RECENT3 - 2016

DECEMBER 31-2016 A) Sign of the times...the media advertising how to minimize risk of drug overdoses at New Years parties (largely due to fentanyl). My additional suggestion? Don't attend parties where drugs are in use. It's the 'perfect murder' for someone to slip a mickey in the ginger-ale of an unsuspecting victim. B) Celebrate Canada's 150 Year existence if you wish but leave politics out of it: PLACARD: BNA ACT  150 YEARS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. Our entire government structure needs a re-write e.g. 'income tax' was created as a measure to pay for WWI and hence is not in the BNA Act. C)As for birthdays, Canada does not deserve one on July 1 considering that the Justice System has collapsed completely. I have re-named July 1 as 'anti-judge day'

DECEMBER 24-2016 A) So there is finally some public movement against terrorism by the Muslim community in Germany after the latest outrage. Over a year ago, I had this PLACARD: MUSLIMS MUST PUBLICLY DISAVOW TERRORISM as the protest was limited to Imams making media declarations. In my wife's school with many Somali refugees at the time of 9-11, the girls in the classroom reacted with shock while the boys 'pumped the air' and gave 'high fives'. One Muslim in Toronto provided the police with vital information on terrorism which led to multiple arrests and convictions. That is the type of person whom should be given the 'Order of Canada'; not the bureaucratic honchos whom were well-paid to do their job. B) Want to get rid of those rapacious litigation lawyers with their TV ads: 'You don't pay until we get paid' ? Limit soft tissue damage to $5,000 similar to auto claims then no lawyer will touch the case and all our insurance premiums do not increase. Also, Insurance Companies should get an in-house lawyer to stop the litigation lawyers from gaming the system with their ad nauseum billable time negotiations.

DECEMBER 23-2016 Similar to the bear-bull market shifts, we have had the soft international approach of President Obama. Perhaps it is time for the far more dangerous hard approach of Mr. Trump.

DECEMBER 20-2016 A) I detect a 'coup' by President Obama. On January 5-2017, he will announce whether the Russians interfered with the U.S. elections by revealing Hilary Clinton's e-mails (now that is disclosure! ). The Republican Party big-wigs are involved as the Republican Party gets to choose Trump's replacement. In such an eventuality, V.P. Biden's surreptitious visit to Canada makes sense as the conspirators want foreign leaders such as Justin Trudeau on side. Trudeau's comments in such an eventuality will determine whether or not he can remain P.M. As for Mr. Trump, similar to myself as the 'Outlawed Canadian', he becomes the 'Outlawed American'. B) I have invited Premier Brad Wall to join the constitutional question raised in Nova Scotia as he is being pilloried by the 'carbon tax' with imposed legislation in much the same way as employees are negatively affected:



1) As you know from my negative experience as a B.C. employee with SK courts regarding 'imposed' legislation as I kept you fully informed, the shoe appears to be on the other foot as the Federal Gov't. appears to be using the same imposed approach with the carbon tax against SK.


No matter. We both have an interest in questioning the constitutionality of this type of legislation which I am currently doing in Nova Scotia. I extend an invitation to all Unions and Employers such as yourself with a vested interest in this matter (should be all of Canada) to join as a Third Party (essentially observer only status). Please let me know.


The Outlawed Canadian

C) So more Ottawa police have been disciplined for issuing 'phantom tickets' to boost their internal score. Unknown to the driver, they write up tickets with 'additions'. What is not so phantom, is their proclivity to hang around such as snow dumps to ticket plow trucks for minor matters knowing full well that companies will pay the fine as it costs too much to fight it. It is this type of mentality that I get from those judges assigned by the Chief Justices to the Employee's Case... it's called 'gaming the system'.

DECEMBER 18-2016 'He said-she said' (The Employee's Case is not of this type as concrete figures exist for lay-off) unless there are witnesses, is what the court is invariably facing in individual sexual assault cases. (bad?) actor Bill Cosby currently being inundated with sexual assault charges once stopped paying blackmail to one accuser when he forced a DNA test which showed he was not her father. Wealthy people are particularly vulnerable to false charges. Granted, no-one listened to 'she said' stories in the past but now it is the turn of no-one listening to 'he-said' stories. The suspended Minnesota Football team recently is a case in point as courts of law appear to have been supplanted by public opinion bodies. One can only feel sorry for a rape victim (male or female); but some individuals are gaming the system to make money knowing that 90% of cases are settled out of court due to the legal costs involved... in short, the company or individual finds it cheaper to buy-off the complainant.

DECEMBER 17-2016 A) California with a population a little larger than Canada is governed by a governor and a handful of councilors at a fraction of the cost of the Canadian government operation. My response you ask? Scrap provincial governments and the House of Commons and elect the Senators with the Prime Minister elected at large. A senator(s) could appoint a premier and staff for each province as a means of eliminating the costly grid-lock of 'bureaucracies not speaking to other bureaucracies'. The political parties could still exist but on their own dime... you did have to ask, didn't you?... hello?...hello? B) Cases such as the Employee's Case is taking its toll on ethical judges whom are fighting back by throwing out cases ostensibly 'past their best before date'. For example: Appeal court orders new drug trial for murderer's father O.S. p.4 the lower court judge '...failed to conduct a conceptual analysis of the evidence... took a piece-meal approach to individual items shorn of their context....' and other gobbledygook as every court hearing can be criticized on this basis if an Appeal Court so wishes = political courts for political purposes   

DECEMBER 16-2016 Speaking about gaming the system; the main intention, I submit, in imposing the carbon tax is to pave the way for imposing the privatization of airports and harbours as a means of enriching Liberal coffers similar to Hilary Clinton enriching her Democratic Clinton fund. Ontario Premier Wynne is pulling the same stunt with the privatization of ON Hydro which has brought on a legal action from the Unions. SK Premier Brad Wall, interestingly enough considering his own corrupted courts in the Employees Case with its underlying theme of imposed legislation, ironically finds himself in the same boat in his relation to the Federal government. As for the governments concerned, they hope to steer clear of Parliamentary sanctioned votes as court oversight is invited which the moribund legal profession ('you don't pay until we get paid') reap millions through delaying tactics.

DECEMBER 15-2016 A) GAMING THE SYSTEM sub-heading pretty much says it all in the Employee's Case B) Now that Aleppo has fallen and gov't. troops are going door to door killing women and children, does that include those western women who flocked to ISIS where they were married to their ISIS warriors and produced their babies? Where are those second thoughts now?

DECEMBER 14-2016 A)Déja vu, all over again...some people never learn...In 1985 at the time of my dismissal (or lay-off to be technically correct), The Superintendent told me; You're not f-----g well going to tell me how to do my job! A year later, he was let out of West Vancouver and never served again in the public field. In today's Newsletter to Mr. Trump, I tell him how to do his job.... SEE DECEMBER-2016 under this date. B) PLACARD: RETURN THE NEW CIVIC HOSPITAL TO ITS ORIGINAL SITE. As this is not S. Korea where citizens hit the streets in the thousands to protest government skulduggery, I expect to be the only street protester in Ottawa with this sign receiving heavy support...'laid back Ottawa' rules the day....  C)Talk about hypocrisy! While there is no dispute about the mess of the Phoenix Pay Program instituted by the Liberal gov't. last February and the pain for individual federal clients suffering the consequent financial losses which is seeing the media quite rightfully pillorying the authorities; where is that self-same media with the 30 years of compensation deprivation in the Employee's Case over which they exercise a boycott!

DECEMBER 13-2016 A) The visit of outgoing VP Joe Biden ostensibly on 'climate change' is so much horseshit. I would like to have been a fly on the wall in his private conference with P.M. Trudeau. In brief, what possible commitment did Trudeau make not only endangering his own standing as P.M. but placing the entire country in peril. B) NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION BLEW IT, SAYS (Liberal Cabinet Minister) MCKENNA. In that assertion she is correct. For NCC, read president Russell Mills, former editor of the Ottawa Citizen whom no doubt was going to enrich himself with the unpopular Tunney's Pasture location. For McKenna, she bought into the idea of re-examining the Hospital's recommendation of 'across the street' on the grounds that former Tory Baird had acquired it on behalf of the hospital... methinks the lady doth protest too much.... The compromise John Carling location down the street is a political solution defying logic. Ottawa natives should rise up.

DECEMBER 12-2016 A) The lone provincial premier hold-out on the carbon tax is SK's Brad Wall, a heavy raw materials producer. He is threatening court action against the Federal government's undefined policy to that extent. Here's how I figure the court action will work out. Wall will win with the corrupt SK judiciary. I can vouch for that from personal experience. He can be expected to lose with the corrupt Supreme Court of Canada with which I can also vouch. So why sue?... Because that pattern of events will take at least 3 years in which time a Federal Tory government could be in place thus reversing the loyalties of the SCofC. B) FACE FACTS screams the O.S. headlines regarding a vast increase in Ottawa's murder rate all related to immigrant refugee gangs. The problem? political correctness. Until a few years ago, the police illegally carded gang members by stopping their cars and seizing weapons and drugs only to release them later. Bottom line? A lot of weapons and drugs were removed from the scene. Now there are no controls over gang behaviour.

DECEMBER 11-2016 A) So Viola Desmond, a Nova Scotia 1946 black protester is the first non 'Old Boys Club' face to grace the Canadian currency. No-one looking at her visage would have any idea why her picture is there. Now if the $10 Bill had my visage from my web site sporting the SS Titanic Cap c/w this caption "OUR COURTS", everyone would get the message...and that would never do.... It is laughable to read how the courts pursued Desmond in 1946 with their specious charges. What is not so laughable is that the courts have always conducted themselves accordingly before 1946 and right through to the present as attested to by the Employee's Case. SEE below 2017 B) 'Can anything undermine public faith in the Justice System more' than canceling trials due to prolonged delay, the Ottawa Sun asks? Absolutely, is my response...just break your boycott and tell them about the Employee's Case. That should do it.

DECEMBER 10-2016 So what are the Bobbsey Twins, POTUS Obama and VP Biden with his surreptitious visit to Canada on Dec. 8-9 up to? Try this conspiracy. The U.S. voting machines which Trump accused of being rigged are not connected to the internet hence a mechanical disruption is implied. Obama is investigating those machines - something Trump can ill-afford to criticize - and is going to announce his findings on the day he departs office. But that is the question - will he relinquish office if there is marked evidence of fraud either real or 'created'? In law, fraud trumps all else which is why for 30 years the judges have refused me disclosure regarding my bogus unresolved senior teacher lay-off in June of 1985.

DECEMBER 09-2016 A) It's the code of the hills; Vice Presidents deliver bad news leaving Presidents to shine with good news...so explain why outgoing U.S. Democratic V.P. is in Canada meeting with the Provincial Premiers? Is it a cover for something else? Can we count on our myopic media to find out? B)SEE 1917 PREVIEW under this label for harbingers for next year. C) A Report from the West accuses Russia of systematic doping of athletes for years...will it take the Russians to accuse Canada of systematic Judicial abuse? D) So SK Premier Brad Wall is the one hold-out against a carbon tax and is being treated by the Federal Liberals in much the same fashion as his courts treated me...and he doesn't like it.

DECEMBER 08-2016 Pearl Harbour 75 Years Later. What the Japanese did not get with bombs in 1942, they got with 'cheap' U.S. dollars (reduced exchange rate) many years later. In 1965 on my first visit, the Japanese were permitted to travel abroad with their choice being Honolulu leaving many locals nervous. In 1974 on our return from New Zealand, I counted 8 '747's on the tarmac; 5 of them belonging to Japan. The third trip back from Australia in 2012 was by ship although I did not see many Japanese. I don't know how much Japanese investment is in the island but I believe it to be considerable...what goes around comes around.... N.B. Pearl Harbour Dec. 07 U.S. /Dec. 08 Japan time The attack was a disaster to the extent that the Japanese did not hit the fuel dump nor get any U.S. aircraft carriers which were at sea that day. The U.S. expected an attack but believed it would be against Manila...at least that is the explanation.

DECEMBER 07-2016  A) Newsletter now addressed to POTUS Mr. Trump in absence of any Canadian leadership. B) Forget the blather being published in the media about the one day teacher walk-out on Dec. 06 in Nova Scotia. The significant part is the government withdrawal of introducing imposed legislation which, in effect, permits them to walk around the courts. B.C.'s imposed BILL 35 in 1985 was copycated by Ontario in 2013 with imposed Education manoeuvres both quickly withdrawn (banana republic justice). I am a victim of BILL 35 as the West Vancouver School Board employer refuses to recognize the court oversight which quashed the arbitration favouring the Board in this illicit lay-off of a senior teacher ruling, as they did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. Both the Union and Government leaders in Nova Scotia are misleading the gullible anti-employee media. That is the significance of the constitutional question which I have raised in AB which is now in the personal hands of Premier Ratchel Notley, whom some detractors are calling 'lock her up'. In brief, If this constitutional question is not tested, all governments in future can be expected to impose legislation making our Justice System obsolete (it is in any event due to the Employee's Case). PLACARD: LOCK 'EM UP / JUSTIN'S CABINET MEMBERS

DECEMBER 06-2017 ...It's the insurance company, stupid...so the former Laval QC mayor is pleading guilty to bribery and going to jail for 6 years without a trial. A trial, of course would expose the mafia which the local population could care less about. But that's not the point. Even the mafia realize that unless a deal were cut with most of the purloined funds returned to the insurance company, the City of Laval could not get insurance and without that, they could not function...it's the cost of doing business to the mafia.

