April 25-2017


TO: Minister of Justice (Canada)            FROM: Roger Callow - self represented plaintiff

Hon. J. Wilson-Raybould                          SCofC  36993 (SK)

PERSONAL                                                    1285 Cahill Drive E. #2001

'employescasecanada.ca'                                   Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

284 Wellington St.                                     t: 613-521-1739

Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8                               

REFERENCE: employescasecanada.ca     


1) A letter accompanying the return of documents from Ruth M. Delone received on April 24-2017, Acting Director of PEI reads in full:

Re: Request to file Notice of Application, etc. in Prince Edward Island Supreme Court

For the same reasons stated in Ms. Terri MacPherson's letter to you dated March 14, 2017, your  documentation will not be accepted for filing and will not be assigned a docket number. Your documentation including the bank draft in the amount of $100.00 is being returned to you.

2) The letter from Terri A. MacPherson QC Acting Prothonotary Supreme Court of PEI included a 17 point listing of the factum I sent with this message:

I have had an opportunity to review the fifty-three (53) pages of materials which you provided to the Prince Edward Island Supreme Court for filing dated February 28, 2017. Your materials are summarized as follows: (list of 17 points)

As I have indicated in previous correspondences, documentation which is non-compliant with the Prince Edward Island Rules of Civil Procedure will not be accepted for filing and will not be assigned a docket number. Accordingly, the tendered materials, as well as the bank draft in the amount of $100.00 is being returned to you.

3) Prothonotary Terri MacPherson acting under a docket number is one thing as her earlier documentation related to argument and not Registry forms which is something else. However, acting as a Prothonotary  on behalf of the Registry to deny justice is an abuse of process explaining why I immediately returned all materials to Premier and Justice Minister, Wade MacLauchlan. Delone's letter is his response as indicated by PEI letter referencing.

4) Completely missing from the letters of Delone/MacPherson is any definition of the  following description of the issue at question:


APPLICATION UNDER (statutory provision or rule under which the application is made) RULE 14A and CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION - Referencing (1) b RULE 54.02 (1) b and RULE 4.11 Section 49 Judicature Act FORM 4F


49(1) Where a constitutional question is raised in a proceeding in a court as to constitutional validity or constitutional applicability of an Act of Parliament or the Legislative Assembly or of a regulation or bylaw shall not be adjudged to be invalid or inapplicable unless notice of the constitutional question has been served, in accordance with subsection (2), on the Attorney General of Canada and the Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Attorney General of Prince Edward Island. (That latter service was performed  RC)

5) A litigant cannot obtain the all-important access to the Justice System without passing the Registry guard at the gate. Co-operation between the Registry free from constraints is all important in that endeavor. Included in this account is a one-page NS Registry example of a Registrar working with a litigant free from judicial interference. What I have in PEI is similar to a comment made by B.C Supreme Court Justice Mary Southin in 1986 when she quashed the arbitration favouring the School Board ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable: No causal relationship was demonstrated. That, of course, is the very essence of law. Here, In PEI, I have a similar replication of no causal relationship shown in the actions of Delone/MacPherson. PEI Justice should be made of sterner stuff.

6) PEI would seek to vaporize the above case. If they do not want to hear it they may, through extant legal procedures, redirect the matter to such as B.C. (providing they overcome the 'Cullen Creed' of 2013 which expelled me from the province in an unresolved legal case  'for reasons best known to the judge'). Doing nothing is not an option.

7) Now that the measure of Premier and Justice Minister Wade MacLauchlan and his courts has been taken, it now remains a matter for this 'gang of four': Wilson-Raybould, Ambrose, Mulcair and Duffy. Surely the rank and file of PEI inhabitants deserve better than this capricious treatment from PEI Courts. Senator Mike Duffy knows first hand about judicial abuse from his personal experiences. Will he now speak out on behalf of all PEI inhabitants regarding the PEI version of a Court of Star Chambers and my pejorative of a 'potato patch mentality' ? As for Ambrose and Mulcair, surely they don't want their new Party leaders inheriting this debacle due to their silence.

