November 09-2016


TO:                                                                 FROM:

Rt. Hon.  J. Trudeau P.M.                         Roger Callow

PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL                  1285 Cahill Drive W. #2001

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A) 'The darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis'  Dante

B) '...but most adults seemed like nothing more than aging children, lacking, even the most basic understanding of the world around them, and, most troubling lacking any curiosity or concern about it.'

Inferno  Dan Brown


1) It's a truism to say that Attorney Generals(Ministers of Justice/Solicitor Generals) are 'fixers'


2) In the U.S., the Attorney General is accused of interfering with the course of Justice by pressuring the FBI and the Crown Prosecutor not to hold a Grand Jury enquiry regarding the Clinton foundation. As far back as A.G. Bobby Kennedy calling in the media to quash reporting on the sexual peccadilloes of his brother, the President, judicial perversion has been the norm.


3) In Canada, in the 30 year unresolved employescasecanada.ca citing systematical judicial malfeasance, the Office of the A.G. in a number of Canadian provinces looms large in which 'professional lying' is prominent. This type of lying depends on the 'error of omission' rather than commission; namely, they just don't respond so that no-one can claim that they have acted egregiously and yet that failure is at the heart of this legal case which has landed in your lap as P.M. You repeat the pattern hence leaving the matter to your successor to try and redeem the credibility of the Canadian Justice System which has received a mortal blow to its credibility as a consequence of this 'rinky dink' labour matter. In short, Canadians live in a land of anarchy where 'the street protest' is their only answer.


4) B.C. under Premier Christy Clarke is the source of this judicial conspiracy. Her A.G. even had a letter sent to the Minister of Justice (Raybould-Wilson) disclaiming any connection with this case. In July of 2013, the 'Cullen Creed' by A.Cullen j. which expelled this target from B.C. 'for reasons best known to a judge' has yet to be challenged by any judge outside of B.C. including the Supreme Court of Canada QC 36883 (June-2016) & SK 36993 (Sept. 2016) which included the same panel for both hearings - Coté, Wagner (QC representatives) & a third retired judge. (Considering this conflict of interest, I trust that neither of these two are considered as replacements for Chief Justice McLachlin in 2017.) Both those cases involved judicial fraud but due to A.G. Wilson-Raybould's failure to act, everything in this case now comes to you alone. Your failure to date to fill this void is not encouraging.


5) Ontario under the current A.G. Yasir Naqvi is particularly MIA in investigating any aspect of this case and yet the McKinnon j. Decision 13-59060 of 2013 is at the heart of this fraud as it developed through QC and SK Courts and into the SCofC as seen above. There are other aspects held up in the ON Appeal Court of Chief Justice George Strathy which earlier ON A.G.'s failed to investigate leaving that matter in A.G. Naqvi's hands. He has done nothing.


6) Due to concerns in the fraudulent conduct of this case, I directed all materials to the Premiers Offices of QC Premier Couillard and SK Premier Brad Wall. They remain MIA with their respective legal system in tatters.


7) While the above courts are remiss in not dealing with legal matters in a fair and just manner (the judges act as agents for the Employer by 'cherry-picking' which laws will apply and ignoring contravening laws); at least they accept these cases for a hearing filed by this litigant. Not Alberta nor P.E.I. (against Union for disclosure as that material would, it is argued here, certainly point to fraud). Ignoring judicial applications is tantamount to anarchy.


8) In P.E.I., a telephone call from a Registry clerk stating that my action plus fee was being returned 'because P.E.I does not deal with out-of-province applications' (yet they copy the same legal format as Ontario). That preposterous 'potato-patch mentality' led to my re-sealing the action plus fee and mailing it directly to Premier Wade McLaughlin. There has been no response from either him nor your Justice Minister.  


9) One would not condemn the Edmonton Queen's Bench Superior Court on face value based on two letters; a detailed one from the Registry with a second one from the Solicitor General insisting on dotting the i's and crossing the t's of my factum. No doubt those two letters are the only ones on file should any enquiry be made as my revisions plus fee go un-recognized. In short, the gullible Premier Notley, whom has been kept fully apprised of all developments in ducking this issue, is really just as guilty as Premier McLaughlin in abusing the course of justice. I accuse both Premiers under these circumstances of theft as the courts keep the fees. The Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald newspapers apparently remain MIA similar to SK's Regina Leader Post as a reflection of the anti-employee media boycott on this issue.


10) Two prominent arguments proposed against this litigant in provinces (including the Federal Court on two occasions) relate to 'jurisdiction' and being 'frivolous and vexatious' a catch-all for the justice system in ducking out of cases including this one where the propriety of the initial senior teacher lay-off of myself in June of 1985 has never been tested in law. (B.C. Supreme Court's Justice Southin merely quashed the arbitration ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable.)  She recommended that employment be returned. Nothing happened leaving me in a 30 year state of limbo which flies in the face of any concept of due process...there must be a judgment from which compensation (includes pension rights) can flow. As matters stand, no individual will trust to the Canadian Justice System based on the precedent set by this case.


11) As to jurisdiction, the court has to examine the highly specious 'Cullen Creed' which expelled me from B.C. in order to apply the laws of 'transference' should that be their choice. No court - and there have been many outside of B.C. plus now the SCofC - would touch that question with the 'proverbial ten-foot pole'. In short, the Justice System has quoted carefully selected laws to state what they can't or won't do thus enforcing the state of limbo in which  this litigant has been placed. That restrictive approach is hardly what one could call 'justice' under the circumstances.


12) As Prime Minister, you have executive powers to break this back-log. I should not have to file a $20,000,000 action in Ontario court for Employer fraud as I have done but your inaction leaves me very little alternative.


