yesterday, there was only one clerk to assist photocopy people and service the counter so I went in search of the manager for more help. He was manning two cashier registers because he had no clerks. Solution? Cut welfare. In Michigan, I heard of a plan of cutting all welfare after 18 months. Companies are encouraged to provide, for example, free day care plus other amenities.

DEC 07-2017 A) SEE this date under DECEMBER 2017 on the topic of teacher absentee days; a topic on which I have extensive insight. B) Ottawa City Bureaucrat...'The upswing in city murders is not due to organized crime (ergo we have fulfilled our mandate)...so, its 'unorganized'; now what?...oh, that's another mandate for someone else.... I would not like to have a family member work for Shoppers Drug Mart if they get the cannabis franchise. Many years ago, a family restaurant gave up the selling of cigarettes as it was not worth the security hassle. Narco wars are breaking out in which one group is stealing from these outlets with great risk to lives. The 'loose money' is a further inducement to crime as well as the collection of drug thieves being attracted to the area. Expect kidnappings and extortion to follow. ('Let me show you a picture of your child on the way to school....') Trudeau is sponsoring a monster. Decriminalizing drugs, yes, as the 'war on drugs' was becoming counter-productive; legalization? No.

DEC 06-2017 A) Corporate  Sleeze ? This one is from China where people paid their Zoo admission to see the animals...that is plastic blow-up penquins, turtles, etc. - anything one could see in a Dollar store. Going to complain? Careful, you might find yourself on a 'body transplant list'. B) Still on China? How about a leaf out of Hitler's book when he sent Nazi troops into Austria in 1938 to protect them when the government failed? The Chinese version has North Korean troops called in to protect the Communist Party by former czar Zemin after the assassination of Xi.

DEC 05-2017 Similar to Nov. 30 SEE (NOVEMBER 2017) I have once again posted my comments on a number of articles appearing in the Ottawa Sun     SEE this date under DECEMBER 2017

DEC 05-2017 A)Has the anti-employee Canadian media no shame? Consider this observation on sexual assault in the U.S.; '...This much is certain: They are in this terrible position because of the death of shame in America. For that, we can thank one man: Bill Clinton. (and his enabler wife, Hillary Clinton). Where is that pulitzer prize seeking writer whom will access the transcript of the Hfx 469918 Nov. 29-2017 and compare it with the Rosinski judgment showing the political hypocrisy of the courts in this 32 year culmination of judicial cupidity and shame in the Employee's Case? B) So the hapless SK govt. of Brad Wall would provide an alternative to the carbon tax imposed on them by the Federal Gov't... lots of luck on that. The Feds effectively bullied all other provinces into line and hardly are likely to give an exemption to Wall. The correct course for Wall was to file intervenor status in my NS case on court oversight of imposed legislation. Currently the corruption of NS is to be added to that of SK and QC courts which now involves P.M. Trudeau as a main player. He does nothing ...and the anti-employee media does even less on this gargantuan legal debacle which has become the 'gift which just keeps on giving'. C) The Ottawa Sun which has become the de facto political party for the Tories are so, so, optimistic with the ON 45% Tory lead over the Liberals and NDP at approx. 25% each making, they conclude, the NDP the possible Opposition Party...balls, if the NDP form an alliance with the Liberals, the Tories are out. It happened in B.C. with the NDP and Greens to tilt the balance and oust the 'crooked Christie Clark govt.') D) So the Trump govt. is crowing about the passing of their tax BILL...if that is what you call it. Two hours before the vote, the close to 500 word BILL is presented to Congress to read and vote on. Now where have I heard that one before...oh a number of times in which the 500 word Book of Authorities is plunked down on the court desk by the Employer in my case at the time of the hearing (not even a 2 hour period of grace)...it would seem that legal minds are all the same.... E) Has Trump stepped in the doo-doo with his approval of the moving of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? P.M. Joe Clarke in the 80's went that path and was quickly reminded to hire a snail in making that transfer (never fulfilled). In brief, not only does Trump lack background in international affairs, he is unable to attract those whom do. Even here, it needs be noted, international affairs is now a dog's breakfast no matter what is done.

DEC 04-2017 A) It is not so much a question of where our peripatetic Prime Minister is going to as much as what he is running from...in short, is his new assertiveness a harbinger of someone about to 'crash & burn'? B) The O.S. is playing a dangerous and specious game in criticizing Trudeau's actions on terrorism without their solutions i.e. concentration camps. The message appears to be that a terrorist act in Canada will be good for collecting Tory votes. My PLACARD: TRUDEAU / WELCOME HOME TERRORISTS is followed by TRUDEAU TRIBE / DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CDN. MASS ATROCITY by failing to create re-education camps (Guantanamo without the physical torture): INCARCERATE ISIS RETURNEES. No two-bit Tory politician is willing to commit to a remedy preferring to yap at the government; something the O.S. should not publish with full page speeches as they did in Sunday's edition as it could beg the very thing that they would profess to deny.

DEC 03-2017  A) (Imagined conversation between the NS Chief Justice and Justice Rosinski) "You did whaaat???" 'I included in the transcript the pre-written judgment telling all which you gave me.' ...long pause "My dear Rosinski, we came to bury the Outlawed Canadian, not praise him." 'So you don't want me to include that transcript record information in the judgment?' "Absolutely not. It is up to Chief Justices to keep the Judicial Record in pristine condition so that our glorified Prime Minister can go around the world prattling on how we are a country under the rule of law." 'You mean Canadian law where in the hall of justice, all justice is in the hall?' "Is there any other kind?" (heard mumbling beneath his breath..."God, you just cannot get a break with bad hired judges these days!"  B) So Big Bang's Kaley Cuoco got engaged (second time around) on her birthday...let's hope this time the happy couple avoids substance abuse (art imitating reality?) C) Revised settlement offer to the West Vancouver School Trustees SEE DECEMBER 03 under DECEMBER-2017

DEC 02-2017 One is not expected to speak ill of the 'dearly departed'...only good. Chief Justice of the Supreme  Court of Canada, Beverley McLachlin is departing on December 15-2017....GOOD! The first task of the incoming Chief Justice is to review the decision of two (original QC appointments) of Justice(s) Coté and Wagner in 2016 whom sat on both of my Appeals much to my vociferous complaint: (QC-36883; SK-36993). Their collective folly meant that the Prime Minister has to deal with the charges of fraud as one consequence of the fall-out. P.M. Trudeau has done nothing.

DEC 01-2017 Nine pages devoted to the 'crash & burn' approach of the NS Court 469918 Nov.29 in which I call for the removal of Supreme Court Justice S. Rosinski from the bench for 'willful negligence'.  SEE DECEMBER-2017

NOV 30-2017 A) A complete analysis of the N.S. hearing on Nov. 29 will be posted this weekend.  B) Today's articles in the O.S. were so many requiring e-mails that instead I chose to post them instead under this date in NOVEMBER-2017

NOV 29-2017 A) Important letter dated DEC 01 to be issued this weekend regarding the constitutional question held in N.S. court today. B) So Patrick Brown is aping the Wynne Liberals to get votes but is losing support such as the Fraser Institute which is the Bible for the Tories. Why will he lose? Not because he hi-jacked the Tory Party with his Sikh supporters from Mississauga (the same group who 'bought' the Federal NDP Party) for racism is at an all-time low (Muslim mayors of Calgary (doing a good job) and London, England) as evidenced by the betrothal of Prince Harry & Meghan. That's not the problem. The problem is nepotism. In Africa and India, those who win elections hire all their cousins, uncles and aunts to form the government. How many turbans are going to turn up as cabinet ministers in any Brown government? That is the elephant in the room. C) I have been told that gang wars are developing in Ottawa between illicit marijuana dispensaries and those robbing them. A Vancouver friend reports illicit dispensaries on every corner in the West End. Hence illicit dealers will be able to promise fentanyl free drugs.

NOV 28-2017  So a college instructor is being suspended for claiming that she cannot make up the 5 week strike time with her students reminding me of this story. In the 1970's at UBC summer school, a fellow colleague told me how he just came off a 5 week contract with an indigenous group which required Grade 10 level before they would be accepted into an apprentice program in the local forestry. He had 5 months to bring students up from a Grade 5 level to Grade 10..."I did it". In short, we have always had a management problem which is being exacerbated in modern society e.g. Harvey Weinstein as well as Canadian courts of law.

NOV 27-2017  A) SEE this date under NOVEMBER-2017 for an important letter to the N.S. Court regarding the NOV. 29 hearing.  B) So the hapless ON Tory leader, Patrick Brown, would ape Premier Wynne's give-away program to get votes leaving voters to decide which is the stronger person. The even more hapless NDP do not know how to capitalize on both these leaders.

NOV 25-2017  A) Other than those of prurient interest, the media have to stop their cover-up of court actions e.g. CUPE $54 million win for their educational workers. Yesterday, P.M. Trudeau announced a $50 million plus apology packet for Labrador indigenous people suffering as a result of the residential school system; a story not found hitherto in the media. In that regard, I am cheap. If the MB premier can get his priorities in life straight, I am asking for an apology from the Canadian government for judicial abuse in an action laid in MB with this difference; I am asking for a token $1 in settlement. B) What's wrong with this 2 page government ad in the O.S. warning against 'negative equity' with 8 year car loans; namely, owing money after the car is spent? The difficulty is that 'Farah' the example is buying a car beyond her price range; that is, she is buying 'life style' as opposed to 'need' which would be fulfilled by a smaller car at half the price. Recently I purchased a new car for cash; something the dealers aren't all that crazy about as they make their money on the 'Farah's' (approximately 1/2 of purchasers) who go for 8 year mortgages (which the government should cap at 5 years).

NOV 24-2017  A) HARVEY WEINSTEIN & THE SEXUAL ASSAULT REVOLUTION SEE this date under NOVEMBER-2017  B) Calls from Britain, France and the U.S. to let jihadists die in Syria are getting stronger. If returned to Canada as is Trudeau's preference, place them in a re-education camp, would be my recommendation. The atrocities meted out by ISIS has a parallel in Mexico - a narco state - between rival drug gangs. SEE bestseller The Cartel by Don Winslow where recent estimates are 100,000 having been brutally murdered; beheadings and all. Such as El Savador's M13 and other refugees from Nicaragua and Belize living in Mexico and the U.S. (temporarily under Trump) are Canada bound; possibly to 'Mexico North' in B.C. where the illicit drug trade accounts for much of B.C.'s business activity e.g. Kootenay area in eastern B.C.   Trudeau should not be afraid...he should be terrified....PLACARD: 'TRUDEAU TRIBE' DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ATROCITIES   C) Lawyers face their own fight on free speech / We can't defend our clients if we don't defend ourselves...Introduced in 2017 is an 'Annual Statement as a licensing requirement' which challenges the basic legal oath Ottawa Citizen p.A11 Readers of my column know that I am no fan of corrupt Law Societies of which I have had a bellyful. Try this one on for Ontario to which the ON Legal Society never replied. Two originally appointed Federal Court judges which I labeled the 'bobbsey twins - Ottawa Superior Court Justice McKinnon & Justice Scott  worked in tandem to screw me on this one by having Justice McKinnon deliver two judgments; one in April 2014 and the second one (unknown to me) in September 2014 just before my case was to be heard before Scott. On the appointed day, the Hicks, Morley lawyer who had not filed for an appearance, bounced into court to hand out that second judgment to the eagerly stretched out hand of Scott amid my vehement protestation. Scott would address only that second judgment making a nullity of my case contesting the first judgment. Even then, he 'reserved' decision; a decision never made so that the Appeal Court would not accept my appeal. The two judges were referred to the Canadian Council of Judges under President & Chief Justice of the SCofC Beverley McLachlin (never responded) while the Hicks, Morley lawyer was referred to the ON legal society (again, no response). Hicks, Morley shortly after dropped representation of the B.C. Employer. The author of the above article, a Calgary lawyer focusing on constitutional freedoms pillories the ON Legal Society in a manner unheard of before in newsprint with this conclusion: If they can't determine to stand for their own rights, how will they stand for anyone else's.

NOV 23-2017 A) So hundreds of professors are urging their students to boycott the University of Rochester in NY due to a professor praying on female students and being covered up by the administration...so where is the outcry in Canada for a parallel intangible 'rape' of the Justice System in the Employee's Case? B) So a secret tape recording of a teaching assistant exposed the perfidy of Sir Wilfred Laurier University administration in which media types are pillorying the administration...so not so secret facts from the culpability of over 50 Canadian judges including the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions still gets the proverbial 'blind eye' from that selfsame media...go figure....

NOV 22-2017 A)This PLACARD drew a few raised eyebrows: JUSTIN: WELCOME HOME, TERRORISTS. Rather than corraling these returnees in 're-education camps' and saving enormous RCMP fees to follow these individuals with a typical outcome reflected in the jihadist killed in a take-down while climbing into a taxi (apparently taxi drivers are expendable) with his bombs. B) While on the police, how much did it cost to finance 12,000 police attending a police funeral in Chilliwack, B.C. recently? (surely 600 would have served the cause amply.) C) I don't vote, but if I did, I would reserve my vote for the auditor-general who points out that Australia went through a similar Phoenix Pay disaster with IBM close to a decade ago. That's where politicians come in or should come in but obviously don't in Canada: PLACARD: POLITICIANS DON'T THINK...for a living.... D) Speaking of which is this PLACARD: THOSE WHO CAN'T DO...TEACH BADLY. I still do not see a website by a single Canadian teacher: TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. The constitutional question in this regard goes down on NOV. 29 in N.S. and is a harbinger to all union and association clients in Canada. Oh well, as one student stated in his evaluation of me suggested at my request (see web); 'Mr. Callow was always willing to help those students who were willing to help themselves'; a criticism in modern educationaleeze but one I can live with...but not one 35 million Canadians can live with and who risk being counted out on Nov. 29.   E) As readers of this column are aware, I am no fan of the right wing Fraser Institute. Their figures don't lie but the lie falls in how they are interpreted. Their basic fiscal theme is that our debt must be paid on the backs of the 50% of Canadian workers whom could not survive beyond their next paycheck. And to think the Tories expect to broaden their support with that theme. Where is the Fraser Institute when cutting out the M.P. bonus pay scheme is well warranted...oops, that would be biting the hand that feeds it....

NOV 20-2017  The media is full of 'he said, she said' sexual exploitation stories with attacks on such as entertainer Bill Cosby and including former President, Bill Clinton. The 32 year's unresolved Employee's Case, however, is not a matter of 'he said, she said'. Rather it is a matter of fact obfuscated by the Justice System culminating in a key constitutional question In N.S. (469918 Nov. 29)  and an anti-employee media boycotting the biggest judicial story of all time. That question relates to the relationship of government to imposed legislation and court oversight. Canada and 35 million Canadians are about to disappear 'down the rabbit hole' forever leaving this 'lone ranger' to turn to other alternatives in 'a gift which just keeps on giving'.

NOV 19-2017 PLACARD:  JUSTIN / WELCOME HOME TERRORISTS. I am not quite sure what Justin stands for, as on the other end of the spectrum, he did nothing with regards to court excesses after the Supreme Court of Canada whitewashed events in QC and SK in 2016 leaving those two provinces as 'failed states'. Will N.S. join them on Nov. 29? That's why it is imperative for professional teachers to MAKE NOISE (much like the college instructors in ON coming off a 5 week strike after being ordered back to work. The problem? 70% of teachers are 'part time' with all that which entails. Solution? A compromise by making 50% of teachers full time.)

NOV 18-2017  A) Donald Trump and the 1963 Kennedy Assassination. SEE NOVEMBER - 2017 under this date. B) Still no Canadian teacher willing to create a web site TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION BEFORE the Nov.29 N.S. hearing on that constitutional question. (No point creating such a site AFTER the hearing.) C) NIMBY: So Vanier (economically depressed Ottawa suburb) residents have lost their bid to stop a Salvation Army mega development to house transient drug users. Why? While the one councilor for the area supported the locals; others did not as a new location in another area would have to be selected...that's how democracy works. In their spare time, these drug users steal from the neighborhood they reside in as the Byward Market and other downtown locales have found over the years. D) When's a coup not a coup?...when it happens in Zimbabwe with Chinese involvement...does this foretell the announcement when Xi announces some day the voluntary resignation of the Communist Party?

NOV 17-2017  A) Good for the ON NDP holding out against the Liberals and Tories in refusing to support 'back to work' legislation for the college instructors as the 70% part timers have been abused for decades. Reducing part time so that 50% of teachers would be given full time is a reasonable compromise. B) 'He's just visiting...' was a successful campaign against the Liberal leader candidate, Michael Ignatieff. It would seem to be an appropriate label as well for MB Premier Brian Pallister who operates the legislature from his home in Costa Rica, that is if he does not injure himself while hiking in New Mexico such as he has.

NOV 16-2017 A) Still no web site from the sheep (professional teachers of Canada): TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION To be sure, the NS judge on November 29 (Hfx 469918) will be taking notice of such cowardice. B) So the Republican Party missed its chance with the return of President Trump from his Asian trip seen clutching his personal water bottle. Gone is the Trump of 'pointed questions' in his election campaign but lacking the wherewithal to translate matters into viable policy. He was seen 'circling the wagons' in Asia in a bid to retain his own presidency. It now seems clear that the Republicans will lose both houses of Congress come next November. There is talk of conscripting respected former Democratic V.P. Joe Biden (Obama decided to go with 'crooked Hilary' in the last election) for a one term election in 2020 when he will be 78.

NOV 14-2017 PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BEST. So P.M. Trudeau speaks out against human rights abuses in the Philippines (where Canada does little business) and shuts up about the body part transplant abuses in China (where Canada does a lot of business)...also don't forget the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia which also is exempted from criticism as it buys Canadian military vehicles. Trudeau pontificating to Duterte about Canada being 'a land of laws' flies in the face of his cover-up of the Employee's Case Canada dependant, as it is, on the anti-employee boycott of this lead national story. By rights, Duterte should provide a moral lesson to Trudeau on this point.

NOV 13-2017 An appeal to POTUS to act in place of Canadian cowardice. SEE CBC-GO PUBLIC under this date in NOVEMBER-2017

NOV 10-2017 Wake up, teachers! (or administrators or retirees). November 29 in Halifax, NS court is fast approaching and I have not heard about the establishment of a blog...see NOV 07-2017. All organized labour in Canada is negatively impacted as well as Provincial Governments (carbon tax in SK and health tax in MB). Similar to the 'niqab' issue in QC; there must be a test case and the 1985 B.C. BILL 35 and the lay-off of this senior teacher for declining enrolment is just that case in which the West Vancouver School Board refuses to recognize court oversight in which the arbitration was quashed and the arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable. The conditions for any new lay-off under imposed legislation  will take 5 years to contest; long after the damage has been done to careers. In short, it is now or never as all governments will rule in future by fiat making courts of law redundant so THINK and think  fast!

NOV 09-2017 ALBERTA TEACHERS & LAY-OFF SEE this date under NOVEMBER 2017 for an important message to teachers in all provinces.

NOV 07-2017 NS Halifax #469918 is slated for Nov. 29-2017 SEE NS Oral Argument  Teachers are being very foolish not to establish a web site (which can be done by any teacher): TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION  Also see letters to GG Julie Payette in this sub-heading.

NOV 05-2017  Canadian Hypocrisy: Canada boycotts Venezuelan individuals guilty of human rights abuses such as their Chief Justice but fails to boycott SCofC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (Employee's Case reference)

NOV 04-2017 A) A 'Letter to the editor' (O.C.) notes that there is an action for 'price-fixing' against bread producers but no parallel action against another cartel, gasoline. In the 1950's, Owner McGavin of McGavin's Bakery in Vancouver was fined for a similar charge to which they, of course, plead guilty. As he explained it to my father; 'They could just have easily charged us with the same offence the following day.' In short, some bored bureaucrat trying to justify his existence, is 'doing the necessary'. Of course there was a gasoline cartel in the 1950's too. B) So the NEW TORY MEDIA PARTY (formerly anti-employee Ottawa Sun (Postmedia) article asks the question in the upcoming ON election; Will it be Liberal vs Conservative?  Neither. It will be the Unions vs Postmedia

NOV 02-2017  A) 'A Legal Fable' on why a Canadian professional teacher should organize a blog: TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION  SEE this date under NOVEMBER - 2017 (Nova Scotia teachers and their court are the topic on this constitutional question for a November hearing.) B) I re-named the anti-employee media to CANADA'S NEW TORY PARTY  just in time as Postmedia CEO Rod Philips (previous experience includes Morneau Shepell, MP Cabinet Minister Morneau reference) will run in Toronto's Ajax area for ON Tory Party.  C) An unsigned letter criticizing a Company's yoga wear for noon hour sessions is circulated and is rebutted by the CEO accordingly. Live long enough and one will run into this routine a few times. So why did the NEW TORY MEDIA PARTY (formerly anti-employee Ottawa Sun) publish this non-story and yet in justaposition, fail to report on the biggest legal challenge to Canada's law courts in Nova Scotia on November 29?...go figure....