8) PEI inhabitants deserve much, much  better as do all Canadians. Hopefully, they will see fit to give MacLauchlan the old 'heave ho'. Anyone listening?


Yours truly,



Roger Callow

The 'Outlawed Canadian' in an outlaw 'Justice System' due to systematic judicial malfeasance



DECEMBER 05-2016  SECOND REQUEST  Fax: 902-368-4416



APRIL 25-2017            to Federal Justice Minister J. Raybould-Wilson

cc Opp. Leaders a) Rona Ambrose  b) Thomas Mulcair ; Senator for PEI, Mike Duffy


May 02-2016


TO: Premier & Justice Minister Wade MacLauchlan P.E.I.  FROM: Roger Callow -Appellant

Fifth Floor South-Shaw Bdlg.                                                                      2001-1285 Cahill Drive E.

95 Rochford St. P.O. Box 2000                                                                  Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Charlottetown, PE  C1A 7N8                                                                       tel: 613-521-1739


EFERENCE: employescasecanada.ca     

cc P.M. Trudeau




1) As the Appellant in a legal matter focused on disclosure, I appear to be filibustered by the Charlottetown Superior Court in receiving a docket number.

2) If this filibustering parallels events in other provinces in this highly contentious labour case with its genesis in British Columbia, credibility of the PEI courts may be at stake.  Some Chief Justices in other venues seek to hide behind Registry clerks in order to obviate the assignment of a docket number in order that a legal matter may not be given 'due process'. Judges, not clerks - it is submitted here - should run the court system. As such, your office is negatively affected with any such judicial malfeasance.


RETURN OF DOCUMENTS (received March 20-2017) WITH FILING FEE FROM  PEI Registry clerk T. MacPherson Q.C. in which the return letter reads in part: 'As I have indicated to you in previous correspondence, documentation which is non-compliant with the PEI Rules of Civil Procedure will not be accepted for filing and will not be assigned a docket number....' The returned materials are being sent directly to Premier & Justice Minister, W. MacLauchlan, to assign a document number, or alternatively, a different Registry clerk.


MESSAGE (March 22-2017)

1) Recently, I called for the suspension of a PEI Registry clerk, Terri Macpherson QC, for obfuscation in the registry of this case. No doubt she was acting on orders, possibly from yourself as Justice Minister which is why I asked for P.M. Trudeau to act on this complaint.

2) Combining your role of Premier & Justice Minister is an egregious act. Can you imagine what President Trump would be able to get away with if it were not for the state courts?

3) Your action of combining the two roles above is reminiscent of the President Kennedy era when father Joe Kennedy - he of dubious ambassadorial background - ordered that the President was to appoint his brother as Attorney General. It worked when Bobby K. called in the Hearst Newspaper chain to effectively kill a story on the dalliances of the President.

4) Of course as a Premier  you would like to control the matter of imposed legislation. And that is what you are doing which does not suit the needs of individual citizens in P.E.I.

5) For example, as a victim of imposed legislation (B.C.'s BILL 35) as a senior teacher at maximum salary, I was 'laid off' in 1985 in what I term as the West Vancouver School Trustee's 'final solution' . No compensation was paid (includes pension rights) thanks to over 50 judges across Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions. The matter of this unresolved labour case has destroyed court systems in such as QC and SK under Premiers Chouinard and Wall. Further, School Trustees across Canada could resolve their financial problems by disposing of senior teachers (it's a two for one ratio with beginning teacher salaries). As such those senior teachers would find themselves unemployable in their given profession.

6) It would seem that as Premier & Justice Minister, that you would take matters one step further; deny me access to PEI Courts making your Justice System into a 'Court of Star Chambers' where access is defined by you as Premier ...and that will never do but will happen unless PEI citizens MAKE NOISE... and make it NOW.

7) As for our effete P.M., how many provinces does he need to lose on court credibility before the people of the nation claim: 'The P.M. ain't  got no clothes on'? As matters stand, the P.M. should consider imposing some sort of trusteeship over PEI courts unless there is immediate change as requested below.