Yours truly 

(Roger Callow)


cc  RCMP/ Premier Notley /Premier MacLauchlan /A.G. Naqvi  /media / SCofC Hon.R.Abella


November 10-2015


TO: Board of School Trustees                                         FROM: Roger Callow 

(S.D. #45 West Vancouver, B.C.)                                   1285 Cahill Drive West #2001

1075-21st Street, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 4A9  Ottawa ON K1V 9A7

tel: 604-981-1000   fax: 604-981-1001                    fax: 613-521-1739  


SENT BY FAX  (4 pages)  (plus 3 additional forms only to WVST)



REFERENCE: employescasecanada.ca  'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance'



1)'What needst we fear it for none can call us to account.'  Lady MacBeth

2) 'The U.S. Justice system is a joke in the eyes of the world' Donald Trump

3) 'Whoever becomes President of the U.S. can appoint Supreme Court justices able to destroy the Constitution by "interpreting" its protections of freedom out of existence... O.C. Columnist Thomas Sowell Stanford University USA

4) 'He (immigration fraudster) just learned how to exploit the apparent lack of oversight in the system, said the (Canadian) judge. newspaper item

5) 'Most failed lawyers became judges or politicians...All of this was true confirming that the best lies are lies of omission, and about 99% of what happened has been omitted. Radiant Angel  Nelson De Mille

6) 'There are people who are smart and there are people who think they are smart.' X Sue Grafton


INCLUSION: To the Prime Minister for executive action in face of the aberrant behaviour of the bureaucratic authorities in the face of the complete collapse of oversight bodies  in the Employees Case. Other enclosures listed below.


MESSAGE: (From the letter to the WVST dated Oct. 17-2016)

1) As you know, this 31 year unresolved labour matter regarding my 'illicit' senior teacher lay-off in June of 1985 under the neophyte imposed BILL 35 is mired in the judicial gutter which includes accusations of fraud by this writer against various judges and legal personnel hired by you as the Employer.

2) No compensation has been paid which is included as a condition in BILL 35 as well as in other contractual relationships such as the collective bargaining process.

3) The nub of the disagreement between ourselves lies in the fact that the Employer in this case refuses to recognize court oversight of the arbitration; an oversight power under B.C. Superior Court Justice, Mary Southin whom, in 1986, quashed the arbitration ruling, in that process, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo when the Board refused to return employment as Southin j. recommended (not ordered).

4) The Employer viewed that decision as 'an opinion' (WV School Trustee Margo Furk) and appealed the matter presumably under the constitutionality of Southin's action. They lost. I have never seen those legal arguments as Union legal counsel kept them from me.

5) Many, many court cases in B.C. and elsewhere in Canada launched by myself as the targeted individual seeking compensation sought to reconcile the above; particularly in the recent bid in Alberta devoted solely to asking the constitutional question as to whether imposed government legislation supplants statute law (such as the collective bargaining process if it is indeed the one to be applied in this case) where no explicit exemption is made in the imposed legislation. The key argument is whether BILL 35 was 'in addition to' (an argument raised in the arbitration but ignored by the arbitrator) any other statute provisions or was it a stand-alone document with its own provisions for teacher lay-off not subject to judicial review (employer position)? Regrettably, the arbitrator did not deal with the question of compensation explaining why the past 30 years in 12 separate courts and over 40 judges has been devoted to that end amid much judicial corruption.

6) Of interest here, and why I write is that in Ontario (13-59060 McKinnon j. Decisions April 23-2014 and strangely, a second decision (September 15-2014)which makes no reference to the first decision, the Employer as Plaintiff raised the constitutional question mentioned above by requesting a discussion of 'all issues' to which I was in complete agreement. McKinnon j. ignored that request preferring to indict this Respondent for being frivolous and vexatious which made for salacious reporting on page 1 of the Ottawa Citizen (April 29-2014).

7) It is that self-same constitutional question which I seek to raise in Alberta as Plaintiff under the reluctant Premier Notley government requesting the assistance of an even more reluctant Trudeau government to expedite matters. The P.M. appears to have made a big mistake appointing Wilson-Raybould as Justice Minister.



8) Considering the legal obfuscation that both parties are experiencing with Canada's judicial system, I propose a combined approach by the Employer and myself as the targeted employee as joint Plaintiffs in launching the above constitutional question in B.C. Courts against the Crown.

9) As I am prohibited by the 'Cullen Creed' of July 2013 from access to B.C. courts 'for reasons best known to a judge' and which all judges outside B.C. - and there were many - would not touch that decision with the 'proverbial 10 foot pole', this action would have to be filed by the Employer.

10) I trust this proposal meets with your approval as a legal decision above would go a long way to finalizing this long torturous legal matter without equal in any civil court of law.

11) I will await a reasonable length of time for your decision after which I will turn to other alternatives although I firmly believe that it is in the interests of both parties here to force the Justice System to stand up to their responsibilities.


Yours truly, (Roger Callow)



1) Right church, wrong pew. As I did not hear back from the Employer regarding the above joint approach, I initiated an action for fraud with a $20m sticker price in Toronto Superior Court (claims in excess of $50,000).  Unfortunately, the address I gave was for the Divisional and Appeal Courts with the Superior Court lodged at a separate address hence I must re-issue the claim with the correct address.

2) I have taken the liberty to add the full forms for 76B and 14D which I only mention in passing in the original document. This is done to assist Registry clerks in understanding this complex case and to assign a docket number. All else in the factum remains the same. Included in this fax to the WVST (only) are these completed forms.