DECEMBER 05-2016 A) Letter plus compendium for $20 million lawsuit against the Employer sent to ON Premier, K. Wynne for filing due to court obfuscation. B) SECOND REQUEST to P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan to intervene with their court. SEE this date for both letters under DECEMBER-2016  C) Justin Trudeau would follow in the economic footsteps of his father with this difference; Pierre had brains. A day doesn't go by without another glib Liberal announcement much like the glib court rulings I get in the Employee's Case. While not being an expert on pipelines, I do object to the IOCO terminal at the end of Port Moody as a destination for the pipeline. This fog shrouded channel where fumes from the Shell Refinery were a problem for an expanding housing base should not be used for increased tanker traffic. Why not parallel the rail line carrying coal to Robert's Bank south of Vancouver where there is less likelihood of an accident? As to protest, the Employee's Case has shown what an empty shell is our Justice System leaving only the streets to protesters. The Auditor General has condemned everything bureaucratic in Canada except for a Justice System having 'credibility' as opposed to 'a financial basis' for its existence. That is what makes the Employee's Case (Canada) so unique.

DECEMBER 04-2016 A) André Marin (former ON Ombudsman) WYNNE LEGACY TIED TO SHAMEFUL JAIL SYSTEM O.S. '...Wynne risks being remembered as the Solitary Confinement Premier....Marin got it half right...the wording should be shameful Justice System with the Outlawed Canadian being kept in solitary confinement in ON courts of law. B) Ottawa is not immune to U.S. bids of 'Black Lives Matter' movements. Can someone tell me why in British Columbia - or Chinese Columbia - as it is nicknamed with Chinese Retail signs in the predominance in such as a Richmond suburb near the airport - why there are no 'Chinese Lives Matter' movement? In 1960, a Chinese friend at UBC seem to be embarrassed when I asked him why so many Chinese were in Pharmacy and not in other faculties. 'It's easier to get a job', he reluctantly replied. Now a former Italian neighbor has a child married to a Chinese...the times they have changed. Commercial advertising by showing mixed marriages is in the vanguard.

DECEMBER 03-2016 A) CODE RED emblazons the front page photo (Ottawa Sun) of a disgraced Liberal M.P. McKenna whose gang wasted zillions to replace the Tory's earlier selection for the new Ottawa Civic Hospital with the unpopular Tunney's pasture. The compromise solution of the John Carling site says it all... Trudeau's election's 'I'm not Harper'.  The frowns of Mayor Jim Watson, Liberal M.P.'s David McGuinty, and John Fraser flanking her says it all... they are not amused with this runaway faction in the PMO but still back her. She's apparently a money-spender which is becoming a feature of Trudeau's government. B) Why is U.S. VP Joe Biden making a visit to Canada on December 8-9? Is it to ensure that Trump does not meet with an accident on his inaugural visit to Canada in January?

DECEMBER 01-2016  A) Newsletter to Mr. Trump now that Mr. Trudeau has fumbled the ball. SEE DECEMBER - 2016     B) LAID-OFF SENIOR TEACHER PRIMER Advice for laid-off senior teachers in June of next year. SEE Separate Heading  C) Forget Trump, Newt Gingrich is the de facto President of the U.S.  D)PLACARD: P.M. TRUDEAU / ANTI-EMPLOYEE

NOVEMBER 27-2016 A) PLACARD: JUSTIN, GO BACK TO TEACHING DRAMA  Expressing 'deep sorrow' on the death of Fidel Castro marks Justin as one whom wears his emotions on his sleeve. A better approach would have been to voice the family connection through the position of his father and remain mute as a P.M. which would, one and at the same time, display the personal connection as well as showing how Justin demonstrated stature as being his own man. B) So it has already begun...N.S. gov't has broken off discussions with its teachers. Next step is to impose legislation which circumvents judicial overview = lay-off of senior teachers getting twice the salary of beginning teachers. Appointment of corrupt arbitrators will see to the rest. (Laid-off senior teachers should not expect to work again in the public field in their profession in Canada...I can vouch for that.)

NOVEMBER 25-2016 A) Once again, Reporters not getting the story with the selection process for the new Civic Hospital in Ottawa. SEE this date under NOVEMBER-2016  B) The reader could have easily missed it but the concerted attack by the Ottawa Sun against a federal Liberal Cabinet Minister regarding her country of birth fell flat due to government stonewalling...a big change from the time that former Tory Cabinet Minister, Bev Oda, was pressured to step down over a $16 charge for orange juice. C) O.Sun A. Furey '...Notice how on many issues they don't even bother to debate the actual topic? Instead all they do is rush to label you all of these bad names to seed the idea there's something deficient with your character. This is political spin at its ugliest.... An observation on the Judiciary's treatment of the Employee's Case? Nope. A debate between the far left politically correct University students and the far right newspaper columnists. My reaction? ...the 7 Blind Men of Hindustan arguing what an elephant is like. Surely, says the one grasping the trunk, it is like a tree...no, no, said the one feeling the side; it must be like a wall...and so on. The conclusion? 'While all were partly in the right, and all were in the wrong'. Neither the left nor the right in Canada are capable of seeing how the central issue in Canada is one of judicial credibility; that's an issue which eclipses all.

NOVEMBER 23-2016 Columnists barking up the wrong tree with regards to problems in our Judiciary. SEE this date under NOVEMBER-2016

NOVEMBER 21-2016  Bureaucrats never accept personal responsibility...nothing is ever their fault due to circumstances 'not of their making' while dictators take everything as personal. Enter Trump who would dissipate his energy attacking comedians and actors in what will only be a perennial 'whack a mole' venture. As POTUS and therefore as a 'servant of the people', the voters don't give a rat's ass about the comedians; they just want him to deliver on job creation.

NOVMBER 20-2016 A) NEWSLETTER: Canadian government and courts now 'bailing water'. B) A response to GAP; regarding a whistleblower article in the Ottawa Citizen on December 19-2016 (NOV.20-2016) accompanied by a second NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 27-2016  SEE NOVEMBER 2016 for all

NOVEMBER 17-2016 A) As one familiar with the Port Moody terminal for the proposed Kinder-Morgan pipeline, it is an 'accident waiting to happen' as no large ship should pass the Second Narrows Bridge into this fog-shrouded -certainly in winter- waterway.  B) I was told that the dramatic upswing in Ottawa stabbings can be attributed to the elimination of 'carding'; pulling over suspicious vehicles on pretext. While not legal, my informant tells me that during these traffic stops, the police would grab guns and knives as well as drugs thus slowing down criminal activity.

NOVEMBER 15-2016 So an Ottawa Judge entered a 'stay of proceedings' (usually matters dropped) in a murder trial due to a 4 year delay in which the accused was incarcerated noting that delay is becoming the norm for the court system. In brief, there is no leadership to curtail 'legal billable time' bullshit.

NOVEMBER 13-2016 A)So there is a call for the removal of a Hamilton judge for wearing a cap in the courtroom emblazoned MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. My reaction? He got it wrong. The Cap should have read: MAKE THE CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM GREAT AGAIN! P.M. Trudeau, are you listening?  B)The tabloid Ottawa Sun applies quips to all their stories which are most entertaining but underscore any serious messages they might want to get across = death knell of the traditional media.

NOVEMBER 11-2016  REMEMBRANCE DAY  A) 'Marangered' a term that I coined named after Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Robert Maranger, for litigants screwed over by the Justice System through aberrant legal actions. Only Donald Trump has seen fit to call out the Judiciary on this level. SEE this date under NOVEMBER 2016  B) The Ottawa Sun is conducting a vendetta on Liberal Cabinet Minister Monsef vis a vis her country of origin. The point is not so much that the media 'have the goods on her' like they did a few years ago on Tory Bev Oda with her $16 glass of orange juice which led to her stepping down; rather, in the interim the media in Canada in 2015 and more recently in the U.S. actively supported the losing party...it gets so that one cannot buy an election any longer....In brief, will the Liberal government hang tough on this one and outwait the media. Further the silly boycott the anti-employee media has on the Employee's Case is effectively neutering the press for all time. PLACARDS: 1) MEDIA A TOOTHLESS TIGER  2) IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, P.M. TRUDEAU IS KING

NOVEMBER 10-2016  A) If this letter dated NOVEMBER 10-2016 doesn't blow the Employee's Case wide open, then it is time to invite new U.S. President Donald Trump to Canada for the purpose. B) a Second letter of the same date to AB Premier Ratchel Notley to break the impasse with her Registry court.  SEE NOVEMBER-2016   C) When I began my picketing around Parliament Hill in 2004, I had this sign for the inaugural visit of President G. Bush, a time in which 'Guantanamo' loomed large: WELCOME POTUS / PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RENDER OUR JUDGES. It seems appropriate to bring this placard out of the closet for President Trump's inaugural visit to Canada in 2017.  D) A recent Report on the Ottawa Police relates just how dysfunctional it is. I got news for you. That story could be told about the Justice System or the debacle of the 'Phoenix' civil servant pay program or any other bureaucracy...in short, it is the description of our bankrupt bureaucracies which U.S. voters would turf out of office with the election of Donald Trump.  E) Methinks I see an amalgamation coming under the young Postmedia editor of the Ottawa Citizen & Ottawa Sun as columnists and reporters are moving back and forth between the two. The Citizen, I submit, will disappear with a revised National Post to fill the gap on the one end of the spectrum along with the tabloid Sun on the other...what else are young ambitious editors for?....

NOVEMBER 09-2016 A) U.S. MEDIA LOSE U.S. ELECTION! Similar to the anti-employee Canadian media which maintains a national boycott on the Employee's Case, the Canadian media lost the last Federal election on Oct. 19-2015 when Postmedia unabashedly ordered their English editors to plump for the losing Tories. B) The 'error of omission' = fix. Postmedia columnist, Christie Blatchford (whom is well aware of the Employee's Case) writes on an article which I read for the first time: Crown ignored officer's side of the story NP6 It's likely that police beating never took place. '...It appears for all the world that a handful of Ontario judges who were harshly critical of the conduct of three Toronto Police officers may have been hood-winked...' That is the source of my accusation of systematic judicial malfeasance as over 40 judges including the SCofC abet the rich and the powerful against the interests of individuals e.g. The Employee's Case(Canada), and not just the policemen in the story above treated shockingly by our courts of law...habeas corpus takes another fatal blow. 

NOVEMBER 08-2016 U.S. Election Day: 'Crooked Hillary' vs 'insane' Trump. Trump's zeal plus worker disenchantment with stagnant wages took him to the top of the Republican Party...but zeal alone is a poor substitute for 'peripheral vision' which was the hallmark of Trump's debates which threw many good questions - including 'the U.S. Justice System is the laughing stock of the world' - down the crapper with his sub-par performance. I have coined the term the 'crooked Hillary defense' as one in which disclosure is refused which, in the Employee's Case, is just fine with Canadian judges; habeas corpus be damned.

NOVEMBER 07-2016 A) I call it the 'Dirty Hillary' principle: The rich & influential may avoid disclosure: in the case of U.S.'s Hillary Clinton, that relates to withholding e-mail evidence from the FBI; in Canada, that relates to the West Vancouver School Trustees permitted to withhold the 1985 'meeting notes' regarding the illicit unresolved lay-off of senior teacher Roger Callow in June of 1985 - the only teacher to be laid off under the imposed BILL 35 before it was withdrawn (banana-republic justice). Both cases involve judicial interference: The Attorney General in the US and 12 separate court systems and over 40 judges in Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada on 4 occasions; the last two in 2016 in the Employee's Case. President Obama must have been aware of the bribes from such as Saudi Arabia and chose to do NOTHING! (Was the Clinton Foundation his 'bagman'?...maybe Obama should be going to jail and not Hillary) B)Turkey reminds me of Viet-Nam where the North infiltrated the South to wage war. In this case, the Kurds are upsetting the government directly in Instanbul to the same effect = civil war. C) So ISIS defenders of Mosul would hide behind civilians in the face of advancing opposition forces. When asked whether he approved of the dropping of the Atom bombs on Japan in WWII, UBC SE Asia Professor Brian Harrison and former prisoner of the Japanese in Singapore, responded 'absolutely'. Otherwise, they would be placed in the vanguard of any attacking troops so that the British would have to kill them first in order to get to the Japanese. That's why the Russians and the Assad government do 'freelancing' bombing in Aleppo - no chance of hostages.  D) SEE Nov. 09-2016 Letter to P.M. Trudeau under NOVEMBER-2016

NOVEMBER 04-2016  A) So QC Premier Couillard is 'concerned' about the Montreal police spying on journalists (tapping phones,etc.) He would be better 'concerned' with a judicial fraud that I kept him fully apprised; namely, how Lavery de Billy with the Gatineau and Montreal Appeal Courts pulled the legal fraud of the century (covered up by the SCofC 36883)...but then that story did not hit the media.... (SCofC QC appointed judges, Coté and Wagner also sat on whitewashing SK 36993 - how's that for conflict of interest? McLachlin's replacement as Chief Justice in 2017 will have to divert a river to clean this Augean stable.)  B) So the creation by the Liberal government of a bank designed specifically to attract private funds (pension funds?) to invest in infrastructure such as airports, bridges, etc. would, in another age, amount to the sale of indulgences in Europe to build the monstrosity called St. Peter's in Rome. Instead it brought on the Protestant Revolution and centuries of internecine conflict. Flaherty of the earlier Tory government couldn't get private money for this purpose nor could the Liberals through the chartered banks (for good reason) so now we find ourselves aping the 2009 U.S. recession in which the financial crisis provoked a melt-down. Already with Bombardier, the QC government is dangerously exposed by investing heavily in this Company in a similar scheme. Without going into detail, the major problem underlying all economic recovery is stagnant wages. (advisor alert: I am not an economist...but I can read....) C) All M.P. salaries should be immediately transferred to the Phoenix Program...then watch how fast this faulty civil servant pay scheme gets cleaned up!