8) To assign a docket number to the case that I have posted against the B.C. Union concerned as I believe I have responded properly to all 'realistic' revisions asked by your Registry.


Yours truly



Roger Callow


The Outlawed Canadian  in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance



August 01-2016

TO: Minister of Justice (Canada)           FROM: Roger Callow - self represented plaintiff

Hon. J. Wilson-Raybould                          SCofC  36993 (SK)

PERSONAL                                                    1285 Cahill Drive E. #2001

'employescasecanada.ca'                                   Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

284 Wellington St.                                     t.: 613-521-1739

Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8



1) To be blunt; while you inherited the 30 year unresolved Employee's Case where no compensation has been paid, it is your failure to be pro-active on this issue which explains why the Prime Minister is faced with a catastrophic disaster in QC (SCofC 36883 declined on June 09-2016) now awaiting some sort of executive action from the Office of the P.M.

2) In the event that this failure of yours  is paralleled by a second such failure of SCofC Appeal 36993 SK not yet sent up to the 3 judges as of August 01-2016; then I sincerely hope that the P.M. sees fit to shuffle you out of the Ministry of Justice portfolio.

3) Enclosed with this letter are excerpts from letters which deserve your immediate attention:

(a) The focus of the Employer's B.C. counsel, Harris & Co. expressed in their 3-page letter of May 30-2016 (included here) is that as the Plaintiff, I am being frivolous and vexatious in matters already decided (res judicata). Regrettably no judge has seen fit to ask the specifics of 'which matters and when' as I am without a judicial finding which is the precursor to any compensation in this 'illicit' teacher lay-off in 1985. Pages 01-03

(b) The second major issue relates to the collection of costs which the courts consistently assign to the Employer's Counsel in ON, QC, SK (B.C.'s Harris & Co.) As early as February 11-2016, I requested a record of the sums of money paid by the West Vancouver School Trustees out of their own pocket 'for reasons best known to themselves' in what appears to be a case of 'double-billing'. Included here is a one-page Harris & Co. letter. A 2-page unanswered letter to you dated June 21-2016 outlined the problem regarding costs. If not you, hopefully your successor will address these very real issues. Pages 04-09

4) The background to the frivolous & vexatious accusation relates to the machinations of the ON courts, particularly the Appeal Court under Chief Justice George Strathy. A 3-page letter to newly-appointed A.G. Yasir Naqvi has not yet received proper attention. In brief, Ottawa Superior Court Justice, C. McKinnon 13-59060 is accused of duplicity by writing two different judgments; the second not referring to the existence of the first. Harris & Co. knowingly filed that second account in SK court of which I had informed the court of this duplicitous fraud. Pages 10-12 dated July 20-2016 outline this fraud.

5) The reason this matter has been directed to the Ministry of Justice is due to the complete collapse of the oversight bodies. SEE CANADA'S CORRUPTOCRACY  JUNE 26-2016 in which the perfidy of the Law Societies in QC and SK are highlighted. In particular the SK Legal Society examination of the fraud allegations is vital to the holding of SCofC 36993.   Pages 13-16

6) The case against the Employer in AB appears to be on track but you should keep a watcher's brief on it.

7) Not so is the case in PEI where an action is to be laid against the Union for their copy of the disclosure material (which underlies the entire case) although to date, the courts steadfastly refuse to honour this request = conspiracy. See THIRD REQUEST August 01-2016 to PEI Premier MacLauchlan as they appear to believe that hiding their head in a 'potato patch mentality' is the best answer here. Pages 17-18

8) The question which needs be asked here is how any court can give 'due process' to an issue when vital information is kept concealed by the Employer and is abetted in that process by the court? All Canada pays a price under those circumstances.


Yours, in disappointment,


Roger Callow - Plaintiff


cc  SCofC 36993 SK

West Vancouver School Trustees


cc P.M.  J.Trudeau / Premiers Notley/Couillard/Wall/  MacLauchlan 

ON. Attorney General  Yasir Naqvi


April 25 inclusions: Opp. Leaders  a)Rona Ambrose  b) Thomas Mulcair

                                      Senator for PEI, Mike Duffy