3) Due to the failure of the various oversight bodies to date including Attorney Generals and the Minister of Justice, I request direct assistance from the Prime Minister to assign an officer to guide this matter through the courts. If not the incumbent than a future P.M. as the Canadian Justice System is without credibility until proper executive action is taken. That could even come with SCofC's Chief Justice B. McLaughlin's successor as early as her retirement in 2017. His first task would be to investigate the conflict of interest by the Hon. Coté & Wagner (a third judge is retired) whom recently sat on both QC 36883 and SK 36993. Their rejection for a hearing not only left this case in limbo; it left the chore of investigating extensive fraudulent action by the Quebec and Saskatchewan courts to that of the Prime Minister. Until that is done, no-one can trust to the judiciary of Canada and all SCofC judges operate under a cloud.



4) It is to be noted that the Employee`s Case did not create the aberrant conditions noted above; rather it revealed the soft underbelly of a justice system gone bad some time ago. In the U.S., Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, acknowledges this problem when he states that the U.S. Justice System is the `laughingstock of the world`. `Dirty Hillary` is merely doing what the Employer is doing in this case; denying disclosure which is the basis of habeas corpus and therefore all law. In Canada, that state of Third World status was reached in 2004 with the second rejection by the SCofC to hear this unresolved labour matter under the terms of ultimate remedy. Under BILL 35 conditions (which the Employer advocates as being the sole authority and therefore refuses to recognize court decisions rejecting the arbitrator`s findings), the collective bargaining system or any other contractual relationship; all declare that compensation in some amount must be paid. In the words of my legal Counsel in 2004; `You have exhausted all remedy under the law with that basic feature ending the credibility of the Canadian justice system leading to my charge of systematic judicial malfeasance.

5) The anti-employee media maintain a boycott on this issue  as do the Opposition leaders from the Tory and NDP Parties federally and provincially and yet all individual Canadians are severely compromised by this judicial chicanery. If the authorities can chain outspoken AB's Ezra Levant (The Rebel), they can chain anyone.



6) The Employee`s Case has been widely promulgated among professional teachers in Canada and will be of significant interest in the coming lay-offs slated for financially-strapped governments in June of 1917.

7)First of all, no-one will trust to imposed legislation which will not permit any overview of an arbitrator`s decision as the Employer insists be the case here. For that matter, no arbitrator nor judge will be deemed to have credibility based on this case.

8) While it is not ideal, `last on, first laid-off in employment is, under the circumstances, still the fairest of an unfair system for teachers: e.g. Teachers of French are in short supply while English teachers are in excess which requires adjustments in the lay-off legislation.

9) There has been no increase in student numbers in Ontario since 1995 and yet costs (largely teacher salaries) have increased by 40% creating the typical bureaucratic conundrum. Due to senior teachers receiving twice the salary of beginners; the Education Department cannot balance the books unless they lay-off senior teachers (whom cannot get another teaching position anywhere in Canada as I can vouch for). ; it's a two for one lay-off proposition.

10) Hence, for many reasons, Canada cannot go forward until the matters mentioned above are settled in an equitable manner. Only the Prime Minister of Canada can now do that. Doing nothing is not an option. PLACARD: PIERRE: 'JUST WATCH ME'/JUSTIN:'JUST PHOTOGRAPH ME'


Yours truly


(Roger Callow)


cc RCMP / Tories-Ambrose/Brown(ON) / NDP-Notley(AB)/ Horwath (ON)/ Mulcair / Liberal -Naqvi  (A.G. ON) / SCofC  Hon. M. Rowe


November 10, 2016


TO: AB Premier Ratchel Notley  cc  P.M. Trudeau / P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan / RCMP/ Susan Logan - Manager / Court of Queen's Bench, Edmonton  by fax: 2 pages


FROM: Roger Callow / 1285 Cahill Dr. W. / Ottawa,ON  K1V 9A7

fax: 613-521-1739



1) Acknowledgment is made of a letter dated Nov. 04-2016 from Susan Logan, Manager, Court of Queen's Bench, Edmonton. returning my factum for revision (Premier MacLauchlan, in possession, of an action against the Union remains incommunicado, probably pocketing the fee.)

2) The gist of the Logan letter states:

We are returning your documentation, along with the money order, unfiled, for the following reasons:

1) No supporting affidavit is attached - evidence to support your application. I refer you to Section 13.19 of the Alberta Rules of Court, for the legislated requirement for an affidavit.

2) Affidavit of Service - the filed documentation is to be served on the respondent.


3) FORM 49 Rule 13.19 was filed, signed and dated on July 21-2016 (initial entry June 21-2016) and included with the original application. Unless the presiding judge is deaf, blind, and stupid, (or otherwise), he would see that the complete case - and therefore all evidence - is attached in pages 01-17.

4) In addition is a legal seal from my Ottawa legal advisor dated July 25, 2016. That seal is attached to the Affidavit of Service as opposed to being attached to Form 49 as this form only entertains an AB legal service for the purpose. In brief, the Form is deficient. I even include the telephone number of the Ottawa representative in this trite battle of legal firm seals. In discussion with that lawyer, we decided to affix the seal to the Affidavit of Service as it would also confirm that this factum was sent by Registered Mail.

5) Regrettably, this type of Registry obfuscation above is not unusual in this 30 year unresolved labour matter before over 40 judges where no compensation has been paid. The Supreme Court of Canada on four occasions (the last two in2016) would undermine its credibility by rejecting any hearings on an unresolved legal matter. Even more regrettably, the oversight bodies (including Parliament) would turn the proverbial 'blind eye' leaving everything in the laps of the executive powers of a Prime Minister. To date, Trudeau has been MIA.