NOVEMBER 01-2016 A) As there is a boycott against any 'letter to the editor', I might write, this column serves for the purpose. Today's theme is 'there are no oversight bodies in Canada'. Alberta Justice Thomas would seek to rectify his admitted mistake by changing a guilty by murder plea to one of manslaughter which the Defense wildly objected to...and for good legal reasons. In effect, he turns the Justice System 180 degrees by attempting to correct his own mistake with retro-active reasoning. That's anarchy. Now every judge will consider using this gambit. If Thomas j. was not about to call a mistrial, then it was up to the Appeal Court to send it back to him if they saw fit for revision and not Thomas j. to 'conduct that service on their behalf'. Notley's government - which is currently hamstringing the Employee's Case - should suspend Thomas j. until a proper enquiry as to his actions is conducted...but then what do I know?.... B) What Thomas j. has done along with the headline story 'Top Grits charged with bribery' in an ON by-election pales against the unacknowledged charges with oversight bodies that I have made against judiciary personnel but then, as an individual, I no longer exist in Canadian society. Even the RCMP ignore me as they appear to need the nod of a Prime Minister (Senator Duffy Case) to act.

OCTOBER 31-2016  A) What's all this cheering about over the European trade pact, CEDA, with Wullonia (Belgium) apparently 'throwing in the towel'? There are a number of ways to 'screw this pooch' over the next few years leaving Canada solely with a signed contract which, as the Employee's Case has shown, is not worth the paper on which it is written. In short, Trudeau's signing is merely a publicity stunt to get obeisant Canadian commentators salivating. Europe is going to do to Canada what the Canadian government and courts have done to the Employee's Case. B) A W5 program on auto fraud leading to charges against a chiropractor, a paralegal, and one other in a sting operation in highly fraudulent ON proves one thing; namely, that the insurance companies and government are not going to spend the kind of money that W5 has spent on this single sting operation. It is far easier just to look the other way and add $150-$200 to individual auto policies as they have always done...it smells like the same result as the Carbonneau Commission into corruption in the construction industry in QC ...oh yes, pass more laws...to replace the ones which were not enforced....'the more things change, the more they stay the same.'  C) "Worst Trade Deal Ever" UNIFOR AD p.13 O.S. 'The Trans-Pacific Partnership's Investor State Disputes Settlement system undermines Canadian law (that's a stretch of the imagination. R.C.) by letting companies sue governments when laws hurt profits. That gives too much power to corporations. So does imposed legislation (B.C.'s BILL 35 1985) in which the Employer 'tail' in the Employee's Case is able to 'wag the Canadian judicial dog' for 31 years now by running an end game around the laws in a similar fashion as suspected of the TPP! ...heal thyself first, physician....

OCTOBER 27-2016 A) Letter dated Oct. 27-2016 to O.S. columnist Mark Bonokoski: RCMP class action suit by abused female officers vs Employee's Case   B) A) NEWSLETTER 'The Twitter Universe' and the Employee's Case SEE OCTOBER 29-2016 both items under OCTOBER-2016

OCTOBER 24-2016 A) This could never happen in Canada as evidenced by the Employee's Case. A Pennsylvania Attorney General is to be jailed for, among other thing, perjury. To do that, a government has to have effective oversight bodies, something Canada does not have (or in name only). The only recourse for individuals is to mail everything to the PMO or turn to the streets which is the alternative for the inhabitants of QC & SK after the SCofC recent hearing rejections for 36883 QC & 6993 SK.  B)Novelist John Grisham in the intro of The Whistler makes a fatuous observation; while recognizing individual aberrant behaviour by individual judges, there is no systematic abuse he asserts of the type that I have uncovered in the Canadian justice system. Bollocks. I have not created a case imbued with systematic judicial malfeasance in Canada; merely exposing an extant state of affairs. Ontario's Justice McKinnon 13-59060 reflects the point in this seemingly innocuous statement: '...that is a constitutional question best suited to the Supreme Court of Canada'. "Great, then how do I get it there?" 'Not through Ontario Courts you don't.' In brief, McKinnon can speak openly on behalf of the Appeal Court (not yet heard) due to the nature of behind-the-scene machinations. I have little doubt similar deficiencies exist in the U.S. PLACARD:(2006) Roger, and I thought U.S. Courts were a mess. Author Dean Koontz.

OCTOBER 22-2016  Letter to Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould  'MIA' SEE OCTOBER-2016

OCTOBER 17-2016  A) SEE this date under OCTOBER 2016 for a letter to the West Vancouver School Trustees regarding a joint legal action against the Crown.  B) Hilary has the edge if she can turn out the vote. Sanders may have been right...that he was the only one to defeat Trump...and to think the Democrats chose the wrong candidate!  C) From my knowledge of the Canadian media in the Employee's Case, Trump is dead right about media bias. In his case, why did the media wait until the last stages of the election to reveal information they had much earlier on him? On Clinton as well.  D) Can someone tell me the difference between the Russians & Syrians bombing the bejeezes out of Aleppo and the Western backed allies bombing the bejeezes out of Mosul?

OCTOBER 16-2016 Where is the Pope, whom is greatly hated by the Archbishops for seeking to rid the Catholic Church of the Mafia, now that Canadian bureaucracies - especially the Judicial one - need a similar housekeeping with this difference; in Italy it is a matter of pursuing the monetary trail (did you know it costs $700 million to canonize someone?). In the Canadian Judiciary, it is a matter of following the credibility trail which no current force appears able or willing to do including P.M. Trudeau.

OCTOBER 15-2016 A) SCof C  36993 (SK) was rejected for  hearing on October 06-2016. SEE Newsletter above date under OCTOBER-2016 for the ramifications to the Justice System of this cataclysmic action. B) I will believe P.M. 'selfie' s interest in human rights when I see him standing alongside Falun Gong protesters which have been a long-term street fixture in Ottawa. C) So 500 female RCMP officers won a class action suit against the RCMP for $100 million and not one managing RCMP bureaucrat was fired...until such action against leaders is taken, there will be no change. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale's rationalization of 'It's a cultural problem' is consistent with his silence on the SK debacle. A disturbing pattern is developing here; P.M. 'selfie' is leaving it to underlings to take the flak on difficult issues: PLACARD: JUSTIN TRUDEAU / AN AMBASSADOR / NOT A LEADER D) The U.N. Human Rights is dominated by human rights abusers concentrating their attacks on Israel. It will be of interest here to see if Canada stands up for the re-election of China. E) How can you expect Trudeau to fire SCofC Chief Justice Beverley MacLachlin when he cannot even fire RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson whom was obviously part of the problem regarding the widespread persecution of female officers? At least a few political pundits raise the question. Without dismissing people at the top, there will be no change in the bureaucracies: PLACARD: PIERRE - 'JUST WATCH ME' / JUSTIN - 'JUST PHOTOGRAPH ME'  F) No doubt the political pundits are correct as to how Trump fared in the second debate but the point that I would like to make here is that for 30 years I have viewed the darker side of the Justice System and have come to believe that the common horde have no idea as to the depths of depravity that the North American bureaucracies have sunk to as evidenced by the Employee's Case. Either society changes and soon or dies and the first step in that  direction is to fire errant top bureaucrats. 'Having your cake and eating it too' while being a plausible option, is not a viable one: PLACARD: BEHIND EVERY ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS A MORAL COLLAPSE   G) Trump (note to self): Team Trump is not a one-man show; it consisted of doing those things which would see fellow Republicans voted to Congress.


OCTOBER 08-2016 A) NEWSLETTER  How P.M. Justin Trudeau's failure to exert his executive powers makes him complicit in this government-court conspiracy. It now awaits his successor to deal with a Justice System 'in the cellar of democracy'. SEE OCTOBER-2016

B) The revelation in the New York Times regarding confidential tax information of Trump is reminiscent of Snowden's breach of government confidentiality in this schizophrenic world of ours.


OCTOBER 01-2016 NEWSLETTER  J'Accuse A Summary of conspiracy personnel. SEE this date under OCTOBER-2016


SEPTEMBER 28-2016 As everyone else is wading in on 'Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton' debates; why not my opinion as a former high school debating coach? Here goes. Neither won but Hilary lost. In debate you must rebut. The high point was Trump's vitriolic attack on Hilary for exposing his nefarious business practices. Rather than rebutting with a knock-out punch (similar to Mulroney's 'You had a choice, sir' to Turner...and did not use it), Hilary turned to the audience looking for support with raised eyebrows and a sneer rather than turning to Trump and saying'..and THAT is what wants to meet the world's heads of state!!!...Lord save us all.' As a teacher, the Hilaries in the classroom are in the vast majority; they succeed well academically and get the school honours at the end of the year...just what the establishment orders. Not so Trump whose individualistic thinking and ability to think on the spot is capable of making him a top sales person. Vote Hilary and you are getting 'Obama' (race riots peaking under his presidency); vote Trump and some Republicans no doubt believe that if he is assassinated after the vote, the presidency remains in Republican hands.  Have I ever been wrong?


SEPTEMBER 25-2016 NEWSLETTER How the SCofC has inveigled the Prime Minster and media into becoming complicit in the conspiracy. SEE this date under SEPTEMBER-2016


SEPTEMBER 23-2016 SEE this date for a focus on Alberta Registry filibustering.


SEPTEMBER 18-2016 NEWSLETTER  With the demise of the Justice System, attention passes to AB and this central constitutional question to the operation of government with our courts of law: Does imposed government legislation  supersede the courts jurisdiction? The Employer says 'yes'; I have no idea, but we both need an answer to break the log-jam in the Employee's Case. SEE SEPTEMBER-2016 under this date.


SEPTEMBER 13-2016  A) Why is B.C. Justice Cullen adjudicating controversial Calgary justice, Robin Camp considering that Cullen, similar to Ontario's Justice Colin McKinnon, should not even be sitting on the bench...if the oversight committees were to do their job. It was Cullen in 2013 which expelled me from B.C. 'for reasons best known to a judge' which provoked these hearings of the Employee's Case in other provinces. Not one justice would comment on this central feature under the heading of 'jurisdiction' reflecting the high level of corruption in the Canadian Justice System. B) Robert Sibley, long-time Ottawa Citizen (O.C.) philosophical writer writes on the origins of terrorism in Canada and the 1985 Air India crash in August due to a terrorist bomb which left Canada and crashed off the coast of Ireland. I remember the story well as it happened just after my senior teacher lay-off in West Vancouver. Two things of note (not included in Sibley's 'typical' media story): a) A CSIS agent went on his own time the morning of the flight to warn the RCMP of a bomb on the plane. He was ignored. b) While the Sikh bomb maker was imprisoned, the masterminds escaped conviction due to the prize witness for the Crown choosing to withdraw her evidence. c) The story soon disappeared from the news as East Indians learned the hard way that a Canadian investigation was being sidelined. As Indira Ghandi would have said - in another context - The white man is only interested in 'white man's wars'. 'Burying the past in more ways than one' could be a just title for Sibley's column. ADDENDUM: A second Canadian plane at that time would have also gone down as well but the bomb exploded in the airport at Tokyo killing a couple of baggage handlers.


SEPTEMBER 12-2016 A) O.S. p.11 'Judicial complaints seldom heard' The Ottawa Sun is moving in on the perfidy of the Justice System with this article on the Canadian Judicial Council presided over by none other than SCofC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (why I submit she should be fired by the P.M...the P.M. would not be remiss either in sending Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould back to being a First Nations Chieftain). Very serious judicial excesses were reported by me regarding judges in ON,QC and SK which were never even acknowledged and are the subject of SCofC 36883 (QC) and 36993 (SK) . As to lawyers, Hicks, Morley et al (ON) & Lavery De Billy (QC) must make very big political contributions to escape retribution which, in the U.S., would lead to jail time. B) AB is a broke province...so what is the Edmonton Journal's pathetic answer to judicial delays?...why hire more judges! The problem, my dear E.J., lies not in our stars, but in our legal billable time lawyers whose firm will give them the boot unless they bring in the money to enrich the partners. Nothing short of a wholesale cleaning (right across Canada) is required. C) ON is not immune to this nonsense. e.g. Rather than accept the 'tainted' Tory selection for the new Ottawa Civic hospital, the new Liberal spends eons and much money 'consulting with the public ' and 're-inventing the wheel' in which party hacks are handsomely rewarded in this boondoggle.


SEPTEMBER 11-2016 A) NEWSLETTER: LEGAL ADVICE TO TEACHERS LAID OFF IN JUNE 2017 (Using the Ottawa Carleton School District as a model) A must read but no-one perceives the risk in 2016 of massive teacher lay-offs in June of 2017. SEE SEPTEMBER-2016 under this date. B) There is no world after the tomorrow where China devalues by 20 percent (or more). Hugh Hendry, principal portfolio manager, Eclectica Asset Management as reported in the Epoch Times Sept. 02-08-2016. My sentiments exactly and why I pulled out of the stock market over a year ago leaving my 'limited' assets in a no interest account. Currently China is going on a buying spree - European sports teams, etc. - all to be sold at a great profit when China devalues the Renbimbi, which has already started.