NOV 01-2017 A) LETTER TO G.G. JULIE PAYETTE 'The last person standing between Canadian democracy and its obliteration' SEE NOVEMBER-2017  B)It's now official. The anti-employee media is supplanted by its replacement label: CANADA'S NEW TORY PARTY (parallels in the U.S. where the media is a front for the Democratic Party.)  Why should the 'old' parties spend time and effort challenging the incumbent governments when they have the media to do the heavy lifting for them? C) NOVEMBER 29 is fast approaching with no-one creating a web-site: TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION. The first blow could come in Alberta where The new Tory leader, Jason Kenney, would seek to run an end game around teacher Union security with his 'Charter Schools' (see Oct. 30-2017 blow)  which he can do quite apart from the collective bargaining rules with imposed legislation which does not recognize court oversight. That is the thrust of the case which I have laid in Nova Scotia but unless the judge on Nov. 29 sees publicity; I fear for the future of not only Nova Scotia, but every province in Canada, for all legislation. The fight is now, not later. The sight above may reference the Employees Case as a precedent, but would be run separately by whomever (Union leaders are exempted) sets the site up. D) Employers should not waste time and resources on lazy people. University, college, and apprentice programs (at least in the past) were designed to weed out such candidates...no longer it seems as the O.S. tells us in their advice to worker column today that if your employees are spending too much time on Face Book... why, reduce their work hours on their promise to stay off Face Book! In my career, I have come across a few lazy teachers; very few as the conditions of the job won't permit it. One such personage, I later learned, became an administrator. Herein lies serious grief for - while it is difficult to place a finger on the source of difficulty - an organization does not go ahead under these conditions. I advised students that in selecting a job it is all important to get a good boss which is worth his or her weight in gold. Don't be taken in by 'political' success which oftentimes is a hidey hole for lazy people. e.g. ON Liberal Minister Naqvi comes to mind.

October 30-2017 A) So winning Alberta Tory, Jason Kenney, would balkanize the school system with a private voucher system found in the U.S.  Big mistake. Even Ontario rejected inroads into the public school system by Torys representing Jewish influences. NL & QC ousted any religious reference in their public school system. Bottom line? The little girl at Obama's 'coronation' in 2008 asking 'How can I get into a good school?' Elitist Obama 'bit' stating he wanted all students to have that opportunity. In Canada, all schools are 'good' schools due to teachers being paid on the same scale as I can vouch for having Supply Taught at all Ottawa area Secondary Schools. With the charter system, religious schools will establish their own schools with public money. The wealthy - mainly city dwellers - can also afford their own schools leaving the unincorporated rural areas - similar to the U.S. and the 'little girl's story', with derelict schools...and derelict really means derelict in the U.S. as no qualified teacher will go there. Massive teacher lay-offs are coming in Canada due to declining enrolment. Kenney would seek to run a political end-game around the problem...looks good on paper; a disaster if carried out. B) 3 months before the 2015 election, I was the only one in a group of 5 to predict a Liberal win. Today I posit a Liberal win in the 2019 election with this caveat; much depends on how they handle the Employee's Case. The other game changer would be if Calgary's Muslim mayor - who doesn't want the job - could be persuaded to lead the Tories ...then I would project a Tory win.

October 29-2017 A) 'Let's make America great again': This President Trump motto goes nowhere if the most recent revelation of the JFK tapes is any example. Frank Dunn, a mafia hitman for the New Orleans crime boss, dressed as a Dallas policeman (to effect his escape) delivered the killing shot (the fourth bullet which goes unexplained) from an adjoining building with a rifle identical to Ruby. B) Archbishop Prendergast writing a column in the O.S. (Oct. 29-2017) is understandably upset about the 'bubble law' as it relates to a protest outside the Ottawa abortion clinic. He wants it repealed. He claims the newspapers have misconstrued the story of the single protester outside the clinic turning the story of abuse 'upside down'. (my limited observation while on 'parade' would confirm his point.) Every year, the Catholic Church sponsors an abortion protest day but no longer if this bubble law applies. In my case, I 'keep moving' so as to limit offense to proprietors. All the police have to do is order the protester to 'keep moving' and letting him know 'how far'. On occasion, I have seen him standing across the street such as the Falun Gong protesters were told to do a few years back to the Chinese Embassy. There is no need for a bubble law...just common sense which is in very short supply among our leaders.

October 27-2017 A) So $30 more million dollars on top of $10 Million due to tortured individuals abroad was given. While I escaped physical torture, the same type of calumny led to my case 'thrown in the ditch' by our Justice System with this difference, the blame goes on the government and RCMP and not the courts where it belongs in my case. B) After the market crash in 2008, I did well with 'big cap funds' having to pay humungous taxes on which the Trudeau government based their spending. In 2015, I placed my funds in a no interest account (minimal taxes) only to learn the other day that I was further ahead than if I had invested in a low interest mutual fund. I renewed on the same basis (keep in mind that I am 76).  When the stock market dropped in half in 2008, much is made that it has recovered to its former level ...based on 'air'. The bigger story is that 40% of Canadians are in dire financial straits; news that is not normally published except by a media afraid for its own credibility.

October 26-2017 A) In this past week, Canada passed the Magnitsky Act (Russian whistleblower who died under torture in 2008 in Putin's Russia rather than recant his exposure of the Russian KGB economy grab) similar to other European countries and the U.S. (2012). Putin's deal with the Trump election camp was to support Trump's bid for President in exchange for a withdrawal of the Magnitsky Act. Trump concealed that story. Whatever was Putin smoking to believe that Trump as President could reverse that Act? All of which shows how desperate Putin has become although it is low oil prices which will bring the Soviet Nation to its knees. The Sochi Games drug exposure is symbolic of a nation out of control making them more dangerous than Third World nuclear countries. Further, Russia is the money laundering country of the world, most of it conducted through Dubai. Further, it seems rather hypocritical of Canada to, one and at the same time, pass the Magnitsky Act while sitting on the biggest challenge to the Canadian Justice System posed by the Employee's Case. B) During WWII, my father was left (due to health problems of his boss) with managing Mc & Mc's steel department, the biggest steel distributor in Western Canada and a vital factor in the war effort. When packets of money were left around, he had them registered with the government authorities. COMINCO (later TECK) credited his honesty with keeping Cominco operational throughout the war and promised to provide business to George Callow wherever he might go; a commitment they maintained until his death in 1992.

October 24-2017 A) Keep in mind that the proposed blog Teachers against imposed legislation is for Union and Association interests only as unorganized labour has virtually no rights as bankrupt (a hedgefund caper) Sears employees are finding out. The latter should 1) form a union  2) get pro-rata benefits i.e. don't let employers duck out of full-time employment with benefits i.e. 40 hours full time versus 39 hours part time  3) lobby government so that pension funds are not permitted to be underfunded. Make pensions portable.  B) Administrators whom are also hard hit in any lay-off activity are also free to set up their blog as are retired teachers. In short, don't just sit there; November 29 will roll around very soon.

October 23-2017 Where's the columnist to write about how religious discrimination abounds across Canada? In the U.S., it would never have become a nation if it had not been for secularization e.g. Maryland citizens had to be Catholic. In Canadian schools, only B.C. had a secular education system (no religious garb to be worn by teachers) until in more recent times, NL and QC became secular. Couillard has about a year and a half to show how the Legislature voted in BILL 62 (it was not imposed but all provincial and federal legislation will be in future, if a Nova Scotia judge on November 29 refuses to let the courts decide on the power of court oversight over legislation.) The West Vancouver School Trustees reject any court oversight so why shouldn't the religious sharia believing interests in turn reject all secular government in Canada which is their personal belief? Premier Couillard will have about a year and a half with his niqab Bill 62 to show quebecers he is doing what they want but the 'damn anglo courts' will undermine QC matters 'as they usually do'.

October 22-2017  A) NEWSLETTER The perils of imposed legislation SEE OCTOBER-2017  B) Faithful 'Calpurnia', wife of 'big Julie', warned him about going to the Canadian forum after his investiture. He listened. Can you imagine taxing the infamous RCMP (aka Senator Duffy criminal trial) with investigating his assassination? Once again, Calpurnia warns Big Julie not to go to China in November as the 'learning curve time limit' which she earlier warned about, has expired. In the spirit of President Kennedy whose corpse was received in Washington from Dallas in 1963 minus his brain which disappeared on Airforce I, what 'ails the President' is probably being transported on Airforce I with him to China 'where the food is just terrible'. Besides, it's cheaper and less bothersome than cumbersome impeachment processes. Oh, did Calpurnia mention, a Chinese investigation would be on a par  with the RCMP: PLACARD: NO RULE OF LAW IN  1) CHINA  2)CANADA   C) Ethics Commissioner since 2004, Mary Dawson, is not incompetent; rather she is typical 'Old Boys Club' from the Justice System where she was a senior bureaucrat. In the spirit of the Senate and charges against Senator Mike Duffy, she would be in the habit of setting up people like Finance Minister Moreau for unknown future purposes.

October 21-2017  BILL 62 banning the niqab in public passed in the QC Legislature (not an imposed Bill but will be in the future if I do not get a favorable hearing in NS on November 29-2017). While not a personal supporter of Premier Couillard due to his corrupt courts, nonetheless, I can see his point in that QC has eliminated the Catholic Church from education and does not want to encourage any other religion in public. There are obvious problems such as dealing with the matter on public transit and hospitals. A few years back when I was in Alexandria, Egypt, I read where the niqab was banned from the university 'as a tool of Saudi Arabian imperialism'. Many years ago I sat next to a female doctor at the open opera in Instanbul (Aida complete with elephant poop!). At that time, no male would ever consult a female doctor and all males reported their wife's symptoms to the doctor (male, of course). I don't know how she made a living. One of my Placards read  HIJAB-EMPLOYABLE / NIQAB-UNEMPLOYABLE only to learn that one grocery store hired someone in a niqab. I live in a part of Ottawa with a heavy Arab presence including our apartment block. In passing Hijab women in the elevator, communication is normal while niqab adorned women furtively look away although one surprised me by talking to me in reference to her young daughter on the elevator. Many hijab women serve successfully in fast food outlets. One major advantage for young women wearing the hijab is to discourage non-Muslim males from romancing them.

October 20-2017  Teachers across Canada `really don`t get it`. Where is that teacher with the necessary imagination to create a blog entitled: TEACHERS AGAINST IMPOSED LEGISLATION ? While I am in this employeescasecanada.ca for my personal gain; the interests of Canada and 36 million people are negatively impacted to such an extent and degree, that no viable Canadian legal system now exists. I have even provided Ontario columnist and labour specialist guru, Howard Levitt, material but consistent with all anti-employee media columnists, he is prohibited to touch this proverbial issue 'with a ten foot pole'. Premiers as well as Chief Justices are now part of this conspiracy leaving a Prime Minister whom does not want to see any interference with imposed legislation which operates to his favour as a tyrant. (President Trump is an example of imposed legislation although the U.S. does have oversight in terms of Congress and the courts; not so Canada.) That is why the constitutional question raised in Nova Scotia (hearing date for permission to proceed is November 29) is a key to the whole operation. To date over 50 judges have conspired to obviate this topic with inconsequential technicalities i.e. a 'frivolous & vexatious' request. While I have other options, Canadians do not. Unions, it should be noted, do not have the final say on compensation which is why a client must sign off on any agreement made on their behalf. The point here is that the West Vancouver School Trustees do not recognize any court oversight quite apart from unions. That's the big hole that is being exploited by government. All Union and Association clients are negatively impacted hence my plea to MAKE NOISE for that is the only thing that the conspirators listen to. I cannot help people who cannot help themselves nor am I inclined to do so. PLACARD: I HAVE BEEN 'HARVEY WEINSTEINED' BY CANADIAN COURTS

October 18-2017 A) NEWSLETTER  The perils of imposed legislation. SEE NOVA SCOTIA(2) OCTOBER 22-2017 and repeated under OCTOBER-2017 (Oct. 22) B) The registered Google domain name for this blog is Employees Case Canada.ca NOT.com (which is not registered) as prompted by Google. I detected Google monkeying around in 2014 which is one reason why the .com was dropped. Someone is certainly concerned about this blog which an independent organization has rated as appearing to be valid, an understatement in my opinion.

October 17-2017  A) SEE sub-heading NOVA SCOTIA(2) for an ex parte (no listed defendants) application to Nova Scotia Supreme Court which requires a broad based appeal to be successful on November 29-2017. The constitutional question remains the same as the earlier 458698 April 2017 hearing which 'went south' under Justice Suzanne Hood. B) Article in the Ottawa Citizen outlines what a debacle the Hassan Diab (University professor deported -never should have happened- by my old nemesis, the slippery Ottawa judge Robert Maranger). I attribute the publication of this story largely to a support group from his University; something I have never been able to acquire although I am currently focusing on Nova Scotia Teachers.

October 16-2017 A) Now that the caliphate has surrendered, rather than slaughtering them all, why not set these war criminals to clearing mines and debris much like the victorious British forces did with the Argentinians in the Falkland War. B) As for the women and children of the Caliphate, they are already in concentration camps such as the Palistinians in Lebanon since 1948. I visited the camp in 1965 as they were still awaiting UN Resolutions to apply. Later, a raid - rumored to be supported by Israel - slaughtered many in the camp. They are still there today and are the source of the unrest behind Hamas.  B) By creating camps in Libya and Turkey supported by the UN as a means of re-directing  refugees from Europe; at least the snakeheads stealing refugee money and risking refugee lives on the open ocean will be curtailed. D) A survey showed that few people tweeting create their own blogs depending on the mainline media to publicize tweets...oh, all that free access must be catnip for President Trump who plans to visit China in November under, it goes without saying, very tight security...maybe he should borrow one of Putin's food tasters although some of the 'original' Chinese fare should do the trick. PLACARDS: a) NO LAW IN: 1) CHINA  2) CANADA    b) CANADA / THERE ARE NO OVERSIGHT BODIES  E) 'Warning: This column contains subject matter most of you don't seem to care about, although it's clearly in your interest to do so....'(city budget meetings) Since you don't care anyway R. Gibbons O.S. p. 6 And here I thought that only I believed that Canadians were 'dead from the neck up'. Such ennui is the stuff of wars.

October 15-2017 A) '...But that is what we get with a government that has been in bed, or at war with independent oversight' Watchdogs who are afraid to bite The Ombudsman columnist Andre Marin (PC Party) O.S. p.18  B) And in that vein was a recent article outlining how 3 engineers being tried for the Lac Megantic rail disaster which killed close to 50 people a few years back does not tell the whole story of how lobbying and a 'support the team' i.e. no criticism approach of the Harper government, were the prime cause of 'an accident waiting to happen'. C) In the same edition: Senate was independent long before Trudeau's partisan changes came along Senator David Tkachuk ...then explain the Senator Mike Duffy criminal trial (for which he was found 'not guilty' for fraud) by a coterie of Conservative Senators including Tkachuk in league with the PMO.

October 14-2017 A)The world can see the effects of imposed legislation under President Trump with this difference from Canada; the U.S. has the check of Congress as well as the courts. In Canada, there are only the courts to hold a Prime Minister with a majority in check. That is the significance of the constitutional question being raised in Nova Scotia as to date, the courts would piss their checks down the drain in that regard. As for the 'Fake' news accusations in the U.S.; Canada has its own 'Fake' News counterpart by failing to report on the 32 year unresolved Employee's Case. Technically, we are already in a state of anarchy...corpse to follow. B) South Koreans are not worried about North Korea and its leader; but they are terrified of President Trump which may suit his vanity but has a point of reverse benefit in terms of the over-all affair.

October 13-2017 A) President Trump is unwise in killing NAFTA with Canada for both economic and political reasons. SEE this date under OCTOBER 2017 B) SEARS is closing with a shocked realization by employees that non-Union of Association employees have basically no rights under the law sucvh as for compensation hence note that all my struggle is limited to Union/Associations. C) So Mexico is not unduly concerned about the cancellation of NAFTA... why should they be when half their income comes from drug smuggling ...oh, the wheels go round and round on all those 18 wheelers. Why can't Canada catch those 18 wheelers at our border with a Mexican origin?

October 11-2017  This is a big one which rode inexplicitly under the radar of the myopic media. First, some background. The CIA was originally created as an information collecting and filtering organization for the U.S. President but quickly became an executive body approving assassinations around the world. Recently, the Environment Lobby in Canada supported by legal associations and indigenous peoples lost a case relating to the cancellation of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project in B.C. Here's the central point. CSIS, Canada's spy organization was actively involved on behalf of the oil interests against the environmentalists. No matter what the rationalization, Canada at large has made a massive mistake from which there is no going back even though the environmentalists are challenging this deleterious court action.

October 10-2017 A) 'Charter Schools' raises its ugly head in Ontario in this right wing Fraser Institute article. I Reply.SEE this date under OCTOBER-2017   B) All politics aside, it does not make sense to build pipelines in Canada as modern technology has wrought major changes. For example, U.S. shale oil was $70-$100 in 2013; now it is $30-$40 creating pressure on OPEC and Russia which depends heavily on oil exports. C) '0 kilometre dining' has a tremendous future throughout the world. For example, a working farm creates most of what it needs for a restaurant located on sight. While it has been a number of years since I visited Saunders Farm outside Ottawa, a recent visitor was quite taken with the extension of their halloween production. In short, there is room for the entrepreneurial spirit outside city limits. Nordic Spa in Gatineau,QC appears to be another developing gem. The Water Park south of the city attracts hundreds. Ottawa is one of the best cities in the world (and I have seen a number) for tourists.

October 09-2017  Why Union leaders are complicit with 'imposed' legislation  SEE this date under OCTOBER 2017

October 08-2017  A) SEE this date under OCTOBER-2017  'A PRIMER FOR TEACHER LAY-OFF' advice for all Canadian teachers facing lay-off next June (the 'I'm all right Jack' types need not bother)  B) SEE sub-heading CUPE-2017 detailing the charter rights win for $56 million which was not reported in the anti-employee media news. The action I am pursuing in Nova Scotia parallels this case with its focus on court oversight over imposed legislation. Support from the rank and file of teachers (unions also welcome) and principals necessary to forestall the Premier McNeil courts from running roughshod over union and association workers such as they have done already with the debacle under Justice Suzanne Hood 458698 April 2017. There was no response from the oversight body concerned (SEE web)

October 07-2017 Remember this line from the Employee's Case (QC version unsuccessfully appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada 36883 (2016) thus dumping the legal excesses into the lap of P.M. Trudeau): Lavery de Billy LLP 'tail' wags QC Court System's 'dog'? Well, now to the chagrin of Premier Couillard (whom just lost a Liberal seat in a 'safe' riding by-election) add Boeing 'dog' gives Bombardier 'tail' a good shaking with 300% in countervailing tariffs for undercutting the market in Delta sale and withholding evidence from the court. Boeing has been waiting for this day which goes all the way back to former P.M. Mulroney pulling a fast one in accepting Europe's Airbus. They practically had to haul the Boeing representative out of Ottawa in a strait jacket. Further, both Couillard and Trudeau are playing footloose with Canadian pension funds; Couillard 'donation' to Bombardier and Trudeau to the coming 'infrastructure bank'. Of course the skimming operation for both enterprises would be the envy of Las Vegas casinos. PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION IS PARKED?

October 05-2017 So parallel to other western nations, Canada passed the prohibitory Magnitogorsk Act  (Russian whistleblower who died in prison in 2008 protesting government graft). By rights, Russia should pass the 'Outlawed Canadian Act' protesting Canadian hypocrisy in this matter.

October 04-2017  A) Why (Tory) Postmedia have their political prognostications wrong. SEE this date under OCTOBER-2017. B) Also under this heading SEE The NDP (No Don't Party) and the Air India disaster of 1985. C) Both Trump and Putin depend on making their countries 'great again'. For Trump, he won an election on that theme and the stock market immediately shot up. For Putin, the wishful thinking of the starving Russian people is undermined by low oil prices leaving Putin with little time left on the clock unless he can engineer some sort of a calamity thus making him very dangerous. D) Letter to the NS Registry SEE OCTOBER-2017 under this date

October 03-2017 A) Now that you are GG, Julia, will you get a proper hairdo? (does that make me a misogynist in these 'sensitive' times?) ...furthermore, don't hire the P.M. wife's haberdasher to outfit you ...just how catty can I be? B) Two legal cases in Ottawa courts - one a triple murder where the defendant refuses to speak or hire a lawyer; a ploy not without advantage; and a second regarding a policeman's charge against a police conspiracy against him. SEE this date under OCTOBER-2017  C)Worried about President Trump's finger on the nuclear button? Don't be. The military run external affairs in the U.S. If challenged, they would not shoot their Commander-in-chief; rather, shoot the military man carrying the second key and then cover it all up. A nation still committed to the Kennedy assassination myth of 1963 should be easy to fool. (SEE Upside Down by ex-CIA agent Barry Eisler for the true account.)