6) If the pattern that I observe here in Alberta is consistent with my accusations in many other courts, an eminence gris with backdoor access to the Chief Justices across the land followed by 'selective' judicial appointments is the order of the day. The point here is that the Canadian Justice System has 'run out of rope'; a condition not only unique to Canada if 2017 U.S. President, Donald Trump, is any example: 'The U.S. Justice System is the laughing stock of the world'. In brief, whom runs this country...the Chief Justice or the President/Prime Minister?

7) For the above reason, I include a copy of all pertinent legal material to the Premiers including such as AB Premier Ratchel Notley presuming that the Premier is condoning the actions of the court in this matter. Notification is given to the anti-employee media without effect although it remains to be seen as to whether firebrand Ezra Levant (The Rebel) is prepared to breach that boycott.

8) Rather than re-mail my factum plus fee, I will await a response to this letter from Premier Notley or her designate as long as there are no more pointless bureaucratic responses please.



9) The relationship between a government and courts defines a country...it cannot get any more basic than that. Due to the vagaries of law, the citizens at large may only question that relationship through the courts of law. In other words, there must be a legal case and what better than the employeescasecanada.ca, a 'standing case'. After 30 years, this case remains unresolved in that no compensation has been paid as delineated in BILL 35 (the only document in this matter that the Employer will recognize); the courts of law (which quashed the arbitration leaving this targeted employee in limbo); or some other mechanism such as the 'collective bargaining' rules'. In common parlance, the sweetheart deal has been confirmed through the 'back door' by the judicial system making unions redundant and courts of law not to be trusted. That's anarchy in democratic Canada's case.

10) In order to create a constitutional question in agreement with the Employer, I have reduced the AB case to NOT including a request for disclosure (which it is asserted here would provide the necessary material alleging fraud thereby ensuring court overview). Further, this case would be conducted on a written party by party basis thereby mitigating against judicial chicanery which has plagued this case to date. In brief, both litigants can be expected to agree with this constitutional question: Does imposed government legislation (BILL 35) supplant statute law (e.g. collective bargaining rules) when no specific reference is made (in BILL 35) to the replacing of any part of the statute rules? In brief, does a government have carte blanche to run an 'end game' around the courts whenever they feel like it which raises the question as to why the courts would 'slit their own throats' over this case? Ask future U.S. President Donald Trump. The point here is that BILL 35 'was in addition to' regarding lay-off for economic reasons; the central argument raised in arbitration by the union but ignored by the arbitrator in his decision. He was ruled patently unreasonable by the court in that decision.

11) To be sure, such as professional teachers facing lay-off in 2017 across Canada due to declining enrolment (there was no such declining enrolment in West Vancouver in 1985 despite the arbitrator's opinion.)

12) So all eyes now turn to AB Premier Ratchel Notley to break an apparent impasse.


Yours truly,


(Roger Callow) Plaintiff




1) 'Are you calling all judges crooked?'  legal counsel asked me a decade ago. "Not necessarily. What I am asking is what difference does it make if say, 90% of the judges are honest, if the other 10% are appointed by the Chief Justice to your case." He got the message.

2) Hence Ottawa Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger is not an exception although he is one of the worst examples of that 10% figure if my experience with him is any example. My experience in myriad courts across Canada before over 40 judges is a litany of that 10% group. While Maranger was not referred to the oversight bodies, many other judges on this case have been. The oversight bodies do not acknowledge any of these complaints. That's why we have anarchy in Canada as dangerous precedents are set by the 10% which all judges are expected to follow.

3) In Maranger's case, I arrived at the door of the court a few years back in Ottawa which merely stated 'civil issue' on the door rather than the litigant's names. When court was called, there was no Hicks, Morley, et al for the Employer present so the court did the unheard of thing by going over the public blower calling for him twice before he arrived and was quickly hushed up before he could explain that the case had not been listed on the entrance docket downstairs. The court scam, in other words, bagged the wrong litigant as I was expected to be a no-show for which my case would be dismissed.

4) My request to the court was based on two things: a request for disclosure; that currently 30 year search for the West Vancouver School Trustees meeting notes of June 1985 in which they illicitly laid-off this teacher leaving him in limbo when the court quashed the arbitration without remedy. The second item related to jurisdiction and the fact that I had been expelled from B.C. in this unresolved labour case by the 'Cullen Creed' of July 2013 'for reasons best known to a judge'.

5) In law, a justice under the provisions of transference may revert a case to a more proper forum but in this case that would send a challenge to the Cullen Creed, something the three-person Divisional Appeal Court later stated they could not overturn in another province. They quoted no law.

6) Maranger refused to call for disclosure which would most certainly establish fraud and hence the B.C. court's jurisdiction would be established over the BILL 35 legislation. (The Employer refuses to recognize court oversight.)That constitutional question is currently being lodged with some difficulty from the Registry in Edmonton, Alberta.

7) The basis for his refusal on all grounds was 'that he did not want to involve Ontario in a B.C. labour matter' without any suggestion as to where the case should be laid; a judicial requirement.

8) Indeed, the enquiry ended at noon with the decision to be faxed at 2 P.M. The Decision made no reference to anything which transpired in the court room except one case study from the Employer entitled 'The Halton Police Case'. The Respondent lawyer rattled off a number of cases in court and when he arrived at the above case; Maranger brightly observed, 'Ah, the Halton Police Case' without further comment. This was the tokenism to recognizing court activity in this matter although everything stated above points to a pre-written Decision even before he entered the court room.