SEPTEMBER 09-2016 Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has good reason to grouse about the number of lawsuits the city faces. When there is a claim, the insurance company appoints a lawyer to 'screw the pooch' with the other claims lawyer for 2 to 5 years where no compensation is paid but the legal firms pocket thousands in fees. One contractor has decided on a novel approach. He is going to set up a separate Company without insurance with the client with both of them pooling a contingency fund and in the event of a claim, have their own personal injury lawyer as a means of cutting out the 'legal billable time bullshit'. Hit them hard and hit them fast is the message of personal injury cases.



SEPTEMBER 08-2016 A) Methinks Trump should borrow one of Putin's food tasters. In a rare appearance, former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney - no stranger to food tasters if rumour has it correctly - even fooled the commentators with his positive recognition of the political power of Trump concluding with a cryptic one-liner in an apparent contradiction...that Trump would not become President. Trump's connections with the Russian mafia through one of his campaign leaders since dismissed appears to be at the root of the trouble. However, Trump is only vulnerable if he wins the election in November as the Republican Party wishes to inherit the Presidency. B) The hardest part for 'retiring' President Obama at the recent China conference is to watch other members scoot past him as though he already has two feet in the grave. His airport arrival was symbolic of his stumbling as Chinese security blocked U.S. photographers (quite rightfully too for what if an assassin was to be sneaked through killing a U.S. President on Chinese territory? Think of the ramifications against China!) Only 'assassinated' President Harding in 1923 came close in dying on a ship from Vancouver to San Francisco although only the latter port is recorded for his death. Who knows, his body could have been smuggled aboard ship in Vancouver.


SEPTEMBER 07-2016 A) O.S. columnist Michele Mandel 'Sometimes the legal system acts more like a secret society available to a select few' Sept. 04 p. 8 'Our courts are supposed to be transparent. But just try to wrestle a public court document from a courthouse clerk who's appointed herself as the guardian to block your every request...(or at the behest of the Chief Justice. RC)...There is a lot more wrong with the American justice system but it has this: Openness is the norm, not the exception as it is here...my comment: 'Oh, heal thyself first, physician, as there is no mention of how a newspaper boycott of the Employee's Case is just as obstructive as the courts are in the other cases you quote.'

B) André Morin, the Ombudsman in the O.S. p.6 writes an excellent column on sexual abuse in the military and the fact that the creation of a special tribunal permits the military to escape responsibility as well as bars the victim from accessing the Bill of Rights. This is the type of constitutional challenge which I am fighting on a much larger scale. Expect the Ottawa-Carleton School District to impose legislation to 'facilitate' teacher lay-offs next June. (SEE SEPTEMBER 11-2016) C) Labour Day Celebrations in Ottawa this year were 'eclectic': a) song lines adjusted to ...Now we stand outcast and starving midst the wonders we have made....b) a teacher union leader grouses how teachers are unaware of labour background (I can vouch for that). Union history - similar to U.S. black history - is conspicuous by its absence from our 'management' oriented texts. I once showed  a CBC film 'Anatomy of a Strike' in the mining town of Trail, B.C. to shocked manager's children in West Vancouver.

SEPTEMBER 06-2016 P.M. Trudeau is about to make the mistake of his life. We just finished with 'I won't cut and run, Harper...until he did'. Now it is, 'Sure the U.N. may have Canadian troops...where do you want them?' My PLACARD to STAY OUT OF AFRICA is based on a military situation 10X worse than Afghanistan. The UN wants us to bolster African troops (definition: an African civilian climbs off the plane to join military forces because some corrupt dictator pocketed the UN money). UN troops did not intervene in South Sudan when International Aid workers were raped as they did not wish to be obliterated by a superior African force. The terrorists would like nothing better to wipe out an entire peacekeeping force as propaganda for their cause. To be sure I am not the only one ringing alarm bells although I am the only Canadian with a Placard in public. I sincerely hope that I am wrong for if the worst case scenario comes to pass, Trudeau must accept full personal responsibility and step down. Nothing less can be accepted.


SEPTEMBER 05-2016 A number of cycling accidents in downtown Ottawa has people understandably alarmed. My suggestions? a) For $5, I have a 360 degree tiny mirror affixed to my back-up mirrors which badly distort distance but cover blind spots; even the yellow parking lines into which I back into. In brief, I know if there is anything alongside my car. b)cars and trucks turning right may check for approaching cyclists but usually they have to wait on the turn where their attention has to be focused on the intersection and are not aware of cyclists zooming up on their passenger side which they are told to do. A better answer is to advise all cyclists to wait behind a vehicle currently making a turn... but then, who listens to me.... certainly not the media with their boycott of anything associated with my name.


SEPTEMBER 04-2016 A) NEWSLETTER - the legal scene shifts to Alberta with this central constitutional question: Does imposed legislation supplant statute law where there is no specific reference to that effect? Both the Employer and myself as the targeted Employee agree to this question. In brief, the Employer claims the conditions of BILL 35 and the arbitrator is final and refuse to recognize the courts' action of quashing the arbitration ruling, as it did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. SEE SEPTEMBER-2016. An upcoming Newsletter will show how that will work out for such as Ottawa teachers facing lay-off next June. (in 1985, there was no need for teacher lay-off.) B) Donald Trump is right about the 'wall'; wrong about the location. It should be placed on the 49th Parallel in order to keep U.S. commercial interests out of Canadian courtrooms. SEPTEMBER 02-2016 A) SEE ALBERTA for letter to Premier Notley requesting the assignment of a docket no.  B) China must be bemused by Canadian hypocrisy on human rights vis a vis the Employee's Case(Canada) :

SEPTEMBER 01-2016  A) SEE Newsletter this date under SEPTEMBER-2016 which places Prime Minister Trudeau in a terrible position of having to use his executive powers within 30 days or else let Canada slip into anarchy awaiting the appointment of a future 21st century Prime Minister. B) Canada would do well to listen to retired Major General Lewis McKenzie (a good man) and his advice to play 'hard ball' with United Nations peacekeeping ventures. PLACARD: CANADIAN TROOPS / STAY OUT OF AFRICA. Further, the Liberal Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan, whom began with such high hopes from all political parties is proving to be a big political disappointment. C) PLACARD: BNA ACT 1867 / 150 YEARS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH

AUGUST 31-2016 Which Party could form the next government in Ontario? The NDP if  they pursue a stringent financial policy as their priority. Lightweight Tory leader, Patrick Brown whom hi-jacked the party with the assistance of the Asian vote has alienated Tory supporters. The Union vote, given the choice, would choose the NDP over the Tories in light of a Liberal collapse.

AUGUST 30-2016 So ON Attorney General Yasir Naqvi is being raked over the coals in the media for pulling a fast one vis a vis lobbying efforts by special interest groups. Hicks Morley et al must have paid off an enquiry into their conduct in perverting Ottawa Judges Colin McKinnon & Robert Scott in that regard (their punishment?...to drop representation of the Employer) Lavery De Billy in a legal stunt in Quebec without equal (De Billy 'tail' wags QC 'judicial dog') must have paid a mint to the equally disgraced QC government of Phillippe Couillard. Both cases are being covered up currently by the Supreme Court of Canada in a 'cover-up of the cover-up' (36883 QC & 36993 SK) leaving P.M. Trudeau exposed vis a vis his executive powers in this state of anarchy.

AUGUST 29-2016 'This Is Just Wrong' O.S. p.3 Without getting into the matter of a Para Transpo rider and the driver in 'each other's face'; I was a former Para Transpo driver as a semi-retired position 10 years ago. The rule was that a client had to be able to carry any additional cargo in her/his lap e.g. groceries etc. The process worked well. On one occasion, a client wanted me to go into a church to retrieve 5 boxes of material; to which I responded that I would voluntarily wait long enough for a parishioner to load them onto the bus. At the other end, I 'voluntarily' placed the boxes on the curb to be retrieved as we were limited to tight time lines although we walked clients to the door. The client at question here wishes the driver to load her 6' hand cycle machine on the unit which I would not have taken. (Similar problems confront city bus drivers with mothers of massive-sized strollers). The Sun story is incomplete - as such stories usually are - in dealing with the problem of limited space on buses.

AUGUST 27-2016 So my old nemesis, controversial Ottawa Superior Court Judge, Colin McKinnon - the hanging judge - sentenced 3 'plotting' terrorists to long prison terms likening, as he pompously did, the Islamic State to the devil. (Earlier he sentenced a 'plotter' to 10 years). Whether or not these culprits deserved what they got is not the question here. Put simply, Mckinnon j. should NOT be sitting on the bench considering his egregious actions - for which he has never been held accountable - in 13-59060 (April-2014) with a second bastardized ruling used later before Justice Scott in October 14-61592. Those transgressions lie at the heart of two recent SCofC cases 36883 (QC) & 36993 (SK). If ON Attorney General Yasir Naqvi were doing his job, McKinnon j. would be under investigation. The media, knowing about this case, is trying to bury the name of McKinnon by merely referring to an 'Ottawa judge'. SEE Newsletter AUGUST 22-2016

AUGUST 26-2016 The 'punning' Ottawa Sun FORK IT OVER (watch how you say that!) 'Top federal bureaucrats to pay back part of France tab after SUN exposé.' We live in a media directed country where the politicians pick their issues out of the media...can you imagine what will happen when the Employee's Case breaks in the media?...Oh, the horror, the horror....

AUGUST 24-2016 I turn 75 today. At age 65, I tendered my resignation to the West Vancouver School Board, a requirement before any pension is paid. As they did not acknowledge the resignation, I get no B.C. work pension...how's that for a scam? Over 40 judges don't have a problem with that stunt.

AUGUST 23-2016 Ottawa Sun p.5 'NO JUSTICE FOR ANYONE' 'The worst possible answer' In March of 2015, 5 policemen broke into an Alberta hotel room killing an un-armed occupant. 'Insufficient evidence to lay a charge' yells the Crown...'A clear case of murder' yells back a relative. With no court examination, laments the Sun, 'Instead, we're left with the worst answer possible'. PLACARD: CANADA THERE ARE NO OVERSIGHT BODIES

AUGUST 22-2016  A) Newsletter: The Supreme Court of Canada and systematic judicial malfeasance SEE this date under AUGUST-2016  B) Widespread discontent of Ottawa police under Police Chief Bordeleau has the media in a catatonic state: they want him to resign but fall short of calling for it. In 1978, the West Vancouver School Trustees reluctantly pulled the plug after the first year on their principal appointment at Hillside Secondary. I fought him (professionally) and paid a price...a negative teacher's Report including this piece of purple prose...'No attempt to undermine the teacher was noticed'.... Other staff either whined or defended him...'I don't think people really understand him', they rationalized only to do an about face 'I always said he couldn't last' after he announced he was being 'booted upstairs'. Hitler would have understood this mentality. A Blondie cartoon epitomized this kind of cowardice: The employees all followed 'Dag, you're the man' to the boss' office to lodge a complaint, only to scatter when the boss barked back at Dagwood. C) The dust-up over the Ottawa Police management in the microcosm can be replicated right across the land culminating in the macrocosm with our 'FIFA' Canadian Justice System.

AUGUST 16-2016 A) Retiring on Sept. 01-16 SCofC Justice Thomas Cromwell is an embarrassment to Atlantic Canada and the P.M. is right to look elsewhere for a replacement. He sat on 36883 QC (June 09 Decision) & is seeking to sit on 36993 SK amid my vehement objection before he slips out the back door. B) Another embarrassment is SK premier Brad Wall whom , if the Employee's Case is any example, is in a poor position to bolster the reputation of the authorities re an incident last week in which a native person was killed in a vigilante type action. C) Hopefully Canada does NOT commit to any UN Peace keeping mission in Africa as attested to by recent events in South Sudan where UN troops stood back letting aid workers be raped.

AUGUST 11-2016 A) 'When will Harper step down?' Ott.Sun That one's easy; when he has wrung the last penny out of his M.P. salary. B) The SCofC is about to make the biggest mistake of their entire existence....SEE Newsletter coming down on AUGUST 15  C) Trump has crossed his Rubicon leaving the Republicans with Plan B; If they win on November 8, Trump will be expected to have a 'sudden heart stoppage' (how's that for a 2nd Amendment!) leaving it to a non-entity of a Republican V.P. to assume the mantle and NOT a Democrat. (Plan C...move the heart stoppage up and a Republican committee will name a stand-in candidate)

AUGUST 08-2016  A) NEWSLETTER  focus is on a Letter to Yasir Naqvi, new Attorney General for ON   B) Trump's fortunes will wane as the U.S. economy picks up. He is at that crossroad now. If the lobbyists want the Democrats to win, they must persuade the industrialists to pour money into the economy...question is whether that approach can be extended in 2017  C) President Obama's legacy is now in...the blacks are no better off in the U.S. under his presidency as before plus no one was held responsible for the 2008 financial debacle  D) Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould is not watching the SCofC which planned to sneak a hearing on 36993 SK in before Sept. 01-16 (retiring date of Cromwell) using the same panel as 36883 QC (Jun.09-2016 plus Coté and Wagner). The date had not been set on Friday, Aug. 05-16. SEE Aug. 05 fax under AUGUST-2016 (Considering copies of my personal letters to individual SCofC judges; the others may have revolted against sitting on any panel.) E) A steady repetition of police peccadilloes plus oversight debacles has conditioned a jaundiced public due to press exposure. A similar exposure could be run about judicial chicanery...if the anti-employee media were willing. SEE ALBERTA under this date.