October 02-2017  So the same group of Sikhs which hi-jacked the ON Tory Party leading to a split have now seized the Federal NDP. If Jagneep Singh challenges Trudeau on the Employee's Case, I'll eat my hat otherwise he is just another pretty politicians face; this one with a turban.

October 01-2017 A) 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE...A JUSTICE SYSTEM A potpourri of ideas related to the Employee's Case. SEE OCTOBER-2017  B) MAJOR GAME CHANGER Unlike the disgraceful BC Teachers Federation, ON's CUPE fought and won their case based on Charter Rights against the imposed BILL 115 (2012) winning $56 million for their education employees. In short, contrary to the WV School Trustee position with the imposed  BILL 35 (1985) that they did not recognize court oversight, the ON court decided otherwise. B.C. Teachers can only regain face by placing all B.C. School Districts 'into dispute' until the Employee's Case is finalized. It goes without saying, of course, that they should drop the disgraced BCTF and join another Union such as CUPE.

September 29-2017 A) Hugh Hefner's (d. at age 91) legacy? To objectify women as playthings for 'peter-pan' boys = forerunner of the porn industry B)So the nose of Bell & Rogers is out of joint because their clients pay taxes in Canada while Netflix is being given a free-ride. Not so as Bell & Rogers realize...it all comes down to political contributions for all of them; Netflix having to contribute privately to the Liberal coffers. B) 'Selling yourself out of business'... PQ Premier Chouinard & P.M. Trudeau are not only frightened about the 220% countervailing ruling over Bombardier (Boeing was asking for 80%); they are terrified with this risky use of pension funds. The C series planes cost 33 million to make and Delta was to pay $20 million each. Now Bombardier are looking to China whom, no doubt, will insist on the $20 million price. The demise of Nortel foretells the future of Canada's pensioners in which workers got only their own funds out in a legal bill which in itself could have easily covered the entire pension scheme. Further, Canada's paltry blackmail attempt to get Boeing to drop the case on pain of losing military contracts backfired and undermined their so-called 'strong' legal case...you can't have it both ways.

September 28-2017 The wealthy ON Teachers Pension organized in 1990 and now a big safe investor is fully funded and any teacher beginning today is guaranteed a pension on retirement. Not so other government pensions which QC Premier Couillard would commit to Bombardier and P.M. Trudeau would commit to an infrastructure bank. In short, these leaders are enriching their own parties with the pension funds taking all the risks. I am willing to bet a nice 'finder's fee' was given to the Canadian pension fund which invested directly into China...for shame....the sooner I get the case on imposed legislation and court oversight heard (in Nova Scotia), the sooner Canadians at large can fight back. PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION FUNDS ARE 'PARKED'?

September 27-2017 'They're using the countervailing rules for the wrong reason' bleats Bombardier smacked with 220% countervailing tariffs for their 75 plane order with Delta Airlines. Fat lot of good that did them or me just as Justice Southin in 1986 blasted the West Vancouver School District for using the imposed BILL 35 for the wrong reason(actually the right reason as its intention was to rid itself of a 'troublesome pedant' although that was never defined.) As to Bombardier, the Canadian Avro Arrow story of 1962 comes to mind as it was the best fighter aircraft of its day. No U.S. orders led P.M. Diefenbaker - no fan of the U.S. - to scrap the plane with the U.S. gaining those valuable Canadian technicians.

September 25-2017  A) 'The ART of doing business'  Boeing vs Bombardier Top businessmen know when 'not to sell'. For example, a small Ottawa tech. Company of 30 people took an Order from a big tech Company bringing the wrath of the latter in terms of a law suit which never went to court as the smaller firm was bankrupted by the proposed cost. In brief, the small firm took a big gamble and lost. Business dealings are filled with such folly; it's called 'selling yourself out of business'. (The Soviet Union did much the same thing under Reagan's bogus 'star wars' which led to Russia's collapse.) QC Premier Couillard committed large pension funds to bolster ailing Bombardier who turned around and gave away planes to Delta Airlines in order to survive thus hitting Boeing hard in their 'own back yard' explaining the latter's lawsuit against Bombardier for unfair trade practices. Even Trudeau's threat of cancelling a military contract has no effect against Boeing. This suit promises to cost Bombardier and QC heavily. This is where my suit in NS is pertinent as this type of imposed action would have court oversight (as would ON's sale of Hydro One assets challenged in court by CUPE). As it is, the Canadian taxpayer is eventually on the hook for this one...aren't they always?.... Some would say that this kind of subsidization began with the U.S. bail-out of Chrysler in the 80's which is turning out to be the 'gift which keeps on giving'. Our boy-Prime Minister is about to get a 'haircut' on this one. B) PLACARD: DON'T BUY DRUGS

September 24-2017 So President Trump has got himself into a pissing match with the NFL and basketball teams. Years ago in Vancouver in the 1970's, the 'God Save the Queen' anthem was played at the beginning of such as the opera with the Canadian National Anthem played at the end. They were quietly both dropped. Throughout history, national athletic events have been marred by politics. For example the modern Olympics was brought back in 1896 by a Frenchman whom wished to re-inspire Frenchmen after the loss of the Franco-Prussian War in 1970. Dropping the U.S. anthem from games, in this writer's opinion, would not detract from the games which, after all, is the focus of the paying audience. Find other ways to honor our soldiers such as Prince Harry with his Invictus games or having special nights to honor our soldiers.

September 23-2017 A) You be the judge or mathematician. There is no point calling on the math skills of the Chief Justice  or Premier McNeil regarding NS Registry's  Prothonotary Timothy D. Morse. Presumably, our erstwhile P.M., Justin Trudeau also failed out in Math. SEE this date under SEPTEMBER-2017 B) SEE NS-ORAL ARGUMENT-OCT.-2017 under this heading for the 'mother of all oral arguments'  C) Google is being pilloried these days by placing 'preferred' clients at the head of its internet list. For example, my search today for the Office of the B.C. Premier still had former Premier Christy Clark as Premier. Other search engines are not so abusive.

September 22-2017 So boy-P.M. Justin Trudeau would follow up on the U.S. with its U.N. address with a 'pipsqueak' speech to a half-filled auditorium which consisted of 'all Canada is going to do for the indigenous movement' (translate that as 'Liberal coffers') For example, the Liberals are spending $50 million on a study regarding the deaths of indigenous native women over the past years only to find the same thing as the RCMP...no-one will talk on the reserves. So that is $50 million - not to the natives - but to the coffers of the Liberal Party (PLACARD: RETURN THE $50 MILLION FEE).  It is this type of bureaucratic abuse which President Trump heavily criticized in his recent U.N. speech.

September 21-2017 A) We visited the grandchildren in the Toronto area recently and read a number of books to them in which children successfully challenged bullies making them into cherished friends. Sounds like escape-fiction to me. Bullies carefully select their targets and are not inclined to change their ways due to 'pipsqueak' demands. A better system was the one in place for special needs children: ...'Why are you doing/saying that? I find it hurtful.' If the bullying persists, report it to an adult. B) An Ontario judge dismissed a CUPE bid (under Appeal) to stop the Liberals from selling off part of Hydro 1 and in so doing, enriching Liberal coffers. The judge was understandably confused about his authority which is why my case on imposed legislation and court oversight is the single most important issue in Canadian jurisprudence.

September 19-2017 A) Outgoing NDP leader, Tom Mulcair was quite right to upbraid our arrogant 'boy Prime Minister' whom, on one of his rare appearances in Parliament, continued to read a paper while major issues were being discussed including the Myanmar Rohingya deportation, the biggest one since WWII. My point? Parliament and its leaders have already made itself redundant and continue to do so daily by ignoring the Employee's Case and the ensuing judicial debacle hence maybe we all should just go about our other business when Parliament meets. PLACARD: IGNORE PARLIAMENT...IT IGNORES YOU  B) As a high school teacher, I never taught with a piece of paper in hand as I knew my topic. Few speakers today do not have their noses buried in some script writers account although Mulcair is an exception. It is a tribute to President Trump that his U.N. speech today was delivered directly to  his audience maintaining cohesion. C) So the U.S. Military fired the two leaders responsible for the recent SE Asian boat crash which caused navy deaths. Here's an idea...fire Chief Justices for problems of court delay and disclosure... but then the person to do that firing - Justice Minister Jody Raybould-Wilson - should be dismissed.

September 18-2017 'WHAT DID HE SAY AND WHEN DID HE SAY IT'  SEE this date under SEPTEMBER 2017 for a discussion of this legal maxim

September 17-2017  PLACARD: HIJAB - EMPLOYABLE / NIQUAB - UNEMPLOYABLE . Another unemployable group are those who reek of marijuana smell. 'Penny' in Bing Bang Theory tells one such pizza delivery man begging for more tip...'You want a tip? I'll give you one. Disappear before I tip off your boss.' Would the boss be aware of the marijuana smelling employee? Of course but he cannot get anyone else. That is not the case for most jobs as a strong marijuana smell makes one unemployable.

September 14-2017 A) I read the futuristic novel 1984 long before that date in which sex had become a commodity devoid of emotion in the novel. For example, today young couples are bedded after the third date before they really get to know each other and after devouring 'the prize'; there is no real reason to get to know each other. Boredom soon sets in and they end up writing a personal advisor such as Ellie Tesher for her band-aid solutions which quite frankly could have been given to the young couple before they entered into any relationship. Bing Bang's 'Penny' typifies this type of sexual relationship in which she scours the gym for a Saturday night tryst awakening on Monday morning with a sour taste in her mouth. Extrapolate that scene to society at  large and one can recognize why the porn business is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. Modern parents, in this context, cannot be blamed for praying that they give birth to one of 'the ugly stepsisters' as opposed to a 'cinderella'. B) Sign of the times: the Walmart greeter at the entrance door has been replaced by the Walmart security person checking receipts at the exit door. More signs of the time: 90% of people condemned inter-racial marriage in the 1950's. Today the same percentage approve due much to media promotions. An Italian Vancouver neighbor in the 70's gasped about her brother's new girlfriend ...'she's not even Italian' then quickly apologizing to us non-Italians. Today she accepts that one of her sons is married to a Chinese. Today's young people are international in scope.

September 13-2017 A)I am that rare animal who supports an increase in the minimum wage in Ontario amid the howls of the business managers fronted by the anti-employee media. The MacDonalds in Sydney, Australia (there is a no tipping policy in that country) charges a higher price for their fare. My impression was that clerks considered themselves as 'valued employees' rather than merely holding a 'McJob'. No doubt the bean counters In Ottawa point to their success by pointing out that qualified fitness instructors have not received a pay increase in 10 years...bottom line? The city has difficulty in filling day time exercise slots. Of course prices must go up and some members will drop out but that salary increase will be spent in the community. B) Our 'boy' Prime Minister In January invited expelled immigrants from the U.S. to Canada with his eye to the 'international based' IT industry. Indeed, Ottawa would like to get Amazon to set-up its second location here setting up boom conditions for the city. What he didn't expect were the 'economic' Haitians whom had been in the U.S. for 10 years due to the Haitian earthquake to arrive on Quebec's doorstep, and behind them, the much larger El Savador refugees which are a backbone to the drug cartels. On the topic of employment, when I was growing up in the 40's and 50's, stay-at-home mothers were the rule. Today, both males and females are expected to be employable which is not the case for niqab wearing women. Currently Quebec is attempting a ban on the niqab in public which I would support. (A few years ago in Alexandria, Egypt, I read that the niqab was banned at Cairo University as an 'instrument of Saudi Arabian imperialism'). One Montreal financial institution was outraged when a Muslim woman in western dress was interviewed and then hired only to turn up in a niqab. As to head coverings, there are all sorts - some religious; others for sanitary reasons - extant in the fast food industry with no problem in our 'Arab' part of South Ottawa with the hijab. C) Escaping news media attention is that the tax increase for small business owners (most voting Tory) is for those earning in excess of $150,000.

September 12-2017 In one of the better episodes of the Big Bang Theory with its 'scavenger hunt', all the nerds feared being paired with gorgeous Penny, the failed actress who is not even a good waitress. While she never gets recognized for her effort, she is the strong member on her team. Similarly, the 'nerdy' Ottawa Sun makes a cardinal mistake by permitting a mediocre writer to run a job on the poorly attended Labour Day Parade on September 01. In James Bond's words...'they forget about the little people'. Her blanket criticism of the rank and file of auto workers for being politically naive regarding Middle Eastern politics is close to the bone but does not allow for those few auto workers whom have a better definition of those political events than the so-called gurus that the Sun quotes. (One exception seems to be scientific writer, Tom Spears, whom does go to the source similar to National Geographics). As a former Para Transpo driver witnessing the usual pressure placed on unions by management (if you belong to a Union, always expect to be on strike some day), I read the usual rhetoric in the media. It was not until I left the organization that I ran into a senior driver in a mall whom gave me 'chapter and verse' on the entire political struggle. To cut a long story short, the anti-employee media - particularly that of the Tory bent - speak to the wrong people.

September 11-2017 A) 'Street Heat': Judging from the response to my PLACARD parade in downtown Ottawa today, somebody called 'Justin' is a  disenchanted name. One comment related to the need to change government to which I responded that it would not make any difference; they are all the same. 'How disappointing', he replied. "It is worse than that", was my rejoinder.  B) Now that President Trump is sounding more presidential (usual cliché crap with the category #5 storms), Republicans might just be surprised that he is capable of acquiring the black vote for the next Nov. Congress elections. C) Now that frosh week is over; binge drinking has become the topic across North America. While we do not have daughters, I would not like to think my daughter would attend frosh week nor be an intern on Parliament Hill. Even males are targeted as one columnist feared that his daughter could be raped and his son could be accused of a false sexual assault at University. In 1960, first year female students to UBC were housed separately with a curfew  of 11 P.M. with a matron at the door to enforce it. The teen-age brain hasn't evolved more but society apparently has and the current 'disconnect' is the result.

September 10-2017 Letter to P.M. Trudeau: HOW THE COURT REGISTRIES ARE ECLIPSING JUDGES  SEE this date under SEPTEMBER-2017

September 09-2017 I recognize all the judicial stunts pulled in this one: Scientist won't get job back / Empty handed after 13-year battle SEE JOB SECURITY under this date in SEPTEMBER  O.S. p.4

September 07-2017  Cross-country legal check-up in the Employee's Case ...a must read  SEE SEPTEMBER-2017 under this date September 06-2017  PRESIDENT TRUMP / NAFTA / and me  Canada is foolish to let the U.S. play 'good cop/bad cop' with NAFTA negotiations. Accept only Trump's word and to that end move Section 19 (dispute mechanisms) right to the forefront. SEE SEPTEMBER-2017 under this date.

September 04-2017  A) CBC Marketplace exposes license scam by some cities to fill their coffers. Popular Muslim mayor of Calgary disappointingly in support of a system barred in Britain. The ìnvoices` handed out to miscreants are not legal tickets and one experienced lawyer stated that recipients should ignore them even if `credit ratings` negatively affected. One low tech defense is to cover your license plate while parked...now there is a good entrepreneurial project - license plate covers!  B)...his ordeal offered `a window into the ways Canada`s laws are regularly reduced to guideposts that can be ignored in service of broader objectives, and the contortions authorities take to reconcile the two....OOPS, my bad, that read China in pursuit of the Uyghurs.  C) `...With Postmedia on the way out, the CBC can save the day if it goes ad free and shares its content....` Epoch Times Article  Postmedia is already eating its feed seed and is on its way out. I`ll certainly miss the comics in which the Ottawa Citizen excels.

September 03-2017  A) In January, P.M. Trudeau announced that international persons in the U.S. feeling victimized by Trump's edicts, were welcome in Canada. It worked in attracting the attention of the 'international' IT movement and has been a boon to Canada's IT interests. Not so lucky was the recent 'irregular' Haitian economic entries to Canada from the U.S. which Trudeau never expected in January.  Wait until March when the much larger El Salvador community in the U.S., which is a true refugee as opposed to an economic entity, seeks entry to Canada. Many of these figures from El Salvador  are involved in the drug trade in Mexico and are seeking entry to 'Mexico North' namely, the drug ridden province of B.C. where there are more illicit pot shops in the lower Vancouver mainland than MacDonald's and Tim Horton's combined. Let's hope tweens viewing the opioids disaster unraveling in North America get the ramifications about 'party,party'. B) The September issue of National Geographics researches the opioid problem as a disease similar to any addiction such as gambling, etc. which can be treated by pills. In brief, they found that the area of the brain controlling the dopamine (pleasure principal) was bereft of countervailing chemicals which could be redressed with medication. They have had some success in curing people of their addictions in that regard. As to the opioids, irresponsible medical interests in the 1990's (Doctors and 'big pharma') pushed oxycontin (hillbilly heroin) as a pain reliever without considering the consequences.  C) In general as noted in my blog, I am not one to give unrestricted plaudits to leaders in our society, but I do so with the recognition of Prince Harry, an accomplished soldier in his own rights, creating the world wide Invictus Games for wounded soldiers which Canada is hosting this year. Granted, we have the 'para Olympics' which, unfortunately, does not have the same cachet. D) Have you noticed recently that there is little media coverage of the Mosul scene as the victors move in for the final mass slaughter?

September 01-2017  A) A X-country legal summary in the NEWSLETTER dated SEPTEMBER 07 under SEPTEMBER-2017.  B) Democracy - at least of the Canadian variety - is moribund as witnessed by the 32 year unresolved Employee's Case. Of particular interest here is the  unique case being lodged in Manitoba against the Federal Government for $1 plus an apology (aka, an apology to a war criminal in a matter which did not undergo the same level of judicial abuse). It is the most significant legal case to be laid in Canadian judicial history focusing, as it does, on imposed legislation which is a bane to not only individuals (teachers challenged in B.C. 1985 BILL 35; ON 2013 & N.S. 2016 with only the B.C. case going to court) but entities such as the 'carbon tax' SK-2016 and the 'Health Act' (last hold-out MB-2016). The provinces above backed down due to external pressures leaving the Employee's Case to carry the bag for the sake of 36 million Canadians as well as my own goals. At root of the problem is the failure of oversight bodies in all bureaucracies - the judiciary being but one entity - leaving the field open to nefarious influences. For example, no doubt B.C. Deputy Education Minister, Jim Carter, felt free in 1985 to hi-jack the government (BILL 35) and co-opt the judiciary (gerrymandered arbitrator appointment) to sanction a sweetheart deal between an employer and a union. Events to date have not proven him wrong although the credibility of the Canadian judiciary collapsed as a consequence. What's wrong with imposed legislation? It goes around the rules making parliaments and courts of law redundant. Currently there is no force capable of fighting this battle outside of this case as all incumbent politicians and the anti-employee media are eunuchs in this challenge. Neither can the Professional Teachers of Canada nor the legal fraternity be called on for any reform. It's a nihilistic story without equal. Where did we go wrong? By repeatedly saying 'yes' to this conspiracy when we should have been saying 'no' to such an extent and degree, that we can no longer say 'no'. It can't get any worse than that

August 28-2017 As the Employee's Case has shown, scams usually operate on the 'duality' level in their duplicity. For example, a small contractor takes a big client to small debts court for non-payment. He wins because the big client does not turn up. Then the big client files for a re-hearing with a big name lawyer whom knows that he is being hired for 'whom he knows' as opposed to 'what he knows' i.e. back door connection to the Chief Justice. It matters little whether his argument is full of holes; the point is that the 'carefully selected' judge is seen to 'evaluate' both sides and now favours the big client without any embarrassment attached to the first judge considering he was never given the 'other side of the story' thus explaining my PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. Of course, dunning the small contractor for all legal costs completes this high-level joke.

August 27-2017 A BURNING QUESTION / Cremation raises concerns about how we treat the dead  O.S. p.18 Archbishop T. Prendergast enunciates the preference for coffins over cremation as 'There is a danger that some practices associated with cremation may diminish respect for the person and hope in the resurrection' (A parallel argument is made for abortion. RC). Currently, my French Canadian wife born a Catholic and myself were married in a Catholic Church (but do not practice) are making arrangements in Hope Cemetery in Ottawa run by the Archbishopery where cremations outnumber coffins. This is a one-stop Cemetery in South Ottawa which contains nichés for urns (our choice) a crematorium, a chapel plus banquet-hall availability. One may even arrange to have a corpse picked up from a residence by a funeral car. Many decades ago while in Japan, I saw firsthand the problem created with the lack of space for burials prompting the Japanese - long conditioned to cremation - to build 'up'.