9) Other cases by Maranger: a)The Diab case in which a university teacher and accused terrorist from a 1981 Paris bombing was to be deported based on very flimsy evidence which even Maranger considered weak. His 'the law won't permit otherwise' excuse is always a weak judicial one; laws invariably hold their counterpart but judges like Maranger 'cherrypick' their answers to the exclusion of all else. Diab was deported by the previous Tory government where he has sat in a French jail for the last two years awaiting a hearing. (Canada is one of the few countries to have a deportation law. The U.S. and France do not have deportation laws and with Maranger's actions, one can see why.  b) Maranger has pulled a Ralph Goodale, Solicitor General with this recent stunt. Goodale has overseen the class action which supported female mounties regularly harassed in the forces. While they may share $100m set aside by them by the government, there is to be no punishment for the male transgressors. File a civil action, Goodale pipes up. Similarly, a convict incarcerated for 2 years in solitary confinement was - as Maranger cited recently - abused but that was not a factor in his trial for murder. That latter is best suited to a civil hearing claimed Maranger.

10) In brief, litigants are being short-changed by the judiciary (plus Goodale) on a daily basis as they are told in essence 'to ape' the Employee's Case and spend 30 years trying to get justice in civil actions. The Employee's Case blows that farce out the window and all that remains is for the anti-employee media to expose a corrupt and corruptible Canadian justice system. I have only mentioned the role of Maranger; there are many other 'Maranger's' in the Employees Case whom go unchecked. Where's Donald Trump now that Canada needs him most?




BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' due to systematic judicial malfeasance employescasecanada.ca (30 year unresolved 'standing case' legal matter in 'illicit' West Vancouver, B.C. senior teacher lay-off in 1985) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 12 different court systems and over 40 judges. No compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid. Recently  two SCofC hearings were rejected (36883 QC & 36993 SK)  with a hearing pending in P.E.I.(against union) and Alberta (with employer over agreed-on constitutional question) plus renewed activity in Ontario as the Justice System gets ubered (external threat from an unexpected source) through the interlocking legal proceedings from different courts across Canada. Pulitzer Prize seeking writer is sought in this one-of-a-kind story of the century. Now that the Justice System has trashed itself with the above SCofC rejections, this edition is focused on the more philosophical aspects of our society as seen through the Employee's Case.

Background: In 1985, there was no internet and emerging fax machines were limited to business. 'Snail-mail' was the order of the day to promulgate my story. In the mid-90's, I began blogging before the word had been coined and have seen revolutionary changes to the point where the internet provoked the Arab Spring in which the world is still mired. In that transition, the world has undergone a cultural change best epitomized today by the environment of Twitter, the 140 character limited e-mail. This account is written in the light of P.M. Trudeau permitting himself to be drawn into the Employee's Case conspiracy. Doing nothing is not and never was an alternative. That's how Canada lost her democracy.


cc (not to Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould as all Parliamentary correspondence is now directed to the PMO) / Ontario AG Y. Naqvi (soon to join the Wilson-Raybould list) / ON Registry courts (Toronto) / AB Premier Notley / PEI Premier MacLauchlan /RCMP


QUOTE: Why don't sharks eat lawyers?  Professional courtesy



'SHAME ON ALL OF YOU' Ottawa Sun headline Nov. 16-2016

( Also appears as a headline story in the Ottawa Citizen )

'Parents devastated after four-year trial delay frees son's accused killer'

Judge: 'I am very sorry...The system has let you down'



1) So what happened? Something that one will not read in a newspaper. The problem is 'legal billable time bullshit' which pervades the legal system including the 30 year unresolved Employee's Case.

2) Delay is encouraged as a means of lawyers making more money than is warranted. All judges and lawyers are aware of this truism but every so often a judge, fed up with this nonsense, blows the whistle including this gem from the presiding judge: 'Delay has become the norm'. Personally, I have no time for the usual public plea of 'insufficient funding' for court processes when the standard legal factum stretches 500 pages with only 5% being utilized. A young lawyer is out of a job if he cannot procrastinate thus making money for the partners; the prime purpose of these big law firms...but don't expect to read any exposé on this level in the horse-blinkered media.

3) Other 'delay' stories: Recently, a QC judge released a number of Hell's Angels due to the Crown's delay in providing key evidence. A former QC Attorney General was threatened with having his licence suspended should he pursue a legal matter in court. Bad judicial appointments seemed to characterize QC made under Premier Charest...I can personally attest to that explaining why P.M. Trudeau has a real mess on his hands as citizens of QC under Premier Chouinard (also SK under Premier Wall) have no-where to turn but the streets.

4) In the Employee's Case, an Appeal of Ottawa Superior Court's Robert Scott 14-61592 (Oct. 2014) was rejected by the Appeal Court due to the fact that Scott j. had entered a 'stay of proceedings' rather than bringing down a decision as he should have done. Further there were alleged actions of outright fraud in that hearing involving Scott j. and the Employer's Counsel, Hicks, Morley et al. Regrettably, the oversight bodies failed to even acknowledge the complaints from this litigant even though Hicks, Morley et al dropped representation of this case.

5) 'File a civil action' is the fatuous cliché advice of Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale to female RCMP Officers who won a class action suit against RCMP male harassment. In short, the male harassers walk free if the 30 year civil action delay of the Employee's Case is any example. Similar advice is given by Ottawa Superior Court Justice, Robert Maranger, (Deported 'terrorist' Diab fame) to a prisoner kept in solitary confinement for 2 years in Ottawa...a good joke on penniless prisoners if one can get away with it. I have coined the term 'marangered' after my desultory experience with him where 'due process' became 'duly processed'. Individuals filing civil actions is a very bad joke indeed as I have been waiting 30 years for a judgment amid considerable judicial malfeasance.