AUGUST 05-2016 Ottawa Sun p.8'Trudeau's Supreme Court plan a clever ruse' David Krayden 'When you see Parliament Hill on Wellington St., keep walking west. There, ahead of you, is the Supreme Court (of Canada): where the real political power  resides in Canada...But have I mentioned lately that P.M. Trudeau is more democratic hoax than populist politician?...So here comes Trudeau with his judicial star chamber...to fill those Supreme Court seats (N.B. Thomas Cromwell who dismissed 36883 QC on June 9-2016 along with Coté and Wagner-Que. roots - to cover up one of the most egregious QC court excesses ever, is retiring Sept.01-2016)...We have a Parliamentary system with no separation of executive and legislative powers while possessing an unelected judiciary that is unfettered by any Parliamentary oversight and can legislate at will, imposing social and economic policies while rejecting legislation whenever it pleases. It's like Pierre Trudeau forced an American court over a British Parliament and brazenly told it work. It doesn't...my comment: Which is why the 30 years unresolved Employee's Case is a 'standing case' in that the Justice System has rubber-stamped 'no legal answer as a legal answer' in this kafkaesque legal debacle forcing a 21st century P.M. to invoke his executive powers. It doesn't get any bigger than that...but try and tell that to the anti-employee media which runs a national boycott on this story.

AUGUST 04-2016 Ottawa Sun P.17 'Another inquiry won't help indigenous women' Lorrie Goldstein  So the bobbsey twins of Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould and P.M. Trudeau are going to spend over $50 million of taxpayers money to tell us what we already know...that native peoples do not speak to the police. Former P.M. Harper wouldn't spend this type of money on this problem. In all likelihood, he would have taken $10 million out of this fund to 'buy-off' the 'Outlawed Canadian' much the same as he did in the 'Arar case'. Unlike the native people unwilling to conduct their own investigation, I do not sit on my ass waiting for the RCMP to act in a massive government-judicial fraud. Similar to the First Nations People, I also do public protests with this difference; the natives get press coverage and boodles of money thrown at them; I finance my own operation against a judicial juggernaut which is now flailing widely and badly but goes unreported in the anti-employee media. The bobbsey twins are failing royally in this regard as well as with the First Nations People. What it really amounts to is that the Liberal Party is rewarding lobbyists and party hacks...the natives count for nothing.

AUGUST 03-2016  Ottawa Sun A) p.14 comment ' Federal Plans looking ugly' ...Our bone of contention is nonpartisan...We have only one question: Who's going to be fired because of it? (Federal gov't. 'phoenix' pay boondoggle) '...and who is going to start firing judges and chief judges if I have my way?....  B) p. 15 Takek Fatah columnist 'Presidential race is America's shame' '...America deserves this circus because its citizens have chosen to be taken for a ride by political fools, media pundits and crooks.'  Hey, Tarek, don't forget the repercussions of Canada's BILL 35 and the B.C. teacher 'citizens'. C) Letter to RCMP Commissioner SEE AUGUST-2016  D) PLACARD: 150 YEARS (in 2017) OF BNA ACT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH  E)...so the skimpy outfits of the actresses in the media have been supplanted recently by the skimpy outfits of the Rio athletes...why do male runners have mid-thigh shorts while female athletes have bikini-length shorts?...hey, you can always tell us old-guys!

AUGUST 01-2016  A) Newsletter on 'LAW AND/OR ORDER'; an interesting perspective  B)Letter to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould which should knock your socks off.

JULY 29-2016 A) 'It was just a joke' laughs Donald Trump in asking the Russians for the missing Democratic e-mails. In fact, every nation spies on one another as he could have asked any number of sources for those e-mails except the U.S. which is involved in cover-up. B) Much talk about the 'powerhouse' speaking support behind Hilary which recalls a similar 'powerhouse' of former Presidents Clinton with Geo. H. Bush accompanied by the marching steps of Canada's RCMP to restructure earthquake-stricken Haiti a few years back...the outcome? Haiti's back to being a basket-case. C) In the past, the anti-employee media was quick to pick up on the ill-trained employee gambit as a cover for bad government programs. No longer as the ill-fated Phoenix pay program for Federal workers was ill-conceived and worse, badly introduced by government - Tory and Liberal...why vote?

JULY 26-2016  A) Michelle Obama 'stands behind her man' and his bland leadership in which no one went to prison for the 2008 financial debacle; rather they ended up on Presidential advisory committees...in short, her husband is just another 'pretty legal face'.  B) Trump, in contrast in his bid to make America great again, would fire some judges; Erdogan of Turkey fired a slew of judges; Trudeau has not even fired one judge...go figure.... C) What? No more 'Sunshine Girl' in the Ottawa Sun under the same 34 year old female editor of both Sun and Ottawa Citizen? What's next?...why amalgamation of the 2 papers. D) Cindy Blatchford, Postmedia's legal writer, is suffering from 'PTSD' as she shifts her sights from the victims and perps to that of the judges. Similar to all other columnists, she knows it is worth her career if she dares break the media boycott on the Employee's Case. E) The U.S. election is showing that your vote counts - and paradoxically - the voter does not. (From as early as 2004, my PLACARD: BE ETHICAL / DON'T VOTE.) This U.S. schizophrenic election between corruption (rule of lobbyists) and idiocy (rule of fear) is the beginning of the end for the hegemony of the U.S. as many U.S. citizens wish they could have a 'brexit' from their government. Meanwhile in Canada a gadfly Prime Minister preens himself with the widespread adulation of gadfly voters PLACARD: TRUDEAU IS AN AMBASSADOR / NOT A LEADER... now do you see why democracy is too valuable to leave to the people; a founding principle in the U.S. Constitution? 1950's Aide to Presidential candidate, Adlai Stephenson...'Why, after that speech, Senator, every thinking American will vote for you!'..."Yes, but I need a majority." F) The coming genocide in Syria SEE JULY 26-2016

JULY 25-2016 A) I know how the Ottawa Defense lawyer must feel for one of the two bus driver lovers accused of murdering the wife of the male driver; the husband accused of complicity due to the lover's connection and the attempt to conceal a murder weapon. The lawyer had called for a 'directed verdict' after the Crown had completed its case as no direct evidence was provided for this allegation; particularly considering this was a murder trial. 'Concealing evidence' should have been the charge; not complicity in a murder. Similarly, in the Employee's Case, while figures showed an increase rather than a decrease in enrolment in June of 1985 in West Vancouver, that figure 'is not proven in law' until the School Trustees took the stand to testify as to those figures and their recommendation to dismiss one teacher. An honest arbitrator would have either insisted on the Trustees to be called to the stand or  throw the case out (No trustee took the stand as the Union was part of this 'sweetheart deal'). He did neither which is why the court later labeled him to be patently unreasonable leaving this target in a 30 year state of limbo when the court quashed the arbitration. Public reaction?...ah, you were fired...get over it...who cares whether you got your compensation.... That's how not only the West, but eventually, the whole darned country was lost. B) SEE ALBERTA for a revealing letter to the Registry.

JULY 22-2016 A) 'Transpo customer service not ready for LRT, report warns' Ottawa Sun p.3 As a former Paratranspo driver, similar to other cities, we do not need LRT (which such report writers may not say). Specialized bus lanes do the trick as well as deliver you to your front door. Not so an LRT system. Even in Montreal, people trudge through the snow for a few blocks to get to a metro station. Creating a 'WalMart Greeter' program while nice, does not get at the underlying frustration people feel when they have to hang up waiting for OC response (Kwitcher bellyaching, old timer, you are within the 8% of allowable Company hang-ups, you are told by the same bureaucrats whom believe one can be just a tiny bit pregnant.) B) Pound wise, penny foolish? O.S. p.11 'Plunging towards crisis' A decade ago, elevator maintenance cost $1000 per month with a contractor being responsible for 40 accounts. Today the charge is $600 dollars (elevators now older) for 100 accounts. The last apartment block that we were in (2nd floor so we usually walked) oftentimes had one of their two elevators unavailable. Currently, at the pent-house level (20th floor), we have had one elevator outage for 10 days. My answer? Pay more for proper maintenance as it can affect your resale values along with such inconvenience.

JULY 21-2016 A) Ottawa Sun p.4-5 Randy Boswell 'Catching Killers not worth media deceit'    I dare say it happens all the time as the police in this case bragged about their subterfuge in laying a false trail in the media to catch two murderers. The national boycott on the Employee's Case is proof positive of media collusion. What the media didn't expect here was for an officer to 'spill the beans' on their cleverness thus exposing the media. 'Methinks the lady protesteth too much' Hamlet's mother  B) The Hell's Angels arriving en masse today to set up a permanent presence in Ottawa as they seek to fill the vacuum of controlling the drug trade will lead to more corpses...What can you do to help? DON'T DO DRUGS! The silly street interviews from people whom 'are not worried' about their presence smacks of the selfsame people whom think nothing of popping pills received from a stranger. D) Trudeau better get the pixy dust out of his eyes on some of these military ventures. Are the Russians 'shaking in their boots' due to Canadian military support for Latvia and the Ukraine?...hardly. What will Trudeau due if the Russians provoke an attack similar to Turkey with an aircraft incursion particularly in light of Trump's point that NATO allies must learn to take care of themselves? 'Mali' has all the earmarks of another Rwanda...brought to you by the same gov't. which produced the Phoenix disaster (dysfunctional Federal pay program)

JULY 20-2016  A) 3-page response to ON A.G. Y. Naqvi letter of July 13-2016. SEE JULY-2016 under JULY 20.  B) 'When politicians become therapists, when leaders fail to lead, we shouldn't be surprised that the existential anxieties of our times remain unaddressed.' Where are the Churchills or Roosevelts? We need inspiring leaders, not low-grade candidates Ottawa Citizen columnist R. Sibley July 19-2016.  C) PLACARD: TRUDEAU AN AMBASSADOR / NOT A LEADER  D) NUKE OVERSIGHT SLAMMED (JULY 19-2016 BY Don Butler appearing in both Ottawa Sun & Ottawa Citizen (lead story) ). excerpts: '...we are not confident in whistleblower protection...as President (Tory appointee, 'Binder'), controls the policy and mindset of the commission's staff. It's why the Trudeau gov't needs to clean up the CNSC....'  (Don't count on it as oversight committees are filled with appointees no matter which political stripe as the Employee's Case has shown = DON'T BOTHER TO VOTE)

JULY 18-2016 A) Of course it was before the internet, but in 1968, there was widespread ghetto revolts in the U.S. covered on the scene by TV News even as it was happening. One of the reasons the violence ended was due to conscious media suppression of their 'on the spot coverage'. Once again, we have the media salivating at the next horror massacre.  B)We're into the 'oversight' of the 'oversight' bodies, a ludicrous definition for UPAC (Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit) in QC and, boy do they need it, to unravel the gordian knot of their defunct Justice System as witnessed by the Employee's Case. SEE JULY-2016 for excerpts from this 23 page account. I feel as though I am dealing with the 'drugged out' Russian sport's fraternity! PLACARD:  ALICE IN WONDERLAND  1) RUSSIAN SPORTS FRATENITY  2) CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM

JULY 15-2016 A) Ottawa Sun p.10 (Senator Brazeau returns - and he's bitter) '...Brazeau and his lawyers also are considering civil legal action to recoup...pay the Senate garnisheed during his suspension. What (my underlining) employer across the country garnishees 100% of somebody's salary?' Answer: the West Vancouver School Trustees have for 30 years now because, unlike Brazeau, there is no judicial decision from which compensation may flow. This case has now corrupted the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a matter of systematic judicial malfeasance particularly due to Trudeau's failure to pursue atrocious judicial conduct in Premier Couillard's Quebec where individual citizens have nowhere to turn but  the streets for justice.  B) R. Abella for the SCofC (Atomic Canada case) ruled that a reason must be given for a lay-off so that an Employer may not play an end-game around a dismissed employee whether under the collective bargaining or rules relating to individual dismissals...an obvious conclusion for how can an employee rebut a 'non-decision' in court which insists on decisions predicating their action. It's like trying to prove a negative which is an impossibility e.g. CBC's Jian Ghomeshi's dismissal. In the Employee's Case, I have a reason (declining enrolment shown to be false which the quashed arbitration was able to conceal leaving me in limbo without compensation), but still no court decision.

JULY 10-2016  A) Letter to SCofC  under CORRUPTOCRACY JULY 10-2016 - 36993 (SK) yet to be heard, includes the perfidy of many court systems.  SEE JULY 2016  B) Recently saw President Obama campaigning for Clinton...had difficulty determining which one was the candidate.... C) All that gobbleydegook that Postmedia CEO Godfrey postulates about bringing down the company's debt?...he's merely postponing it but it is the old story that if you have a $1 debt with your creditors and can't pay it, you have a problem. However, if you have a multi-million dollar debt with your creditors and can't pay it, your creditors which list it as a credit (rather than a loss) on their own bank statement, have the problem.