August 26-2017 So Ottawa School Teachers wish to rename the John A MacDonald school, Canada's first Prime Minister, due to his role in the residential school system for Canada's native population. Don't stop there. How about another Father of Confederation, Louis Riel, whom was hanged in 1885 by the government for treason. There are two such schools, one in Ottawa and one in Winnipeg.

August 25-2017 It is a slam dunk for Senator Duffy suing for his illicit Senate firing in which he earlier won his criminal case. It's just one thing that one P.M. does for another with taxpayers dollars. For example, former Tory P.M. Harper bailed out former P.M. Martin (plus Defence Minister, Bill Graham) in the Arar case. Similarly, incumbent Liberal P.M. Trudeau is expected to bail out Harper otherwise the connection between Harper and some Tory Senators plus the RCMP will be revealed. It's called 'disclosure'; something that I have fought 32 years to obtain; the point being that the court since 1986 in the Employee's Case has possessed that disclosure and has covered it up at the expense of due process; the underpinning of the law. That is why my target is now the P.M. If Trudeau can reward a war criminal for judicial transgressions including an apology; why not an innocent Canadian suffering from far greater judicial excess. ...and here's the best part; I am only asking for a token $1 with an apology. SEE CALLOW v REGINA (MB)

August 24-2017 'Our crumbling justice system'...KISS case goodbye...Superior Court Ottawa judge Marc LaBrosse throws out lawsuit due to lack of jurisdiction O.S. p.3 It is always a problem for rock bands with fans hanging on the stage and, in this case, the fan was removed by security guards. My point is that Labrosse j. was wrong. He did have jurisdiction to hear a matter of assault & battery even if the fan lost his case = judge-made law. In 1995, I went before B.C.'s Spencer j. in B.C. requesting that employment be returned to me as recommended by Justice Southin in 1986 after the Employer failed to return to arbitration as ordered by the court. He could have acquiesced or alternatively, ordered the matter back to arbitration. He did neither inventing the idea that this matter was solely a Union matter (Union not present at this hearing) leaving me merely with a B.C. Labour Board Section 12 Appeal in this 'sweetheart deal'. The Labour Board refused a hearing claiming that the Union 'did not do anything wrong' (but did they do anything right?). The Employer - quoting the imposed BILL 35 claimed that neither the Union nor Labour Board had any jurisdiction. In short, I was 'evaporated' in much the same fashion as the fan above. 

August 23-2017  A) SEE CALLOW v REGINA for my response to the MB Registry  B) North Korea's military strength lies not so much in its nuclear prowess but in its extensive land army meaning that it can only be directed against South Korea with its U.S. support or China. In that latter regard, the struggle between Xi, the current leader and the Old Guard with its entrenched support of N. Korea, will be played out this fall. In short, will the Old Guard call in North Korean troops to maintain order (ask Austria of 1938 how that one worked with German troops) accusing Xi of usurping the Communist Party (which he surely is doing)?

August 20-2017 Much talk on the 'isms' these days. Consider these definitions of the various forms of government: Communism: You have two cows. The government takes both of them and gives you part of the milk. Socialism: You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor. Fascism: You have two cows. The government takes both cows and sells you the milk. Nazism: You have two cows. The government takes both, then shoots you. Bureaucracy: You have two cows. The government takes both of them, shoots one, milks the other, then pours the milk down the drain. Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Canada: You have two cows...on paper. When you go to collect them, you are set on a never-ending kafkaesque chase to a forever receding horizon in which you are being dunned for all legal costs for every step you take ( Employee's Case).

August 19-2017 If the Professional Teachers of Canada had stood up to the West Vancouver School Trustee's final solution in the Employee's Case, I don't believe that SEARS executives  would have assigned themselves a huge bonus at the same time that they laid off many employees with the bankruptcy of the Company. One judge, contrary to the law I am sure, is setting aside monies for distressed lay-off victims from that bonus fund.

August 11-2017 So the O.S. & O.C. have given an individual writer, whom is singing from the same song book as myself, space to sound off against the spineless bureaucrats: Neighborhood going to pot. Not only does the media report this writer's concern about the establishment of an illicit pot shop in her neighborhood: they detail all the bureaucrats that she has contacted including the P.M. with this difference; her comments on their cliche evasiveness and buck passing are included = what I have been saying all along, namely, there are no effective oversight bodies particularly for individual complainants in Canada. The Employee's Case is not a picayune story about an illicit pot shop; rather, it is the whole damn justice system which has been tossed down the crapper.

August 09-2017 All this rhetoric about the bellicose N. Korea produces this analysis: the leader has a large number of men under arms whom can only be used against S.Korea hence that is his target although one would not realize that from U.S. media reports.

August 08-2017  A) 'A Modest Proposal' to the U.S. in re-negotiating NAFTA. B) Letter regarding the death of Ernst Zundel, Holocaust Denier. SEE AUG 08

August 08-2017 In Addition to SCofC 36883 QC (2016) below is this commentary on Premier Chouillard's QC. SUB-HEADING SCofC 36993 SK (a must read)  'As a Quebecker - I stand behind Mr. Choquette (former Justice Minister threatened with disbarment) all the way! The Quebec 'request' saying "...Mr. Choquette’s “unjustified attack against several judges and lawyers” undermines public respect for the judicial system." is a clear demonstration with just how out of touch with the reality of Quebeckers are "opinions" of its judicial system today. In my humble opinion - Quebeckers haven't had 'respect' for the province's 'Mickey Mouse' ' judicial system' - since Mr. Choquette left his post. Bravo Mr.Choquette for defending the truth with honor: something that has been much too absent - for much too long in la belle province.' Letter to Editor APRIL 21-2015                                   QUOTES: (June 03-2016)

A) 'What needst we fear it, when none can call us to account?' Lady MacBeth

B) ...He could announce that he had cleared a major case, and there would be no trial to possibly prove him wrong.... The Burning Room  Michael Connelly

C) 'The government, the newspapers - nobody's really watching out for Joe Public anymore' IBID


August 07-2017 SUB-HEADING:  CALLOW v REGINA 'shades of Omar Khadr and a government apology to me.' In many ways, SCofC  36883 QC (a must read) April 10,2016 (SUB-HEADING-2016) details the whole sorry mess. Included here from the NEWSLETTER for APRIL 10 is the following:


A) The body parts were having a discussion as to who was boss. Obviously, I am claimed the bureaucratic finger for without opposable thumb-fingers, man could not be distinguished from the animals. The legal lung department then spoke up pointing how if it were not for their power to suck all the air out of the atmosphere, an ice age would be created. The political brain pointed out that without an order from their department, nothing could transpire. And so it went, each part of the body arguing large and long, as to their claim for leadership. Then the asshole Justice System spoke up...or at least tried to among the howls of laughter among the other body parts. So the asshole closed down leaving the brain to fog over, the lungs to collapse and the fingers to go limp. All of which it just goes to prove, you do not need to be a political brain to be a boss, just an asshole of a Justice System.

B)'The trial was a spectacle, a farce, a ridiculous way to search for the truth. But as I learned, the truth was not important. Perhaps in another era, a trial was an exercise in the presentation of facts, the search for truth, and the finding of justice. Now a trial is a contest in which one side will win and the other side will lose. Each side expects the other to bend the rules or to cheat, so neither plays fair. The truth is lost in the melee.  The Racketeer   John Grisham

 July 28-2017 A) '...This is not about the union or the employer - this is about the residents and the care and assistance they need with the proper funding to do so.' Care system in crisis  O.S. p.5 And where should they get that funding? My answer is from the 'legal billable time court system' where there are 'pre-meetings, sessional meetings and if one side doesn't bother turning up; why they get to do it all over again in small debt courts. Ridiculous; and yet not a peep out of the media. B) The Diab story (University prof accused of terrorism rotting out in a French prison after being deported by my old nemesis, Ottawa Superior Court justice, Robert Maranger) appears again, this time by a legal 'wizard' whom doesn't realize that the system is broke; not merely bent. Fitting square pegs into round holes seems to be a popular theme song for bureaucrats of whatever stripe. C) I have already heard from one columnist whom believes the Employee's Case is yet but one more complaint against the Justice System. He is dead wrong. What one witnesses in Washington these days as Mr. Trump severs his ties with Congress is inverted in Canada as the 'out of control' Justice System severs its connections with the 'individual' in Canadian society... the difference? One issue has no end of publicity while the other 'falls in the middle of a forest where it makes no noise'.


July 26-2017 So P.M. Trudeau has met the new B.C. Premier where I have laid a new action now that the corrupt Christie Clarke government is gone. In general analysis, no pipe lines will be built due to weakening economic times. Claiming B.C. is prosperous appears based on sky-high lower mainland real estate prices (which in fact is a negative) and the illegal pot trade. In that latter regard, B.C. has been nicknamed Mexico North. There are now more illegal pot shops in the lower mainland than Starbucks and Tim Hortons combined. I see a day coming when Trudeau will be reviled for his pot policies...not to mention his continuing personal debacle in the Employee's Case. B.C. can expect to join AB in unemployment where I am holding up my case  awaiting a probable change of government next year.


July 25-2017 The media have it wrong; the Khadr case will not make any difference to negotiating NAFTA with the U.S.; the Employee's Case will. As matters now stand, all the U.S. has to do is push for U.S. courts to hear disputes and everything else will fall into place. I have been pushing Mr. Trump to have all U.S. commercial interests to have disputes tried in U.S. Courts with settlements against the Canadians to be enforced by the U.S. gov't.


July 24-2017 'Why we quit' Seven docs explain their reasons for resigning from OMA Council' '...Many of our colleagues have expressed to us that they felt voting was pointless, as the OMA would ultimately impose (my underlining) their will, regardless of the vote's outcome....' Also throwing in the towel are the provinces over the Federal Health care issue completing the growing collapse of organizations against imposed legislation which highlights my battle as an individual against this pernicious eroding of our democracy. The media fronting for the Old Boy's Club love such 'loser stories' as the above and, as indicated by their boycott of the Employee's Case, abhor a winning story on this level.


July 23-2017 'Cops dodge responsibility' Evasion name of the game when dealing with SIU The Ombudsman  O.S. Substitute 'judges' for 'cops' and you have the Employee's Case. Indeed substitute any oversight body in Canada (another article, Why the billions of dollars spent annually helping Aboriginals aren't working,  deals with the Aboriginal problem) and you have the picture for 21st century Canada. If the government had apologized to Khadr on settlement, one of my ploys was to sue the government for $1 with a demand for an apology; an action which is stillborn by the out-of-court settlement with Khadr. (If a convicted war criminal can get a government apology, why can't a completely innocent Canadian lay-off victim receive a similar apology for 32 years of legal abuse in which no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid?  That has been okay with over 50 judges (including 4 inconclusive trips to the Supreme Court of Canada) and a myopic media fronting for the Old Boys Club in this story of 'the gift which just keeps on giving'....


July 21-2017 A) So the Tories think the right way to go is to criticize the Liberals over the Khadr matter in the U.S.  I cannot ever remember the Democrats and Republicans doing their dirty wash in Canada. B) DECEASED - David B. Jackson in Vancouver hospital at age 76 after a short illness. He was a neighborhood friend from age 2 with whom I kept contact over the years. Dave was not a sentimental type (similar to myself) and would just as soon go without an epitaph. With that much said, I include a couple of items from my epitaph here: 'Propinquity' is the basis of our first childhood friends at age two. Choosing our friends according to similar interests comes later when we begin school... Dave's last very valuable  water-front condominium is along this stretch in the Kitsilano area and looks out to Stanley Park... We were steadfast friends until Grade 6, the end of elementary school when I went on to Point Grey Intermediate School with Dave's parents placing him in a private boarding school on the Island (a hell hole according to Dave which is what is far too often the case than many people realize)... Dave returned to Magee High School in Grade 11 and 12 with his Ford 'clunker'. The family moved to a house in that general area. Those years were exiting years reminiscent of the film American Graffiti... Not holding grudges - considering he made so many apologies as some friend was always annoyed with him - probably was a major reason for his later business success... Dave pursued the girls on whom he was forever bestowing his attention. While complaining about this tall striking guy's persistence; nonetheless, they ultimately fell for this 'bad boy' excitement. My mother, after speaking to Dave on one occasion, made this observation: "I see why the girls would go for David... he is a good listener." (I wasn't)... In short, while I read books in my pre-literate stage, Dave read life. I won't say R.I.P. as Dave had plenty of that in retirement from Age 50. Rather, on to the next big challenge ...rolling the dice with St. Peter as to his ultimate destination? SEE JULY/AUGUST for photo


July 20-2017 As an experienced paratranspo driver, the proper way to secure someone such as the queen descending steps is to loop her arm through your own. Our GG with his hand on her elbow was a wasted effort as a fall happens too quickly. The queen's escort probably was not aware of the queen's advancing problems of descending steps. He would have been better off to walk below her so that she could fall on top of him if necessary.

July 19-2017 For those who wonder how a 'watcher-lawyer' is necessary to sweetheart deals (which almost all lay-offs and dismissals are subject as both organizations do not want expensive litigation); I supply this example. In 2004, under the 'Access to Information' laws; I saw for a first time in the Employer's material a letter from Arbitrator Louis Lindholm, shortly before his death, to the Employer and Union asking about the re-convened arbitration that Justice Southin had re-ordered. That letter would have been a game-changer in the 1995 hearing that I called against the Employer for abandoning this case. Even as it is, both Employer and Union (which was not included in the 1995 hearing) were remiss to a level of fraud by not reporting this letter to me. A 'watcher-lawyer' would have ferreted out such information. Best advice so far though is to STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURT ROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. In 1995, Justice Spencer decided to throw me to the wolves instead by making it solely a Union matter (Employer claimed it was solely an imposed BILL 35 matter in which the courts had no overview powers.)

July 18-2017  A)Letters to the Editor O.S. a) 'Let Omar Khadr enjoy his millions-provided that they come from the pay and pension of the Supreme Court judges who sided with him. b) (Khadr) '...Let this be a lesson to henceforth respect constitutional responsibilities.'  B) Veteran columnist, Rick Gibbons new to the O.S. writes that Ottawa should become a city-state, much like Washington, D.C. and any number of major cities in the world which is reminiscent of this PLACARD: 150 YEARS OF THE BNA ACT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. We are not a rural entity of 3-1/2 million (1867). Today, we are an urban people of 35 million with modern means of communication. Gibbons article does not go far enough. Scrap the House of Commons (M.P.s have 2 purposes; raise money for the Party and vote 'ready, aye, ready' with an equal number of unelected 'boys in short pants' running the show.) and elect the Senate who would oversee the appointment of MPP's (specialists as opposed to politicians) to each of the provinces. Now THAT'S what the Fraser Institute should put in its pipe and smoke it!

July 17-2017 '...Why Canadians should instinctively believe that judges know best or are better guarantors of our democratic freedoms is worth evaluating and highly debatable....' PM misuses rights charter  David Krayden  O.S. p.13  What the Khadr child soldier story tells me is something very different from public perception; namely, that the government could not get a judge to shaft Khadr. Now that's the kind of judge I need; not the 50 bozos assigned to the Employee's Case to date.

July 16-2017 Letter to MB Premier Pallister cc P.M. Trudeau regarding Court Registry operations in general and in specific in Manitoba. SEE JULY/AUGUST under this date

July 15-2017 A)Even prominent Ottawa lawyer Michael Edelson would be unable to get to first base in the Employee's Case as he has with tampered evidence by those protecting the police in a matter in which the OPP are now investigating some Ottawa policemen. The difference? My complaints focus on judges, not civil elements such as the police. I have never received any acknowledgment from any of the many organizations where I have leveled my complaints; the Judicial Council of Judges overseen by SCofC Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin, being paramount. Even the RCMP duck out of investigating obviously fraudulent actions. In short, there are judges sitting on the bench today whom should not be there. B) Prominent labour lawyer, Howard Levitt, acting across Canada says its caveat emptor (buyer beware) when it comes to hiring lawyers; many lawyers defending employees in it only to maximize their salary at the expense of the employee. I have advocated the avoiding of big firms as novelist John Grisham can attest, which is one mechanism to avoid as junior lawyers are only there to make money for the senior partners=legal billable time exercises which I have seen the West Vancouver School Board employer stuck a number of times although they are paying for this theme: If you don't have a lawyer whom knows the law, get one whom knows the judge. That certainly was the case in ON and QC. I have advised union lay-off victims to get their own lawyer paralleling the union lawyer paid out of their own pocket ($10,000?) to protect themselves against the sweetheart deal as both employer and union do not want expensive litigation. Get rid of him or her if you suspect collusion. As far as Levitt's advice is concerned, I didn't know squit about legalities when I was first laid off illicitly in 1985; 32 years later, I am still active and suggest that hiring a lawyer directly is full of expensive pitfalls as all lawyers are in it for the money which usually means arbitrating an outside settlement and 'to hell with the legalities'. My current gambit is to turn to the Premiers in order to pressure Chief Justices into appointing an honest judge to my cases for they ultimately are to account for civil service screw-ups such as the Khadr child soldier story. (To date I have had over 50 of 'the other kind of judges'.)

July 14-2017 (Bastille Day in France) While not obvious, Canada is having its own 'Bastille Day' with the Employee's Case without realizing it. It reads something like this. Trudeau is correct that it is the role of the government to put a price tag on their actions. For example, sending a soldier to Afghanistan is one such example. Not only was the government faced with $40 million in future costs in the Khadr case, they were opening the floodgates to parallel claims against government. Now there is the problem of the Employee's Case for Trudeau. How can he place a price on the credibility of the Canadian Justice System? He can't with our extant philosophies. And yet when any incident arises, the Employee's Case becomes a yardstick; in this case why is a 'war criminal' able to be  awarded $10.5 plus apology when a Canadian citizen whom has undergone much more judicial abuse has his claim of a similar amount ignored in an unresolved 32 year rinky dink labour case related to a senior teacher lay-off? At my age (76), I don't need more money but must post an amount to keep my access to the judicial system. Hence what I am now insisting on is an apology on behalf of Canada's judiciary. The concept for that to happen in Canada has not yet been created. That's why the Employee's Case is currently nihilistic and will continue to be 'the gift that will just keep on giving' until some philosopher can figure out why Canada needs a 'Bastille Day'; the closest being 'Anti-Judge Day' in which I have renamed July 1 as we no longer deserve a birthday for failing 'to stand on guard for thee'. My point? No legal answer 'can be a legal answer' and still retain credibility for any judicial system in a democracy. Anarchy? Thou art the Canadian Justice System.

July 12-2017 A) Unlike Putin, Mr. Trump does not have widespread local support. If he is to make war on the U.S. Judicial system such as I have in Canada with the Canadian judiciary, he requires time for a learning curve which he doesn't have. I have had 32 years contrasted to his 6 months. My lay-off is highly personal in that no family member can embarrass me on that account. Not so Mr. Trump whom included his family in government providing the Old Boy's Club with the weapon to get at him from behind in terms of his son's contact with the Russians. Money laundering seems to be the key here for the Russians control that entity primarily through the laundering capital of the world, Dubai. Still, Putin wisely keeps food testers. Perhaps Mr. Trump might borrow one. Mr. Trump's only recourse is to create a danger greater to the U.S. than his own troubled presidency...Margaret Thatcher did it with the Falkland's War. B) Good for O.S. Tarek Fatah columnist and former small business owner speaking out in favour of the $15 minimum wage. It was rapacious landlords which are the problem, he opined. Ottawa's Byward Market is a case in point as diversity has been sacrificed to high end restaurants; the only ones able to afford the high rents. Sparks Street mall where the government owns the property is a morgue of empty stores due to the same mentality. Other than such as the Fraser Institute, some others believe that the increase in salary will be spent locally enriching the economy.

July 11-2017 A) The Blame Game: The Khadr pay-out.  So only 17% believe the government did the right thing with the $10.5 million buy-out. While I did not see the 2010 Supreme Court of Canada decision ruling that Khadr had his constitutional rights violated, they fell short of ordering the government to take steps open to them to have him returned to Canada. If the anti-employee media did report on the case at that time, I didn't see it. The way was open for P.M. Harper to pillory Khadr in public which he proceeded to do. Similarly, West Vancouver School Trustee President Mike Smith in 1987 pilloried me in public when he justified paying for an Appeal (which they later lost) of Mary Southin's 1986 action of quashing the arbitration claiming that the Board should return employment to me. 'No way was the Board going to have anyone teaching in their classroom whom didn't have 'current demonstrated ability' (a term from BILL 35 undefined in the document nor elsewhere in law and the focus of the constitutional question in SK which was ignored) bellowed School Trustee President Mike Smith in the North Shore News. Similar to Khadr, I was left in legal limbo; 32 years and still counting in the Employee's Case. That's how the corrupted Justice System and anti-employee media function in Canada. As a footnote, the grey eminence never expected a group of pro bono lawyers to take Khadr's case without which the public would never had heard of him. B) SEE this date under JULY/AUGUST 2017 for a letter to P.M. Trudeau YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE also includes Khadr references. C) So O.C. columnist with a military background, David Krayden, has gone ballistic over the Khadr pay-out and apology. SEE this date under JULY-AUGUST 2017 for my response.