6) Currently I am awaiting a response from PEI Premier Wade MacLauchlan regarding an action against the B.C. Union for disclosure of important documents which would reveal fraud on the part of the conspirators therefore justifying judicial intervention. (The Employer refuses to accept the 1986 B.C. Court's Decision overturning the arbitration under BILL 35 labeling the arbitrator as being patently unreasonable). I now hold P.M. Trudeau personally responsible for MacLauchlan's failure. Trudeau should step down.

7) In the case in AB the Employer and this employee agree on the nature of the constitutional question with regards to the relationship between the courts and Parliament...it can't get any more basic than that with Premier Notley ducking her responsibilities in getting the Registry in the Edmonton Branch of the Court of Queen's Bench to assign a docket number in a case of paramount importance to the operation of Canada. Notley should step down as well.

8) A charge of fraud for $20m has been entered in the ON Superior Court in Toronto but due to an incorrect address for the court, I must resubmit the case. At this time, I do not have my $181 fee returned from the Appeal Court Registry and due to any early fee 'lost' along with a case that I was attempting to appeal, I am reluctant to send yet another fee to the correct address for the ON Superior Court in Toronto until I receive a docket no.. A.G. Naqvi has inherited the request to find out the whereabouts of the earlier fee as well as now, the second fee. To date he has been MIA like his federal counterpart, Wilson-Raybould. This is the last appeal to Naqvi.



9) Our original legal system was set up in 1867 based on British principles of law (urban world) devoted to the protection of property in a largely rural society. First under P.M. Diefenbaker and later In 1982 under the current P.M.'s father, P.M. Pierre Trudeau, an effort was made to create a legal system recognizing individual rights and freedoms.

10) The 30 year unresolved Employee's Case(Canada) is the de facto recognition of how the above two systems have clashed with the consequence of reducing Canada to a Third World Nation guilty of systematic judicial malfeasance in 2004 when the Supreme Court of Canada (there have been a total of 4 rejected appeals including 2 in 2016) rejected this case under the terms of ultimate remedy. There must be money exchanged whether it be under the terms of BILL 35, (the Employer's position) or the courts of law including the B.C. Labour Board under either contract law or the collective bargaining procedure if that is deemed to apply. (The Jian Ghomeshi dismissal by CBC 'without a reason' to escape Union overview has eerie overtones of BILL 35.)

11) The entire judicial system requires re-writing and in that endeavor, the legal fraternity need not apply. Considering the national anti-employee media boycott, the general public is kept in the dark as to how the Canadian judiciary crossed its Rubicon with the Employee's Case. Postmedia's crime reporter Christie Blatchford's appearance on Steve Paiken's  Agenda, for example, is typical in being most incomplete in describing this conundrum .



12) At root of the fraud permeating QC and SK and the SCofC is ON 13-59060 laid before Ottawa Superior Court Justice Colin McKinnon (April -2014) by the Employer with myself as Respondent (yet he found me to be frivolous & vexatious; a decision which found its way into the courts of QC & SK and ultimately, into the SCofC.) His bellicose blathering was duly reported on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen on April 29 without accepting my 'right of rebuttal'. The good judge even saw fit to write a second decision on September 15 without my knowledge and certainly without my consent...but who can one report such actions to in Canada? Hicks, Morley et al whom had not filed an appearance before R. Scott in an action 14-61592 heard in October (the one in which Scott filed a 'stay of proceedings' truncating any Appeal that I might try to make) sprang into court slapping the second decision into eager hands on the judge's desk amid my strenuous objections. That second decision was similar to the first. The significance of entering that second decision was to obviate all the material that I had introduced to court as he cherry-picked only items from the second decision to the exclusion of all else. (Both judges were originally Federal Court appointees making them, in terms of complaints as to their conduct, under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Council of Judges presided over by none other than President and SCofC Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin.) Other web site material traces this fraud through the courts of QC and SK where Premiers Couillard (QC) and Wall (SK) were kept fully apprised of these judicial shenanigans. QC appointed justices, Coté and Wagner (plus one retired judge) sat on both 2016 rejections for a hearing leaving the P.M. with the task of 'walking back the cat' in a matter of judicial fraud without equal. To date, Trudeau has done nothing.

13) It should be noted here that McKinnon j. failed to deal with the Employer's request to 'deal with all issues' which is the nature of the constitutional question raised by this writer in AB. At one point, McKinnon remarked on agreeing with the constitutional question raised being suited to the SCofC. 'But how do I get it there? ' I asked. 'Not through Ontario Courts' he responded. In brief ,he was conceding what I have claimed all along...that an eminence gris with back door access to the Office of the Chief Justice is able to arrange 'appropriate' judicial appointments leading to pre-conceived decisions.

14) For the above reason, the cases lodged in AB on the constitutional question and ON Superior Court for fraud are to be in writing only as all judicial irregularities are either a product of Registry or oral court hearings.


November 20-2016


GAP  U.S. Government  Accountability Project

1612 K St. NW Suite #1100

Washington, D.C. 2006


REFERENCE: Ottawa Citizen article on whistleblowing by D. Butler Nov. 19-2016




1) This response is to an Ottawa Citizen article by reporter, Don Butler, whom is fully cognizant - as are all media types - of the employescasecanada.ca, the biggest ever whistleblower case dating from 1985. As there is no judicial resolution, hence compensation (includes pension rights) may not flow. In bottom line language, the Canadian Justice System has imploded, a factor which goes unpublished in the anti-employee Canadian media due to a national boycott=conspiracy.


Included in this account is a 2-page NEWSLETTER dated NOVEMBER 27-2016.