JULY 01-2016  SEE separate heading Ho Hum media 2016

JUNE 30-2016 A) President Obama's visit on June 29 puts our politicians to shame with their empty rhetoric from their spin doctors. Of course his 'populous' speech was rhetoric but a rhetoric grounded in philosophic underpinnings of life experiences even if his Parliamentary speech was a bit redundant. At least he did not have his nose stuck in his 'notes'. Still, what we need in Canada is a Donald Trump to shake us out of our complacency...call it Cda.exit    B) The Volkswagon caper of deliberately sabotaging emission results that underlay testing procedures leading to the most expensive recall in automobile history is a commentary on our culture of malfeasance as many, many sources had to know about this duplicity but kept quiet for one reason or another thus destroying the media's credibility to protect our democracy. C) To be sure, the SCofC would like to bury the second appeal from SK-36993 in much the same manner as the QC appeal-36883 which was refused a hearing on June 9-2016 thus covering up one of the most egregious conducts of the courts in QC and one never before experienced in Canada. To project the 36993 hearing results, a similar result would have the SCofC ignore the central relationship between government legislation and the courts...in short, another final act in our culture of malfeasance.

JUNE 27-2016 NEWSLETTER of this date; this time dealing with the surreal world of the Law Society in Quebec where I have re-named St. Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24) to ANTI-JUDGE DAY as an addition to JULY 1 (Canada's Birthday) as ANTI-JUDGE DAY

JUNE 26-2016  A) LETTER to  the Minister of Justice Wilson-Raybould dealing with the financial mess in SK. SEE SCoC-36993 at bottom under JUNE 21-2016   B) NEWSLETTER dated JUNE 26-2016 under JUNE 2016 reads like Pinocchio's growing nose as the authorities 'just keep on a lyin'.  C) Action now pending on a constitutional question...SEE ALBERTA   D)Prime Minister Trudeau must take the brunt of the judicial excesses in 2016 in the judicial venues of SK,QC, PEI, Supreme Court of Canada with Alberta (pending).

JUNE 19-2016 A) NEWSLETTER under this date in JUNE-2016 with an indepth analysis of the issue from the point of view of blackmail  B) Even the political pundits are referring to our ineffable Supreme Court of Canada as 'less than credible' which I can vouch for as of their non-action in 36883 QC on June 9-2016 for now the terminology to describe them is systematic judicial malfeasance. Quebecers now have only 'the street' for justice.   PLACARD: ENTIRE CDN. JUSTICE SYSTEM SUCKS  C) This 'to-ing and fro-ing' between the Senate and House of Commons is nothing more than a game plan to give renewed confidence to the Senate from  gullible voters and create employment for the anti-employee media types

JUNE 12-2016 A) The consequence of the SCofC to duck 36883 QC smashes the Justice System so that my accusation is elevated to systematic judicial malfeasance. Now it is up to bat for Prime Minister Trudeau...or to be batted as the case may be.... B) Hilary Clinton's risk of assassination is highest right now while that of Donald Trump would be after he wins the election, if he does. C) In some ways Trump is right to limit Muslim immigration with its sharia laws. A few years ago when I was in Egypt, the niqab was banned at the University as 'Saudi Arabian imperialism'. The niqab is willingly worn by young women in Ottawa as it appears to be fashionable. My point here, is that with the great weakness of government and courts as evidenced by the Employee's Case, we are vulnerable to small aggressive movements. (Yes, I am one of those.) As to Trump's assertion that some Muslims cheered at the time of 9/11; here in Ottawa, Somali boys in one elementary school did cheer on getting the news of 9/11.

JUNE 09-2016 To make the accusation - as I did - of systematic judicial abuse, one must take an issue to the SCofC, the highest court in the land. In a way, the sole issue of disclosure (read that as habeas corpus) in QC courts was a 'false flag' so that the SCofC could not argue other points for dismissing this case today. In all other cases except this one, a litigant is left with a lower court decision of which I do not have hence the charge is now one of systematic judicial malfeasance. Only a 21st century P.M. can now salvage the government whose efficacy is on the line with the second SCofC SK challenge over the ultra vires nature of BILL 35. P.M. Trudeau is like that frog warming himself in the frying pan not realizing that he is being cooked. SEE Newsletter dated JUNE 12-2016 dealing with the fall-out of the QC Decision given today.

JUNE 06-2016 A) I could write a book on the Ottawa Sun's article on Supply Teaching in today's paper as I spent 15 years in Ottawa/Carleton as a Supply Teacher. Unfortunately the media won't print anything under my name. The unique feature is not the 'Fraser Institute' approach of the topic by the Employer; rather, it was the inclusion of the Union perspective as well which made of good reporting unlike the past before the Harper government was given the boot. The Sun is eclipsing the Ottawa Citizen (both now under a 34 year-old-editor) where there is an audible 'death rattle'. B) The 'Corruptocracy newsletter of June 03-2016 has been widely promulgated including to the media giving them a chance to 'fire a shot across the bow' of the SCofC judgment day (36883 QC) this Thursday (June 09-2016). It will be 'Strike 3' for the court (1997 & 2004) if they block a hearing yet again. C) It wasn't 'downward dog' that 'yogi' Sophie Trudeau was doing at the hi-jinx annual press conference...looked more like the 'ruptured duck'.... D) So some bureaucratic judicial dude would debate at a local museum with Conrad Black as to whether the SCofC is 'doing its job' or 'running a job'. Black should see my next Newsletter.

JUNE 03-2016 Corruptocracy Newsletter (a must read) on the upcoming SCofC hearing on SCofC 36883 (QC) scheduled for June 09-2016  SEE SCofC 36993 (SK) for copy of my REPLY to both courts although the copy for QC was refused in a SCofC Registry telephone call on June 03 after I had filed the above in the morning. The convoluted legal labour argument CALLOW ARGUMENT is accompanied by my explanation. Photos included in section dealing with 1985 lay-off as well. Corruptocracy Newsletter at bottom.

JUNE 01-2016  Letter to Supreme Court of Canada on disclosure. SEE JUNE-2016

MAY 26-2016  A) SEE this date under MAY-2016 for my take on the alleged terrorist, Hassan Diab, the Ottawa University Professor deported to France under specious circumstances.  B) My solution to the Mediterranean drownings: Similar to Africa where the U.N. keep a camp for children to keep them out of the hands of soldiers; create a U.N. protected tent in Libya for emigrants neutralizing their attempts to get to Europe (return those who succeed).

MAY 21-2016 The Ottawa Sun is rising in credibility (ever since the Tories lost the election last year) while the Ottawa Citizen continues to slide. Here is one day in the Sun (May 21-2016): 1)p.3 'A reminder of failures can teach humility' Archbishop Terrence Prendergast  RESPONSE (R) If that humility includes condemning scumbag Archbishops for cover-up which led to the exacerbation of the pedophile priest problem, then count me in. 2) p. 5 'Higher standard of proof would reduce police accountability' L. Greenspon lawyer guest columnist '...If the standard of proof required to be met to prove police misconduct is raised to a different and higher level, police accountability already difficult to achieve, will become virtually non-existent. R. exactly, for anyone, including judges. "He sued the judge!" Hicks, Morley, et al for the Employer, expostulated in ON court! This was in reference to a secret tribunal held in Federal Court regarding the 'Cullen Creed' by which I was expelled from the B.C. Justice System in 2013 'for reasons best known to a judge'. In rejecting my claim, the court claimed that judges must be held to a higher standard; one which I had failed to prove in my case. (Oh, yes I did.) No court would consider this Creed which is at the basis of the Jurisdiction problem in all venues outside of B.C. 3) p. 6 Military unfit to fix PTSD former Military Ombudsman '...But no. Leave it to the Advocate General lawyers to gag the presiding judge in making recommendations, making the idiotic and wrong-headed argument that the province does not have jurisdiction over the military...' R. The wing nuts in the Justice Department are among the worst cover-up artists. 4)p.16 Meting out justice / Jurors deciding claims in motor accident cases need to know some key info. Here it is  '...Fireman (a lawyer whom has acted on both sides of personal injury claims) believes what changed is the diminished prestige of personal injury lawyers due to their "gaudy and tasteless advertising....'  R. Interesting legal points such as a jury is not told whether or not a litigant has insurance. As to the 'You don't pay unless we get paid', I have been told that this racket amounts to a fast-buck lawyer taking an indigent's weak case and blackmailing the Company into 'settling out of court e.g. $20,000; ten for the lawyer and ten for the client. For the Company, it is a no-brainer for a winning case will cost them $80,000 for which they will never collect if they win = legal blackmail. 5) No bang for taxpayer's buck with pot charges R. While being adamantly against illicit drug use; I accept that we have lost the battle against drugs and am prepared to accept 'decriminalization' as a means of saving tax-payers dollars. In any event, how will wrong-doers make money if they are deprived of such as drug-pedaling? These people are ill-suited to non-criminal activity...watch out....                 

MAY 20-2016 A) '...But more and more, the whistleblower is seen in our society as a hero, not a cad... and others must speak up loudly and publicly. An organization that knows its members may "blow the whistle" is more likely to behave in the first place.' Ottawa Sun editorial p.24 My Response: ...way to go. O.C.; it is about time someone spoke out against Judicial abuses...wait a minute... a second reading shows that this editorial is not about systematic judicial abuse of the Employee's Case, rather it is about priest pedophilia; a topic which the church & media sat on for decades. ...oh, well, where goes hypocrisy, there goes the media.... B) NEWSLETTER MAY-22 entitled 'walking back the cat' regarding the perfidy of the justice system in Ontario. C) Apparently Judicial problems are not unique to Canada: 'Clinton in the White House means a Supreme Court packed with justices who will undermine the Constitution for decades to come.' Newt Gingrich - former Speaker of the House  D) My complaint about 'elbowgate' is that Trudeau elbowed the wrong person. He should have elbowed SCofC Chief Justice B. MacLachlin right out of office for making him into a lame-duck leader. E) Letter to Postmedia legal writer, Christie Blatchford SEE MAY 21 under MAY-2016

MAY 19-2016  As to the Parliamentary kerfuffle the other night; we would all be better off if 300 plus M.P.'s were taken by the elbow and shown the door as they are merely there to raise funds for the Party and vote 'ready, aye, ready'. The 300 strong appointed PMO call the shots. One personal observation is how very much NDP leader detests P.M. Justin Trudeau.

MAY 18-2016 A) EXCLUSIVE (Epoch Times May 13-19) 'Former NSA, CIA Director laments all-consuming focus of War on Terror' .Former NSA and CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden(ret.- do they ever? RC) accepts responsibility for erroneously claiming Iraq had the 'weapons of mass destruction' to the G. Bush gov't. and, in a nice piece of re-direction claims that commercial internet theft by China is a bigger problem today than terrorism. (agreed RC). My version is that Iraq did have those weapons as reflected by commercial shipments from Germany and elsewhere and there is a good chance that Saddam Hussein did not know about them. A special Russian spetsnaz group smuggled them into Syria where they may very well be in the hands of ISIS. The Russians are provoking ISIS into using them. As to Hayden's following assertion, he is wrong about the court system and therefore his comparison with intelligence gathering remains suspect: 'People confuse intelligence with making a case in the court system. In the court system, information is designed to prove something beyond all doubt, while the purpose of intelligence is to enable action even in the face of continuing doubt.' Want to know the law?...ask a policeman. A lawyer tells you about your chances in a court of law hence one of my lawyer's personal verdicts in 2004 (with the SCofC refusing my case under 'ultimate remedy' - there must be finality in law else what is a justice system for?) - is germane here as it left me in limbo. He wrote: 'You have exhausted all remedy under the law'. In brief no legal answer is a legal answer = anarchy. What I have done since then, no lawyer comprehends. B)  PLACARD: CANADA / BUREAUCRATIC BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS The lawyer fighting on behalf of Veterans rights probably has it right; it is not so much as actions by the preceding Tories or incumbent Liberals; rather it is due to the (bloody mindedness-RC) of the Justice Department. C) Letter-SEE PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND  D) 'Marangered' (after Robert Maranger, one of the slippery Ottawa judges that I had) alleged terrorist Diab deported to France on very slim evidence has been released on bail...assassination next to protect embarrassed authorities?

MAY 15-2016  A) China's Canadian International Academy under (Ontario) ministry probe'. This headline story in the Otttawa Sun & Citizen made me laugh as everything claimed here was extant in West Vancouver School District in the early 1970's in one of the better best-kept secrets: (i) teachers complain to administration= fired  (ii) teachers complain to Ministry= obfuscation (I got BILL 35 for my whistleblowing)  (iii) teachers complain to media= front-page story with China-bashing at forefront (no media where a Canadian School Board plus courts are at stake). B) Sign of the times: A sizable ad in the Ottawa Sun - not for a Department Supervisor as is the custom for such ads; rather for a casual janitor at the media...go figure.... C)...or how about this one: Airbag explosion pins owner-with $12,000 repair bill An aging Mercedes Benz owner past warranty had an airbag inadvertently exploded. In trying to collect, Merc lawyers claim that the information from their onboard SRS system is proprietary and therefore the property of Merc. In short, no tickee (of proof), no laundee . This type of legal mentality permeates the West Vancouver School Board and the courts in refusing disclosure regarding Board meetings in June of 1985 where I was 'illicitly' laid off for economic reasons. PLACARD: CHINESE TOURIST / GEE, JUST LIKE AT HOME / COURTS OF LAW BUT NO JUSTICE.  D) '...our ailing justice system Ottawa Citizen p. A9 'A growing body of evidence suggests that Canada's justice system (with few exceptions) is slow, costly and inefficient. The "justice deficit" in Canada-the gap between the aspirations of the criminal and civil justice system and their actual performance-is large and growing....' Not mentioned in this article is the rank dishonesty of the courts. In the Employee's Case, a matter which would have been resolved in a 15 minute school recess break - and with a great deal more justice, I might add - is still unresolved after 30 years and 10 separate court systems with 40 judges. As the targeted individual, while 99% of litigants are trying to stay out of a court of law, I cannot get INTO one due to systematic judicial abuse.