July 10-2017 A) So Mr. Trump is sandbagging the Congressional investigation on Russian interference in the U.S. election with the support of Putin. I was similarly sandbagged when the West Vancouver School Trustees in 1985 did not take the stand to attest to teacher lay-off figures (showed an actual increase rather than decrease in teaching positions) similar to Putin's position of not giving evidence under oath. In 2004, through the access to information rules, the document entered in evidence at arbitration regarding School Board authorization regarding my lay-off did not show the trustee vote pattern which in 2004 revealed that 2 trustees (Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith) out of the 5 approved the motion which was merely marked carried. B) So why did the RCMP back down on Canada Day permitting the Native protesters to erect a tent on Parliament Hill? My answer is that eviction could have provoked the many native performers to boycott the celebrations... and that would never do....

July 09-2017 A) It is not 'Justin' to you, Mr. Trump. He refers to you correctly as either 'my friend' or President Trump. Thomas Mulcair made the same mistake in the last election where he expected to be the next P.M. of Canada but lost due to an attitude as reflected in referring with the diminutive term 'Justin' to his Opposition. Another major faux pas was confusing the Chinese President with Taiwan...time to get a new protocol officer. Further, it was not the bully-boy administrator which I had in 1978 which cost me my career; rather it was the hapless administrator in 1985. In brief, Mr. Trump, we all get shot down to some degree; watch out for the one that you do not suspect. In that regard as U.S. President, you have lots to choose from. Russia's Gorbachev was reputed to have told this joke: The U.S. President has hundreds of personal bodyguards of which one he does not know is an assassin . I have a similar number of advisors of which one I do not know is an economist! B) You're dead right, P.M. Trudeau (and in that order for who cares if you are right when you are dead) in claiming the legal question in the Khadr case is the application of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So when am I to get a little 'righting' and 'freedoming' in the Employee's Case as no judicial outcome in Canada has any credibility as a consequence of the Nova Scotia Suzanne Hood j. 458698 Apr. 6-2017?

July 08-2017 The major reason as to why the Canadian government settled out of court with Khadr was to avoid a judgment on which the U.S. widow could attach a claim stretching many more months (and years?) in Canadian courtrooms at much government expense. Similarly, I cannot get a judgment without exposing the perfidy of the Justice System in the Employee's Case. However, what has turned out to be far worse is the exposure of the Justice System to the charge of widespread and systematic malfeasance. Canada can never be the same but explain that to the anti-employee media with its boycott on the biggest legal issue facing Canada today.

July 07-2017 A) "It's really difficult to tell what happened. They're so sanitized. I've seen reports that, unless I knew what happened, I couldn't tell what happened." Lawyer Jane Medus O.S. p.10 Was this a description of Justice N.S. Justice Suzanne Hood's 'non-decision' (458698 Apr. 6, 2017) in which she destroyed the credibility of a sworn affidavit for every Canadian court? Nope. It was a description of an article on elder abuse in nursing homes in Ottawa. B) The Fraser Institute is at it again p.15 How a minimum wage backfired citing Seattle's example. In tipping free Australia, we found minimum wage workers to be paid a decent salary. Next up for the Fraser Institute? 'How emancipation in the American South during the Civil War proved to be a financial disaster'. Give this advisory body a 'rest', O.S. C) Senator Romeo Dallaire says it best. 10 years ago when Britain and Australia repatriated their child soldiers from Guntanamo, Canada sat on its duff leaving Khadr to rot in this illegal prison. If it had not been for the media, to be sure Khadr would have been run around the judicial mulberry bush such as is the case for the Employee's Case for without a legal decision, there would be no need to pay compensation. So two-faced government Minister Ralph Goodale made a public apology to Khadr for government malfeasance in his case. Who is there to make a public apology to me for judicial malfeasance in the Employee's Case ...SCofC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin? But then Khadr is able to get his case before the SCofC. On 4 occasions - the last 2 in 2016; I have been blocked from a hearing ...what a difference the anti-employee media makes.... Over to you Mr. Trump...what do you think of the Canadian Justice system?

July 05-2017 A) So the Omar Khadr $10 million compensation story begun in P.M. Harper's time and concluded in P.M. Trudeau's time (during the quiet summer break) has brought into sharp juxtaposition such as the number of military suicides (more than the 159 combat deaths in Afghanistan) where no compensation has been forthcoming from the government. The U.S. has a similar suicide problem (Are inoculations creating psychosis?). As to those whom would make much of 'confessed guilt'; I can only say I recognize firsthand the corrupt actions of a judiciary in his case (U.S. for Khadr/Canada for me). B) In 1929, my father said that one week before the stock market crash, Dominion Bridge in Winnipeg had a busy schedule. The following week, there was no-one in the plant and he spent the time writing cancelations. The point? All economic projections are based on the busy week. Today junk bonds and variations thereto have created an unstable world economy. China is particularly vulnerable and yet they are gobbling up foreign industries (Hollywood / sports teams / foreign real estate / etc. ; in a country where the secretive CCP is their sole infrastructure. The smart money is moving out of China whereas the stupid money e.g. Canadian pension fund money, is moving into China.

July 04-2017 'What do professional teachers and doctors have in common? Duplicitous provincial governments. SEE JULY-AUGUST Sub-heading

July 03-2017 'Keep it up at this pace, my media friends, and no one will care a whit when you're gone...Not only has Justin Trudeau failed to live up to his central promise, our news media is failing to live up to theirs. (former) NDP's Tom Parkin O.S. July 03  p.15

July 01-2017  'Anti-judge Day' The media today is rather ambivalent in recognizing Canada Day as they include the negatives in our history as well as the positives. The positives predominated in past celebrations. The protest teepee on Parliament Hill symbolizes this equivocation. The mood of terrorism appears to oversee everything.   ...and then there is the unresolved Employee's Case which is, technically, neither negative nor positive as it just plain doesn't exist (no legal answer is now a 'legal answer' in Canada). The conspiracy of the original conspirators (B.C. government and its imposed BILL 35 plus the co-opting of the Justice System to sanction a  sweetheart deal between an Employer and a Union) has metamorphosed into a national story of corruption without equal where over 50 judges - in the spirit of 90,000 Frenchmen cannot be wrong (WW1 analogy) - have destroyed the credibility of the Canadian Justice System...and still it goes on.... There is nothing to celebrate here for if the Justice System cannot choose 'a winner'; it is by this definition, a 'loser' itself, negatively affecting 35 million Canadians. There is nothing ambivalent about that point. As for this record-setting litigator, I will continue my Diogenian search for an 'honest judge'.

June 30-2017 A) This NEWSLETTER is for you, Google lawyers, and you too, Mr. Trump  This rather lengthy tome just before summer break has some important information for a decimated Canada. SEE JUNE 2017  B) Now that a hapless B.C. Christy Clark government in the Employee's Case has gone down to defeat, I have returned to B.C. courts under the new NDP government in my multi-task bid for a charge of fraud (no time limit) against the Employer. SEE sub-heading B.C. Government.  By delaying the appointment of the new Government to July, the Lieutenant Governor provides liberal factotums with an additional month's salary.  C) Spoiler Alert: So a band of native people have occupied Parliament Hill with their protest teepee for Canada Day with the permission of the RCMP. How far do you think this individual would get with his Placards on the Hill pronouncing July 01 to be re-named 'Anti-Judge Day'? (Of course it is a rhetorical question.)

June 29-2017 So our ineffable Supreme Court of Canada was not content to limit their decision in ruling against Google in an intellectual property case to Canada, so what did they do? why, they applied their judgment to apply world-wide! This is the same SCofC which has seen the demise of the entire Canadian Justice System by repeatedly refusing to divulging disclosure in the 32 year unresolved Employee's Case. ...go figure! ...better yet, call Mr. Trump before the Google lawyers do....

June 28-2017 A) Mr. Trump is bankrupt - again. It is not as though Russian thugs are going to turn up on his doorstep in order to break his knees if he reneges on his loan from a Russian bank. However, if he is declared bankrupt, he must step down from the Presidency. B) Law and then again, Justice SEE JUNE-2017 just before June 30 NEWSLETTER

June 25-2017 A) The Key to any analysis of the Russian connection to the U.S. is what former President Obama has to say...if he is permitted to say it.... B)Big Mistake:  revealing the names of the jurors and the vote count (10 to 2) in the Bill Cosby trial is a spike in the death of the jury system. C) Alice In Wonderland: Because Canadian oversight bodies are defunct (as attested to judicially by the Employee's Case); The politicians (the ultimate oversight body which in turn has failed, has come up with this gem: let's create another oversight body (for $70 million of taxpayers money) to oversee the duds in the system above and below this boondoggle.

June 17-2017 A) re the U.S. Attorney General 'Sessions' enquiry of all questions and no answers (with a nod to Art Buchwald): 'The president has put out the word that people are not to jump on (Sessions) just because he is marching to a different drummer.' "Or singing a different tune from the same songbook", I added. 'Something like that...'  SEE NEWSLETTER regarding different conspiracies under this date in JUNE-2017  B) It would appear that Teachers' Unions have made contract extensions across Canada (although I cannot see AB doing so under de-population due to unemployment) to avoid lay-offs this year; a wise move in that more time is given to accommodate retirees and avoid new hires. The huge demand for teachers of French with the concomitant reduction of English teachers also provides time for young teachers wise enough to upgrade their French qualifications. Other Unions in Canada do not have these civil service advantages and illicit lay-offs will have workers turning to the Bible for lay-off matters; the Employee's Case.

June 10-2017 NEWSLETTER The 'Houdini Act' of the Employer with the imposition of BILL 35. These guys never give up...but here is the point; they are caught out every step of the way. In brief, the eminence gris is flailing and, in that process, wiping out the credibility (or what is left of it) of provincial governments and courts.

June 08-2017 A)Legal success, as former FBI head, James Comey realizes, is not a matter of 'having your day in court'; rather it is to make sure the other side 'has their day in court'. To do that, one must have accurate, timely, information (mailing a record of the Trump-Comey meeting immediately to the press). Why? because it is in the DNA of Attorney Generals, Chief Justices and judges to cover-up the lies of the boss. That is the significance of the 32 year Employee's Case...the judicial authorities continue to lie long after they have been exposed leaving this 'dirty biscuit' in the hands of the Prime Minister's Office. In short, Canada's democracy 'was tried, but found wanting'. Public reaction is to just drop out. Where's the future in that? B) 'It's the pills, stupid' in the Bill Cosby rape trial. Others can attest to be given the same pills by Cosby at other times which left them comatose hence leaving the question of consent (Cosby's main argument) standing on weak ground. My prediction? Cosby will be found guilty.

June 05-2017 'Law being used to silence political speech on Facebook' O.S. June 05-2017 Canadian Constitution Federation (see June 04 comment) Beginning in 2011, an AB town councillor was charged with defamatory libel under section 301 of the criminal code; which had been labeled unconstitutional in other provinces but lacked AB support so that now the councillor has to appeal her conviction to the Supreme Court of Canada. The SCofC is a total waste of time as evidenced by their inaction on the Employee's Case on two occasions in 2016 (QC and SK). Paradoxical bottom line? No legal answer is a legal answer due to this unresolved case. Their further failure to investigate for fraud left this 'dirty biscuit' in the hands of P.M. Trudeau whom has done nothing. Opp. leader Andrew Scheer has until June 21 to publicly state his position. As matters currently stand, no employee - nor by extension, any individual - can feel comfortable in any court of law in Canada ...you are on your own, brother or sister....

June 04-2017 A) Letter to new B.C. NDP Attorney General. SEE this date under JUNE 2017. B)This story tells about the priest whom was in the habit of railing against the mafia...until he learned that the new roof and the parking lot had been paid from those sources. Similarly, Democracy Watch,(Parliament oversight), FAIR (whistleblower oversight), Canadian Constitutional Federation (legal oversight) all depend on contributions (from government) so is anyone surprised that none of these organizations have responded to the challenge of the Employee's Case? Similar to the unions(both unions and management want to avoid expensive litigation), these organizations are management's spy-hole on the nation's affairs... hence it pays to be a little bit paranoid.

June 03-2017 No better time to be an entrepreneur Epoch Times Jun 2-8 The time of my youth and the 30 year career job are over as today employees can expect to have 4 or 5 careers in a lifetime. Over 15 years ago when I covered an entrepreneur class as a Supply Teacher, I looked for the one student who indeed was an entrepreneur (born not bred). He was the one (and usually a 'he') whom approached me after class to tell me of an idea that he was promoting. The key lay not in the one idea which was almost always going to be a failure but the fact that after every failure, he would get up and proceed to the next bright idea. From the other end, 50% of small businesses go under inside of 2 years (a break-even point financially for successful business futures) with 80% going under inside of 5 years. Business experts such as The Dragons Den have, I understand, an 80% attrition rate with those they financially support. The big advantage is they make contact with someone whom has the entrepreneurial spirit. The one who pays the price for an entrepreneur is the wife and family which has to go without material advantages and family time together. It is not so much that entrepreneurship is not for everyone; rather, it is for very few. These courses are similar to promoting 'pretty faces' without talent to go to Hollywood for the very few openings available (they become escorts). In brief, no one knows what to do with the 80% of people of limited talent whose jobs are being automated. That situation is world-wide and creating unstability everywhere in which terrorism thrives. In so many words, entrepreneurship is the Gold Rush fever in which many participate but only a few strike pay-dirt. Casinos and lotteries understand those odds.

June 02-2017 A) So QC Premier Pierre Chouinard has been rebuffed by P.M. Trudeau in his bid to have QC give hindsight sanction to the 1982 accord transferring constitutional control for amendment from Britain (BNA Act of 1867 a British document) to Canada which reflects the shift from 'respect for private property to 'respect for individual rights' as promulgated currently by the U.N.  (QC did not ratify the 1982 transfer at the time.) Considering Chouinard's complete ball-up of the Employee's Case in QC Courts placing everything in the lap of the executive powers of the PMO, the Federal answer is the right one to this rogue province.  B) A Quebec Forestry Company, disliking Greenpeace criticism of their practices of the boreal forest in northern QC & ON is 'ubering' the system by laying cases in both provinces and the U.S. against them more, it appears, to punish Greenpeace financially for their 'audacity'. While I have ubered the system, it is based on the 'Cullen Creed' which expelled me from B.C. in an unresolved labour matter where no compensation has been paid. No judge in other provinces will challenge that Cullen Creed which I have invited them to do under the laws of transference hence I may operate with a relative degree of freedom outside B.C. as to force me back to B.C., they would have to overturn the Cullen Creed. This is not the case in the Greenpeace matter where the Forestry Company is initiating parallel cases in different venues which is a judicial 'no-no' in general but, knowing the judicial systems of ON & QC, much to my chagrin, 'selected judges' could be expected to give a win to the Forestry Company.

June 01-2017  A province by province break-down as to how individuals are being screwed over by the Justice System


May 28-2017 TORY CONVENTION: Former West Vancouver M.P. and Tory wheeler & dealer, John Reynolds, loses ...oops, I mean Andrew Scheer wins.

May 25-2017 An Application solely by this Applicant is being set forth in Manitoba to see if Premier Pallister and his courts are any different from discredited fellow Premiers elsewhere. SEE MANITOBA-MAY 25-2017

May 23-2017 A) Journalists are self-censoring? O.S. May 23 p.11 '...and they (journalists) all express concern...They're all engaging in cautious self-censorship...You start by just not saying things, and you end up by saying things that you know to be untrue...What the hell are journalists going to do? ....Nothing I haven't being saying about the anti-employee media for years now; the Employee's Case media boycott is proof positive of that charge. B)The first thing I would tell anybody is, if they feel they are being treated unfairly — it’s a tough battle, I’m not saying it’s an easy battle — I tell them, ‘Go for it. Don’t hold back. Go for it.’ If you tell the truth, you could win.” Story of a former McDonald's worker whom took the giant fast food employer to court and won...a very rare exception as attested to by the Employee's Case. Delay from 2012 even surprised the defence lawyer whom expected an out-of-court settlement. In brief, the Employers are becoming brazen in light of the Employee's Case. It could also be that Ottawa judges are paying attention to my street placards. Teacher lay-off date for declining enrolment of MAY 31 is looming either this year or next year (or both).


May 22-2017  A) I stumbled on an iconoclastic 'The Simpson's' court scene on TV in which the plaintiff gaming the system with a fake injury with a 'you don't pay until we get paid' lawyer who lets it slip in court that his sanctimonious speech is all tied to making money for himself. The 'loosey goosey' jury side with the Simpsons because of a lovable dog thrown into the mix which pulls on their heartstrings. The judge decides to forgo a jury decision and sides with the Simpsons... end of trial ...end of Justice System.... B) A TV evangelical minister stressed that without the 'fear of God', one may not enter God's world to which he had all the supporting biblical references. The rapt audience had all the earmarks of a 'Mr. Bean' episode. To this agnostic, it was a 'flight or fight' thing common to nature. You cannot put backbone into anyone fleeing the challenges of life (a description of human nature although Falun Gong an exception) which extend beyond the Bible in myriad ways although I credit the Christian religion for its 'love' of God (other religions are limited to 'respect'). As to 'life everlasting'? Heaven forbid...I have had my three score and ten years plus in this world; warts and all...it is now the turn of others such as my grandchildren to have their turn at the world's resources.  C) In Animal Farm, Napoleon kills the bitch to obtain her pups which become his assassins to exert power over the farm. Imposed legislation does the same thing; namely, kills the rule of law to maintain order ...of a sort. The Carbon Tax functions on this level as 'Horatio at the bridge' Wall seeks - if you do not mind mixed analogies - to stem the incoming tide. Knowing the debased justice systems of SK and the Supreme Court of Canada on a personal level (much to my chagrin); Wall will win in SK only to lose at the SCofC. While this scenario is called justice; it is nothing of the sort unless one believes that 'might makes right'. D) Court access is a basic right although, according to the Canadian Constitutional Federation, it is routinely thwarted as exemplified by the many re-submissions of the Employee's Case.

May 21-2017 NEWSLETTER ARMAGEDDON or the complete collapse of Canada's infrastructure. SEE this date under MAY-2017

May 18-2017 'YOU HAVE NO SHAME TRIPLE MURDERER TOLD' by Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Colin McKinnon. The right verdict by the jury to be sure in this case but that is not my point here or elsewhere on my blog. If it is a question of 'shame'; then Justice McKinnon would not be sitting on the bench today if the over-sight bodies had challenged him to explain why in Employee's Case, that  there were two judgments 6 months apart with the second not referencing the first part in 2014 by this 'courageous judge' whom should be joining the 'perp' in an orange suit downstairs. Alas, no over-sight body ever responds in any meaningful way to the judicial excesses of the Employee's Case.

May 16-2017 A) Classrooms of the Past unequal to future job market  O.C. C2 Craig & Mark Kielburger The 3 step questionnaire approach is 1) What is the question to ask? 2) Whom do you ask it ? 3) Ask it.  So whom do the Kielburger brothers ask their question?  Ethically challenged CEO's. I don't know of too many jobs which may keep an employee whom steals no matter what his or her expertise. When I have time, I will write on this topic although it will never appear in the anti-employee media due to their boycott of anything under my name. B) PLACARD: THE CANARY IN CANADA'S PARLIAMENT IS DEAD For example, the government is accused of making secret military deals with the U.S. without consulting Parliament...and if they did? Some yahoo will spill the beans for political advantage forever compromising Canada's access to North American and NATO defense. That is the unspoken truth about the public affairs programs on this topic. So we have to listen to specious jabber on both sides of the question augmented by the interviewer.

May 15-2017 A day doesn't go by that Canadians hear about another government dysfunctional body; this time the RCMP. ...can a Report on the dysfunctional Justice System be far behind? ....

May 14-2017  NEWSLETTER  Issues or shadows thereof  Why the Justice System has chosen to fall on its own sword. SEE this date under MAY-2017

May 12-2017 A) Little is being said as to why FBI James Comey requested a dinner meeting with the President filled with mealy mouthed platitudes. Those meetings are for 'yes' and 'no' with the platitudes relegated to 'no'. Mr. Trump, not incorrectly so, believed he was being set up.  B) Trudeau has lost even his ambassador role as he gave support to B.C. Premier Christy Clark in an election ploy to retaliate by curtailing thermal coal shipments to the U.S. Poking Mr. Trump in the eye - while appearing as an act of bravado to this past master at poking out eyes - now has him setting his sights on scuttling NAFTA.