2) Without diminishing the suffering of whistleblowers such as Canadian government whistleblower, Joanna Gaultieri, whom looms large as a victim in Butler's story, I consider myself a target, and not merely a victim. Perhaps that's why her organization, FAIR, ignored my story.


3) In my public protests for the past 12 years around Parliament Hill, I encountered the Falun Gong sympathizers; people of stature whom really do have a complaint but one largely ignored by the Canadian public. Their protest against such as medical organ transplants is a heinous crime. One of my Placards read: I SUPPORT FALUN GONG which is probably the only real public support they were getting in Canada.


4) Tom Devine's list of 4 things to do for whistleblowers is deficient: go after those whom would do the harassing. For example, female officers won a class action and money against endemic harassment from male RCMP officers. As to pursuing the wrong-doers? File a never-ending civil action says the gov't....I can vouch for that after 30 years. In the Employees Case, that means dismissing judges for outright fraud.


5) While not being successful to date after 12 separate court systems stretching across Canada and over 40 judges, the Canadian Judiciary has lost everything in a matter of systematic judicial abuse.


6) If you want to help, get me that international magazine article with Pulitzer Prize potential and let me do the rest.


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System

(Roger Callow 1285 Cahill Dr. W. #2001 Ottawa, ON  Canada  K1V 9A7) FAX: 613-521-1739


Nov. 23-2016


MESSAGE: e-mail to kegan@postmedia.com (Ottawa Sun)


 Article Reference: In trial offices across the province, there are hundreds of matters set for trial which sit unassigned because there are no available prosecutors.(my underlining)


1) While the Employee's Case is an unresolved civil case, the 31 years of litigation cites another dimension to the problem of legal billable time bullshit where the standard factum is 500 pages (of which, according to one judge in one of my cases, only 5% was used).


2) Look at the findings of any court case - civil or criminal - and 'walk back the cat' and you will see the entire matter hinges on a few key points in which a diligent judge could limit the time dramatically.


3) For example, Ottawa Superior Court Justice Robert Scott  (#14-61592) Oct. 1-2014 did just  that in a perverse manner (see web for whole story employescasecanada.ca) 'Mr. Callow, I am only going to consider your reaction to this second judgment of Justice Colin McKinnon' (#13-59060) dated Sept. 15-2014the first registered on April 23-2014 (The Employer Counsel - without filing a Notice of Appearance - leaped into court with this second decision which I had never seen hence to my strenuous objections - thereby erasing my entire filed response on frivolous & vexatious behavior.) Insult to injury was added when the good judge entered a 'stay of proceedings' as a means to obviate any appeal on my part which indeed happened. 


4) So media types...stop buying into this 'lack of resources' nonsense. The judicial system of Canada (and I have found no difference in 7 other provinces) is a corrupt and corruptible bureaucracy designed for junior litigation lawyers to make money for their senior partners... if they want to keep their jobs! The judges are part of that zeitgeist.


5) As to oversight bodies, refer to a comment in the same O.S. edition made by a dentist suing the Toronto police in the death of their son many years ago...10 separate appeals to oversight bodies being inconclusive. I can vouch for that many times over including the reference of McKinnon/Scott (originally Federal Court appointments) to the Canadian Council of Judges presided over by none other than President SCofC Beverley McLachlin. They never acknowledge these serious complaints. Nor does Parliament.


6) In brief, to make a long story short, you are barking up the wrong tree.


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw justice system due to systematic judicial malfeasance

Nov. 25    

e-mail to D. Reevely  Ottawa Sun


MESSAGE: employescasecanada.ca


1) Oh, someone did their homework on the hospital selection alright...they just didn't tell the Board Members who front for the 'old boys club'.


2) How could the Liberal money spenders justify boodles of money to re-examine Baird's selection unless they chose a new spot?


3) In short, for the most part, the media were asking the wrong people about the re-selection; nothing new in that.


4) In 1986, B.C. Supreme Court of B.C. Justice Mary Southin stated that nowhere did the West Vancouver School Trustees authorize the lay-off of senior teacher (or any other teacher), Roger Callow, in June of 1985 thereby putting the lie to the Superintendent's letter quoting that authority under BILL 35 (became law on July 01-1985.) She noted in court that a second meeting held in early July in which not all of the Board Trustees were present rescinding the June lay-off and approving the second lay-off after the BCTF rejected the local Union and stated that they would contest the lay-off (parallels to Ghomeshi Case - see website). In Arbitration, their Counsel, Stuart Clyne QC, showed the Callow lay-off by the Board from June 1985 authorization without showing the vote count from the 5 trustees but marked 'carried'. He obviously had inserted that document posthumously= fraud.


5) In 2004, under the access laws, the vote count presumably for the July hearing, showed Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith, voted for the dismissal.


6) At one time the anti-employee media could have been expected to reveal this perfidy; no longer (SEE web: ANTI-EMPLOYEE MEDIA (1985). Succeeding court cases by me in this unresolved legal matter where no compensation has been paid have been stonewalled by the Justice System (Registry and judges) amid many fraudulent actions which, due to a media boycott, go unpublished. Bottom line? The Justice System and now the anti-employee media are bust.


7) In short, the media has gone the way of the Justice System in Canada leaving writers like yourself to muck around in minor details. No doubt, the Canadian media is beginning to parallel the U.S. where consumer confidence functions on a level of the trust for politicians.


8) Then, what the heck, it's a job isn't it?