MAY 14-2016  A) SEE  SCofC-36993 for letter on disclosure  B) So the Byward Market manager publicly chastised 'The Bieb' for not tipping for his beer. After his show, the Beiber bus pulled up with a worker running in with a $100 bill for the bemused staff after which the Biebs went to another nightclub where he entertained the audience with new songs...attaboy, manager.... C)'Courts have double standards' complains Matt Skoff, Ottawa Police Assoc. President '...The decision-makers who preside over these hearings are appointed by the chief of police and are nearly always senior officers who, on a daily basis, are under the control and direction of the same chief. Choice assignments can hang in the balance, as can future promotions... Substitute 'Chief Justice' for 'chief of Police' and his minions (judges and sometimes the Registry) and you have the story of the Employee's Case. E) President Obama will be in Ottawa with the Mexican President at the end of June. PLACARD: WECOME POTUS / BRING TRUMP NOW THAT CANADA NEEDS HIM MOST.                                    

MAY 13-2016 A) So Post Media's CEO Paul Godfrey is going cap in hand to the government asking the taxpayer to bail the media out of a sinking venture without being accompanied, it should be noted, the usual editorial rant about bailing out failing businesses. In doublespeak, he justifies his claim with the need for professional writers to 'delve deeper' on issues which I translate as meaning that he will break such as the media boycott on the Employee's Case if Parliament doesn't kick in...sorry, too little, too late, Paul. B) So how would (honest) Judge Vaillancourt (Senator Duffy Trial) have conducted the Employee's Case?  SEE Newsletter        MAY 15-2016

MAY 12-2016  A) In his bond to keep the peace, Ghomeshi gave a 'Wynne apology'.  B) The hierarchy of the Republican Party have now directed their sights on the Vice-Presidency for once Trump becomes U.S. President, control of government will remain with the Republican Party after 'The Donald' is assassinated. Blame, of course, would be attached to some terrorist group or other. C) I did not recognize Paul Martin from his recent portrait...the jaw line is wrong as it looks more like Mulroney

MAY 11-2016  A) The Ghomeshi Trial - the legal aspects  B) Letter to the (B.C.) NORTH SHORE NEWS on 'wasted taxdollars'?  ' SEE MAY 11-2016 for both under MAY-2016   C) PLACARD: MY ELECTORAL REFORM / ABOLISH HOUSE of COMMONS / ELECT P.M. AT LARGE / ELECT SENATE = SAVE MEGABUCKS and get more effective government

MAY 09-2016  A) Happy Falun Dafa Day (and their marching bands on the Sparks Street Mall)  B)More skulduggery SEE SCofC 363993 (a must read)  C) So Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould has not appointed a single judge to fill vacancies across Canada. Can you blame her when the Employee's Case(Canada) is about to explode indicting all those Tory-appointed judges, as per former Tory Cabinet Minister, Stockwell Day, recent statement on television: 'Judges are political appointments.' If so, the reason that Senator Duffy walked is because the Tory conspirators couldn't get one of those 40 judges assigned to the Employee's Case leaving it to an honest Judge Vaillancourt to exonerate Duffy of criminal charges...the Tories deserved to lose the last election if they couldn't even fix that outcome....

MAY 08-2016 A) Newsletter on the hypocrisy of 'duality' in the Employee's Case. SEE MAY-2016 B) 'How a former judge in China sacrificed a successful career to take a stand for justice' Epoch News (Ottawa Edition) May 6-12 p.1 'If the ban on political parties and limits on the press are not removed in five years...the people and intellectuals won 't stand for it' Judge Zhong Jinhua wrote. COMMENT: In Canada, the 'Old Boys Club' do not act as a separate entity from political parties and the media e.g. a) Senator Keith Davies going down to Harvard University and asking Michael Ignatieff if he wants to be Prime Minister of Canada. b) Postmedia's Paul Godfrey telling all English province editors in the last federal election to post editorials favouring the Tory Party. The same source is also the reason for the national media boycott on the Employee's Case.  3)'Why are Reports being left on the shelf to gather dust?' Ottawa Sun columnist André Morin (former dismissed ON ombudsman) whom sites almost every bureaucracy (except the legal one as this is not in their mandate) for systematic abuse as governments deal only with individuals having a 'problem' not government bureaucratic entities (such as the Senate re Duffy Trial.) Re-naming July 1, Canada's Birthday, as 'Anti-judge Day' is beginning to look more and more apt as the years go by as Canadians no longer deserve a birthday for failing to 'stand on guard for thee'. Canada's new motto: 'snub, ignore, neglect'.

MAY 03-2016 'Our free press is priceless' editorial in the  Ottawa Sun on World Press Freedom Day concludes with...-but an over-zealous press is better than one constrained by Big Brother's view of what is appropriate for the public to know. Consumers should decide for themselves if they want, or need, what the news media provide....in short, all the news that is fit to print which doesn't include the Employee's Case as determined by the media owners (Big Brother)....such hypocrisy....'priceless', indeed.

MAY 01-2016  A) Newsletter  with focus on 'Oversight Bodies' SEE MAY-2016  B) Letter to PEI Premier R. Ghiz re court procrastination SEE PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND

APRIL 27-2016 'We won't pay ransom' declares P.M. Trudeau...of course not, the Phillippine's Canadian hostage is dead...so what was M.P. Bob Rae negotiating? It's a shell game in which the governments are 'not to be seen paying' but they do through their cut-outs. Al Qaeda has collected $58 million dollars with their kidnappings in North Africa alone - $125 million in total. Two released Canadians had someone pay their ransom. Retired diplomat, Gar Pardy, negotiated for 100 Canadian hostages over time...all paid a ransom. Only limited answer?...send in Special Forces which is not without its hazards too.

APRIL 23-2016  A) PLACARD: SENATOR MARJORIE LEBRETON SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLACED ON TRIAL NOT DUFFY   B) 'Letter to the Editor' Ottawa Sun p.18  A SHAM 'My opinion on the rash of recent decisions made by our courts and the judiciary against Roger Callow only prove to me that our judicial system has become so personal and is demonstrating a pure bias and hate against a former laid-off West Vancouver teacher in 1985 in an unresolved legal matter and I say that Roger Callow better be careful that he is not caught even just jay-walking because our judicial system might decide to put him away for life for committing such a heinous act. What a sham our judicial system has become. Comment: ...oops, that actually read 'Stephen Harper', the former Prime Minister,...oh well, been there, done that....

APRIL 21-2016  A) FLASH: Justice Charles Vaillancourt exhonerates Senator Duffy of all charges / No 'due process'  ...Hey, G.V...over here...hello...ah, there you are...great hatchet job on the Tory Party. Now if you could only apply your skills to your brethren justices in Ontario (oh, what the hell, don't stop there...include brethren justices from B.C., Federal Court, Supreme Court of Canada, Quebec Courts, Saskatchewan Courts and pending, PEI courts in a legal story where, as the targeted litigant in a 30 year unresolved labour case, I have been 'duly processed'. At least Duffy got into a court to be heard; an act denied to me on the rinky dink issue of my illicit lay-off where no compensation has been paid. P.S. Did you vote 'Liberal' in the last election?  B) The real losers apart from the Tory PMO? The RCMP for appearing to act for political reasons and the media whom have recently been begging the court to find Duffy guilty as a means of assuaging their vicious attack on trying the case in public and finding him guilty.  C) Letter to Harris & Co. regarding their perfidy in SK. SEE APRIL 24-2016  D) SEE SENATOR DUFFY under April 24-2016 letter for my take on the conspiracy.  E) 'There is justice for all, no matter how fortunate, no matter how marginalized' Ottawa prosecutor in a murder trial RESPONSE: Oh yeah? 'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System'

APRIL 17-2016  A) Newsletter: SCofC (McLachlin) vs P.M. (Trudeau)  B) Why Apartment blocks don't want welfare clients in Ottawa. One cannot sue the city if they slip on ice and injure themselves but they can sue Apartment owners plus contractors. Recently, a plethora of Personal Injury Lawyers have hit the TV airways with this scumbucket approach: You don't pay until we win (and then they take 33- 50%). The insurance Companies know they have a winning case but it will cost them $80-100,000 to win with a judgment against a derelict complainant from which they will never collect. Much cheaper to buy the case off for $20,000 leading to a proliferation of this type of abuse. Such lawyers should be made to pay a surety.

APRIL 10-2016  A) SEE SCOFC REBUTTAL #26883 (a must read)  B) You can't use cash to book a hotel room, rent a car, buy Las Vegas theatre tickets (photo I.D. but no Driver's License) or order UBER. (Future is driverless cars aka 2020 Tokyo Olympics). In Ottawa, taxi drivers who are sub-contractors to plate owners, will go over en mass to UBER leaving cash customers without service, is my prediction. Big Brother is watching  C) Without a new leader, the NDP had no chance or re-defining themselves. Their split on oil development promises to drown the Party.  D) Even in Canada, the media owners call the shots but the 21st century media sleaze award must go to The Boston Globe for their 'first day of President Trump' smear should he win the election.

April 07-2016   A) 'WHAT A JOKE Susan Sherring (Sun Media columnist) tears strip off Tory leader (Patrick Brown) for not disciplining local MPP for crude behaviour' blares the front page. Since the Tories lost the election last year, the pro-Tory Sun has been worth reading, eclipsing, as it does, the Ottawa Citizen.  B) The 'Old Boy's Club' including the drug importers from Mexico are pilloring Donald Trump as being ridiculous asking the Mexican President to build and pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Not so considering this interpretation: Millions in remittance money is going from the U.S. Mexican community to Mexico (which is not money being spent in the U.S. where they are employed). By curtailing these remittances until the Mexican President 'builds a wall' is a good ploy as the 'wall' could just as easily be portrayed by Mexicans patrolling their side of the border similar to the Americans on their side. Currently, there is a '0' net flow of immigration/emigration as Mexicans are heading back to factory rich Mexican jobs which are U.S. branch economies. Further, any candidate whom promises universal health care should be seriously considered thus striking a blow at the establishment. California's $15 minimum salary is also a step forward. Canada, with a similar population to California has a political infrastructure many, many times the cost of California which is why I submit Parliament in its present form be eliminated. Trump is correct, in the above analysis, in labeling CRUZ as a 'Trojan Horse'.  D) PLACARDS: 1) TORY LEADERSHIP / JUST SAY 'NO' TO WALL/MACKAY  2) ONLY 'GAZEBO TONY' HAS THE BRAINS TO BE TORY LEADER  E) Sound familiar vis a vis the Employee's Case? 'Jail Guards Accused of Cover-up' '...Barbro (jail guard found innocent of brutality whom filed an action against the government) has alleged he was made to be a "fall guy" by two other guards and the Ministry of Correctional Services...he alleged a corrupt investigation (Barbro's trial was plagued by conflicting testimony from correctional officers and evidence of collusion-OTTAWA SUN comment)...Barbro alleges allegations against him were all part of a cover-up. Multiply that scenario x 20 (without the physical assault) beginning with an arbitration later quashed with the arbitrator being labeled patently unreasonable and the reader pretty much has the story of the Employee's Case.

April 06-2016  A) Hurrah for protesting Icelanders throughout the Island whose public protest forced the Prime Minister to resign when it was found that he was one of the consortium of political leaders hiding money in Panama. An earlier similar exposé in Switzerland also had European countries, the U.S. and Australia conducting examinations of miscreants from their countries. Not so Canada under former P.M. Harper and incumbent P.M. Trudeau. We have lost our moral high-ground. Trudeau is like the proverbial frog which does not move from the warm fry pan and, as a consequence, ends up being cooked.  B) The current Supreme Court of Canada challenge(s) will turn on  pre- disclosure (alleging criminal fraud) which I have been unsuccessful in obtaining for 30 years due to court obfuscation for without it, I may not give a proper definition to my legal case. In short, Canada has dropped to the moral level of China where they also have courts of law, but no justice. To be sure I am not alone in this venture as many judges wish me every success in removing a cabal of Chief Justices and their minions whom have run the Canadian Justice System into the ground (10 in this case). For example, recently a QC judge released 6 Hell's Angels from prison due to the Crown's 5 year failure to produce disclosure. One would think a visit by the judge concerned to the Chief Justice should have resolved that problem.

April 04-2016 A) 3 page letter to the SCofC Registry regarding the perfidy of QC's Lavery de Billy.   SEE QC-SK DISMISSALS-2016   B) Much in the local paper about a two decade-old problem of congestion at the Innes Road jail for prisoners awaiting trial, particularly on weekends exacerbated by 'legal-billable time lawyers' benefitting from these extended hearing times. One solution? Why house 'weekend prisoners' whom  serve from Friday to Monday at this high level lock-up when all that is needed is a barracks where supervision is minimal. After all, these prisoners turn up willingly on Friday. Only abusers of the weekenders need be housed at Innes.