May 11-2017 Charter Schools and the pitfalls therein SEE this date under MAY-2017

May 10-2017 A) Letter to the successful B.C. Premier in the May 09 election (they are all cut from the same piece of cloth) SEE MAY 10 under MAY-2017 B) The U.S.-Canadian softwood battle. SEE this date under MAY 2017  C) The term for dismissing FBI Director James Comey, Mr. Trump, is current demonstrated ability; a term undefined in BILL 35 or in law in general...go figure....Better guard your back when you travel abroad.

May 09-2017 So Senator Meredith chose to resign. Unless the police had laid a successful criminal charge which they were loath to do, under Section 31, the senator would have won his case if he chose to challenge the decision to dismiss him on a constitutional basis. So why didn't he? Because he sees how the Justice System in such as the Employee's Case can hang that one up for many years...cheaper to cut and run and get his pension plus other benefits. That is what justice in Canada amounts to now although expect the media types to pontificate about 'justice being done'.

May 07-2017 A) NEWSLETTER What the Chief Justices will not tell the Public. Stonewalling appears to be the order of the day throughout the Justice System B) The 'Jordan Decision', limiting time limits to bring cases to court. has seen hundreds of miscreants (and innocent people) released from prisons before their trials. The Problem? A legal profession - both judges & lawyers - dedicated to 'legal billable time nonsense'. SEE JORDAN DECISION under this date in MAY-2017

May 04-2017 A) The pollsters now know the outcome of the B.C. Election on May 09 which they label 'too close to call' considering that they were wrong about the last B.C. Election. They are like the weatherman whom was wrong so often that he now includes percentages such as 10% chance of rain so that no matter what the outcome, he will never be seen to be wrong. B) The young editor for the O.Sun has a front page emblazoned with how they tell the truth...warts and all which sounds to me like John's Used Car Sales insisting that the word 'Honest' is placed in front of his name. She is in a cut-throat position; it is that simple and heaven help the columnist or reporter whom thinks otherwise...'Close the door lock & latch it here comes Lizzy with a brand new hatchet'....

May 03-2017 A) Why the Senator must go - soon. O.C. headline news being judge, jury and executioner regarding a Senator's trysts with an under-aged female (the woman is not protesting). As usual, the myopic media talks to the wrong people. They don't ask the police on night-time Senate duty about how often they are told to expect a late-night guest. And don't leave out the M.P.'s with their 'eye candy interns' (We do not have daughters but I would not recommend any female to work as a parliamentary intern). B) SK's Premier Wall wishes to impose the 'notwithstanding clause' on the Roman Catholic School Board which won a recent case in court. This is the same Premier who grouses about the Federal government imposing a carbon tax. Difference between this case and the Employee's Case? The SK entities are big enough to receive 'due process' while individuals such as myself raising constitutional questions are thwarted at every turn. SEE May 07 Newsletter illustrating this wide scale problem which has destroyed court credibility in Canada.

May 02-2017 A) It has already started in SK; declining enrolment /school closure / religious divisions = major problems ahead. B) If (wacko) President Andrew Jackson who wore a six gun as U.S. President in the 1830's making war on the banks, were the 1860's President, there would have been no Civil War (sometimes called Mr. Stanton's War) astutely claims Mr. Trump. Then again, we would have enshrined modern slavery from the plantation owners in the Caribbean into official government policy which was anathema to Europeans.   C)  And if V.P. Dick Cheney and his Halliburton interests had not provoked an Iraq war, there would be no ISIS.

May 01-2017  A) Want something to scare the bejeezes out of any thinking Canadian? SEE this date for unparalleled messages. B) Both B.C.'s Christie Clark and N.S. Stephen McNeil deserve to lose their personal seats in their respective coming elections. B) So the QC government would come down hard with heavy fines for Montreal police not wearing regulation trousers on duty. As the police cannot strike, their 4 year protest regarding pension rights is taking its toll. The military have always had ways of dealing with orders that they disagreed with so that commanders wished that they had never issued the order in the first place. C) The Liberal Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan joins the hapless Liberal, Ralph Goodale, in his disappointing performance. The media reference to Sajjan's political career being apart from his military record is incorrect. He failed in his military code by taking undue recognition from other soldiers on which his later political career was launched. While the Liberals are becoming a Party of blunders, no recognition goes to such as NDP's Mulcair or Tory's Rona Ambrose in their silence on the PEI Fiasco. Senator Duffy of PEI was also notified. As to Tory leadership contenders, again, it makes no difference as to who wins on May 30 considering their silence on the Employee's Case. D) Taking a stand for patient's rights' and healthcare choice O.S. May 01-2017 p.17 Howard Anglin Canadian Constitution Foundation I had never heard of the B.C. case in question but it could just have easily been the Employee's Case dilemma: '...Decades of inaction have showed that governments won't undertake real reforms...It will take patients standing up for themselves in court and asserting their constitutional rights to force change. But what good are our rights, if governments make it all-but impossible to enforce them?'

April 30-2017 A) Once again, Mr. Trump is bang on...archaic laws permit opposition to filibuster presidential orders. That's why the constitutional question in the Employee's Case being launched in different legal venues in Canada is the single most important legal question to be raised in Canadian jurisprudence; particularly as the residual powers rest with the central government. Not so in the U.S. as evidenced by individual states rejecting the President's edict on immigration where the residual powers lie with the individual states. In the U.S. there is little controversy as to judicial appointments; namely, they are political. In Canada, with our appointment system, the Employee's Case has illustrated how the grey eminence (Old Boys Club which is entrenched in the legal system) has a throttlehold over our judiciary. B) As for 'Making America Great Again'; the poor, the blacks and the native peoples would respond...'could have fooled us as it has never been great for us'

April 29-2017 NEWSLETTER  Wha' Happened? (Hit by an M.O.A.B.) The hunters (Employer blackmailing the Court System) become the hunted (Courts blackmailing the Employer) with yours truly, 'Outlaw' being smacked around by both sides = judicial conflagration.

April 28-2017 What do alleged terrorist of Palestinian descent with Canadian citizenship teaching at Ottawa U, Hassan Diab, whom is sitting in a French prison for the past 2 years without charge; and myself as a litigant without lay-off compensation, have in common? Answer: Ottawa Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger. In both cases, the answer was in before the judge walked into the room. In both cases - coincidentally heard on the same day before a 3-person Divisional Court challenge - the actions were lost. Diab went on to lose in Ontario Appeal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada would not hear the Appeal. The Harper government whisked Diab out of the country immediately. Defence lawyer, Donald Bayne, is publicly calling for Canada to return this legally abused individual. My point? Diab should never have been deported based on the very flimsy evidence with Maranger j. claiming 'it was the law'. Put more bluntly, if Maranger, a very slippery judge indeed (why I have coined the term 'to be marangered'), had refused the Order, that would have been the end of the story. My point here? Judicial oversight counts for nothing in Canada.

April 27-2017  A) 'Those assholes - about 9 of them'...book resellers who attended the annual Rockcliffe School's  (Justin Trudeau went there as a student) book sale. Anyway, they hog access to the tables while they check their apps as to the value of books, according to my friend.  B) I hope NS Premier McNeil loses his personal seat in the upcoming election for the Justice Hood caper 458698

April 25-2017 A) SEE PEI FIASCO because that is just what it is  B) Premier Christie Clark should lose her personal seat in the next B.C. election on May 9-2017 SEE APRIL-2017  Indeed, B.C. should vote 'with their feet'.

April 22-2017 'Vaporization' a new term to accompany 'Hood law' and 'Hood solution' which explains how all Canadian law now operates 'on the whim of a judge'. SEE APRIL 2017 Go Public-CBC under this date

April 21-2017 A) The usual 'Registry run around the mulberry bush' in PEI and NS although a last minute NS Registry fax is the kind of response I need to get in order to proceed... are you listening Kathleen Wynne? I paid my fee as requested in ON to proceed before the Toronto court shut down on me. It appears as if the NS Registry has revolted against its crooked Premier & Chief Justice. SEE this date under APRIL-2017 B) Followers of this 'David & Goliath' story would recognize the story-line in which of course David with his eagle-eye and steady aim standing just out of reach of the near-sighted Giant's broad sword is bound to win. In brief, this 'outlaw' hurled his unresolved legal case right into the giant eye of NS Justice Suzanne Hood with the inevitable outcome. C) Why do I need a constitutional decision(c.q.)? To stop the 'gang of 3' - the Employer, the courts, the Union - from bouncing this 'Employee ball' back & forth hoping for it to disappear down some crack. In legalspeak, the Employer doesn't recognize the court; the court does not recognize this plaintiff outside the Union and the Employer does not recognize the Union. To me, it is irrelevant as to which interest predominates in the c.q. as I am owed compensation under any of the 3 entities. D) 'Ambassador' Trudeau is more dangerous than Mr. Trump on the basis that Trump's every move is being watched. I got the lesson with a bullyboy principal who wasn't the real problem as he bullied staff, students and parents alike - very democratic of him. 10 years later, my problem came from a hapless administrator whom never should have been appointed in the first place. E) Revolting Montreal judges are stopping the legal fraternity from gaming the system: Once a date for trial is assigned, it will go ahead on that date no matter how many lawyer changes are made to get past the 'best before date'. Letting a group of Hell's Angels out of prison recently for technical features did not sit well with the public. From my personal experience, QC under Premier Pierre 'the mobster' Couillard has one of the worst judicial records in Canada.

APRIL 19-2017 A) A well-deserved rebuke to the NS Barrister's Society in which they permitted the scrapping of judicial credibility in Premier MacNeil's NS and beyond. SEE this date under APRIL-2017  B) In the 1950's, B.C. Hydro telephoned my father's specialty abrasive house confirming that our salesmen were not to call on B.C. Hydro of which he did. 'Why should we invest time and money in B.C. Hydro only to have them place the order with the cheaper Japan? Hydro's customers are in B.C., not Japan.' The message? All things being equal, Companies bought locally in Canada which was an unwritten rule. During the 2009 financial meltdown, Obama encouraged 'buy American' on an unwritten basis. Now Mr. Trump wants NAFTA negotiations - no problem there - with the suggestion that he could impose duties on top of such arrangements similar to Mexico. Under those terms, why have any trade agreements at all which are beneficial to both countries? Mexico, for example, buys U.S. food and supplies the labour on U.S. farms. Cleaning up the illicit immigration makes sense as Canada does with travel vouchers for Mexicans hired to work Ontario farm fields with paid airfare both ways. Dairywise, If Mr. Trump lifts the trade agreement, Canada will take their milk plus a lot more that they previously dumped for decades and flood the U.S. unless they are taxed out of the U.S. market. It all comes down to the evils of imposed legislation which I am struggling to get heard as a constitutional question in Canada amid much judicial obfuscation. C) 'You can't say that people didn't know' (about the Holocaust as early as 1942 as revealed in recent documents) National Post in O.C. A descendent of a well-known Prussian family (they hated Hitler for seizing their property to disperse among the German people) tells me that his grandfather shipped cattle to France to a Jewish businessman. He had no idea as to what use the cattle cars were put to in the return journey. I have often wondered why the Allies did not bomb the rail-lines to the concentration camps. The point here is that one does not ask questions in war-time ...loose lips sink ships....

April 15-2017 A) THE HOOD SYNDROME - An analysis of how the law was vaporized when it made a sworn affidavit not worth the paper 'on which it is printed'. SEE this date under APRIL-2015 (Where's author Dan Brown now that he is needed to hunt for Canada's Holy Grail?)  B) Watch for North Korea launching a pre-emptive strike on South Korea to supply its starving population.

April 14-2017  A) THE EMPLOYEE'S CASE / THE OTTAWA POLICE MANSLAUGHTER CASE / GUANTANAMO BAY (U.S.) SEE this date under APRIL-2017  B)'Wynnes public subsidies work at cross-purposes' O.S. p.21 A steady stream of Fraser Institute bilge with its bottom line of 'elect financially responsible Tories'. For decades it was known that Ontario inhabitants were paying too little for power under governments of all political stripes. When the nuclear Bruce Power plant came up for expensive refurbishing plus a downturn in the economy, Ontario found itself in the plight it has today of having the world's biggest sub-prime national debt. Liberal policies have exacerbated the problem but it is not going away any time soon no matter which Party becomes leader next year. PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE That is the central complaint that I have against former President Obama; namely, that no party was held accountable for taxpayer money used, in essence, to refloat Goldman Sachs in their ruinous economic actions threatening, as it did, the entire U.S. economy. C) Report on ON private insurance program which is 25% higher than other government programs in other provinces ...see what a little lobbying can do? And if you cannot lobby, take a leaf out of the West Vancouver School Trustee book and blackmail government operations.  D) Generally, I can't be bothered with politicians, but this caption caught my eye in an article by Tory leadership candidate Kellie Leitch (as it was meant to do): Justin Trudeau is telling our young people that it's okay to do drugs. As one adamantly against drug use; nonetheless, I support de-criminalization of small amount possession on the grounds that the authorities are spending far too much money on a lost cause. Does that make me saying 'it's alright to do drugs?' I hope not. Trudeau is also adamant against youth using drugs (affects physical development up to age 25) but I can see Leitch's point: 'Not now kiddies; wait until you are older' which is never a good sell for teenagers.

April 13-2017 NS Justice Suzanne Hood whom has made a signed court affidavit  'not worth the paper on which it is printed' reminds me of an administrative school request that I omit marking the test questions that a student cheated on and only count the honest answers. Yes, it did happen decades ago. The world continues its downward spiral on a daily basis with the clueless politicians and the media pursuing matters after the fact. PLACARDS: A) BOYCOTT CORRUPT CANADIAN COURTS  B) CANADIAN COURTS / THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG  With the Hood j. action, Canada has lost all connection through its government & courts. How about this 'media' reaction: I feel like I have been hauled out of the Flighty Nova Scotia Justice System similar to what a United Airlines passenger recently experienced.

April 12-2017 SEE the following three inclusions under NS REPERCUSSIONS. A) GO PUBLIC - CBC NEWSLETTER dated April 15-2017  B) Premier McNeil plays game of 'silly buggers' with his courts of law. April 21 H.D. held in abeyance due to corruption of Justice Suzanne Hood  C) Letter to the NS Judicial Council calling for the removal from the bench of Hood j. for trivializing fraud under signed affidavits which has ramifications across Canada as voting in provincial and federal elections is now severely compromised. SEE April 12-2017  D) An action with the constitutional question was entered in NS courts today listing the B.C. Union as a 'non-contesting' defendant. It matters little to NS inhabitants as they have already committed themselves to defeat with the Hood j. action which, in turn, demolishes not only NS courts but all Canadian courts as now a signed affidavit isn't 'worth the paper on which it is printed'. I have called for her removal from the bench.

April 10-2017 A) A second letter to B.C. Premier Clark in the throes of an election for May 09-2017. Anyone listening? B) Now that the hoopla surrounding the 100th recognition of Vimy Ridge is over, it can be said: soldiers do not die for their country; they die for their comrades. Wounded veterans are wise to kowtow to their civilian overlords as they depend on them for assistance; unless of course they are in Canada where the former Tory government cancelled their benefits and the current Liberal government did not see fit to re-introduce them as per election promises. C) Ottawa Police would do well to review an old film, Breaker Morant, the story of Australians in Boer Africa whom took it in his own hands to avenge an attack precipitated by an enemy spy for which he was court martialed and shot. He acted for purely military reasons and was shot for purely political reasons.

April 08-2017 A) NEWSLETTER  A harbinger posted on March 29-2017 of how Nova Scotia could lose their Justice System based on an April 07 hearing 458698 and why NS inhabitants must get active NOW, not after April 07. SEE APRIL 2017 under this date. B) Judge oversight doesn't cut it ...We need judges who prove themselves worthy of the respect we all want to give them, the respect they need if they're going to do their difficult job. The current system is not guaranteeing it.... Oops, my bad...the article read 'police' not 'judge'.

April 04-2017 A) Under the constitution, a premier may raise a constitutional question. How about it, Premier McNeil, would you like to show support for the inhabitants of NS? Or are your loyalties to other premiers first? If so, B.C. does not deserve any respect in the Employee's Case. B) URGENT letter to the West Vancouver School Trustees SEE this date under APRIL-2017 C) talk of the shades of the Senator Duffy trial in which the RCMPP (political police) are once again called in by the PMO to pillory a dismissed (for no observable reason) Vice Admiral Norman for 'leaking?' ship contract information. Irving Shipyards of Halifax is annoyed at Davie Shipyards of QC hi-jacking a major ship contract. My take? No matter which way one looks at it...the slums are coming up which has already happened in the Employee's Case. At this point, no-one can trust to an oversight body including the courts of law. That's why Premier McNeil is the focus of NS 458698 on April 07. Anybody in NS listening?

April 03-2017 A) THE JUSTICE SUZANNE HOOD SYNDROME By April 07 all eyes will be on NS Justice Hood is see whether she will be the poster girl for stopping 50 conspiratorial judges in their tracks or the poster girl for depriving Canada of her nationhood leaving us with a state of mind committed to bureaucratic blunders. Whatever the outcome, her name will be symbolic for every litigant who approaches a future court of law in Canada. B) Will the rogue B.C. Harris & Co. 'tail' wag the NS judicial 'dog'? It happened in QC (Lavery de Billy) & SK (Harris & Co.). Will it happen in NS on April 07? It is the same 'fraudulent' factum throughout which NS courts refused a voir dire to discuss. C) Vimy Ridge 1917: The French had lost a 100,000 men on this ridge and were close to revolting thus putting an end to the war. By sending in 'the colonials' (1/2 the calibre of regular French troops, old chap!) the war effort was continued. The Allies never expected a break-through which the French troops had softened-up for the Canadian success.

April 02-2017 A) Letter to B.C. Premier Christy Clark in time for the upcoming B.C. Election on May 09-2017 SEE APRIL 2017 this date.  B) Anyone in the legal business knows that B.C.'s Harris & Co. is not driving this agenda in N.S.; rather it is the ubiquitous grey eminence whose legal existence has been exposed by the Employee's Case. In brief, Harris & Co. are merely following orders as their influence does not extend to NS courts. At this stage without NS public action, the only one whom can stop a juggernaut which threatens the nationhood not only in NS but all of Canada on Apr. 07, is NS Premier McNeil who is being gulled by his judiciary. Surely there must be some thinking people in NS.  C) Former police chief & O.S. letter writer, Stephen Flanagan, includes a full scale article (April 01 edition) regarding a balancing act for policemen wearing wristbands in support of a colleague charged with manslaughter in a takedown of an immigrant. Conspicuous by its absence is any mention of respect for 'due process'. Police in downtown Ottawa are well aware of such as this 2004 PLACARD: A PARADOX  THE LAW IS BROKE YET PLENTY FIXED AS IT IS. Both sides need to soldier on in this legal vacuum.

April 01-2017 A) 'No fooling' here as the NS conspiracy will go ahead on April 7 to drive out the constitutional question(c.q.) regarding imposed legislation and court oversight - the single most important civil question in Canadian jurisprudence - unless the NS population can stop Premier McNeil. SEE NEWSLETTER APRIL 01   B) Currently, PEI a 'basket case' under Premier & Justice Minister, Wade MacLauchlan, in a similar c.q. against the Union which also refuses disclosure.   C) Some readers are old enough to remember when the Russians shot down Gary Powers high flying U2 spy plane over the Soviet Union. President Eisenhower, presuming Powers had died, denied the incident only to see the U.S. media headlines 'Eisenhower lied' when the Russians later revealed the existence of Powers. Eisenhower publicly apologized. President Trump saw his 'U2' shot down with his unsubstantiated accusation of former President Obama tapping his office. His reaction? 'Fake News'. Back in Eisenhower's time, I submit, the public would have been clamouring for his assassination. Other lies. France collaborated with the Nazis in WWII and saw their leader hanged at the end of the war. de Gaulle, leader of a small 'free French' was posted to its recovery in much the same way that Arab groups were appointed to oversee various countries of the Middle East. The biggest lie of the Employee's Case? The silence of the media and politicians. Even the poet Dante reserved the lowest ring in Hell for those who stood idly by when action was called for...that is now the situation in Nova Scotia as of my letter dated March 24 (see below) D) A recent video which went viral showed a U.S. truckdriver whom vacated his rig in a snowstorm to save his life, later berating a speechless judge after he  had been fired by the Company and charged in a court of law: 'Where does it say in that law book of yours that a truck comes ahead of the survival of a person?' He continued his tirade claiming that courts of law were in the habit of delivering idiotic judgments. As one whom once had an AZ license (could drive anything on the road), I say 'amen, brother, amen'.