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to systematic judicial malfeasance




BY: Roger Callow ‘The Outlawed Canadian’ in an 'Outlaw Justice System' due to systematic judicial malfeasance employescasecanada.ca (30 year unresolved 'standing case' legal matter in 'illicit' West Vancouver, B.C. senior teacher lay-off in 1985) now known judicially as ‘the cluster-fuck case’ which has been through 12 different court systems and over 40 judges. No compensation (includes pension rights) has been paid. Recently  two SCofC hearings were rejected (36883 QC & 36993 SK)  with a hearing pending in P.E.I.(against union) and Alberta (with employer over agreed-on constitutional question) plus renewed activity in Ontario as the Justice System gets ubered (external threat from an unexpected source) through the interlocking legal proceedings from different courts across Canada. Pulitzer Prize seeking writer is sought in this one-of-a-kind story of the century. Now that the Justice System has trashed itself with the above SCofC rejections, this edition is focused on the corrupt and corruptible justice system as an extension of revelations made in the OCTOBER 20-2016 Newsletter. SEE web

cc 2017 POTUS Mr. Donald Trump whom (disclosure) I sent a Canadian $5 to his campaign fund. His statement that 'the U.S. Judiciary (Canadian judges do not run in elections) is the laughing stock of the world' could equally apply to Canada...PROTEST PLACARD: (seen on June 29-2016 outside the U.S. Embassy)

WELCOME POTUS / BRING TRUMP NOW THAT CANADA NEEDS HIM MOST! Considering the dithering of our own P.M. Trudeau in the biggest ever challenge to the Canadian Judiciary and therefore all Canada, I will address his copy of these transmissions to Mr. Trump until a new P.M. is appointed.



(A common ploy by the corrupt judiciary bureaucracy in which the answer is in before the case ever reaches court.) The following letter replying to Assistant Registrar Victoria Karalus, Toronto Divisional Court ON, illustrates aptly the above theme as I spoke to the Registrar whom chose to duck this one in typical bureaucratic fashion with her underling replying.

Dear Victoria

1) I may call you Victoria, can't I, or Vi (call me Rog) considering your warm signature 'Thank you kindly'. Nobody in the judicial bureaucracy has ever been so kind preferring usually the phrase...'Yours very truly' in most circumstances. Alas, it is water off a ducks back no matter which appellation is used.

2) A plus for your account is a list of requirements for revised documents as most Registries just respond with just 'see a lawyer' (on one occasion which I had, I was able to retort: 'He wants to know too!' ) So I am definitely moving up but not without some qualms.

3) I sent my materials to the wrong address. They were returned with the fee with the appropriate boxes ticked off so that I could forward the documents to the correct address...end of story...or it should have ended there if not for inclusion of the following point:

'Matter to (sic) complicated / personal attendance required...'  Who in hell are you to give this judicial evaluation, particularly as you are not even an officer of the Superior Court of Ontario?

4) Someone obviously read my documents to appreciate that I had requested a written 'party by party' evaluation which, horror of all horrors, would eliminate the many judicial stunts outlined in the November 20-2016 NEWSLETTER which has led to the implosion of the entire Canadian judiciary and attendant government bodies from British Columbia where this story has its genesis in 1985 claiming casualties (in geographical order heading East) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, & Prince Edward Island) Sufficient coverage and consistency of court abuse leads me to this conclusion: In political cases, an eminent gris with back door access to the Office of the Chief Justice is able to gerrymander judicial appointments. In bottom line language? Canada is guilty of systematic judicial abuse in a country where oversight is virtually non-existent. Mr. Trump, advise U.S. investors accordingly.

5) Both the Employer and myself as the targeted employee wish an end to this case; the judiciary does not. Speculation from a troubled arbitration (which was later quashed by the court ruling that the arbitrator had been patently unreasonable...he changed 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs with myself as the necessary 17th knowing full that I was the only lay-off in June of 1985). It would be much more than speculation if the 'secret memo notes' from School Board meetings in June of 1985 were disclosed (Justice Mary Southin returned these notes in 1986 'because she did not use them) and demonstrated that the lay-off was due to a 'sweetheart deal' between Superintendent Ed Carlin (dismissed the following year and never again served in the public education field) whom wrote the dismissal letter quoting School Trustee approval, and Union leaders seeking to protect an administrator whom I had accused of fraud. In Arbitration a document approving the lay-off was produced without showing the voting pattern. No trustee took the stand in arbitration to testify as to lay-off numbers. My strong suspicion - considering Southin's statement that 'nowhere did the School Trustees indicate a need to lay off teachers in June of 1985' - implies that the notice was written in the offices of their legal counsel, Stuart Clyne in July, 1985. Every court and every judge since 1986 has acted to cover-up that judicial lie and Southin's j. complicity to the extent that the Canadian Justice system imploded.

6) So Victoria, you unwittingly blew the cover, but that has been done so many times in the past and yet the myopic anti-employee media duck their heads (under the water for possibly the last time). An aside here, but the media in both Canada in the last federal Election in 2015 and the U.S. in 2016, lost big time by backing the losers...it has got so that one just cannot buy an election with any certainty any longer...that is the real outcome of the U.S. election.

7) As to the insistence as to a court hearing; the appearance is given that all sides are heard with the judge getting to bat clean-up. And 'clean-up' it has been for the Employee's Case as almost every hearing has led to complaints from this litigant as to gross judicial malfeasance which, as we have seen (SEE web), goes unchallenged by the authorities.

8) In a series special on whistleblowers (Ottawa Citizen p.1), columnist Don Butler deals with cases best labeled 'I am a broken whistleblower' with the complete ignorance of any mention of the Employee's Case -the lead whistleblower case of all time- of which he had been made fully cognizant (I am not a broken whistleblower and I told him as such in an e-mail.) In brief, the anti-employee media is a part of the problem.     Yours very truly or with kindest regards - you choose  


The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System