April 01-2016 A) In 1985, teacher lay-off for declining enrolment was not a problem. In 2016 it is. What every teacher should know. SEE TEACHER LAY-OFF  B) Personal Injury ads by legal outfits are recently hitting the TV air waves in the Ottawa area. How it works is that for 40% of the settlement, these outfits will finance the case which is a boon to welfare cheats scamming the system. For example, one cannot sue the city if you slip on ice but can sue an apartment complex and the snow cleaner for the same problem. City Housing cannot get insurance while Apartments are trying to discourage welfare clients. ousing, for example cannotH  C)  ' One day in the Life of the 0TTAWA SUN -3 columnists;  SEE APRIL-2016  D)This is the way that Jian Ghomeshi was portrayed by the media prejudging the case hence is there no surprise that 1/3 of those asked were 'strongly against' the not-guilty verdict?

March 27-2016 A) Newsletter: 'Walking Back the Cat' bringing late readers to the initial conspiracy B) Big Deal...so Bordeleau wants to know the name of the prosecutor for his father-in-law's traffic ticket = investigation. In the Employee's Case, all the 'grey eminence' has to do is look up on the internet as to the name of the Chief Justice affected. C) Letter to the QC Legal Society and how they ducked out of their responsibilities much like similar bodies in B.C. and SK = there are NO oversight bodies in Canada, at least not ones which do their job (as opposed to 'running a job') See QC-SK Dismissals-2016  D) see EMPLOYMENT LAW - such as it is,  for anyone faced with termination E) People 'rushed to judgment' blares the Sun Media March 25-16...correction...the media 'rushed to judgment and the people, as usual, followed in the Jian Ghomeshi trail whom 'beats rap' in mediaspeak. Notable Quotes from Judge Bill Horkins Ruling (p.5) There is no smoking gun. There is only the sworn evidence of each complainant. (Employee's Case - smoking guns litter the scene.) The courts must guard against applying false stereotypes concerning the expected conduct of the complainants (Employee's Case - I have been labeled as frivolous & vexatious since Day 1 of this unresolved labour issue where no compensation has been paid...so much for judicial 'guarding') He described the three women as 'playing chicken with the justice system', being manipulative and even outright lying. (An apt description of the 40 judges in the Employee's Case.)

March 20-2016 Everything is revolting this spring; not just The Donald A) '...This should cause us to question our confidence in the administration of justice, for those presumed innocent in law, but who are treated otherwise in a system in desperate need of reform.' System needs a bailout column Ottawa Sun March 17-2016  B) QC Premier Couillard looking 'owlish' with fraud charges against government factotums...wait until the impending blow-up at the SCofC regarding QC court malfeasance in this case hits the fan.  C) 'There is a system,' bawls Ottawa Police Chief Bordeleau which one cranky officer has abused with his blanket e-mail accusation of a corrupt system. 'That system is broke', bawls back the Union: 'The police services board has completely abdicated their most important of functions-oversight...The chair needs to resign'. My call for the resignation of SCofC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin does not seem so out of whack in the Employee's Case in light of these accusations. D) NEWSLETTER:  see MARCH 15-2016 as the Employee's Case marches on in the Supreme Court of Canada; this time contesting QC malfeasance where the oversight bodies remain strangely silent.

March 14-2016 A Letter to 'The Donald' no less. SEE MARCH 2016


March 01-2016  A) Newsletter outlining how the judiciary is sinking. Trudeau's window to act is narrowing fast as other forces will fill the void. B) RED NECK MEDIA sub-heading a must read as the conspiracy took full shape by 2006. C) UNIONS sub-heading, particularly the letter at the bottom of this section from my legal counsel to the BC Teachers Federation reveals the perfidy of WVTA legal Counsel, Bruce Laughton. D) B.C. TEACHER ALERT SEE MARCH 2016  E) 3-page Letter to Harris & Co. for Employer regarding their subterfuge. SEE MARCH 02-2016

February 25-2016  A) Last August, I was the only one in our group predicting a Liberal win. So let's see if my winning streak prediction holds: Trump will be the next President (if he is not assassinated by the establishment). His universal health insurance  is a winner in itself  considering Germany is l/3 and Britain is 1/2 U.S. costs. Clinton is too cozy with the lobbyists and Sanders is too impecunious to pursue an independent course. B) April Fools? SEE FEBRUARY 2016

February 23-2016  A) Newsletter: 'SK APPEAL COURT BUNGLING' - now appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada along with a second earlier filing to the SCofC from Quebec         B) While no admirer of Senator Duffy, should the Judge on April 23 stick him with even a minor demeanor, it will be a fatal coffin nail in the Justice System... more later on April 21-2016.   C) A new action has been filed in P.E.I.; this time against the Union for the 1985 Disclosure in this case which, as is my submission as a union client, is my right. SEE P.E.I.

February 21-2016  A) Newsletter; THE WILLFULL BLINDNESS OF THE JUDICIAL RECORD SEE FEBRUARY-2016  B) Parliament: Tory Leader Rona Ambrose does not speak; she parrots. NDP Leader, Tom Mulcair has no respect for 'Glory Boy'. PLACARD: GLORY BOY / ...DID NOT INHERIT HIS FATHER'S BRAINS....  C) Retired Brigadier General Lewis McKenzie is a man I respect. Years ago, he spoke at a High School on one Remembrance Day where I was Supply Teaching. Recently on TV, he stated that the soldiers on the front have little respect for the politicians; no matter what the political stripe. Bombing without ground troops to follow up is highly limited which is why Canadian support of the Pershmega in the North is so effective. Similar U.S. training of illiterate Shiite forces in Baghdad has failed according to MacKenzie. My opinion is that this will be a long debilitating war which will drag down the western nations as Russian planes are able to parallel the Pershmega effect with Assad's ground troops. It is this bombing of cities which is creating the exodus of the Syrians to Europe. To bastardize former P.M. Stephen Harper's language; it is time to 'cut and run' as our presence and those of other foreign forces are merely adding to an already untenable situation. That is not to say that Daesh should be tolerated; merely that militarily we are being dragged down into another Viet Nam. Besides, as the Employee's Case has shown, Canada is being torn from within with a failing Judicial System of its own and can hardly justify raining bombs on others with defunct justice systems.

February 14-2016  'Three Blind Mice' commentary on the atrocious action of the SK Appeal Court CACV2783 on Feb.09-16  SEE FEBRUARY-2016

February 11-2016 How the SK Appeal Court 'bought' the case from the Employer thereby imperiling the impartiality of the court in a most significant way. SEE FEBRUARY-2016

February 10-2016  A) following on SK Appeal Court debacle which will be analyzed in the expected Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. B) Letter to the SK Judicial Council of Judges SEE FEBRUARY 2016  C) The refugee problem has been created by the indiscriminate bombing of cities by both the Russian and Western powers. D) Bill Cosby paid off to a 'love child' which, when he later demanded a DNA test, turned out to be false. Among the legitimate claims are those who seek to become instant millionaires with false claims. F) Much has been said recently about the Korean 'comfort women' enslaved in brothels for Japanese troops in WW II. How about middle European women in a similar plight for German troops? As for the Russians, they just raped enemy women at will. The white slave business thrives well today in Muslim countries for men reluctant to rape Muslim women but think nothing of raping the 'infidel'.

February 07-2016  NEWSLETTER regarding upcoming SK Appeal Court hearing on Feb.09

February 01-2016 A synopsis of January Letters SEE FEBRUARY-2016

January 29-2016   A) Letter to ON Civil Remedies For Illicit Activities Office (CRIA) where 'your bosses are the problem'   B) Letter to P.M. Trudeau with a list of judges to expel (not included here) C) Letter to West Vancouver School Trustees regarding SK legal status of Harris & Co. SEE JANUARY-2016  

January 28-2016 My rebuttal to the atrocious B.C. Law Society letter regarding Harris & Co. SEE QC-SK Dismissals

January 26-2016  A) An Appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada was filed today regarding the 'whackadoodle' QC performance.   B) A letter of the same date to the West Vancouver School Trustees   C) A letter to the SK Registry regarding the upcoming Appeal Court hearing on February 9,2016. SEE sub-heading: QC-SK 'Dismissals'

January 25 O.C. C6 columnist,  Shannon Gormley, has a rare bitch session on how badly columnists are treated and why the government should bail them out. By adhering to the national boycott on the Employee's Case, and as of the last election, I declared their credibility to be eclipsed by that of the internet...and is the government to finance the internet too? (In a later article Postmedia columnist, Andrew Coyne, in an 'I'm alright,Jack' mood figures the media can survive the lay-off carnage...as long as the subscribers pay more. For my part, while the O.C. has a fantastic comic page, I am not planning to renew my $400 per year subscription for 'think tank articles' when it runs out...so put that in your pipe and smoke it, Andrew.

January 19-2016   A) SEE PLAINTIFF RESPONSE TO MONTREAL APPEAL COURT ORDER under sub-heading of this date QC-SK DISMISSALS....   B) SEE THE LETTER WHICH HANGS THE QUEBEC JUDICIARY following the above account explaining why Canada is in dire straits quite apart from a moribund economy.  C) O.C. Columnist, Michael den Tandt, would praise NDP's Mulcair for the very thing he failed at in the Employee's Case; namely, his legalistic prowess. The NDP should get a new leader.

January 15 - A) SEE 3-page reply to Montreal Appeal Court Justice J. Chamberland dated JANUARY 11-2016   B) SEE 3-page letter to same canceling my court appearance dated JANUARY 15-2016 (copies to SK Court) SEE sub-heading JANUARY-2016 for both accounts.  C) SEE sub-heading JANUARY-2016 for 3 page tome - JANUARY 16-2016 - originally scheduled to be filed under EMPLOYER FRAUD

January 10-2016 4 page Letter to the B.C. Law Society re complaint reply regarding Harris & Co. for SK peccadilloes.  SEE  JANUARY - 2016 under this date. Surely if former P.M. Harper can order in the RCMP in the Senator Duffy case; incumbent P.M. Trudeau can at least order in the RCMP in the Employee's Case.

January 09-2016 'Public Servant was victim of "retribution" declares the Public Service Labour Board against a targeted officer for his order to arm Park wardens which did not sit well with his bosses. What is the matter with Parks Canada? With the West Vancouver School Board's Final Solution, you merely lay-off anyone troubling you: No reason = no case. This Public Servant was supported by his Union & got a hearing before a Labour Board; two features denied the 'Outlawed Canadian'.

January 08-2016 6 page letter EMPLOYER FRAUD under this date for JANUARY-2016

January 07-2016 While not having much time for other events; a few are worth mentioning. A) Hospital alleges huge scheme blares the Ottawa Citizen headlines in which the Planning Department ripped off the Hospital in a time of tight budgets and job losses. Problem? Firing whistleblowers (as I can attest to) plus the failure of the Hospital Board to dismiss their CEO as all such schemes originate in the planning department.  B) A standard Employer bid to undermine the collective agreement is to change providers such as insurance and then proceed to gut the contract. Changing from Manulife to Great West Life left a number of city pensioners without benefits. C) Qualified fitness instructors at Ottawa Community Centers were paid $30 per hour for the past decade until a 're-arrangement' a couple of years ago reduced the scale to $25 per hour. Considering travel time and automobile expense, these qualified people would be better off working at minimal salary at a local fast food outlet. D) I notice that the anti-employee media is toning down their rhetoric on union bashing, which is long over-due. Due to the Employee's Case, no thinking employee will trust to the courts or arbitration in Canada leaving the streets as their only alternative.

January 05-2016 Skulduggery in SK. SEE letter to Registrar Melanie Baldwin of this date under JANUARY-2016.

January 01-2016  A) I won't say Happy New Years as 2016 marks the demise of Canadian democracy taking out, as it does, the government, the courts, the media...did I miss anyone out in the bureaucracy?...does anyone know? does anyone care? As of the last federal election (October 19-2015), I pronounced the demise of the individual (whistleblower) in Canadian society which, in essence, is the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms in which the phrase beginning 'no individual may be deprived...' to be replaced with 'no interest group with the necessary political clout may be deprived...' Slogan wise, that reads: PLACARD: WHAT THE FATHER WOULD CREATE / THE SON WOULD DESTROY. The second casualty is that of the anti-employee media which has now been eclipsed by the internet. When editors say 'leap', the collective might of the press corps asks 'how high' as exemplified by their national boycott on the Employee's Case.  B) Canadians no longer deserve a birthday on July 1 which I now proclaim as 'anti-judge day': PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE   C) Legal interests would do well to set aside their law books and case studies and read the 'DISMISSALS' included here of the 2 current Appeal Court cases underway in SK and QC as examples of how our justice system actually operates. Rarely have I had an opportunity to provide a detailed rebuttal to the Respondent Empoyer's factum as it is oftentimes dumped at the last minute. No matter, as the 'pre-determined' courts never bother to read what I have to say although they are wise enough to include some parameters to give the illusion that all matters are handled. The biggest omission for 30 years is the 'secret missing memo notes' returned by Justice Southin in 1986 when she quashed the arbitration favouring the Employer leaving this employee, as it turns out, in a 30 year state of limbo where no compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid. Those notes (of which the Union has a copy) reveal a government conspiracy of gigantic proportions in which the B.C. government was hi-jacked (imposed BILL 35) and the judiciary was suborned (government appointed arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable by Justice Southin) to sanction a sweetheart deal between the West Vancouver School Trustees and elements within the local Union in 1985. That conspiracy marks the end of the Canadian Justice System as we should know it, but don't. Court sanctioning of this scam has undermined the Union movement to such a degree and extent that no thinking Canadian employee will hold union membership. Certainly, no-one should trust to arbitration for individuals in Canada.