March 31-2017 A) I knew it was a bad omen when B.C.'s Harris & Co. turned up on the scene in NS 458698 (April 07 Hearing Date) when they did not have to with this constitutional question regarding imposed legislation. While sounding misogynist, nonetheless, the appointment of a female judge portends disaster as I have learned from past experience many times. I call it the 'Kim Campbell' syndrome. Remember when Brian Mulroney was about to lose the federal election? The Tory men sent in female Kim Campbell whom won 2 votes in all of Canada even losing her own seat in that process. If NS inhabitants do not get active NOW, there will be no NS justice system to get active after April 07-2017. There was no response from the court requesting a voir dire to discuss the obviously fraudulent material in the factum of Harris & Co. (NS Barrister's Society earlier ducking the question) so it looks like a rogue legal iceberg from B.C. is going to sink the SS Titanic NS Justice System. SEE APRIL-2017 for LETTER TO P.M. TRUDEAU (B)  B) 'What did you do in the Great War, Daddy?' (NS inhabitants)  A judge's name is attached to the April 07 hearing- Justice Suzanne Hood whom will become the poster girl for this case on April 07; not only for NS, but for all Canada. Either she stops the juggernaut of 50 judges and saves the NS Justice System or she does that which wipes it out. It depends on how much NOISE is made. C) The article in today's O.S. regarding an action laid against NHL Senator's owner, Eugene Melnyck, for wrongful dismissal due to poor ticket sales could read the Employees' Case of 1985. The difference? In 1985, the story was told from management's point of view; today, it is told from the employee's point of view although the media are not up to the challenge facing them in Nova Scotia 458698...a very long way from it, brother .... D) In the same edition by former Ombudsman, Andre Morin Wristbands supporting Montsion a troubling sign (police officer charged with manslaughter) '...But don't take part in a crass campaign that risks interfering with the administration of justice and tearing the communities apart.' (TV poll -1/2 supported the policeman while the other half supported the victim) In 1985, only two young female school counsellors took the stand to give evidence in stories that I had never heard before (others refusing the request of the Employer's counsel). There was nothing wrong with the testimony nor of the defense lawyer in effectively questioning it although that evidence had nothing to do with lay-off for economic reasons, but there was everything wrong with how the arbitrator re-interpreted the evidence (even converting 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs adding my own as the necessary 17th knowing full well that I was the only lay-off that year) to favour the Employer. The court later quashed that arbitration ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I have been in limbo ever since due to judicial chicanery. My advice? My PLACARD says it best: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. And why am I in limbo? Because the Employer does not recognize court oversight to imposed legislation. Keep your eyes on NS on April 07 for a major turning point in this regard.

March 30-2017 A) The Ottawa Police Chief has it right that police are not to wear armbands supporting an officer charged with manslaughter in an arrest while on duty. The problem? The police do not trust to the Justice System. In the past, they were able to game the system. Now the system is being gamed against them. It really is a reflection of what is happening in the Employee's Case. Everyone loses with judicial cupidity.  B) A gigantic Postmedia ad in the O.S. hypocritically advocating their investigative reporting capabilities signed by their young editor in chief, Michelle Richardson...so put the national boycott of the Employee's Case in your pipe and smoke it, Postmedia...it looks like you are getting a head start on marijuana legalization in any event....let's face it, they are going broke; morally as well as financially....

March 29-2017 A) APRIL 08 published today to forewarn of April 07 NS 458698 challenge. B) An ON MPP was raked over the coals for warning against the use of 'O' tolerance as a means of over-zealousness to punish targets. He is correct. In addition, the precursor to 'O' tolerance is a failure of the authorities to act judiciously in the first place hence permitting them to act precipitously in the second place. C) The government may be in far more financial plight than it makes out to be. For example, like many I capitalized on stock market gains in 2013 & 2014 only to withdraw from the market in 2015. My point is that my debit tax return this year is about 1/15 of what I paid a few years back. Multiply that scenario throughout the land, and current expenditures based on past tax income 'aint going to balance itself ' and yet Trudeau galavanted around the world doling out riches like a Dutch Uncle in 2016.

March 27-2017 The Democrats are praying that President Trump remains in office for 4 years as a sure measure to re-elect a Democrat government in 2020. The Republicans have 2, not 4 years as half their representatives get elected each 2 years. Hence they may lose their majority in 2018. Trump's health measures fiasco (he should have courted all Republican votes) decimates his presidency. He should either 'exit' or be 'exited' promptly for he has run out of time. Too bad as he raised some good questions in campaigning. I base my current agenda on his perspective on the legal system.

March 26-2017 A) NEWSLETTER: The Employee's Case explained 'one more time' for why NS & PEI teachers must MAKE NOISE-NOW in the light of a media boycott. In brief, 'don't be a B.C. teacher' whom, through their inactivity, are in the ignominious position of each year for the past 32 years electing a Union president complicit with this 'sweetheart deal'. B) Canadian media's Betty Kennedy die recently at age 91. In her later years, she lamented how entertainment news was creating confusion being intermixed with mainline news; a topic on which I commented recently. In the 1960's, as she would well know, TV advertising was creating a similar confusion with the mainline news. The result? Today's 'fake news'. B) If 'executive action' is to be taken against President Trump, it will happen while he is abroad such as at the upcoming NATO meeting in Brussels. The Kennedy assassination showed the folly of doing 'the dirty deed' within the U.S. Besides borrowing Putin's 'food tasters', he needs to keep in mind that the military have guns...and know how to use them!

March 25-2017 A) The Ottawa Police loom large in many recent controversies. I address myself to two of these issues. SEE this date under MARCH-2017  B) Where is the support from the rank & file of NS citizens; particularly teachers & lawyers. Even if there are only a few protesters, take a picture with your selected placards and e-mail it to me as I would like to think that there are some thinking people in Nova Scotia. Afraid of repercussions? Then do what the military do by having retirees voice your position. In 1985, no-one knew how the ill-fated arbitration would turn out until the court condemned it a few years after the event. in 2014-2016, I kept QC & SK residents apprised of events as they broke in which those two provinces lost their judiciary credibility (SCofC) 36883 QC & 36993 SK. By the above date, I have given sufficient pre-information to NS about the events about to unravel the province on April 07. So, NS inhabitants, there is no excuse, get active NOW. I may other alternatives; NS does not. C) PLACARD: WHAT DO TRUMP & THE CANADIAN JUDICIARY HAVE IN COMMON?  NO CREDIBILITY !

March 24-2017 SEE this date under MARCH 2017 for an important letter to NS citizens as they are projected to lose their Justice System on April 7 if they do not get active on the  Employee's Case NOW. I have asked NS Justice Rosinski to either set a voir dire prior to April 7 or, if I do not hear by Tuesday, to postpone the April 07 hearing until after the main event on April 19-2017 with Rosinski j. (no judge yet appointed for April 07 at this time; a scam earlier played out in SK). The trick here for the conspirators is to end it all on April 7 making the main event on April 19 moot. In turn, without the defendant producing  disclosure, I maintain that it is not possible to draw any conclusion and any conclusion reached must be reviewed on April 19. It is a game between the litigants but no game for the NS citizens whom will lose their Justice System unless they publicly tackle Premier McNeil NOW.

March 22-2017 A) Letter to PEI Premier & Justice Minister, Wade MacLauchlan, regarding his 'Registry of Star Chambers'. Individual PEI citizenry are not being well served by this politician. SEE MARCH-2017 under this date. Is P.M. Trudeau watching this renegade province?  B) NDP's Thomas Mulcair is good on his criticism of the Federal budget. He is bad on his silence on the Employee's Case hence  the NDP has earned its moniker: 'No Don't Party'.

March 20-2017  A)Letter to the RCMP Commissioner, Bob Paulson, due for retirement this year along with SCofC Chief Justice B. McLachlin. SEE RCMP MARCH 20-2017 under MARCH-2017. Time is fast running out for NS teachers to MAKE NOISE; possibly as early as April 6-2017. See why in the above letter. B) Why would the B.C. Employer launch a case in NS where they make no mention of the constitutional question to which 458698 is limited? Answer: Because Premier McNeil asked them to do so (through the usual judicial conspirator's cut-out). That's why my call for a voir dire hearing prior to April 6 (Hearing called by B.C.'s 'rogue' Harris & Co.) has the court in a tailspin...they can't let it happen if the court is going to throw this case out which is the sole purpose of Harris & Co and, it appears, Premier McNeil. (In turn, I ask for Harris & Co. to be thrown out in the voir dire for entering a factum full of fraud.) That is how N.S. will lose their courts unless individual citizens cry out loud & long NOW! April 6 is on the horizon.

March 19-2017 A) NEWSLETTER: The Learning Curve SEE MARCH 2017  B) NS citizens would be wise to read the MARCH 17 letter to them as they may be about to lose the credibility of their Justice System if they let the sleazy B.C. Law firm of Harris & Co. into their province. At stake in this case-neutral constitutional question negatively affecting both employers & employees alike is, among other things, the value of holding Union membership for all Canadians. In brief, do the courts have oversight powers on imposed legislation. That is the current battle Mr. Trump finds himself in with some individual states. In Canada, will P.M. Trudeau have to notch his belt for a third time with NS after losing QC & SK? As noted before, I have other options, Nova Scotia doe not.

March 17-2017 A) NS Teachers are about to lose it for all NS litigants and beyond due to their failure to speak out. SEE 3 page letter to Chief Justice Michael MacDonald cc Premier McNeil noting delay as a precursor to what I have learned to be as conspiracy. SEE MARCH 2017  B) I am not surprised to see QC Premier Couillard cover for the incompetence of his government in leaving snowstorm victims on a QC highway for up to 32 hours without infrastructure support. His personal failure in the Employee's Case is a classic.

March 16-2017 Mr. Trump's imposed legislation on immigration shows why democracy does not work as any judge can tie up any legislation with legal challenges. Knowing this, Mr. Trump merely passes new legislation and, in turn, judges mount new legal impediments...it is a never ending story. That explains why governments back down to major challenges with imposed legislation such as happened with the teachers in ON in 2013 & NS in 2016. So what happened to the imposed B.C. BILL 35 in 1985 where those School Boards planning to use the legislation were talked out of it by the Union keeping the lone exception in a 'sweetheart deal' in West Vancouver with this targeted victim? ...and the rest they say, is history. The Roman Empire faced with this kind of history, turned to the generals...and that would never do....

March 14-2017 Much buzz about the Senator reputed to have had sex with a 16 year old in the past. So charge him. Problem is that the police are 'gun-shy' after the Senator Duffy and CBC Jian Ghomeshi debacles. Unless she is prepared to give evidence, there is no case. I heard one story of escorts been trucked into the Senate. Female interns are considered as 'free pussy' by many politicians.

Matrch 13-2017 A) Ontario Attorney General Naqvi, whom some would say is presumptuously presenting himself as Premier Wynne's replacement, claims we should eliminate preliminary trials as a means of expediting justice. A legal rebuttal claimed that preliminaries are important to decide whether or not full expensive trials are necessary. They are both right and wrong. The key is that no judge wants to be pilloried for a mistaken judgment particularly if a preliminary judgment is at fault should following events show him to be wrong hence preliminary judges will almost always send a matter to full trial. Enter Ottawa Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger (I coined the term 'marangered' from this slippery judge's treatment in the Employee's Case) whom ordered the deportment of University professor Diab to France for alleged terrorist activity in 1980 based on very flimsy evidence. Diab currently resides in a French jail for the past two years even though a judicial investigation checking matters out in Lebanon would exonerate him. Maranger and his conspirators don't suffer since the blame is not attached to a Canadian judge but rather to the French judicial system which all Canadian judges could agree as being corrupted B) If the FBI cannot find any evidence to support Mr. Trump's claim that former President Obama was directly involved in wiretapping allegations, then Mr. Trump must step down from the Presidency. It could be a life-saving decision. As for possible hit-men, look no further than the U.S. travel industry which is being decimated leaving Canada to be the #1 tourist destiny in the world. Canadian school and sports organizations can no longer go to the U.S. because of Canadian all-inclusive regulations. Even Putin had to make concessions in order to permit the games to proceed at Sochi.

 March 12-2017 NEWSLETTER: The groundwork for the assassination of President Trump is being set by the U.S. media SEE MARCH 2017

March 11-2017 A) 'I hit a hornet's nest' O.S. p.3 U of T Psychology Professor who insisted on calling students 'he' and 'she' as opposed to 'they' in order to accommodate trans gender students is getting world-wide coverage... He has little respect for the unconscious bias training. He called the foundation of its 'pseudo-science' and 'political indoctrination masquerading as science'. If 'due process of the law' is 'science' in the Employee's Case, then what we are seeing in the courts of law is a similar bastardization of the Justice System. B) Health Minister Jane Philpott jumped up and down in Parliament like a trained monkey to the plaudits of her party in the 'crummification' of the Health scheme. It's the old 'Justice delayed, justice denied' proposition as Provinces could not hold out against delay which is seen all over i.e. Gatineau paramedics have not had a contract since 2015. The point here is that she broke corporate unity by providing 'interim' payments to provinces to induce them into accepting money now with the promise of topping up the settlement with the final settlement. Now there is no-one left to settle. The West Vancouver School Trustee's 'Final Solution' will have School Boards pulling the same stunt with striking teachers...'interim payments' for those teachers willing to cross the picket line with unemployed teachers to pick up the slack. Then striking teachers can be told that if they do not report to work; they will have to re-apply for their jobs = dismissal. Bottom line? The end of the Union movement. C) Ottawa police officers are not the only ones 'ghosting' tickets where they claim vehicle charges have been laid when in fact they haven't (to make their stats look good). Drivers have no knowledge of these charges. So it was not only the CIA ghosting Guantanamo prisoners (no paper work) so that later they could be 'disappeared'. The Employee's Case 'ghosting' consists of judges ignoring my arguments and writing up adversarial rulings to suit their 'stats' in this 32 year unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid. Considering their penchant to document everything, the Nazis must be rolling over in their graves (where they deserve to be). In that ghosting sense 'crooked Hilary' was wrong about America 'already being great' and Mr. Trump is right about the necessity of 'making America great again'.

March 10-2017 A) NS justice system going the same way as SK & QC if the teachers and public don't stop them as P.M. Trudeau doesn't care. SEE NOVA SCOTIA 458698 for a letter to the WV School Trustees. B) Wow, will wonders never cease...how do I get a 'Justice Julianne Parfett' rather than the judicial bozos assigned by the Chief Justices to the Employee's Case ? CSIS forced to divulge terror intel / Judge orders records on informant turned over in ISIL-cluster case O.C. p.1 headline ... CSIS lawyers fought to keep its records secret.... as does the West Vancouver School Board Trustees in the Employee's Case C) If teachers do not get active, they will be blindsided by the WV School Board's 'Final Solution'. The model here is the Federal government gaming the system by providing those provinces a set increase immediately with a proviso to match any settlement made by the 'hold-out' provinces. For teachers, School Boards could make a similar appeal to those teachers willing to stay in the classroom with the slack made up by unemployed teachers. After a brief period, the hold-out teachers will be told that they will have to 're-apply' for their jobs if they do not report to work immediately = end of Unions. That is why all Canadian teachers - although the NS teachers are currently 'up to bat' - should speak out on the Employee's Case now, not later. Don't wait for the bureaucratic-minded Union leaders to think this one through. D) Typical court obfuscation SEE this date vis a vis PEI Registry

March 09-2017 A) The NS Barrister's Society is ducking out in a pattern eerily similar to other provinces explaining the importance of the NS teachers to speak out before their Justice System disappears down a 'black hole'. Time is short. SEE Web NOVA SCOTIA 458698  B) The media boycott on this case extends to my own name on other topics as I once was a regular contributor to 'Letters to the Editor'. In today's O.Sun, a letter writer makes a 'sensible' point in withholding salary from suspended police officers and if they win, provide them with back pay. I have been waiting 32 years for a judicial outcome ...so much for that routine. Perhaps a better policy would be to hold the salary in escrow until a finding is made within 2 years before placing the officer back on salary until case completion. It is damn tough if one is innocent but look at all those people on remand in prisons for lengthy times awaiting the 'billable time' legal profession to deal with them. 'The problem does not lie in our underfunded judicial stars', my dear Brutus, but in the leech-minded coffers of a profession dedicated to the principle of 'legal billable time bullshit'. As a 32 year case on a matter which would have been settled in the school-yard inside of 15 minutes and with a great deal more justice, the Justice System has failed itself leaving Canada in the hands of a misguided oligarchy.

March 08-2017 While the language could be clearer, I see where the NS judge is coming from releasing a taxi driver in a case where a police officer stopped an impending rape. Much the same type of thing happened to me in the 1985 arbitration later quashed by the court as the School Trustees were not put on the stand to testify as to 'lay-off numbers' (which would have meant committing perjury as staff were being added rather than being laid off). I still wanted the Union lawyer to do so which he refused to do for vague reasons plus this correct explanation: 'It is incumbent on the Employer to prove their case and not for us to disprove it'. That is what the 1986 judge claimed later as the case lacking a causal factor, the very underpinnings of law - 'this crime; this perp'. The woman concerned due to her intoxicated state had no memory of even being in the cab thus she had no response as to the matter of consent. It is a thorny feature to be sure; but the NS Crown had to address it which apparently they didn't.

March 07-2017 A) The assassins must be warming up in the bullpen. The media challenge against him has been accomplished; namely, to convince 90% of the public that the President is 'assassinable'. The casino interests did former President John Kennedy in and will have the same effect on President Trump as he carries too much baggage from those earlier years which, as the Russians well know, is a source of blackmail, plus, as the Russkies further well know, they can get their way by going after family ...in brief, Trump has every reason to be terrified. All that he has established in 'wiretapping' is that the NSA went rogue, much like the CIA in the 1950's arranging coups in Central America with their major triumph in Iran in 1954. Both Organizations were meant to be limited to data gathering. Former U.S. President Nixon was not guilty of a third rate burglary by his 're-election of the President' committee. He was guilty of cover-up and was exposed when some of the 'plumbers' saw that Nixon was setting them up as fall-guys. There is no such causal factor to Obama thus exposing Trump to his first major mistake as a President. B) It is this all-important 'causal factor' which is a key to the Justice System; namely, 'this crime' done by 'this perp'. Justin Southin in 1986 quashed the arbitration because that causal link was not shown in my arbitration ...beginning 32 years of a kafkaesque search for justice by me on that account... that's how 'no legal answer' became 'a legal answer' = anarchy. C) It would seem that the U.S. is imitating President Reagan's specious 'Star Wars' program designed merely to start a military build-up as a means of provoking a similar Russian build-up which destroyed their financial underpinnings in 1989 with the fall of communism. Russia is far more economically vulnerable this time round D) Speaking about communism and the proposed monument in Ottawa to the 1930's treatment of the Ukrainian people under Stalin (great vote getter to descendants), the question was raised as to where to put it. ...'right next to the one for capitalism' was my shocking rejoinder. If the 'Black lives matter' interests were to tell this story, they would point out how the European commercial interests, after working the locals to death in the Caribbean, turned to Africa for replacements. Those commercial interests had slavery condoned by the Southern states. No doubt Lincoln 'freed the slaves' hoping for an internal revolt. The South executed Black soldiers wearing Northern uniforms which they did not do to white Northern captives.

March 05-2017 A) Letter to the NS Barrister's Society regarding their silence on serious allegations of fraud against B.C.'s Harris & Co. B) NEWSLETTER  'The Bureaucracy' such as it is which in Canada's system is broken in many institutions with the Employee's Case (Canada) the lead civil case in the judicial debacle in that regard.

February 28-2017 A) A complete revision of the PEI factum now limited to the 'case-neutral' constitutional agreement with, hopefully, the Union's co-operation seeing as how this was their central argument in the 1985 arbitration regarding imposed legislation. This Action pretty well sums up everything to date. B) The Nova Scotia teachers are not MAKING NOISE i.e. making sure every teacher in N.S. is aware of an issue which affects everyone right across Canada - employers and employees alike. Some interference from the eminence gris in the Justice System of Premier McNeil detected as this is a familiar pattern of the Employer to have this Action thrown out of court on technicalities. I have retaliated by requesting the N.S. Barrister's Society to throw the Employer out of N.S. (for including flagrantly fraudulent material in their factum) and continue with the constitutional question which the employer did not address. Judging from the past, the Employer will be successful unless the N.S. teachers MAKE NOISE. Americans can make noise; why not Canadians?

February 26-2017  NEWSLETTER under this date entitled ON A MATTER OF GROSS INCOMPETENCE  SEE FEBRUARY-2017

February 22-2017 The Employer is following the same scam approach in Nova Scotia that has served them so well in other provinces. Early indications are that they will be successful unless the Nova Scotia teachers MAKE NOISE so that their Justice System does not fall by the wayside. SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2017 for an addendum to the Feb. 21 letter.

February 21-2017 Letter to N.S. Premier McNeil and the Chief Justice imploring them to 'do the right thing' by giving B.C.'s Harris & Co. the boot from N.S. as opposed to joining the conspiracy and winding up like Premiers QC Chouinard and SK Wall  SEE FEBRUARY-2017 under this date.

February 20-2017 O.C. 'annotated' article on my nemesis, ON Superior Court Justice, Colin McKinnon SEE this date under FEBRUARY-2017

February 19-2017  A) NEWSLETTER under this date regarding the provincial as well as national significance of Nova Scotia 458698   B) Justice for Diab O.S. Feb. 19-2017  I wrote earlier on this political case before the same slippery judge as I had - Ottawa Supreme Court's Robert Maringer - so much so that I coined the term 'marangered'.  Diab whose 'statecraft' was superb should never have been deported based on the evidence as even Maringer strongly questioned. The matter slipped through the ON Appeal Court, was not heard by the Supreme Court of Canada, and Diab was whisked out of Canada by the Harper gov't. Diab, however, has something I do not have in this French national story; namely, publicity by Amnesty International, media exposure, and support from a group of colleagues. I have been denied all three in a Canadian national story which eclipses the elements of Diab's predicament. The political side of the story, I submit? Israel seeking to gain inroads into the Canadian Justice System as the usual story for people in Diab's position, as even he recognized, was for a kiton to assassinate him. It's the French 'Dreyfus Case' all over again (19-20th century Jewish army officer falsely accused of spying).

February 16-2017 Letter to WV School Trustees inviting them to withdraw their factum NS 458698 to de-rail the constitutional question and proceed solely with the constitutional question. SEE this date under FEBRUARY 2017

February 15-2017  A) Much consternation about the schizophrenic whom slaughtered (quite literally) a passenger on a Winnipeg bus a number of years ago because he was 'off his meds'. Now the courts have given him a complete discharge. Why? My point is that if he goes off his meds and repeats such as the above slaughter, the victim may not sue the government as would be the case if he was still under such as 'day pass' privileges.  B) The 'Coors' class action case dating back to 1965 in which a large number of native children were adopted by non-native homes which in turn led to a class action starting 8 years ago and culminated in a billion plus dollar pay-out to victims by the government is interesting to me as this is the first time that I had ever heard about the case ...media, heal thyself first....

February 14-2017 A)The case in Nova Scotia is focused on the constitutional question where no appearance was necessary for the litigants. So why has the Employer sought to include case specifics thus altering the direction of this N.S. case? Answer: Look at what happened in SK & QC which turned out to be a no-show at the Supreme Court of Canada. In brief, B.C.'s Harris & Co. include all the fraudulencies in their factum so that nothing can come back and kick them in the teeth...the courts approved of their actions, didn't they? Will Premier McNeil throw his Justice System down the toilet such as SK & QC? Up to bat in that regard are actions pending in PEI, (union) ON & AB. Further, these sins are accumulative, so much so that the Prime Minister is now directly involved. Are Canadians to resolve all legal matters in the street? N.S. Teachers at large should stop the conspirator's juggernaut by MAKING NOISE. June and teacher lay-off time is coming fast with all Employers wondering if they can follow the West Vancouver School Board modus operandi of ducking out of paying compensation to laid-off teachers. B) Letter to P.M. Trudeau on the above. SEE FEBRUARY-2017 under this date

February 13-2017 A) The B.C. Employer has chosen, once again, to throw a monkey-wrench into Nova Scotia legalities focused on the very important constitutional question of how the courts relate to imposed legislation. They do not address the constitutional question nor provide disclosure on which their legal actions make no sense unless it is provided. The Barrister's Society of NS has been asked to expel B.C.'s Harris & Co. from NS which is a litmus test as to the efficacy of the Justice System of Premier McNeil. This political battle now depends entirely on the rank & file of Nova Scotia teachers to MAKE NOISE on behalf of 35 million Canadians. SEE REPLY-NOVA SCOTIA 458698 FEB. 13-2017 for a 10-page REPLY to the Employer's perfidy PLUS EXHIBIT A & EXHIBIT B, a must read for all professional teachers in Canada but particularly Nova Scotia teachers.  B) SEE also under this date a mail-out under FEBRUARY-2017 relating to how the Employer may game the system to avoid paying compensation to laid-off teachers.  C) Tory Party leadership contender and media critic, Kelly Leitch, still gets to have her bravado platform published in the O.S.  ...so why hasn't this paragon of effective leadership spoken up on the Employee's Case?  D) The media is losing its punch as reflected by a couple of editorials accompanied by the usual obligatory support letters to the Editor questioning why Canada should be subsidizing Bombardier to the tune of $373 million. Public reaction at large? A big ho-hum (although I agree with the O.S. position).

February 12-2017 Newsletter  How Canadian democracy depends on N.S. 458698  SEE FEBRUARY-2017 under this date

February 06-2017 Reference is O.S. article by U.S. retired professor Thomas Sowell regarding 'Charter Schools' which Sowell would blame the U.S. teacher's union in undermining. The Fraser Institute touts the same line in Canada. The major difference between the U.S. and Canada is that the disparity of salaries in the U.S. schools does not exist in Canada hence lower economic sourced schools will have the same calibre of teachers as the more academic ones which I can verify as a 15 year Supply Teacher in the Ottawa area. Private schools in Canada pay on a similar scale hence 'teaching' does not form the basis of a superior training (In the U.S., a few schools hire only PHd level teachers so there is a difference.) Most urban private schools do not want government subsidies as they lose control over student selection. Further, they rob the public system of top students by giving them scholarships.The small rural areas are asking for some subsidies but not the entire amount as the whole purpose of these entities is to run an elitist school system for the richer parents. In brief, you are not going to make silk purses out of sow's ears such as Sowell and the Fraser Institute would imply with charter schools

February 05-2017 A) Rather than calling Putin a thug, Mr. Trump should ask to borrow one of his food tasters. B) Similar to myself, Mr. Trump has got himself into a pissing war with the judiciary as evidenced by the Washington state judge whom rejected his immigration ban. Keep in mind, state rights are stronger than provincial rights as the residual powers in the U.S. fall into the jurisdiction of the states while in Canada the Central power holds that control. The constitutional question being asked in Nova Scotia 458698 is essentially the same one raised in the U.S; Do courts of law have oversight in matters of imposed legislation? Mr. Trumps position is the same as the Employer in the Employees Case (EC.); namely, they do not. The courts of law in the E.C. claim, that under the collective bargaining rules, the courts do. I don't give a damn which answer is provided for, as being the targeted party, I am due compensation under either jurisdiction. That is the significance of the Supreme Court of Canada's 2004 decision not to hear this case under 'ultimate remedy' which led to the collapse of the Canadian Justice System. While Mr. Trump has all sorts of media coverage, I have none which is why I have called on the professional teachers of Canada to MAKE NOISE. Mr. Trump has yet to suffer the ultimate legal ignominy of being told that he is merely being  frivolous and vexatious, the standard legal means of dismissing cases ...but there is still time....  Addendum: One ON 3 person Appeal Court claimed - without supporting evidence - that they had no power to overturn a judicial decision in another province (the ultra vires Cullen Creed which banned me from B.C. in 2013 for 'reasons best known to a judge' acting on his own recognizance and without taking legal argument.) Mr. Trump should have no trouble maintaining his election line; namely, that the U.S. judicial system is the laughing stock of the world. Canada with the E.C. has taken that assertion one step further with Canada's corrupt and corruptible Justice System leaving me with this moniker: The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance.

February 01-2017  A) There's a pattern here. Across Canada before Xmas, Teacher Unions were locked in 'mock' battles with their School Boards which in recent weeks have been resolved leaving union leaders and principals to get down to the real business of 'putting a spot before the name of lay-off victims to be notified in late May. To be sure, there will not be a union leader in that list. SEE FEBRUARY-2017 as to how B.C. is holding an election before the June lay-offs. B) The schizophrenic anti-employee media is coming apart at the seams as yet more writers are sent to the glue factory for economic reasons. They have to remain quiet in order to get spotty publications for their new 'think-tank' connections but they are suffering big-time. C) Another dying profession is the legal one for many reasons particularly due to their costly 'legal billable time bullshit' mandates. This demise is symbolized by litigation lawyers going public by flogging 'personal injury issues'. D) While the focus is on the deleterious economic situation in Alberta, the economic pattern in Saskatchewan is equally dire due to major problems with oil, potash, uranium, and farming. And to think they have a 'proven' system of judicial malfeasance parallel to Quebec as a consequence of the Employee's Case. E) Mr. Trump has aroused a virulent legal fraternity which has it in its DNA to respond viciously when feeling threatened as is the case with the new U.S. immigration rules.  F) A truism - the more deaths from fentanyl, the fewer new addicts. How many addicts hope they never wake up? ...fentanyl does the trick. G) Teachers - Union leaders vs Employers / ON Medical Doctors - Union leaders vs Employers vs Doctors at large in a 4 year unresolved contract due to the Doctors at large rejecting a Union leader 'sell-out'. Anyone see the difference?

January 31-2017 Mr. Trump still gaming the system? By appointing someone he no doubt intended to fire in order to establish his authority?

January 29-2017 A) In the U.S., the Judiciary pull Mr. Trump up short on his immigration policy or the Military on 'torture'. In Mr. Trump's case, he is capitalizing on his unpopularity. The interesting part is why Saudi Arabia, the source of 16 of the 19  9-11 suicide bombers (although the U.S. media at the time had 75% of the U.S. believing that they came from Iraq) as well as having a terrible human rights record was not included. B) in Canada, a reversal as Justin Trudeau failed to call the Justice System to task with his executive powers in the Employee's Case. The fault is solely his own as there is no ducking responsibility here as he did with the Carbon Tax (see ON) or the Keystone Pipeline (see contractor). For a number of reasons the XL AB pipeline and the B.C. Kinder-Morgan pipeline will die on the drawing papers leaving the trans-continental pipe line from AB to NS to be built.. C) a terrible Mosque massacre in QC reputedly by a radicalized 27 year old native Quebecer and Laval University student. D) 'Liberal policies are leaving the little guy behind' (Tory M.P.) Pierre Poilievre p.15 Poilievre is worth reading...now that the Tories are booted out with the Liberals taking a turn in giving out the cliché speeches. As for the 'little guy', both parties are remiss in ignoring the Employee's Case and the implosion of the Canadian Justice System which negatively affects all.

January 28-2017  NEWSLETTER  'The Only Crime is ... Getting Caught' SEE this date under JANUARY-2017

January 27-2017 'It's inconvenient, truth. Deal with it  What replaces objective facts? Fisticuffs or worse, says Andrew Potter O.C. Jan.27-2017 (Potter, a former editor of the Citizen, is now with McGill University). So what was Potter's 'brand of truth' with the Employee's Case? Why to print on page 1, April 29-2014 - in a character destroying mission - the bombastic judgment 13-59060  of ON Justice Colin McKinnon with material which was not even part of the trial. My objection was due to Potter's refusal to take a rebuttal article ...that's how the anti-employee media handle 'objective facts'. A curse on all their houses.

January 25-2017 A) 'Justice System needs a shake' O.S. editorial p.18 re canceled trials due to delay. Nothing wrong with the headline but consider this excerpt from this mealy mouthed editorial ...'This kind of thing does at least as much damage to the perception of justice and its administration in our society as do the trial delays that so concerned Canada's top judges....' And are these the selfsame 'top' judges who disposed of the unresolved 32 year Employee's Case in 2 unheard challenges in 2016??? Save me....the media could do with the same shaking. ...'oh' heal thyself first, physician editorialist' B) Trump says the 'I' word - Islamic terrorism O.S. Tarek Fatah p.19 '...We never expected to hear Trump's words from any leader of the Western world, expressing sentiments that are usually ushered in hush-hush tones....' MY QUESTION: The Mexican drug cartels are as equally bloodthirsty in their executions...why is there no international war there? ANSWER: Because they did not declare a 'caliphate' Even Jesus can tell you the misery invoked due to declaring himself 'son of God'. Napoleon wasn't far behind with his New Republic. C) 'Who wields the power in U.K?' O.S. p.14 '...The lawsuit was considered the most important constitutional case in a generation of who ultimately wields power in Britain's system of government (over Brexit);the P.M. and her Cabinet, or Parliament? (court ruled in favour of latter). Now turn your eyes to Nova Scotia 458698 where the most important constitutional case for all time as to whom runs Canada; the government soley through imposed legislation or the selfsame government with judicial oversight? For 32 years, the judiciary has been slipping down a black hole on this one due to placing judicial cover-up ahead of the welfare of the nation = anarchy

January 24-2017 A) So Mr. Trump wants 'one on one' relationships in order to hold errant partners to account e.g. U.S. contributes the most to NATO with all others under-contributing including Canada. Good theory but reality undermines that concept e.g. Greece has no leeway to contribute more. B) Social Engineers, Craig & Marc Kielburger article Most Canadians would flunk a civics test fails to appreciate this point which pervades our bureaucracies; 'where nothing is prohibited, all is permitted'. All bureaucracies around the world are FUBAR due to the elitist authorities bending the rules...that's the story. Try teaching that which I did by using such novels as All Quiet on the Western Front in the classroom as a counterbalance to such as the Kielburger's 'boys own book' approach to civics. They wouldn't know where to start on the Employee's Case.

January 21-2017 A) Newsletter: 'The law is an ass and the Justice System is wackadoodle'  B) While giving credit to the suave cliché responses of former President Obama, I count him a failure on two significant levels (i) racism has increased under the 8 year term of this first black President  (ii) 'To Big to Fail' types his handling of the 2009 financial melt-down where no-one was indicted. (iii) As to world events, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. In many ways Israel reflects her isolation in the macrocosm which I reflect in the microcosm being the isolated 'Outlawed Canadian'. C) Democrat Bernie Sanders says it best; 'Why doesn't the U.S. have a universal health program?' D) Recent Tory Party candidate, Kevin O'Leary, is wise to pillory Trudeau, retired Senator Marjorie LeBreton's advice to the contrary be damned. E) Due to declining enrolment, one ON School District near Kingston wants to close their school and move their students to a neighboring School District which, I maintain, will not include the teachers, many on senior salary (twice that of beginning teachers), whom will not be re-employed in their new setting ...it is the thin edge of the wedge to eliminate seniority.

January 20-2017 A) Letter to Nova Scotia teachers. B) Letter to P.E.I. teachers    SEE this date under JANUARY-2017

January 16-2017 Letter to the West Vancouver School Trustees re Nova Scotia #458698. SEE NOVA SCOTIA

January 14-2017 A) NEWSLETTER  Time to wake up, Nova Scotia teachers and their president, Liette Doucet, in this the trial of the century for all Canadians. SEE JANUARY-2017 under this date. B) I couldn't help but think that P.M. Trudeau was hugging his replacement with the appointment of Chrystia Freeland as his new Foreign Affairs Minister, the only M.P. with the capabilities to run this country. C) A tearful 54 year old mother of 4 children (and 3 grandchildren) left the impression at one town hall meeting that she was the sole support of the family and that the increase in ON hydro costs was her ruination despite 15 hour work days. My question. How old are these four children??? ...but don't stop the media on a salacious video story.... Is this the kind of 'fake news' of which Mr. Trump was speaking?

January 13-2017 Fake News, indeed, Mr. Trump. Social media gives middle finger to truth O.C. columnist Mark Bonokoski p.9 '...because BuzzFeed broke the most important rule of journalism. BuzzFeed chose to give the middle finger to truth and verification because the story (Trump's alleged peccadilloes in Moscow with prostitutes (question ...what's the story? ...didn't he pay them?) was just too salacious to ignore. In other words, it didn't give a damn about the truth, and used the excuse it would let Americans decide whether it was fact or fiction (that must explain the week of silence from the Canadian media amid U.S. publication of the break-up of Pierre Trudeau & Maggie in the 1970's ...drat, those pesky Americans again!) Extend this logic and one can see why the Canadian media has an extended boycott on the Employee's Case e.g. as I do not have a judicial decision from which compensation may follow in this 32 year unresolved labour case, ergo, the media has a lame excuse for their boycott. What they don't have is an excuse for their credibility going down the same toilet as the entire Canadian Justice System ...fake news, indeed.... may they sit on their proverbial middle finger for all time.

January 08-2017 A) B.C. Premier Christie is facing an election in May and what could warm the cockles of B.C. Teacher hearts more than an announcement of the creation of 1000 teacher jobs. ON Premier Wynne could easily make such an announcement in Ontario because all those new jobs are in French Immersion for which few teachers are trained. Further, due to declining enrolment, the advertisement could easily read: WANTED 1000 new teachers to replace 1200 old teachers. B) Canada's professional teachers would do well to pay close attention to the case in Nova Scotia regarding imposed legislation and their relationship thereto. SEE NOVA SCOTIA Hfx 458698 and Newsletter JULY 07-2017  C) The technical arguments in this case promulgated by me and completely ignored by the courts is found under (Supreme Court of Canada 2013) SCofC-conspiracy . Little has changed since that time other than the collapse of the Canadian Judiciary in 2016 taking out, as it did, P.M. Justin Trudeau for failing to apply his executive powers. Canada and Canadians now await a new Prime Minister as no Canadian court ruling is 'worth the judgment paper on which it is written'.  D) Once again,  the eminence gris is active in the action being laid in Ontario hence my appeals to Premier Wynne paralleling the earlier failures to Premiers Couillard (QC) and Wall (SK) SEE letters to Premier Wynne under Ontario re-submission  E) N.S. is a different kettle of fish as no mention is made of the Employee's Case except obliquely in this constitutional question regarding imposed legislation as it relates to court interpretation thus making this case the lead civil case in Canada today. The point here is that there is no reason for the Employer to put in an appearance and should they so do, it would merely be done to entrap the government of Premier Stephen McNeil. I have invited N.S. teachers and their Union to be a third party (I still run the case) so that the conspirators know that they are being watched. Hell, even Premier Wall can join considering his objection to imposed legislation regarding the carbon tax. F) Just to show you how tough the media boycott is on the Employee's Case, I have recently personally challenged two 'tough guy' columnists, Ezra Levant of AB's The Rebel & former military ombudsman and now a PC candidate in Ottawa, André Morin, to publicize the biggest challenge to the Canadian judiciary ever made. G) The Provincial Health Ministers don't like being imposed on by the Federal government...but follow the logic; if the Old Boys Club can get away with imposed legislation on an individual such as the Employee's Case, the next logical step is to take over institutions...Hitler could tell you that. H) The P.M. security control cannot be too excited about Trudeau's cross country 'fireside chats' with the great unwashed although that suits the needs of the Old Boys Club running matters in Ottawa.

January 01-2017 A) Canadians awoke to more than a New Years headache this morning. They awoke to a completely smashed Justice System due to the legal machinations of over 50 judges (including 4 inconsequential trips to the Supreme Court of Canada; the last 2 in 2016) which has left everything in the lap of the executive powers of a future Prime Minister considering the anti-employee Justin Trudeau would do nothing. The constitutional question asked in the Nova Scotia courts where the teachers and their Union (for that matter, any Union may join as a Third Party at minimal expense as a means of showing support) are invited. This question is the single most important civil question to be asked in a democracy; namely, what is the relation between imposed legislation and the courts of the land. In 1985, the B.C. Teachers Union proclaimed the imposed BILL 35 to be the 'battle of all teachers' (although it became the battle of this one laid-off senior teacher). Recently, PSAC for Federal government workers pressured the government to back down from imposed legislation as did the Nova Scotia teachers do likewise in their province. The 32 year Employees Case where there is still no resolution (while the Union may control the matter of lay-off; they do not control the matter of compensation which is the sole focus of a court of law.) shows how imposed legislation can run amok smashing everything in its way - individuals, unions, courts, government, media. It doesn't get any worse than that. The proper label for such a state of affairs is anarchy. B) The anti-employee media which is running a national boycott on this story is one of the casualties. Read Nova Scotia pp.15-16 for disingenuous newspaper accounts in 1986 in which they interviewed the Union and the Board Trustees but not this victim. Usually, such interviews when held are 'last minute protect your own backside' efforts where a reporter asks a victim about a Report or Decision which he has yet to read leading to this media comment; the 'victim' had no response to the charges raised. Indeed, cameras do it better; 'your reaction sir; and rather than 25 words or less, a death rattle with copious tears will suffice. C) Imposed legislation can hurt employers too as SK Premier Brad Wall is ironically finding out. What his courts did to me, the Federal government is doing to him with the carbon tax. D) The end game of imposed legislation in Ontario and the Federal government Liberals? ...to enrich themselves and their party by selling off government assets (Ontario Hydro and ports and airports in Canada). It is a battle worth fighting but the only battle the courts recognize is one through a case precedent such as the Employees Case. Time to hit the bricks, Canadians, or you will lose it all. E) '...Silence and half-truths can amount to fraudulent misrepresentation...' judge in automobile case. That describes the nature of the court fraud to a 'T' in the Employees Case. F) FOR LEGAL SPECIALISTS interested in labour law scam